The Flash (2014) s03e12 Episode Script


1 Barry: My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
In an attempt to stop the evil speedster Savitar, I was accidentally thrust into the future, and I saw him murder the woman that I love.
But I won't let that happen.
I'm gonna do everything in my power to change the future, and I'm the only one fast enough to keep her alive.
I am The Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" When I threw the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, I accidentally ran into the future.
I saw Savitar murder you.
- How are you gonna tell Dad? - I'm not.
If you guys got something going on, I hope you know you can talk to me.
Every night when I go to bed, I'm afraid that I'm gonna wake up and be her.
I didn't ask for these powers, just like you didn't ask to be used by Savitar.
So you're telling me that every time I'm blacking out You've become Alchemy.
Alchemy can restore the powers that people had in Flashpoint.
What Alchemy did was not your fault.
I'm saying that at this point in his training, - you're faster than Barry! - What? It's crazy how fast I've gotten in such a short time.
And I'm gonna need you to get a lot faster.
I'm not gonna save Iris from Savitar.
You are.
- So this is it, huh? - Yeah.
This is the starting line to our race.
Cisco set up sensors all along the course, and he'll be tracking your speed all the way to the finish line on the other side of town.
No, I meant this is it the day the greatest upset in speedster history goes down.
Wally, man, this isn't about winning or losing.
Okay? This is about training so you can get faster and beat Savitar and save Iris.
- Yeah, which I'm gonna do.
- Okay.
But first I'm gonna make you eat my dust.
I'm sorry.
Okay, you know there is a reason they call me the fastest man alive.
Cisco, you good? Ladies and gentlemen, the Central City Speedster 500 is about to begin.
But first, I've got five-to-one odds Barry takes down Wally.
- Any takers? - Yep.
Game of speculation? Are we we're betting? Yeah, no, I'm in.
On my Earth, financial wagering was banned after an unfortunate incident with Vice President Al Capone.
Well, lucky for you, you live here now.
- Yes.
- Put me down for 20 for Barry.
- Joe, got to be in it come on.
- No, not me.
That's a Sophie's Choice I'm not gonna make.
$80 on Barry.
Mama needs a new confocal microscope.
All right, H.
, you put your life in my hands, so I know for a fact you like high stakes.
How much you in for? Wallace's recent speed tests ensure that he is a lock.
Put me down for an Abe Lincoln.
- Hm? - Uh, 100.
Whatever 100 is on this Earth, put me down for that.
- Guys, we're ready.
- All right, all right.
All bets are in, and may the odds be ever in your favor.
Gentlemen, start your engines.
- Ready? - Get set.
[thrilling music.]
At the first marker, 1/3 of the way in, Flash is in the lead or is that Kid Flash? Kid Flash! Come on, little Joseph, go.
Come on, mama needs a new pair of shoes.
Come on, Wallace, down the lane! I think he's done this before.
Ooh, second marker.
Wally's in the lead.
Yeah, Wallace! That's my boy! - You mean that's my boy.
- That's your boy.
I want to double down.
I want to double down on that right now.
Oh, H.
, big spender.
- You serious? - Serious? Serious as a heart attack, Rich.
Guys, they're neck and neck.
And almost at the finish line.
- Oh! - Oh, yes! - Pay up.
- Hmm? Now? Do you guys take IOUs? Come on, man, that didn't count.
You know I can't phase yet.
Man, you just saw me do it, right? And you have to be ready to face any obstacle that's put in your path.
Yeah, well, don't worry, Barry.
I'm gonna get faster.
Pretty soon I'm gonna be faster than you.
Oh, yeah? Well, until then, what's my name? [laughing.]
[police siren wailing.]
Joe, hey, this one, is, uh Pretty ghastly, Detective, I warn you.
- That's the body? - Yeah, why? Because he died less than eight hours ago.
Eight hours? He was a chef here Stuart Holzman and the owner confirmed - that he was working last night.
- Huh.
That's a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
We thinking he's a meta? Possibly, although certain chemicals can cause a similar reaction.
Yeah, any acid with a pH below two.
We could be looking for an aggressive variant of a necrotized fasciitis.
A flesh-eating disease.
In a restaurant? I'm never eating out again.
Okay, so an autopsy might help us hone in on what really did this.
Yes, I agree.
Unfortunately, County denied my request for a 3D image medical scanner, which would make short work of the process.
Okay, well, we have one at S.
Allen, this is an active investigation.
There is protocol to follow surely? Not if we're gonna figure this out.
Okay, I'll bag the body myself and meet you there.
Iris, hey.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just, uh, running up against a deadline, so Since I have you both, I wanted to ask, um, Cecile's daughter, Joanie, is in town, and I was thinking that maybe we could all get together.
If you don't think it's too soon.
I mean, I haven't exactly been dating Cecile for that long.
It's not too early, Joe.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
And Jitters is that cool? Or is that too casual? Dad, don't worry, okay? It's great.
Joanie's gonna love you.
I love my kids.
I'm gonna set it up.
Thank you.
All right.
It's nice to see him so happy.
Yeah, it is.
You okay? Hey, I need to show you something at S.
That's the name of the restaurant where we just were.
- Yeah.
- I spoke to the owner, and he said he doesn't think that the restaurant can survive an attack like this that they'd most likely have to reopen under a new name.
It's all coming true, Barry.
I thought things were changing.
Things are changing, okay? They are.
I was supposed to stop Plunder, right? And instead Wally did.
And we're gonna [sighs.]
Stop Savitar too.
I'm making sure of it.
What if we can't stop all of this? I'm scared, Barry.
Okay, uh [sighs nervously.]
Maybe we should tell Joe.
No, no.
No, we agreed that we wouldn't.
Besides, you saw him earlier.
He's he's planning for a future with Cecile.
If we tell him about Savitar, it's all he's gonna think about.
I-I can't do that to him.
- I won't.
- Okay.
Whatever you want.
Now listen to me.
I promise you I'm doing everything in my power to make sure that that future never happens.
You think this is what it's like to be a character on "CSI"? What do they hope to gain from that examination? They're trying to find the exact cause of death.
Once we know that, we'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with.
But until then, we need to train.
I'm gonna teach you everything I know, starting with phasing.
- Yes! Finally.
- You know what we should do? We should concoct some simulations to help Wallace learn this new skill.
What do you say, Francisco? I got one word for you: quebracho.
Let's go.
Quebracho! What's his name? Doesn't really matter much now, does it? Of course, we should call him by his name.
After everything he's been through, he deserves that much respect.
He is a corpse, thus impervious to such bedside manners.
Well, thank goodness, 'cause I'd hate to have to subject him to yours.
Victim is male, between 30 and 40, with a highly necrotized epidermis.
We plan to do a full-body scan and a chest wall retraction.
Julian, look.
[eerie music.]
The decay continues even after the tissue's dead.
This is this is not a bacteria.
Or any other disease known to medical science.
That was one crazy set, man.
I'm telling you, Rob, you keep wailing on that saxophone, you're gonna running up to Lee Jay Thompson in no time.
All right, have a good one.
Catch you laters.
All right.
[slow clapping.]
Whoo! [laughs.]
- Do I know you? - Unlikely.
But I know you, Julio Mendez.
Man, that was some set.
Your cover of "Dock of the Bay" took me to a different time and place.
Well, I'm glad you dug the set, man.
Hey, before you go, uh, I'd just really like to shake your hand.
Yeah, anything for a fan.
What'd you do to me? What you deserve for all the pain you caused me.
Oh! Oh, no! Ouch! [moans.]
That hurt like a Like you ran into a giant wooden wall? 'Cause you did.
And it's not just any big wooden wall.
That's double-reinforced quebracho.
That's like the strongest stuff on the planet, right there.
Well, fantastic choice, Cisco.
Well, it shouldn't matter if it's wood or steel or stone.
If you're moving fast enough, you can phase through anything.
Even molten lava you know, if you ever ended up in a volcano.
You know, I I still don't get it.
- How do you do this? - All right.
When you vibrate at the natural frequency of air, your body, your cells, will be in an excited state that'll allow you to phase.
Yeah, it's not it's not really helping.
What exactly do I do? Connect with your body, right? Connect with the air.
Be pure electricity.
You have to feel everything that's around you.
All right? So go fast and feel things.
Yeah, no worries.
You can do this, Wallace.
All right, all right.
You can do this.
- [thud.]
- Oh! [groans.]
All right, again.
- Yeah? - You got this.
- [whooshes.]
- [whistles.]
- This isn't working.
- It's not working.
You've been training him.
What's worked? You know what works with that guy? Vocal encouragement.
You got this, Wallace! I don't know why you even ask him.
What did Wells do with me? His plan was, uh, more methodically constructed than John Doe's in "Seven.
" And he had a bit more time to work it out by, give or take, 15 years.
- Well, we don't have 15 years.
- [phone buzzes.]
I have a crime scene.
I got to go.
I'll be back.
Just make sure he keeps practicing.
Go, Wallace! Body was found by that bicyclist.
Same M.
as the first one.
This victim was performing here last night.
He's a lounge singer named Julio Mendez.
Julio Mendez? Has anybody seen Detective West? In Flashpoint, he was Captain Mendez.
In Flashpoint, this this alternate universe that you lived in, he worked at the CCPD? Yeah.
Wait a second, the other the other Vic, Stuart Holzman do we have a photo of him? - Yeah.
- Can I see it? Yeah, hold on.
That's him.
What is it? He was a cop there, too.
So this is the second dead cop from Flashpoint? Yeah.
We got to figure out who this guy is.
Well, if we hurry, there's still a chance we can get some of the attacker's residual DNA before this corpse disintegrates, but we've got to move quick.
Barry, you can help with that.
- All right, come on.
- [whooshes.]
Did anybody see me? Damn, I barely saw you.
Look, we got to get going.
Hey, Joe, hold on.
Um, look, I-I know how excited you are for this coffee thing with Joanie and Cecile, but I think we should hold off.
I don't think it's a good idea right now.
Bar, these two attacks don't establish a pattern.
- Well - And besides, I'm a cop.
If I canceled my plans every time I was in danger, I'd never leave the house.
I-I hear you.
I would just feel a lot better knowing you were someplace safe.
Name a place safer than a coffee shop with my two speedster sons.
Meeting Joanie is important to Cecile, therefore it's important to me.
Some things are worth taking risks for.
All right.
Let's get out of here.
Anything? Aside from this body disintegrating before our eyes? Nothing unusual.
There must be a heightened point of necrosis somewhere.
Look! We have less than 50 minutes before this corpse disintegrates into ash like the last one.
- We need to find it now.
- I'm aware.
This might be a faster process if I did it alone.
You know, I've done autopsies before, Julian.
I'm sure you have.
This might just be a quicker process if I did it alone.
What are you doing? The gradation is darker on the palm of his hand from the point of contact.
I see, I see.
You know, I used to think Barry was overreacting when he complained about sharing a lab with you.
But now I understand his frustration.
Believe me, no one is more frustrated than I.
You do realize that it's possible not to be a jerk all the time, right? Yes, yes, yes, yes.
[device beeps.]
[tense music.]
Two strains of DNA.
One of them must be from our killer.
But, you know, there's something else here.
Have you ever seen anything like that before? I have in all the meta husks created by Alchemy.
Which means the meta that killed our two innocent people was created by me.
- French roast for Cecile.
- Thank you.
Non-dairy green tea latte for Joanie.
You not much of a coffee drinker, Joanie? Well, I used to be, but then I learned hot roasted coffee beans contain cancer-causing levels of acrylamide.
Well, damn.
Uh, Joanie, Cecile says you're at Coast U? - What are you studying? - I'm undecided.
Are you leaning towards anything? Not really.
Uh, Coast U's pretty far, right? Do you ever miss Central City? Actually, I like it better there.
Well, there is one thing I miss about Central City.
What's that? You're gonna regret that you asked.
Kid Flash.
She's a little little obsessed.
Kid Flash is the one thing you miss about Central City? Whoa, Barry, slow down.
You don't have to be so skeptical about it.
Kid Flash is cool.
What do you like best about him, specifically? Well, he's fearless.
- And he's brave.
- Yeah.
He's a hero, and he's probably pretty cute under that mask.
Yeah, I think so, too.
Come on, Joanie, honey, Kid Flash? He's a showboat he's snapping selfies, he's leaving graffiti bolts on buildings.
- Okay, that's his signature move.
- That's kind of his signature.
Yeah, well, from what I hear, The Flash is the one who's actually saving people.
Sounds like Cecile's Team Flash.
Uh, Joanie, my dad would never brag about this, but he knows Kid Flash.
You do? Is my mom right? Who's the real hero Flash or Kid Flash? Mmm they both are.
Uh, they both do great things for Central City.
Okay, but if you had to choose? I-I don't I don't think I could choose.
Yeah, but if you, like, had to.
Um, would you go get me some cream, Wally, please? - [cell phone buzzing.]
- Yes.
Ah, this is work.
I'll be right back, sorry.
- Hey, what's up? - Barry, we got some DNA off Mendez's corpse.
We were about to match it with CCPD records.
The meta's name is Clive Yorkin.
We're sending you his info now.
Detective Joe West! Long time, no see.
Do I know you? You don't remember me? You and your cronies had a very fun time ruining my life.
Not gonna let you do that this time around.
I think you have the wrong guy.
No, no.
You're the Joe West I remember.
Look a lot more full of life now, though.
But don't worry I can change that.
- Everybody get back.
- Joanie, go.
Everybody get out of here.
Everybody go! Go! - [crowd clamoring.]
- Yes, everybody run.
I only want him.
You can't hide up there, Detective.
No one can hide from me anymore.
- Joe - One more step, and I'll shoot.
Didn't work then.
Won't work now, either.
[dramatic music.]
Told ya.
Stop! Ah, ah, ah.
Can't touch me, speedster.
[air whooshing.]
I knew it.
Kid Flash is the hero.
Well, thank God for Kid Flash, huh? He's gone.
[sighs heavily.]
This guy's got the touch of death.
Yeah, he does, and it's not just people.
Anything he touched turned to ash.
Joe, I I really think you should just stay here until we find Yorkin.
No, I'm gonna go check on Cecile and Joanie.
They were pretty shook up.
Dad, are you crazy? This guy wants to kill you.
If it wasn't for Wally and Barry, he could've.
He could've killed any one of us.
Come on, we have been through much worse metas than Yorkin.
What? [exhales.]
Iris, I'm fine.
We're all fine.
We're not losing anybody today.
Maybe not today, but soon.
Soon? W-what are you saying? Iris Wally, he needs to know.
Needs to know what? [somber music.]
When Barry threw the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force, there was an explosion, and he was propelled to the future.
The future? It was a few months from now.
What he saw was himself standing before Savitar and me.
Right before Savitar killed me.
So you're saying that in a few months you die? Unless we can change the future, Dad.
Which we're gonna do, Joe, okay? I'm not we're not gonna let this happen.
How long have you known about this? [shouting.]
How long? A couple weeks now, Joe.
And you're just telling me now? That's my daughter! Dad, I didn't want them to say anything because I knew how you would react.
This is not something you keep from your father, Iris! You should've known that.
- And you should've too.
- I know, Joe.
Look, I can understand why they didn't want to tell me because they didn't grow up under the same roof that you did.
They don't know they don't know what my baby girl means to me, Barry, but you do.
I know.
- Joe - [stammers.]
I'll talk to him.
I'm I'm gonna go to CCPD, see if I can find anything that might lead us to Yorkin.
Well, that went swimmingly.
Joe's right.
We should've told him before now.
What you should have told him is that I'm the one responsible, that the meta trying to kill him is one that I created.
Julian, you can't change what happened to you.
It's not your fault.
You keep saying that, but it is my fault.
People are responsible for their own actions.
To say otherwise is just it's just a way to make yourself feel better.
Is that what you think I'm doing? Making excuses for things I've done in the past? [scoffs.]
You know, I'm really starting to regret bringing you in here.
[relaxing ambient music.]
Come on, Dad.
Ah, hey, Dad, it's me calling, again.
Look, I know you're upset, but, um, give me a call back, okay? I love you.
[loud clang.]
[ominous music.]
Honey? - [phone beeping.]
- Good evening, Iris West.
- [alarm blaring.]
- It's Iris's panic alarm.
She's at the apartment.
I'll call Barry.
No, no, no.
I-I got this.
Uh, he's at CCPD, and I'm closer.
- Okay, go! - [whooshes.]
You know, initially, I wanted your dad dead.
But then I thought, "If I really want to make him suffer, I should kill his daughter instead.
" This is not how I'm supposed to die.
Oh, I'm pretty sure it is.
- [whooshes.]
- No, stop! - [gasps.]
- Too late, Kid Flash.
- [grunts.]
- [gasps.]
Me or her? I got you, baby girl.
I'm not going anywhere.
Elevated heart rate.
Temperature's 104.
The decay is reaching her subcutaneous tissue.
I'm here, all right? What happened? Yorkin went after her.
Why didn't you call me? Because I was here.
You call me! All right? We have to give her something.
There has to be something we can give her.
It's not bacteria.
Antibiotics won't work.
We have to do something.
Nothing's not an option.
Okay, what do you do when a banana ripens too quickly? - Put it in the freezer.
- That's brilliant.
Caitlin, you can freeze her arm.
It'll stop the spread of decay and give us some time to find a cure.
I trust you.
I can't, even if I wanted to.
We're not talking about a cold blast.
This is a specific and continuous cold stream.
Too high a temperature and the decay spreads, too low and the frostbite will destroy your nerve endings.
And that long using my powers, I could lose control.
Caitlin, you are strong, okay? Stronger than you know.
You are not going to lose control.
Caitlin, try, please.
[suspenseful music.]
It worked.
Oh, thank God.
- You okay? - So far, so good.
Wally, where are you going? Out of the way where I can't screw up again.
[somber music.]
You okay? Yeah.
Hey, look, what I said back there No, you were right.
We should've called you.
I just thought I thought I could do it.
I thought I was ready.
Obviously, I'm not.
It's not on you.
I wasn't fast enough, Barry.
That that is totally on me.
No, not really.
It's not, all right? Look, when I got these powers, I-I I was really lucky, in a weird way.
You know, I had a lot of people helping me through all of this.
I had Wells both of 'em and Jay and Zolomon.
I mean, two of them turned out to be bad guys, but even they were good teachers who really taught me how to use my powers.
I just don't think that I've been that for you yet.
You're telling me everything that I need to learn.
I'm just not getting it.
I No, that's not it.
It's I've been I've been letting you coast by on your raw talent, which you have a lot of, but teaching it's a lot more than just doing something and expecting you to follow.
It's about inspiring and empowering you to use your gifts to succeed on your own.
That's what I need to do.
That's what I'm gonna do from now on.
So the next time you're out there and you're alone, you will win.
Deal? Deal.
and I just came up with a way to track down Yorkin, and it's crazy.
Like, defies time and space crazy.
[soft dramatic music.]
Okay, here's what we know.
We know Yorkin's going after cops in Flashpoint, right? What we don't know is who he's going after.
But if we find out who they are, then we can be ready for him.
Right, so how do we do that? Both: We vibe Flashpoint.
Flashpoint doesn't exist anymore.
Stop you right there, BA.
Flashpoint doesn't exist anymore in this universe.
But in quantum mechanics, the daughter universe theory tell us - Universe theory.
- For every decision you make, a universe exists where you don't.
Yeah, I actually went to that class.
You better be going to all your classes.
So if there is a universe where you stay in Flashpoint, Francisco here could vibe it.
And you're sure you can do that? No, no.
Not at all.
But Gypsy did say I could do some pretty incredible things - with my powers - Yeah, she did.
Things I'm not even aware of yet, so things I haven't even imagined.
- Well, let's get to imagining.
- All right.
- What do you need me to do? - Oh! All I need you to do is to stand there, focus on Flashpoint, okay? Focus on CCPD, Joe, Mendez, that part of it, and I'll take care of the rest.
[suspenseful music.]
[cacophony of sound.]
It worked! I'm here.
Huh, for some reason I thought Flashpoint would look a lot different.
Okay, all right, if I were Joe West, where would I be? He was at the same desk.
Got ya.
If it wasn't for this takedown, we'd be having a different conversation right now, Joe.
Understood, Captain.
Ooh, Joe's in trouble.
Ladies and gentlemen, for today's perp walk, we have a literal degenerate: the one and only Clive Yorkin.
Here we go.
Captain Mendez, Detective West, thanks for the assist.
Couldn't have bagged this goon without you.
Get him to Iron Heights.
Stone [cacophony of sound.]
- Who's Stone? - Stone that was the other cop.
And let me tell you, she loves her perp walks.
Laura Stone.
She's a PI.
Yeah, that's her.
It was you, Mendez, Holzman, and her.
You guys took down Yorkin in Flashpoint.
Well, then, that means she's the only one that Yorkin hasn't gone after yet.
Classic example of saving the best for last.
I'm on it.
You guys stay here and try to figure out how to catch somebody we can't touch.
[indistinct P.
Joe West.
Long time, no see.
I wish it were under better circumstances.
Listen, you're being targeted by a meta.
Sweetheart, take a look over there.
I'm the only one doing the targeting here.
That chick's husband is paying me twice my going rate, so scram.
Look at this.
The guy that's coming after you can do that with one touch.
Attention, all passengers.
The S.
City Express - is now boarding all platforms.
- How about we multitask? All aboard, please.
Hey, Julian.
You have anything? Look, it's early days, but first tests show that her blood is attacking the cells in her body.
Wait, that's the opposite of how my blood causes cells to regenerate.
Can we use my blood to save her? Listen, I don't think that your blood is the key to saving Iris.
But I do think it might be exactly what we need to take down Yorkin.
All is not lost, mate.
[electronic beeping.]
- The decay is spreading.
- Why? I don't know.
[strained grunting.]
Caitlin? - Caitlin? - I'm losing control.
Okay, all right, it's spreading.
We need you.
Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
Just a little bit longer, and she's dead.
[distorted voice.]
How's that for changing the future? I know who you are, Caitlin.
You do not want to do this.
This is who I am.
You said it.
It's time for me to take responsibility for my actions.
Time for me to own who I really am.
Who you are is Caitlin Snow.
I know firsthand the battle going on inside of you.
I know what it feels like.
When it happened to me, I lost.
All right? I was weak, and I let it win.
And I did I did horrible things to a lot of good people.
And you don't have to do that.
You're not gonna do that.
You're stronger than I am, Caitlin.
You're far stronger than I am.
You're one of the strongest people I've ever known.
You can win this fight.
[dramatic music.]
Iris needs your help now.
It's all right.
It's gonna be all right.
[train whistle blows.]
And how do you know this guy's coming after me, Joe? We have pretty reliable Intel.
Look, Laura, this is not someone you should be ignoring.
He's dangerous.
He's already killed two cops.
He tried to kill me and my daughter.
[ominous music.]
[crumbling, cracking.]
Well, I've certainly pissed off a lot of people in my day.
But the only thing I fear now is forgetting to clear my browser.
Consider me warned.
[dramatic music.]
Oh, my God.
[electronic beeping.]
[alarm blaring.]
What is that? It's Joe's panic alarm.
He must be on that train.
There's no way that train can stop [whooshes.]
[train whistle blows.]
It's not gonna stop in time.
We have to get everyone out of there.
We don't have enough time.
- Oh, no! - What is it? - Everybody brace yourselves! - What's happening? We're gonna move the train.
How are we gonna do that? I'll vibrate it.
I'll vibrate it fast enough that it can phase through this.
- You can do that? - I don't know.
I've never tried before.
Everybody hold on! Is that even possible? We're about to find out.
[train whistle blows.]
[rapid warbling tone.]
Holy Kardashians.
- [warbling tone fades.]
- [panting.]
[cheers and applause.]
- Yeah! - All right! Barry.
Barry! We're good, man.
Took a lot out of me, but it worked.
Yeah, maybe, but we got another problem.
Yorkin's back.
You know what they say, Kid Flash.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
You have to stop him.
I don't have it in me right now.
I need you to get your blood into him.
It'll counteract his cells and negate his powers.
How am I supposed to do that when I can't even touch him? You're gonna phase it into him.
You know I've never done that before.
And you just watched me do something I'd never done, but I did it because I had to.
All right? I know you can do it, okay? I need you to believe it, too.
Now run, Wally.
It worked! - I did it! - You sure did.
Good-bye, Kid Flash.
Oh, wha look at that.
Your powers are neutralized, Yorkin.
What did you do? I won.
[chuckles softly.]
Dad? The last time I was this happy looking in your eyes, you'd just been born.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Yorkin's done.
What happened? I'll tell you what happened.
Wallace was a total badass.
That's what happened.
Yeah, he phased his speedster blood into Yorkin and neutralized his powers.
That's the science behind it.
I had a great teacher.
And me? Once Yorkin's blood was stabilized, we actually managed to get an antidote that cured you.
You'll have to wear the bandage for a few days, but other than that, you're absolutely recovered.
Thank you.
I know what you risked for me.
I had some help.
Couldn't have done it alone.
It was all of us working together.
Yup, really proud of everybody.
Great job.
Big ideas today.
My point is, if we're gonna save Iris from Savitar, we're gonna have to up our game.
No more lies even well-intentioned ones.
We have to be completely real with each other.
- I agree.
- I agree with Joe, too.
From here on out, complete honesty.
Both: Honesty.
All right.
Get some rest, all right? I'll check on you in a bit.
- Bar? - Yeah? Savitar's prophecy of someone dying was it Iris? Yeah.
But it's not gonna happen.
Look, I'm glad she comes first in your life now.
If you're gonna date my daughter, that's the way it should be.
You're still a close second.
It's just heartwarming.
It's just truly heartwarming.
You're already crafting a version of this for your book, aren't you? "Peace finally descends upon the family West.
" The West family, or family West? Right, it's time I get to work.
At this hour? Yes, there's still one husk meta out there, and I intend to find him.
Good night.
- Hey, Julian? - Hi.
I don't think you're weak because of what happened to you with Savitar.
The strength that I found to stay in control that came from you.
So thank you.
Well, I wasn't gonna let Iris die at the hands of Killer Frost, was I? I knew there was a good guy inside of you somewhere one that the rest of us would like to see a little more often.
Good night.
[soft dramatic music.]
Do you want to get a drink? Uh what? As in now? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'd love that.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What brings you to my neck of the bullpen? Oh, Joanie's headed back for midterms.
We just thought we'd come and say good-bye.
I was hoping a redo on the coffee, seeing as how the last one went off the rails.
- Yeah.
- Are you kidding me? I got to see Kid Flash in action, right up close.
Well, we got a lot of stories about Kid Flash I can guarantee you've never heard.
Maybe we can tell you them over dinner next time you come to town.
I have a long weekend next month.
You sure you're ready to commit to something that far in the future? I am absolutely sure.
Hmm? Good.
We should go.
- Good luck at school.
- Thank you.
See ya.
- Bye, babe.
- Bye.
[uplifting pop music.]
Okay, good as new.
Actually, it's better than new with the three extra locks that I added.
Which you didn't have to do.
Well, Cisco did offer to build us a custom security door, but we've both seen how well those things keep people out of S.
- So - I like deadbolts.
- Deadbolts work.
- Yeah.
It's just with what happened here, I want to make sure you feel safe.
I do.
About everything? You know, you've been saying for weeks that you were gonna save me from Savitar.
- Mm-hmm.
- And while I trust you with my life, it was hard not to feel scared.
You know, sometimes it feels like The Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people.
Like I'm the only one who doesn't get The Flash.
He felt separate from you.
But yesterday when you saved me, I remembered that I have no reason to be scared.
The man I love is a superhero.
I love and trust you, Barry Allen The Flash.
I love all of you, and I always will.
I love you.
That was so nice.
[breathing deeply.]
[dramatic music.]
Jesse! No, no, no, no.
What's wrong? Grodd.
He's got my dad.
And he has him in Gorilla City.