The Flash (2014) s07e14 Episode Script

Rayo de Luz

Uhh! Please.
Please don't.
Don't do this! - The Indian Ocean? - Yeah.
There's this great island there.
Super secluded, and it's been pretty quiet here recently, so I'm zooping Iris away for a little vacation.
Actually, it was Chester's idea.
You remember? Can't forget.
Hey, Chester! Iris.
If you're down here and he's down here, then - No! - No Oh, my! As much as I'd like to.
The cellphone reception's, uh nonexistent, so we're gonna be off the grid for a while.
This'll be nice, just to focus on each other while we're trying to um I mean Iris and I, we're trying to - Trying to reconnect.
- Reconnect, yeah.
Right? Yeah.
I mean, you know, 'cause lately, if one of you isn't stuck in the mirror-verse - The mirror-verse.
- Then the other's stuck in some psycho masked hellscape.
- Yeah.
- Right? - Okay cool.
- Okay.
- Have fun.
- Thanks.
So, Frost, with boss man and boss lady away, need us to do anything? Nope.
No baddies means we can take the day.
- I think we all need some R&R.
- Ooh to start off this R&R, why don't you guys join me in a little bit of D&D? Frost, if you're free, I could use a Chaotic Good Ice Sorcerer to help me slay the Bog Beast of Balladok.
I'm gonna have to take a pass.
I've got a personal errand to run.
- Need any help? - Nope.
I'm going shopping.
Have fun storming the castle.
What say thee, fair maiden? Care to join me in an epic quest? Oh, sorry.
I got a hot news tip.
Gotta follow up, but I'll catch up with you later.
Yeah, yeah, nice, nice, nice.
News never sleeps.
News never sleeps.
I was off base, on R&R, eating at a cafe, and I saw Major Kramer in another booth arguing with this guy.
- About - I don't know.
But I heard him say, "Stick to the plan, and it'll all be over tomorrow.
" Didn't sound like it was anything good.
Now, that was a soldier who served at Fort Dakota at the same time that Kramer was stationed there.
Did they recognize the person that Kramer's arguing with? A soldier named Adam Creyke.
This is the same man who led her troops into an ambush six years ago that got them killed.
Now, Kramer never logged going off base the night of this conversation.
Which means this was a secret meeting.
Hold on.
Are you telling me that Kramer knew about the ambush, and maybe she even helped plan it? I don't know.
They never caught the bomber, and this evidence looks bad, but my gut says that something still doesn't add up.
I mean look, Cecile, I've looked Kramer in the eye.
I've watched her work.
We've had our differences, but I still feel that she's a good cop.
Joe, she's not just a cop anymore.
She's the head of the CCPD now.
Well, I might not have a badge anymore, but I'm gonna find out the truth about Kristen Kramer, once and for all.
Thanks, man.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I see you found someone to play your dungeon game thing.
Oh, seriously? I walked all the way here, and nobody told me, including Marco, who I literally just talked to.
Well, maybe if you let me rejoin the campaign, I'd have your back, like I did in the Battle of Mo'Zog.
Using fire spells in unarmed combat is strictly prohibited, Marco! You're not a new he knows the consequences.
Anyway, I got your text.
What's up? So you know that message I got earlier? - Mm-hmm.
- I've been using the citizen tip line, but not for work.
I just got an anonymous tip that's gonna help me find my cousin.
As in Ultraviolet? As in the Black Hole meta assassin that tries to kill you every time she sees you? Her name's Esperanza, and I get how it sounds.
Look, she's been taking out targets.
First, here in Metropolis, then in Opal City.
I think her next assassination is in Central City.
Chuck, if Team Flash can get a jump on this - Flash isn't around.
- Exactly.
What would Barry do? He'd find her and get her to stand down.
I have to do the same.
Esperanza blames me for abandoning her.
I have to make that right, 'Cause if I can get through to her, maybe we can be a family again.
Listen to me.
I don't want to fight.
Wait Stop! I won't let you hurt my friends.
Figures you're a part of this.
Well, I can't expect you to fail on your missions all on your own, except for that one time, in Belize.
That was hilarious.
Are you freaking nuts? I have seen Ultraviolet melt the face off of someone and laugh while doing it.
What made you think going after her alone was a good idea? Chuck and I were gonna bring in the team, - but Esperanza surprised us.
- Side note.
Prayer hands emoji for the save, but how'd you know we were in trouble? It's one of the reasons I stuck around.
I heard chatter about an ex-Black Hole assassin nearby.
Good thing I went hunting.
Speaking of, where are the big guns? Frost is radio silent, and Barry and Iris are off the grid.
So for the rest of today, this is Team Flash.
Well, that's reassuring.
I don't suppose you've learned how to melt someone's face off with your powers yet? No.
Well, it's a good thing just his wrist got hurt, because we don't have nearly enough muscle to handle this mission.
But I can still save Esperanza.
- You want to save her? - Yeah.
You know, like Barry does with the bad guys.
I mean, not so much save her, but redeem her, I guess.
Listen, I don't think we can take on Ultraviolet by ourselves, let alone change her overnight.
Uh, I don't think we have a choice.
Look, Allegra said that Ultraviolet is here to kill somebody.
That means there's a life in danger.
Isn't saving people Team Flash 101? Chester's right.
We need to stop her.
Fine, but family or not, she will try to kill you if she gets the chance.
That's every location Ultraviolet's been spotted in in the last 48 hours.
But so far, no luck on her current location.
What about the satellites? Well, her energy signature's based off of light which is, like, everywhere, at all times, so it's almost impossible to hone in on her specific light signature.
This is where she's going.
It's a typical Black Hole recon pattern.
Scope out the surrounding areas while closing in on your target.
This is a downtown free clinic.
Why go there to try to kill someone? I don't know, but the bigger question is how do we stop her? With this.
It's a photonic stun grenade.
Procuring it required two trips to New Delhi, a helicopter crash, and a very deadly quinceanera.
I'm gonna go make sure this is fully charged.
I'll be back in ten.
We'll discuss the plan.
Be ready to go.
Ha ha, yeah! Time to put my badass face on, right? Yeah? - No? - Chuck, maybe you better - sit this one out.
- Whoa, I-I want to help.
I know, but you're a pacifist.
And that's cool, but this is gonna be too dangerous.
We'll be back before you know it, okay? Ah Stay away from me! Not until you're dead.
Tell whoever hired you the assassination is canceled.
You fools.
I wasn't hired.
I'm hunting the doctor that created me.
You just saved the man that turned me into a monster! That doctor did he really used to work for Black Hole? Talk to us, or talk to CCPD.
The choice is yours.
Although I hear their cells are much less comfortable.
Do you know how I got this little gift? I remember seeing white light everywhere blinding me while I was held down.
I was helpless.
Then I felt a scalpel slice into me.
I fought back, but I was tied down.
All I could do was scream until they cut my voice out of me.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
Where's Dr.
Olsen? We don't know.
He must pay.
He is still out there turning new lab rats into weapons for the highest bidder.
Abducting victims who won't be missed when they disappear, like me.
I never meant for this to happen, I swear.
You abandoned me, cousin.
Left me alone for Dr.
Olsen to find.
We'll help you get him.
I promise.
Uh, sidebar please.
You want to join her now? This Olsen guy needs to be stopped before he hurts anyone else, and Esperanza's the only one who's had any luck tracking him down.
We cannot trust her.
Black Hole has twisted her mind in ways that you can't even imagine.
There's no coming back from that.
- You can't be sure.
- Yes, I can.
Working with her is a suicide mission.
You need to know that.
I know what Barry would do.
I say we go after this doctor together.
You in, prima? Come in.
Well, this is a surprise.
We need to talk, Captain.
Interim captain.
And since you're no longer a cop, what exactly do we have to discuss? - Where did you get this? - That's not important.
What matters is I could have gone to Chief Singh with it, but I chose to come to you first, because deep down, I believe you are doing your best to be a good cop.
Which means I should listen to your side of the story.
- Get out.
- Excuse me? I take your job and you take me down so you can dig up some crap you can twist for your personal vendetta! - I - Enough.
You try a stunt like this again, and I will arrest you myself.
For your own good, move on, West.
Find a new hobby, and get the hell out of my office! Now, generate a single blast that destroys your target, and focus.
If we're going to face Dr.
Olsen together, you need to learn how to fight.
Try harder.
- I'm doing the best I can.
- It's not good enough.
Oh, you still think you can change her? She's got this crazy idea that you're not a total lost cause.
Noble, but dumb.
Just stay out of this.
You think you know your cousin.
I know the real Ultraviolet.
Let me show you.
Yo, yo, yo.
Who's ready for a snack attack? Chuck? He's not breathing.
You could have killed him.
So? He's useless, as are you.
I'll finish this on my own.
You don't know how lucky you were.
One foot to the right, and you would have a giant hole charred in your chest.
Roger that.
But hey, I'm-I'm good.
Yeah, no.
It probably just looks worse than it is.
Yeah, no.
The Runk Man's ready for No, no, no.
The Runk Man needs to stay here.
I'll get you some naproxen for the pain.
Doctor's orders.
Chuck, this is all my fault.
Oh, no, no.
It's not that bad.
Where's your cousin? Did she really leave? Yep, and good riddance.
Shouldn't we go after her? I don't know.
Runk, she is still not thinking straight.
You've gotta help me talk some sense into her.
- Why me? - She likes you.
She'll listen.
I mean, yeah.
We're friends and all, but I really don't think I can change her mind.
Not on this.
Then I will do it myself.
She's gotta realize that sharing a back alley yin-yang tattoo with someone doesn't mean you're bonded forever.
Yin-yang tattoo? Ha! Great Rao.
Arrest you? Are you sure Kramer's serious? You should have seen her, Cecile.
It was like how a guilty person reacts.
So she really did have something to do with getting her own troops killed.
My God.
If this is true, I have to go straight to the governor's office.
It's that big.
Babe, CCPD was like my second home.
I trained most of the officers there.
They're like my family.
Now, I can't help but wonder who did I leave my kids with? That's not on you.
I put my badge down.
Kramer picked it up.
It's all on me.
It's Kramer.
She wants to meet up.
Joe, no.
She might be baiting you into a trap.
- You can't go.
- I know.
But, babe, I can't help but feel there's something more to this.
What am I supposed to do? You are a good man, Joe West.
You forget everything that's in that folder.
Your heart's always been your best compass, right? So trust it.
Trust your heart.
It'll show you what's right.
It was a good try.
But Ultraviolet is never gonna change.
You need to give up before you get yourself or someone else killed.
I can't just abandon her.
She's my family.
- Yeah.
I get that.
- No, you don't.
You grew up in some mansion with two loving parents, but for most of my life, it was just Esperanza and me.
She's more than just my cousin.
She's the reason I survived long enough to be here.
I have to save her.
Some people are too far gone to save, - even if they're your family.
- How can you say that? You fought Black Hole to save your parents.
- That is not the same thing.
- Why not? Why is your family good enough to save, but mine isn't? Because I didn't save them.
By the time I got my parents out of Black Hole, it was way too late.
The people that raised me were gone.
Carver put my parents in charge of all international accounts.
He gave them 10%, as long as they kept all of Black Hole's overseas assets hidden from the U.
Carver bought my parents' loyalty for billions.
And once they got a taste, they needed more.
And what happened, once Carver was gone? My parents were in too deep.
And worse, they got used to this lifestyle.
And no matter how hard I tried, I could not pull them out.
Because they didn't want out.
Which is why you have to pull with everything you have.
When I first met Flash, it was in handcuffs.
When they first met you, you were robbing a bank.
We didn't want help either, but this team never gave up on us.
So thanks for the reminder.
You want to bail, I understand.
But I'm gonna go find my cousin.
- What the - Your tattoo! It's a yin-yang symbol.
Two sides that make a whole.
Opposite, but the same.
Look, I know how to track Ultraviolet.
We couldn't track Ultraviolet's unique light signature, because there's too much interference from other light sources in the city.
But you and Ultraviolet have the same powers, so if we use you as an input signal, satellites will search for its counterpart signal.
AKA the yin to your yang Ultraviolet.
Just focus your energies here.
Get your shine on.
- It worked.
- What? - Ha ha! We found her.
- What? - Ha oh, my arm - Oh, sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
Looks like she's in a run-down warehouse that's wired for tons of shady tech.
It's gotta be Olsen's hideout.
We better hurry.
Come on.
No, no.
I almost got you killed once already.
Esperanza's my problem.
I need to do this alone.
Look, I know I can't do the fighting like you guys, but I can still help my friends.
You've done more than enough.
I can't risk having Allegra, I'm not taking no for an answer.
Not again.
My favorite patient.
You surprised me earlier.
So happy to return the favor.
Ready to die? That depends.
Are you ready for one last experiment? Okay, Allegra.
I'm set.
Operation Find-Your-Cuz- And-Convince-Her-To-Come-Home is a "go.
" Okay.
I'm reading her light signature in a level below you.
Getting to her is gonna be the tricky part.
I got company.
Oh, I got just the thing for those electro-pulse rifles.
Hold on to your voltz.
That is one EMP courtesy of Chester P.
Ha ha.
I'm heading down there.
Hold on.
Those guys got backup.
Uh Another EMP would be great right about now.
The mobile unit doesn't have enough juice for another pulse.
Go find your cousin.
I got this.
Don't worry, boys.
I'll go slowly.
Esperanza, you need to come with me now.
We don't have time for any She isn't the one who's run out of time, my dear.
What did you do to her? I made her into a weapon without a voice.
And these hands are the only ones that can return what was taken, so we made a deal.
I'll give your cousin her voice back if she kills everyone who knows the true nature of my work.
You and your team.
Sue, Allegra needs backup.
I know the feeling.
Lights out, boys.
He's lying to you, prima.
Listen to me.
I'm your family.
We're blood.
Blood is a liquid easily spilled.
Power is eternal, and money provides it.
So now that Joseph Carver is dead, I work for the highest bidder.
And I don't plan on going out of business anytime soon.
End her, and get your voice back! Please.
Please don't.
Don't do this! Fighting back is useless, child.
You'll never be stronger than her.
Hate fuels your light power.
Not for me.
Yes! Oh Ah You okay? We're good.
- Is she gonna be okay? - She'll be fine.
She's just resting.
And if anyone can recover from a massive dose of light-based energy, it's her.
About that whole supernova thing I did back there is that gonna happen again? Maybe.
It's common for meta powers to reach new heights during times of extreme stress.
You just leveled up, Allegra.
You did well out there, you know.
I'm not sure the boss would agree.
I organized a rogue mission while Barry was gone.
I almost got Sue and Chuck killed.
But you followed your heart, and that's what Barry would have done.
And Dr.
Olsen's in jail, now, too.
And there's this.
So, uh Caitlin ran some tests.
She says you're gonna be okay.
Sorry I had to you know.
How did you do that? I don't know.
Olsen said our powers are fueled by hate, but I thought about something else.
After everything I've done, you still call me that.
What they did to you isn't who you are, Esperanza.
You're more than that.
You know that.
And I do too.
There's something else.
We recovered these from Dr.
They're the files on what he did to you.
The point is Caitlin thinks she can use them.
To do what? Cure you.
Thanks for meeting me so late.
After how I behaved, I wasn't sure you would.
I'm sure you had a reason.
Like, probably the same reason you had me meet here.
Figured I did enough damage to CCPD morale for one day.
Look, West, earlier today, I was unprofessional.
And you were right to be suspicious.
I mean, all the evidence looks that way.
But that's not the whole story is it? The soldier who betrayed your unit.
His name is Adam Creyke.
He's also my brother.
Not by blood, but some bonds run deeper.
As two Native kids growing up off the Rez, we weren't exactly popular in our community.
But we were still a part of it, so we kept in touch in our own way.
But that's how Adam and I bonded.
We didn't have a lot of support, but at least we had each other.
Anyway, you were right about us arguing the night before, about the mission.
But I didn't know that he had sold out our unit.
Adam was trying to convince me not to go on the mission.
Said he had a bad feeling about it.
He was trying to protect you, and you blame yourself for not realizing.
I was in charge of those lives.
It was my job to get them home to their families.
A dozen dinner tables have empty chairs right now because I didn't see the clues.
I was too blind and stupid.
Believing in somebody you love is nothing to be ashamed of.
Take it.
Maybe someday, you'll trust someone enough to share it.
Why do you think I asked you here? I've been looking for Adam for six years, on my own.
Help me catch him.
Ah So where are you headed to next, some exotic locale? Actually, I'm thinking about sticking around.
Maybe even talking to my parents.
I guess you could say I'm finally seeing the light.
Ciao, for now.
Well, I guess we officially survived our un-survivable mission.
Thanks for having my back, Chuck.
I literally couldn't have done this without you.
It was nothing.
But we do make a pretty good team.
Hey, do you want to get a coffee or something? Anywhere but Jitters.
I'd love to, but I kind of set up a D&D game for tonight, so another time? Sure.
Or maybe I could join you.
For real? Like, you'd like to - Uh-huh.
- With me? Yeah.
Is that a problem? No, no, no.
No, no.
It's amazing.
Just unexpected, but in a great way.
I mean it's am I making this weird? Yeah.
I don't know.
- It's just a game.
- Exactly.
Yeah, yeah.
With coffee.
Whole lotta coffee.
Lead the way.
Oh, looking refreshed, man.
- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.
How was your trip? Amazing.
It was great.
Iris and I, um Iris and I are thinking about getting a timeshare, actually.
What happened today? - Nothing.
- Nothing.
It's great to see you.
Of course, while I love a show of force as much as the next guy, I gave you my cell.
You do know there's a difference between reaching out and, like, punching, right? Shut up.
When Norvock told me you broke out of Iron Heights, I couldn't believe it.
And yet here we are.
Come on.
I'm taking you back.
Looks like somebody hasn't heard the news.
I cut a deal.
My record is expunged.
Now, I'm just like you One of the good guys.

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