The Flash (2014) s08e02 Episode Script

Armageddon, Part 2

1 [dramatic music.]
I thought we had a truce.
I thought as much.
Your bravery is strengthened by the reassurance you gain from enhanced healing.
It doesn't mean it hurts any less.
Pain is the debt we pay for change, and I'm here to change the future.
Thanks to this experiment, I now know the force required to kill you when the time comes.
I've seen your destiny, Flash.
I've watched you use your power to destroy everything and everyone.
You still haven't told me why I would do this.
Huh? What would cause me to turn my back on everything I've sworn to protect? Madness.
[unsettling music.]
Many times in the past, the pain you've suffered nearly crushed you.
But soon, a new despair will befall you.
And it will create an unbroken chain of sorrow so great your mind will crack.
And with it, the world ends.
You see your power has recently accelerated.
But so too has your ability to descend into madness.
Tragedy is coming for you, Flash.
What remains to be seen isn't whether or not you'll break.
It's when.
I have seven days.
I'd worry more about tomorrow if I were you.
I don't know the details of what will happen.
But I know tomorrow is the beginning of the end.
Your end.
I've granted you a chance to defy destiny.
But I'll be staying close by.
As soon as I sense your mind turning mad, I'll find you.
[voices whispering.]
Good luck fighting fate, Flash.
[indistinct chanting.]
I'll be watching.
I'll be watching.
[dramatic music.]
Okay, uplink to the Tower mainframe is secure.
You now have access to our alien database including any intel we have on this "Despero.
" We appreciate you helping, Alex.
How long will it take to download? Well, this new algorithm works at light speed.
In fact, Caitlin, that guy Marcus that I connected you with, he designed it.
Well, if the world's still here in a week, I'll be sure and give him a call.
- [beeping.]
- Oh, I'm sorry, guys.
I'll keep digging and see what I can find out.
But if this Despero has managed to stay off of our grid, then he is a greater threat than any alien we've faced.
Keep your guard up.
Well, you heard her.
We have to protect Barry.
There's no way he would destroy the world.
What if he's right? I mean, look, we all saw how a massive boost of speed affected Barry before.
Oh, crap, you're right.
Remember the ASF? He gained speed-thinking, but as a result I turned on the people I love.
Look, I that's not gonna happen this time.
But Barr, what if you just leveled up too much, too fast? Barry isn't a threat to us.
Despero is.
And his story doesn't add up.
I mean, come on, doesn't anyone else think it's weird that an alien cares so much about Earth? He's not even from here.
Wherever he's from, here's what we know.
I ran a bio-scan on Despero the minute he entered S.
His anatomy is unlike anything I ever studied before.
He has strength and invulnerability that rivals Kryptonians.
How are we gonna stop him from killing you? Prove him wrong.
Despero says tomorrow, my mind starts to break.
So all we have to do is make it through the next 24 hours without that happening, and he'll have to back down.
I like that plan.
Let's get some rest.
Tomorrow, we'll need to be on the lookout for anything, and if something does happen, then we need to be ready to stop it.
Protecting this city is still our top priority.
Even from you? [tense music.]
It won't come to that.
I promise.
These are the bio-scans Caity did on Despero's brain.
Study them, and let's figure out a way to stop him.
Oh, I heard that.
I was already planning on pulling an all-nighter.
You know, I was thinking, maybe we can find a way to restrain him or I'm not talking about restraining him.
[soft dark music.]
Look, we need to level up our offense.
And I'm not talking about some containment unit like we did with Bloodwork or taking out his lair with an EMP.
We need to hit him.
You're you're asking me to build a weapon.
Frost I've never built something to hurt someone before.
Think of it this way.
You're gonna help save Barry's life.
Whatever it takes.
[contemplative orchestral music.]
Couldn't sleep either? [sighs.]
Something bad's supposed to happen today.
All I keep thinking about is you.
I'll be fine.
We can't take any chances.
I promise, I have a very safe and boring day planned.
Cecile's working on a big case, so after some work, I'm gonna stop by and help her with Jenna.
They both have been having a pretty hard time lately.
Iris, if anything happens to you Hey.
Baby, we're gonna be okay.
Look, how many times and how many timelines have we found each other? Doesn't matter what anybody says about your fate.
Our destiny is to be together.
[phone chimes and buzzes.]
[ominous music.]
[siren wailing.]
[indistinct radio chatter.]
Allen, just in time.
- How bad is it? - Just your typical makes-no-sense bank robbery in Central City.
No one's hurt, but the on-duty security guard is being hospitalized for some sort of breakdown.
Wait, like a mental breakdown? Yeah, witnesses said the guy lost his mind and started babbling nonsense.
Then he fired his weapon into the air, and everyone ran out.
By the time anyone got back inside, the vault was empty, and the guard was stark raving mad.
It took four officers to restrain him.
I'm on it.
Allen! I need you to stand down.
Why, is Gibson working the case? I'll just help him investigate.
I need you to turn in your badge.
You've been suspended.
What? I just came from the mayor's office.
You're under investigation for federal crimes.
Your badge, Allen.
[dramatic music.]
[voices whispering.]
[ominous music.]
You're under investigation for federal crimes.
Your badge, Allen.
[overlapping chatter.]
[voices whispering.]
Allen, I know this must be a shock.
Captain, hold on.
What am I supposed to have done? Two years ago, Joseph Carver had a mole manipulating evidence in CCPD.
Yeah, Milly Rawlins, aka Sunshine.
We caught her.
And the DA was reviewing her case as a part of an internal audit.
Now, I don't know what exactly, but he also found new evidence that points to Carver having a second inside man.
[dramatic music.]
That's crazy.
I mean, why would I help Joseph Carver? That's for the DA to suss out.
I'm sorry, it's above my pay grade.
Now, please leave the scene.
I have to find out what happened here.
I mean, I think you'd have other concerns right now.
I just I mean, Korber said a guard lost his mind.
What if that happens to somebody else? People could get hurt.
Look, Captain, I know you only have my word, but you you gotta believe me.
I'm innocent.
So please, just let me do my job.
If Joe were here right now, he'd say I should learn from last year and keep an open mind.
Which is why I promise you, I will get to the bottom of this and find out the truth.
But until I do, I'm sorry.
Allen, you have to leave.
This is insane.
Your CCPD record is stellar.
Everyone knows that Rawlins was nothing but Carver's lackey.
Can you find out what evidence they have against me? Oh, Barry, I'm gonna do a hell of a lot more than that.
I am about to slap CCPD with the biggest wrongful termination lawsuit this city has ever seen.
I am gonna bleed them dry for doing this to you.
Are you feeling all right? [somber music.]
I'm sorry.
It it's just been hard lately.
I mean you know why.
[reverberating ringing.]
What's wrong? [whispering.]
We're not alone in here.
[ominous music.]
I can feel another presence in this room.
[voices whispering.]
Why are you here? [distorted.]
I'm not.
This is a physic manifestation of my consciousness.
Appearing only to you in order to assess your mental stability.
Barry? Who are you talking to? There's nothing wrong with my mind.
It's him, isn't it? Despero? Your mind is suffering due to this tragedy.
But no it hasn't broken.
His energy.
His energy, it felt like the whole room was flooded, and we were both drowning.
Despero's watching me now.
Waiting for the proof he needs to kill me.
Are you sure he's not what drives you insane? No, I'm not.
But I do think there's another explanation for what's happening.
Korber said a security guard at this morning's robbery lost his mind.
That can't be a coincidence.
Not today.
No, it has to be connected to what Despero said happens in the future.
I need to talk to that guard.
[suspenseful music.]
[machines beeping.]
[distorted whispering.]
Xotar! [breathing heavily.]
[rapid beeping.]
[phone vibrating.]
Caitlin, hey.
Good timing.
I think I've got a clue to run though the S.
Labs' search satellites.
Barry, we need you here right now.
The city is shutting down S.
Okay, lock this place down! I want that radiation leak found.
Get here.
[suspenseful music.]
You can't just come in here and kick us out of our own offices.
Public Safety Act? Passed four years ago after the meta fallout nearly took out the city.
Means we can do whatever we have to do for the greater good.
Post teams at every entrance.
No one gets in without clearance.
Right away, sir.
Excuse me, I'm Barry Allen.
I own this facility.
Allen, we've detected dangerous levels of radiation within your facility.
This lab's a day away from a meltdown.
That's impossible.
We would've noticed if things were that bad.
Uh, maybe not.
I just checked out the safety logs.
Our radiation scanners haven't updated in over a week.
Doesn't make any sense.
[sparking and crackling.]
- What happened? - This is part of our early detection array that monitors radiation levels inside the place, but it's corroded.
Hasn't been functioning for a while.
Sensors in the subterranean power core currently read over 1,000 RADS.
[uneasy music.]
Consider yourselves lucky.
Another day, you'd all be in ICU.
Seal off that power core! And get an external containment team STAT.
What kind of containment? We need to construct a concrete and steel encasement around this entire facility in order to contain the radioactive material.
Then we'll demolish S.
Labs and move the debris to a nuclear waste site.
You're gonna demolish it? The safety board makes the final call.
But this looks pretty bad.
Now gather your people and say goodbye.
You got five minutes to make like a banana and split.
Fan out and search all levels for additional leaks.
Excuse me.
This place is already swarming with city workers.
If they get to the inner levels They'll find out it's Flash HQ.
Aka our home base.
That's why I need you to grab what you're able to, conceal the labs' critical areas, and get out as fast as you can.
[suspenseful music.]
Hello, Barry Allen.
Gideon, can you pull up the controls for the holographic emitters, then set them to manual? Understood.
Preparing task.
What do you need, Chester P? [tablet beeping.]
Where are you? - Yes.
- Instruction set received.
Holographic emitters reconfigured.
[electronic buzzing.]
Must be old plans.
[detector beeping.]
All clear.
Okay, let's head back.
Sequence complete.
However, Team Flash data on internal servers will compromise your identity if discovered.
Standing by for emergency data wipe.
Gideon, is there any other way? No, Barry Allen.
All information within S.
Labs must be erased in order to assure your safety.
This includes myself.
This is the best option.
I'm so sorry, Gideon.
It has been an honor working with you, Barry Allen.
It has been an honor working with you, Barry Allen.
Frost ice-bridged a bunch of stuff out of here.
She's gonna bring it to Caitlin's.
- Okay, it's time to go.
- [sighs.]
I can't believe this is happening.
This was our home.
This this is so unreal.
I spent more time in that lab than anywhere I've ever lived.
[somber music.]
Guys, I know how much this hurts.
And I know what you're thinking.
But these setbacks aren't proof that Despero's right about the future.
They're not proof he isn't, either.
I know, but hey, we gotta have faith.
Not just in me, but in each other.
Barry, we're with you.
I think we all just wish that there was some other explanation for all this.
I think there is.
Something caused a security guard to lose his mind at a bank robbery this morning.
Uh, you mean exactly like what Despero said would happen to you? This has to be related.
I was gonna use the S.
Labs satellites to follow a lead.
Luckily, we have someone on our team who is an expert at exposing the truth.
The Xotar story is priority one.
Okay, the word's out.
If there's anything to this "Xotar" lead, my people will find it.
Despero said I'm gonna destroy the world.
If that's true I'm the reason everyone I love is gonna die.
Barry, do you remember the last time that something messed with your head? When you had speed-thinking? It was like I was on autopilot.
My mind just took over.
Yeah, but you snapped out of it.
'Cause you saw that your friends were in danger.
I mean, you could never really hurt us.
Even so, if something does happen to someone I love, because of my leveled-up speed I don't know how I'd react.
[phone chimes and buzzes.]
It's Taylor.
She found out that Xotar is the name of a meta-criminal in National City.
- Xotar's a meta? - A psychic meta who controls her victim's minds and drives them crazy.
You know what this means? Xotar could be the real reason I lose my mind today.
And catching her will prevent it.
All I have to do is find her.
[dramatic music.]
[all chanting.]
Flash, you found me.
- Yes.
- Let me guess.
You're psychic too? Not psychic, just patient.
I knew if I ran around the city long enough, eventually you'd show yourself.
How very underwhelming and basic of you.
So what's next? We fight? How passé.
Actually, what do you say we take a quick trip to Iron Heights? What the hell is wrong with you? [rifle pulses.]
What's going on? [ominous music.]
You you zooped in outta nowhere and started destroying the place.
What? No, I You almost lightning-blasted Chuck.
I I don't remember doing any of that.
[suspenseful music.]
Okay, listen, I I don't know what just happened, but I I didn't do this.
And I'm not going insane.
Barry, we saw you! - No way, I - Dude, she's right.
You came in here all lathered up, out of control.
Allegra had to blast you, man.
All right, look, whatever happened, I can prove I'm myself now.
Or at least Caitlin can.
- Cover me.
- [rifle powers down.]
[tablet beeping.]
[scanner whirring.]
Your amygdala activity and cortisol levels are elevated.
But within normal parameters.
[soft music.]
Well, even if you're really you again, it doesn't explain what just happened.
No, I know who's responsible for this.
Right before it happened, I intercepted a meta called Xotar.
She controls her victims' minds.
What are the odds a meta who commits telepathic assaults on people shows up the same day Despero claims I'm gonna lose my mind? Well, that does make a lot more sense.
Okay, we need to find Xotar and stop this from happening.
And keep Despero from killing you.
Back at S.
Labs, we could scan for Xotar's energy signature and find her, but without satellites, we're blind.
I can search the city.
I found her once, I can find her again.
[phone buzzes.]
Frost needs help setting up a portable med lab at the apartment.
Oh, me and Allegra can set up a comms/Cortex-type sitch in my garage.
All right, do it.
And, look, guys, I I know today started with a loss, but we can end it with a win.
We got this.
[dramatic music.]
It's all right.
It's all right.
Search for Xotar all you want.
But the answer you're looking for has been with you all along.
Enough! No more cryptic prophecies, no more games.
Why do you care so much? You said yourself, this isn't your world.
You're hiding something from me.
[unsettling music.]
What do you have to gain? A home.
I saw my planet, Kalanor, overrun by evil.
I was forced to see the people I love suffer and die under the fist of a despot.
Then I was chosen to lead a band of rebels, attempting a coup.
Both sides suffered heavy losses.
But we were triumphant.
However, when the time came to cut the head off the snake I chose to spare the oppressor's life.
But my mercy was misguided.
Because it allowed that madman to rise again and rain down horrors a thousand times worse.
I was spared.
Because he knew for me, the only fate worse than death would be losing my home world.
So he banished me here.
That's how I came to adopt Earth as my new home.
Only to watch you destroy it.
I've been through a crisis before.
Whatever's coming, I can handle it.
Crisis and tragedy are like fires, Flash.
Some are strong enough to endure them.
But others are destined to be consumed by them.
Soon we'll find out who you are.
This is the last of your whatever this stuff is.
What's this thing? Uh, nothing.
Yeah, no, it's just a a project for Frost.
That's all.
Chuck, you know how we've been spending more time together lately? Oh, yeah, our weekend D&D sessions are, like, my new favorite thing.
Why? Well and I can't believe I'm saying this, but the way you just said "nothing" is exactly how you sounded right before the raid on Shavak's Tomb.
- [sighs.]
- And we all knew you were bluffing then too.
Yeah, okay.
Uh [laughs.]
Frost asked me to build a weapon.
To hurt Despero.
But you're A pacifist.
Yeah, I know.
How do you feel about doing this? Allegra you know I still remember the exact moment that I decided to be a pacifist? [somber music.]
I was ten.
And I had just seen Marvin the Martian's ray gun on Saturday morning cartoons.
So I decided to make one of my own.
When I demoed it for my best friend, it malfunctioned.
And, well I burned his parents' house down.
Him and his family barely made it out alive.
After that I made a vow.
No more weapons.
No matter what.
So by going back on that vow now I feel like by building this, I'm not just gonna hurt Despero.
I'm gonna hurt myself too.
Look, I I know you wanna do right by Barry and by the team.
But you can't do that if you don't do right by yourself.
It's not your job to make weapons.
It's to find a way to protect Barry and stay true to yourself.
Yeah, yeah.
[phones ringing and buzzing.]
What's that? Uh okay, I built a temporary comms system by piggybacking off of cell towers.
And I'm also using it to scan for CCPD chatter about criminal activity, right? - Right.
- [radar beeping.]
Okay, okay.
- [microphone static.]
- Flash? We got trouble.
- Chester? - [wavering interference.]
What's happening? [sirens wailing.]
[dramatic music.]
[traffic honking.]
Miss, step aside.
But if I did that, then how would I grab all the priceless art you're transporting? Officer, you sound insane.
[all chanting.]
[ominous music.]
Central City Museum, you shouldn't have.
It's like you read my mind.
You're done messing with other people's minds, Xotar.
Including mine.
If it makes you feel like less of a failure, I dug my claws into your mind long before you even arrived.
Apologies for not mentioning the telekinesis.
Didn't take a crystal ball to know I'd eventually have to catch you by surprise.
You know, back in the day, my specialty was bending spoons.
- [crying out.]
- [bones cracking.]
Okay, guys, now CCPD is reporting that Flash is getting his butt kicked downtown by some meta-magician that's got him suspended in midair.
It's gotta be Xotar.
Barry, Frost is on her way.
But she's all the way across town.
She'll never make it in time.
I can stop Xotar! I just need to generate enough lightning.
But Barry, you need friction to build up that kind of kinetic energy.
If you can't run you can't throw lightning.
- [static crackling.]
- Barry? Barry? [dramatic music.]
[electrical sparking.]
Sounds like Barry is generating lightning.
How is that possible? [laughs.]
Holy Granville T.
Okay, if he's vibrating his cells on a microscopic level that might be enough movement to build up an electrical charge.
How would he throw lightning, then? I don't think he's going to.
My guess is, he's letting it build up inside of him on purpose.
Caitlin, what happens if his body can't hold in his lightning anymore? I think we're about to find out.
[electrical buzzing.]
[electrical buzzing intensifies.]
[peaceful music.]
That was the hospital.
The guard that Xotar attacked recovered as soon as she was meta-cuffed.
So did everyone else she attacked.
How you feeling, Barr? Like it's barely past lunchtime, already feels like the longest day of my life.
But it also feels like it's gonna be a good one.
Now that we got Xotar, we don't have to worry about the rest of the day or you losing your sanity.
Well, in that case, I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving.
Oh, yeah.
Why don't we meet up with Iris at Joe and Cecile's? See if we can talk Joe into whipping us up a pot of his famous jambalaya.
[ominous music.]
That's not funny, Barry.
Okay, I'll ask him to grill some burgers instead.
Why are you doing that? Doing what? Acting like Joe's still alive, man.
What are you talking about? [echoing.]
You don't remember? Barry, Joe died six months ago.
You know that.
What? No.
I don't believe you.
Barry, look.
Maybe you're still processing this or something, I don't know.
But we'll we'll figure it out.
Okay? Why don't you just sit down and let Caitlin take a look at the ol' noggin? [dramatic music.]
- Where is he? - Barry, you're scaring me.
- Where is he? - Who? Joe! You gave the eulogy at his funeral.
No way.
No, no, this is wrong.
Iris, this is wrong.
We have to investigate this.
We have to find out what really happened to him.
He's not dead! He can't be! Damn it, Barry.
Joe is gone.
Why can't you just accept that? [dramatic music.]
- Cecile.
- Barry, why are you saying all these things all of a sudden? It's like the last six months, this living nightmare never even happened.
Six months.
What are you doing? I can't do this with you.
Barry, I can't do it.
Cecile, listen to me.
- Joe's not dead.
- Yes! [voice breaking.]
Yes, he is.
- He's dead.
- [phone buzzing.]
And I am trying to move on.
Why won't you let me do that? - Cecile, please.
- Barry.
[uneasy music.]
You're all over the news.
What? What did you do? Nothing.
I After apprehending a criminal earlier today, the Flash, for reasons unknown, committed a crime of his own.
Warning: this footage may be disturbing to some viewers.
Our camerawoman was barely able to escape with her life.
And luckily, there were no deaths today, despite what city officials estimate are millions of dollars in damage.
But other members of our crew, along with dozens of innocent civilians, were injured in the Flash's brazen attack.
Once again, our top story: the hero who has saved our city countless times has turned against us.
More on this unprecedented breaking development as we head to our reporter on the ground.
I don't remember doing that.
Caitlin said you didn't remember destroying the loft.
Or almost killing her and Chester either.
Barry, we can blame Xotar for the loft.
But she was in meta-cuffs when you destroyed City Hall.
Do you see? [dramatic music.]
It's been you all along, Flash.
Now do you believe me? No.
This is one of your illusions.
That's it.
Iris, Cecile, you have to believe me.
Enough! This ends now.
[energy pulsing.]
Barry! It's fitting that I end your life with the undying fire of my home world, the Flame of Py'tar.
Get out of my house.
[electrical ringing.]
The empath.
Your power's no match for me.
So for now Sleep.
Stop! If it's me you want, get it over with! Gladly.
That's that's all I got.
Barry, run! Good move, Chuck.
What's wrong with you people? You saw the destruction he'll bring to the world with your own eyes.
Why am I fighting this threat alone? [mechanical whirring.]
Stand in my way again, any of you, and suffer the consequences.
I will find the Flash and end him before he brings about Armageddon.
[mechanical whirring.]
So is Barry gonna be all right? Honestly, we don't know.
Can you tell us anything else about Despero's planet or his freaky flame? Well, actually, the pieces are starting to come together.
For years, we had heard rumors and whispers from the dark corners of the galaxy about the Flame of Py'tar, which is an energy source that was supposedly the sentient heart of the planet Kalanor.
But just when we started to think that this was a pan-galactic urban legend, you guys are the first to meet an actual Kalanorian.
Lucky us.
Yeah, but thanks to you guys, we've opened an official file on Despero.
Kara and J'onn, they're off-world, but we'll keep investigating, and I'll call if we find anything that can help take him down.
You guys stay safe, okay? Yeah, thanks.
You too, Alex.
Well, we may not be the Tower or have access to S.
Labs, but Chester P can still roll up his sleeves and see what I can come up with to help track down Barry.
Assuming he wants to be found.
[tense music.]
If you and Allegra hadn't shown up when you did Hey, hey, it's all good.
Okay? We'll figure this out.
We always do.
We'll get Barry back.
Yeah, but what will he be like when we do? You look like death warmed over.
I need your help.
Barry, what the hell is going on? Injustice.

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