The Flash (2014) s05e21 Episode Script

The Girl With The Red Lightning

1 Previously on "The Flash" My time on this earth is coming to an end.
You're part of something different now.
Part of a negative force.
Pain racing through your mind.
Thawne really got her.
Her lightning.
It was red.
- Renée Adler.
- Sherloque Wells.
You're a meta.
You're from the future.
- The mission can succeed.
- What mission? To kill every last meta-human.
Cicada's dagger can dampen powers.
If anything's gonna destroy that dagger, it's this air gun.
Cicada has a lethal virus.
She stole the atomizer so she could spread the virus.
Cicada is gonna kill every meta-human in the city.
15 years, Thawne.
Tell me, how's it feel to know you're about to become extinct? I guess time will tell.
I'm gonna miss the hell out of you.
Especially our rehabilitation time.
How about a taste of what's to come? Ironic, isn't it? The same thing that gives you your powers is gonna end you.
It's time.
We need to stop this plague from spreading.
We will.
We can't just purge the meta-humans in this city.
We need to wipe every one of them off the face of the planet.
We will.
You need to promise me this will work, Gracie.
I said it will.
It's time we finish this, Gracie.
It's time to ensure our legacy.
Here's what we know about the cryoatomizer.
Tannhauser originally t developed it to combat land fires caused by droughts.
So the cryoatomizer can disperse cold air particles into the atmosphere that triggers rainfall.
However, if Cicada can replace the cold particles with the cure prototypes she stole from Cisco Which doesn't cure so much as it kills.
She could infect the entire city.
And every meta-human in it.
Not great but this dark cloud does have a silver lining.
Which is if Cicada had everything that she needs to carry out her plan would've already done so.
He's right.
She must be missing something or else we'd be done.
Yeah, but not for long.
She's not gonna waste any time.
Whatever it is that she needs, she's out there looking for it right now.
Well, then we move right away.
We get the cure to everyone who needs it as soon as possible.
So we just up and release some game-changing wonder drug? We tested it.
We know it works.
People need a choice now more than ever.
Do we have enough for the cure? Not nearly enough.
Caitlin, how fast can you make more? Guess we'll find out.
Okay, okay, good.
Now we just need to find someplace to distribute it.
Well, what about CCPD? It's public.
Everybody feels safe going there.
Yeah but gathering that many metas in one place is gonna make it one big target, right? Cicada has the virus and the atomizer.
That makes every meta everywhere a target.
Well, how about this? You guys make up as much of the cure as you can and Cecile and I will talk to Singh.
- Yeah.
- All right.
I'm going to warn Renée.
All right, let's track Cicada too.
Get ready to face her when we find her.
Let's take it one step at a time.
Follow me.
- Is that the satellite core? - That's right.
The reflective panels on the mirror gun aren't the only thing we got from the satellite.
We also have the core and, of course, the dagger.
So they're all composed of the exact same alloy and contain - the same dark matter levels? - Yup.
So if the Mirror Gun works on the core, then it should work on Cicada's dagger.
Only one way to know for sure.
You might wanna step back.
I mean, you don't know what this gun's gonna do.
I mean, we shouldn't be firing this in such a small space but what's life if you don't pull down your shorts and slide on the icery once in awhile? - Here we go! - Hm.
Um Is something supposed to happen or Where did it go? It doesn't matter.
This thing works.
It works! We can finally destroy Cicada's dagger.
If we do that, we have our powers.
And we can stop her.
N Nora, are you okay? Yeah, why? Nora, earlier today you had red lightning like Thawne's.
We want to make sure you're okay to get out there.
I'm fine, okay? Caitlin ran every test in the book.
My lightning's back to its normal color.
And besides, Thawne's Speed Force is fueled by negative emotions, and right now I feel pretty dang positive.
We're your parents.
It's our job to worry.
The only one that should be worrying is Cicada II.
You want me to open the doors to the CCPD to every meta in this city? David, these people need our protection.
And not all metas are criminals.
You know, some of them are doctors and students and cops.
I know but this is a police station, not a clinic.
Labs says that the cure is safe and it's as easy to give as a flu shot.
Well, S.
Labs isn't exactly the FDA.
Look, we have to do it here.
Red tape alone, it would take weeks at a medical facility.
If we do nothing, there's a whole bunch of citizens who could've been saved that will die on our watch.
I'm not having that.
Well, you clearly believe in this.
So I'm willing to as well.
But that means there's going to be a lot of political navigating.
So I'll go down to city hall and brief them in the morning.
While I'm away, you're in charge.
Oh! Sherloque, you scared me to death.
Well, I apologize.
But when you don't answer my many emoticon pictograms, no, I fear the worst, huh? I was in the library.
What could've happened to me? Stacks collapse.
Livid librarian.
- Really? - Death by Dewey Decimals? Yeah, life lost by late fees? - Ha-ha! There you go.
- Yeah.
Shall we? I'm sorry I didn't I didn't check my texts.
I mean, well, actually I haven't checked my phone all day, so And yet the average person checks their phone 110 times a day.
- That's not true.
- That is true.
Look it up.
Well, also the library's right next to the tech lab.
So, you know, I get terrible reception in there.
And yet that built a cell phone tower less than a mile away.
Hasn't made a difference.
I don't know, maybe my phone's just crap.
Or maybe you don't want to respond because then you would have to discuss your secret.
- My secret? - Yes, your secret.
Run! What? It's Sherloque.
Cicada's at CCU.
So at Jitters, I saw you open the door without touching it.
I know you have powers.
What are they? That.
I see you too.
Are you okay? I think so.
Hey, you find anything? Confirmation that She-cada hasn't stolen everything she needs.
So we have some time.
Finally some good news.
Except what she did steal was a Quantum Tunnel Converter.
The first working prototype of its kind.
Yeah, that's the same face Cisco made when he heard.
The converter can transform dark matter energy to practical energy.
Cicada's gonna use her dagger to superpower the atomizer.
If she wants to connect it to the atomizer, the last piece she'll need is a hyper-conduit, and those are pretty hard to come by, to say the least.
She'll be lucky to locate one in the CC area at all.
Well, we better find it first.
We'll get to it.
Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, small sips, huh? The second she saw me, she wanted me dead.
She tried to kill me, Sherloque.
Because of what you are.
A magnokinetic meta-human! That was something, your powers, huh? I wanted to tell you, but I didn't know what you'd think.
I think The world of you.
Nothing is ever going to change that.
Do you think Cicada's gonna come back again to try to find me? To try again? Yes.
I don't think she'll stop.
What am I gonna do? Well, you know what? I believe I can help you with that.
- Hey.
- Guys okay? Yeah, uh, I need to tell you something.
When we were running over here, I connected to Grace's mind again.
I could see through her eyes.
Wait, like the same thing you did when Cicada attacked Alice Bolan's birthday party? Yeah, we must still be psychically connected from when I was in Grace's mindscape.
That's what caused the red lightning.
The anger that you felt, it wasn't yours.
It was hers.
We can use this.
If I can see where she is just for a second, we can run to her.
Guy, this is the key to stopping Cicada II.
No, Nora, it's too dangerous.
We don't even know - what the side effects are.
- No.
We just got the stuff out of you.
We're not risking exposing you to that again.
Mom, I want to do this.
We'll find another way.
We'll find another way.
The dizziness should subside shortly.
Make sure he gets lots of rest.
Hey, we know you're feeling anxious.
But I promise you're safe now.
Head out that way.
I'm gonna go see if there's anyone else.
Should we reopen the Cicada tip line? And Dupree's asking where you want the security checkpoints.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, yes.
Open it and, uh, checkpoints should be two blocks on either side of the CCPD.
Okay? Uh, actually, three three blocks.
Hey, you.
You good? Yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
They are airing Iris' story again.
New updates on the meta-human serial killer Cicada, who recently attacked Central City University.
Now in response to these attacks, The Central City Citizen reports that CCPD, in conjunction with S.
Labs, is offering a groundbreaking meta-human cure, entirely free of cost.
Maybe I should call the night shift in earlier.
Oh, my God.
Or not.
Joe, I just felt a huge wave of panic.
We're about to get slammed in here.
Everyone, please be patient.
We'll get to you.
Far enough.
Stagg, Mercury, Ivo.
None of them have a hyper-conduit compatible with the converter Cicada stole.
You know, now that I've actually experienced this whole time travel thing, I think I understand it a little bit better.
Which makes me understand Thawne's plan less and less.
Why would he send Nora back to create a new Cicada only for a newer Cicada to appear who's harder to stop than the one Nora created? Ralph, can we get away from Thawne's plan and try to stick to our own? Yeah, yeah, I I just I feel like there might be an answer in this timey-wimey crap that could help us solve this.
Nora, where would you find this hyper-conduit in 2049? Probably Ollins Laboratory.
Ollins won a Nobel Prize for quantum engineering.
Ollins? As in Sebastian Ollins? Yeah, do you know him? He's a true genius.
A genius, you say.
The guy couldn't even stay awake through a single physics lecture.
In fact, I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for his very smart, very considerate college roommate lending him notes, helping him study, he wouldn't have made it through his finals! Nobel Prize my ass! Yeah, he knows him.
You know what? It doesn't even matter.
Life's too short and I'm not about to spend my life worrying about little Sebastian Ollins.
Found him.
Looks like he's been renting a warehouse somewhere on the Southside and then he retrofitted it with fiber-joules technology to test out his experiments.
Including one bleeding-edge hyper-conduit.
I'll go get it before Grace can.
- Right behind you.
- I, um I I think you should sit this one out.
What? Why? Nora, your connection with Grace.
It puts you in too much danger.
I mean, we don't I think it's best for you to just stay out of the field until we stop her.
So what? Now I can't help the team at all? Nora, please understand.
Look, you would be much safer here.
All right, I'm here.
No sign of Cicada.
Grab the conduit and get out of there.
I think I got something.
Barry! She's already got the conduit.
And she blew up Ollins' warehouse.
Grace has everything she needs.
It's just like we thought.
What? With all the pieces that she's stolen, Grace can now use the dagger's dark matter energy to supercharge the atomizer.
Apparently it wasn't enough for her to just kill all the metas in Central City.
With this super-charge, she'll kill every meta in the country.
All right, look, I know you guys want me off this whole Thawne thing, - but you've got to hear this.
- Ralph.
No, you've got to look at this.
You've got to hear this.
So just just give me a second, all right? - All right.
- Please.
All right, so, this is the original timeline with the original Cicada, David Hersch.
This is the night of the Enlightenment, when Nora interfered with the satellite, giving us our Cicada, Orlin Dwyer.
That's also the same night that Grace goes into a coma.
This is where it gets complicated.
At some point in the future, Grace wakes up, she becomes her own full-fledged Cicada.
She goes back in time, she kills her Uncle with his own dagger.
What happens to all the metas that Dwyer killed? Do they get un-killed? What about all the metas that Grace killed in the future? What did she kill them with? And most importantly, what happens in the timeline where Grace never killed Dwyer.
Something doesn't add up.
You might be right.
But right now, there won't be any future for any metas if we don't get rid of that dagger.
This is our last chance.
We have to figure out how to find Grace.
Or we lose everyone.
We'll go see what the satellites can do.
Maybe we're due for a miracle.
Hey, come on.
Do you think we made the right decision leaving Nora out of this? I mean, the whole reason she came back was to fight Cicada in the first place.
We're her parents, all right? It's our job to protect her from harm.
The best way to do that is just to keep her far away from it.
You worked for Caitlin and Killer Frost's connection.
Let's see what you can do for me and Grace.
What's taking so long? Look, how much more cure do you have left? Listen, we have plenty.
Please, uh, we will administer the cure as fast as we can, people.
Okay? Detective West, we need additional squads to aid the crowd control.
Uh, yeah, take take two.
No no, no.
Take three.
Two, two, two.
Joe, we need more alcohol swabs.
Babe, you okay? Hey, oh! Hey, oh! - Sherloque? - So, Dr.
Caitlin Snow.
This is Cecile Horton and Detective Joe West.
This is my this is Mademoiselle Renée Adler.
- Hi.
- Adler.
And Renée, these are the people that can help you.
So you can actually just remove my powers? We can if you want us to.
And and this would be permanent? Oh, it's permanent, yes.
But better than Cicada permanently killing you.
Am I right? Tell her detective.
- That's right? Right? - Yes.
Uh, you're feeling nervous, I can tell.
But Cicada really is trying to kill every meta-human in this city.
Hey, what's your problem? Back off! I'm standing here.
Is something wrong with your eyes? They're fine.
Then get out of my way.
All right, all right.
Break it up.
We need to keep this line moving.
Want us to detain them, Detective? Just give me the cure and I'll get out of here.
No way! I was here first! You know that! Sir, what should we do? Detective, we've got one squad left.
Give me the cure and I'll get out of here.
Ah-aah! Enough! I need a minute to think.
I'm so Renée? There she is.
Hey, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey! Hey, oh! That was Cecile.
CCPD is flooded with a lot of really scared people.
Are there any signs of Grace's dark matter signature? No.
Not even a Is that her? Nora! Barry, she can't hear you.
I don't think she can see us either.
Nora! Nora! Nora! What were you thinking? Nora, you almost gave yourself an aneurysm.
I was trying to find Grace.
Opening yourself up to Grace and her rage also opens you up to the Negative Speed Force.
We don't know anything about it.
Don't you get how dangerous that is? Yeah, I do.
And I still wanna try.
I have to try.
Nora, you trying almost destroyed Cisco's workshop and almost got yourself killed.
Not to mention, what if Cicada saw through your eyes? You could've given away our location.
No, I made sure there was nothing in my eye line that said S.
Guys, listen.
I saw Grace and I almost saw where she was.
Right now she is putting her pieces together and when that is done, thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people are going to die.
I can't stand around and do nothing.
Yes, you can because that's what we're telling you to do.
When I first got here, I would rush in to fix things and by doing that, I always ended up making them worse.
But I am not that person anymore because of you.
You showed me how to use my powers.
You taught me how to make the right choices.
And right now, I am choosing to face this risk.
Nora, this is a terrible idea.
I know you feel that way.
But I don't.
I'm an adult capable of making my own decisions.
I've made up my mind about this.
So I am asking you, please, as my parents, stop trying to keep me away from this danger and start helping me face it.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't worry.
I can handle it.
All right.
- Hey.
- Uh, hey.
What are you doing? Those people are overwhelmed.
They don't know what to do.
They need you and you just You walked away? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
It's just Okay, did I just catch you on the phone with Singh trying to find out how fast he was gonna be back? Cecil, I I I'm not used to being in charge of all this managerial and logistic stuff.
- I'm just not cut out for that.
- What are you talking about? Babe, I have seen you take charge in the field a million times.
But that's in the field and I always knew that I had Singh to go to if I had any problems this way.
Now everybody's coming to me and I can't answer all these questions.
Joe West.
How many times has Barry, Iris, Nora, even Ralph Dibny come to you? Specifically come to you to get answers to their problems? More times than I can count.
And that is because everyone of them knows that when they come to you, they're gonna get an honest answer straight from the heart.
Babe, that heart of yours, that is a moral compass.
It's one of the many reasons why I love you.
Right here.
That's all you need, babe.
Right here.
As long as you speak from there, I promise you, you will never lead anyone astray.
Hey, oh! - Sherloque.
- Yes.
Sherloque, I'm sorry I ran.
I was .
Just feeling so overwhelmed.
All I wanted to do make you feel safe.
And then I put you in a position where you feel overwhelmed and not safe.
But look, we'll go to S.
Labs, quiet and safe.
We'll administer the cure.
It will be great.
Look, Sherloque, that's.
That's not why I ran away.
- It's not? - No.
I don't wanna take the cure.
- You don't? - No.
I love having my powers.
You do? Y yes and yes, is it scary knowing that there's a killer out there that's targeting people like me, but I don't want to change who I am.
I don't want to give into fear just because there's danger involved.
You know? I want to live my life on my terms.
As a meta-human.
No, but you're brave.
I just worry that Cicada won't stop until she kills every meta-human on this On this earth.
There is a way.
For you to still have your powers and be free of Cicada.
- How? - On a different Earth, where'd you be safe.
In your travels in your career as a librarian, have you ever heard of the theory of the "Multi-verse"? So so this a device that opens - a portal to another world.
- Yes.
- Right.
- Any world I choose? Right.
You're so smart.
You catch on so quickly.
You know, some people, they just don't believe.
Well, a few weeks ago I saw a giant shark fighting a giant gorilla on the 6:00 news, - so - That's a good point.
Now look, this Earth that I'm going to send you to, it's it's my Earth.
I'll have some friends there to meet you, but secret, huh? This trip, you must not tell anyone because if Cicada were to find out there's multiple Earths and each one of these Earths contains meta-humans, no, they would be her next target.
Hmm? - What? - Come with me.
No, I must stay.
Now knowing Cicada is a threat to this Earth, I must fight alongside my friends.
You know, Team Flash, they're like They're like a family to me but when I am done I will come find you.
You are the woman I have been waiting for.
So I know.
- Okay, you ready? - Yeah.
All right.
You were right.
We taught you how to be a hero.
So we shouldn't be angry at you when you act like one.
I know you're just afraid I'll get hurt.
There's always going to be danger that you're going to face, Nora.
And we can't hold your hand through all of it.
As much as we want to.
You're our daughter but you're not a kid.
You're right, you are capable of making your own decisions.
You really think you can control your connection to the Negative Speed Force, find Grace for us? Yeah, I do.
All I need is for you guys to keep our home safe while I do it.
I think I know how.
Let's find Cicada.
Man, this thing brings back memories.
- Good ones? Bad ones? - Thawne ones.
We trapped the Reverse-Flash in this thing before we even knew he was Thawne.
But we actually ended up trapping his Speed Mirage.
While his real self just sat there chilling in his wheelchair.
Man, Thawne's plans got plans.
But fear not, true believers.
The Thawne Trap 2.
0 is smaller, sleeker, and stronger.
I've gone ahead and sharpened the inflexion points to account for your Negative Speed Force energy.
So if you go full "Dante's Peak" in there, we'll be safe out here.
It also means I can't phase in there if you need me.
Your dad and I will be right here the whole time.
You always are.
You got this.
Let's go catch our big bad.
Excuse me! Excuse me! People, please! Please! Thank you.
For all of you I haven't met, I'm Detective Joe West.
Now I am not a meta-human.
I don't know what that's like.
But I do know what it's like to be afraid and overwhelmed.
You all came here because you wanted answers and you needed help.
Myself and everybody else here at CCPD are here to help you.
So I swear to you, with a little bit of patience from all of us, we will get through this together.
Thank you.
Officers, let's start moving the line again.
We're gonna get to everybody.
Hold onto your butts.
They're connected.
I can see the completed atomizer.
But I can't see where she's taking it.
Remember Nora, that's not your anger.
It's hers.
Ah-ah, Nora.
I see what you're doing.
Okay, something pissed her off.
Is your memory machine letting you back into my head? No.
This is all me.
I can't let you release that virus, Grace.
Thousands will die.
Thousands today.
Even more tomorrow.
The world I wake up in is overrun with people with impossible powers.
Destroying innocent lives.
Ripping families apart.
Just like mine was.
And all of this is because of you! Uh, is that bad? Well, it's not good.
I'm pulling her out.
No, no.
No, she'll get control.
Your Flash family created meta-humans.
The Particle Accelerator.
The bus metas.
The Enlightenment satellite which you shattered! This isn't my anger.
It's yours.
You may look different, Grace.
But you're still the angry little girl I met the first time I came here.
I'm sorry you have to carry that anger.
But you're gonna have to carry it alone because I make my own decisions, and I've decided not to be like you.
- Nora! Nora.
- Hey! She's she's at CCPD.
Get everybody out of here right now! - Cecil, go.
Go! - Move, move, move! And now their end begins.
Cicada's at CCPD but she could use the atomizer to spread the virus from anywhere.
There are hundreds of metas there.
She's going to try and take all of their lives.
Not their lives, their dark matter.
She's going to use all those metas like a battery.
What are we gonna do? Reach in, lose our powers, destroy the dagger, stop Cicada from Supergirl-ing away, then regroup for the emotional fallout.
Cisco, where did you send Fallout's energy when he was going nuclear? Earth-15.
It's a dead Earth.
Let's breach the atomizer there.
- I'm coming with you! - Nora, look.
You've already helped.
More than enough, all right? Okay, just do me a favor.
Blast that dagger to hell.
Get out of my precinct.
Hey, Cricket freak.
You and I have some unfinished business.
- Nice hit.
- It won't keep her down long.
Why do we have our powers? Did we already win? Not yet.
The dagger's in the atomizer.
Wait, wait, wait! If we shoot the dagger while it's still in there, it could detonate the virus.
Guys, she's waking up.
All right, figure out a way to stop it.
- I'll keep her off your back.
- All right.
This will help.
Cisco, remove the dagger and then breach the atomizer away.
Yeah, there's a slight problem there.
Breaching this thing anywhere could set it off.
My powers are useless here.
Then use your other power.
Your mind.
Bring up the atomizer blueprints.
I'm gonna have to science the crap out of you.
Good morning, sunshine.
A little different without your power-dampening dagger, huh? Oh, I don't need a dagger to kill you.
I never had it before I came to this time.
You wanna kill me? Come get me.
What she said.
Once you remove the plate, you should be able to see the control processor plane.
I see it.
It's not gonna work.
I need a quantum computer to hack this thing.
Wait! I have one.
Your gauntlet! Damn, I love the future.
Okay, if I can connect to the three nodes inside, I'll override the system.
If I touch anything else, hasta la vista, baby.
I got it.
Yeah, great.
Um, how long for the other two? However long we have left.
Two down.
Well, you're not great at the Operation game, are you? You suck at constructive criticism! Cisco, get out of there.
Almost there.
It's in.
Oh, shrap.
Cisco, what's going on? It's too late.
- The Atomizer's off.
- Flash! The dagger.
If anything's gonna destroy that dagger, it's gonna be the mirror gun.
Something doesn't add up.
Thawne's plans got plans.
She didn't have the dagger in the future.
The dagger is Thawne's plan.
Don't shoot it!