The Flash (2014) s06e05 Episode Script

Kiss Kiss, Breach Breach

1 - Previously on "The Flash" - I'm Cisco, by the way.
You must be Gypsy.
It's nice to meet you.
- Who are you? - Daddy? You're a warrior who would fight to protect the only person I love.
I want to take the cure.
You're the person that I want to run this team when I'm gone.
Sorry I went all ice dagger-y on you.
I still don't like you.
Ramsey, don't do this.
As long as I feed, I could live forever.
So this is where you've been hiding.
Sometimes the truth is the hardest lie to see through.
And when you can't put your faith in the truth all you have left is yourself.
You're under arrest, Ramon.
- Barry, we don't have to do this.
- It's Tahiti, not Iron Heights.
I know, but we've got too much going on right now to be taking a vacation.
Okay, look.
It's two days.
All right? Ramsey's been off the grid for two weeks.
And Crisis is coming.
No matter what.
Let me take you someplace special, where we can have fruity umbrella drinks and get sand between our toes.
I do like us.
And we're even better with Mai Tais.
You gotta take a look.
It's in a book.
Hey, I thought you guys fathwoomed out of here.
We just wanted to make sure you guys were okay holding down the fort while we were gone.
We're good.
Rest easy, lovebirds.
Team Leader is my new middle name.
What was it before? Baracus.
As in Barracas, Argentina? No, as in Mr.
My mom was a big "A-Team" fan.
Wish mine was.
Could've been Hannibal Dibny.
Hannibal? Please.
You're Murdock on your best day.
You guys have fun.
I'm gonna hold it down with a little help from my friend, the Barry.
The Barry? I'm standing right here.
Not you, Barry.
Barry Allen Replicated Intelligence.
It's my decision-making algorithm.
So if there's a problem, this is gonna tell us what to do? Yes, and since it's based on his past leadership choices, it'll tell me how to handle any situation exactly like he would.
I mean, I'm flattered, I think.
What is Barry's favorite thing that I make him for breakfast? Uh banana? [COMPUTER BEEPING.]
- Huh.
- Who's next? Okay, computer, what's Barry's favorite movie? "Empire".
Oh, thank God.
Actually I mean, I've loved, loved "Empire Strikes Back" my whole life, but now that I think about it oh, my God.
My favorite movie is "Jurassic Park".
- There it is.
- How does it do that? Fuzzy logic, and AI intuition, my guy.
With the B.
by my side, it'll be like you never left.
Well, okay.
I guess we should get going.
Yes, we should.
Send me a post card.
Look, remember, I'm leaving you in charge.
I'll see you when you get back.
So you got any marching orders, boss? The B.
wants me to stay here and you to go with Frost to stake out Ramsey's lab.
I love it when a plan comes together.
Just so you know I let you follow me here.
I let you think that.
Captain Joe West.
So what brings you down here? People with your face usually have something to hide, so when my son Barry told me that there was a new Wells, I started keeping tabs on you.
I don't know how new a Wells I am, and second, keeping tabs, that's what you mean by spying on me from that nondescript sedan parked up on Lake Avenue? Well-observed.
So why are you digging holes in the city? Well, perfect stranger the reason I'm digging holes underneath the city is oh, wait you couldn't possibly understand.
- Try me.
- Nah.
No, no, no, no, no.
You need some rest.
All those late nights working on the B.
, you've barely slept this week.
Tonight, I'm gonna sleep like a child 'cause I got the B.
and I got my white noise and I got my boo.
You okay? No, not really.
I just almost went Sweeney Todd on myself.
Why would I do that? Maybe I was sleepwalking? Yeah, that's kind of your new thing.
Huh? Yeah, you woke me up last night, too.
I heard the front door shut, and you were standing there with your keys in your hand and your shoes on.
I was half-asleep, so I just put you back to bed.
Okay, why didn't you say anything? Well, I didn't think it was a big deal.
I just like a one-off, 'cause you're so exhausted.
Well, it is a big deal, and it's not a one-off anymore, is it? That's twice now that's happened.
Babe, relax.
Okay, you just launched the B.
You need time to rest that sexy brain of yours.
My brain is the Ryan Gosling of genius intellects.
Will you please let me know next time that happens? Yes.
And hide those scissors from me.
- Okay.
- Goodnight, babe.
I love y I look forward to spending time with you tomorrow.
Uh thank you.
You're welcome.
Yeah, okay, babe.
Oh, my God.
It's okay.
I know him.
He's my ex's dad.
Hey, Breacher long time no try to kill me.
What brings you to my bedroom again? Breacher? Hey.
It's Cynthia.
She's dead.
I can't believe she's gone.
And I never get to see her again.
Cynthia was tracking a high-level hacker.
Goes by the name of Echo.
She mentioned him before.
Nobody's ever been able to figure out who he really is, right? We think Cynthia did.
How he got the jump on her, we don't know.
I don't see her losing a fight to anyone.
She won the fight.
Dying here just triggered her Collector QT-net.
The quara-temporal containment barrier? Gypsy once said these barriers were like supersized vibe fields around the planet.
The Collectors put them up so a suspect can't breach their way to another world.
And only the Agency can lift it.
Meaning her killer is still here.
I'm going to avenge Cynthia's death.
And Vibe is gonna help me do it.
Cisco isn't Vibe anymore.
He decided to take the meta-human cure.
Weren't you worried about breach psychosis? It happens sometimes when you suppress your powers.
It's it's really gnarly.
How gnarly? Hallucinations, weird blackouts dry mouth.
My powers weren't suppressed.
They're gone.
Well, even without his meta-powers, Cisco can still help you.
He's a genius.
What would Barry do? The B.
wants us to go to the crime scene.
Listen, you don't have to go back there.
I'll go.
I'll come with you.
Kamilla, this could be dangerous.
I mean, we're dealing with a killer here.
I can't ask you come to with me.
You didn't.
I volunteered.
I knew you wouldn't let me down.
You can dance around with that thing all you want.
This place is a dead zone long before that wall came down.
Well, it might eventually go through.
At least I'm trying to help.
What are you doing? I'm getting us out of here.
That's what I'm doing.
Well, I have a team that could help us get out of here.
How? How are they gonna help us? No one knows we're down here.
I am a precinct captain.
I have dozens of cops and a whole support staff that depends on me 24/7.
If I don't show up for a couple of hours, - they're coming looking for me.
- All right.
Somebody's over-confident.
You know what you don't have? You don't have cell phone service.
You don't have Wi-Fi.
You have no way of telling anyone - What are you doing? - That we're down here.
- Right? - Put it away.
This is our only option.
- I'm gonna get us out of here.
- What are you doing? Stop! [BOTH GROANING.]
BOTH: What is wrong with you? Why did you not tell me that this Earth vibrational frequency is calibrated at a molecular level? - You're supposed to be the expert.
- Shh! Shush me one more time.
We gonna have a problem.
We already do.
It turns out that that fireball sapped 80 87% of the oxygen in this chamber, which means that you and I have 42 minutes left to breathe.
You know, the idea was you'd call me before he started killing people.
He showed up out of nowhere.
Rat and Pops tried to run for it.
They didn't get far.
Frost, that guy is next-level creepy.
I wouldn't go looking for him.
Smart move.
Especially without a partner.
How's business, Snake-shack? Had better days.
You mind giving us a minute? Need to have a little chat with Frosty.
What are you doing here? Looking for you.
What happened to staking out Ramsey's lab? Norvock texted me.
He said he saw Ramsey here.
Frost, as your life coach, going after Ramsey alone is probably gonna put me out of a job.
This isn't a joke.
This is a fight.
My fight.
So stay out of it.
We're a team.
Your fights are my fights, so why don't you just take a breath and try trusting a friend? I knew from day one not to trust this guy.
But we did.
And now people are dead.
So I've gotta fix this.
It wasn't that long ago that I felt the same.
Blamed myself, never asked anyone for help, and you know where it got me? Eyeball-deep in Gingold and self-pity.
So believe me when I say that life is better if you have faith in the people around you.
What? I know who Ramsey has faith in.
I gotta go.
Did you hear anything I just said? You can't go alone.
I know what I'm doing.
And don't worry.
I won't be alone.
Listen, Kamilla there's something I've been wanting to say to you.
I've been trying to figure out how to say it, but I don't know.
I think I should just come right out and say it.
- Kamilla, I - Holy crap.
I thought CCPD's crime scenes were serious.
Earth-19 Collector agents take investigations to a whole other level.
Agent Zak Zeal.
Kamilla Hwang, Cisco Ramon.
Yeah, I heard you'd be coming.
I thought you'd be taller.
You know, from the way Gypsy talked about you.
That's funny.
She never mentioned you at all.
Make sure Walker is updating the dimensional output report.
You gotta keep on them constantly when you're in charge.
Breacher understands.
Where is he, anyway? He already saw everything he needed to see.
We're here in his place.
Well, the Agency authorized you to join this investigation, so I guess I'll just have to let you.
Is there a time of death? Due to multi-dimensional signal speed, our best guess is that it happened some time between 2:30 and 4:30 a.
That's a pretty good guess.
Yeah, I know.
And we found this.
301-H energy cartridge.
Standard issue.
No prints.
Combine it with the Sigma Baryon residue we also found, and it looks like Echo killed Gypsy with a transonic-demolecularizer? Show us.
Her body, clothes, even her communicator were all vaporized.
Me being like this I don't want you to think I'm still hung up over Cynthia, or something.
Someone you cared about died.
I'd be worried if you weren't sad.
So earlier, when we first got here you were gonna say something? Kamilla We're locking down the area.
For the love of God.
You two need to leave.
I just wanted to say again how much I truly admired Gypsy.
I've got some big shoes to fill.
We're not seriously just gonna give up, are we? No, we're not.
Have you noticed he's the only one who benefits from Cynthia's death? So what's the plan? The B.
suggests a dual course of action.
First, we use the satellites to track the weapon's unique signature.
- Can you - On it.
I've been paying attention.
Second? We're gonna have to do the impossible.
Man, sit down.
We may live longer.
What evidence do you have that anyone, literally anyone, is coming down here to rescue us? I don't have any.
No? But I do have faith.
Ha! Well, then, Captain, at least you haven't lost your sense of humor.
Got light-headed, didn't you? No.
You selfishly don't believe in anything or anybody.
I used to be like that.
When my ex-wife left me and my daughter I was broken.
So much so that I went somewhere where I almost never go.
I didn't go there to pray or anything.
I went there to yell at the universe for destroying my life.
Next thing, I'm at home.
I'm so hurt that I can't even cook dinner for my for my daughter.
Doorbell rings.
I open the door to what looked like my whole neighborhood standing on my lawn who had cooked food for us.
You can have faith in anything, but it was then I realized that I I have faith in people.
According to B.
, we can use low-level delta wave vibrations to stimulate harmonic resonance in my prefrontal cortex.
If I think of memories with Cynthia, we'll be absorb the residual vibe energy from the object that killed her.
Can this machine restore my vibe powers? No, we're not the generators of the vibe, but we will be the receptors of it.
But I'm gonna have to see Cynthia die, won't I? It's the only way we have of finding out who killed her.
My white noise machine will stimulate our delta-wave patterns.
Add the shell casing as a trigger, and that'll do it.
, initiate artificial vibrational sequence.
If we want this to work, we have to make physical contact.
You murdered my daughter.
No, I didn't do it.
- Liar! - You have to believe me! Leave him alone! Where did you get that? In Cisco's workshop.
I don't know how it got there.
I do.
He just murdered my daughter with it.
I don't care what you think you saw, okay? You know Cisco.
You know how much he cared about Gypsy.
There's gotta be another explanation.
Babe, please.
What about doppelgangers? She's right.
There's thousands of other versions of me out there.
Yeah, and they're all pencil-pushers.
None of them are scientists like you! You had motive, and just enough guts to do this.
Breacher, I swear.
I don't know how this is possible.
Unless Unless breach psychosis.
Kamilla, what time did you find me sleepwalking the other night? I don't know.
Maybe 4:00 a.
You're guilty.
But you're not in your right mind.
I didn't just lose a daughter today.
I lost a son.
Because I still respect the man you were.
Now I'm gonna give you an hour to get all your affairs in order, and then turn yourself in.
Or I will end you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing? I'm gonna blow this blockade sky high.
You do that, this whole thing collapses, - we're dead.
- I do nothing, and we're dead anyway.
We still have time for my team to show up.
Enough about your team and you.
You know where I stand.
How can you have such faith? Because someone or something called The Monitor says my son is destined to die in some kind of Crisis, and the only way I can stomach any of that is have faith that his continuing life or his death is for the greater the greater the greater good.
You've seen Mar Novu? Captain.
I got you, big guy.
You're all right.
Oh, you got my text.
I called CCPD with a Ramsey update, and nobody had seen you.
Ran your plates, tracked your car to a block from here.
Your notes had this tunnel marked.
I'm guessing because of him.
Lone Ranger.
I see you got my message.
You know, it's a bit weird seeing you like this.
I guess both our looks are evolving.
Yes, I did get your message.
It reminded me of when we both used to work for your mom.
Way back when I was a resident.
You were like the daughter Mum never had.
Do you know at first I was jealous? Over time, I came to see you less as a rival and more like a sister.
And that's why I'm offering you a chance to join me.
You want to kill me, too.
I'm offering you life, Cait.
I've learned to control it, discovered its secret beauty.
This my final masterpiece, Cait.
Life eternal.
Immortality? You see? I'm no monster.
I'm a miracle.
You're talking about reversing nature.
Nature never meant for us to fly, and yet we've touched the stars, and not by being slaves to the shackles of the natural order, but by transcending them.
Take a look at your own life, Cait.
How many times have you had to say good-bye to people? How many more have you not even had the chance to do so? My mum should be here.
Your father should be here.
Your husband should be here.
Join me, and this is the end of good-byes.
No one you love will ever die again.
I've seen your version of life.
It's a nightmare, but you can still be your mother's son.
She had so much faith in you, and so do I.
You just need to have faith in yourself.
Your words are madness.
Next time won't be a choice.
Look, we have to face the facts.
And I have to own up to whatever it is that I did.
You're gonna turn yourself in? I have to.
I can't trust myself anymore.
Anymore? You stopped trusting yourself the moment Barry asked you to take over as team leader.
I mean, you built this elaborate device just so you wouldn't have to make any decisions for yourself.
- That's - Let me make this decision for you.
You are innocent.
How can you be so sure? Because I have faith in you.
The real question is why don't you have any faith in yourself? Because Barry's gonna die.
What if I can't keep people safe the way he does? I'm not the Flash.
Barry didn't choose you to be the Flash.
He chose you to be you.
All these doubts, they aren't you.
They're just noise in your head.
It's been in Wi-Fi mode this whole time.
What is it? This code.
It's turned my white noise machine into a micro neural impulse disruptor that could go all "Wreck-It-Ralph" on my brainwaves.
It might even look like breach psychosis.
Who'd be smart enough to code like that? Me.
Sometimes the truth is the hardest lie to see through.
When you can't put your faith in the truth all you have left is yourself.
You're under arrest, Ramon.
I surrender.
I'm guilty.
Suspect is in custody.
Initiate QT-net removal so the prisoner can be transferred to Earth-19.
- Copy that.
- Breacher.
That holo-cube will tell you everything you need to know about what happened to Cynthia.
QT-net is off.
QT-net's down, sir.
I'll cuff him.
Sorry it had to go down this way but I needed you to lift the net.
Re-engage the QT-net.
That'll take four minutes.
I don't care if it'll take four minutes.
Just get on with it! [GRUNTS.]
I hate force fields.
- I know.
- Cisco.
You think I'm gonna let the man that murdered my daughter escape? No, sir.
And neither am I.
I'm here.
There's no sign of him.
His breach portal energy puts him at the east end of the warehouse.
Game over, Echo.
Oh, no.
You found me.
How did you find me? I tricked the Collectors into lifting the QT-net.
When they did, I knew you'd jump at the chance to get out of here and try to open a breach.
I just had to track the portal energy.
Babe, just get him back here so the agents can take him down.
You have approximately two minutes before my ride out of here boots up.
I go bye-bye, and you take my place in Earth-19 Collector jail, but you're the one with the gun.
So do you have it in you to stop me? I guess we'll find out, won't we? You are an anomaly.
Makes me wonder why it was so easy to frame you.
Don't you want to know how I did it? You might learn something.
No, I pretty much figured it all out.
After you got here, you killed the top agent in the Collective, but you still needed a way out.
So you used your face to get into S.
Labs and plant this gun in my workshop.
Is that right? So far, so good.
But hacking my white noise machine to make me sleepwalk [SCREAMS.]
That's when you tipped your hand.
I'd recognize that coding anywhere.
And since didn't hack it, I knew it had to be some other version of me.
I'm not just some other version of you.
I specialize in hacking multiversal databases to create new identities.
I could change your world in an instant.
You see, somewhere out there is a Cisco Ramon who isn't as lucky as you are, who doesn't have the job, the mind, the life you have.
But if the price is right, Echo can reverse those fortunes.
And you might just wake up tomorrow living someone else's life.
Is that why you killed her, so you could keep peddling these fake identities to people? I didn't kill Gypsy.
You did.
I'll give her this.
She was a formidable fighter.
But not even the smartest guy in the room could beat her in hand-to-hand combat, but it didn't matter.
Even though she'd been chasing me for years, she never even knew what I looked like.
So when she caught me, and she saw my face, all it took was one moment, one moment of her flinching, and that gave me the second I needed to use that gun, the same gun that's in your hands right now.
Do you need me to spell it out for you, genius? Gypsy is dead because when she saw me, she saw you.
Stop talking.
She didn't have to die.
She couldn't let me go.
She breached me to this Earth and I vaporized her.
Don't feel bad, Cisco.
You're just not wired like me.
You're right.
I'm a hell of a lot smarter.
I programmed that weapon to trigger an anti-vibrational force field around whoever fires it.
In this case that's you, genius.
Did you get my holo-cube message? Took you long enough.
Echo is in an Earth-19 cell.
Where he belongs.
I'm sorry I lost faith in you, Cisky.
You know what? It's okay.
Things were looking pretty bad there for a second.
But what I don't get, if she was dying, why come here? Because she knew you would bring Echo to justice.
She had to lure him here, to this Earth.
She never lost faith in you, Cisco.
Now that this is over with, what am I gonna do? Same thing I have to do.
We start healing.
I want to invite you to Cynthia's remembrance ceremony on Earth-19.
You, too.
I'd be honored.
Cynthia would've liked you.
I do, too.
What's not to love? Awkward.
I have to go now.
Well, uh, yeah.
I, um Well, we haven't said it.
Yeah, I know.
So yeah, I, um Me too.
Oh, thank God.
Please tell me you went home at some point.
I knew I smelled SPF 90.
- How was it? - Amazing.
15 beaches in 24 hours, one of the many perks of marrying a speedster.
Yo, Chester's energy level's already up to 87%? Yeah, yeah.
The, uh the M.
's gonna be done cooking him up any day now.
So the B.
was a success? Uh, actually, I had to get rid of it.
I did use it try to use it at first, but over time, I finally realized And you already knew that was gonna happen.
It's just more proof that you're the right person to lead the team.
Cisco, we got your message.
I'm I'm really sorry to hear about Gypsy.
Some things you never get over.
But her service is next week.
You want us to come with you? Yeah.
I mean, we loved her, too.
Thank you.
Uh, Kamilla's coming with me, so I'm very lucky to have her.
Is it wrong to feel that way I mean, with everything that just happened? It's like I'm moving on, What kind of person does that? Someone who is very much in love.
It's funny.
Cynthia wasn't the person I ended up with, but, um, I think she taught me how to be the person I needed to be for when the right person came along, and for that, I will never forget her.
Your vitals are good, Joe.
You know, in all the hubbub of saving your keisters, I never got to ask what the hell you were doing down there.
Hey, 1940s, no one says "keisters".
Nash, if you would just tell us what you're looking for down there, we might be able to help you.
All right, tomorrow morning, 9:00, tunnels.
Bring your whole fancy team.
Why should we do that? 'Cause I know how to save Barry Allen.