The Flash (2014) s03e08 Episode Script


Oh, wow! You really did it this time, Barry.
- Seriously? - Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, seriously! You come to Star City, you ask for my help, and then, inevitably, immediately, we end up up the creek! Yeah, okay.
That's fair.
They're moving in.
On three, Team Leader.
What's that? That would be heat vision.
- Three.
- Okay.
[dramatic music.]
Kid gets faster every time we test him.
- Mach 2.
- Already? He just got his speed a few days ago.
How are his vitals? His running economy, lactate threshold are all way above expected levels.
I think we might have a little prodigy on our hands.
Like a Wizard of Whiz.
Guys, I don't want Wally thinking that he's Barry, rushing off half-cocked, trying to take down Alchemy or Savitar the next time one of them shows up.
Okay, but guys, Wally's not like me.
He doesn't want his powers gone.
We're gonna have a hard time convincing him not to use them.
Yeah, well, we have to.
Until he's ready.
How? By convincing him that he isn't.
That means no encouraging him, no training him, and you no talking to him about a suit, please.
It's for his own good.
Why the hell not? It's just another lie between friends, right? Cisco.
What? Still not good? Um, I think maybe we should try again tomorrow.
I can run a few more tests.
That was amazing.
Dinner's on me.
Whatever you want.
[terminal chimes.]
Fellow S.
Labs employees.
Your presence in the cortex would be greatly appreciated.
That's tonight? His presentation? [sighs.]
What do you think if, after, maybe we get a drink? You, me, Barry? Barry? We're just gonna get drinks? Pretend like we're friends? Nice try.
It ain't gonna happen.
You want to open S.
Labs to the public? In two weeks? Soft open.
Not a hard open.
But, you know, I'll use your input.
All right? Right now, it's very important 'cause the clock is ticking.
My vision is set to include, but not limited to bam a personal transportation tour of the facility.
Or, for the faint of heart, we have pow a virtual reality alternative.
Both set to include particle vision.
Particle vision? Particle vision, which is a moment-to-moment reenactment of the particle accelerator explosion, but seen from the point of view of - Part - The particle! Listen, H.
, I know that you're trying to figure out how you add value to the team, I get it, but this Let me stop you right there, B.
- Okay, don't call me B.
- I can make S.
Labs the powerhouse in the scientific community that it once was, and, moreover, earn back the people's trust.
Look at you guys.
You just your faces are so darn gloomy.
Here's what we'll do.
I'm gonna make you guys a [klaxons blaring.]
Was that was that the satellite? I hope that wasn't the satellite.
Is that a meteor? Why, yes, that is a meteor, and yes, it is heading for downtown.
I got to go.
- [static cracks.]
- What is it? Barry, what do you see? This isn't a meteor.
Barry? Hey, Barry, come in.
- Can you hear me? - Guys? [Dominators growling.]
Oh, come on.
Aliens! Government officials are reporting the mysterious object that crashed in downtown Central City was simply a DOD aircraft on a routine training operation.
Thank you, but we'll brief the White House.
You're not listening to me about this.
The intelligence we've gathered at A.
Is not accurate.
We've got this covered, Director Michaels.
Go back to Star City.
Let the big guns take over.
Lyla, what is this? I saw the weird ship that crashed You saw a ship? What else did you see? Enough to give Ridley Scott nightmares.
Meet me at S.
I'll tell you everything I know.
Aliens? Are they "Alien" aliens or little green men? Both, sort of.
Since we learned of them, we've been calling them the Dominators.
That is not the name of a species that comes in peace.
No, no, it's very aggressive.
So how long have you known about these Dominators? Since the '50s.
That was them.
Redmond, Oregon.
The government tried to cover it up.
What? I watch Syfy channel.
In 1951, they appeared under the same sort of circumstances.
A ship crash-landed.
Little to no communication.
We learned they were abducting humans to gather intel about us.
They attacked, and hundreds of soldiers lost their lives.
Then, for some inexplicable reason, they left.
All contact had been lost until three months ago when the DOD received this.
We pose no threat, human inhabitants.
Understanding is our purpose.
Any action against us, as shown to us in the past, will prompt swift retaliation.
So when we discovered four ships heading towards Earth, we were concerned that it was happening all over again.
One of them, obviously, landed here.
Right, 'cause we ain't got enough crazy going on here in Central City.
Do you know what they want? They've ignored all attempts to communicate, but we do know, just like before, that the dropships contain reconnaissance teams sent here to gather more intel about us.
Looking for our weaknesses.
- We need to do something.
- We are.
Nearly every member state in the UN is in talks to coordinate a response.
Action is being taken.
So, wait, you want us to just sit this one out? These things are like "World War Z" zombies.
If they decide to attack, no military can stop them.
Neither could you.
Not by yourself, anyway.
Just let us handle this.
For now.
So the plan isn't to just stay still and do nothing, right? No.
Barry, you heard Lyla.
You can't do this alone.
I don't plan to.
Anything? Zilch.
He's got to be here somewhere.
What are the chances the guy just decided that he had enough of this life, you know? No health insurance.
He was sick of the crazy hours.
I mean, bullets aren't actually that cheap, and he - I'm sorry, man.
I - It's okay.
Man Hey.
Hi, Barry.
So, who was that guy? That was Vigilante, and we nearly had him.
You nearly had him, Ollie? It looked like he was about to "Scarface" you guys.
Barry, is there something that I can do for you? Another evil speedster to help you with or Maybe, actually.
That's not why I'm here, though.
What's so urgent that you had to rush to Star City? Aliens.
Aliens? Aliens.
I swear to God, Barry.
My life was somewhat normal before I met you.
I I mean, I'm sorry.
Look, okay, they're real, and they're already here, and, from what Lyla told us, it does not appear to be for peace.
- Oh, no.
- Lyla knows about this? Lyla yeah, she came to where are you I called Thea.
Yeah, I came to have you sign this before City Council went in to mutiny, but that can totally wait.
Count me in.
For what? I thought you retired.
Yeah, but it's it's aliens.
Aw, that is so cute.
You guys are just gonna get together and go fight some aliens have you lost your mind? They're aliens, and there's only four of you.
Not if we get Stein and, you know, all the others.
They're calling themselves the Legends.
Egotistical but catchy.
Do you know where they are? I know where they were.
What is this place? It's this old hall hangar thing that S.
Labs owns.
Or I guess I own it.
Well, you should do something with it.
All right, so let me get this right.
Our time-traveling buddies in a flying timeship are supposed to just pop up right here, right? Yeah.
This is the time and place I gave them, so if they got my message, they should be here Right now.
You know why I've never done drugs? It's 'cause I was always afraid I'd see weird stuff.
Okay, take everybody inside, all right? - Tell Oliver I'll be right back.
- Where are you going? Well, since we're fighting aliens, I figured we should get one of our own, right? You found the right Earth? Tachyon device tracked you on Earth-38 when you met her, so you should find her there.
All right.
Just so you know, I'm only doing this because we're on a mission.
I'm not gonna let my issues with you get in the way of that.
This might take a few tries.
This better be the right place.
'Cause if this isn't the right place, someone's about to be real confused.
Barry? Hey.
I knew it! I knew that was you.
I knew it was you in that weird space Sorry, it took a couple tries to get here.
This is my friend, Cisco.
Well, friend is a loose term.
We work together.
I have to say it this is a nice universe you got here.
Thank you.
Okay, do you remember last year when I helped you out and you promised to do the same for me? What are we up against? Team Arrow is here.
Team Legends is here.
- Is that everyone? - I think so? Nate and Amaya are back watching the Waverider.
The newbies.
That was cool.
Thanks for coming.
Barry, I thought you were bringing an alien.
And, yeah, we did.
Everybody, this is my friend, Kara Danvers, or, as she's known on her Earth, Supergirl.
What makes her so super? Well? I'm convinced.
[Dominators speaking alien language.]
I think I have this.
Green Arrow.
- Dig.
- Spartan.
- Thea.
- Speedy.
- And Sara.
- White Canary.
- Jax and Professor Stein.
- Firestorm.
- Ray.
- Palmer.
The Atom.
- And Mick.
- Hmm? Oh.
Heat Wave.
And Iris, Caitlin, and Felicity.
- Whoo! - Yes! And you have cold powers, but you can't use them? - You have powers? - It's a long story.
Barry, so, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow? - Yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- He just got so much hotter.
- Oh, my God.
Okay, Cisco, we should probably get started.
These are the Dominators.
We don't know much about them.
Except they're really strong.
I heard a lot of stories about them when I was a kid.
They came to my planet before I was born.
They did experiments on a lot of people.
Killed a lot more.
Well, they're not the only ones with superhuman strength, I hear.
Barry says that you're more powerful than a locomotive.
We should use Kara as a stand-in for training.
Since when is Robin Hood calling the shots? What I think Mick is trying to say is it would be nice if we knew who was in charge around here.
Maybe we should take a vote.
Choose a leader.
Someone we can all trust.
Well, I trust Oliver.
He's got my vote.
Appreciate that, Cisco, but Barry put us all together.
It should be him.
Fair enough.
Cool, all right, well, I guess as Team Leader, first thing to do is start out by - Doing a test run.
- Let's do a test run.
Yeah, let's do a test run.
- Against Supergirl.
- Against Supergirl, all right? Test run against Supergirl.
Are we just supposed to pretend like we don't hear him? So just suit up.
Mm-kay? Look alive.
We're training to fight aliens by fighting an alien, so - Do it.
- Suit up.
- Stop.
- What? Oliver.
Really quick.
I was excited about the two of you guys meeting each other.
Oliver was the first person to train me.
- Really? - Yeah.
Well, you did a really good job.
It's 'cause I didn't hold back.
I shot him.
You can't hold back either.
- He did shoot me.
- Ouch.
Are you sure about that? I just met these people These people need to understand this isn't gonna be easy.
Don't hold back.
Especially against me.
Yes, sir.
Does he not like me? He's like that with everyone.
He'll warm up to you.
Old West Dwarf Star plus Replicator, equals new suit.
You know what, Ray? Maybe it's just me, but I think this thing's due for an update.
But after we dominate the Dominators.
Oh! I see what you did there.
I got to get to work.
Felicity's waiting for me.
But we'll talk about this later.
Hey, Barry.
Where's Snart? Man, I'm sorry, Barry.
I forgot that we never told you.
What happened? He sacrificed himself.
Saved us all.
- He died a hero.
- A Legend.
Wally, what are you doing here? You can't just show up and think you're gonna train with everyone else.
Why not? Because we need to test you more.
said that my results were great.
He said I'm good to go.
I don't care what H.
You are not ready.
- I am ready.
- Wally.
Everyone here has been doing this for a long time, and this is gonna be the hardest challenge they have faced.
Fighting Alchemy or Savitar or aliens isn't something you just show up and try.
If you screw up, you could die.
Do you do you get that? Great.
Satellite's not picking up anything abnormal.
I don't know if we're gonna find any Dominators this way.
Hey, I just, I couldn't help but notice things are a little bit tense.
You don't need to be able to Vibe to figure that out.
Okay, so apparently, it's, like, illegal to be mad at Barry, but guess what.
He screws up, just like the rest of us.
Yeah, and when he does, he feels bad like the rest of us too.
Felicity, he took it upon himself to change the timeline.
And because of it, my brother was killed.
So there's no amount of feeling bad that could ever make up for that.
Before we start training, there's something you need to hear.
A message that would be better if we could share with you in private.
- All right, I'll step away.
- No, no, it's fine.
You can stay.
All right, but no one else.
All right.
Let's make it quick.
A war is coming, Captain Hunter, and at some point you're gonna be called back to Central City to fight it.
So you need to know that, while you and your team have been in the temporal zone, I made a choice that affected the timeline.
As you know, whenever you alter the past, those changes affect the present and get compounded in the future.
When you return, you will be in the new timeline I created, where everyone's past and everyone's future has been affected, including yours.
When you come back, don't trust anything or anyone.
Not even me.
Where did you get that from? We found it in a secret room inside the Waverider.
It was sent by you, 40 years from now.
40 years from now? Barry, what the hell does this mean? It means I screwed things up when I changed the past.
What did you do? I went back in time, and I saved my mom.
I created a timeline where she's alive.
It's called Flashpoint.
I lived in it for a few months, until I realized that I made a big mistake, and I tried to reset the timeline, put things back to how they were supposed to be, but But it didn't work.
- No.
- Wow.
Barry, that's So what's changed since you did this? Cisco's brother is dead.
Caitlin has powers.
Diggle has a son now instead of a daughter.
What? John had a daughter? I didn't just screw up my life, man.
I screwed up everybody's lives and, apparently, everybody's lives in the future.
It felt like, when these aliens got here, that finally something had happened I didn't cause, and maybe I could make up for everything I'd done to everybody, but I I think we should be on the up and up with everybody.
We got to tell 'em.
We're going up against a bunch of aliens, and you want to tell people that their lives might have been affected by time travel? One sci-fi problem at a time.
You made a mistake, Barry.
It's part of the job.
But we can't deal with it today.
Professor Stein, are you okay? I'm not sure.
Snow, would you mind accompanying me to my home? There's something I need to do.
[triumphant music.]
[all groaning.]
She really is a badass.
Yeah, it's kind of hot.
Let's go again.
So this is, what, your way of advising me to do nothing? The Dominators have yet to engage in an act of aggression, sir.
What does A.
think? I think us being passive is exactly what they want, Mr.
Well, finally, someone here with balls.
Ike ignored all the signs and waited until it was too late.
I'm not gonna make that same mistake.
You saw what happened the last time we engaged them.
That's a lot of casualties to be remembered for.
Four dropships landed on this planet, all of them sent to gather intel.
If we do nothing and they attack, that's what I'll remembered for.
Proceed as instructed.
You know, Director Michaels, the reason that Amanda Waller lasted as long as she did is because she learned how to follow my lead.
I suggest that you acquire that trait.
[overlapping chatter.]
He's gone.
Traveller has been taken.
I repeat, Traveller has been taken.
The Dominators have the President.
- Hey, son.
- I don't understand, Dad.
No one in this family wants me to have powers.
You don't.
Barry doesn't.
Even Iris.
According to this, everything's fine with me.
In fact, everything is better than fine.
What, did you run back to make sure I didn't see these? I'm faster than you now, remember? Whether you or Barry or anyone likes it or not.
Wally, look.
I know you're upset with me.
I was just trying to protect you.
Come on.
I know you don't want me training.
I just don't get why.
Because I'm better than Barry was when he first got his speed.
You know, in Flashpoint, you and I were a brother-sister crime-fighting unit.
So it sucks you don't have the same faith in me here as you did there.
Brother and sister crime-fighting unit? Hi, there, Wallace.
I came back to get some lip balm.
It's okay.
You seem to be the only one that'll tell me the truth around here.
Me? We're kind of treated the same way, right? No one shows us any respect.
Respect, I'm just trying to earn that, Wallace.
Maybe we should stop listening to them.
Yeah, what? What does that mean? It means I want you to train me.
- Me? - Mm-hmm.
I would be gone faster than humor in a Liam Neeson movie.
Do you know what I mean? - No.
- Yeah.
- Not if they don't find out.
- Wallace.
Come on.
No one's gonna do this for me.
I want to make a difference, H.
I'm never gonna be able to if I don't know how to use my powers.
I want to help people, same as you do.
So show me how.
Thank you for joining me, my dear.
Of course.
I wasn't being much help back there anyway.
You know, having powers isn't exactly a death sentence, no matter who your doppelganger is.
I attacked my friends my best friends and said horrible, horrible things to them.
But that wasn't you.
And believe me, as a person who sometimes shares a body with another human being, I know the difference, and so do your friends.
I'm just so scared.
What if she comes back and I can't keep her out? Then what? We'll all be there for you.
Are you okay? You're back! I'm sorry.
I was looking for my wife.
Very funny.
She's not here.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
I missed you so much.
Did you? Of course.
I love you, Dad.
- I love you too.
- [laughs.]
But I'm sorry.
We have to go.
Please Oh.
Tell your mother I'll see her soon.
- Professor Stein? - We have to leave now.
Where are you? [device beeps.]
A war is coming, Captain Hunter Are you sure you want me to keep going? Yeah.
Just give us five minutes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You know what this is? This is really you.
Like, future you.
Come on, look You told 'em, right? I'm gonna tell them, yeah, when this is finished.
When this is finished? Even though you're about to lead them through an alien war? Even after Flashpoint? After everything you've messed up? All the lives you've changed? You still don't think you should tell them? Tell us what? Jax and Professor Stein found a message from me in the future saying that, right now, I can't be trusted.
And why would future you say that? I think because I went back in time and changed the timeline, and now things here are different than before I left, including some of your lives.
Some of our lives? Like who? Cisco.
Me? Why? What happened? Hey.
Apparently, you had a daughter.
I had a daughter, Barry? Baby John was Baby Sara.
So, wait, you let me get this straight.
You just, uh You just erased a daughter from my life? Yeah.
You can't go back and just change things - like that, Barry.
- I know.
You know how hard it is for me to not alter events? To bring my sister back? But I don't, because I know the implications.
And all those aberrations we spent the last eight months traveling through time trying to correct you just decided that it was okay for you to create your own? We should've told 'em before.
- [cell phone chimes.]
- Guys? Guys, it's Lyla.
The President's been abducted by the Dominators.
She needs us now.
Okay, you guys go.
All right? I'm gonna sit this one out.
Obviously, you have Supergirl.
She's just as fast as I am.
Get the President.
We can talk about this later.
You still trust me, right? I'll always trust you, but it might take more to convince them.
If you need me, I'll be there.
Guys, this is cr hey! This is crazy! Everyone is going, including Barry.
I I'm not going without him.
Then you'll be here, Oliver.
You know what? Oliver, it's okay.
I will go with them.
We'll get the President.
You stay here with Barry.
Sure we're in the right place? Oh this is the last place the President's tracer gave a signal.
Must be nearby.
He's in there.
How do you know that? I can see him.
Oh, I have X-ray vision.
You can see everyone's bits with those little peepers, huh? - No, I - Ignore him.
How did you get the name Heat Wave? I burned my family alive, and I like to light things on fire.
Well, that's a colorful backstory.
Well, my shrink thinks so.
By the way, I'm not gonna call you Supergirl.
It's stupid.
You could call me Kara.
That won't work either.
Well, what're you gonna shout if you need my help? Skirt.
Seriously? Seriously.
But I'm not gonna need your help.
Look! The President! Get me out of here! This doesn't feel right.
I agree, Jefferson.
Something's coming.
Release the President! We knew you would come.
Did you guys hear that? 'Cause I heard it in my head.
Yeah, we heard it.
Well, if nobody else is freaked out by it, far be it for me to panic.
You don't need to harm him to get whatever it is you want from us.
Release him and nothing will happen to you.
He's not who we want.
It's a trap! [orb whistling.]
[all groaning.]
Supergirl, do something! I didn't think about it, Oliver.
I didn't think about the future.
I was so focused on the past, I didn't think about it until now.
I changed so much.
What is this? This is an article from the future.
It's a story about me vanishing.
Used to be written by Iris West-Allen.
But now, I don't know.
Something's something's changed with Iris.
Something's changed with our future.
God, what did I do? Barry, this is a weird-looking newspaper article.
It doesn't mean anything.
You need to stop beating yourself up over this.
I'm sorry, but how can you say that? I'm responsible for all of this.
Maybe not.
Barry, you made a choice.
You wanted to see your parents alive again.
Do you honestly know anyone that, if they were in your shoes, wouldn't do the same exact thing? I would do the exact same thing.
Barry, after the Gambit went down, it was me, my father, and a crewmember on a life raft.
Lost at sea.
Enough food and water for one person, maybe.
My father took a gun, shot the crewmember, told me to survive, and then turned the gun on himself.
He shot himself in the head.
He sacrificed himself so that I could live.
Nothing I could do.
No choice.
Slade Wilson drove a sword right through my mother's heart, in front of my sister and I.
I was there.
I was helpless on the ground.
I was powerless to stop it.
No choice.
Do you not think that I wouldn't give anything to go back and to make things different? You never told me that.
Barry, the world isn't different because you changed the timeline.
Change happens.
Tragedy happens.
People make choices, and those choices affect everyone else.
You're not a god, Barry.
[building rumbles.]
Hey, guys, wherever you are right now, we need you.
Oh, things just got so much worse.
Can we talk about this? Guess not.
What's wrong with them? I don't know, but we need to find out.
Okay! You really did it this time! Seriously? Yeah, seriously.
- What's that? - That would be heat vision.
What is going on? Barry and Oliver stayed behind while everyone went to go save the President, but now everyone's crazy and going all "Kill Bill" on the both of them.
The Dominators have them under some sort of mind control.
They can't hold them off forever.
- I got to get out there.
- The hell you do.
They can't beat them by themselves, especially not with Supergirl against them.
Wally? Kid Flash.
Wally? Wally? Talk to me, Wally.
Hey! Come on.
Wally's hurt bad, but he's alive.
Let's get an ETA on overriding the mind control! - Bingo! - Yahtzee! You go first.
You go first.
It's your office.
There's a weird signal coming from the salt mines.
For the record, that is what I was gonna say.
Can you jam it? Uh, no.
How many of those do you have left? Probably not enough.
Okay, this hallway leads to a bunker under the building.
Just hold 'em off as long as you can.
Where are you going? If they can't shut it down, maybe she can.
Hey, Supergirl! Let's finally see who's faster.
Too slow.
- What is he doing? - He's making her angry.
But he knows Supergirl is invincible.
Think maybe that's the point.
Barry? [groans.]
Guys, they're back.
What happened? You didn't kill me, so my day's looking up.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, you're not the first superhero to be mind-controlled.
Okay, I know what you're gonna say, but I had to do something.
I'm glad you're okay.
- Don't ever do that again.
- Aah! Sorry.
Not sorry.
Come on.
Let's get you checked out.
And then we can talk about how dumb that was.
Okay what? They don't see your potential.
I do.
One of my many gifts.
You want to train? I'll train you.
So, what was it like being all mind-controlled and stuff? I didn't realize he had a mind to be controlled.
Barry, about before.
Message or no message, we're with you.
- Thank you.
- Where's Supergirl? Scanning the city to make sure there aren't any more of the orbs that whammied all of you.
- Okay, so now what? - We call Lyla.
Tell her these Dominators aren't here peacefully.
Sara! Everybody inside! Go!