The Flash (2014) s03e11 Episode Script

Dead or Alive

1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
In an attempt to stop the evil speedster Savitar, I was accidentally thrust into the future, and I saw him murder the woman I love.
But I won't let that happen.
I'm going to do everything in my power to change the future, and I'm the only one fast enough to keep her alive.
I am The Flash.
Previously on The Flash When I threw the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, I accidentally ran into the future.
I saw Savitar murder you.
I wasn't fast enough to save you.
We can't do this alone, Barry.
Why don't you come work with us? You can help Team Flash fight meta-humans.
- Welcome to the team.
- Yeah.
If his powers are linked to the energy that ties together the multiverse He can open a breach to any Earth he wants.
[warbling tone.]
[dramatic music.]
[electronic beeping.]
[ominous music.]
The thing they never tell you about fighting villains is that nothing ever stays the same.
The harder you work to take down the bad guys, the more they up their game.
Gentlemen, welcome to the future of crime.
Not even the military has these yet.
Looks like Christmas came early.
You know what the only problem is? You're on Santa's naughty list.
[rousing dramatic music.]
Christmas is canceled.
[gun zapping.]
Fortunately, our team has a secret weapon of its own: a man of science, a man of action, and that man's name is H.
Look who has a vortex cannon.
Ho, ho, ho.
- [gun powers up.]
- [laughs.]
? H.
? With a blast from my trusty vortex cannon, - I dispatch the miscreant - H.
- Hey, yep, here we are.
- Barry needs help.
- Yeah, Barry needs help.
- Where's Kid Flash? He's on his way.
Are you on your way? They need you at Keystone Bridge.
Surely all your adventures are not this disorganized? There's a method to the madness, mate.
Watch and learn.
The Electric Gang is headed north.
You gotta cut 'em off before they reach the freeway.
[tires squealing, engine revving.]
[glass shatters.]
Oh, hey.
How you wanna play this? I have an idea.
[engine revving, tires squealing.]
- Eyes up! - [whoosh.]
Here he comes.
Just the red one.
[dramatic music.]
[glass shatters.]
[tires screeching.]
[sirens wailing distantly.]
[soft triumphant music.]
Nice work.
They're out cold.
Okay, boys.
They saved us.
They saved us! - Who are you? - Um I'm Kid Flash.
Oh, my gosh.
Can we get your picture? Yes.
- Okay.
- [cheerleaders cheering.]
- Go Kid Flash! - Go Kid Flash! [heroic orchestration.]
Nice save! Could not have scripted it better myself.
Barry did most of the heavy lifting.
- B.
- Yes, bravo, boys.
Although I did find at least six ways you could have done it more efficiently, just just saying.
I mean, the busload of hot cheerleaders seemed like the way that we did things.
Oh, that's going in the book.
You know what? I'm running low; let me buy you a cup of coffee over at CC Jitters.
- Bond, are you coming? - No, thank you.
So exactly how many hot cheerleaders? I was a good boy.
You know, he's just been looking forward to this for a long time; he's enjoying the moment.
Well, I'm glad you have his back.
We have each other's back.
It's actually been really nice having him out there.
Hey, I meant to ask you.
When you found the Electric Gang, did you see them meeting with anyone else? - Like who? - Well, word on the street is, there is a new arms dealer in town with access to sophisticated weaponry like the gun that Plunder used.
Don't you think that's something for the police to handle? I'm still a journalist, Barry.
I can't hide from the world because of what you saw.
See you at home.
[pensive orchestration.]
Can't lose her, Cisco.
Please tell me you found a way to change the future.
We found a way to change the future.
Did you really? No, but Caitlin and I did find a way to map it.
You're gonna love this.
Follow me.
Julian suggested we make a 3-D reconstruction of the scene from the future exactly as we saw it.
With toys.
The medium's not important.
Thank you.
Eye on the ball, Barry.
Is this me? Why is he an astronaut? Eye on the ball, Barry, okay? Now, this diorama tells us you need to cover this distance in less than 0.
21 seconds if you want to save Iris from Savitar.
What do you guys think? Think what you're proposing is impossible.
- Therefore, you will fail.
- Why? Multi-universe is maybe a new concept to me, but mathematics is not.
Pay attention, Allen.
[thoughtful music.]
This is your speed timeline.
This is your maximum velocity when you first acquired your powers.
This is your current top speed, and this is where you need to be in May to cover that distance in 0.
21 seconds.
At your current rate of improvement, impossible.
Thank you for that rousing pep talk, coach.
Okay, why don't you take a knee? I think we got it covered here.
It looks like it.
I actually have to be back at CCPD.
As do you.
- Cheerio.
- [metal dings.]
He really does want to help in his own snobbish, thoughtless way.
He is right.
I mean, he's kind of a dick about it, but you can't argue with his math.
Okay, well, then, we'll find another way to make this work.
We need to.
Iris isn't gonna die.
[sonic blast.]
[brooding dramatic music.]
[zap, glass shattering.]
[glass crunching.]
[coin clinks.]
[warbling tone.]
Thank you very much.
[warbling tone.]
Freeze! [coin clinks.]
How'd you get in here? You know what they say.
Every time a door closes [zap, officer grunts.]
[glass shattering.]
A window opens.
[warbling tone.]
- Hey.
- Nothing's missing.
- Nope.
- Cash is still in the register.
Safe's not touched.
I mean, it seems like a lot to go through to just get a late night cup of coffee, right? Yeah, it's definitely a meta.
I'll have Julian look into his meta database, but I think this is someone new.
New and dangerous.
Well, it's nothing that The Flash and Kid Flash can't handle.
My two superhero boys.
He is doing great.
Speaking of my kids, Iris, she tell you about this arms dealer story she's following? Yeah, she's mentioned it.
Well, now that you're her live-in boyfriend, could you look out for her and maybe get her to back off a bit? Because this isn't something she should be doing on her own.
I agree.
I'm trying.
She seem okay to you, otherwise? Yeah, why? Do you not think so? If you guys got something going on, I hope you know you can talk to me.
Yeah, I know, Joe.
Thank you I we're both doing great.
- All right.
- Talk to you later.
[brooding orchestration.]
So this is the footage from Jitters that should help us ID our new meta.
Brunette? That really narrows it down.
Mm, I'll clean that up.
Oh, look how clear the picture is on that screen.
That's 'cause that's not from Jitters.
That's our security footage.
I know you're in there.
Come quietly if you don't want trouble.
, how does she know you? Talk.
Who is this gorgeous intruder? Her name is Gypsy, and she's what's known on my Earth as a collector.
What is she collecting? She's come to collect, you know, me.
[warbling tone.]
Oh! [warbling tone.]
[dramatic music.]
[electronic whirring, zap.]
- Where does it hurt? - [groaning.]
Oh, everywhere.
You can vibe? Oh, I like it.
Slow down there.
Let's just talk about this, like two adults, over coffee, or maybe dinner, if you prefer that.
There's a great Thai place up the road, if you like Thai.
I'm Cisco, by the way.
You must be Gypsy.
It's nice to meet you.
Are you asking her on a date? Are you kidding me? I am negotiating.
Well, you showed me yours.
Only fair I show you mine.
[warbling tone.]
- [zapping.]
- [grunting.]
Cisco! [panting.]
Ma'am, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the building.
That's fun.
I like to have fun too.
[tense music.]
I see you've got a lot to learn about your power.
Like that.
How do you do that? That's cool.
You're harboring a fugitive from justice.
Our world has a strict ban on inter-dimensional travel.
He knew that when he came here.
- So you tracked him here? - Honestly, it wasn't that hard.
Not when he's beaming "H.
Wells' Adventures in the Multiverse" back chapter by chapter.
You know what? Whatever H.
did, you can't just come here and take him by force.
Not without going through us.
If I really wanted to go through you, you would all be dead.
I've got a lock on you now.
There is no getting away.
You've got an hour to get your affairs in order, and then you are coming back with me.
[dark pensive music.]
Adios, Cisco.
[warbling tone.]
What an exit.
"As Francisco threw back his lustrous locks "and laughed, I outlined my plan for neutralizing the rampaging creature.
" It goes on like this for pages.
He's been broadcasting this without our knowledge or permission, all the while making himself the hero.
Yeah, every book needs a central protagonist that the audience can invest in.
I would have gone with Barry.
Barry? Cisco, what was that back there? First Golden Glider and now her? [scoffs.]
I can't help who I'm attracted to, even if it is the sexy, intense, deadly ones.
So she takes you back to Earth-19, and, what, you pay a fine? The punishment for an unauthorized breach travel on my Earth it's death.
Death? About 24, 25 years ago, a neighboring Earth invaded our planet through a breach and almost destroyed the place.
So to prevent it from happening again, they banned all inter-dimensional travel.
And then they put the collectors in place to punish those of us who violated the ban.
I didn't think that she'd track me down.
So why would you risk your life by coming here? I I'm gonna get packing.
It's time for H.
to face the music.
[foreboding music.]
Guys, I know H.
can be annoying, but he doesn't deserve to die.
Different Earth, different morality.
But he doesn't go back.
I saw him.
In the future, with me and Iris and Savitar, he was there.
I mean, that must mean we don't let her take him back.
Maybe we do.
Maybe by letting him go back to his Earth, it changes your future and prevents Iris' death.
I gotta go see her.
Are you just gonna let this woman take H.
? I don't know.
I just I wish I knew if it would make a difference.
You know, I mean, what if he goes and nothing changes? How do we ever know if our actions now impact the future? Yeah.
You know, sometimes I wish we had normal-people problems.
Yeah, that would be nice.
Hey, you didn't tell Joe about the future, did you? No, of course not.
The last thing I need is for him to worry about something four months away that might not happen.
That won't happen.
That won't happen.
Maybe in the meantime, you could let this arms dealer thing go? Oh, God, did my dad put you up to this too? No, he didn't have to.
- Barry, look, this - No, look, I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to keep you from doing your job, okay? But when we're all focused on this H.
thing and trying to prevent the future.
I mean, do we really need to go looking for more trouble? Please? Okay, I'll drop it.
Really? Just like that? Um, yes.
Sometimes I do listen to you, you know? That hasn't been my experience.
Shut up.
All right.
I'll see you later.
- 'Kay, bye.
- Thank you.
[light orchestration.]
Don't you get tired of running? - [door whirring open.]
- [chuckles.]
That's the thing, running just sort of keeps my mind off of things, I guess.
Must be an amazing feeling.
It is.
You know, cracking a big story gives me an amazing feeling.
And I think I'm onto one.
Oh, that, uh, arms dealer thing? How do you know about that? Because both Dad and Barry want you to lay off of it.
The phrase "death wish" got tossed around a lot by them.
Okay, I do not have a death wish.
I just want to see justice done like everyone else in this building.
I get that, but it is dangerous, Iris.
Wally, how dangerous could it be? I don't die till May.
Barry said that in Flashpoint, you and I were a brother-sister crime-fighting team.
I say we make that a reality again.
Shouldn't we ask Barry first? No, this is just between us, Wally.
We can do this together.
[upbeat tone.]
Do you know what I'm really gonna miss about this Earth? - I don't know.
Uh - Soap operas.
I mean, a long, winding story served up daily in hour-long chapters? You never answered Caitlin's question.
Oh, about why I put mustard on my fries? Why you risked your life to come here.
I looked in a mirror.
I don't follow.
Look, on my Earth, I had fame and power.
I had respect.
I was "H.
" [imitates fans cheering.]
But when I looked in the mirror, I knew the truth.
And the truth was I didn't matter.
[pensive music.]
I was a fraud.
That is why I came to this Earth, so I could rewrite my story, both literally and figuratively.
There's gotta be something you can do, H.
There's not.
You can't hire a lawyer? Appeal the case? There's nothing I can do, B.
! I don't mean to snap at you.
It just I don't have any options here, all right? Unless, of course, I appeal for trial by combat.
- [intercom warbles.]
- Guys, Gypsy's here.
Always so punctual.
[soft dramatic music.]
I'm impressed! Thought you'd try and flee again.
Time to go.
[clears throat.]
All right.
Gypsy, take me home.
You're not taking him anywhere.
- What? - Why not? Because I challenge you to trial by combat.
What are you doing? I'm challenging her to trial by combat.
No, no, he isn't.
Okay, I am.
I'm gonna fight you.
Well, that one spoke first.
What? That's like a real rule? By the laws of Earth-19, I hereby challenge you for possession of H.
If you want, we can solve this another way.
There's a great spot for drinks You realize trial by combat is to the death? Yeah.
For the loser.
- [chuckles.]
- Listen, you want him? You're gonna have to come and claim him.
That's Arwen.
That's Arwen.
I take it you also want the customary 24 hours to prepare? [scoffs.]
Do I want the customary Yes, you do.
I would love to take advantage of the customary 24 hours, if you don't mind.
Very well.
One day.
One day.
See you then.
[warbling tone.]
She's gonna kill me, isn't she? [exhales.]
She's good.
She's great.
I mean, Gypsy is a legend on my Earth.
So why, exactly, did you agree to fight her? I don't know.
You did what any of us would have done.
I might not have done it, just being honest.
Okay, all right.
Lay it out for me.
What are my chances here, scale of one to ten? She's gonna kill you.
It's a pretty solid "one, " mate.
You have the same powers Gypsy does, right? I mean, she's not doing anything you can't do.
Much better look, I mean, she's doing it just much better.
You can do this, okay? You just need a little practice and a little confidence.
And we're all gonna help you with that, right? - Yes.
- Uh, sure, sure, yeah.
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I believe in you, all right? You can beat her.
[soft orchestration.]
Listen, I have some ideas for a training regimen I can set up in here.
Caitlin, why don't you get the medical bay prepared in the meantime? What? Well, why does why does she need to set up the the medical bay? For when you beat her, when you beat her, she's gonna she's gonna need medical attention.
'Cause you will beat her, I have every faith that you're going to beat her.
We need to work on your interpersonal skills.
I was really trying.
Has anyone ever beat her? Yeah.
Oh, okay.
Well, I've officially reached a nice, comfortable level of just straight-up panic.
I mean, you don't even like me.
Why would you risk your life for me? Well, you heard Barry.
It's what we do around here.
Come on.
Why? You're not like the other Wellses.
Yeah, so you keep reminding me.
No, I mean, those two, they were geniuses.
We depended on them.
But with you, the roles are reversed.
You depend on us.
Harrison Wells was always there for me, so I guess in some weird way, I just I want to be there for Harrison Wells.
[pensive music.]
- Anyway - Yeah.
So what are we doing here? I thought you didn't want Dad to know we're going after this arms dealer.
Oh, yeah, no, I don't.
But, um, actually, I need you to swipe his file on the case and photograph the pages and then put them back.
What? Iris.
Have you lost your mind? Dad will kill us.
No, no, Wally, he won't.
He won't even know that Kid Flash was there.
First, you have to tell me why.
Okay, look.
I know everyone is working really hard to prevent Savitar from Yeah.
But, honestly, these could be my last few months on Earth.
Can you not talk like that? I'm just being realistic, Wally.
I get to do that.
Look, I want my life to mean something, more than just a daughter or as a sister or as a girlfriend, but as a reporter.
This story can do that.
It can say that I, Iris West, mattered.
You know, my life was a lot easier before I had a sister.
But it's a lot better now, isn't it? Come on.
I can get you the no-knock warrant, but, Joe, this guy is armed to the teeth with God only knows what.
You're gonna have to move in there fast and hard.
- [laughing.]
- [laughs.]
"Fast and hard, " okay, I kind of walked into that Hey.
- Hey, sweetheart.
- Hi.
- [kisses.]
- Hi, Iris.
Good to see you, Cecile.
Um, Dad, can I borrow you for a second for a little father-daughter talk? Uh I need to go catch up with Captain Singh, so I will be back in a little while, yeah? - It's good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
So what's up? How can I help you? Can I talk to you for a second over here? Um [clears throat.]
Uhh, yeah, so, um, I wanted to to speak to you about me and Barry.
You and Barry? - Yes.
- Okay? So there comes a time in every couple's relationship when you realize that there is too much love for two people.
And [whoosh.]
Uh, when that happens, you know in your heart that the only solution is to make your family a little bigger.
- Okay, I'm gonna need a second.
- Oh! Dad, hey, hey, listen to me very closely.
This is so important to me.
Oh, God.
Um - Um - [whoosh.]
Is Barry a dog or a cat person? What? Yeah, what kind of animal does he like? Because I was thinking about getting him a pet and I don't really remember him having a preference.
Oh, man, you had me going there for a second.
What, what did you think I was talking about? Nothing, nothing, I you can get him any kind of animal you want as long as it has four legs.
Good, great advice, four legs, copy that.
Thanks for the chat.
Okay, bye.
[sonic whoosh.]
Oh, yeah.
Facing the wrong way again.
How many is that? - Three.
- Nine.
- You'll get there.
- Yes.
Hopefully in the next 21 hours and 46 minutes.
All right, look, whenever I'm out there, I'm in a tough fight, I think maybe I don't have it, I just take a deep breath - [breathes deeply.]
- Trust my instincts.
Trust my instincts, that's good.
That helps.
[light music.]
- Where'd he go? - I don't know.
[sonic whoosh.]
Guys? Up here.
- Let let's go talk.
- All right.
We can't let Francisco fight Gypsy, because if he does, he is a dead man.
- You don't know that.
- Oh, I know that.
You know that.
He knows that.
- Okay, I get it.
- She knows that.
- We know that; everybody knows - So what are we supposed to do? We're supposed to stop her before she fights him.
That would be great if we knew where she was.
- Yes? - I know where she is.
- How? - I tagged her with a tracer last time she was here.
A magician friend told me you kind of - distract 'em and tag - H.
I needed to know where she was so I could stay one step ahead of her.
She is [tablet beeping.]
- At the waterfront.
- At the waterfront.
What do you say? For Francisco? [sighs.]
All right.
[tense music.]
[dramatic music.]
This world may be a primitive, uncultured backwater, but they do make an excellent cup of coffee.
That they do.
You know what you gotta try? You gotta try the Brazilian roast, it's new.
It is so good.
Maybe I'll take a few bags back with me.
Yeah, think that's wise.
Will you be going back in a bag? Look, that kid, Francisco, he's just trying to protect me.
Then he's as foolish as he is cute.
Okay, Gypsy.
Let's go home.
[dramatic music.]
[The Flash grunts.]
! - [grunts.]
- Nice try! You think I didn't see that coming? Stop, stop! - Stop what? - Stop Stop trying to enforce the law? You are a criminal.
Now, it's great that you made friends here, but that doesn't change the fact that you lied.
You broke our most sacred laws, and now it is time for you to face justice.
Wait! You still need to face Cisco.
No, I think this little stunt forfeits his claim.
And his time.
You just said you believe in the law, right? We made a mistake.
Cisco will hold up his end of the deal.
He will.
You have really pulled a number on these people if they would die for you.
Tell Cisco there is no backing out now.
I'll keep this one as insurance until then.
A [grunts.]
That's not good.
[dramatic music.]
- She took H.
? - Mm-hmm.
Can she do that? I mean, I though this whole trial by combat thing had rules.
Which apparently we broke when we tried to get the drop on her.
Well, that wasn't very clever, was it? A deal's a deal.
It should be honored.
You know what? You're right, Julian.
A deal is a deal.
And our deal was that I would train so that I could fight Gypsy, but I guess you two wanted to go behind my back and try to sub in? We didn't go we just thought maybe you could use some help.
Yeah? What happened to, "Cisco, you can beat her"? - You can.
- "I believe in you.
" - I do.
- "Trust your instincts.
" [grunts and sighs.]
Well, right now, my instincts are telling me I should be writing my last will and testament, so please excuse me.
Cisco, come Should I go talk to him? No, I I got it.
Looks like I'm not the only one who has to work on their interpersonal skills.
Oh, hey.
I'd be careful if I were you.
Last thing we want is for me to touch a button and blow your head off, right? [mock laugh.]
'Cause I don't know what I'm doing, right? You know I don't think that.
Yeah, well, you have a very, very strange way of showing it.
[gentle music.]
You're right, man.
I'm sorry.
I don't know.
I just guess this whole "not getting faster" thing, it just has me rattled.
I was always able to do it before, you know? I mean, against Reverse Flash and then against Zoom, but Savitar's on a whole other level.
And knowing what he'll do to Iris if I fail? I'm afraid just thinking what's gonna happen to H.
if I don't beat Gypsy.
But you, you're the hero.
I mean, how do you handle all this pressure all the time? By just leaning on all of you guys.
You know, I mean, you're always in my corner, helping me face my fears.
And it is okay to be afraid.
Trust me.
And when you are, I'll be there in your corner.
Yes, lovely little speech, Allen.
But what Mr.
Ramon needs to defeat his inter-dimensional adversary is a practical stratagem.
Lucky for you, I found one.
[keys clacking.]
This is Gypsy's signature move.
I call it her "breach and blast" Oh, yeah.
That move.
You see just before she comes in and out of a breach, her feet come off the ground.
So for that split second she's off the ground, she'll be off-balance.
Yes, and vulnerable.
It might behoove you to use this during the battle.
This is great, Julian.
Hmm, just glad I could be helpful.
This is more than helpful.
I gotta work on this.
- Thank you.
- Cheers.
[rousing music.]
[ominous music.]
You sure this is the place? - Positive.
- All right.
You ready to bust an arms dealer? - Get me a front-page headline? - Wally, wait.
CCPD's been looking for this guy for months.
He might have some sort of secret tunnel network that helps him slip out and get away.
I should do a quick recon.
We don't want to miss anything, okay? Be back in a you-know-what.
[brooding string music.]
[eerie music.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
Hope you like what you see, 'cause this sneak preview is gonna cost you your life.
Yeah, I don't think so.
[dramatic music.]
Are you crazy? This'll rip a hole right through you.
Everyone's gotta go sometime, right? And I am pretty sure today just isn't my day.
[suspenseful music.]
What the hell, sis? Are you trying to get yourself killed? God, okay, look, we gotta get you out of here - before CCPD sees you.
- [sirens wailing.]
Don't worry.
Dad's, like, my biggest fan now.
He's totally cool with me doing stuff like this.
Hell no, I ain't cool with this.
You two almost compromised a major CCPD sting operation that took the DA's office months to assemble.
You still got the guy, right? That is not the point, Iris.
The point is, you had you and your brother out there in danger, and for what? A story? And where the hell were you? Dad, this is more than just a story for me.
Yeah, which you almost got shot for.
[tense ominous music.]
Oh, God.
What? - [exhales.]
- Iris.
What is going on with you? Joe, I'm sorry Can I talk to you for a second? We'll be right back.
[somber orchestration.]
Joe already suspects something's up.
You going out there like that, it just hangs a bell on it.
This story is going to change lives, Barry.
Why do you think that you're the only one allowed to risk your life to do good? I don't.
It's okay to be afraid of the future.
But I won't let you die.
I am not afraid to die, Barry, I'm not.
Then what? I'm afraid [gentle piano music.]
What if I end up just like my mom? Just gone without making a mark, without leaving anything behind.
Iris, your mom, she left something behind.
She left a brave, wonderful son and the woman that I love.
All right? I don't know what the future holds, none of us do.
I know that we will face it together.
Gypsy just vibed me her location.
Let's do this.
I don't think the literary critics on our Earth would know a real sci-fi romance best seller - unless it bit them in the - Time's up, Wells.
Looks like your so-called friend is a coward after all.
He's not a coward.
He's one of the finest men I've ever known.
Oh, you're right about that! I'm fine as hell.
There he is.
Didn't think you'd show.
Oh, I wouldn't miss an evening with you, even if it is for a showdown.
I will kill you, Cisco.
We'll see who dies tonight.
[soft suspenseful music.]
To the victor goes H.
May the best vibe win.
Part of me was hoping you wouldn't show tonight.
How do you want to do this? "Westworld" style, back to back, ten paces, turn and shoot? - No.
- [grunts.]
[dark dramatic music.]
This does not bode well.
Cisco can hold his own.
Barry, we can't let this happen.
What if he can't defeat her? I can't interfere again.
If I do, then we forfeit.
's a dead man.
At this rate, Cisco's gonna be the dead man.
Ooh, girl! You done did it now! [grunts.]
[both panting.]
Stronger than I thought.
I'm just getting warmed up.
Yeah, maybe not do that.
Time to turn things up to 11.
"Spinal Tap.
" That's, like, one of my favorite movies [grunts.]
[dramatic musical flourish.]
[electronic beep.]
Where did they go? I they could be anywhere by now.
In any universe.
- [grunts.]
- [panting.]
This is Earth-2.
[blows land.]
You're cute, but you talk too much.
Oh, you want to play dirty, huh? Let's play dirty.
[sonic blast.]
[dramatic music.]
- [warbling tone.]
- [gasps.]
[table crashes.]
Oh! That hurts.
- [blow lands.]
- That too.
[sonic blast.]
Is it me, or is this city getting weirder? [Cisco grunts.]
[warbling tone.]
Well, this is hot.
I think you're flirting with me to distract me 'cause you're afraid.
My collection record is flawless.
In these trials, I am undefeated.
Oh, please.
Everybody's got a weakness.
Even you.
Says the man afraid of showing everyone how powerful he can be.
You and I resonate on a similar frequency.
I can feel it.
Yet you allow your fear and insecurity to hold you back.
That's why you're gonna lose.
[warbling tone.]
[dramatic music.]
[blast lands.]
Does this look like holding back to you? - I could do this all night.
- How did you You might want to work on your balance next time, girl.
[soft orchestration.]
Admit it, I won.
- Yes! - He won.
- Yeah, he did.
- He won.
- Yes! - [clapping.]
She must have been having an off day.
- What? - Wow.
By the laws of Earth-19, the prisoner is yours for the taking, as is my life.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
We don't roll like that around here.
Come on.
In all the multiverse, I have never met anyone like you, Cisco.
Please, call me Vibe.
Or or you can call me Cisco.
That's also allowed.
I'm just a regular guy.
Just a regular single guy.
[triumphant orchestration.]
It says you're totally fine.
So what happens now? Go back to your Earth? Tell all your superiors that you were bested in battle, all the charges against H.
are dropped.
I tell them I killed him.
Wait, what? If I return empty-handed, they'll know I failed.
And I never fail.
Until today.
Okay, but if you tell them that you killed me, then I You will never go back to Earth-19, ever.
Do we have a deal? Yeah.
I guess we have a deal.
I don't really have anything to go home for.
You'll always have a home here, H.
[pensive music.]
Listen, I know there's no coffee on your Earth 'cause of the whole Blight thing or whatever, but this this is just an absurd amount of coffee you're bringing back to your Earth.
That can't be legal.
I mean, I won't tell if you won't.
You know, for someone so fixated on enforcing the law, you sure seem oddly at ease about breaking it.
Well, I guess some laws are worth breaking for the right person.
- Mm.
- Hmm.
So this goodbye then? For now.
[gentle music.]
[warbling tone.]
What an exit.
Okay, you know, for the fastest man alive, you are the slowest reader.
Hey this is your big article.
- I'm not gonna rush through it.
- [sighs.]
I'm just kidding.
I read it five times already.
You sure sold the hell out of Kid Flash as Central City's next super savior.
I'm sure Wally's loving that.
Well, I did promise him the front page.
But what do you think? Do you think it'll make any difference? Kid Flash already changed one thing that we saw in the future.
[soft orchestration.]
No, I meant the article.
What? The article? I think you should be really proud.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's the beginning of an amazing journalistic legacy.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
How amazing? Like Pulitzer amazing? Time will tell.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I Do you know what I realized? Savitar, he said that I trapped him wherever he is; you know what that means? Means I beat him.
And I'm gonna do it again, I promise.
So don't worry.
The Flash is gonna save you.
My hero.
The thing they never tell you is that nothing ever stays the same.
So the harder you work to take down the bad guys, the more they up their game.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Just had to grab some stuff for Yeah.
I thought you were finished working with that stuff? Oh, no, it's just, uh, this is just for me.
No, the the book, it you know, my own personal sense of accomplishment.
Well, you've accomplished plenty.
Ha! Ha! What have I accomplished, Francisco? Well, for one, you got me to risk my life to save yours.
And trust me, my friend, that is a huge accomplishment.
[soft orchestration.]
Yeah, about that I just want to say that I appreciate what you did for me.
Yeah, it's what we do for our friends, right? Besides, it was a way for me to balance the scales.
Balance the scales, right.
What does that mean? I just mean I can't tell you the amount of times that I've been in your shoes and a man with your face has made me feel better.
Yeah, about that, I would [exhales.]
I would love if you could share some of my doppelganger's knowledge.
I would love to know what the smarter versions of me think.
Um [clears throat.]
The first Wells told me my time would come to be a hero, that it was my job to show up, to be ready for when it did.
You know why I love working here? Why? We're all making investments in each other.
I made an investment in you, and one day, that investment's gonna pay off when you use that crazy way of thinking you have to help me out.
I guess if he were here, he would say, "Show up.
" Yeah.
- Be ready.
- Yeah.
'Cause one day, you might need to save my ass.
[bright orchestral music.]
- [pants.]
- [chuckles.]
Keep it up at this rate, you're gonna reach Mach 3 soon.
I know, it's it's crazy how fast I've gotten - in such a short time, right? - Yeah.
And I'm gonna need you to get a lot faster.
Why's that? Because I've done the math over and over and I finally realized that I've been looking at things the wrong way.
I'm not gonna save Iris from Savitar.
You are.
[dramatic music.]