The Flash (2014) s08e05 Episode Script

Armageddon, Part 5

1 Of course I'm really here.
You sounding kinda strange.
You okay? I am now, yeah.
Yeah okay.
You wanna tell me what's really going on? You don't remember either.
Uh, he He changed things.
Made me think I was crazy.
He took away my life, piece by piece, until I lost everything.
Thawne started his own Reverse-Flashpoint.
Joe, you died.
Uh well, I'm so sorry you went through that.
Hey, listen to me.
I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere.
I know, it's just seeing you again after everything that's happened It's just I can finally breathe again.
Nothing like a second shot at life.
Barry, why is there a supervillain standing in my living room? Thank you, but I'm not here to cause trouble.
Damien, how are you still here? I don't know.
My theory, I was connected to the time stone you were wearing.
And when you created a portal, it drew me to 2021 also.
Although I haven't faded yet, I'm sure I soon will.
- And once you do - I die.
But my daughter, Nora, lives.
Only that hasn't happened yet, and I don't know why.
Maybe if I had the time stone.
That was handy.
Damien, what you're doing now I'm no hero, Barry.
I'm just a dad.
Freeze! - You're under arrest.
- For what, officers? I haven't even done anything.
And do you want to know why? Because I'm not ready to die yet.
I can't believe everything that you went through.
I mean, these last few days have been so normal.
Boring, even.
I mean, I'm glad nobody remembers.
And Frost and Chillblaine were married.
- Apparently.
- That's insane.
What about Chuck and me? What were we doing? I mean, same as now, I guess.
I don't know, I mean, we weren't really teammates in that other timeline, so I do know Chester helped build the energy absorption tech that saved the world.
Hold on.
There you go.
Holy Ron Mallett.
This circuitry is next level.
Okay, nice work, future me, but is it okay that I have this? I don't want to start, like, a Chester P-point.
I mean, maybe just don't talk about it on your podcast.
Ah, got you.
Well, Barr, you risked everything to prevent Armageddon and gave all of us a second chance.
And we are really damn grateful, especially me.
You really are a true hero, Barry.
It's Taylor with a news alert.
Thawne is at CCPD.
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking, why did I do that? Well, I did it to draw out your hero! What is taking him so long? You want a hero? You.
You know, normally, I'd be intrigued to meet the great Green Arrow, but unfortunately, today, I don't have the time.
- Where's William? - Who's William? Wrong answer.
That's a temporal fade, pal.
Looks like you're not too much longer for this timeline.
Too bad.
Now, where the hell's my brother? Enough with the questions.
Sorry, kid But I don't have time for family drama.
Stay down, Thawne.
I didn't come here to fight.
I came here to make a scene, publicly, so that there would be witnesses for what I have to ask you.
What is it? I need you to save me.
So Thawne messed with the timeline.
No wonder I picked up on his temporal energy.
He must be loaded with it.
Is that why you're here in 2021? No, I tracked Thawne's scent by mistake.
I was looking for something else.
Maybe we can help? I'm Chester P.
, by the way.
New guy.
And it is so cool to meet the future Green Arrow.
Mia Queen, progeny of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen.
I know all the stories.
Yeah, not all the stories.
Look, what did Thawne mean when he said, "save me"? Save him from what? You see how he's fading in and out? Same thing happened to me in his Reverse-Flashpoint.
He's being erased.
Once the process is complete, he'll die.
So when you removed Thawne's changes, the timeline decided to remove him too.
Okay, but when Thawne died, he came back somehow after Eddie.
I mean, could that happen again? No, this is different.
When I reset the timeline, I used Damien's time stone.
It eliminated all possible time variables, restoring a single, permanent timeline again.
- This one.
- So if he dies this time It's game over for good.
I need to call Frost.
If we're gonna decide what to do about Thawne, - we need the whole team here.
- Wait a minute.
You're not actually considering saving him, are you? Mia, we know that Thawne is bad, but we still need to talk this through before we make any decisions.
If that's how you guys do things.
But you're making a big mistake.
I will go talk to her.
Can you see if you can find out how much time Thawne has left? You want something? Mia, you never said why you came to 2021, but I'm guessing it's important.
So what is going on? I'm here to find my brother.
William's missing.
I just hit another dead end.
What happened? It was the night I decided to put on the suit.
William and I went to see Dad's statue, but we were attacked.
William! I haven't seen my brother since.
I've been looking for him for two years.
I'm so sorry.
Found a temporal energy signature at the crime scene which led me here, but every trail goes cold.
Now, this is all I have left of him.
William gave it to me the night he was taken.
Sometimes I wonder if it's connected to why he's still gone.
Have you asked Felicity for help? She wouldn't understand what I've had to do to get this far.
What is that supposed to mean? - Mia, have you - Killed anyone? I will if I have to, for William's sake.
Sometimes, blood for blood is the answer.
You know, your dad thought the same thing once.
That in order to protect his city, he had to take lives, but all he ended up doing was ruining his own.
I think you know that, or else you wouldn't be so afraid to go see your mom.
You're the one who's afraid.
Thawne killed your dad and then tricked you into almost marrying him, all the while making you believe you had a choice in it all.
You, Iris West-fracking-Allen.
And now you're too afraid to give him what he deserves.
You think my life will be ruined if I kill? What about yours if you don't? 'Cause it sounds like you'd be a lot better off if he was gone.
How much longer do I have? Best I can tell, two hours, and then you'll fade away.
Two hours until you save me, right, Caitlin? Because you, Barry, and Team Flash, you're the good guys.
You'll do the right thing.
Some of us might surprise you.
Not you.
You're a doctor.
You won't kill me.
No, I won't.
But I can accept it when someone dies.
Is that right? Maybe you forget, I know the real Caitlin Snow.
You're right where you were eight years ago, remember? Living your safe, orderly life.
Preparing for a perfect future with your idiot fiancé.
And then It all came crashing down.
What is wrong with you? Ronnie was my whole future, and he is never coming back.
"He's never coming back.
" That's what happens.
What about you? You could've moved on.
I mean, you should've moved on.
Right? But instead, you're stuck here where you were eight years ago helping Team Flash and Barry Allen instead of getting on with your life.
You want honesty? When I was a resident, fresh out of med school, one of the first things they taught me is that sometimes, you lose a patient.
That death is a part of life.
So guess what? It's your turn, because all the speed in the world can't help you outrun what's coming for you.
You'll save me.
You'll save me, Snow.
You don't have a choice.
And another thing: I stayed here because Barry and the rest of the team, they're not just friends, they're family.
And just so we're clear, what I've been doing for the last eight years is hating you.
So if you're looking for someone to save you, look somewhere else.
You okay? What happened? We need to let Thawne die.
Caitlin told me about your talk.
Something I want to know.
Why did you create a Reverse-Flashpoint, steal my life? Why? It was the best way to hurt you.
Don't you have anything better to do than trying to destroy my life? Destroying you is my life.
That still doesn't explain why.
Why what? What did I ever do to you? Almost two centuries from right now, we meet for the very first time.
For my part, I'd finally discovered ways to possess speeds.
Speeds faster than anyone alive.
And just as I was about to present myself to the world You showed up in pursuit of some stupid case, dazzled the crowd.
Ah, you were dazzling.
And then and then you saved the crowd.
A crowd that I was meant to save.
A crowd that was meant to thank me.
You stole my greatest moment.
I admired you.
And you humiliated me.
And it was in that moment that I knew that I had to get faster than you.
Only a sociopath would react to something so small with that kind of rage.
What you call rage I call commitment.
So if you won't stop hating me, what happens once I save you? I'll just go on with my life's work: finding new ways to kill you.
You know what to do, Flash.
What are you doing here? I went to the future to see for myself whether or not Armageddon had been prevented.
- Then you know that it was.
- Yes.
But I also witnessed the return of your rival.
You must know as long as Eobard Thawne lives, he can still bring about another Armageddon.
So what do you want me to do? Listen to your friend.
Let him die.
If you want him dead so much, why don't you just kill him yourself? I would, but he could come back as he did before.
This is the only way to assure his absolute death.
You know it's the right thing to do, Flash.
You can't be serious.
You can't just let Thawne die.
I gave him a chance to prove he can change.
He can't.
So what, we just kill him? Thawne messed with the timeline, and now the timeline is fighting back.
I say we let it.
Me too.
Look, Thawne did this to himself, and it's not like we can save him, so it's time to let him go.
Look, I know that we're the new kids and we don't have the same history with Thawne, but that's a good thing, because I don't care who Thawne is.
I care who you guys are, and you save people.
- I know because you saved me.
- And me, literally.
You're right.
You are the new kids.
And so when it comes to Thawne, I'm sorry, but you don't get a say.
Iris, maybe we should think about this.
We already have.
You guys don't understand what Thawne's capable of.
It's time to keep everyone safe by finally letting Thawne die.
Barry, Iris, we need to talk.
What the hell is wrong with you two? Since when do we let people die? - Dad, you know who Thawne is.
- Yeah, I do.
And that man came to you for help, which means you're obligated to try and save him.
Joe, he killed you.
No, I know you don't remember, but I do.
If we don't let this happen now, our family will never be safe.
You don't think I want to see him dead either? 'Cause I do.
If I learned one thing being a cop, it's that you can't just protect the people you think are good.
You have to protect everyone.
That's what heroes do.
- I know that.
- Do you? A hero is not just in the name, Barry, or in a red suit.
It's the choices we make that decide who and what we become.
- You know that.
- Dad, we don't have a choice.
Thawne isn't giving us one.
You always have a choice! Now, did either one of you even try to think of a way to save him? You already found one.
We could save him if we take his speed away, permanently.
Just like Jefferson Pierce did to you.
- Listen, Joe, wait - Hey.
This decision is for the two of you.
But I can tell you one thing: if you let Thawne die, you don't have to worry about him destroying our family.
We have to talk to Caitlin.
The heroes of this world have failed.
But if they won't end Thawne's existence, then I, Despero, will take matters into my own hands.
Mia Queen.
Mia Queen.
And you're gonna help me.
Barry, are you sure? Yeah, look, if we're really heroes, we can't turn our back on anyone, including Thawne.
So you want to take away his speed to save his life? All right, what if it doesn't work? It will.
Before the timeline reset, Jefferson hit me with enough continuous voltage to nearly sever my connection with the Speed Force.
Like blowing a fuse.
And you want to do the same thing to Thawne.
And once his speed is gone, A.
will take him into custody.
We've already called Cisco.
Jail time won't make up for all the lives he destroyed.
Look, you're right, but we can't let Thawne change who we are.
You're a fool.
Thawne must be erased from time itself.
Why can't you see that? Despero, without his speed, Thawne won't be a threat to anyone ever again.
Thawne recovered his powers before.
This is your final warning, Flash.
Stand down and let Thawne die or suffer the consequences.
Barry! It's not too late, Flash.
Let Thawne die so Armageddon can end.
Light up, Allegra.
We're going after Flash.
No, Barry can handle Despero.
You two protect Thawne no matter what.
- You sure, Boss? - Yeah.
If Despero attacks us too, we need to be ready.
What if Despero kills Barry? I mean, they fought before, and it wasn't exactly close.
Let's hope it goes better this time.
I was right about you all along, Flash.
You are humanity's enemy.
I'm choosing to save a life, Despero, not end one.
That's what heroes do.
But you've never been a hero, have you? What are you implying? What you told me about your home world, that was all a lie, wasn't it? You weren't the heroic rebel leader.
You were the despot.
The one who inflicted pain and suffering.
Who killed to get what he wanted.
- I did what was necessary.
- No, you're wrong.
You've been wrong this whole time about everything.
You're no hero, Despero.
You're just like Thawne.
Only in your eyes, Flash, because I know what must be done.
The greater good that must be embraced in order for this world to survive.
All that remains is for me to show you.
Chester, secure S.
Frack, we just lost power.
- What about Thawne? - That's what's so weird.
Backup system just kicked in, but only for the force field trap.
What? No, no.
That doesn't make any sense, unless It's Despero.
We're under attack.
Get down! Mia, what the hell, girl? Iris West-Allen.
You and Flash made this decision.
And now you'll die for making the wrong one.
Mia, listen to me.
This isn't you.
Mia, she's right.
Take my power.
Take my strength.
Fight him.
You think I'd release this perfect vessel? Mia, stop.
I know you can fight this.
- The child is gone, human.
- No, she's not.
Mia, I know you can fight this because you already have.
Look around you could've killed us all, but you didn't.
Mia, she's right.
Fight him.
Mia, think about William.
Is this the path that he would want you to choose? Iris.
Allegra, Frost, in the hallway.
I'll go check on them.
I'm so sorry.
My pawn failed.
Your friends survived.
Mia? What did you do? Nothing compared to what I'm going to do now.
I told you Thawne must die, and he will.
That's why I'm taking matters into my own hands.
I'm going to be the hero that this world needs, Flash.
Not you.
Barry, are you okay? Yeah, I think so.
I what's going on? I've got the secondary power circuits up and running, but I'm picking up insane energy readings out there.
I'm talking, like, atomic bomb level readings.
That's Despero.
He must be willing to wipe out the whole city to get what he wants.
He's gonna kill us all.
Just so Thawne will die.
- How's Mia? - She's resting.
Frost is keeping an eye on her.
Thank goodness Iris got to her before she Right, but what in the world are we supposed to do now? We beat Despero to the punch.
We whammy Thawne's speed right now, make him a permanent jaywalker, before Despero whammies us.
It's okay, Cecile.
We all decided it together.
- Chester, where are we with - Project Whammy? Well, I still have to finish calibrating your suit.
Well, how much time do we have before the timeline resets? A few minutes, maybe less, and only if Despero doesn't wipe us out first.
Look, we are not losing today.
Not our city.
Not a single life.
I don't know how, but there's gotta be a way to stop Despero long enough for Chuck to do his thing, so come on.
We're Team Flash.
What can we do? The energy Despero's harnessing is from his home world, Kalanor, but, I mean, even if the energy's alien, the flame of Py'tar is still a flame.
You can harness it with a vacuum.
And then disperse it, but I I'd still need a way to direct all that energy into the atmosphere.
Wait, if a delivery system is what you need, then I got the ticket.
Okay, so you know how the P.
redirects energy? Turns out the materials in that puppy are damn versatile.
So I took the liberty of using them to make these.
No way.
Chuck, you're amazing.
Yeah, I can work with these.
They're a perfect fit, Chester.
Now run, Boss, run.
Now, Flash, your city dies so that this planet's future may survive.
No! It's gone.
My connection to the flame! Damn you, Flash.
It's over, Despero.
Flash, you've no idea what you've done.
I swear by the moons of Kalanor, you'll pay for this.
This whole planet will.
Flash, we got less than 30 seconds to save Thawne before the timeline resets.
All right, get ready, Chester, I'm on my way.
My speed.
- I need more time.
- You're out of time, Thawne.
Calibration complete.
Go for it.
On my mark, lower the shield.
There is no trace of the Negative Speed Force left in your body.
Barry, you did it.
What exactly do you think you've done? We just saved your life, Thawne.
Don't make us regret it.
You think you saved my life? You took my speed.
My speed is my life.
You took my life! And left me in hell.
Now this is epic.
Epic, epic Wow, I don't know what's more impressive.
- This place or us.
- Us, definitely.
I haven't been in a place this swank since my debutante days.
Well, we have the place to ourselves tonight.
And since Thawne's at A.
and Despero's finally gone For good, it seems like.
I figured we deserved a night off.
Look, about me going evil and trying to kill you all Already forgiven.
We're just glad to have the real Mia back.
And that, beautiful people, is it for shop talk.
Yes, absolutely.
I think we've had enough of aliens and evil speedsters.
Does that go for evil magicians too? I know what you did to Laurel Lance, Damien Darhk.
How about I return the favor? By all means, go for it.
I thought I'd be a dead man by now anyway.
I need a drink.
A real one.
- Damien, I'm sorry.
- Me too.
And now the timeline's reset, I should be gone.
Damien, I don't know what to say.
You just did.
That aroma seems familiar.
Sebastian James? My favorite scotch.
Did you guys always party this hard after a successful mission? I wish.
By the way, I I came across something that might help you find William.
The symbol on the Hozen, it matches a symbol from some heavily redacted documents from Berlin.
Only my source couldn't find out more thanks to some very intense firewalls.
You know, I think I know a hacker who might be able to help me.
You're going to see Felicity? You were right, Iris.
I can be the person she always wanted me to be.
Thank you for helping me find myself again.
You made the choice to be a hero.
Your dad would be proud.
And hey, you know, don't be a stranger while you're here in our time.
Bart and Nora, they drop in on us a lot, and I think you guys would get along really well.
- Anyways, cheers.
- Cheers.
I know that look.
Someone's got a crush No.
No, me and Allegra are just We're just friends.
- Sure.
- Yeah.
She could be a lot more if you decided to stop sipping root beer and go put a move on her.
I'm a lot more intuitive than people give me credit for.
Come on, go for it.
- Okay.
- You look great.
Moves, moves.
Put the moves, moves, moves.
- Hey, Allegra.
- Hi.
You look, uh wow.
Thanks, Chuck.
- Not bad yourself.
- Thank you.
Hey, I don't know what's up with you two.
- What? - What are you We're just standing here.
Like normal people.
- Normal.
- Both of us, man.
I just mean how you called me out about Thawne earlier.
Oh, that.
I don't know what got into me.
No, I mean, you guys were right.
That's what I needed to hear.
So I just wanted to say thanks.
- Yeah.
- Cool.
I mean, you're welcome.
Have a good night.
- Anyway, cheers.
- Cheers.
Damien Darhk? Are you here to arrest me? I'm not a cop anymore.
I I came to say thank you.
You helping Barry restore the timeline, it's pretty damn selfless.
Well, what can I say? Being a parent kinda changes you.
Mm, for the better.
Yeah, I wish I knew why I was still here.
I should be gone by now, Joe.
Nora should be in my place.
Well, maybe you still got a little work to do.
- Are you trying to cast a spell? - No.
More like a prayer.
Maybe this is my unfinished business.
- What is this? - It's a gift.
Father to father.
And I think you're gonna need that some day.
What West.
Dad? Nora.
It's really you.
Where are we? Doesn't matter.
I'm just glad I got to see you before I go.
What do you mean? I don't understand.
You're leaving? - I thought you were - Dead? I will be, but I guess I just needed a little more time.
Dad, please.
I don't know what's happening, but you can't leave now.
I just got you back.
I love you, Nora-doll.
When was the last time we had a night out again? I don't know.
It's been too long.
Is that Nora Darhk? Barry Allen? Iris? What am I doing here? What just happened? Where is my dad? - Barry.
- I Please, someone, tell me what is going on.
You're okay, thanks to your dad.
He's gone, isn't he? Why is this happening again? Because Damien Darhk promised that he would do whatever it takes to save his daughter, and he did.
Come on.
There's a story I need you to hear.
Sorry, I've never done that.
So a lot's happened these past few days.
The world almost didn't make it, but it did, thanks to all of you and a dedicated father.
We all survived because when faced with the very worst, it's our choices that define us.
And the choices that we made are why we're all heroes.
So to making our own destiny and protecting it.
- Together.
- Together.
All: Cheers.
Thank God.
Now everything can go back to normal.

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