The Flash (2014) s02e20 Episode Script


My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
I hunted down the man who killed my mother, but, in doing so, I opened up our world to new threats, and I am the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" - He's your brother, Cisco.
- Not by choice.
So Mom tells me you're still working at S.
We couldn't do what we do without Cisco.
Oh, he's loyal.
Just like a dog.
We had a deal.
My speed for Wally's life.
Hand him over, and it's yours.
The Speed Force is leaving his body.
He's becoming human again.
Aah! I know some piece of you did care for me.
Please, let him go.
- Caitlin! - You are gonna get your speed back, Allen, and I'm gonna help you do that.
- How? - By creating another particle accelerator explosion.
[dramatic music.]
[sirens wailing.]
Barry, there's a high-speed chase heading south on Milton Ave.
[tires screeching.]
We lost 'em.
Not gonna lose him, though.
You wanna bet? [engine revs.]
Oh! Oh! You wanna play? Okay! All right.
Get ready to bring it! - They're not slowing down.
- Of course not! [tires screeching.]
There's our out the tunnel! Take the tunnel! They're headed for the Fifth Street tunnel.
Satellite can't project in there.
What? You just thought of this now? I didn't think he'd actually try to outrun The Flash! Lightning.
Lightning toss! He wants to do the lightning toss.
No lightning.
It's a hologram.
- Remember? - Just[grunts.]
No, no.
The wind-up! So we can block their field of vision.
Yes! Of course.
All right, Cisco.
This is where all those countless hours gaming in your basement are about to pay off.
Fingers, don't fail me now.
Leerooooy! - Ah, my eyes! - What is this? [tires screeching.]
Hands in the air! [guns cocking.]
Synced and corrected oykubuyuk I need a breather.
I didn't think this hologram thing was gonna work, but so far, so good.
I mean, I figured if they could get 2Pac rapping again at a concert, we could definitely get The Flash running around Central City.
- It's not gonna last.
- There it is.
It's not gonna be long before someone figures out, "Oh, wait.
You never say anything.
You never touch anything.
Oh, wait.
You never go indoors" Okay, well, without Barry's speed, - this is as good an idea as any.
- Actually, I beg to differ.
I think a better idea, instead of playing "Hoodlums and Holograms" would be to rebuild the particle accelerator - to get Barry's speed back.
- Yeah, Wells, - that's what you keep saying.
- That's right.
Look at what that explosion did to this city.
Not to mention, last time we tried something like that, we blew a hole in the universe and created, like, 50 portals to your Earth.
Which is exactly how Zoom and his henchmen - got here in the first place.
- I told you.
I know how to contain the explosion.
- Really? - Yes.
You know how to contain a dark matter explosion that, last time, just radiated all of Central City? You tried this on your Earth, remember? Didn't go so well.
And, even if you could contain it, I thought you said that Barry couldn't tap into the Speed Force anymore.
It wasn't connected the first time he got his powers.
Look, I have your Wells's data.
The Harrison Wells from this Earth, I have his science.
I know what chemicals need to be in your body.
I know how the lightning needs to bond with the dark matter from the particle accelerator explosion.
I can recreate the circumstances to get you your speed back.
This will work.
Your subterfuge is not gonna last.
But more importantly it's not gonna save Snow.
[pensive music.]
It's not gonna bring your Caitlin back.
You wanna be ready should Zoom return if Zoom returns when Zoom returns there is only one way to do it, and that's by getting your speed back.
- Hey.
- How are you? - You made it.
- Yeah.
- Look at this.
- Come inside.
Get warm.
- Sure is a pretty drive up here.
- It is that.
I can't help but wonder why a speedster needs a car.
Because I am no longer a speedster.
You've lost your powers? I gave them up to save Wally, Joe's son.
Zoom had him, so it was either give him my speed, or I couldn't let Wally die.
You couldn't.
Now Jay has taken Caitlin, and we have no idea how to save her.
Jay took Caitlin? Jay.
It's yeah.
Turns out Jay Garrick is not the Flash from Earth-2.
He's Zoom.
Garrick? Garrick, yeah.
Why? My mom's maiden name.
Maybe maybe Wells is right.
Maybe I should try to get my powers back.
How would you do that? By recreating the particle accelerator explosion.
And getting struck by lightning again? That doesn't seem like the safest option, does it? No.
I've watched you grow ever since you became The Flash, and I am so proud of that man.
But ask yourself, do you really need powers in order to be that person? It just feels like every time something good happens in my life, it's taken away.
Well, maybe it's time we did something about that.
It looks like the Vacuum.
Uh, what's the Vacuum? - No "Fringe" on Earth-2.
What is that thing? That is how Barry's gonna get his speed back.
This is what you've been working on in the workshop? Someone has to worry about Zoom.
- Okay.
Barry cannot do this.
- He has to, Ramon.
You keep calling me that, but that's [dramatic music.]
Dante? What did you see? Zoom? Did you see Zoom? No.
I saw my brother.
I got to go.
See where everybody is.
Henry? Iris.
It's so good to see you.
Aw, you too.
I guess Barry dragged you back for a bit, huh? Looks like maybe for good.
Wait, what? Seriously? Yeah, yeah, I figured I spent enough time away from my son.
Have you told Dad? No, I wanted to tell him in person.
I think he's with Wally at CCPD.
I'll give him a call.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
Let's get settled.
[pensive music.]
Your sister called, checking in when we'd be home.
- As in, we need to get going? - Thanks.
You know your sister.
Okay, move it.
Let's go.
Do you ever get sick of this job? Being a cop? Oh, looks like someone inherited the West I-need-to-help-people gene.
Ever since The Flash saved me, I just I don't know if designing cars is what I'm meant to do with my life.
Well, I'm sure there's something out there that'll satisfy your need for speed and helping people, but, until then, you should stick with engineering.
It's much safer.
We should get going before Singh comes up with something for me to do.
Zoom! Hello, old friend.
Stay away from him.
Do not move.
Or what? You've tried your guns on me once before.
[dramatic music.]
No! Don't hurt them.
Let them go, please.
Tell everyone that this city is mine.
Anyone who disobeys me will meet their end.
All right.
Clear out! - Caitlin's with Zoom.
- Why would he bring her here? To show power.
That's exactly what he did on my Earth.
- What are you talking about? - The first thing he did was murder people.
Slaughtered a bunch of policemen.
Then recruited every meta-human he could find.
And those that disobeyed, he killed too.
- Where are the police now? - Outside the precinct.
He'll kill them, Joe.
He'll kill them all.
Not with Caitlin with him.
She talked him out of killing everyone when he took over CCPD.
That's what we're gonna rely on? Snow talking him out of it? Joe, you need to get those guys out of there.
What if they set up at Jitters? That's a good idea it's just a block away from the precinct.
And then what? What happens next? You saw what Zoom did on my Earth.
He will do the exact same thing here.
Barry, we need to get you your powers back.
- There must be another way.
- There's not.
There's not.
I'm gonna get word to Singh.
Get him to set up a task force at Jitters.
- And then what? - I don't know yet, but I'm gonna make sure Wally and Jesse are safe.
You know they're gonna figure out a way to stop you, right? Who? Barry? Wells? The police? No.
Nobody can stop me now.
Not anymore.
Sowhat's your plan? You're just gonna kill everyone? Not everyone.
Then why are you keeping me here? 'Cause I don't want to be alone anymore.
I am never going to be with you.
You think that you're not like me, but I've seen the darkness inside of you, Caitlin.
Just like it was inside Killer Frost.
All you have to do is unlock it.
[rock music.]
There she is.
Still refuse to dress like a grown-up, I see.
One grape soda.
Ah, no.
I'm good.
So what's wrong? What? Something has to be wrong for me to want to catch up with my brother? Yeah, that's usually the way it works with you, isn't it? Actually, I had this feeling that I should come see you and make sure you're okay, so Don't tell me I'm gonna be kidnapped by Snart and his pyromaniac friend again.
They kidnapped both of us.
Yeah, well, you're not the one who almost had his hands frozen off.
Lucky I can still play the piano.
Well, my octaves haven't quite been the same, but not that that matters to you.
Dante, I called you, more than once, but, of course, you didn't answer.
Like I said.
Only when something's wrong.
I don't know why I thought that whole experience that was it.
That was gonna bring us closer.
Cisco, we haven't been close since we were kids.
I don't think anything's ever gonna change that.
[pensive music.]
All right.
We'll bring down some more supplies later.
How you can reach us.
And exactly how long are we supposed to be in here? Until someone lets you out.
This isn't ideal none of it but Zoom's here, and until he's taken care of, this is what we're doing.
This is the safest place for the two of you right now.
What are you gonna do? - Whatever we can.
- Joe, let me do something.
Wally, there isn't anything you can do right now.
Sit tight.
Okay, well, what about the bathroom? [both chuckle.]
This room have Wi-Fi at least? Wally and Jesse are all good.
Thank you.
So this is what it takes to get Barry his speed back.
Yeah, yeah.
It's not uncomplicated, but almost there.
I told you before, once Barry makes up his mind, it's impossible to change it.
Well, then we need to convince him that this is the only way, before he decides not to do it, right? Shouldn't have to convince anyone to do anything against his will.
Joe, we're talking about Barry, right? I mean, I can't I can't imagine you don't feel the same way.
I mean, right now, I don't know what the right thing to do is.
Seems clear to me.
This isn't just about your son.
Henry, this is about the people in Central City.
About saving those people.
This is about stopping Zoom.
Your daughter is safe.
This could kill my son.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
The last time he was struck by lightning, he was in a coma for nine months.
How did that happen? I know what I'm doing.
You are messing with something that is out of your control.
And what if it did work? I mean, what then? Joe? He goes up against Zoom, the monster that snapped his back and almost killed him, and then took the one thing that he's convinced now that he needs in order to make him whole? This is the way.
This is the only way.
The people of Central City need The Flash.
I know that you care about me, each of you, in your own way, and you all have your own point of view on this, but this decision is mine.
I have to make it on my own.
Can you put the Diamonds game on? Ah, sports.
That's my cue.
All right, well, this was fun.
Umgood hang.
Gonna take care of that, right? Dude, you invited me.
Hey, hold up! Oh, no.
What? Cisco? Hey, wait.
Yo! I need a lift home.
You still don't have a car? Some of us don't have a fleet of company cars at our disposal.
Dude, it's on the way.
Yeah, okay.
Come on.
[dramatic music.]
[both grunting.]
You okay? Hello, Vibe.
Simmer down, Reaper.
We got no beef with you.
Maybe not, but I've got beef with you, Vibe.
Why does he keep calling you that? I don't know.
You killed my brother, so, now, you die.
Oh, my God.
You're "Princess Bride"-ing me right now! You must have me mixed up with somebody else, Inigo.
I don't think so.
My brother was Reverb.
Remember now? - Move! - He looks - Get get get in the van! - He looks like Now! I knew there was something wrong.
Every time I see you, we get attacked by lunatics with crazy weapons! Come on! He's gonna blast us with that thing! No, he's not! [tires screeching.]
Go! Go! [tires screeching.]
You want to tell me exactly what you've gotten us into this time? He calls himself Rupture.
Another meta-human under Zoom's control from my Earth.
Great, so he's bringing more of his friends over.
That's what I told you he would do.
Okay, well, Zoom must've lied to fake-Dante and told him I was the one who killed Reverb, 'cause dude wants me dead.
We got to do something.
What else do you know about him? He gets his power from that scythe he wields.
Thing's legit too it almost took half the van with him.
All right, then that's what we need to do.
We need to figure out a way to get it away from him.
Okay, all right.
I'm sure I can come up with something.
I just have to figure out a way to not tell Dante why this psychopath looks exactly like him.
[pensive music.]
You know what you need to do.
I need a minute.
It should be an easy decision.
Why isn't it? I mean, it's not like you're picking out what sweater you're gonna wear.
Getting hit by another particle accelerator explosion? I mean, come on.
What if something goes wrong? What if I thought bringing my dad here would make this easier.
It's just made it a lot harder.
Yeah, I can understand him not wanting you to do it.
He just wants you to be safe.
What about you? I mean, I don't know if I could go through what I went through last time if you get hurt.
Are you okay? Not really.
What's up? Do you remember when I told you that I didn't want you going to Earth-2 if you felt like you didn't have anything left here? Yeah because Patty left.
It wasn't just because of Patty.
What do you mean? Barry, you've always had someone to come home to.
I've just been thinking a lot lately About us.
What Wells said about us being married in the future.
And on Earth-2.
And I can't help wondering if maybe we were meant to be together.
So when I told you how I felt about you last year I wasn't available in that way.
But but I am now.
Why are you telling me this now? Because, Barry, I need you to know that it doesn't matter to me if you're The Flash or not.
You, Barry that's who I want to see if I have a future with.
I mean if you still want that too, of course.
I should go see if Jesse and Wally need anything.
[dramatic music.]
Come on.
Yes! [door opening.]
And? He got away, but I'll find him.
He needs to pay for what he did to my brother! And he will.
Later, Rupture! What do you want me to do? The police have gathered again.
They think I've spared their lives.
Tonight show them they're wrong.
You disapprove? You said you would spare them.
I need to teach them a lesson.
Is that why you change your voice? So that everyone will be afraid of you? I'm not a monster! As you once said [deep, distorted voice.]
I'm nothing but a monster.
Can we come out now? - No! - No! [computer chiming.]
Something's blinking over here.
- From CCPD.
- That's Caitlin.
- What about Caitlin? - She sent us a message.
Rupture is gonna attack Jitters tonight.
We got to move, Barry.
What are you gonna do, slugger? Having The Flash might be the best way to stop Zoom and all the metas he's sending over.
But, look, until we know for sure that setting off the accelerator will work, it's too risky.
Not just for me.
For the entire city.
Countless others that would be affected if the explosion is not contained.
- Yes, but Allen - Stop, Wells.
Look, I'm sorry.
I've made up my mind.
We're gonna have to figure out how to do this without The Flash.
- Joe, did you reach The Flash? - He'll be here.
Great, these guys are almost ready.
Put it on "1.
" Hey, we're all set up.
Are you sure this is the best plan? Look, I know you can't help as The Flash, but stopping one of Zoom's cronies sends him a message that we won't be intimidated.
You think I made the right decision? I don't know, Bare.
Whether you made the right one or not, you're gonna have to live with it.
All right.
What is this? You went to another Earth? You weren't supposed to read that.
It was on your desk.
It was addressed to Mom and me.
So, yeah, I read it.
Look, I got to go, okay? We'll talk about this later.
No, man, we're gonna talk about this right now! Okay, let's talk about this now.
What did you want me to say? "What up, fam? I know you probably don't care, "but I'm going off to another Earth for a hot sec.
"If I don't make it back in time for dinner, it probably didn't go so well.
" Why did you even go in the first place? Because my friends needed my help.
What kind of help? - They needed me to vibe.
- Vibe? That's what that lunatic called you, who attacked us.
What aren't you telling me, Cisco? [pensive music.]
I have powers.
Powers? What, you're, like, a meta-human? I was affected when the accelerator went off two years ago, and now I see things, vibes of people.
Like visions? So that's why you called me.
I had one of you, or at least I thought it was you, until your "World of Warcraft" doppelganger showed up.
You killed his brother? No, I didn't kill his brother.
Of course not.
Why wouldn't you tell me any of this? Because you're right.
It's just like you said.
We haven't been close in years and and there's nothing we can do to change that.
Look, I got to go.
Um just wait for me here, okay? You all set, Cisco? Yeah, we're set.
Here he comes.
[dramatic music.]
[glass shattering.]
Now, where has everybody gone? [whoosh.]
Flash? Not who I was expecting, but you'll be a nice warm-up.
Too slow, Rupture.
Come on, Flash! All right.
Time to win an Oscar.
Let's do it.
[Taser fires, electricity crackles.]
Get up.
Are we the guys you were looking for? Hope you like being alone, 'cause you won't be talking to anyone at Iron Heights.
Cisco, we got him.
All good.
Get back! Get that camera back.
Breaking news coming out of Jitters coffee shop.
CCPN has learned that a meta-human was just apprehended after an altercation with The Flash.
You told them Rupture was coming.
How? How? Oh, you are smart, aren't you? You betrayed me! You said you would spare them.
I guess [voice distorts, deepens.]
now we're even.
Jay, no! My name is Zoom.
[guns cocking.]
Oh, my God.
No! Make sure you get this.
- What the? - They got to get out of there.
[energy surging.]
Everybody move! [neck bones snapping.]
[dramatic music.]
- Barry, don't! - No! I told you what would happen if you disobeyed me.
Hey, stop! Stop! God you've made your point.
Not quite yet.
[gasps and coughs.]
You're an even bigger disappointment than your brother.
Central City the Flash you've seen in your streets is a fake.
A hologram meant to give you hope.
But there is no more hope, there is no more Flash, and there's no one left to protect your city from me.
Tell the rest of your force, Captain, that their policing days are over.
You're only alive because of Caitlin.
Try something like this again, and my affection for her won't stop me from killing you or the rest of this city! [whoosh.]
Did you see this? That's what you left to go do, wasn't it? Look, man.
I know you're mad at me.
We haven't been close in a long time.
[sentimental music.]
I want things to change.
You're my brother.
You know that wall's not just gonna open for you, right? It might.
Yeah, trust me.
It won't.
We shouldn't be in here.
We should be out there with them.
Why? So Zoom can take us again? - No, so we can help stop him.
- What are we gonna do? I mean, we don't have any powers.
I don't know.
Hey, you're pretty quick at solving unsolvable problems.
Let's figure it out.
I will see what I can do.
It won't be long now.
He's moving faster than he ever did on my Earth.
So what's next? Next, he'll recruit every meta-human he can find, and then force them to do what he wants.
How many could be left? We defeated most of them, didn't we? No.
You're not even close.
This is a list of meta-humans from my Earth.
Ones that are known, anyway.
The particle accelerator explosion was contained on my Earth.
That didn't happen here.
Then why wouldn't we know about other meta-humans here? Because of The Flash.
And now that everyone knows that he's not around They'll start coming out of the woodwork.
We don't know that.
What more do you need? I told you he'd recruit meta-humans.
We've seen him do that.
I told you he would kill those officers.
We saw him do that too.
What more do you need? [dramatic music.]
Let's do it.
I want to do it.
One of the cops that Zoom killed tonight, he had a son.
Same age I was when Mom was murdered.
And now, another kid has to grow up without one of their parents because The Flash wasn't there to stop that monster.
I left this city unprotected by giving up my powers to Zoom.
I enabled him to rule this Earth.
I need my powers back.
Let's do it.
Let's set off the particle accelerator.
So how does this work? It's an abbreviated version of the accelerator evil Wells built, except Harry is isolating the antimatter and dark energy to direct it to Barry instead of the entire city.
Last thing we need is more meta-humans running around Central City.
So Barry just gets in, we turn it on, and that's it? Yeah.
Not exactly.
In addition to recreating what happened with the particle accelerator explosion, we also have to recreate what happened to Barry.
Getting struck by lightning.
That's right.
Wait, so how are you gonna do that? It's not even raining outside.
Well, Ramon, you have the wand.
The one I made for Mark Mardon? No, the one you built for the Harry Potter convention.
Yes, of course, the one you built for Mardon.
How do you know about the Harry Potter convention? - Get the wand.
Get on the roof.
- Why the roof? Because we're gonna need a lightning rod, and that, Ramon, is gonna be you.
All right, I'm on the roof.
I've never actually been up here before.
I think I can see my apartment from here.
Now head straight to the satellite, Ramon.
When I give you the signal, you're gonna create a lightning storm above you.
So I'm just supposed to stand here in the middle - of a lightning storm? - Really, Ramon.
Chances of being struck are slim, indeed.
Yeah, not when you're the one causing it.
All we need is one lightning bolt to strike the satellite.
The satellite circuitry's connected to the breach room.
Barry's in the breach room.
Just do it.
I'm doing it.
Mozart better watch out.
Cisco Ramon's about to conduct something nasty.
You're gonna feel these clamps, but they're necessary.
- [clamps locking.]
- [grunts.]
- You good? - Yeah.
You? I'll be fine, Joe.
Barry, whatever happens, it will never change the way that I feel about you.
Son you don't have to do this if you don't want to.
Being The Flash that's the best version of me.
If I don't have my speed, I'll never be that person anymore.
I have to do this.
You ready, Allen? All right, then.
Here we go.
Think of it as hotwiring a car, right? So there's a motor inside the wall.
So all we have to do is provide electricity - to make it turn on.
- Exactly.
So we just do a little here - [electricity sizzles.]
- [gasps.]
And voila! - [deep rumbling.]
- Do you feel that? Yeah, what's happening? Particles are becoming unstable.
Ramon, get ready! I'm gonna release the chemicals into his system.
[metallic clanging.]
- [injectors piercing.]
- [grunts.]
Why are you doing this? The night Barry was struck by lightning, he was doing fingerprint analysis.
Those chemicals got in his system then, and they are going in now.
So you're injecting them into him? We have to recreate everything that happened to Barry that night.
I'm okay, Iris! [panting.]
- Hold on, Barry.
- God! - He's going hydrostatic.
- Almost there.
Almost there.
- Wells! - Almost there.
Ready, Ramon? Ready! - Now! - Expecto Patronum! [lightning crackling.]
Great Scott! It's working! No! [whoosh.]
Initiating collision.
Barry! [electricity crackling.]
[electricity crackles.]
It worked! Is everyone okay? What happened? No! No.
What did you do to my son? [whoosh.]
You thought you could give The Flash his speed back? Well done.
You killed him instead.