The Flash (2014) s02e19 Episode Script

Back to Normal

1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously on “The Flash” How many more terrible things are you gonna do to protect me? That's my job.
That's all that matters.
It's my turn to go out on my own.
Don't come looking for me.
Everything seems to be telling me that Barry and I are meant to be together.
Somebody please help! There's only one person who can help you now.
The Flash.
Barry, I know you can't give up your speed to that monster.
That's not your decision.
Hand him over and it's yours.
- He's slowing down.
- He's becoming human again.
I know some piece of you did care for me.
Please let him go.
Caitlin! It's a regular day in Central City.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
People wake up.
Roll out of bed.
Suit up for the day.
Get to work as fast as they can.
Make sure they get a caffeine fix along the way so they can make it through the mountain of work that awaits them.
Yup, it's just a regular day.
And I'm just a regular guy.
I really wish we didn't have to keep Jay's helmet around.
- I hate this thing.
- Well Just want to put a dent in it.
Cisco, did you see Caitlin in your vibe? Zoom's got her in his lair.
She's scared, but she's okay.
Oh, thank God.
All right, we need to get her back.
I know.
But without your speed, there's no way any of us can get through that breach that Cisco found at the hospital.
I just don't think there's anything we can do right now.
He's right.
And it's thanks to you, Al.
We're all suffering here.
That's right.
That's right, Detective.
We're all suffering.
We've lost Snow, you've lost your speed, and now now Zoom can come through that breach anytime he wants.
And that, Allen that's on you.
Hey, that's on all of us, okay? We made these decisions as a team.
No we didn't.
Where are you going? I'm gonna go find Jesse before Zoom does again.
Wait, you found her? How? Cellular dead zones, remote People from my Earth vibrate at a different frequency than people from your Earth.
They leave cellular dead zones wherever they go.
That's why I'm always dropping calls around you? Okay, so so wait, how did that help? I track the dead zones created by Jesse since she got here and I follow the trail.
It's easy.
What, so you think you're gonna need that gun to convince her to leave with you? You're full of questions today, aren't you, West? The gun is not for my daughter.
She's not the only person from a different Earth, hiding out on this one If I run into them, I'm gonna need this.
Okay, but you're also gonna need some help.
Really? You know anyone with the speed to help me, Ramon? Wow.
I'll be in my workshop.
Don't listen to Wells, Barry.
This ain't all on you.
Yeah, I know.
You need a ride back to the station? No, I'm good.
I'm gonna stick around, actually.
Finished all my cases this morning.
Damn, that was fast.
That was a poor choice of words.
You do know it's okay to ease back into the way you used to do things, right? Well, this is the only way I can fight crime.
If I'm not The Flash, that's what I got to do.
You need to eat.
If you want to speak to me, then take off that mask.
Does this make you feel better? Nothing you could ever do would make me feel better.
You don't need to be afraid.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I care too much about you to do that.
You only care about yourself Hunter.
You're gonna want to see this, son.
No! I know you think that I'm a monster.
I understand why.
But that'll change.
- Please, Cait - Do not call me that.
Why are you keeping me here? You're cured.
You don't need me for anything.
You're here because I love you.
It may take a while, but someday, you'll start feeling that way about me again, too.
Make yourself at home.
You're gonna be here a while.
Okay? I-I don't understand.
Well, hello, doppelganger of mine.
What do you know? I can still pull off brunette.
Oh, hey, son.
What a surprise.
What's up? Uh, I wanted to ask you about something.
Someone, actually.
Uh, The Flash.
What about him? Well, he showed up at my street race when Iris got hurt.
Then, when that man-shark thing attacked our house.
And when Zoom took me, he said, “Someone The Flash knew cared about me”" Yeah, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that that's you.
You want me to tell you who he is? - I can't do that.
- No, I know.
I know.
I was actually hoping that you could set up a meeting for me.
A meeting? Between you and him? I don't know if I can do that either, Wally.
Well, why not? Joe? Singh wants to see you.
Um Look, maybe one day, but, I mean, not now.
I got to get to work.
See you at home? All right.
The laser tag club's in 2D.
The? Oh, no.
Uh, I'm looking for Jesse.
Come on in.
Jesse! You're, like, the first person who's ever come to visit her.
- What? Oh.
- How'd you find me? Jess Uh, cellular dead zone.
I told you, I'd find you wherever you went.
Wait, so you're a runaway? So you're her dad? Great, let me know if I need to find a new roommate.
We need to go.
So, what? You think I'll be safer with you? Yes.
Yeah, I think I'm gonna pass.
We need to leave.
No, okay? No, I'm not going anywhere with you ever again.
You are you are in danger.
Do you understand? You are in grave danger.
I know! I'm in danger because of you.
- Because of me? - Yeah! Okay, everything that's happened, it's your fault.
Zoom hunting us, the metas moving here.
I'm done with it.
Okay, you wanted me to start a new life, and that is exactly what I'm trying to do.
- No, Jess Jess - You killed a man! I can't just forgive you for that.
And I may be afraid of Zoom, but but I am just as afraid of you.
Please, just just go.
And a new report shows that petty crimes have risen slightly this month, sparking concerns that The Flash Don't watch that.
Cisco, everybody's gonna realize sooner or later that I don't have my speed.
The later the better.
The last thing we need is every criminal in the city thinking they're untouchable, right? - What is that? - Case in point.
What? What is that? - It's Harry.
- What about Harry? The camera in the lab van recorded an accident.
See, this is my version of crash assist.
It's like those Russian dash cams, but, you know, without attack helicopters and bad pop music on the radio.
That does not look like an accident.
First Caitlin's taken, now Wells.
This is where he got taken, but there aren't any traffic cams in that area.
I'm gonna head out there, see what I can find.
I'll analyze this footage and see if we can figure out who this is.
All right.
Wait, what was the last place the van stopped? Woodmen and Shore for about 15 minutes before heading back to Central City.
- Why? - That's where Jesse must be.
She should know if something's happened to her dad.
Iris, hey.
I need your help with something.
You're Killer Frost.
And you're Caitlin Snow.
Your little friend, Cisco, wouldn't shut up about you.
Made you out to be some kind of a saint.
So tell me, why hide the girls? I mean, you've seen our body, right? If I could get my powers to work through this carbine wall, the first thing I would do is shut him up! Who is he? Don't know, don't care.
But if he's here, Zoom must need something from him.
So what does Zoom need you for? That is an excellent question, Caity.
You know, I've been asking myself the same thing.
But doesn't matter now.
I'm not gonna stick around much longer.
Wait, I thought you said your powers don't work inside this cell? They don't.
You're right.
So you're gonna help me get out of here.
Why would I help you? Listen, honey, there's no way you are making it down that cliff all by yourself.
So let's make a deal.
You get me out of this box, and I'll help you get home.
Might even throw in some wardrobe tips for free.
So what do you say, Caitlin? Do we have a deal? I don't understand.
There's nothing around here.
What did the van hit? I don't know.
Something strong enough to exert an equal amount of force back on the van.
Someone was definitely here, though.
You think maybe a meta-human? Yeah.
And if it's a meta that's after Wells Then they could be from Earth-2.
We got to get Jesse.
Find Wells.
Harrison Wells.
And who are you? Name's Griffin Grey.
Griffin Grey? Do I know you? Nope.
But you should.
I'm one of your mistakes.
One of your sins coming home to roost.
All right, you think I I'm from I'm not I'm not who you think I am.
I know exactly who you are.
And you're gonna fix what your particle accelerator did to me.
What did the accelerator do to you? That.
Well, that's impressive.
And all things considered, I don't know that having that kind of strength is the worst thing you could have been given.
Yeah, that's what I thought at first.
And it was a lot of fun.
Till I learned it did something else to me, too.
That's me.
Last year.
You're you're ageing.
If this keeps happening, I'll be dead in a few months.
How old are you, Griffin? I'm 18.
I'm sorry this is happening to you.
But there's nothing I can do to fix it.
Well, that sucks.
'Cause if you can't figure out a way to help me, Dr.
Wells You're gonna die soon, too.
- I never should have left.
- No, this isn't your fault.
Do we know what took him? That's where things get interesting.
That fingerprint that you guys brought in, the one from the van, I mean.
Yeah, yeah.
Belongs to this guy.
Griffin Grey.
A senior at Central City High School? No, wait, I've seen this kid's picture before.
He went missing, like, six months ago.
That's right.
That doesn't make any sense.
An 18-year-old didn't kidnap Wells.
That's what I thought at first, but feast your eyes on this.
It's the same guy.
Yeah, the blood sample confirms it.
How is that even possible? I'm not sure yet.
Without Caitlin here, I can't really analyze the cells on a molecular level to see what we're dealing with here.
You know, I might actually be able to help.
How? Bio-chem was one of my majors in college.
One of your majors? - How many did you have? - Five.
What, is that not common here? Girl, no, that is not common anywhere.
All right, let's search for that Grey, see what we come up with.
I'll see if facial recognition brings him up and I'll have Joe check CCPD's database.
See what you can do.
Tick tock, tick tock.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Well, you better go faster.
Zoom will be back any minute.
I could just leave you in there, you know.
But you want to go home so badly.
So how did this happen to you? Woke up one day, cold, pale.
Thought I was sick.
Turns out it was something else entirely.
You got hit by the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion? Yes.
Right after I flunked out of med school.
Had to move back in with my mother.
That couldn't have been fun.
If she's anything like mine, I mean.
Why? Is yours a frigid narcnasist, too? Cold as ice.
Mom was like that ever since Charlie died.
Who's Charlie? My brother.
- I never had a brother.
- No? Then why was Mom such a bitch on your Earth? Honestly, I couldn't say.
So how is this going to get me out of here? The electrical current in the cable should heat up the carbine, which in turn should speed up the electrons and the faster they go The weaker its molecular structure becomes.
I studied every once in a while.
Well, when it gets hot enough, it should make the carbine as fragile as glass.
And then we can both get out of here.
- Wally.
- Hey, Joe.
What's up? You look like you got something on your mind.
Yeah, I do.
Please don't tell me you drove all the way over here to ask about The Flash again.
It's it's not happening, Wally.
But it's just one time.
That's all I'm asking.
It's impossible.
He saved my life, Joe.
I owe him a thank you.
I've been reckless my whole life.
Racing cars, pushing limits.
I did everything at full speed without a care in the world.
But it wasn't until Zoom took me that that I really thought I was gonna die.
And I was going to die, if The Flash didn't do what he did.
He gave up his powers to save me.
A guy he didn't even know.
No one's ever done anything like that for me before.
I need to tell him how much that means to me.
Well, all right.
Uh just give me a little while.
I'll see what I can do.
I got to go.
Hey, Dad.
- Yo! - In here.
I got your text.
What's up? All right, facial recognition just picked up Grey breaking into Ace Chemical down on Newbury Road.
- Is my dad with him? - I don't know yet.
- But we have to go.
- Uh, you sure about that? Yeah, I'm sure.
Look we can't just sit here.
Regardless of whether I have my speed or not, I have to try to help.
That's never gonna change.
I'm with you, but we're gonna need some backup.
- Joe's on his way.
- I'm coming with.
No, look, please just stay here.
We don't know what we're dealing with yet.
Just finish running the test on the blood sample.
I'm sorry.
Thank you, Jesse.
Griffin Grey, CCPD! Stay right there.
The man that you kidnapped, Harrison Wells, you need to let him go.
I can't do that.
Not yet.
Then we'll have to do this the hard way.
I guess so.
Okay, He-Man's got some power.
And accuracy.
All right, keep him distracted, okay? What? Barry! Barry! I can do this all night.
We just want Wells.
Just let him go.
Not until I'm done with him! Too slow.
- Barry! - Hey.
Oh, I think I need some medical attention.
So his genes have actually mutated.
I ran the DNA from the blood sample Barry found, and the functional myostatin in his cells is essentially gone.
I mean, giving him super-strength.
Guys, there's something else.
Um, I saw him age.
Right in front of me.
He's suffering from oxidated stress.
It means the protein in the DNA in his body are being ravaged by oxidants.
So, what, he needs to up his blueberry intake? No, it means, uh, the more he exerts himself, the faster he ages.
So if we can get him to exert too much energy Then he'll become old and weak.
And how do you think we're gonna do that? I can't watch you be a human punching bag until he turns into Grandpa Simpson.
I think we can fix that.
Jesse, I'm gonna need some of that quick thinking of yours.
I got to get back to the station.
You okay? No, not really.
You know, you were the first person I saved after I got my powers? We were out on a walk and we were talking about Eddie and how you were with him, and I was thinking to myself how I missed a lot while I was in that coma.
And then all of a sudden, those cars came at us.
And it was like the world froze.
Like you and I were the only two people in the world.
I didn't even know what I could do yet, but I knew that I could save you.
And I did.
And now, I don't know.
I don't I just don't even know who I am anymore or who I'm supposed to be.
Barry, you're supposed to be the same guy that you've always been.
Suit or no suit that guy is a hero.
That's everything you asked for.
How do you sleep at night? Knowing you've destroyed so many people's lives? I don't.
Do you have anyone in your life that you care about? I have a daughter.
I used to have someone in my life that I cared about.
My girlfriend, Jenny.
We were gonna get married, have kids someday.
But after I got hit by that wave from the particle accelerator, all my dreams ended.
You know, I see her sometimes, walking down the street.
She doesn't even recognize me.
But why would she? I look as old as her dad.
- You robbed me of her.
- Griffin.
Stop talking.
So I can concentrate.
Wake up, man.
This city is screwed up because of you.
It was quiet and normal.
Until you rode in on your high horse, talking about science and changing the future.
You didn't stop to think about what your particle accelerator could do to others.
You only thought about what it could do for you.
Enough! Enough.
I hope it was worth it.
Stay away from the wall.
Let's give it a whirl.
Well looks like you have a little badass in you, after all.
What are we gonna do about this guy? Oh, Caity.
I don't think he's ever going home.
And neither are you.
What are you doing? I thought we had a deal.
Ugh, is everyone on your Earth this gullible? Heels aren't the best on ice, are they? You know, once I saw you, I realized why Zoom didn't kill me.
Because I look just like you.
Now he won't need me anymore.
I don't.
Try that with him he dies, too.
Not picking up anything from facial recognition.
The only cellular dead zone I can find is the one in here.
No offense.
No, wait a second, was he wearing his watch when he left to get me? Already tried that.
GPS isn't working.
Okay, no, but the meta-human activity would be.
I mean, the watch is designed to track metas, right? And since Griffin Grey is one, it'll keep sending a message to a server till it goes through.
But since we're on a different Earth, it'll never go through.
So it just keeps sending the same signal.
There he is, Central City Amusement Park.
Yeah, and I'm coming with this time.
Okay, great, we've found Harry, but how are we gonna stop Grey? I'm so glad that you asked.
Jesse and I upgraded the internal lining of the suit.
Felicity hooked us up with some dwarf star alloy.
Wait, dwarf star alloy? It's the same compound that's used to protect Ray's A.
That's right.
Super strong, super lightweight.
Only thing is, we couldn't get much of it.
All right, what does that mean? We could only cover the chest portion of the suit.
- Oh.
- Yeah, sorry.
Uh, here's the other thing Probably not a big deal Um, I'm guessing the suit will only absorb one of Grey's punches.
- Mm.
- Anything more than that, you'll be like a piñata.
Only it won't be candy coming out, it'll be - Me.
- You're yeah, you.
All right.
Hopefully, one gimme punch is all I'll need.
All right, then.
This is gonna cure me? As we say in science, I'm cautiously optimistic.
You know, I learned a lot about chemistry in the past two years.
Is that right? And I know all you've been doing is diluting that compound for the past half hour.
You don't know how to help me, do you? There is no helping you.
I told you you were gonna fix me or you were dead! Why is it that bad guys always insist on having the creepiest hideouts? 'Cause they crazy.
Hey, Barry.
Grey's headed your way.
Come on.
Hey, come on.
You ready? Okay, Iris.
On my mark.
Three two one.
Now! That all you got, Flash? I just want Dr.
And I wanted him to fix me.
But he can't.
So once I finish you, I'm gonna finish him.
Freeze! Come on! Okay.
I think one more punch, and we get this guy a walker.
Hey, guys, we got him.
He's over by the Ferris Wheel.
We can help you.
It's too late for that.
Not everyone got the powers you did, Flash.
Some of us weren't so lucky.
That was the gimme.
Please stop.
I might be getting older, but I'm stronger than ever.
Barry! - You okay? - Ugh.
Yeah, I'm good.
Could've used more of that dwarf star alloy.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry, too.
Home sweet home.
Yeah, well to be honest, it hasn't felt much like a home in a while.
At least, certainly not since you left.
Look, I'm sorry, Dad, for just leaving like that.
But I mean, you have to understand, I'm the reason you killed that man.
And that's a really heavy burden to bear.
I know.
I know I also know that what I've done, it's unforgivable.
When you're mother died, honey something inside me broke.
I couldn't protect her.
And I swore I swore on her grave, no less, that I would protect you, and then Zoom took you, and I snapped.
I just snapped.
I couldn't breathe, I I couldn't lose the only other person that I love.
Yeah, I get that.
I understand why you did everything you did to protect me.
I mean, you were only missing one day, and I would have done anything to find you.
But, I mean I need to know that that's never gonna happen again.
Okay? Every time I stay out late or get in trouble, you can't track me down or hurt someone 'cause you're trying to save me.
Yeah, but you're in danger.
- I know.
- Okay.
I will make you a promise.
I promise you, I will be the kind of father that you can be proud of.
If you promise me you will never run away from me again.
Okay, deal.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too.
My little Jesse Quick.
Relax, he'll be here.
What should I say? I don't even know where to start.
Just be honest.
Speak from your heart.
Wally West.
I'll see you at home.
You wanted to see me.
I did.
I mean, I I do.
I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.
And I know that that came at a huge price for you.
And I don't know how I'll ever repay that.
I guess, what I wanted to say was that I'm not gonna waste this chance that you've given me.
Thank you.
You're welcome, Wally.
You okay? Stay away from me.
Killer Frost tried to kill you, Caitlin.
I saved your life.
You should thank me.
I just want to go home.
I want to leave! - Stay, boy! - No! Please.
Take me back to my Earth.
You know I've always measured my success by counting the number of victims I've had.
But now I think I'm going to widen my scope.
Start counting the number of Earths I conquer, instead.
You want to go home? Then let's go.
After all, this Earth has already been brought to its knees.
You're here early.
- I couldn't sleep.
- Me neither.
I know that we just took down Grey without my powers, but I have no idea how to get Caitlin back without them.
We can't, Allen.
Then what are we gonna do? You know, Grey Grey kidnapped me because he thought I was the Harrison Wells from this Earth, and I know he was talking about another guy, but I just I can't help but think I still haven't paid for what I've done.
What does that mean? I thought, you know, when you When we closed the breaches, I could just forget about everything I've done, but I can't.
I realize what I can do.
You are gonna get your speed back, Allen.
And I'm gonna help you do that.
How? By creating another particle accelerator explosion.