The Flash (2014) s08e03 Episode Script

Armageddon, Part 3

1 Injustice? Damn.
Look, Barry, those protocols are a one-way trip.
A bad one.
- I know that.
- All right, all right.
Just take a deep breath.
Tell me what happened.
In the last 24 hours, I've lost my job, my home base.
I've started having blackouts.
I destroyed my apartment at superspeed.
I attacked my team, my family.
Jefferson, I attacked innocent people, dozens of them, and I don't remember doing it.
- I'm out of control! - Easy.
In my experience, there's almost nothing that can't be undone, but I'm gonna need you to calm down for me.
Calm down? I'm losing my mind! Look, you know the contingency plan.
The Injustice Protocols were put into place for a reason, to protect the world when one of us goes rogue.
It's happening, Jefferson.
You have to take away my powers.
Look, we need to call in the others.
- We don't have time.
- No, no.
Kara, J'onn, Sara We all designed this plan together after Faust.
And we all made the same promise.
If anyone ever lost control, a designated teammate would step in.
For me, that's you.
And I don't carry that weight lightly.
What if this is all temporary? What if your mind starts healing? It's it's not gonna heal.
It's only gonna get worse.
But how can you say that for sure? I forgot Joe died.
The man who raised me he passed away six months ago, and I can't remember it at all.
Look, I know you have questions, but I'm losing myself.
You took an oath, if I ever said the word "injustice," you'd listen.
We have to do this now.
My father had a saying, one that I even teach my students today.
"Where's the future? Right here.
"Whose life is this? Mine.
"What are you gonna do with it? Live it by any means necessary.
" So don't worry.
I will honor my promise.
I will do whatever is necessary to keep folks alive.
But remember when we take away your powers, they are gone permanently.
It's happening again.
Another world lost.
Another failure.
Armageddon waits for no man.
And it won't wait for me to find you, Flash.
So you think Despero's right, that Barry's gonna destroy the world or something? No, no, hey, what Barry did today was scary, and the things that he said They really, really hurt, but someone that we love is going through a mental health crisis, so I don't care what he may or may not do ten years from now.
We need to take care of him today just like he did for me.
Okay, we'll follow your lead.
What do you want to do? Okay, I've been sensing Despero all day.
He's using his mind's eye to scan the city.
Now, he hasn't found him yet, but if Barry's not thinking clearly What if he's the only one thinking clearly? Boss, what are you talking about? Look, I know how this is gonna sound, but when Despero showed up, he said that Barry would suffer tragedy, and then on cue, he lost his job, he lost S.
Labs, and now he's lost his mind.
Doesn't that seem like a big coincidence? A little too big? But Despero's from the future.
Wouldn't he know what happened? But what if he didn't know that someone secretly caused it to happen? - You think he's being framed.
- Iris, he forgot about Joe.
Nobody was framing him then.
Yeah, I'm not so sure.
Look, when Dad died, CCPD said that his death was an accident.
He fell on the tracks at Scott Railway.
Kramer left me with the evidence, but for the last six months, I haven't been able to look at it, but then I thought about what Barry said, that we have to investigate what happened.
So I finally started looking, and this is what I found.
Why are you showing us this? Just trust me.
See, one second he's there, and the next, he's gone.
I haven't figured this all out yet, but if somebody framed Barry, then he doesn't cause Armageddon.
And, Cecile, Dad could be alive.
No, it's impossible.
Is it? I mean, what if a meta-human abducted him at the last second or or he got swapped with, like, a mirror clone? I saw them bury his body.
So did Barry, and so did you.
Okay, guys, how about we take five, yeah? - I'm not trying to upset you.
- What are you trying to do? I'm trying to find out if my dad is still alive.
I'm trying to prove my husband's innocence.
Iris, it does not matter if he is innocent if we can't find him, which is what we have been trying to do while you have been living in a fantasy world! Hey.
Iris has trusted Barry against the odds before, like when Bloodwork infected him, and she was right.
If there's even a chance that this could be real, I can't give up, and you wouldn't want me to.
Is that what you think? You think I gave up? Oh, my God.
You think I don't wake up alone every morning in our bed praying to God that all of this was nothing but a bad dream? Iris, I have done everything that I can to just keep moving forward since I lost Joe.
I did it so that I could be there for you and for Jenna, for this team, and you come in here and you want to shove his death in my face? He was the father of my child! And my father! Fine.
If you insist on pursuing this lie, then we will save Barry without you.
You save him your way.
I'll save him mine.
Okay, Cecile.
What do you want to do? We find Barry before Despero does first, no matter what it takes.
How are we supposed to find Barry now? Okay, this is gonna sound wild, but Despero's scanning the whole world for Barry's brainwaves, right? Like a needle in a haystack.
I know him better than almost anyone.
So you should be able to pinpoint Barry's mind faster than he can, only Despero's psychic radius is exponentially higher than yours.
Alex Danvers says he gets a power boost from his power source, the Flame of Py'tar.
Okay, I just need a boost of my own, right? So you can build something, something that can amplify my psychic powers.
You want me to build a Cerebro out of the trash in my garage? I mean Oh, frak yeah, I can do that.
Okay, there's still one problem.
Kalanorians like Despero have four hemispheres to their brain.
The human brain only has two.
So even if we amplify your empathic radius, you'd still be at a disadvantage.
Then we're gonna need some more brain power.
And I know just who to call.
So things got a little intense back there.
You okay? Yeah, look, I don't want to hurt Cecile, but if someone's framing Barry and my dad might be okay, then I have to figure out the truth.
Just glad I don't have to do it alone.
Team Citizen forever, Boss.
So what are we looking for? Signs of a meta-abduction? - What the hell? - What is it? I'm not sure.
Do you see anything? Well, I'm not picking up anything on the electromagnetic spectrum, but your time sickness makes you see stuff sometimes, right? - Could it be acting up? - Must be.
Deon's treatments are probably wearing off.
I'm supposed to see him tonight.
You know what I did see: the fiber optic aura for these cameras leads to a security booth inside, so if someone wanted to alter the footage of Joe's accident to make it seem like he died That'd be where they'd start.
I'll never forget that day.
People were screaming someone fell.
I I tried calling the emergency line, but it was too late.
What about before it happened? Did you see anyone suspicious on the platform? It was pretty empty when Mr.
West died.
The Red Line came in 15 minutes early.
Hang on.
Iris West-Allen? Were you his daughter? I still am.
What about after? Was there anyone there who had access to the scene before CCPD arrived? Ma'am, your father took a bad step.
It happens sometimes.
Well, the reason I'm asking is because the video files that you sent over to CCPD were missing some very important frames from the moment of incident.
That doesn't just happen unless you're saying someone got into your system.
Or because we're on the same power grid as Sharks Stadium.
Whenever there's a game, like there was that day, our automatic CCTV upload gets interrupted, and we end up losing chunks of data.
It's a good thing we back up our files locally.
- Is this the only angle? - No, it's okay.
I was wrong.
It was just an accident.
I don't know Where to start So who wants next game, boys? Think you can end up on top? I think you're done for today.
Horton, I'm surprised you showed.
Figured you'd still be crying over your boyfriend somewhere.
You should have heard the cheers at Iron Heights when that news broke out.
Well, that's funny 'cause I figured you'd already be running Scudder's entire criminal enterprise, not hustling morons in a dive bar.
Guess you probably shouldn't have sold him out after all.
- Fine.
- Aw.
- That means you're available.
- For what? You got a job for me, Miss meta-attorney? Look, I need help.
Psychic help.
Someone that I care about is missing.
Let me guess.
He runs real fast.
It's all over the news.
Flash went bad.
It's the feel-good story of the year.
And even if I did want to help return the Scarlet Speedster to the side of angels, during our last go-round, you messed with my head.
I don't know if I can trust you.
Can you trust me to help get your parole restrictions lifted? Quid pro quo, huh? When do we start? Damn it, I I can't get this last conduit.
You know what? You know, sometimes I like to work with a little music on.
Monk? Okay, trying to impress me.
I kind of grew up on this stuff.
Joe always had something spinning on the turntable, Miles Davis, Johnny Hartman, Ella Fitzgerald.
It's his favorite.
Was his favorite.
Yeah, I lost someone too a while back.
Bill Henderson.
Actually, he was a cop like your old man.
Well, we had our ups and downs, but through it all, he was my best friend.
My brother.
Bill died saving my life So I could get home to Atlanta and the girls.
Yeah, he made that sacrifice.
Just like you sacrificing a big part of yourself here today.
You know, if Joe was here, I think he'd be real proud of the hero you've been all along.
It's been you all along, Flash.
Are you okay? Yeah.
That was the last conduit.
Now, when your suit materializes, you'll be able to generate enough voltage to disrupt my Speed Force connection.
Giving Gambi a run for his money, huh? All right, let's go blow this fuse.
I'm ready.
This is gonna hurt.
Boss, you got to see this.
Do you remember what the security chief said, that the day Joe died, the Red Line was running early? Well, back in my car thief days, I'd take the Red Line home from the chop shop, and it was never early.
It was always late.
So my dad was just unlucky? Well, that's an understatement.
The train that hit Joe passed a routine inspection two days before the accident, yet somehow, the hydraulics failed.
Iris, there are dozens and dozens of coincidences like this.
Do you know what the odds are that they all happened at once? Million to one.
The events that led to Joe's accident, they line up perfectly.
Too perfectly.
- So what are you saying? - That you're right.
That that someone was pulling the strings.
Barry's not crazy, and your dad's not Look, Allegra, I was wrong about everything.
These last six months have been the worst six months of my life.
Look, I get it.
I do.
When Esperanza died I lost hope too.
But what saved me from the darkness was remembering the words of a hero.
"As long as we keep the loved ones we've lost in our hearts, there is always hope.
" - Are you seeing this? - Seeing what? I have to get back to the station.
I thought that was a dead end.
It's not.
We just couldn't see all the evidence.
Ladies, may I present the solution to all of our Flash-finding problems, the Neural Conjoiner.
Both of you have the natural ability to access people's brainwaves like an antenna.
Cecile as an empath, and Rosa as a psychic who can spin people's emotions out of control.
So with the Telepathic Crown as an amplifier, we'll be able to conjoin your psychic powers and pick up way more brainwaves than you'd ever be able to pick up on your own.
Like, all over the continent.
Now all you need to do is focus on the Flash's brainwaves, and the N.
will transmit them here while I use the visual data to triangulate his location with this.
I'm sorry, but does that TV have rabbit ears on it? Yeah, yeah, it's 'cause it's my grandma's, which means we'll have to be done by 7:00 'cause she doesn't want to miss her stories.
You ready? It's too much.
It's too much.
It's too much! I can't I can't! - Chester, turn it off.
- No, we can do this.
So many minds to reach out and touch.
I can't.
It's too many thoughts.
I can't do this.
- It's too many thoughts.
- No, there aren't! Horton, listen to me.
Together, we are strong enough to handle this, but you're letting your own feelings hold you back.
Now focus! Horton, you're letting your own emotions bring you down.
That sadness you got? Get over it.
You want to find your hero? - Yes.
- Then lose the weakness, just like I lost those gushy feelings for Scudder.
Forget about your grief, your guilt, your sadness.
Forget about your damn dead boyfriend.
Bury it! I still have some of my speed.
Connection's not fully severed.
I found him.
Oh, keep it going.
Keep it going.
We almost have a clear signal.
- Oh! - Ah! - What happened? - You overloaded the crown.
Damn, Horton.
I knew I was good, but color me impressed.
Okay, if the amplifier is busted, then maybe we should try a different way.
No, no.
Chester, you can fix it, right? You can fix it.
Well, I need about an hour to recalibrate, but then we should be good to go.
Do it.
We finally made some progress.
We're not gonna stop now.
Those humans.
Their emotions blind them to reason, yet give them power.
They'll find Flash first, and I'll be right behind them.
You forget we had an appointment in the books? 'Cause usually we meet in the Speed Lab.
Then again, I am a Force god, so I can work with this too.
Ready for your treatment? I didn't forget we had an appointment.
I I wanted you to find me here.
Why? This is where your dad died.
I can sense him walking through here six months ago.
I came here earlier today, and I saw these particles near the tracks where my dad fell, and then I saw them again when I was going through evidence from his death.
This is a sign that there's something wrong with my dad's death, proof that someone is altering reality and and leaving particles behind.
But nobody screwed with the timeline.
All right? I would have sensed that.
Then someone's hiding something.
I need you to undo my treatments, all of them.
- You can't be serious.
- Deon, please.
Whatever is happening, it's connected to these particles.
Look, if I absorb all of that temporal matter out of you and that sickness you got starts spreading too fast, you're gonna start moving in and out of timelines again, or worse.
- I'm not afraid of that.
- Well, I am.
Look, if there's a chance that I can save my husband and bring my dad back, I'll risk it.
My God.
What are they? Temporal isotopes, but decaying instead of growing.
That's why I couldn't sense them before.
Oh, damn.
Someone tapped into the Negative Still Force to rewrite the timeline.
Your dad wasn't supposed to die.
But someone changed the past to make sure that he did.
Cecile, we need to talk about Dillon.
Look, I know.
I get it, okay? Dillon can be a little intense, but we're trying to beat Despero here.
She wants you to forget about Joe.
That's more than a little intense.
And honestly, it's not the first time I've seen you repress your feelings.
You have no idea what it's been like for me.
- None.
- Actually, I do.
Because it's what I went through with Ronnie.
After the particle accelerator exploded, I was so traumatized by his death that even thinking about him would send me spiraling.
Rather than facing my grief, I started fearing it.
I just I can't help thinking you're heading down the same path.
Look, I know.
I know I don't talk about Joe.
It's because I think about him every second of every hour of every day.
And it's not just my grief that I have to feel, Caitlin.
Barry and Iris and little Jenna Because of my powers, whenever they're near me, I feel all of their grief too.
It's everything that I can do to push it all down just so that I can keep moving forward, because if I don't, I will drown.
And that cannot happen again.
I know it's hard, but your strength as an empath doesn't come from burying your emotions.
It comes from feeling the feelings.
Even the hard ones.
Oh, let me guess.
Dinner's ready.
Oh, sweet Joseph Winters.
Okay, my phone is still plugged into the S.
Labs emergency sensors.
Someone just turned on the particle accelerator.
- The hell's going on? - The power's spiking, sir.
It's like the particle accelerator turned itself on.
Not exactly.
I may have given it a little push.
Susan? Damn, what in the world! Checkmate.
And with this power, no mind will shut its doors on me! Why would Despero turn on the particle accelerator? He's into alternative energy.
Who cares? Guys, look, she's right.
We need to do this.
Remember what we did last time.
Remember that power.
Come on.
Where are you? I can see Flash.
He's with Jefferson Pierce? Where are they? Let me try and find out.
I can feel your grief again, Horton.
I told you to bury it.
Cecile, you don't have to listen to her.
You know your powers better than she does.
Oh, yes.
It's like meta-juicing, only ten times better.
You should be proud of the power you've displayed here.
Now, open your minds to me and show me the Flash.
- Leave us alone.
- Uh, guys.
Who are they talking to? Despero.
He must be here.
- Dillon, what are you doing? - Causing a little vertigo.
It's an oldie but a goodie.
Okay, big boy.
How about a little quid pro quo? I let you inside my mind, show you where the Flash is, and then you and I go kill him together.
What makes you think I came here to bargain? Okay.
How about I let you peek inside my mind for free? We'll call it even.
Dillon! I can't feel her anymore.
What did you do? I looked inside her mind, but I could only partly reconstruct the Flash's location.
The other half must be in yours.
Don't be afraid.
It's a necessity.
I am trying to save the world.
By killing us and Barry? A few lives to spare billions.
That's a trade I'm willing to make, but one that you won't even stomach.
Your mind's strong for a human empath, but it's kindling compared to the Flame of Py'tar.
Stop fighting me and show me where he is.
You have no allies left.
You're weak, and you're alone.
You're wrong.
I am not alone.
- Ugh.
- Oh.
- Hey, hey, you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
She's alive, but barely.
- Despero he attacked us.
- How did you survive? I thought about Joe.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
I found Barry.
- He's at the Hall.
- What? Guys, guys, Despero was in my head.
That means he knows where Barry is too.
All right, maybe we should take a break.
No, we have to finish before Despero finds me.
Who the hell's Despero? If you're keeping something important from me, I suggest you remedy it.
He's from the future.
He says that, ten years from now, - I'm gonna destroy the world.
- You believe him? Do you remember what we said when we first met during Crisis? We're not quitters.
You can change your future, just like you did back then.
That's what I'm trying to do.
If I get rid of my speed, I can keep Despero's future from happening.
What will this Despero do if you don't? He's gonna kill me.
You didn't think that was important to mention? I knew if I told you, you'd want to go after Despero, but I need you to follow the Injustice Protocols.
I'm not acting out of fear.
I'm trying to do the right thing.
Yeah, I thought I was, too, but I wasn't, and you aren't either.
You're just afraid of becoming this man that Despero says you are.
I've already hurt people! I'm already a liability! No, what you are is a hero! Doesn't that mean something? I've seen what happens, what I end up doing.
It's going to happen.
Getting rid of my speed is the only way to save the world.
Damn it, Jefferson! It's the only way to save your family too! I suggest you keep my family out of this.
After everything we've done today, everything I've told you, you're just giving up.
Barry, you need to think very carefully right now.
I'm asking you to save the world, and you won't even listen! You're gonna hear me now, 'cause one way or the other, you're gonna help me finish this.
Look at what I just did, the damage I can still cause! You made a promise to keep this world safe.
I am keeping the world safe by saving one of its protectors.
Fine, you want to ignore the protocols? Now imagine millions dead all because of me! It's your lightning.
You keep it.
How about we stop this insanity? Hmm? Do you remember why we call our safety plan "Injustice"? Because if one of us goes rogue, the rest of the world doesn't stand a chance.
You think this is what he would have wanted? You told me that before Crisis, Oliver went to the Monitor to trade his life for yours.
Now, I never met the man, so you tell me: why'd he do that? 'Cause he was afraid? Nah.
A man like him lays down his life for a man like you for one reason: because you are the best of us.
Now, Oliver Queen wasn't a quitter.
He'd never quit on you.
So don't you dare quit on yourself.
Jefferson, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Just tell me this.
Where's the future? It's right here.
Whose life is this? Mine.
So what are you gonna do with it? Live it by any means necessary.
I told you, Flash, if I found any trace of your true nature, I'd end your existence.
Leave him alone.
He's innocent.
Someone changed the timeline to kill my father and make Barry seem insane.
You really believe you're telling the truth.
How tragic.
Hurry! I'll hold him off.
You need to go and figure out who is trying to frame you.
I need to go to the future, see who really causes Armageddon.
I can't hold him much longer! I'm not gonna make it there.
I don't have enough Speed Force left.
How about some Still Force? My isotopes will pull you toward any weird temporal activity.
Run, Barry.
You all just killed this world.
If I could have everyone's attention for a moment.
I have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time.
When you find the love of your life, it's like electricity pulsing through your veins, giving you a shock that you absolutely never want to end because because now Now you're part of something greater.
You're part of something wonderful.
And, frankly, surprising because you never know what face fate will be wearing when she shows up to knock on your door and change your life forever.
When it does, for you, my wish is that that face Is as beautiful as the one standing next to me.
To Iris West, the love of my life And to our future together.
What the hell is he doing here?
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