The Flash (2014) s04e06 Episode Script

When Harry Met Harry...

1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.
But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
But I became lost in time.
It took everything in my friends' power to bring me back, and in doing so our world was opened up to new threats.
And I'm the only one fast enough to stop them.
I am the Flash.
Previously, on “The Flash” - What happened to me? - Ralph Dibny - He used to be a cop.
- A dirty cop.
I was a good detective! - This is not my world.
- Oh, and Earth-2 is? Did you make a bunch of friends there that I don't know about? You said you were a good cop.
- Be one.
- [FLESH STRETCHING] - Let me train you.
- For what? To do what I do.
What made you look into Mayor Bellows? Oh, it was a client.
Last name DeVoe.
Can't believe I left my wallet at home.
Don't worry about it.
It could happen to anyone five times in a row.
And could you please stop calling me rookie? Sorry, uh old habit from when I was your superior officer.
You know, before you got me fired, ruined my career destroyed my life.
Crushed my spirit, left me alone - without a friend in the world.
- Don't forget how I turned you into an amorphous, stretchy blob.
Actually, that's the one good thing you've done for me.
- Yeah.
- Course, you didn't do it on purpose, so you don't get credit.
Both of you, hand over your cash, now! Hey.
Uh, pardon us, okay? One second.
Okay, this is perfect.
I've been teaching you, right? Muggers are like Superhero 101.
- Ooh, Ralphy like-y.
- All right, what's your plan? Okay, I was thinking about this in the shower this morning: How sweet would it be to turn into a giant slingshot? That's a weird plan, but okay.
Oh, I got an even cooler idea.
Hey! I'm still robbing you guys! We will be right with you, sir! Please! Okay, what if I did, like, a human Slinky thing? Maybe wrap him up, throw in a few on-theme puns? Whatever, Ralph.
We just gotta - hurry up a little bit.
- Relax, rookie.
I've seen a lot of thugs.
This guy is no shooter.
[GUNSHOT] - [SKIN CREAKS] - [SHOUTS] - [THWACK] - [SCREAMING] - BOTH: Whoa! - My leg! - [WAILING] - Well.
Our work here is done.
Hey, hey, what are you doing? We can't just leave.
- You just shot him.
- I didn't shoot him.
- He shot him.
- Well, I Do you feel like I shot you? - [SHOUTS] - [GUNSHOT] - [BULLET SWOOSHES] - [WAILS] Stop shooting him! I am not shooting him! Oh, they shot my ass! Okay, so he's a little banged up, but we caught the bad guy.
Isn't that what superheroes do? No, a superhero's first job is to protect people.
Oh, God.
What's the second job? Long-winded lectures before noon? - I barely - Take this.
One day, I'm gonna throw a lightning bolt so far up I'm taking him to the hospital! - No! - And you owe me five coffees.
I know.
Come on, get up.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
This way, come on.
[WHOOSHING] [CHUCKLES] Hey! He left his gun! He's reformed already.
[TENSE MUSIC] We need to talk.
The only way it can end - with my victory.
- What? Fine.
Let us take the long way and continue.
Today, for the first time, events will align that give Team Flash a chance to discover your identity.
This is earlier than you anticipated.
- It is of no concern.
- Like hell! You know what's at risk.
What we are doing.
If you've miscalculated - by even a decimal - There is not a decimal, a fraction, an infinitesimal variable beyond my thought beyond my mind.
Even now, of the 7,798 variations of this argument, I have anticipated them all and know how it ends.
Then how does it end? The only way it can end.
With my victory.
All-nighter, huh? I haven't been this tired since Killer Frost decided to go to Burning Man.
Yeah? Well, how is our search for the mysterious DeVoe coming? Allen, we're searching for an evil mastermind.
The only clue we have to go on is his name, of which there's literally thousands, so how's the search going? It's [TOOL CLATTERS] Fantastic.
[GIGGLES] I missed that.
If we're gonna find DeVoe, we need more brain power.
Well, why didn't you say so? One master detective, ready to detect.
I said “more brain power”" [COMPUTER BEEPS] - Initiating emergency oxygen purge.
- [ALARM BLARING] - In ten nine - [STAMMERING] Eight seven six - [SIGHS] - Five four One more second.
- Two one - [ALARM SILENCES] Like I said, we need more help.
Maybe I should call my friends.
- Your what? - My friends.
Is he saying “friends”? I think he's being sarcastic.
No, no, no.
This is delirium.
He's cracked from being awake all night.
Hey, Harry, all of your friends - are in this room.
- I have other friends.
You asked me to make new friends.
I made new friends.
It was a task.
- I complete tasks.
- That's so great.
- I can't wait to meet them.
- Harry, you listened to me.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Okay, there's no pride Put that down.
Look, my friends are smart.
They'll help us.
I'll call them.
All right, well, um, in the meantime, we gotta find the rest of these bus metas.
Somehow they're connected to DeVoe's plan.
You were on the bus.
[SIGHS] Can you remember anybody else who was? Well, I was in between drunk and hungover at the time.
She is cute.
What's her deal? - She's in jail.
- When are visiting hours? [SIGHS] What about vibing the rest of the bus passengers? I mean, I-I tried, but, you know, the the dark matter we released was such a massive space-time event that my energy just reflected back and I ended up vibing myself.
I'm pretty sure I relived my own birth.
Or was that my death? You know, there are other non-traumatizing ways of bringing Ralph's memory back, - like hypnosis.
- Is that really a thing? I mean, not the whole cartoon, pocket watch version, but yeah, real hypnosis can be used to recover memories.
All right.
Do you know any hypnotists? - Mm-mm.
- Not me.
- You lost me at “cartoon.
” - All right.
So who's gonna hypnotize Ralph? I'm Dr.
Sharon Finkel.
Finkel, thank you so much for squeezing us in.
Our friend Ralph here is having trouble remembering information for a detective case.
Right, Ralph? So I see you didn't go to Harvard.
Did you? I see what you did there.
If you could fix his personality too, that'd be great.
Give it up, rookie.
This psycho hooey's never gonna work on me.
Well, that was quick.
Now, remember with me, Ralph.
It's a month ago.
You're on a bus.
What do you see? I see someone crying.
Dude's really bumming me out.
- [SOBBING, SNIFFING] - Hey, cheer up, buddy.
You can do it.
- What else do you see? - I see some women.
I can't see their faces.
34-32-36, 38-34-32.
Are those bus routes? I think they are measurements.
I see something else.
I see a [OMINOUS MUSICAL STING] It's a bison.
Does a bison mean anything to either of you? It's hocus-pocus.
It's never gonna work on a guy like me, but we can try it if you want.
[PLAYFUL MUSIC] How'd you guys get over there? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [OMINOUS SNARL] [ROARING, MAN SHRIEKING] [INDISTINCT POLICE SCANNER CHATTER] Security guard found him here this morning.
We haven't ID'd him yet.
His personal effects are scattered everywhere, so we didn't find his wallet.
But we may find it when we find the rest of his briefcase and his missing hand.
[SIGHS] Well, judging by that avulsion and the claw marks, I'd say a large predatory animal did this.
But whatever it was would have to have four-inch canines, a bite force of 5,000 P.
, and weigh over a ton.
That animal doesn't exist.
What the hell did this? [OMINOUS MUSIC] You don't think Do you remember back in the day when we wouldn't calmly consider a stone statue our prime suspect? No, I actually don't.
All right, my friend, we got meats, we got cheeses, we got guac, we got beer.
And of course we got my favorite chips.
Let's get this confab poppin'.
Are your friends coming? Yeah, let me just calibrate the multiverse holo-projector and we'll be on our way.
Your friends are from different Earths? You know, I would've thought “multi-verse holo-projector” would have given you that clue, but apparently not.
Yes, they're from other Earths.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] And we're off and running.
Well, allow me to make some introductions.
From Earth-12, the holder of four PhDs and the author of the book “Everything is Meaningless, So Why Did I Buy This Book?”, I give you Herr Harrison Wolfgang Wells.
- Guten Tag, Wells.
- Guten Tag.
Do you know that it amuses me that you think that saving your tiny world matters when the entire multiverse will inevitably be consumed in a fiery heat dess? - “Dess”? - Ja, that's what I said, dess.
- Death.
- Oh.
Yeah, dess.
What are you, dess? - Yeah.
- Oh, you must be the little one that they call Cisco.
You're not that little.
- Guten Tag.
All right, moving on.
Um, from Earth-47, I give you the billionaire inventor and publishing tycoon, general champion of free speech, H.
Lothario Wells.
That's right.
Now keep that coming.
Now try the other one on.
No, not the crotchless, that the other the leopard print.
- [MURMURING INDISTINCTLY] - What's going on? He's, uh, otherwise occupied.
[CLEARS THROAT] Oh, golly.
There you are.
My apologies.
It appears that y'all have caught us red-handed here at the mansion on dress-up night.
You know what they say: intellect is the greatest aphrodisiac.
Ja, so, nobody says that.
Here's to rising IQs and libidos.
[WHISTLES, CLICKS TONGUE] [LAUGHS] Hate to call two a pattern here, Harry, but aren't your friends just And from the post-apocalyptic landscape of Earth-22, where man and machine have become one in order to survive, I give you Wells 2.
Let's make this quick.
Reapers have raided our petrol supplies and stolen our water tanks.
- I'd like to smash them to bits.
- [CHUCKLES] - It's a party now.
- Forget not about me! 'Tis I, Wells the Grey! [MAJESTIC MUSIC] Sorry.
It's a bad connection.
Ja, that was a terrible connection.
Good on ya.
That dude was strange.
- Harry? - Yeah? - Sidebar.
- We're gonna sidebar.
So, remember when I said “make friends”? I didn't mean with yourself.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, they're great, aren't they? And some of the brightest minds in all the multiverse and good company too, I might add.
I mean, that Harrison Wolfgang Wells? [CHUCKLES] Guy's hilarious.
- Look, we're desperate.
- Sure we are.
So I think we should give the Council of Wells a chance.
- “Council of Wells”? - Pretty good name, right? - Yes, it is.
- I know, all right.
- All right! - Fellas.
- Fellas! - Will you - No, do your thing.
- Here's how it's gonna - go down - Nein.
So, you are unnecessary well, so, not wanted, so off you go.
Off you go.
Off you go.
He's still here.
Off you go.
Even I know when you got too many partners.
And I may be half machine but you're all useless.
I think what the fellas are trying to say here is that they prefer to work alone.
- You don't say.
- I just did.
- Done just said.
- Ja, he just said.
You enjoy your roadkill.
I'm gonna be eating my favorite chips.
We had a Cisco on my Earth once.
[TUBE SLURPING] - He was delicious.
- [LAUGHS] He ate the other Cisco.
[LAUGHING POINTEDLY] - I'm gonna - Hm? Leave you to you.
So this stone sample shows absolutely no unique attributes of any kind totally normal granite statue.
Except it's filled with traces of the dark matter on a molecular level, as if it's been flooded with it.
So, another bus meta? One that somehow brings inanimate objects to life - and uses them to kill.
- Hm.
How can this possibly be possible? My best guess? This meta has the ability to leave a psychic imprint on objects a sort of telekinetic puppeteering through a subconscious link.
That's really smart, 34-25-34.
- Did he just give my - No, ignore him.
Um well, look.
The good thing is, our rifles have a “blow statues to hell” setting, so when this meta does show up we'll be ready.
I hope we're ready now.
Our victim's name is Jim Fox.
He was an auctioneer at Wetherby's.
He was transporting a Native American artifact when he was attacked.
We just don't know which one.
Oh, wait.
Maybe we do.
A bison necklace.
Ralph, you said you saw a bison on the bus, right? I mean nothing in our world is a coincidence.
- Vindicated.
- No one said you were lying.
I could see it in your eyes.
According to this auction report, the necklace was separated into three pieces.
The first was in the briefcase, the third is unknown, but the second was in the hands of a private collector.
- “Christoph Banks.
” - I'll get the CCPD.
Get his address.
He may be in danger.
Then we better pay him a visit.
- You ready to suit up? - Oh, yeah.
Where's my suit? Now, this is just a prototype, but she's got an adaptive nano-weave structure that is wait for it malleable on a sub-molecular level.
Don't know what that means, don't care.
Just yank the tarp off.
I'm ready for my super-suit.
Ralph this tarp is your super-suit.
[PLAYFUL MUSIC] When you stretch, it stretches.
When you squish, it squishes.
Squishes into something butt-ugly.
Where's the style, the flair? Dibny needs to peacock.
Dibny needs to wear the prototype Cisco so lovingly made for him.
Either that, or you fight crime naked.
Nope! Don't fight crime naked! What is this, a puppy's raincoat? [LIQUID POURING] The collection really is quite impressive, isn't it? [TENSE MUSIC] It's taken no small amount of resources to acquire.
I'm just glad to share it with someone who appreciates it.
- That I do.
- So, this book you're writing.
It's on Sioux artifacts? My entire bloodline is Sioux Lakota, to be exact.
Then you're gonna love this.
This is a Lakota peace pipe.
Had to have it taken apart and repaired so it can be smoked.
Wanna try it? That which you call a “peace pipe" is no such thing.
It is a sacred gift for prayer from Ptesan-Wi, bringer of the seven sacred rights the White Buffalo Calf Woman.
You'd never hang a Christian cross upside down or lay an American flag on the floor.
Yet, you destroy that which is wakan what is holy by letting it touch your filthy flesh.
But I am here to teach you the price for your impudence.
Who do you think you are? I am the Black Bison.
Now, that is a cool suit.
Remember to take some pics for Cisco.
Help! Don't leave me! [WHOOSHING] You let her get away.
I'm getting the same traces of dark matter from this that I was from the tiger statue.
Looks like our meta isn't restricted - to animating just stone.
- No, but she does have some limitations.
Out of all the artifacts in the office, she could only control the knight.
So then maybe her psychic imprint abilities are just restricted to effigies.
[SNORTS] - It just means “statues”" - Yeah, I don't know.
Sounds kinda dirty to me.
So if the statues look like people or animals, she can bring them to life.
- Mm.
- Good thing there's only thousands of those in the city.
Oh, I got a hit on facial recognition.
“Mina Chaytan, professor of cultural anthropology”? - She's a teacher? - Was.
She became an activist, but she lost her job six months ago after being arrested.
Breaking and entering, trespassing, burglary quite an activist.
The charges were dropped, but the university still let her go.
She was trying to reclaim several Sioux art pieces from the museum.
Chaytan was at this even before she was a meta.
Yeah, except now she's upped her game to homicide.
She wants the third piece of that necklace? - Let's find it before she does.
- Okay.
West and West are on the case.
What's wrong with you? You let her get away.
We could've caught her.
Yeah, I let her go, but I also saved Banks's life.
That was the most important thing in that situation.
Really, Allen? Because to me, when I was a cop, getting the bad guy that was the most important thing.
- [SIGHS] - You're the Flash.
You could've saved him and caught her.
All right, look, Ralph.
I'm always gonna make the decision to help the person in danger first.
- That's what we do here.
- [SCOFFS] All right, well, we'll file that under “superhero lesson of the day,” you know? [SIGHS] You look like a plucked chicken.
Guys, guys! I still think the best thing we can do is figure out what is DeVoe's goal.
And then from there, we can track all [SCOFFS] That's a simple plan from a simple man.
- That's not helping.
- Why don't we use the Bates-Novick method first? We determine why each meta developed their super powers and then we smash them to bits.
I've seen a lot of strange here, but this takes all the cakes.
Okay, Council of Wells! How we doing? Have we found our mystery foe yet? No, we can't even agree on what methodology to use.
- What? - Yes.
- You've had an entire day.
- I know.
- Wait.
- What? - Weren't there three of you? - Whoo! Thanks for the merry-go-round, sweetheart.
You know what I mean.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, sorry.
I had to take care of some off-camera business.
- Oh, my God! - What? What? I can see your frank and beans.
Come on, now.
I do my best thinking commando.
Plus, it ain't like we all haven't seen it before.
I haven't seen it! Ah, you Earth folk.
You guys are so uptight.
I can [SIGHS] Can we just get back to the task at hand? We need answers.
The best answer is always the simplest.
Why don't we go to every DeVoe we can find and interrogate 'em? [FLAME HISSING] - What, even the baby DeVoe? - Especially the baby DeVoe.
Baby violence solves nothing.
- [DOPPELGANGERS ARGUING] - Guys guys All right gentlemen! Clearly, this isn't working.
And by the way, it's not me.
It's you.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] This was a bad idea.
It's like your junk has been burned into my brain.
You're welcome.
We've got the third piece of the necklace.
My dad found out that it was on display at Central City Museum, but when they figured out - that it was a target - It's on the move.
Yeah, it's being transferred via armored car to a secure storage facility in Brookfield Heights.
- I pinged the truck's GPS.
- All right.
Ralph? Let's go.
[ROUSING MUSIC] I'll get my ugly suit.
Are you ready to go to jail? This doesn't belong in an auction house.
It doesn't belong in someone's collection.
It belongs to the Sioux people - my people.
- Mina I know you've been through a lot, but this is not the way to I don't need to listen to men like you anymore, Flash.
A few weeks ago, something inside me changed changed for the better for the more powerful.
And now there's just the Black Bison.
[GRUNTS] [PANTING] [WHOOSH] Oh, no, you don't.
But I can catch the meta! [CROWD SCREAMING] Laura! Whoa! [GROANS] [DISTANT SIRENS WAILING] Told you I'd get her.
[ELECTRICITY CRACKLING] - Hey, the power's out.
Help! - Laura! - I can't keep holding it up.
- Laura! - [GRUNTS] - [SOBBING] - I got her.
- [SOBBING] - EMTs are almost here.
She's still breathing.
Come on, wake up, honey.
Honey, come on! Wake up! [SOBBING] Oh, God, oh, God.
Wake up, honey.
Oh, God, honey.
Honey, wake up.
[SOBBING] Come on, honey.
Okay, you just rest up, okay? I'm gonna come back and check on you in a little while.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Well, mild concussion, a hairline fracture in her leg.
She's young.
She'll heal fast.
Thank you, doctor.
You're very welcome.
But, considering the accident, she's very lucky to be alive.
Look, Ralph.
We need to talk.
- You can't - Don't.
Just just forget it, okay? [SIGHS] Hey, buddy.
You planning on bringing the band back together, or should I clear out the Speed Lab? Broom it.
We don't need that Council of Incompetents.
Huh! Is that what we're calling them now? 'Cause, uh, I distinctly remember you saying they were “the brightest minds in all the multiverse.
” And the most annoying.
I thought if I surrounded myself with people like me, I would like them.
I don't like them.
I hate them.
I hate them all.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Strong words.
You saw them, Ramon, right? That Wolfgang Wells? He's always correcting people an extremely annoying habit.
The other guy the “Free Willy” Wells? He's so full of himself.
And the other, Cyborg Wells? You know how he lost his eye? His daughter gouged it out at the Solstice Combat Games.
I don't blame her.
I'd have done the same.
I'd like to gouge out the other eye.
- Harry.
- What? You know you're essentially complaining about yourself, right? [SIGHS] Ramon do your best to pay attention to the conversation.
I'm not complaining about myself.
I'm complaining about them.
Yes, we're doppelgangers.
We look alike.
We have completely different personalities.
[SCOFFING] So, you don't think you can be quick to correct people? You don't think you can be full of yourself? Full of myself? No, I'm amazing.
I'm fantastic.
I'm talking about them.
I don't like them.
I hate them.
I hate them all.
You know what I think? I think this is entirely about yourself.
I think underneath all your brain and bluster, you actually don't have a very high opinion - of yourself.
- What? Why do you think it's so hard for you to make new friends? - [LAUGHING] I don't have a hard time - Harry.
No one's gonna like you if you don't like yourself first.
These weirdos over here, they they didn't have to answer our call for help.
But they did'cause you would've done the same.
And yes, there are some really annoying, rough parts of you, but you know what? I've seen some amazing parts too.
'Cause sometimes, you're a hard-ass, you're a hero.
Sometimes you're a wizard, Harry.
[POIGNANT MUSIC] The Council of Wells if you wanna make that work you have to start treating yourself with some compassion.
All of yourselves.
Now is the time that Simple Harry has come to insult us even more? I didn't call to insult.
I called to [SIGHS] - Apologize.
- Apologize? Apologizing is punishable by banishment under Krung the Face-Crusher! All right, well that's unfortunate.
Look, I know you guys prefer to work alone.
You don't wanna work with other people.
You think you're so smart, you can just push them away, and I can say that because I'm one of you, but if we're going to find our DeVoe then we have to work together.
We have to work as - friends.
- Friends - with benefits? - Yeah, no, we're not doing that, but I'm sure we can all find something that we like in one another like you, Wells 2.
You're clearly very resourceful and strong.
And you, you're extremely charismatic.
I'm sure you can recruit top talent to your research teams.
- Oh, I bring the talent.
- Yeah and you, Herr Wells, you're very - blunt.
- Ja.
Right, but can we just can you Yeah, sure.
And I'm sorry, man.
What I said before about your you know, your theory on the behavioral upbringings of nano-serial killers being un-chill that was uncalled for.
I shouldn't have said that.
It's a very groovy theory.
Good on you.
Ja uh, danke.
I suppose that when I said that your theory on narcotics in molecular psychiatry was stupider than a theory made by tiny babies, that that was uncalled for also.
- There we go.
- Yeah, and I'm digging the whole creepy half-man, half-metal vibe - you got going on.
- I just wanna say all of you I really respect the fact that each one of you has two eyes.
[STAMMERS] Yeah hey, well, um, we all agree on something.
That's great.
So, on that note, I hereby reconvene the Council of Wells.
Now, about our DeVoe Well, about DeVoe perhaps if we were to combine the Bates-Novick of our mutant friend here with my models of statistical elimination I'll do you one more.
Maybe we enhance your elimination models with a psych profile based on DeVoe's previous action.
I could whip up a predictive algorithm.
- Ja, ja, ja, ja.
- Run it through my quantum cerebral chip, we'll find him in no time.
I'm starting to see why you called these guys.
All right, gentlemen.
Let's get to work.
[KNOCKING] [SIGHS] If you're here to tell me how I royally screwed up, letting that little girl get hurt trust me I know.
I keep feeling all these feelings guilt remorse heartburn.
Well, I can't help you with that last one, but maybe I can help with the rest.
- What are all those? - Past cases.
Those were simpler times.
Husband stepping out on wife, wife stepping out on husband husband stepping out on wife and husband.
That one was a little less simple.
Ralph, it was like you were gonna make a point? My point is when I was a P.
, I I didn't have to worry about little girls in hospitals.
I just had to get the dirt.
Whatever happened after that, I wasn't there to see it.
Now all I see are people getting hurt or about to get hurt.
And then for five years, I got by without caring about anyone.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] Now I have to care about a whole city? It's a part of the job, Ralph.
Maybe the most important part.
How do you do it? How do you walk around knowing what could happen to all those people? I don't always handle it well.
I've made bad decisions, and sometimes it got more people hurt.
You just gotta do the best you can.
And when that's not enough, you lean on the people around you.
Oh you you mean you.
[LAUGHING] Yeah, me, Ralph.
Look, I brought you into this because I think that you have the makings of a hero, but I would be lying if I said there won't be hard days.
And when there are, you need someone to turn to.
I can be that person if you want.
You'd do that for me? I will make it my personal mission to protect your heart.
- [CHUCKLES] - [LAUGHS] Look, Ralph, I-I actually think it's great you're feeling all this stuff.
But don't forget: that little girl is gonna be okay.
And we got the bad guy.
[HOPEFUL MUSIC] We got the bad guy.
[CHUCKLES] [BOTH CHUCKLING] Don't I know you from somewhere? - Not likely.
- No, I do.
I arrested you after one of those protests last year.
Don't touch me.
Those artifacts are headed for the museum.
And once the warden's people get here, you're headed to Iron Heights.
[DOOR CLOSES] [DARK MUSIC] Gentlemen, feast your eyes on this wonder.
This bad boy is replete with polymer-coated, flame-resistant armor, frontal impact deflection panels, a dual-filtered gas mask so you don't cry on your own supply.
[ALL CHUCKLING] Especially with this bad boy.
Call it the Onion.
Any questions? [OMINOUS MUSIC] [GRUNTS] [ALL GASPING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ALL COUGHING] It's time we go collect what's ours.
Joe just called.
Chaytan escaped from CCPD.
Apparently, she made a tactical dummy go full “Terminator” at the station.
Well, we know where she's going.
- The necklace.
- The two pieces she stole have been reunited with the third piece at the museum.
She has killed for these before.
She will kill anyone that gets in her way to reclaim them.
It's up to us.
Are you ready? Well I was until you said that.
- What are you - Jeez Louise, man.
What kind of rousing “Braveheart” speech was that? - Just put your thing on.
- Wanna help me? - No.
- It's really tight.
Hurry up! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hello, beautiful.
[SIGHS] Put it down, Mina.
- That belongs in a museum.
- This is a museum.
I realized that after I said it.
You keep it here as part of American history.
But we're not history.
We are still here still sacred, as is this necklace.
It's going back to the Sioux.
Get out of my way.
Not after the people you've hurt, Mina.
And you're not gonna hurt anyone else.
Their vision.
Is based.
On movement.
[GROWLING] [ROARS] That movie is filled with lies! We have a T.
Aah! [GRUNTS] What's going on in here? Stop! I got you.
[GROWLING] [GASPS] Whatcha gonna do, superhero? [GRUNTING, YELPING] For the love of Jeff Goldblum, stop! [GRUNTING] [FLESH STRETCHING] [GASPING, SHOUTING] [GASPS] You're really never going to stop chasing me, are you? No, I'm really not.
Do you have any idea how many things I can bring to life in this place? The gargoyles on the roof.
The reliefs carved into the walls and support pillars.
I can bring this whole place down - in a matter of seconds.
- But you won't, because there is one thing you care about more than vengeance, isn't there? I kind of can't believe you fell for that.
Come on.
Well I kept hearing your stupid voice telling me to protect the innocent.
Nice job rookie.
All right, sounds good.
I'll let everybody know.
That was Joe.
He says that Warden Wolfe has Chaytan locked up at Iron Heights far, far away from any mannequins, - statues, or - Effigies.
Looked it up.
Still say it sounds kind of dirty, but I'm not the mayor of the dictionary, so whatever.
[SIGHS] Joe also said that the cleanup crew at the museum still hasn't found the bison necklace.
Guess somebody might have mailed it back to the Sioux reservation.
Somebody? [POIGNANT MUSIC] You gonna yell at me again? No, not for this one.
Mina's friends and family they've been hurt for too long.
And I'm not sure if you've heard this saying before, but a superhero's first job is to protect people.
Wise words.
You want a coffee on me? For real this time.
Uh thanks, but I gotta see about a girl.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, kid.
How you doing? Better, thanks.
[SIGHS] That that's awesome.
But I'm really bored.
Yeah Do you like balloon animals? [FLESH STRETCHING] - [IMITATES DOG SNIFFING] Ruff.
- [GIGGLES] Ruff, ruff, ruff.
[GIGGLES] Do a giraffe next.
Okay, but that might take some toes.
What's going on? We think we know who he is.
According to Harry's friends, the name we're looking for is Clifford [COMPUTER BEEPING] Clifford DeVoe.
92% match to our psychological profile.
No other DeVoe comes close.
Guy keeps a low profile.
No social media, - no criminal record - And we know where he's hiding.
43 Hibbard Lane.
Well, if he's as dangerous as you said I can call Singh.
We can get a squad over there.
[DARK MUSIC] Let's go get him.
Guys, Thawne, Zoom, Savitar for once, we actually have a chance here to get ahead of our enemy.
Let's go get DeVoe.
We're about to have guests.
Then let's be ready to greet them.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [GUN CLICKS] - Is this the place? This is the one.
- Is everyone set? - “Eye in the Sky” is a go.
I have eyes on the front door.
[GUN CHARGES] Snow and Frost standing by.
Just give us the word and we'll breach in.
What kind of criminal mastermind has a welcome mat? [SIGHS] [DOORBELL RINGS] Hi.
Can I help you? Uh, yes, ma'am.
I'm Detective Joe West, CCPD.
This is Barry Allen, my associate.
Is everything all right? Uh, yes uh, we were just hoping to talk with Clifford DeVoe.
Is he here? Yes, he is.
May I ask what this is about, officers? We just need to ask him some questions.
Is something wrong? Is my husband in trouble? - Your husband? - No, ma'am.
The police are here.
They'd like a word.
Thank you, dear.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I'm Clifford DeVoe.
How may I be of help?