The Flash (2014) s05e19 Episode Script

Snow Pack

1 My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive.
To the outside world, I'm an ordinary forensic scientist.
But secretly, with the help of my friends at S.
Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me.
But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present and now our world is more dangerous than ever.
And I'm the only one fast enough to save it.
I am the Flash.
Previously on "The Flash" - Is my dad even really - Caitlin, your father is dead.
- Dad? - You found me.
I want to make it up to you, Caity.
I really should've been there for you.
Icicle wouldn't have gone to all this trouble to kill my dad if there wasn't a piece of him still left.
We got Dwyer, we gave him the cure, but another Cicada showed up.
She wants to tell you her secret.
Someone instructed you to do it.
Eobard Thawne.
[PANTING] Dad, please don't do this! Nora, if you try to run back in time again, I will feel it in the Speed Force.
Good-bye, Nora.
[ZAP] You took our daughter back to the future? I didn't have any other choice.
I? It's we, Barry.
She's our daughter, - not just yours.
- I know that.
But you left her there anyway? I can't trust her, Iris! That puts all of us in danger! - That's how you feel, Barry.
- [SIGHS] What about asking how I feel? I didn't think I had to! [SCOFFS] Of course you didn't.
Of course you didn't, Barry! You always see one way through a problem and damn what I think.
Wait, wait, what the hell does that mean? You know, we have been through so much crap, we have been through so much therapy and you are still Still making decisions based on your emotions! 'Cause I'm right this time! [SOLEMN MUSIC] [SCOFFS] Flashpoint? Going to the Speed Force and leaving me? Were you right those times too? You think I wanted to do this? That this was easy? Seeing Nora looking at me, asking for forgiveness knowing it might be the last time I ever see her? What about the last time that I get to see her, Barry? I didn't even get a chance to say good-bye! Damn it, Iris, she lied to us for months! And she explained why! That she was working with Thawne? [SOBS] That doesn't bother you.
No, it doesn't.
Maybe if he killed your mother in front of you, you'd feel differently.
[SIGHS] Maybe you feeling differently, Barry, is why we should have made this decision together.
She just wanted to meet you, Barry.
The father that she never knew and there was one person who could teach her how to do that.
Is it really so hard to understand why she would go to him? Doesn't matter if I understand it.
[SIGHS] Thawne is manipulating her.
He's on death row, Barry.
How is he manipulating her? You know, if this were anybody else, you'd back me.
But because it's Nora, because it's our daughter, the person who finally stopped hating you, you refuse to see how dangerous this is.
I mean, you talk about making decisions based on emotion.
Look in the mirror.
All those years without my father and you gave me a second chance.
And now I've lost him all over again.
I failed you, Little Runner.
No, this is my fault.
I should've never lied to them about working with you.
Well, perhaps not.
[SOBS] I screwed everything up.
And now I can't even help them catch Cicada because my dad will know if I run into the Speed Force.
He most certainly will.
Hey Wait.
You've run into the Speed Force hundreds of times.
And my father, other speedsters, they never felt you coming.
How did you do that? Thawne, tell me how you did it.
- Nora.
- Tell me.
Thawne! It's not for you.
I need to see my father.
Please, if there is a way I can go back in time to see him undetected, you have to tell me how.
I used to idolize your father.
I wanted to be just like him.
But that was not my fate.
I was to be the reverse.
Opposite of him in every way.
So instead of tapping into the Speed Force to access my powers I created my own.
You created your own Speed Force? Yes, I did.
And I can access it to go back in time? That and more.
Can you teach me how to use it? Well, I I have to warn you, Nora.
It's a little bit negative.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, where is Cecile and Cisco? Cecile's relieving the nanny.
And Cisco went to talk to Breacher about how to track Cicada II.
- Where's Iris? - [SIGHS] Uh, I honestly don't know.
We're not really seeing eye to eye right now.
Because? Because I took Nora home for good.
- Nora's gone? - Just like that? Well, only thing to do, really, because Nora can't be trusted.
I can deduce from your faces that you're upset, but you understand the truth need to be exposed.
Yes, we understand that.
What you don't understand is that this is a family.
You didn't include anyone in this.
Oh, look.
Baby Giraffe Sherloque, you've done enough.
- All right? - Oh, I have not done enough.
We still have another Cicada to catch.
Man, he says you've done enough.
Well, perhaps I have.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] I got to take this.
Yeah? Look since Cisco didn't take me with him, I'm gonna round up the Cicada II files.
Cecile and I are going to go over them tomorrow, see if anything makes my nose wiggle.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] - [SIGHS] - Are you gonna be okay? I honestly don't know.
Guys, this is CCPD.
We've got a big problem.
[SIGHS] The nurses heard a crash in the middle of the night but nobody saw anything.
By the time they got here, Grace was gone.
Judging by the thermal warping in this glass, an energy blast with a lot of heat took out the window.
But I don't really think we need any clues to know who took her.
Future Grace steals past Grace.
I don't even know if there's a police code for kidnapping yourself.
Hey, what's it say? Grace's coma is stable.
As long as future Grace is looking after younger Grace, her life's not in any danger.
We still have no way to find either of them.
Could things get any worse? [WHIRRING] [CLICK] Working late, Dr.
Tannhauser? Or working early, depending how you see it.
Well, I stopped by to say good night.
So I guess I'll say good morning.
Good morning, J.
[KEYS CLACKING] [GLASS FREEZES, SHATTERS] Get back! Hold it right there! [GUNSHOT] [GASPS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] [FREEZING, CRACKING] [WHIRS] [SMOOCH] [PANTING] Thomas? I don't suppose Icicle left any frozen fingerprints behind? No, but this docking station is lined with a carbon-filled Kapton polymide.
NASA uses it to build probes meant for the coldest reaches of space.
There's a lot of fresh puddles in here.
You think he stole whatever kept this place cold? - Try way beyond cold.
- Why would he want it? You're going to have to ask Carla when she's done filing the theft report or Caitlyn when she gets here.
I'm not sure about much lately.
Hey, Barr.
Have you talked to Iris since she left? I'm just giving her some space.
All right, just make sure you don't give her too much.
The right choice? What the hell are you talking about? You lied to me for 20 years and told me my father was dead.
How the hell is that the right choice? Your father is trapped inside an ice monster, Caitlyn.
What was I supposed to do? Split custody with him on the weekends? I don't know.
You could try telling me the truth.
But why tell your daughter anything? Funny, I don't recall you telling me that you let the monster out of the prison.
Because you never told me he was in a prison! And now all these years that I could've been working on a cure for dad are gone! We may never get him back.
Well, at least you have someone to blame.
Moms are always here for that.
Are you okay? I will be as soon as we find Icicle.
My mom told me what he stole.
It's a prototype Cryo-Atomizer.
- And what can he do with that? - Nothing good.
My contacts upstate got nothing.
I even tried Kritschgau at the DOD.
Nobody can spare the manpower to help find Cicada 2.
Hey, what about The Citizen? Any fresh leads on Cicada? Iris? - Hello? Um, Earth to Iris? - [PULSATING] Ralph, wait! "Barry, I don't know if I can ever forgive you for this.
" I think you missed a comma there.
Can you stay out of it for once? She's not kidding.
Super mad.
Look, um, Iris, I know how Barry can be.
But you guys are like the Meghan and Harry of superhero royalty.
Your love is eternal.
- You two will talk and and - We did talk.
I want Nora to stay here, he doesn't.
How do we solve that? Okay, Iris, honey.
I haven't always been in the near-perfect relationship that I'm in now.
So take it from someone with experience, the only way you two solve this problem is together.
And you're not going to find your answers here.
[SOFT MUSIC] Yeah, you're right.
[PULSATING] - You need to go after her.
- Oh, come on.
Give me a break.
Have you seen her right hook? Ralph, she's hurt, I know.
But there's something more.
I feel it.
She's determined.
Reprogramming complete.
The Time Sphere's navigation core is now locked onto Nora West-Allen's temporal signature.
And you disabled the tracker that Cisco installed - into the Sphere? - Yes.
However, there are still alarms in S.
If you wish to use the Sphere undetected, you must activate it off-site.
Planning a trip? How did you get in here? Followed you then stretched under the door.
By the way, was anybody ever gonna tell me about this secret room? What else do we got in here? A bowling alley or something? Ralph, I don't have time for this.
Actually, it looks like you have all the time in the world.
You're not gonna stop me.
Who said anything about stopping you? I'm in position.
Thawne, I said I'm ready.
We shall see if you're ready.
Now run.
Now listen to me, Nora.
You're reaching out and nobody's there.
The loneliness is pain.
Pain racing through your mind.
Crushing you, wrecking you, shattering your soul into a million little pieces.
And suddenly, you are no longer you.
You're part of something different now.
Part of a negative force.
[PANTING] It didn't work.
Thawne, why didn't it work? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Are you ready? - All set to hit 88 miles an hour! Here we go.
[CLICK, WHIRRING] Open the time breach! [WHIRRING] Ralph, hurry up! [WHIRRING] So the Cryo-Atomizer has the ability to disperse particles into the atmosphere.
Particles that slow down atoms to a grinding halt.
- And the slower they get - The colder they get.
- How cold are we talking? - Absolute zero.
And if we combine them with Icicle's meta-powers He could plunge Central City into a new Ice Age.
There is some good news.
I think we can track the nano-cryoparticles inside the atomizer.
We just have to reprogram an oscillating inversion scanner.
Do you mind running to the downstairs storage area - and grabbing it? - Mm-hmm.
You should use a modified field array.
There's one in the upstairs archives.
No, no, actually the inversion scanner would work best.
Thank you.
No, no.
Not since we upgraded our field arrays last year.
You know you would know that if you visited more, not just when you needed something.
Apparently, only when I need the wrong thing.
- The inversion scanner.
- The field array.
Might take my time.
You need help? No.
[WIND HOWLING] Is it me or is it getting really cold in here? Run! [VOICE ECHOING] Two for one.
[SIGHS] So who wants a family reunion? Hm? [CHUCKLES] [SOLEMN MUSIC] [SIGHS] Adieu, Team Flash.
Barry, come on! - [WHIRRING] - Come on, Barr! I can barely feel his pulse.
He has hypothermia.
His heart rate's dropping.
We only have seconds to save him.
- What are you doing? - Well, this [GRUNTS] this machine has a large power source I need to access to save Monsieur Allen.
- Watch out.
- [DOOR CLANGING] That'll work.
Stand back.
[GRUNTS] All right.
This current should heat up the copper wiring of his suit's circuitry and we need to heat it up enough so that his speed healing kicks in.
- Is this safe? - Safer than dying.
- Come on, Monsieur Allen.
- Barry? - Come on! - Barr! [GASPS] Icicle.
He has them.
- No, no, no, no, Monsieur.
- No, no, wait.
No, wait.
In time.
In time.
First, you rest.
Then we bring them home together.
[PANTING] [GROANS] Where are we? In another decommissioned Tannhauser site.
This site is a little more off-the-grid than usual.
It's where we kept our most classified projects.
I guess we are Icicle's next project.
We need to get out of here.
Well, there's a circuit panel over here.
I think we can hack it and open the door.
Neither one of us knows about electrical engineering.
Our best bet is to break me out of these meta-cuffs and let Killer Frost do the rest.
Don't be foolish.
You'll never break those.
Well, it's no more foolish than you electrocuting yourself, but if you want to, knock yourself out.
You'd like that, wouldn't you? [GROANS] How did we get here? I mean, you're my mother and I'm your daughter.
But it has never felt like that.
You've always been cold, distant.
You never wanted to be a part of my life.
Not then and certainly not now.
Why? I mean, what did I ever do to get treated like this? - What? - Why did you leave me? You left me first.
You went to school across the country to get away from me.
You took a job in Central City instead of working in the same zip code as my lab.
Caitlin, you were married to a man I never even met.
I got the hint, but don't you dare mistake things.
I didn't leave first.
[DOOR CLICKS OPEN] What are we doing here? What do you want with us? I want what you could be.
- Stop it! - Just a small blood sample.
See you soon, Snow Pack.
[DOOR SLAMS SHUT] - What? - Snow Pack.
That was your father's nickname for our family.
I remember, and why is that scaring you? He said he wanted what we could be and then he took a sample of your blood.
Theoretically, he could use the Cryo-Atomizer to recreate the process that created Killer Frost.
- So if he did that to you - I would gain an ice persona.
And now with a sample of my blood He can create a serum that will permanently suppress our human sides.
He wants an ice family and he's willing to erase us to get it.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] - Hold my suit.
- Oh, my God, Ralph.
- Do you ever wash this thing? - Focus, okay? You sure you're ready to talk to "he who shall not be named"? Well, whether I am or not, Gideon said that these were Nora's last known coordinates.
[SIGHS] Hey, bro.
Uh, what a day.
Am I right? You mind if I get a quick word there with Hannibal Speedster? It's just going to take, like, a second.
Is that right? Well, unless you got a signed Shift Change Order, nobody goes in there but me, bro.
Only you, huh? [CHUCKLES] Okay, if you insist.
Oh, shrap.
[MUTTERS] You need to hurry.
This guy's such a dick, I got to think super douchey thoughts just to keep this face on.
Douchey, douchey, douchey.
I did everything exactly like you told me.
How come I can't do this? Listen, not harboring enough rage to fuel your trip is not something to be ashamed of.
You're just like your father.
Your light is your greatest strength.
- Mom? Step away from him, please.
Mom, it's okay.
Eobard is helping me.
He has a way for me to get back home.
Nora, step away from him now.
Nora, listen to your mother.
Where's Dad? It's just me.
It's probably for the best.
Come on, we have to hurry.
What do you mean it's probably for the best? Nora, the last thing your father needs is to see you here with him.
She's right about that.
No, she's not, and neither is my dad.
Nora, your dad was wrong, but he still cares about you.
Why are you here and he isn't? Look, I understand how you feel Do you? Do you know what it's like to want something more than anything else in your whole life? - [THUNDEROUS ZAPPING] - To know your father? To do your best to follow in his footsteps? To make him proud? [CRACKLING] How could he leave me? - Wait, wait! That's enough! - Nora.
How could he stop loving me? [PULSATING] [ZAPPING] [SCREAMING] No! [SCREAMING] It's always the same condescending "I know better than you" crap.
And you never change! She's trying to kill me.
[GRUNTING, PUNCHING] - Who else knows? - Everyone.
It's time for you to go home.
Good-bye, Nora.
[ECHOING] Goodbye, Nora.
Goodbye, Nora.
[SCREAMS] She's gone.
What the hell do you mean she's gone? - Gone where? - I don't know where.
I only know when.
When Nora said you showed her a way back she meant your way.
And I made a mistake.
She wanted to go home, I tried to help her.
But listen, Iris, you have to find her.
She needs her family.
And that family does not include you.
But it does include Barry.
She needs you both united.
I'm only going to say this once.
You don't get to comment on us.
You stay the hell out of our business or you won't even make it to the end of that timer.
I like your anger, but don't let it drive Barry away.
The only way for you to help Nora is by doing it as a family.
Otherwise, you're simply leaving Barry the exact same way he left Nora.
[DOOR OPENS] Iris, we got to bail.
They found Officer Jackass.
Think about it.
Iris, please.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [DOOR CLOSES] What's it like having another person in your head? Pretty crazy.
I mean, when she first showed up, I couldn't wait to get rid of her, but when she disappeared, I tried even harder to get her back.
What finally brought her back? Family.
She protected us.
Well, I'm glad you had someone there for you.
Hey, Mom, that was pretty clever what you did.
Figuring out Icicle's plan.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I recall you helped with that too.
[CHUCKLES] It's amazing what we can do when we're not trying to rip each other's heads off.
[DOOR OPENS] Stay away from her.
I'll come back for her later.
First, we have some catching up to do.
What? [SCREAMS] No! Caitlyn! [ICE CRACKING] [BEEPING] [SIGHS] There's no leads.
There's no hits on Icicle's cryosignature, no reads on facial recognition, nothing.
Barr, we'll find him.
We always do.
How, Joe? How are we gonna find them? Caitlyn's kidnapped.
We need Caitlyn to find Caitlyn.
Cisco's on another Earth and Iris won't even answer my calls! I I don't know how to fix any of this.
If I might? It occurs to me that hiding a needle in a haystack is good.
Hiding a needle in a stack of needles? - [CLICK, BEEP] - That's better.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] These are all the cold spots in the area.
You think Icicle is masking his cryo-signature with someplace that's already cold? Giving him the perfect cover.
So we just refocus our search, look for temperature anomalies in already existing cold spots, et voila.
This is great.
I'll start retasking the satellites.
- Hey, thanks for your help.
- The least I can do.
I've got a cold spike.
That's quite a stack of needles.
Thomas, are you in there? Thomas, please.
Now it's time to meet your better half.
[GROANS, SCOFFS] How did you get out? Me? I just raised my hands.
You were the one who froze my cuffs so they shattered like glass.
Clever, Caitlyn.
I'm almost gonna miss her when she's dead.
[WHIRRING] No turning back now.
Time to make a choice.
You either save her Or fight me.
I'm gonna go get him.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [YELPS, GROANING] Okay, explain again why I'm here doing this and not anybody else? It appears we're a bit short staffed at the moment.
All right, if it's just us, it's just us.
- Let's do this.
- Let's do this thing.
- What's happening? - Oh, great timing.
Oh, yeah, good timing.
Oh, you do this.
Okay, Icicle has Caitlyn and her mom in some caves north of the Badlands.
Well, the Flash is already on the scene.
So for all we know, the problem is already solved.
- Guys, I have a problem.
- Or not.
I need to phase Carla out of a cryo-chamber but it's too cold.
I can't even touch it.
All right, we need heat fast.
What if he generates a lightning bolt? He can't throw a bolt.
That would kill her.
Then why doesn't he just, uh, hold onto it? - That could kill him! - No, no.
He's right.
The lightning cannot hurt you if you are in phase.
If half my molecules are in phase, the electricity would hop from stable molecule - to stable molecule.
- Creating an electronic bridge that will generate the heat that you need, et viola.
Without electrocuting him, he can phase in, grab her, and then phase out.
All in 3/10s of a second.
[NORMAL VOICE] I got you.
I'm going to warm her up, all right? [GROANING] What a waste.
[GROANING] I wanted to make you perfect.
Now I must end you.
[PULSATING] Impossible.
[GROANING] [YELLING, ICE BREAKING] [THUD] Caity? Dad? Are you okay? Is it you? Is it really you? [CHUCKLES] It's me.
- It's really me.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
[EMOTIONAL MUSIC] You're going to be okay.
You just need to take it slow.
Thomas? My God! - Are you - I'm okay.
I took a beating but Killer Frost ice healing kicked in.
I'm going to be fine thanks to Dad.
Well, how how is this possible? Well, I saw Icicle about to kill Caitlyn, and I found the strength to break through.
Just like Killer Frost, Dad saved me.
Well, you saved me too, Caitlyn.
I mean, thanks to you, I think I may have finally banished this monster.
That's good.
That just leaves one more monster for me to kill.
[GRUNTS] Run! [GROANING] Get out of here.
I'll take care of this.
[ICE CRACKLING] Cool knife.
I've got two.
[WEAKLY] Caitlyn.
Dad, I told you to go.
I already left once before.
- [SOBS] - Left both of you.
Worst mistake I've ever made in my entire life.
I wasn't going to make that again.
Family shouldn't leave family.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I'll always love you.
[ANGELIC MUSIC] How's Caitlyn and her mom? Caitlin's still running some tests, but she thinks Carla's gonna be okay.
I mean, as okay as she can be given the circumstances.
Why was Cicada II even there tonight? I mean, why attack Icicle and Caitlin? Perhaps the ice meta were not the primary target.
What could Cicada II want with the Cryo-Atomizer? Well, we're not gonna figure it out tonight.
So let's rest tonight.
Are you coming back to the house? Um No, I'm gonna stay at the loft tonight.
You are? Yeah.
We should talk.
Awkward a bit.
So you went to the future? Yeah.
John Stamos still handsome.
He'll never not age.
No, never.
Man, he looks good.
So this endothermic litmus test would've created a stoichiometric reaction.
If there was any residual meta DNA in your system, it Would've turned white.
I know.
And it's still green, so you're clean.
You're not a meta.
Those were all the clues that I used to find dad.
Including some files that I may have stolen from your file room.
Aww, Caitlin and Thomas infamous Periodic Table.
- Nerdonium.
- [CHUCKLES] You know, he stole that one from me.
Really? I thought he came up with that while he was fixing the kitchen sink.
No, I thought of that.
Come to think of it, I also fixed the kitchen sink.
Well, I I better be going.
Good night, Caity.
Mom? Um Do you want to maybe go get a drink? You can tell me more about elements you invented.
- [CHUCKLES] - Now or whenever.
No, actually, now would be perfect.
There's a little wine bar around the corner.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] Heading home? Well, it's like Barry said and Joe - I've done enough.
- They did say that.
But you hung around anyway.
Oui, I did.
You were there for Barry when he needed you.
Oui, I was.
And you helped saved Caitlyn's mom.
Yes, that's right.
I did all those things.
I should not have done those things? I'm just saying maybe you have more to do For your family.
[CHUCKLES] I just wanted my family back together.
Even if that meant doing something drastic like time travel.
Yeah, I get that.
More than anyone.
You were right about Thawne.
I think he's manipulating Nora, but I also believe him.
Nora is back here in our time.
[SIGHS] I was Wrong.
I shouldn't have left Nora or made that decision without you.
Whatever it is that we have to figure out, we should've done it together.
Family doesn't leave family.
Well, I mean you weren't the only one to make that mistake.
I shouldn't have gone to the future without you.
I shouldn't have left you like that.
I mean, that was the same thing that I got so mad at you for.
But I know now that we can't solve this if we don't stick together.
I can barely solve things with you, so without you Are we making jokes already? Really? Let's bring our kid home.
There's something else that I wanted to tell you.
Barry, the way that Thawne looks when he talks about Nora.
I've only ever seen that in one other person.
What are you saying? I think Thawne might actually care about Nora.