The Flash (2014) s05e20 Episode Script

Gone Rogue

1 Previously on "The Flash" - Caitlin! - Dad.
I'll always love you.
You took our daughter back to the future? I can't trust her.
Thawne is manipulating her.
Follow my instructions and we will defeat Cicada, destroy his dagger, and save your father.
- You created your own Speed Force? - Yes, I did.
And I can access it to go back in time.
- How could he leave me? - Nora How could he stop loving me? [VOICE ECHOES] - She's gone.
- Gone where? I don't know where.
I only know when: 2019.
[ELECTRICITY ZAPS] [TENSE MUSIC] Gideon, scan servers for blueprints from McCulloch Technologies.
[INTENSE ELECTRICAL ZAPPING] Gideon, infiltration analysis.
Yes, Nora West-Allen.
The odds of accessing this location on your own are 1 in 3 million.
Shall I send a request to Barry Allen? No, Gideon.
I need people who can actually help me.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ELECTRICITY ZAPPING] Tachyon scanners set up at every half-mile interval across the city.
And the seismometer is searching for sonic booms in the hundred-megahertz range.
As for the satellites, I've got Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha scanning for her yellow-purple lightning signatures.
I am clearly the Samantha of this group, right? - Yeah, okay, Miranda.
- Ugh.
So, technically, if Nora uses the Speed Force We'll find her.
[MONITOR BEEPING] Kinda thought she'd pop right up.
If she's even here.
How can you guys be so sure that she even came back from the future in the first place? Because Thawne sent her.
He showed her a new way to time-travel, something that can't be detected.
But as soon as she starts running again, we're gonna be able to bring her home.
Well, Team Flash, Nora West-Allen is not the only time traveler who's absent.
We've been running down abandoned buildings, - foreclosed condos - Anywhere that Grace Gibbons may have hidden her younger self, but We got bupkis.
And we have no idea why she stole the Cryo-Atomizer, except that it was worth killing my dad for.
Hey, if you need more time Yeah, we're more than capable of chasing a wild goose or two on our own.
Thank you, I'm fine.
I'd rather be working.
On that note, I'm happy to help you follow that lead on the atomizer.
Really? - What about Sherluck? - Sherloque.
Do you think any of you will get this right at any point at any time in your life? Sherloque.
No, I'm going to continue the quest for Nora West-Allen.
I feel somewhat responsible.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Hey, it's CCPD There was a break-in at an architecture firm on 34th and Williamson.
Citizens reporting an explosion there.
Sounds like you guys might need an extra set of hands.
I'll grab my gear.
There's an alert at my dad's old lab in the Arctic.
- We should check it out.
- [PHONE CHIMES] Yeah, better wash my long johns.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
[PHONE CHIMES, VIBRATING] You gonna get that or Yeah, I'm going to get it, but I know already it's Renée Aldler - Adler.
- Adler.
With these emoticon pictogram things that she send me.
Oh, master detective like you can't decode a few emojis? I can decode these emojis no problem, huh? Heart, she like me.
Kissy face, want to kiss me.
Peach, eggplant, she like fruit and vegetable.
At this point with the other Renée Aldlers, we are not keeping secrets from one another.
Well, I did it.
Every exercise, every intention, and now that Kamilla and I are hunky-dory You have completed the Book of Ralph.
- I sure did.
- Thank you for your service, old friend, but your job isn't done yet.
Shirley, I think you could use this.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
What, do you think I need help with a breakup? Oh, come on.
Look, Addendum C Appendix four.
A guide to taking your relationship to the next level.
- It worked for Cisco.
- [SCOFFS] Barely worked for young Ralph Macchio.
No, no, no.
This guy, he's chicken, right? Even in his current relationship, he's too afraid to tell this girl that he's actually Vibe, right? I'm actually not afraid.
I'm gonna tell her when I'm ready.
It's just hard to navigate the meta-life, personal-life balance.
More like chicken-life balance, hmm? Man, you're a chicken personal-life balance.
I can tell her whenever I want.
Well, then tell her right now, why don't you? You want me to tell her right now? - Yeah.
- I'll tell her right now.
I just got well, you know.
I have spotty reception in the elevator.
Come on out and do it.
Well, you know, I gotta get to work.
- Come on out and do it.
- I gotta get to work.
I just talked to one of the architects here, and G.
Simone & Associates used to do all of this high-profile design work Casinos, banks, military bases But apparently, last year, they had been working with an anonymous client.
So because our thief covered his tracks, we have no idea who that client might be.
Look at this.
Look at these hard drives.
Fried from the inside, like in a massive power surge.
A server like this would have a surge protector, right? A typical metal-oxide varistor protects against a thousand joules.
How many joules does a lightning bolt have? A billion.
What, you think this was Nora? No, this couldn't have been.
I mean, our scanners would've picked her up.
Yeah, about that I just picked up a frak-ton of background particle radiation.
Particles? Tachyons? Negative tachyons.
That's a thing? I mean, negative tachyons can't generate lightning, right? Unless negative tachyons don't just offset positive ones like we thought.
Maybe they actually siphon positive tachyons.
Stealing speed from the Speed Force like a parasite? That's what Thawne taught her how to do.
She's using negative tachyons to run and avoid our scanners.
Yeah, but why would Nora be trying to avoid us? I don't know, but if she's stealing blueprints, this ain't gonna be her last stop.
[TENSE MUSIC] Pretty paint job.
Predators know these colors get you stung.
Yeah, it's always a great idea for a thief to draw attention to herself.
At least I don't fly around in a fuzzy green sweater.
Didn't think I'd recognize Weather Wizard's kid? It's Weather Witch.
I have a name, okay? Bug-Eyed Bandit.
Don't call me that.
That's their name.
I heard you took your robot bee act to Star City.
Something about curing a spinal tumor? Well, I heard you and your other half were in Bolivia.
Or did Silver Ghost ditch you? Van Zandt talked a big game.
She tried to recruit me too.
What did she want to call us? Young [DEAFENING POUNDING] [BONES CRACKING, ORGANS SQUISHING] [EERIE MUSIC] Rag Doll, right? You blew up the Seaver Building.
And whom do I thank for my mysterious invitation? Wait, I got an anonymous offer too.
This wasn't your job? I thought this was your job.
Actually, I invited you.
You want us to work for you? Not for me.
With me.
One big score split four ways.
What's the catch, goody two shoes? No catches, no tricks.
Just one condition.
No killing.
- [LAUGHS] - [SCOFFS] Well, this has been really fun, guys, I'm out.
If anybody dies, the cops will be all over us.
Yeah, you would love that, huh? I was surprised that the Flash isn't already here.
I'm not working with him anymore.
Look, you can put on your leather and you can act like a bad girl all you want, but you will never be one of us.
What about the ice patch? If you don't trust me, why did you stop that test car from running me over? Is she for real? It was cold.
Water freezes.
Not like that, it doesn't.
Look, these past few months, I have been through a lot.
I'm not the same person I was.
Prove it.
What's the job? McCulloch Technologies.
It's the largest manufacturer of military-grade weapons in the country.
So why does a speedster need our help to pull off a smash-and-grab? McCulloch builds and tests all of their weapons here.
The Forge.
And it's protected by a meta-human dampener that makes A.
' look like a bug zapper.
So, you need us for our tech, because it won't be affected.
McCulloch's hosting an expo tonight.
That'll give us cover to get on the property, but breaking into the Forge is where things get tricky.
There's no way this score is worth the risk.
See these weapons? There's a hundred more like these inside.
Each will go for a million on the black market, easy.
We just need to make one quick pit stop first.
We need to rob the Flash.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Okay, pretty safe bet She-Cada was here.
Better check it out.
See if we can figure out what she took.
Yeah, that is if I can get my fingers to start moving again.
You think there's any chance Frost could help us out with some sealant up there? I don't think she's coming out today.
She still having a tough time with your dad's death? I mean, Frost protected me for so long that I don't think she's ever felt pain of her own before, not like this.
Well, I-I think I could help with that.
"Ralph's 27 Steps to a Better Mourning"? I don't think Frost would respond very well to a pamphlet.
Oh, come on.
Uh, number 10: go see your dentist because you should be doing that at least twice a year and you've been slacking, and it'll give you something to do other than dwell on the pain.
Now will you shut up? [MYSTERIOUS WHOOSHING] Told you I'd get her to come out.
Guess what? G.
Simone & Associates has spent the last year working for McCulloch Technologies.
The weapons manufacturer? - Mm-hmm.
- Hmm.
They just built a factory in Keystone.
Missing blueprints.
Top-secret facility.
[SIGHS] I think we might have a heist on our hands.
You think Nora's going after these weapons? No, maybe she's just trying to get them off the market.
You know, like the time that Barry and Ralph were gonna buy the Toastmasters.
She's on a mission for Thawne.
He doesn't think that small.
Hey, Barry is scanning for negative tachyons.
Why don't you and I dig into what kind of weapons McCulloch is making? I know this whistleblower down at the DOD.
Maybe she could offer some insight.
Uh Iris, are you sure there isn't anything else you'd like to talk about? Look when I saw Nora in 2049, she was so upset and so angry, but she knew that I wanted to bring her back.
Then she comes back to this time and and she doesn't even come home? I mean, even if she's mad at Barry or she wanted some kind of sci-fi weapon Then why didn't she just come to the rest of us for help? There's gotta be a good reason.
I know it.
Come on, Nora.
[SIGHS] She's avoiding us.
She's stealing blueprints.
I mean, she could really get into trouble out there.
But you think she'll return if you do find her? After all, she has good reason to be angry at all of us.
Uh, what? Don't lump me in with you two.
I was pissed.
She was pissed.
But we've both had time to get over it, and she's still Nora.
If I tell her she can come home again, I'm sure she'll stop working with Thawne.
[MONITOR CHIRPS, BEEPING] Is that Nora? It has to be.
She's in the Starchives.
Hi, Dad.
Hey, where you going? Nora is my responsibility as well.
I must speak with her.
Hey, hold that! [ELEVATOR CHIRPS] One of our motion sensors just got tripped in the sewage system.
Sewage system? Mais non.
Nobody could fit down there.
[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] [BONES CRACKING] [ROARS] Is that Spencer Young's phone? What are you doing? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.
Nora I shouldn't have left things the way that I did.
All right? I want you to come home.
We all do.
You just have to stop working with Thawne.
Target acquired.
Copy that.
Are you talking to someone? [SCOFFS] What do you think, I'm talking to Thawne? He's in the future, Dad.
I can't exactly call him up.
I didn't say that.
Yeah, but you did say that I couldn't come home if I was still working with him.
- You still don't trust me.
- Nora, trust takes time.
Then what's to stop you from sending me back the next time you get pissed at me? Nothing.
Because you've given up on me again.
Given up on me like you do every time! Nora, what are you doing? You know, I came back here to meet you.
And the second I got here, you started pushing me away.
And then you left me in the future.
You just dumped me in the middle of the street and walked away! You have to stop.
And you didn't come with Mom to bring me back.
Because you don't want me here.
You don't want me at all! - Nora, please! - I hate you! [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Nora broke into the Starchives.
I'm sorry, what happened? Nora broke into the Starchives.
I thought I could stop her, but I couldn't.
She stole Spencer Young's phone.
Spencer Young's hypnotizing phone? - Yes.
- Barry, it's okay.
Did you at least find out what she's doing? No, no.
I tried.
I-I thought I could convince her to come home.
But her face started vibrating, and and then her eyes her lightning it was red.
Just like his.
I thought we had time to reach her, but he got to her.
Thawne really got to her.
Uh, guys, there's a blinky red light thing on the computer.
Another alarm went off at S.
Guys, this was only five minutes ago.
Joss Jackam and Peter Merkel? How would they get into S.
Labs? Nora had someone in her ear.
It was a coordinated assault.
But that would mean that she's working with them.
[SIGHS] [SNIFFS] Barium.
We're in Keystone City.
Well, we got a Rag Doll, a Weather Witch, and, uh hold up, is that crazy bee girl? Hey, girl! What's going on? What a throwback.
What the hell is he doing here? What the hell are you doing here? Oh, no.
She's with them.
I said I wanted Ramon.
No one else.
Yeah, well, they were together, and you said no killing, so here they are.
BOTH: Killing? This phone was synced to Spencer Young's DNA.
We need you to hack past the coding so we're able to use it.
[SNICKERS] Why are you laughing? I'm sorry, I don't mean to blow up your spot, fangirl, you see, it's just, um I've done this exact same thing before.
We need to hack a weapon.
Let's kidnap Cisco.
I mean, what, did you join a Rogues cover band or something? [BOTH LAUGHING] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] How's this for a cover band? Oldie but a goodie.
Look, XS, I owe you an apology, hmm? Never should've exposed your secret the way I did.
I put my pride in front of the family that took me in Your family And your family loves you.
I'm sure you heard.
Your father told you as much today, right? You saw your father? You said you were robbing the Flash.
No, don't you get it? Her old man is the Flash.
Look, you don't have to worry about the Flash, okay? Just get Ramon started on that phone.
Boot scuff marks.
I'm thinking she hit this thing.
Intravenous electrolytes.
I mean, those can be used to treat coma patients.
So maybe she grabbed them for Grace Junior.
Hell, yeah.
I knew your "Grey's Anatomy" thing would come in handy.
Ralph, why did you really bring me here? Was it to help Killer Frost and me? The same way you helped Cisco get over Gypsy and Sherloque with Renée? What are you talking about? I mean, we're a team.
It's what we do.
We help each other.
Yeah, but the minute you got the Book of Ralph back from Cisco, you tried to give it away again.
Don't you want to use it? Try and find someone special for yourself? [GENTLE MUSIC] Caitlin look Book of Ralph works great for other people, but never actually worked for me.
I know I'm not built for love.
And that's okay.
Ralph Dibny, you are kind, intelligent, and compassionate.
And most of all, you put the needs of others before yourself.
So that means you are built for love, and you deserve someone who loves you back.
Caitlin I'm sorry, I just don't feel that way about you.
Gross! Oh, come on, you idiot.
Sorry, I got my I got my wires crossed.
Hey I think this might be the fridge that Cisco was telling me about, the one that he rewired as an incubator.
And now the top shelf is empty.
Okay, what was on the top shelf? Cisco's prototypes for the meta-human cure.
[TENSE MUSIC] I think I know what Cicada is planning.
[GROANS] Last time a group of women had me tied up like this They were your ex-wives? No, their attorneys, actually.
Am I gonna end up like you? Married to the job? Keeping secrets from everyone I know? Well, actually, in my current romance, I'm not the one keeping secrets.
No, no, I meet Renée Aldler - Adler - And then I discover she's a meta-human.
And she hasn't told you yet? No, monsieur.
Can you believe that? So if you know the truth, and you're bottling it in, doesn't that mean you're kind of being dishonest? [TENDER MUSIC] Chicken recognize chicken.
And yet, are you really a chicken Monsieur Bawk? Or are you not sharing your secret identity with Kamala - Kamilla.
- Because you're not super-satisfied with your secret identity? Are you saying I don't want to be Vibe? Well, let's examine the evidence, shall we? You spent this past year sans powers for the first part, and the second part curing powers.
Perhaps being honest with Kamala Kamilla.
Begins with being honest with yourself.
Think about that.
So what we know is that Nora put together a team to break into here, McCulloch Technologies, a weapons manufacturer.
But not just any weapons.
The city has contracted these guys to clean up the shrapnel from the S.
Labs satellite.
Let me guess: none of that crap ended up in the dump.
They used it to make meta-tech like Spencer Young's phone.
My source says that McCulloch is debuting a new line of products tonight.
That's a perfect cover-up for a break-in.
We have any theory on Nora's motive? Actually, Cicada's dagger dampens the abilities of meta-humans nearby, but it wouldn't have any effect on meta-tech.
So maybe Nora wants to catch Cicada? Or do something worse.
Barry, there's no way.
This is exactly what I was afraid of, Iris.
Thawne's been manipulating her.
Now she's acting like him, talking like him.
That doesn't mean that she's capable of killing Cicada.
She's working with Rogues.
She kidnapped Cisco and Sherloque.
We don't know what she's capable of.
So what do you want to do, Barr? We bring her in.
We use Cisco's force fields, Ray's nanites We're bringing her in, before she steps anywhere near that building.
Hey, Barry.
Hold on.
We can't keep treating Nora like she's some kind of super-villain, okay? We're just gonna push her away.
What are we supposed to do? Just let her keep taking advantage of us? No.
We see where she's coming from.
We try to figure out why she's doing this.
It doesn't matter why, Iris! This is Thawne.
It's his plan.
Well, maybe his plan isn't so bad.
[SOLEMN MUSIC] What? [SIGHS] Maybe I thought I thought we were past this, it's It's not okay for her to work with Thawne.
You saw him.
You said he's manipulating her.
And I said that he cares about her.
He's worried about her safety No, he needs her, Iris.
He needs her.
Or he's changed.
Barry, Thawne is the one that convinced me to come back home and try and patch things up with you.
Thawne gave you advice? [SIGHS] Look, I know it sounds insane, and I know this must be hard for you to hear, but, Barry, ever since I got back home, the same question keeps running through my mind.
What if Nora is right? What if Thawne really is trying to redeem himself and that he does want to stop Cicada and the only reason that Nora hasn't come back home is because she knows that you don't trust her? Look Barry, having Nora in our lives has made us better people.
Isn't it possible that she did the same thing to Thawne? [TENSE MUSIC] Jenni Ognats? I thought the idea was to not draw attention.
Oh, what, so now that you know my dad's the Flash, you don't trust me? Hey, you're the one who doesn't trust us.
Isn't that right Nora? Yeah, your secret identity, it's really not worth much.
Feels like nothing about me is worth much lately.
My dad left me, after everything that I've done to try and help him.
You know what the most embarrassing part is? There's this tiny, little, weak part of me that still wants him to walk through that door and take me home.
[TENDER MUSIC] My dad left my mom at the maternity ward.
She couldn't look at me without seeing him.
She made sure I knew it too.
So the day I turned 13, I ran.
I didn't leave town at first.
I stayed under the overpass with all the other runaways.
And I thought for sure, one night, I'd look up and I'd see my mom.
She never showed.
- Sorry.
- I'm not.
When people tell you that family is always gonna be there for you, they're full of it.
Mentors will always let you down eventually.
Parents will break you.
That's why we have to stick together.
- Hey, it's done.
Come on.
Nerd's done with the phone.
One reprogrammed meta-tech phone, now with visual and auditory hypnosis capabilities.
Plus unlimited data.
You gonna let us go now? What, so you can run right back to the Flash? How stupid do you think I am? Any bugs in there? - It's clean.
- Good.
Now make sure they can't try anything else.
This score's not gonna steal itself.
[OMINOUS HUMMING] You're not gonna get away with this.
I'm not gonna get away with it? Cisco's old speedster trap.
You think that's gonna work for Nora? I don't know.
I'm not sure I'm ready to find out, though.
Hey, look, I'm sorry about, um how I was acting earlier, I just seeing Nora looking so much like him No, I get it, Barr.
That guy's always gonna be in your head.
Mine too.
And you were right.
Nora broke the law.
And there should be repercussions for that.
But whenever you guys step out of bounds, I always have to remind myself, the detective side says there's the law.
But the father side says there's also what's right.
And I'm always gonna choose to be your father first.
Maybe that's my problem.
What? I was ready to give up on her.
You know, I mean, If I'm ready to do that, it makes me feel like even after everything we've been through, I'm not a good parent.
You know, I mean, maybe I never will be.
Come on, Barry.
You know that's not true.
You're going to be an amazing father.
I wanted her to leave.
The second that she got here, I did, I I've held back from her.
It still doesn't feel right when she calls me Dad.
Well, you didn't call me Dad till It was here, in this room, right after you got your powers.
But you know why that was.
You already had a dad.
And when the whole world thought that that man was a criminal, Barr, you You thought he was perfect.
Do you think Iris is right? Nora's plan, Thawne's plan could be a good thing? I don't trust that man.
I never have and I never will.
But I do trust my granddaughter.
And if we're gonna bring Nora home, Barr you're gonna have to trust her too.
I might've given you unlimited data, but I also gave you spotty reception.
Nice work.
All right.
The bees are in drone mode.
So if we move very, very slowly Man, what in the world? What? I was trained in the art of escape by Thaddeus Brown from Earth-51.
Yeah, well, help me escape! That's a good plan.
So, um - Count backwards from ten.
- Ten Ow! How did you do that? - Trade secret.
- Okay.
[BEES BUZZING] So [CLEARS THROAT] You're not fireproof, are you, Monsieur Ramon? Am I fire Oh, God.
No, no.
Hey! [SPEAKS FRENCH] [SHOUTING] [BOTH PANTING] That's all of them? - I think so.
- Good.
Because Nora West-Allen is in grave danger.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Thank you for your patience, ladies and gentlemen.
With the kind of technology we're displaying tonight, security is our highest priority.
Visitor IDs, please.
You bet.
[DEVICE BEEPING] Okay, here we go.
Right this way, ladies.
The last ten months have been very exciting here at McCulloch.
Buyers from the Army and Navy are already waiting for us in our state-of-the-art demo room.
Uh, what's behind that door? Ah.
That's what our engineers have dubbed the Forge.
It's where we develop and test our new weapons.
Unfortunately, it's only accessible to employees with the highest security clearance.
No killing.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [ELECTRICITY CRACKLES] That's a Montgomery 4000, 30-ton vault door.
It'll only open from the inside, so the only way into the Forge is through there.
Ready, clown? Are you sure you can fit through that thing? This shall be my aria.
Remember, once you get to the other side, the dampener will take away your powers, so get out quick.
[BONES CRUNCHING] Yeah, I'm gonna vomit.
[RAG DOLL GROANS] [RATTLING] Mm, mm, mm Open, sesame.
Stay with the hostages.
We'll grab you on the way out.
See you soon.
[CHUCKLES] That's one serious meta-dampener.
Last part of the plan.
Load up.
Sorry, XS.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] Change of plans.
Good evening, Central City.
We've prepared a special show for you.
Tonight's festivities will feature several expendable worker bees The employees of McCulloch Technologies.
Unless the Flash comes down here in the next 30 seconds and reveals his identity to the world.
Gucci? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] You don't want the money? [LAUGHS] Oh, no.
We want the money.
We just wanted to make a name for ourselves first.
So, what, outing my dad makes you legitimate Rogues? I trusted you.
You sound just like Silver Ghost when I left her in Bolivia.
At least you'll die fast.
I'd say it's been about 30 seconds, right? - Yeah.
- Right? Okay.
Wait! I am here.
All right, Speedy.
Show us your true identity.
Mask off.
Dad, please.
You do not have to do this.
I have to.
I am a man sitting alone at the dinner table.
Is he drunk? See, when you're in position to feed the world, it can make it hard to be a father.
You have to constantly ask yourself, is what's right for the world what's right for your child? Hey, can we get on with it? Yes, um yeah, uh - No.
- What? Did you seriously think I was gonna fall for this again? [STAMMERS] [YELPS] Ha! I phase right through your blast.
Ha! You can't stop the Flash! No, I think the jig is up.
Confused? Don't be.
How the hell is this even possible? We bypassed security while you were busy with General Cloud.
And then you walked us worker bees right inside.
You're outnumbered, ladies.
Drop your weapons.
[INTENSE MUSIC] Don't let them hit that dampener.
Get the hostages out of here.
We'll handle the Rogues.
[LASER FIRES] Okay, this way.
- We gotta get back in there.
- Yeah.
[BONES CRUNCHING] What the hell is that? You don't want to know.
Can you do something about these bees? Hold tight.
- [SHRIEKS] - Iris! [BONES CRUNCHING] [GRUNTING] [YELLS] All right, we're not gonna last here much longer.
I'm gonna create a diversion.
Get ready to shoot the dampener.
No, no.
Dad, it's too dangerous! [GROANS] Dad! [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] He's lucky I don't throw his ass off a roof.
Nobody out-techs me.
Ramon's in my phone.
She's not getting out of this one alive.
Nora, wait! [YELLS] Dad! You've been hit.
[DAMPENER POWERS DOWN] - Are you okay? - [PANTING] Yeah.
I'm not the only one.
You were here with me.
The whole time.
I abandoned you once.
I'm never gonna do it again.
So we should probably Oh, yeah.
[TRIUMPHANT MUSIC] The young Rogues.
Not the nicest friends you made there, kiddo.
Yeah, I thought I could control them, steal the weapons back after we lifted them, but I got in over my head.
Even if it was for a good reason.
Nora, killing Cicada is not a good reason.
No, I-I wasn't trying to kill Cicada.
[MELANCHOLY MUSIC] I needed this.
It's a weapon built from the solar reflector panels from the S.
Labs satellite, capable of destroying any object down to its atoms, and it's the only thing that can destroy Cicada's dagger.
Nora, why didn't you just tell us this? Because I wouldn't have believed her.
'Cause it's Thawne's plan.
I knew how angry Dad was.
And then you came to the future without him.
I just thought he'd never believe me.
Plus, I had to stay in a seriously unschway headspace to use the negative Speed Force.
But I know now.
I don't ever want to leave you guys again.
And if that means not following through with Thawne's plan, I'm okay with that.
I think we should use it.
- You what? - Barr, are you sure? We have to stop Cicada.
I'm never gonna like where this plan comes from.
But if this thing works sounds like our best shot.
You really believe him? I believe in you, Nora.
[TENDER MUSIC] And I'm sorry that I made you feel otherwise.
Dad that stuff I said earlier I deserved it.
I-I I shouldn't have left you in the future.
I shouldn't have put conditions on you coming home.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
We both do.
We're never gonna leave you again, Nora.
I promise.
So what's the verdict? Nora's story checks out.
This thing has got a prismatic battery supercharging its reflector panels.
So if anything's gonna destroy that dagger, it's this mirror gun.
That may be easier said than done.
Why's that? We figured out what Cicada took from my dad's lab.
It's your cure prototypes.
Why would she need those? They're just prototypes.
No, they're not just prototypes.
They're failed, broken versions of the cure.
If a meta-human takes that without the proper treatment They would die.
Cicada has a lethal virus on her hands.
That's why she stole the atomizer.
So she can spread the virus.
She has weaponized the cure.
This is it.
This is the nightmare.
Cicada's gonna kill every meta-human in the city.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC] A rare, old bird is the pelican, whose beak can hold more than his belly can.
He can hold in his beak enough food for a week.
- But I'm - BOTH: Darned if I know how the hell he can.