The Flash (2014) s07e13 Episode Script


Your tea's ready, babe.
I can't thank your aunt enough for taking care of Jenna.
I now am left with some free time to look after my lady.
Loving that.
But are you sure I'm not distracting you? You look like you got a lot going on.
Well, I thought that [sighs.]
when I left the force, that I would dig into Kristen Kramer's background.
You know, see what she wants with this city's metas, since she's replaced me as captain.
And look, everything I've dug up so far looks like this.
I actually have something for you.
So, one of my pro bono clients is a meta who's also an army vet.
I was prepping for his deposition, and I came across a name I think you might find interesting.
- Kristen Kramer? - Yep.
This says they served together at Fort Dakota, but her DODs doesn't say that.
Maybe it's an oversight? Or it could be that she doesn't want anybody to know that she served there.
If these files are still around, they're here.
I'll be back in a couple of hours.
Good luck.
[door opens.]
[door shuts.]
Help! Somebody help me! Let me out! Please! [sobbing.]
Somebody help me.
This is new.
Uh, frack.
Was I supposed to ask before I changed everything? Because, look, I kept the pinball machine.
And Frost is going to love that.
It's just, I've never seen this room without all of Cisco's stuff in it.
Which I totally understand.
I'll tell you what, it ain't no thing, I can take all my junk back to my garage, and then Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down, Chester, okay? I just said it's different.
That's not necessarily a bad thing.
And look, S.
Labs is your lab, and we want you to feel at home here, too.
Thank you for saying that, because it took a very long time to set up these stealth audio speakers.
[upbeat music playing.]
Whoo! Come on, girl.
Get your groove on.
Oh, no, I have two left feet.
No worries.
I will teach you the basics, which I might add, I learned from building robots.
You know what I think we need? I think we need some more [louder.]
bass up in here.
[static crackling.]
I said I think Just one sec.
I said, I think we need some more bass up in here.
Oh! [clears throat.]
Uh Not to worry.
We have a replacement cable just like this one in the Starchives.
LB, shelf 52.
Wow, you're inventorying the Starchives as well.
Cisco really did leave us in good hands.
Well, learned from the best.
Now, don't go anywhere, because when I get back our dance lesson shall commence.
Our dance lesson shall commence, ah, ah [scatting.]
Oh, who put you down here, little fella? You're supposed to be [clanging.]
Hello? [whispering.]
Anybody there? Hey, Chester.
- Hey, man.
- How you doing? I'm I'm fine.
What are you doing down here? Hey, Chester.
- Iris.
- Hey, it's me.
What are you What are you Wait.
If you're down here and he's down here then That would mean - No man.
- Oh, my.
- We were just - Um, cataloguing.
- Yeah, cataloguing.
- See? Hmm.
Your hair Your hair's kinda Um, I have that call I was telling That work call I was telling you about.
So I'm gonna go do that, okay? - You boys have fun.
Okay, bye.
- Okay.
[exhales awkwardly.]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Sorry about this, but, you know, after everything that happened with the Forces, Iris and I, we've decided to start trying Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, no, cool.
Nice, bro.
Nice, cool, cool.
- Yeah, well - I don't need to know.
- I don't need to know.
We good, man.
- All right, cool.
Yeah, actually, that's Cecile.
She needs help with a case, so I should go.
Cool, cool.
Yeah, yeah.
Cisco, you did not warn me about this.
So, what do you think? Does my client have a case? I mean, as you know, the state says your meta client Erik Frye used his pyro kinetic powers to burn the building.
But CSI has found butane at the scene.
So, obviously seems more like human arson.
Sounds like reasonable doubt to me.
Great work, Barr.
This case, does it feel familiar to you? Didn't you defend someone like this a few years ago? Whoa.
Are you okay? I don't know, I feel numb all of a sudden.
What's the matter, Barry? Getting ill? I can't see.
- What are you doing to me? - Getting you out of the way.
I have a plan, Barry Allen, and you need to be gone for it to work.
One more thing.
I'm not Cecile.
[distorted voice.]
Your mind belongs to me now.
So just let go.
What the hell? [Cecile.]
Is it really you? I don't know what happened.
One second, he was helping me with a case, and the next he just passed out.
Barry's brain waves are oscillating at 0.
5 hertz, which is typical of a coma patient.
Look with EEG picked up.
It appears to be some sort of psychic neurofeedback signal.
I think that's what's causing this brain activity, but I've never seen anything like it.
If Barry's brain activity stays like this he could be comatose for the rest of his life.
We need to figure out who did this and fast.
Okay, and how do we do that? Well This may be a long shot, but What? Me? Oh.
Yeah, I would love to try, but, guys, I'm just an empath.
Cecile, if you use your powers on Barry's brain, you'll be able to sense if there's someone else's emotions that are active within his mind.
Chester's right.
It could work.
Okay, I'll give it a shot.
[Cecile exhales.]
Barry's emotions I can't sense them, but I can feel something else.
Something cold, like madness.
I can see something now, I can see something It's a It's like a light in the middle of all of that darkness shining, glowing gold? Like a golden mask? Sweet Ira Cooper.
Folks, I think I know who did this.
So, Cecile, the mask that you saw, did it look like this? Mm.
- Psycho Pirate.
I knew it.
- Roger Hayden? He was a patient at Arkham Asylum who we fought.
He claimed that he got psychic powers from a mask he stole from the Kahndaqi embassy.
But no one believed him because he was certifiably insane.
I don't get it.
Why would Hayden go after the Flash? He didn't.
He is at Arkham.
But the mask isn't.
It says here that after the breakout, Arkham returned the mask to the embassy.
But then they donated it to the Central City Museum.
It's going on display tomorrow, as a part of an exhibition.
They have no idea just how dangerous this thing really is.
According to legends, the warrior Gilgamesh used the gold mask to imprison a powerful demon, or what we might consider today as an ancient psychic meta-human.
Over the centuries, the mask has popped up all over the world, the Yoruba tribe in Africa, 17th-century pirates, all the way up to Hayden.
Now, the story goes, if you wear the mask, it doesn't just give you powers.
It feeds off of your mind, leaving you insane and leaving the mask in search of a new wearer.
A psychic parasite moving from host to host.
And now it found a brain that's capable of speed thinking.
So it's the mask that's attacking Barry.
But Barry's not wearing the mask.
No, the neurofeedback signal must be the mask trying to start feeding.
And now that it's touched something, it'll just keep feeding and feeding until it gets rid of all the brain waves.
What about the cerebral inhibitor that you guys used on DeVoe? That would stop the signal and get Barry's brain functioning again.
But we'd need the mask here to do that.
It's too bad you can't just grab the mask from the museum, huh? Why can't we? Cecile? [Cecile sobbing.]
Are you okay? I don't know.
I don't know.
I'm so happy to see you.
It's okay.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
Wherever here is.
Do you have any idea where we are? The last thing I remember is, I was I was at home with Joe and there was a storm.
[thunder crashing.]
And then I woke up.
And I was locked in this room.
Cecile, the force storm was two weeks ago.
What? Have you been in here this whole time all alone? Barry, I don't think there is any way out of this place.
Then we have to make one.
Before I got here, I thought I was talking to you.
I think whoever trapped us here took over your body.
Who could do something like that? I'm not sure.
I don't know.
Bashir, maybe, but Bashir's on our side now, so I don't think this was him.
I don't have my powers.
When I was in Grodd's mind, he trapped me in one of his old cages.
If this If this is a mindscape like that was, maybe this asylum is a memory.
But whose memory is it? And why trap us here now? [door opens.]
[door creaking.]
Has that ever happened? No.
All right, we have to see if there's a way out of this place.
Barry, wait.
Your powers aren't working.
What if it's not safe out there? What if What if it's not safe and what happens if we die in a mindscape? Then we die in real life, too.
But we're not the only ones in danger here.
Whoever took over your body could hurt Joe or Iris.
All right, look, if there's any chance we can escape, we have to take it.
[door creaking.]
Barry's still losing brain activity.
How long till we get our hands on that mask? Okay, so heists aren't really my expertise, but Cisco did leave me a number to call in case of an emergency.
It's a good thing, too.
'Cause this one sounds like a doozy.
So, the mask goes on display tomorrow.
But for tonight, it's on lockdown in Central City Museum's state-of-the-art restoration lab.
Hermetically sealed and protected by a laser security grid system that's sensitive enough to detect a dust mite.
Which is nothing I can't handle.
There is one snag, though.
The museum just installed a bleeding-edge Montgomery 5000 vault.
It has a passcode that changes every day.
The only person that knows that code is the security guard.
Hold up.
Huh? You could put some kind of empathic whammy on him.
You know, like, get into the guard's noggin with your powers.
I'm not a mind reader, Chester.
Okay, but But maybe if I get close enough to the guard, I could try transferring my emotions into him, making him anxious enough to want to open the vault door for us.
But no No, it's way too risky.
Look, I am a lawyer.
I am not a cat burglar.
There's no way I can pull that off.
Uh, yes, you can.
I know you, Cecile.
You're just as brave and as capable as the rest of us.
Look, all you need to do is follow Sue in after you disable the lasers, right? Mm-hmm.
Joe is never gonna believe this.
Okay, then.
I'm definitely gonna need a better outfit for breaking and entering.
Feeling pretty confident, huh? Oh, I am now.
You planned that heist so fast, you made Dom Toretto in Fast Five look like Dom Toretto in Fast One.
About that, is there anything about this whole situation that seems kind of, I don't know, odd to you? I mean, we ID'd our target an hour ago and we've done zero recon.
It's Heist 101.
You think it's almost too easy.
Okay, look, ever since I got here, I've been training my butt off for craziness exactly like this.
Okay, so, I've done my homework.
I've checked the math.
Heck, this isn't even the first time I've helped save Barry's brain.
Team Flash just makes it look easy.
We got this.
If you say so.
You know, we got this.
Yeah, we got this.
Looks like security just switched shifts.
Ilsa Faust, you are good to go.
I'm in.
How's it looking? Well, I'll know in a second.
Oh, those are some serious lasers.
Oh, this is nothing.
You should see what Ralph and I faced in Tunisia.
[classical instrumental music playing.]
Lasers are clear.
You learned that in Tunisia? No.
DeMatteis Academy of Dance.
She's good to go.
Yeah! Okay.
I remember why I hate rock climbing.
You're doing great.
Let's find that security guard and get in there.
All these doors are locked.
I think we should try another floor.
It's a one-story building.
I think that we should just double back.
What was that? Barry, don't.
It's okay.
Come on.
What is that? That's our way out.
I've seen portals like this before.
We go through there, we're home-free.
[maniacal laughter.]
[maniacal laughter.]
What the hell? - Barry, we gotta go.
- Hold on.
Hello? Are you okay? Please forget her.
We gotta get out of here.
Something's not right.
Who are you? Are you trapped here too? Barry, let's go.
We can help you.
[laughs maniacally.]
[distorted voice.]
Have a nice day, Barry.
Cecile [laughs maniacally.]
[machine beeps rapidly.]
No, I've got to make sure everything is still there.
[lock beeps.]
Vault's secured.
[Iris West.]
Be very careful.
Until we get that mask secure in S.
Labs, consider it dangerous.
Guys, we've got a serious problem.
I was reading two brain signals, Barry and the mask.
But now there's a third.
But how is that possible? The mask is already feeding off of Barry.
Must be targeting someone else.
There's something I've been trying to dig up.
For a case.
It's too bad you can't just grab the mask from the museum, huh? Oh, my God.
Sue, that's not Cecile.
You need to get out of there, now.
[distorted voice.]
A mortal weapon against the likes of me? Pathetic! Stop it! No! Okay.
This is gonna suck.
Since time began, many have tried to stop me.
All have failed.
Cecile, this isn't you.
Let our friends go or we'll make you.
Such hubris.
And from the boy who delivered everything I needed.
How amusing! Now my host shall serve me.
For eternity.
I'm up.
I feel great.
I feel amazing.
No, no, no.
You're not going anywhere.
Not for a little while.
Okay, fine.
Since when does Cecile have that kind of power? She doesn't.
It was the mask.
That was the voice inside of our heads.
She was possessed.
Just like Hayden and all the others before him.
When did all this happen? During the force storm, we thought Cecile was hit by the Sage Force lightning.
But it must have been the psychic spirit of the mask that used that as a cover to take over her mind.
Now they're both missing.
We've no idea where they are.
- Or what they are up to.
- [Iris West.]
We have to find her.
That mask is the only link to helping Barry and figuring out what happened to the real Cecile.
Look, the legend says that the mask gives the wielder enhanced psychic powers.
So, maybe if we track her neurological signals And how 'bout we let someone else come up with a plan for a change.
Sue, Chester was just trying to help.
Yes, so was I.
When I told him that this job seemed too easy.
But he brushed me off.
And I shot a tranq into my own neck.
She's right.
This is on me.
Chester, that thing tricked all of us.
But you heard what it said.
It put Barry in that coma, just like Grodd did to play me and zing my insecurities as the new guy.
It knew I'd pick Psycho Pirate out of that binder, and call Sue to help us break into that museum.
All to make me think I had this all figured out.
I really I didn't know jack.
Oh, thank God.
You're okay.
That thing that attacked me That was you.
How is that possible? I don't know.
Cecile, you said there wasn't a second story.
There's no way you could know that unless you've been here before.
You know exactly where we are, don't you? We're at St.
Carmine's Psychiatric Hospital just outside of Houston, Texas.
Where I was a patient.
My first year in law school, I, uh I got a job interning at the DA's office.
It was so fulfilling.
I was working 'round the clock.
Even when my mom got sick.
And when we found out that it was cancer, she said, "Cece, don't worry about me.
You keep working.
I can feel myself getting better already.
" I was in court when I got the call.
She died all alone, Barry.
She died alone because of me.
And after that, I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep.
Couldn't stop hating myself.
And I just spiraled into anxiety and depression.
And I had a breakdown and I ended up in here.
Most days I'd just wander those halls, I'd spend all night lying awake, staring at that ceiling, thinking about my mom.
And when I finally checked out, I was so ashamed and afraid that all of that darkness was gonna catch up to me again.
And so I I told myself "Toughen up.
Toughen up.
That's it.
And pretend like this never happened.
" And that is exactly what I did.
You hid all that pain but It never went away.
I carry it with me every day.
Cecile I'm never gonna know what it was like, for you to go through all this.
But I know what it's like to lose a mom.
But to blame yourself for it, even when it's not your fault, makes you want to take that pain, and bury it under a mask.
Away from the people you love.
But masks don't heal wounds, they only hide them.
Facing those wounds can be scary as hell, but it's the only way to start healing.
What if I can't do it? You can.
I know it.
Maybe that's our way out of here.
This is your memory.
That thing is just amplifying your fears, when the door opened before, what were you thinking about? The truth about my time here.
But Barry, I'm thinking about it right now, nothing is changing.
You sure about that? If you face this, if you can confront your past, I believe you can get us home.
[Iris West.]
Hey, you okay? Yeah, I need more neuro-fiber to fix the memory machine, so we could use it like we did against Grodd.
But we don't have enough supplies here, so I've got to go back to my garage.
I shouldn't be here, anyway.
Yes, you should, Chester.
I mean, this is - It's your lab.
- No, Iris.
- It's not.
- What? Look, I didn't come to S.
Labs to replace Cisco.
I came here to work with him.
And I want to do a good job more than anything, but when I saw Barry in trouble today Iris, I didn't even know where to start.
I thought to myself, you know, "What would Cisco do?" Decided I'm gonna act confident, and brave, and act like I had it all figured out.
Confidence isn't what made Cisco Cisco.
I know.
What made Cisco Cisco was the connections, and the love that he had for you all.
Don't you get it? I don't have those bonds, Iris, I barely know you guys.
I can't help but think that if I just knew Team Flash a little bit better, then I would have been able to figure out that that wasn't the real Cecile, and then this entire thing Okay.
Chester, Cisco didn't form these bonds overnight.
It took time.
It took patience, and we all have your back, just like we know that you've got ours.
And look, Iris, I promise, hey, from today on, I'm really gonna up my game, and I'm gonna, like I think I know where psycho Cecile was going.
Look, back at the museum, the mask said, it wanted Cecile to be its host for eternity.
But the legend says that once the mask feeds on the host's mind, it moves on to another.
So, if Cecile's an empath then maybe that makes her a stronger host.
Not strong enough.
She would need something to amplify her mental abilities.
To create a permanent food source.
Okay, so where do we find a device like that? In our basement.
At last, the key to permanence.
Barry's about to experience complete brain death.
Please tell me we have a plan.
We think the mask is trying to use The Thinker's chair to create a permanent bond with Cecile.
Well, frack.
She's already there.
[Iris West.]
How the hell are we gonna stop this thing? Okay, this is gonna sound crazy.
Crazy works sometimes.
It's just, I don't know if it's the best idea.
Look, Chester, if you believe that it will work, then I do, too.
This is where the portal was before.
That's our only way out.
What's happening to this place? You can't leave here.
You belong here forever! Barry! And this time, you're never checking out.
Who dares avoid my gaze? I do.
You can't trap me in here.
This is my mind, not yours.
Ooh! So brave! But you weren't so brave for Mommy, were you, Cecile? Don't you remember? Your mommy dying alone in a hospital bed, calling out for her only daughter, "Where is she? Where is my sweet Cece?" [panicked breathing.]
I can sense the faith you have in yourself.
It's the faith of a fool! You cracked once, and you will crack again.
And then, you'll be a psycho, just like me.
I used to think that, I used to think that, too.
I was so afraid of losing myself, that I hid a piece of me away.
But I am not ashamed of it anymore.
So go ahead.
Try and scare me.
But I know exactly who I am, and I am done wearing a mask.
Barry, Barry, the portal.
Barry, you're okay? Cecile.
No, don't shoot! Don't shoot! It's me.
It's me.
It's me.
So, what happens with that crazy mask now? Yeah, Caitlin's taking it to A.
with an armed escort, as we speak, she's going to help Cisco retrofit a vault there with mental dampeners that will keep the mask from finding more victims.
So, Sue, I'm sure you can't wait to get out of here, huh? All right.
Relax, Chester.
Iris explained everything to me, and I am sorry that I was so harsh.
I guess getting whammied makes me grumpy.
As for my next move, Ralph is still busy, and I did miss Central City, so, I think I'm gonna stick around for a while.
I'm staying at the penthouse suite at the Lily Hotel.
Nightcaps and a late dinner on my terrace? My treat.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Yeah? All right.
See you there.
Um Hey, Barry.
You know, if it weren't for you, I probably never would have gotten out of that place.
It was all you, and I knew you could do it.
But I'm not the only one that believes in you.
I know.
I should probably go home and talk to Joe.
Few things I should tell him.
Tell Sue rain check? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Chester, you coming? I mean, I know you're more of a root beer kind of guy, but you've earned a victory meal, too.
Really? Even after falling for the wrath of some omnipotent, psychotropic, immortal mask? You know, after saying it out loud and hearing it back, I'm kinda, like, you know Yeah, count me in.
Chester, you are a full-fledged member of Team Flash now.
Your voice will always matter here.
Just, make sure you use it.
With that being said, there is just this tiny thing that I wanted to talk to you both about.
Yeah, what's up? Okay, so, you know, the next time you guys want to, you know Oh Yeah, please, I'm just, you know Take a day off.
Maybe, go on vacation.
- Totally.
We hear you.
- We should.
- Yeah.
- Okay, cool.
- Cool.
- Bye.
Yeah, bye.
Babe, I had no idea.
Why didn't you tell me this before? I didn't want you to see me differently, or think that I was weak.
Oh, Cecile.
I know what it's like in our community.
There's sometimes a shame in asking for help when it comes to mental health.
With what our families go through on top of everything else in this world, [exhales.]
it could crush us, but we need to start taking good care of ourselves, and that's just what you did.
So don't apologize, just know that I will always be here for you.
And we will get through this, or anything, together.
- Love you.
- I love you.
Hey, whatever happened with Fort Dakota? Yeah, you weren't the only one wearing a mask.
There's a reason that Kristen Kramer wants this part of her past to stay buried.
Kramer's last army mission, she was in command of a squad sent in to take out several strategic facilities.
She never completed the mission.
She led them into an ambush.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, there's more.
She was the only one that survived.
Cecile, I think Kristen Kramer was working with the enemy.

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