The Flash (2014) s06e06 Episode Script

License To Elongate

1 Previously on "The Flash" The disappearance of Sue Dearbon.
I don't think I've ever seen you this devoted to a case.
I want to become a defense attorney for meta-humans.
Meet Chester P.
He opened a black hole by accident.
What up, party people? Also where am I? His molecules need to re-stabilize at the subatomic level.
And when he does get out, that boy knows exactly what he wants to do.
Gonna ask Natalie out? But you cannot avoid the coming crisis.
- Tell me what I can do.
- The Flash must die.
Nash, if you could just tell us what you're looking for down there, we might be able to help you.
So this is where you've been hiding.
I know how to save Barry Allen.
This is what I do.
I don't just solve mysteries, I bust myths.
I bust them wide open.
You said you could save Barry.
Tell us what you meant.
The truth.
Do you know what you're dealing with? The Monitor, Mar Novu, or whatever we calls himself.
- Are you saying the Monitor's here? - That's right.
You tracked a Multiverse god down to a hole? And he's going to do here what he has done on all these other Earths create fear because the Monitor is a fraud.
He's a false god.
One that I intend to take down, thereby saving your husband.
If my calculations are correct, behind these rocks there's an inter-dimensional portal, and that portal will lead us directly to Mar Novu.
He's been here all along.
He has nowhere to run.
Back up.
Yeah, uh, no.
I wouldn't do it Barry! Barry.
Did you know that would happen? Yeah.
Look, this is just another one of Mar Novu's tricks.
These rocks are infused with Eternium, and that creates an anti-vibrational force field that - No phasing.
- No phasing, correct.
So how do we get through? I've got a jackhammer in my car, so Uh, no.
Any contact with the Eternium in this sediment could cause a catastrophic molecular blast.
Everybody dies.
No instead, all I need is an artifact.
One that will illuminate the Eternium so I can know what rocks to dig around.
Simple, and I'd know where to find that artifact.
What up, party people? Uh, hello? Where is everybody? Chester P.
Chester P.
, my brother.
You have a multi-billion dollar bleeding edge tech facility all to yourself.
- Only thing I gotta say - Whoo! It's the vibration, the good sensation Everybody wanna dance He has everything.
Incoming! A sonic wrench? Good morning, guv'nor! I'm the Doctor! Phew! They have a multi-rigged private global satellite surveillance system? Ah! Time to check my emails.
Disabled? I'm going again.
I'm going again.
Killer Frost.
The one day I get watch duty.
Uh, what does this mean? Looks like technically you're dead.
Oh! Can I touch it? Mm-hmm.
The official Elongated Man emblem.
He's gonna scream.
He's gonna be so surprised.
I've been preparing the whole team for life after Crisis, but Central City also has to be ready for a world without Flash, and Elongated Man should be its sole protector once I'm gone.
As far as Ralph knows, he's coming to CCPD for a routine deposition tomorrow, when it's really a press conference to pass the torch.
Hey guys.
Yo! Got your message, Joe.
Hey Ralph, I talked to an old friend about your Dearbon case.
I got the address you were looking for in Midway City.
If I were you, I would go check it out after the deposition tomorrow.
Why put off tomorrow what you can do it today, right? - Thanks.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Um, you're gonna be back from Midway by tomorrow morning, right? It's a routine deposition.
You can handle it.
Why don't I tag along? I'll speed things up a bit.
You wanna help me with a PI case? Yeah, definitely.
It'll be fun.
I'll follow your lead.
This looks like it's gonna take awhile.
Not if you know how to work the system.
I spent the whole summer hobnobbing with the rich, famous, and the infamous.
Relax, I got this.
Yeah, I can't imagine spending a whole summer undercover with this crowd.
What does a gala event have to do with Sue's disappearance anyway? Right before Sue vanished, she was seen wearing a one-of-a-kind Victoria Veil dress in Milan.
This photo was taken three weeks ago.
It's the exact same dress.
Sue was here.
And either she's still here or somebody in there knows why she isn't.
Time to suit up.
Lose the ring, pal.
This is how we suit up tonight.
So if anyone here knows where Sue is, it'll be the party's host.
There's hundreds of people in here.
How do we narrow it down? Golden tile, sir.
Thank you.
The VIP lounge.
That's where anyone who's anyone will be going to kiss the proverbial ring.
We need to get in there.
Here, mine was tight too.
Just let me Now I have ten selfies of inside Barry Allen's nose.
A camera tie? What, you have a knife shoe and a grapple-hook belt too? Maybe.
You like it better with my lips Time to charm.
Wait for my signal.
Ralph, what's the Against the wall And here I thought the paintings would be the most beautiful thing tonight.
I was wrong.
You know you like it Ralph Dibny.
January Galore.
I haven't seen you at one of these events before.
That's because I spent the last year on my island in Dubai.
My partner and I sold our corporation.
Barry? GinGold martini.
Shaken, not stirred.
Congratulations on selling your corporation, Barry.
I do hope you reinvested your profits in collateralized loan obligations.
Yes, we recently sold our company for many millions of dollars.
Do you know our host? - Mr.
Meyers? - Yes, Mr.
The host of this event is Remington Meister.
You both crashed this event, didn't you? Would you like some free advice? I'd leave before someone scary comes and finds you.
Well, that did not go well.
Yes, it did.
Our VIP ticket.
- Harrison Wells? - Ah! Okay, who are you? - Allegra.
- You're the intern.
So maybe you can help me with something.
Uh, I'm looking for a UV emitter, and my scanner tells me there is a UV emitter right around here.
You're supposed to be dead.
What happened? Did you fake your own death? What? Oh, no.
So you, uh, no.
You think I'm Harrison Wells.
I'm not Harrison Wells.
My name is Nash.
Nash Wells.
You look just like him.
Yeah, well, doppelgangers are like that.
Oh Stupid Earth.
- Okay, Accelerant.
- Allegra.
I'm doing a dig, all right? I need UV rays to complete my dig.
You, according to my gauntlet Are a meta-human with UV capabilities.
You see where I'm going here? You want me to use my powers to help you? - Yes! - I can't help you.
What? Why not? Never mind.
The answer is no.
Allegra, I will make you a deal.
You help me with the UV thing, and I will give you the scoop of the century.
Doppelgangers, Multiverse, and potentially the end of all life as we know it.
Now how does that sound to you? Tell me more about this Multiverse.
The bank unfroze your accounts, and maybe I erased your parking tickets when I got your driver's license reinstated.
Thanks, Cecile! Oh, your clients are lucky to have you.
Hey, speaking of, I should let you get back to doing your job.
Thank you so much for everything that you've done.
Wait, you know what? Hey, Chester.
I got I got a little time.
Is there is there anything else that you could use some help with.
Hmm, nope.
All is good in Chester-hood.
Wait! Don't go! Don't go! Are you sure? Like are you sure-sure? Anything at all that I could help you with? I mean, think hard.
There is something.
I knew it! Okay, sock it to me.
Jitters is gone, right? Which means that I'll never see Na their coffee again.
Yeah, I'm thinking that by coffee, you mean Natalie? I was gonna ask her out after I filled out my Vibe-acino punch card.
But it's too late now, so Sorry, I I know this isn't a lawyer problem at all.
No, it's not, but it is a meta-empath problem.
You got you got powers? Oh, I have powers.
Oh, that's so cool! That's so cool! That must've been a major conflict of interest as a DA though.
It was.
Uh, but those powers are about to help you ask out Natalie.
- Yeah! - Let's do it.
- Yeah! - Okay, we're doing it.
Very few of my guests have the tapferkeit to challenge me like this.
After all, I'm the master of this ring.
Strict rules of Mahjong? But of course.
Oh, so gentlemen, I don't think we have been introduced.
I'm Remington Meister, your host.
And you are? The name's Dibny.
Ralph Dibny.
Barry Well, nice to meet you, Allen Barry and Ralph Dibny.
Hmm, and what brings you to my wonderful grosse feier? Sue Dearbon.
Sue? A, uh, fiercely intelligent young woman.
- She's a friend of yours? - Um I'm an admirer of hers.
Ah, you have taste, Mr.
And I wish I could be a more auspicious host and introduce you, but I'm afraid Ms.
Dearbon isn't here.
In fact, I don't think I've seen her at any social event in over six months.
Perhaps she'll attend an event in your facility soon.
And, uh, where was that? What? - Paris.
- Dubai.
We run a multi-city import/export company.
Hmm! Maybe she's still on the guest list.
You know, just in case.
You think I should check? Sure, yeah.
Idna! That's a beautiful dress.
Is this one-of-a-kind? Two-of-a-kind, actually.
Even the most stubborn designer's one-of-a-kind outfit has a price.
So true! So true! I'm impressed.
You have quite the eye for fashion.
Sue Dearbon is not on the list.
And strange neither are you.
Well, when an auction like yours pops up, no list can keep us away.
I like you.
Him? Nicht so viel.
Oh! Mahjong.
I win.
Such a pleasure to meet you both.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
I'm sorry, man.
I thought I had that.
I we should get back to Central City.
Put our friend above on high alert.
I tracked down the woman who designed Sue's dress in the Milan.
- Yeah.
- It turns out that Idna did commission her to make another one.
So I think what we gotta do next is probably Ralph, Sue's not here.
We just got made and we just hit a dead end.
We should head back to Central City.
Barry, if Meister wanted us out of here, we'd be gone already.
Take a whiff, would ya? Something doesn't smell right here.
Ralph, I know you care about this Sue case, but we're grasping at straws.
I'm not even sure there's a mystery here.
Really? You're not sure? You see that guy with the eye patch right there? That's Riggs Wellington.
he's a shady Bratva counterfeiter.
And January Galore? She's an underground weapons dealer.
That guy right there, he's a drug kingpin.
The woman he's talking to is a mob boss.
If this is a party for criminals, then the Flash and Elongated Man need to take over.
Pump the brakes, would ya? There's a time and a place for masks and cowls, but this is not it.
This Meister, he's up to something.
We need to find out what it is, no matter how long it takes.
Ralph, tomorrow we have we have the deposition Lay off the whole deposition thing, would ya? CCPD can wait.
I can search this whole place in seconds.
Barry, I realize that you want to help and I appreciate that, but this is not Central City, these people are not metas.
This is a time for our human identities.
Finesse, remember? - I just need some time, okay? - Okay.
Here's the deal.
I made a coffee order with the new Jitters-To-Go service.
That's where Natalie works now.
So when she arrives, I am going to read her emotion, and then I'm gonna tell you what to say.
- What if she says no? - She's not gonna say no! Not with my help.
And I'm here too.
My good deed for the day was to help somebody, and I couldn't find anyone less annoying.
Really? Hey, I have a delivery for Chester P.
Runk? Yep, that's that's that's, uh, that's me.
- Wow.
12 Vibe-acinos.
- Yeah.
Chester, she's feeling impressed.
A big order like that, it shows her that you are a man with means.
Yeah, well, you know, I'm a kind of a big spender, you know? Can't take it with you, right? Sure.
I guess.
Do you need a receipt? Are you sure you're reading her right? Yeah! Of course.
Um, um, hey Chester, she's yearning for validation.
So pay her a compliment.
She's feeling very strong, positive feelings about her shoes.
Uh, I man.
I really like your shoes.
These old things? Yuck.
I lost my favorite kicks to a black hole.
That's, uh, that's rough.
You are totally missing the mark.
You're not helping! Uh, Chester, be assertive.
Don't let her leave without asking her out.
Uh, Natalie.
Uh, before you go, I was wondering if if we could, you know, I I could carry this crate for you.
- Oh, it's not a problem.
- Yes, it is.
She wants you to be chivalrous.
Help her now! Girl, I got it.
Pardon moi? I could pay for this.
Yeah, I think you've done enough.
I'm no expert, but the Book of Ralph says that when you ask someone out, you should just be yourself.
How is he supposed to be himself when he doesn't even know who he is anymore? And these different Earths have existed simultaneously since Well, since, uh let's see.
Oh, the dawn of time.
Well, how come nobody knows about this? I mean, stuff this big? The public should be made aware.
People know.
Just the right people.
The general public? No, no.
No, that would not be good.
They would lose their minds.
Right, I mean it's all so - Epic.
- Yes, it's epic.
Doppelgangers, anti-matter events, and speedsters juggling dual identities, like the Flash and Barry Allen.
Wait, what? What? My boss' husband is the Flash? Mm-hmm.
- Ah, nobody tells me anything.
- But then, of course, let's not forget the villain of this story the Monitor.
Hmm, yeah.
The cosmic imposter with delusions of grandeur.
That is why I'm gonna take that fraud down permanently.
You're gonna kill this Novu guy? Enough story time.
Time for you to hold up your end of the bargain.
Wait, can you explain doppelgangers? Sure, absolutely.
I can, but first Let's have you zap this with your meta UV lights, so I can find out what rocks to avoid when I excavate.
And go.
I I I can't.
Yes, you can.
You're a meta.
It's who you are.
No, it it's not.
It is, and also we had a deal.
- Well, the deal's off.
- What? I'm not gonna be some weapon you use to hurt others.
I'm not asking you to be the weapon.
It's not who I am.
All right, let's see what we got here.
Something tells me that ain't a Johnny Cash song.
Damn it, Ralph.
She's not here.
They're all here to bid on this.
Come on, come on.
Meta target acquired.
Hey, hey.
Don't bother.
It's meta-dampened.
I must say, I did not expect Central City's resident superhero to crash my little gathering.
And I must say, I'm surprised by all the Bond villain clichés.
I mean, you've got the accent, the diabolical scheme, even the silent but deadly henchperson.
Ultraviolet? I sent you to Iron Heights.
Luckily, she has friends in low places.
And let me guess, you're gonna add my unmasking to your little auction? Oh, I could care less about your secret identity, Flash.
My interests are global.
And to think, Mr.
Dibny, that it was the Flash that set off my meta-activity monitor that then triggered the security protocols that got you caught.
Danke schon.
I am very curious, though, as to why you are really here.
Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr.
Dibny I expect you to die.
Oh, come on.
That line is literally from "Goldfinger.
" And so is this.
Behold, a state-of-the-art industrial laser canon.
It will shoot a deadly beam zap! through the both of you the moment Central City is destroyed.
You're gonna kill millions of innocent people just to sell your weapon? Yeah.
Enjoy the show.
Got lost, didn't you? What? No.
- No? - Maybe.
Shut up.
I freaked you out, didn't I? Watching Rag Doll eat while in Iron Heights is freaky.
Sure it is.
So why the disappearing act? Actually, let me pause at theory on that.
I think you're afraid to use your powers because if you do, you think you'll become like someone.
Someone you know, someone you hate.
How am I doing? My cousin, Esperanza, she has the same powers as me, only she uses them to murder people.
You're not your cousin.
But if I start using my powers, what's to stop me from becoming like her? Because, Allegra, in this life we choose.
We choose who we are.
So if you choose to use your incredible powers, that does not make you anything like Esperanza unless you choose that.
I'm not Esperanza.
Who are you? I'm Allegra.
Allegra Garcia.
Well, that was anti-climatic.
Did I do it? Yes.
I think you did.
How you holding up? Hmm, like Alderaan on a bad day.
You look pretty emotionally vaporized too.
Okay, Chester, I I think that I was using your problems as a distraction from my own feelings, and my internal compass was completely off, and that made me sense the opposite of what Natalie was feeling.
And I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
I've had these powers for two years now, and I'm still figuring them out.
How you feeling now? Oh, uh, honestly, I don't know.
Let's pretend I'm the empath.
What kind of feelings would you be putting off? - No, no.
Stare into my eyes.
- Okay.
And imagine my pupils are swirling.
And and swirling, and swirling.
Okay, honey, that's a hypnotist, not an empath, but I really appreciate the effort.
- Yeah, uh - Yeah, you're right.
How am I feeling? I'm oh, my God.
I'm freaking out.
You know, I was a DA for 20 years, and they just boom, replaced me overnight.
And now I feel like I don't exactly know who I am anymore, and if I fail at this meta-attorney thing, I can't go back.
Yeah, but you didn't fail me.
You know, I think the two of us just need to trust that the real us will always shine through.
Which is why I will embrace the new me by finally asking out Natalie.
You know, seize the moment and all that.
And maybe you should too.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Maybe I should too.
I should've listened to you.
If we'd done things your way, we wouldn't have gotten caught.
Maybe I should be handing Central City over to Ralph Dibny rather than Elongated Man.
What are you talking about? There's no deposition.
I planned a press conference to present you as Central City's official protector.
Because of this coming Crisis, I have to prepare the city for a world without Flash.
I'm, uh I'm honored that you think that I could help fill your shoes.
Look, tonight's job was for Ralph Dibny because both parts of my identity have value.
The same is true for you, only tonight I could've used your civilian half.
What I'm trying to say is Barry Allen is just as important as the Flash.
Try to remember that.
I know I will.
You know, can you reach my cufflink? - What? - Grab my cufflink.
- Yeah.
- Got it.
All right, I got it.
Okay, on three, I want you to flick it at that laser cannon.
One, two, flick! All right, I got it.
It's down.
- Whoa, watch out.
- What was that? Okay, uh, what do we do? I don't know.
Uh, what do we do? Ah! Jeez! How do we stop that? - There's a pattern.
- Really? All right, when I say now fling ourselves to the left.
- Right.
- The left! Now! We have to stop Meister.
He's got Ultraviolet protecting him.
Her powers could kill us both.
Then let's do things your way, with a little finesse.
Time to suit up.
Good evening, meine freunde.
The moment that you've all been waiting for is here.
Let the auction begin.
The EYE-3C9 satellite system, or as I'd like to call it the Ring of Fire, is equipped with 15 dioptric long-range missiles.
Simply use this console to enter our desired coordinates, and then sit back and watch hellfire reign down on your enemies.
Perhaps a little demonstration now, yes? This isn't the bathroom.
Sorry, sorry.
Allen Barry, I see you have found the open bar.
Keep her busy till I get to that console.
I'll bid on your stupid laptop.
$500 million.
$500 million and one dollar.
"Price is Right" rules.
Ultraviolet, uh, gently escort Mr.
Barry out, but don't burn his money.
I love "Mortal Kombat"! Mr.
Dibny, we meet again.
You've got to take it easy on the Bond quotes, man.
You know what my favorite part is? "Finish him!" You know, usually I allow Ultraviolet to do the killing.
But for you, I'll make an exception.
- Ha! - Come on! Fire in the hole.
Thanks for dropping in.
Really? Adjusting your tie? Adjusting the flash.
Nice job, man.
Your performance Wunderbar, Mr.
The name's Allen.
Barry Allen.
Remington Meister's crime ring is over.
Glad we got Remington, but I'm sorry we didn't find Sue.
My nose tells me there's more to that case than I imagine.
- You'll find her.
- I will.
And in the meantime, I'll be busy keeping Central City safe.
We still on for that ceremony today, Joe? Oh yeah, see you there.
So did you do it? Did you embrace your new identity? Did you see Natalie? Did you ask her out? - Did she say yes? - Yes, yes, and no.
Chester, I'm so sorry.
Are you okay? I've actually never felt better.
Uh, the last time I went to ask Natalie out, I was scared as hell.
Today, I conquered that fear.
Yo, she said no, but I said yes to me.
All right, well, I am very happy for you.
I think.
Hey, you're you're marketing your firm.
Yeah, yeah, it is the first step in embracing the new me.
You know, I wanted to thank you for your encouragement.
And speaking of encouragement, you know, you'd fit in nicely at S.
Don't be a stranger.
That would be so epic! Epic.
Here you go.
Better? Yeah, thanks.
You're welcome.
Why are you being so nice to me? Let's just say you remind me of someone.
- Another doppelganger.
- Something like that.
Hey, um Good job.
The last five years, I've tried to keep Central City safe.
But as new threats arise, you'll need more than me.
Which is why I'm proud to recognize a hero who's put his life on the line for this city time and time again.
A hero who deserves our recognition.
The Elongated Man.
Now Central City has another symbol of hope.
To every woman, every man, and every child listening today, I have wanted to protect Central City since before I ever even got my powers.
This is my home and I love it here.
And so today, I hereby promise that I will defend Central City with my dying breath.
Before we wrap up, there is someone that Captain West and I would like to bring up here.
CSI Barry Allen, please come up.
What are you doing? Uh, those who wear capes and costumes aren't the only ones that keep us safe.
There are some unsung heroes as well, like this man.
This man has solved crimes to give mourning families justice.
He's a CCPD team member who's never given up on a single case.
This man has saved Central City more times than anyone knows.
So it's time that we thank him.
It's time that that I thank him.
So without further ado Officer Barry Allen, on behalf of CCPD, we present you with their highest honor the Medal of Honor.
Thank you for your service.
Pretty cool, huh? Look how shiny it is.
Yeah, that's great, Ralph.
Um, is this why you wanted to meet me? Yes.
And I wanted to show you this.
I took it at Meister's party.
I recognize that pin.
Guess who else showed up in Midway City? Ultraviolet? Thanks, Ralph.
"The Citizen" is on it.
Great press conference.
I have a follow up question.