The Flash (2014) s07e15 Episode Script

Enemy at the Gates

Dad? Nora? How are you Don't worry, Dad.
I know we've been through a lot, but everything's gonna work out like it's supposed to.
I promise.
It's really you.
I love you.
I love you, too.
We've missed you so much.
[line rings.]
Iris, hey.
This is gonna sound crazy, but I think we're pregnant.
This must be why you're feeling so sick.
You know? And since meta-DNA signatures can misrepresent hCG levels, I gotta Hey, do you know where my keys are? I gotta drive these samples to S.
Otherwise, the chemical integrity could be compromised.
Of course.
Right here.
I'll call you as soon as I know the test results.
- Cecile.
Hey, what are you doing here? - Oh, hey.
I have a file that Iris needed for the Kord case.
Is she in? No, she is at work already.
Isn't that her work computer right there? Yes, it is.
But she's been more of a pen and paper kind of reporter lately.
You know, old-school.
You're feeling very nervous.
- No, I'm not.
- Yeah, you are.
You're feeling nervous and excited.
Ecstatic, even.
Barry, what's going on? I'm just running late for work.
It makes me kind of nervous and ecstatic 'cause I love my job.
So And I'll make sure she gets this, and I'll see you later.
Hey, I thought we were having lunch today.
- Us? - Yeah.
Oh, uh Our monthly Tuesday lunch date.
- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.
No, I'm really looking forward to that.
As always.
This is just a bag of protein bars.
Speedster metabolism.
I'm always hungry.
So - See you later.
- Okay, I [sighs and chuckles.]
Clink your glasses Melt the eyes like ice Raise your glasses Melt the thighs like ice Clink your glasses Hot flashes You weren't ready for it to Girl, you getting your art mojo on.
I can dig it.
Okay, well, my bad.
I did not mean to disturb the artist at work, but a friend of yours is out and about.
Who, Mark? Yeah, and I just figured it was something you should see.
Why? What do you know? Caity told you everything, didn't she? No, I just remembered you two fought at that bar the night you got arrested.
Yeah, and again the night of the Force Storm.
Well, says here that he handed in state's evidence and got parole.
So maybe he's turning over a new leaf.
Like Captain Cold.
I don't buy it.
Not for a second.
I'm just waiting till he shows his true colors, and then I'm gonna kick his butt right back to Iron Heights.
Sounds kind of like you're gonna stalk him or something.
You know, like watch his every step.
That would be crazy.
Great idea, Chester.
Wait, what? No, I said that sounds like it's crazy.
I said "crazy," right? [Kramer.]
You're a damn good detective.
You dug up more on Operation Griffin in one week than I did in years.
And I hit the same dead end.
So, the last we saw your perp, Warrant Officer Adam Creyke, was on a security camera stealing five M18 Claymore mines from the barracks armory.
Which he used to eliminate my unit.
One thing I don't get The explosive output and close proximity of five Claymores? That would have been lethal.
Creyke would've known that.
How did you survive? Honestly, I have asked myself that same question over and over.
Well, what exactly do you remember about the attack? Fragments.
Just screams, mostly.
[distant screams echoing.]
The heat of the explosion.
Adam's eyes.
Somehow I could tell he knew he'd survive.
Thanks to whatever his damn meta ability is.
Creyke was like a brother to you.
What What drove him? Adam and I are both Wet'suwet'en First Nations.
Adam loved open waters.
He wanted to join the Navy but followed me into the Army.
Said he didn't trust anyone else to look out for me.
I had an uncle who used to take me fishing every summer on a schooner.
Sailors take naming their vessels as seriously as they name their firstborn.
Did Adam have a callsign? - Yeah.
- Rasputin.
A schooner named Rasputin is registered in Midway City six weeks after Operation Griffin.
He's been a few hours away this whole time.
There's no way in hell I'm letting him get away again.
What are you gonna do when you find him? This has to be about justice.
If this is gonna be about vengeance, you can do this by yourself.
Lead the way.
[both communicating in modem-speak.]
Did you drive here? What's up, party person? Yo! [laughs.]
So, why's the Flash driving a car? Oh, wait, do you have a Flashmobile? No.
It just isn't safe to zoop these samples.
Samples for what? Blood and urine.
For my annual physical with Caitlin.
Who's my GP.
Isn't it kind of weird to have a teammate as your doctor? - [both chuckle.]
- No.
I mean, it was at first, but it's cool now.
I should get to the med lab.
Hey, good luck, 'cause Caitlin's in there running a medical consult with Ultraviolet.
- Oh.
- I guess she accidentally double-booked your appointments.
- [snaps fingers.]
Catch you later.
- Not if I catch you first.
- I get it.
'Cause you're fast, right? - Yep.
- Yeah.
- That's Yeah.
Iris, Caitlin's in the med lab, and we don't want anyone to know yet until we're sure.
Yeah, you're right.
My lab at C.
has everything I need to create a neutralizing meta-gene variant that'll track your hCG levels.
All right, Thanks.
Love you, too.
What did they do to me? Black Hole introduced a deliberate irregularity into your vascular system.
One that creates a 40% decrease in your body's ability to maintain oxygen intake.
They made it so the mask keeps her alive to ensure her loyalty.
Actually, the mask is hiding the real damage.
Implantation circuitry grafted to your vocal cords.
How do we help my cousin? So, the software in the chip requires regular software updates, just like your smartphone.
But no Black Hole means no more software updates.
So, pretty soon it'll stop working, and I won't be able to repair it.
[Ultraviolet and Allegra speaking Spanish.]
[in English.]
Caitlin thinks she has a way to fix this.
It's risky, but I think I can repair the damage.
[in English.]
It doesn't matter.
I won't do it.
I'll leave you two alone.
Why won't you let Caitlin operate? [Ultraviolet speaking Spanish.]
Will you trust me? I know this team.
I've fought with them, suffered losses alongside them.
They're good people.
So, if Caitlin thinks she can help you, let her.
[in English.]
I don't need help.
Unlike you, I don't fear dying.
[speaking Spanish.]
Maybe so.
[speaking Spanish.]
[in English.]
Look, I get it.
Surgery is how this nightmare started for you.
But Caitlin isn't Black Hole.
[in English.]
It's my life, not yours.
Then why am I the only one who gives a damn about it? Don't you get it? This isn't about saving Ultraviolet.
It's about saving Esperanza Garcia.
Mi familia.
You boys really know how to throw a welcome home party.
Yeah, well, the only rats welcome here are the ones in the kitchen.
That's funny coming from you, punk.
[exhales heavily.]
As always, you have perfect timing.
So what happened? Came to ask your old boss for your job back? - Didn't go so well? - [chuckles wryly.]
That plus something about, "snitches get stitches.
" Ah.
No one's buying this whole "turned over a new leaf" crap.
Look [groans.]
You ready for that dinner date yet? I mean I should probably be a gentleman and change first.
Whoa, whoa.
Come on.
I'm taking you to Danville General.
They're probably still pretty upset about the CAT scan machine that I sabotaged a few years back.
Okay, fine.
Leawood Med, then.
I kinda blew up their bio-chem lab.
Okay, um Fine.
There is a shady vet down on Fairview.
He won't ask [laughs.]
Yeah, I love that guy.
He's wanted to kill me ever since Tijuana, though.
It's actually a really funny story for some other time.
I can't believe I'm about to say this.
I will take you to S.
Labs and have Caity fix you.
But if you step out of line, I will let you bleed out.
I wouldn't expect anything less.
Is that urine? Hey.
Um Is it lunch already, or Yes, and I'm starving.
Please tell me you're not still the middle of something.
Um Yeah, I'm just waiting to see if this chemical compound reacts and turns blue.
What does blue mean? [squeals softly.]
- Barry.
- Cecile.
Are you and Iris - No.
No, no, no, we're not - [rumbling.]
[alarm blaring.]
You all right? [Barry.]
It was Godspeed? He must have broken out of Iron Heights.
Either that, or there's another clone in Central City.
But why would they attack downtown? I thought they wanted to steal your speed.
The last one did.
When Rathaway and I took him down, he said whoever sent him wants infinite velocity.
Well, now it looks like he wants infinite chaos.
[computer beeps.]
Oh, man.
I just picked up two different reports in progress.
One has Godspeed causing a multi-car collision near City Hall.
And the other one has him at a gas station, like, three miles away.
Man, he's fast.
Even you can't be in two places at once.
Neither can he.
There's two of them.
- Frost, if I run you downtown - I'm already ahead of you.
All right, I'm gonna take the gas station.
Where'd they go? Satellites aren't picking up anything.
They're just gone.
Okay, maybe Iris can rally Team Citizen.
They can canvass the sites, - find out what they were looking for.
- No.
What I mean is, there's two of them.
So that means they have the advantage now.
So anybody that's not a speedster should stay put where it's safe.
And since Iris is already home sick anyway, so she's already in the safest place possible.
What are we supposed to do? I've been thinking about that.
A cryptographic algorithm.
Might help us decode their modem-speak and figure out why they're back.
All right.
Do it.
I'm gonna search the city.
So, here's a question.
Confidentially speaking, I mean what is your sister into? Is it horror movies, Westerns, single malt, blended [snaps fingers.]
"Cardigan" or "Blinding Lights"? Go.
- Confidentially speaking - Uh-huh.
You can't handle her.
[clears throat.]
- Rest up.
- [scoffs.]
Hey, what's with our sonic booms? Oh Don't mind me.
Let's play a guessing game, shall we? Let's see, a sonic boom at ground level And with this being Central City, aka meta heaven, I am guessing a speedster's behind it.
And since there's been one, two That's math.
Five Godspeeds running around Central City in the last year and a half alone, I'm also guessing another one just showed up to the party.
I hate you.
There's two more.
You heroic types have quite the dilemma.
How are we gonna stop both of them at the same time? [yawns.]
That's a good question.
We aren't doing anything.
You need to focus on Ultraviolet's surgery.
Who's Ultraviolet? Is - Will you just be quiet? - Shut up.
Stay here.
I've got a job to do.
Do you need any help? I could stay, you know.
Come on, put me in, Coach.
You just got patched up.
You're benched.
You, Caitlin, and whoever else is part of your S.
Labs posse think you get to just sit up here in your ivory tower judging who's good and who's bad.
But guess what? Life isn't binary.
It's everything in between.
Now, you don't trust me? That's fine.
But you cannot decide who someone's gonna be today based on what they did yesterday.
And you should know that better than anybody else Killer Frost.
I'm sorry.
I just want to help you.
[keys pressing.]
Is this really necessary? Great.
She's gonna be okay, right? Of course.
Hey She's in good hands.
[alarm blaring.]
They're back, aren't they? One of the Godspeed clones is attacking the Central City Power Plant.
If he takes it out like he did with the gas station, the blast radius will be over 40 square miles.
All right.
You should take Allegra and Frost with you.
No, if the other Godspeed attacks, they're our last line of defense.
[alarm blaring.]
Look, I know you're not the real Godspeed, but I won't let you harm this city anymore, so why don't you just tell me who sent you? [communicating in modem-speak.]
Barry, my algorithm is translating what Godspeed said.
What is it? [modem-speak playing over speakers.]
"I have him.
" Oh, frak, it's a trap! Get out of there! Barry, get out of there! Chester, initiate Babel Protocols! But Barry, if I drop the force field, you'll be locked out.
Do it now! [beeps.]
[communicating in modem-speak.]
So, what, they couldn't phase through, so now they're trying to punch through? How long will the force field hold? At the rate they're going, an hour, maybe? [sighs.]
What are you going to do? Get reinforcements.
Barry, are you okay? Yeah, I'm just thinking I'm glad Iris is home and not here.
At least she's safe there.
I still put the rest of you in danger.
Hey, man Look, we're Team Flash.
Hey, we can handle this.
Plus, look at it this way.
With all the clones here, the city's safe.
Wait, Chester, is there a way to evacuate without raising the force field? Even if there was, Caitlin's mid-surgery with Ultraviolet right now.
So, if she stops, Allegra's cousin might die.
- All right, we need a new plan.
- Yeah, on it.
I'm gonna check in with Iris.
Hey, Iris, you must still be resting.
That's good.
Um I'd come check on you in person, only it's kind of turned into a hell of a day here at the old office.
Anyway, um I know it's supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives, and I don't want you to worry, just rest.
But know that whatever happens, I'm gonna do everything I can to keep you and the baby safe.
[Chester laughs triumphantly.]
I knew it! You're having a baby! I'll check in with you later.
Love you.
Thank you, Chester, but we haven't told anybody yet, so if you could please help me keep it that way Oh, no, I got you.
I got you.
- Consider it locked and zipped.
- Okay.
Little baby speedster.
Maybe his first steps will be a fathwoom.
It's a girl, not a boy.
Wait, have you already met this kid? Is this like a Back to the Future-type thing? Not exactly.
Then how do you know the gender? 'Cause relatively speaking, you just knowing you have a kid introduces a whole new set of temporal variables, all of which can have an effect on present and future timelines, and change what was once predetermined outcomes.
I guess I don't know for sure.
I mean, I have seen so many different versions of our future.
Just like the Godspeeds If it looks like those clones are gonna break through, I want you to hide in the Time Vault.
Cisco turned it into a panic room before he left.
Just in case I ever went Dark Flash again.
Nothing can get inside.
Oh, snap, I completely forgot why I came here.
I have a plan.
So remember that trap from earlier? - Yeah.
- That was the Godspeed clones creating a set of variables designed to predict a fixed outcome, that you'd come to save the power plant.
But they didn't predict that you'd get away.
Which means that our best defense against them would be The unpredictable.
[Allegra sighs.]
How much longer? Allegra, honey, she's gonna be fine.
Okay, but how can you do that with all hell breaking loose out there? I don't have a choice.
Oh, like you're really surprised.
[Mark sighs.]
Well, that's getting worse.
Guess those two Godspeeds need a place to crash.
Can't be good.
There's six of them now.
And if they get in here, they could kill us all.
[Mark gasps softly.]
You brought Derek and Nancy? It's worse than I thought.
First, I need you to promise me that if I give these to you, you won't stab me in the back at the first chance you get.
I'm serious, Mark.
Today, you need to be a good guy.
- I can't do that.
- Why not? Because I'm not a good guy.
I mean, you know that.
It's why you're attracted to me.
Please, can we not do that right now? [sighs.]
Fair enough.
But if you really want my help, then you need to at least try to speak to me in a way that someone like me can understand.
'Cause I'm no hero.
I'm never gonna be.
Fair enough.
If those six speedsters get in here, we're screwed.
So, I need all the backup I can get.
'Cause I don't wanna die, and I'm pretty sure you don't, either.
All right.
I'm in.
It takes a lot to gain my trust.
Break it? You won't get it back.
So what's the plan? [Chester.]
So, here's the plan.
You know how those Godspeed clones use that modem-speak to communicate? - Yeah, yeah.
- Well, I can take audio of it.
Then I can transmit that sound through C.
's Emergency Alert System.
Like this.
[modem-speak blaring over speakers.]
Yeah, okay.
Now, imagine one of these staticky clone voices coming through every speaker, every radio, and every cell phone in Central City.
It'd be like trying to talk to a friend over a loud dance floor.
Impossible, right? And They wouldn't be able to predict where to go first.
And in the confusion, Frost, Mark and I would have a chance to take them down one at a time.
And I can boost the signal loud enough to scramble their brains like eggs for good measure.
But first, I gotta prep the C.
server by uploading the signal.
- How long will that take? - Five minutes.
[rumbling continues.]
Make it four.
Got it.
[rapid beeping.]
Is that supposed to be happening? No.
Whatever Black Hole did removing the chip has caused some sort of systemic neural trauma.
I don't understand.
The anesthesia should be working.
She's hurting, you have to do something.
What I have to do is finish this and close the wound.
Okay, hey, Caitlin, can I try something? [breathes deeply.]
Her reaction's stabilizing.
What did you do? The only thing I could.
I can share my feelings with others now.
So I gave Esperanza the peace that I feel knowing that you and Caitlin and the rest of Team Flash are out there saving the world one day at a time.
[rapid beeping.]
Barry, we have a big problem.
Brute force and phasing didn't work, so now They figured out something better.
Draining energy from the force field itself like they would with my speed.
[force field powering down.]
[rapid beeping.]
We have a perimeter breach.
[communicating in modem-speak.]
He's calling the others.
Chester, get out of here.
Gideon Gideon, secure the room! [Gideon.]
Tachyon nullifiers activated, Chester P.
Time Vault secured.
- Can I change my mind about helping? - Too late.
[communicating in modem-speak.]
Chester P.
Runk, multiple Godspeeds are assaulting S.
Do you need assistance formulating a plan? I already had one, Gideon! I was gonna pipe their clone-speak into C.
's systems and confuse the hell out of them.
But, you know [chuckles nervously.]
stuck in a room [Gideon.]
Would you like to play the signal through S.
Labs' intercom system instead? Yes, Gideon! [laughs.]
Yes, I would! And hopefully this'll give Barry and the others the distraction that they need.
Okay, Gideon! Pipe audio file number 2808 into every room in this facility.
And crank it.
I mean, P-Funk loud.
Of course.
[modem-speak blaring over speakers.]
[modem-speak and alarm continue blaring.]
[upbeat music playing.]
Yo, I used to check out lyrics Upon the formats Built with skill with technique Computer ADA My lyrical form is clouds On your brainstorm I get hyped, think, thought Flow, acrobat Sync the track, pump the track Dance missions clubs like spores React by strobe visions And hurrying more reflects On the dance floor Blowing up And having mad people showing up Packing crowds, jam packed venues Needles collapse While atmosphere continues Sprinkle that, win it like that Move it like that Hitting like that, the melody is phat Yo, I'm on the energy source The cosmic boss with Prodigy Flipping astrology My intellects devour, with diesel power Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Mono 7-0-6, 8-0-7-3 4-21 Robot-sonic Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically [grunts.]
Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Blows your mind Drastically, fantastically Oh, crap.
Come on! [communicating in modem-speak.]
[breathing heavily.]
[both panting.]
[all communicating in modem-speak.]
[The Flash screaming.]
[all communicating in modem-speak.]
What the hell? Ultraviolet's recovering, but she's gonna be okay.
Both of you.
Without that chip, she's free.
Now I just have to help her adjust back to you know, normal.
Yeah, well, with you in her corner, that'll be easy-peasy.
Thanks, Chuck.
'Cause with everything that's going on, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
Allegra's right.
How do we stop a dozen Godspeeds? Oh, yeah, Barry, how much of your speed did they steal? Barely any.
The other clones attacked the first ones before they could do any real damage.
But why fight each other? Yeah, and why would any Godspeed wanna protect the Flash? I don't think they wanted to help me.
I just think they were trying to kill the other six.
Speedsters fighting speedsters? Yeah, that ain't no regular bad guy battle.
Whatever it is, we're stuck in the middle of it.
All this time, we assumed the Godspeeds were aligned, but if they're not It's a civil war.
You know, technically, we didn't win.
But we are alive.
Something I didn't think would be the case an hour ago.
That is cause for celebration.
So now I guess that you're done with me, you're not gonna let me spend the night.
Uh No one's kicking you out.
Not yet.
One little near-death experience Are we becoming friends? You tell me.
Well, you gotta admit, we do have explosive chemistry.
It's kind of like sucrose and potassium chlorate with heat.
What a nerd.
You know, when those two Godspeeds had us pinned, I really thought that was it.
But somehow, I was okay with it.
I'll tell you why? It was because you were with me.
And somehow, knowing that you would be the last face that I would see or the last voice that I'd hear, just made everything okay.
I didn't think we were gonna make it, either.
But we did.
What are you thinking about now, Mark? You, Snowflake.
[loud pop.]
What the hell was that? [scoffs.]
Sucrose and potassium chlorate, my ass.
Mark? [sighs.]
- [Cecile.]
- Hm? Stop worrying.
You're gonna be a great dad.
We all know it.
Thanks, Cecile.
I just wish Iris was feeling better and could be here.
I know, I know.
But you're gonna call her as soon as we're done.
Okay, what is it? I was just thinking.
I hope our child has Iris' heart and her fearlessness.
She will.
It's negative.
I don't I mean, my dream Nora said everything was gonna work out.
It will, honey.
- I know it will.
- How? If this isn't the future for me and Iris what is? Creyke hasn't shown up all day.
Maybe he moved on.
No, he'll be here.
I can feel it.
It's strange, being so close to almost closing this case.
Are you worried about arresting an old friend? After we joined the service, I went into intelligence.
Adam ended up in Special Forces.
Turns out he had a knack for killing, one the Army used to great effect.
Something changed in him, West.
And I didn't see it.
And since you two grew up so much alike, now you're worried that whatever broke him might break you, too? All our lives we had each other's backs.
Until he stabbed me in mine.
Left me for dead.
What can change a person enough to do that? What the hell is that? Get out of the car!
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