The Flash (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Killer Frost

1 Barry: My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
After defeating Zoom and saving the multiverse, I ran back in time and created the alternate timeline, Flashpoint.
I restored the timeline to how it was, only to find things weren't as I left them.
I brought new threats to our world, and I'm the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" Caitlin, I'm sorry, honey.
These powers you have the more you use them, the more difficult they're going to be to reverse.
I took your cuffs.
Is this some sort of fashion choice? 'Cause you're not a meta-human.
- Am I her? - Yeah.
I saw the both of us.
Like, full-on Vibe versus Killer Frost.
The time has come to set you free.
Wally, don't! [energy blasts and whirs.]
[energy blasting.]
You may serve the speed force, Flash, but I rule it.
You are only a man, but I am a god.
Your god.
I am Savitar.
[dramatic music.]
- Shoot him! - I can't see it.
Just do it! [Savitar screeching.]
Alchemy! Let's go for a run.
[energy blasts.]
Barry! [Savitar smacking, Barry grunting.]
- What's happening? - I don't understand.
The suit's tracker must be malfunctioning.
It says he's appearing and reappearing all over the city at once, and that's impossible.
He can't be moving that fast.
Well, if he can't, maybe something else can.
Had enough? Not even close.
- [Barry gasps.]
- [computer beeping.]
It stopped.
He's at the waterfront.
We have to get to him.
And do what? He's fighting an invisible force that's too fast to track.
- If I may, I have a plan.
- No.
- Pretty good plan.
- Put your hand down.
It's a question of numbers.
'Cause right now, it seems to be one against one.
What if there were three against one? Do you know what I'm saying? Cisco, you can open a breach and get you both to the waterfront.
Guys, I can't.
It's too dangerous.
I'm begging you.
Still alive down there? You are only a shadow beneath my throne.
You are the past, whereas I I am the future, Flash.
- I can't see it! - [snarling.]
Just do it! [crackling.]
[Savitar roars.]
[ice crackles.]
[ice crackling.]
[ice crunches, Savitar whooshes.]
Whoo-ee! Ahh.
Oh, boy.
I'm gonna feel that tomorrow.
That was a new and painful use of my powers.
You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
Just cold.
[breathing heavily.]
Thanks for coming.
Barry, you're already healing.
You should be fine soon.
Um, Cisco, the MRI I did of your brain shows changes in the capillary morphology similar to that of a mini-stroke.
I wouldn't try an intra-dimensional breach like that anytime soon.
Okay, okay.
Mini-stroke? You can't just gloss over that like that, okay? What does that what does that mean? Am I gonna have this migraine for the rest of my life? It means you should take a few aspirin and you'll be fine.
Well, just lead with that next time.
Cait, I know what a risk you took using your powers.
Thank you.
- I didn't do anything.
- Well, you saved my life.
You've saved mine plenty of times.
I'm gonna go check on Wally.
[tense music.]
What was that? That frozen thing at the waterfront? I don't know.
But now we know Alchemy is just the lackey.
Whatever that thing was, it's what we're really up against.
Question: you're the only one who can see him? Why? I mean why? You're both speedsters.
Maybe it has something to do with that.
But I think he's more than a speedster.
I mean, when he had me, it wasn't like we were even moving; it was just like, "bam," we were instantly somewhere different, even from my perspective.
Did he say anything else? He said his name was Savitar.
Hindu god of motion.
What? How do you know that? Crossword puzzle wizard.
On two planets, I might add.
12 across, 7 letters.
Hindu god of motion.
- He said he was God.
- That's that's nice.
That's not scary at all.
[computer beeping.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You sure you're okay? - Yeah, I'm okay.
How are you? [sighs.]
Can you tell anything? Wally's alive in there, but his vitals are really subdued.
His brain function is low.
Something like you'd see in a coma patient.
I was in a coma after I got my powers.
Maybe it's a similar process.
Can we take him out? When a caterpillar is in its chrysalis, it literally breaks its body down into enzyme soup before rebuilding as a butterfly.
If this cocoon is doing the same thing to Wally, I just I don't know.
You're right.
You don't know.
None of us knows a damn thing about what's going on in there.
And I feel like a fool just standing here listening.
- Dad? - Look, I've said it before I don't have the education most of you had.
The science of what we do here is mostly lost on me.
But what I do have is my detective skills and my instinct, and time and time again, I don't use them because you guys all tell me that everything is gonna be okay.
Everything is not okay.
- I'm sorry, Joe.
- I know you are.
But I can't just stand here.
My gut is telling me I need to do something.
This is not your fault.
Yeah, it is.
[door opens.]
Not so tough without your friends and your fancy robe.
I want to know about Alchemy.
What he does, how he does it His powers are beyond human understanding.
- Try me.
- Oh, you will be tried.
All of you.
When my master rises, the human race will be judged.
From where I'm sitting, you will not fare very well.
[dramatic music.]
You think I'm playing with you? My son is in one of those cocoons, and you're gonna tell me how to get him out.
Now talk! - [whimpering.]
- [knocking at door.]
Go away! [knocking at door.]
Caitlin, what is it? It's Wally.
He's out of that thing.
He's fine.
- And he's okay? - Yeah.
He's fine.
I promise.
Oh, thank God.
Thank you, Caitlin.
You should probably go see him.
Uh, yeah.
[lock clinks.]
Where is Alchemy? Tell me where Alchemy is.
I sense great fear in you.
You fear your power, your own greatness.
I don't fear anything anymore.
Where is Alchemy? The only one I fear is that whom Alchemy serves, the dark lord Savitar.
Maybe it's time you started fearing me.
[screaming distantly.]
No, no, no aah! [banging on door.]
Who's in there? [whooshing.]
[dramatic music.]
[pounding on door.]
Frozen? Hello? [coughing.]
[ice crackles.]
Excuse me? - [pounding on door.]
- Anybody out there? - [pounding on door continues.]
- Let us out of here! I need you to come with me.
What is going on? Hey, Joe.
What do you mean? Caitlin came by the precinct.
She said that Wally was out and that he was okay.
What? I didn't even see her leave.
SWAT needs to establish a cordon at 6th and Fairmont, all the way down to Gleason.
Move! Move! Let's go! Detective Patterson? Hey.
What's Just the man I want to see.
Your little friend's in big trouble, Allen.
- My f - A female meta-human attacked the precinct, took Julian Albert hostage.
Julian? Wait, do you know who the meta is? Uh, no.
But she's smart.
I'll tell you that.
Took out our security cameras so we couldn't ID her.
I thought maybe you'd recognize her.
Why would she take Julian? She's a meta.
They're all crazy.
But don't worry.
We'll get her.
What are you doing? What are you doing, Cait? Bit chilly in here, isn't it? Shut up.
I need to think.
I know who you are, okay? You're you're you're Allen's friend, right? - Dr.
Snow? - I said be quiet.
Are you going to kill me? - I need to find Alchemy.
- Alchemy? What? What do you want me to do? Alchemy has disciples, followers.
I need you to create an algorithm that will allow you to locate anyone who has searched for a specific keyword in the last six months.
If we find one of his followers, they can take me to Alchemy.
But "alchemy" is a relatively common phrase.
It'll have hundreds of hits.
Then search for an uncommon one.
- Such as? - Savitar.
Savitar? - [sizzling.]
- [grunts.]
Get searching.
So, they don't know why she took Julian? No, they don't.
But more importantly, they don't even know that it's Caitlin yet, so we need to find her before they do.
Now, what about this Savitar We find Caitlin.
Then we can worry about Savitar.
You know what, guys? I'm I agree with Barry.
Let's find Caitlin.
You're right.
And when we find Caitlin, then what? I don't know.
I mean, she's not thinking straight.
She's She's becoming Killer Frost.
It's just like in the Vibe.
- We don't know that yet.
- Her mother said the more that she uses her powers, the faster she's gonna go.
And saving you from Savitar that must have put her over the edge.
How do we find her? I don't know.
I tried pinging her cell and Julian's, but she must have ditched them both.
Ahem! If I may proffer a notion Oh, great.
More suggestions from the genius over here.
You don't call the genius.
The genius calls you.
Question: how did you catch your Captain Cold? I've been reading about him in your files.
Seems like a wily fellow.
Slow talker.
But his MO strikingly similar to our dear Caitlin's.
What? No.
We tracked him using the satellite to scan for ultraviolet cold signatures.
Got it.
Nothing near the precinct.
Wait, what's that? Frozen food warehouse.
There she is.
Okay, I'm gonna isolate the feed so that no one else can see it.
[sticks clack.]
All right, figure out what she's making Julian do.
I'm going.
- Okay.
- [whooshing.]
That is cool.
I found two individuals that have searched for the name Savitar.
Here are both their addresses, both of them in Central City.
What exactly are you gonna do to them? I don't know.
What am I doing? [keys clacking.]
- [phone buzzing.]
- Son of a Sergeant, we got a location on Albert.
Let's move.
What part of "I'll freeze you to death" did you not understand? [whooshing.]
- Get out of here.
- You know I can't.
What are you doing? Take her out.
Take her out.
You don't want to do this.
You don't want to hurt anybody.
She's willing to hurt someone.
Knock her out.
- Caitlin - Leave me alone.
- What are you doing? - I have to find Alchemy.
We will find him.
All right? Together.
You don't understand.
I don't want to lock him up.
- I need him to help me.
- Help you what? I need him to get rid of my powers.
Oh, Caitlin.
I don't know if it works that way.
You don't know that it doesn't.
I know that we love you.
And we will do everything that we can to help you.
You and I we've been through too much together to let each other down now.
Let me help you.
Like you helped your mother? Caitlin.
Or Wally? Or me? You keep messing with everyone's lives, wrecking everything, and we're left behind to pick up the pieces from your mistakes.
Some things you break can't be put back together.
I can fix this.
Oh, like you fixed Cisco's family? You didn't tell Cisco that you screwed him worst of all, did you? You hear that, Cisco? Dante was alive, healthy and happy, until Barry created Flashpoint.
When he reset things, that's what killed him.
Barry is the reason your brother is dead.
[guns cock.]
Albert's down.
Shoot her! [gunfire.]
[cries out.]
That severed your triceps surae.
Even with your healing abilities, it'll take four hours to regenerate.
Don't follow me.
Come on gah! [grunting.]
- How much does it hurt? - As much as I deserve.
Let me know.
They took Julian to County General.
He's still out cold.
How hard did you hit him? I don't know.
I didn't mean to knock him out.
Or maybe I did.
Hey, man, um, what Caitlin said Was she lying? No.
Um You're sorry? - [sighs.]
- That you killed my brother? 'Cause he was here.
He was alive until you created Flashpoint, - until you did this.
- I know, man.
I don't even know how to feel right now.
All I know is Caitlin is out there, and we need to find her.
Can we do that? Yeah.
I hacked Julian's computer.
Caitlin had him look up two addresses: 16 Hawthorne Avenue and 1104 Truman Place.
She's trying to find the acolytes, I was trying to say.
What exactly would she want with Alchemy's followers? She must think that he can take her to Alchemy.
She wants him to take her powers away.
We know.
We heard everything.
Well, two acolytes, two addresses.
Which one's she gonna hit first? - We got to watch both.
- You're gonna stay here.
You can barely walk.
- I'll take Hawthorne.
- I'll take Truman.
I care about Caitlin, but I don't want to leave Wally.
Dad, Barry and I will stay with Wally.
You go with H.
Oh, yeah, I would love that.
Hey, you and me all-star team, huh? All right, you know what? I'll make a couple cappuccinos for the road, right, so we're ready for tonight's adventures.
Hey, not to worry, Barry.
Right? We'll help her.
- If you find her - I won't call you.
You've done enough.
The acolyte's on the second floor.
- Cup of joe, Joe? - No.
No? All right.
You're a tea drinker, I bet.
If you want to talk nonsense, I'm gonna need you to stop talking to me.
You're worried about your son.
Do you have kids? No.
Then I don't think we could possibly have a conversation about how I'm feeling right now.
Okay, but as an interested observer, I can tell you Barry admires you.
Well, he needs to listen to me.
Yeah, well, the reason he doesn't is Barry's real superpower isn't speed.
- It's hope.
- Mm.
Kid's got an endless reservoir.
Believes everything's gonna work out.
Well, he's wrong about this one.
They all are.
I said it before: when my gut tells me something is off, I trust it.
And I need them to trust me.
The next time your gut tells our team what to do, I'll trust it.
How do I know you're not just telling me what I want to hear? [laughs.]
Well, what does your gut tell you? [beeping.]
- What is that? - The satellite.
It's programmed to detect rapid temperature decelerations.
[beeping continues.]
That's the house Cisco's watching.
Oh, God.
Honey? Craig? It's freezing in here.
Go check the thermostat.
- Are you serious? - Yes.
[ice zings.]
Both of my parents are doctors.
It's all I ever wanted to be.
Growing up, I used to practice the Hippocratic Oath.
I was obsessed with it.
If anyone was even gonna step on a bug, I would say, "Do no harm.
" It's built into my DNA.
Unfortunately, my DNA isn't what it used to be.
So, believe me when I say answer every one of my questions, or I will harm you and your family.
[breathing shakily.]
- Who is Alchemy? - I don't know.
I've never seen him without the mask.
I know he can give people powers.
Can he take them away? Yes.
But you can't make Alchemy do anything.
He's just an acolyte, like me.
We both serve the speed god, Savitar.
He's shown us the future.
I saw you there.
You were glorious and powerful.
My lord has special plans for you, Caitlin Snow.
Or should I say Killer Frost? Caitlin! [panting.]
Really? You brought your toys? I'm hoping it won't come to that.
It won't.
Look, I'm not leaving you out here.
I want to help you.
There's only one person who can help me.
Really? You really think seeking medical advice from someone named Dr.
Alchemy is the way to go? Why not? My name is Killer Frost.
Your name is Caitlin Snow.
Can Caitlin Snow do this? [icicles blasting.]
Caitlin, please! [beams blast.]
Aah! [groans.]
How's the leg? [both groan.]
I'm sorry, Caitlin.
That was cold, Flash.
But this is colder.
[dramatic music.]
[breathing heavily.]
Start vibrating.
It'll warm you up.
[labored breathing.]
Guess I just needed a little sleep.
Thanks, guys.
I'm feeling much better now.
It's okay.
You can let me out.
I promise I'm not gonna hurt anybody.
Guess you're all smarter than I thought.
You know, that was some blast there, Vibe boy.
It kind of hurt.
I didn't want to hurt you.
You're pathetic.
Alchemy can't help you.
But we can.
I promise.
Oh, like you promised Eddie? And like you promised Ronnie? You know, for a hero, Flash, you sure let a lot of people around you die.
This isn't you talking.
It's the powers.
They're messing with your mind.
You're sick.
I'm broken, Barry.
But what do you care? 'Cause you've got Iris.
You got your happy ending.
Everyone else be damned.
So, I'll tell you what: you guys let me go, and I will leave you to your sad and miserable lives.
We're not abandoning you.
You did this to me! [dramatic music.]
Do you have any idea how we can reverse this? How we can get her back? It's like Caitlin said: sometimes when things get broken, they can't be fixed.
My son's not gonna end up like Caitlin.
- Help me get him out of this thing.
- Oh, no, no.
Joe, no.
We don't we don't want to touch that thing First off, we don't know what that's gonna do to Wally, right? Maybe this is the kind of situation best left to the people with the science.
- You mean Caitlin? - [sighs.]
Please help me.
What are you doing down here? We should all be working to find Alchemy and Savitar and figure out how to stop them.
Instead, we're fighting each other.
Team Flash is not at its finest.
Why didn't I just follow you inside the house? Because you were hurting.
You would do anything to make the pain go away.
That's why Caitlin is so lost.
And Cisco.
We will do anything to make the pain stop.
That doesn't make you a bad person.
That makes you human.
Tell that to my friends.
My best friends, one of them is locked up like a villain; the other one hates me.
- You can not take this all on yourself.
- Why not? How do you know that Caitlin wasn't already affected by the accelerator explosion, or that Dante wouldn't have died in a car accident anyway? You are not God, Barry.
That's what Jay said.
Jay's a smart man.
You can not keep doing this to yourself, constantly going over the what-ifs.
You'll go nuts.
Everyone in this building needs The Flash right now: my dad, Wally even Cisco and Caitlin.
So, be strong like I know you are.
I know you don't want to be the leader right now, but you have to be.
I told you I couldn't do this without you.
And you'll never have to.
[lights buzzing.]
- Wally.
- Yeah.
Come on.
[buzzing, whirring.]
There's an energy surge coming from the Cortex.
What? Joe! Hey! What are you doing? - Hey, Barr.
- Hey, stop! You can't cut him out! - I have to.
- [saw buzzing.]
Joe, don't! [whooshing.]
[electricity crackling.]
Wally? - Joe.
- What did I do? Was this your idea? No.
Joe I was helping Joe.
No sign of Wally.
I've got the satellite scanning the entire city for rapid movement.
If he's a speedster, he could be halfway across the country by now.
Barry, we have to find him.
I'm more worried about what happens when we do find him.
He didn't seem like he was all there, Iris.
I shouldn't have cut him out of that thing.
Joe, I what we need right now is a biochemist.
You've got to go talk to her, Barr.
[exhales deeply.]
All right.
[beeping, whirring.]
We need your help, Caitlin.
Wally he's he's out of the cocoon, but his biochemistry is all out of whack.
He went AWOL.
So? So, when we find him, he's gonna need your help.
He's gonna need your medical expertise, your experience with metas.
What he needs is Caitlin Snow, MD.
So, you came to try and talk some sense into me.
I came to let you go.
[beeping, whirring.]
For a smart guy, that was an awfully dumb move.
Like I said, you're free to go.
What's the catch? You have to kill me.
- What is he doing? - I don't know.
It's gonna be all right.
You want to fight, Flash? No.
I'm not gonna fight you.
But if you want to leave this room, you're gonna have to kill me.
- Don't think I won't.
- Then do it.
[energy surges.]
[ice crackles.]
What are you waiting for? What's the big deal? Come on.
Live up to your name, Killer Frost.
I want to see some killing.
You want to be the villain? This is what they do.
They kill their friends, because nothing matters to them anymore, right? Right? Come on.
Kill me, Caitlin.
You can't do it.
You can't, because underneath all that cold, you're still you.
[exhales deeply.]
Barry! It's okay.
I got you.
It's okay.
I think extracting Wally early from that cocoon left him in a fugue state.
His synapses aren't used to functioning at super-speed, so his mind and muscles are misfiring.
I mean, will this stuff help? I've synthesized a neural compound that I think will get his mind and body running at the same speed.
We just have to find him first.
Where'd he go, Joe? What's your gut tell you? The house that he grew up in.
He used to go there when he missed his mother.
In Keystone.
Thank you.
[insects chirping.]
Wally! Wally! It's your dad, son.
You're gonna be all right.
We're gonna take care of you, okay? [whooshing.]
Ooh! [whooshing.]
How fast is he going? Faster than Barry could at the beginning.
I, uh I just wanted to It's okay.
You scared me for a second, getting all Mother of Dragons on me with that hair.
[both laugh.]
Thank you.
That is the greatest feeling I've ever felt.
- Barry, it's unreal.
- Yeah, it is.
- How fast was I going? - Too fast.
Dad, don't look so worried.
I'm fine.
I feel fine.
In fact, I feel kind of awesome, like everything is buzzing, electric, like I could do anything.
That is what it feels like.
Got the Speed Force coursing through you giving you power.
You're a speedster now.
Um, so, what next? Um, Caitlin is gonna run every test she can think of on you.
I mean, if you're up for it.
Being a doctor? That, I'm always up for.
Yeah, um, but when do I get to go out, Barry, with you? Uh Okay, let's just take it - one normal-speed step at a time.
- [phone buzzing.]
Slow down, Wallace.
Barr, it's the hospital.
Julian's awake.
He knows it was me.
He knows what I did.
Don't worry.
I'll talk to him.
You'll be fine.
I promise.
[knocks on door.]
Hey, man.
I just wanted to see if you wanted to talk about I don't.
All right.
Um Look, Cisco you're my best friend, man.
Are we gonna be okay? You and me? You want me to be honest with you? Yeah.
I don't know.
Hey, Patterson.
Barry Allen, don't you ever work? I just wanted to make sure that Julian was doing okay.
Well, I'm about to take his statement, yeah.
Uh, would it be okay if I talked to him before you went in? I just we're pretty close, him and I.
Go ahead.
Just make it quick.
Thank you.
- Oh.
- Hey.
A hospital visit.
I didn't think you missed me that much.
What did the doctors say? Concussion and frostbite, but I'll be dandy in a few days.
That's good news.
I'm glad you're gonna be all right.
Yes, and as much as I appreciate your outburst of emotion, I think we both know the real reason you're here.
Your friend Caitlin Snow.
She's a meta, and not one of the friendly ones.
Did you know? She's sick, Julian.
She is a bloody menace.
Julian man, I know that you think that getting powers is this binary game, that you're either good or evil, but life isn't like that, even for metas.
Caitlin she's a good person.
I'm begging you: don't turn her in.
I will do anything you want, but.
please don't do this to her.
I got hit pretty hard, and I don't have the foggiest who even kidnapped me at all.
Thank you, man.
Thank you.
There is one thing you can do for me, mate.
- Anything.
- Quit.
What? Tender your resignation from the Central City Police Department, effective immediately.
I can overlook the unexplained absences, the constant disregard for the rules and regulations, but your moral compass is broken, my friend.
I point-blank refuse to work with someone whose sense of right or wrong is as flippant as the weather, someone who thinks friendship is more important than justice.
You are unfit to be CSI.
Barry Allen has no place in law enforcement.
Now, do we have an agreement, or would you like the detective to meet that girl? All right.
He's all yours.
- Hey, Albert.
- Hey.
So, what can you tell me about our our meta friend? I don't really remember anything.
To be honest with you, it's all a bit of a blur, so [sighs.]
We just heard from Singh.
You quit? What what is going on? [sighs.]
I, um didn't really have a choice.
What do you mean, you didn't have a choice? Julian.
You quit, he keeps his mouth shut about Caitlin.
That son of a bitch.
I don't know.
I mean, he said I couldn't do something like protect Caitlin and still be a good CSI, and maybe he's right.
No, he's not.
Barry, you are an incredible CSI, and no one in this building cares more about helping people find justice than you.
And that was long before you were The Flash.
This lab it's your life.
You're my life.
Both of you.
And Wally and Caitlin, and Cisco.
If these past few months have taught me anything, it's that I would give up everything I have to keep you all safe.
No regrets.
Every time I think you've run out of ways to be a hero, you show me another one.
- You hungry? - Yeah.
Yeah, let's get out of here.
[soft music.]
[thunder rumbles.]
[dark music.]
Julian! No.
Stay away.
No, Julian.
You can't get away.
There's nowhere I won't find you.
Only together can we bring about my return.
[thunder rumbles.]
Become my servant once more.
[dramatic music.]
Become Alchemy.
[thunder crashes.]