The Flash (2014) s08e06 Episode Script

Impulsive Excessive Disorder

1 I now pronounce you husband and wife Again.
You know, even though future-you told us about your vow renewals, like a million times, - I still got pretty weepy.
- Me too.
I mean, the love in this room when you two kissed We have such an amazing future ahead of us.
Yeah, if we didn't change it.
I checked with Gideon.
No changes to the timeline.
Everything's fine.
Well, on that note, we should be getting back to 2049 sooner or later.
- Yep.
- Keep the future safe.
You're both gonna make great heroes.
I already am.
I'm gonna make you proud, Dad.
I know.
Love you both.
Everything seems the same.
It was so good to see Uncle Jay and Aunt Joan again.
Is it weird that seeing Uncle Jay alive just made me miss him more? What was that? I-I have no idea.
Okay, kids.
I come bearing cheeseburgers.
Who's hungry? Uncle Jay.
You were expecting someone else? Bart? Are you okay, son? Oh! Oh, oh.
Okay We just we just missed you so much! Aw.
He's alive.
Uncle Jay's alive.
Our Uncle Jay is really Did we do this? Yeah, we did, didn't we? Oh, this is so crash.
Crash? No.
No, not crash The opposite of crash.
That was a temporal wave that washed over us, okay? That means that when we went back to help Mom and Dad stop the Godspeed War, we changed the future! Kill the adversary and his allies.
Yeah, but in a good way.
Well, yeah, totally.
But we have to figure out why the changes happened.
So are, um, Mom and Pops gonna be swingin' by anytime soon? Aren't they in Milan for their anniversary at La Verità Rustica? - Right.
- Yeah.
Yes, the anniversary of their wedding vow renewal.
Hmm? Um, but the rest of Team Flash can pop by right? Well, they're all kind of busy, which you already know.
Now, why the third degree? Oh - Oh, nothing.
- Yeah! We're fine.
Bart's fine.
I'm fine.
Fine, fine, fine.
Yeah, thanks to your brother.
When that psychopath Godspeed came for me a few months ago, I thought my race might be finally finished.
But then Impulse saved the day Prevented Godspeed from destroying our total reality.
Just like your dad always does.
That's how I know you'll make a great Flash one day, Bart.
Oh, Aunt Rose sends her love.
Her botany club's running late again.
Who's Aunt Rose? Rose.
My wife.
What is up with you two tonight? So that's how we did this? Yeah, when we chased Godspeed through time using the cosmic treadmill.
Only, it wasn't built to handle the energy of three speedsters at once.
Our tachyon energies must have caused massive temporal fissures.
Oh, this is why Dad has time-travel rules.
According to this, Uncle Jay never married Aunt Joan.
Oh my God.
We erased her.
We erased her! My gauntlet just confirmed it.
Is is that part of those fissures that That we caused? I'm sorry.
How far back does it go? How many are there? Can we fix them? Wait Voice down.
Okay, we work backwards identifying everything new to the timeline, figure out where things first started changing, and put them back where they're supposed to be.
"Corrupt Mayor Bellows Jr" farther back "Trickster Invades Tibet" farther back - Who's Booster Gold? - Keep going.
"Zoom attacks CCPD Chief of Police Joe West.
" Grandpa Joe wasn't chief then, right? But he is in this new timeline.
When did he get promoted? There are no time fissures before that this is where the change happened, and it altered everything that follows like dominoes.
Okay, "Detective Joe West heroically took a bullet during a jewelry theft the afternoon of December 31, 2013.
" And Dad couldn't help him, because he was still in a coma.
You thinking what I'm thinking? If we save Grandpa Joe from getting shot, things will return to normal and we get Aunt Joan back.
New Year's Eve 2013, here we come.
What the hell are you wearing? Something sexy.
It's smart.
I'm incognito.
Dude, it's 2013, not 1913.
Oh, look.
There's Grandpa Joe.
I I haven't done this in a long time.
What am I supposed to say? Breathe, Detective.
- You got this.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, Counselor Horton.
How are you? I am crappy, Detective West.
So if you don't mind, I'm just gonna Yeah.
Sorry, um, we are celebrating New Year's here, and Oh, God.
I'ma stop you right there.
Um, two things: one, I have a ton of paperwork back on my desk at the DA's office, and two this one's important; pay attention All men are jerks.
No offense.
- None taken.
- Great.
Happy New Year.
Damn Sorry, Detective.
Then again, her divorce just finalized last week.
That wasn't worth mentioning? I was gonna, but it just seems like you two would make such a great pair.
Is today the day that Grandpa Joe and Grammy Cecile - start dating? - No.
I mean, I don't think that it is.
Okay, good 'cause stopping Grandpa Joe from getting shot is enough fixing for one day.
Okay, remember what we learned in 2049.
We have to stop what happens today, and we cannot interact with anyone who's connected to our family while we are doing it.
No one's gonna find out who we are or why we're here.
Who are you two, and why are you here? Well? - How about it? - Yes, of course.
Here you go, Detective.
Nora Moy and Bart Waid.
We're intern CSIs.
We're here to help out, because we heard that one of your CSIs is, um - under the weather.
- Under the weather.
So I think that's it Just crime fighters, couple of crime fighters with, uh, science.
It's been tense here since the accident at S.
My new partner barely speaks to me.
Get him a cup of coffee.
I find that java really brings people together.
That is a great idea.
I wanna buy the entire bullpen coffee from the cart outside.
Take their orders.
It's on me.
Maybe this will help break the ice.
Detective, we have, uh, so much science to get done today.
So I don't know that we're gonna be able to, um - it's a lot.
- Oh, we do have science.
But we are more than happy to help out, and we will be back in a flash, Detective.
Can you leave Detective West's and mine on our desks while we're out? Thanks a lot, guys.
The guy.
That's Tha-tha-that's the guy.
That's the guy that sacrificed himself to stop Eobard Thawne, Mom's old fiancé.
- Yes, it is.
- Ow.
And now we are his coffee gophers when we're supposed to be looking out for Grandpa Joe.
This is ridiculous.
Can I not just use my superspeed instead, please? What part of "don't change the timeline" do you not understand? Bart, unless we are absolutely, 100% certain that it won't make things worse, we can't use our speed.
But Bart.
I need you to focus on the plan.
I have my gauntlet set to alert us as soon as the jewel robbery goes down, okay? - Okay.
- That is where Grandpa Joe will be.
Right, and then we zoop in, and we save the day.
That's fantastic.
But you do realize that every second that we're standing here, Grandpa Joe could be getting shot like now.
Or now.
Or right now.
- You see what I'm - Holy crap! Stop! No, because Grandpa Joe's safety is on the line, and I need coffee now! Oh! I'm so sorry.
- I didn't see you.
- It's called inattentional blindness.
It's a phenomenon when an individual Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Bart, and you're studying temporal dynami How do you know so much about quantum divergence? Oh, now, that's a surprise.
Tell you what, can you keep a secret? Oh, yeah, definitely.
I'm from the future.
No way! Me too! What year? Dude, I'm totally messing with you.
Time travel is impossible.
Right, yeah, you got me.
But it is possible though mathematically, if I'm reading the title of your thesis correctly.
Yeah, I'm trying to prove that Tolman's paradox can give rise to quantum superposition, and that tachyon exchanges between two particles can generate superposition and entangle molecular pairs.
Of course, it's the causal paradox I'm still trying to solve.
Oh my God.
You're like the Elon Musk of your generation.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure Elon Musk is my generation's Elon Musk.
- Well, I mean - I'm Avery.
And I'm Nora, his sister.
And we should really go.
We have we have that thing.
Yeah, right.
Yeah! We have that, um Avery, your research is bleeding-edge impressive.
Can you tell that to my boss at Fast Track Labs? Just once, I'd like to help her in research instead of running for coffee, but, uh, the intern life.
Oh, you know, I'm an intern too! - No way! - Yeah! Actually, we both are.
We both are interns, and we should really go now.
- That call we were waiting for? - Yes.
- It just came in.
- Oh, that one.
Um, yeah, it was really crash meeting you.
Is that a good thing? If it's a good thing, and you wanna run into me again, I make a coffee run every afternoon.
Okay, that's good to know.
Nice to meet you! Oh, this is you bye.
Thank you.
Ba You watch the back entrance.
I'll watch the front.
Backup's en route.
- Drop your weapon! - Ah! Freeze! I this is a real gun with real bullets inside.
Kid, have you ever even held a gun before? Yes.
This isn't my first heist.
Listen, most thieves don't wear what they just stole.
Yeah, I forgot a bag, all right? Hey, listen.
I'm only taking the ethically-sourced conflict-free diamonds.
No blood diamonds for me.
No, sir.
Lower your weapon before you have an accident.
Why don't you lower your weapon? Yow! Stop! If Grandpa Joe was never supposed to be here, then the gun was never supposed to fire at all.
We can't cause another temporal flux.
Oh great, you're just now mentioning that.
Well, I tried to when we were in the coffee line, but someone was too busy flirting.
- What do we do? - Okay, um, we need to examine our variables, and we need to form a plan.
First, we need to consider Oh my God, I got this.
I am so sorry.
Those things are way heavier than they look in the movies.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
- Hands behind your back! - That was an accident.
Behind your back! I heard a shot.
Are you I'm fine, Detective.
You must have a guardian angel.
Aw, you shouldn't have done that.
What? So I moved Grandpa Joe instead of the bullet.
- What's the big deal? - This.
Look, now more temporal particles are in flux.
Bart, you made everything worse.
I don't get it.
It wasn't even a meta-human with powers.
Now more metas are gonna be turning up everywhere now that the Particle Accelerator exploded.
Then I'm not alone.
The whole timeline's in flux.
You might have changed the future even more now.
What did I do? I saved Grandpa.
By moving Grandpa Joe instead of moving the bullet, you created a new series of events, changing the timeline.
It's what I would've warned you about if you hadn't rushed in.
Okay, okay.
Why don't we just go back in time 15 minutes, and see for ourselves - what we did wrong? - Oh, okay.
So you wanna fix our time-travel screwups by traveling back in time.
Again! Well, when you say it like that Actually, there is a way to observe the past without altering it.
I bet you that's the flash drive with the surveillance footage from the shooting.
All we have to do is watch it.
And see what went wrong.
Follow my lead.
Don't go rogue.
Excuse me, Detective Thawne.
Is that the surveillance footage of the incident? The interns.
Yes it is.
Why? Hi, by the way.
Uh, we just figured you're doing so much detecting around here that we could just take this back to the police station, - and then we'll just give it back to - Uh, no thanks.
You two should make another coffee run.
Oh, we already did that.
Did you? Then why am I not holding a decaf cappuccino? Let us do this work, and you two do yours.
Great idea, Detective.
We gotta get that footage.
Let me get this straight.
Nobody knows why the three of us are here? Feels like we've been set up.
So a woman's voice is in our heads telling us all that there's a job tonight.
Now if you two jokers didn't promise a score, who did? Me, big fella.
Pool table.
The Utopia Casino is ringing in the new year with the biggest fête in town.
More guests means more bets means more cash they'll need to cover.
They'll have 10 mil in the vault, easy.
Not the worst plan.
Party starts in six hours.
No prep time.
Will cops show? I'll know they're coming before they do, 'cause ever since that Particle Accelerator exploded, I can hear people's thoughts.
Now I thought I was the only one with gifts, until I learned a new word: meta-human.
It means we're all something more now, something greater.
And I am done living in fear.
Now, who's game? I'm sick of hiding who I am! So am I.
Watch it, Jack.
See? Doesn't that feel better? With our powers, no one can stop us, and if they try, I'll know what they're planning before they even think it.
So you're the ace up our sleeve.
She's a Queen.
How are we gonna get that flash drive without Grandpa noticing? Watch.
Kay? And learn.
Okay, I get it.
I'm the new guy.
You're busy, and I heard you just lost your partner, which has gotta be tough.
Plus, one of our CSI's in a coma, and on top of all that, you got shot down by Counselor Horton.
Who told you that? Uh, everyone.
You could try lilacs and crumb cake.
Those are her favorites.
That's good advice.
- Who was that? - One of our new interns.
They're a little weird.
Now we can see where we messed up.
This is where it happened Where Dad was struck by lightning.
I got it.
Ooh! Super-speedy save.
But hang on.
I know her.
Oh my God.
That's Mona Taylor, AKA The Queen, as in the telepathic leader of the Royal Flush Gang.
What is she doing here? Wait.
Since when is there a casino heist tonight? The RFG didn't team up until way after Dad put the suit on, after Mona discovered that there are other metas.
How could she possibly even know that this soon? Oh, Bart.
She got the idea to form the RFG years early from us, and now 30 people are gonna die from a bomb.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We have to stop that heist.
Do you think I don't know that? But if you start screwing with it again, we could screw things up even worse.
What are we supposed to do then? I don't know.
But we'll figure it out just like we always do.
Dad would've gotten it right the first time.
Bart, don't go there.
Why not? It's true.
Listen to me.
Whatever happened, it's both of our faults.
We are in this together.
Maybe we shouldn't be.
Every single thing I did today Made everything worse.
I am not good enough And I'll never be The Flash.
Spoiler alert, Pops.
Your son's a big screwup.
I knew you'd be here.
I let him down, Sis.
Bart, listen to me.
Nobody is perfect.
You are.
- That is not true.
- Yes it is.
You knew when to come back here.
You got the flash drive.
You even helped Grandpa Joe and Grammy Cecile.
You Yeah, you're perfect.
I'm a complete failure.
No No, you're not.
I failed a lot too.
For a long time, I fumbled with my powers.
I doubted myself.
But that's how we learn.
And yeah, every time I fell, Dad picked me up.
Just like every time you fall, I'm gonna pick you up too.
Just remember what Dad always says: "No matter how fast you run, life is about the journey.
" Bart, we are going to make this right.
It it just takes time to think things through.
Thank you for the pep talk, Sis.
And now, I'm thinking to get out of this, we're gonna need an expert in time travel.
And I know just where to go.
The rain has not discouraged anyone from partying in the new year.
After the bizarre events of 2013 Hi H-how did you get in here? T-this place has a $12 million security system and armed guards.
Again, sorry to barge in on you like this.
Uh, we actually need your help.
It's regarding your theory on temporal development.
Holy crap.
That whole getting coffee while bumping into me in line that wasn't an accident! It's a classic espionage trick.
You were following me.
And now, you wanna take me hostage and steal all of Fast Track Labs corporate secrets.
Well, do your worst, 'cause I'm not talking.
No, Avery, we're not gonna hurt you.
We need your help to stop a crime.
What? Why should I believe you? Because we're time travelers from the future, and we need you to show us how your temporal theory can help save people at a casino robbery without actually changing the timeline.
Wow, that felt so good.
Whew! - I'm calling security.
- No, no wait.
Uh, uh, we can prove it.
I can show you something about your past or your future.
But if you show her something from the future, she's gonna have to wait until it happens to actually prove anything.
Uh, is that gauntlet using integrated quantum circuitry? - Yes.
- Last I checked.
Liquid processing unit AI nano cells This is decades away You guys are from the future! We are, which is why we need your help.
Ever since we arrived, we've caused serious temporal shifts, and now 30 people are gonna die.
I-I-It might be worse than you think.
The death toll keeps changing, but the headline doesn't.
Because now it's solidified into a fixed point in time.
Excuse me.
Sorry, sorry, sorry And that means that the heist and the deaths aren't causally entangled like the tachyon particle exchange in my theory, which is looking more like fact.
It's too late to stop the casino heist.
But since the casualties keep changing, they're not fixed in time.
So, you can fix the timeline and save all those people, as long as you let the heist still happen.
- Okay.
Thanks, Avery.
- Oh, whoa, whoa, hold on.
- I'm coming with you.
- Oh, Avery.
We can't risk you getting hurt.
But we will come back.
I promise you.
Ladies and gents.
I say it's high time we ring in the new year with a bang.
Well, here's the drill, folks.
If you run, call for help, or annoy us, my ooh, King will pop your skulls with his bare hands.
So please don't make him kill you.
Find the casino vault.
Empty it.
Done and doner.
And if we run into trouble? Show them the winning hand.
Remember, you need to get everyone to safety while I find the bomb, and make sure that - Let the heist happen.
- Yeah.
Stay calm, Bart.
You got this.
We got this.
Four minutes to midnight.
My Queen, a couple was sitting right there being quiet, so I turned my back on them for a minute.
Now they're missing.
Someone is inside here with us.
Whoever you are, show yourself, or my King starts popping heads.
Bart, I can't find the bomb.
The Queen is gonna start killing people unless I do something right now.
What? No, no.
You have to get everyone to safety.
Time for plan B.
Uh, just get the bomb before midnight.
There is no plan B! Bart! Bart! Last chance.
Wait, wait! Stop! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, okay.
Let's all just Let's just relax.
All right? No need to lose our heads.
I am the casino manager, obviously.
Isaac is my name, and you caught me.
I am the one that was helping the customers escape.
But I'm not doing that anymore.
I'm not going to do that anymore.
Um, however, since dead people aren't great for business, how about I just look away you guys just take the money and leave? Too late.
Now tell me.
What kind of casino manager risks his neck on minimum wage? One who's a really great employee? Oh, or you're a cop.
Hmm? Let's see what's inside that beautiful mind of yours.
No, no, no, no.
We gotta fix the timeline and get back to the future - Wait.
- Timeline Future You're from the future? She's so cute.
Please let her not have a boyfriend.
Avery, you're my future.
My future.
Oh ha ha ha ha.
That future.
Yeah, well Love is grand.
Sit down.
Success, Mona.
I mean, my Queen.
$10 million worth too.
Well, then we're done here.
Wait! My King, my dear, drop the cop.
Drop? You're Hey, wait a minute Oh.
If you wanna survive, don't follow us.
Just sit down.
Stay put.
Enjoy the fireworks, all of them.
All of them.
Sis The RFG's M.
What's up with the bomb search? It's almost midnight.
Bart, I found the bomb.
It's counting down to midnight.
But one thermal charge couldn't level this whole building.
Before she left, The Queen said, "Enjoy the fireworks All of them.
" - Agh.
- Oh, schrap.
There's more than one bomb! But we only have like 30 seconds! Well, King knocked the hell out of me, broke my arm, and I need, like, three minutes to speed-heal.
I can't get everyone out in time.
But we don't even have one minute! It's okay, Sis.
You got this.
You can find the rest of them.
But it took me forever to find this one! Sis! You got this.
Think, think, think.
The heat signatures in the water tanks They they must be masking the bombs' thermal signature.
There it is.
Now do your thing, Sis! Get excessive! Sis, it's almost midnight.
I know.
I got them.
There were five.
You got 15 seconds to get rid of them.
- But where? - Anywhere! Ten.
Great job, Sis.
You did it.
We both did it.
Every witness at the casino robbery says says someone "streaked" them outside.
What do you think, too much champagne? It beats the hell out of me, but it looks like we're here for a long night.
Well, a few Jitters goodies might help.
- Oh, thank you, baby girl.
- Yeah.
Here's to 2014 not being so weird.
Not being so weird.
Hey, uh, you saved my dissertation, right? Detective Pretty Boy.
Sorry, uh, that's just what my dad calls you.
Although, he's not wrong.
You are a boy, and you are pretty and, uh, that did not come out right.
I'll take any compliment I can get from Joe West or his lovely daughter.
Um, uh, well, do you have a name, Detective? It's Eddie.
Counselor Horton.
You don't have anywhere more fun to be tonight? Uh, yeah, I, um, had to get an evidentiary disclosure over to Judge Hankerson.
Um, so, look.
About this morning, I am so sorry if I came off a little harsh.
See, it turns out that being a lawyer does not make getting divorced any easier.
It's okay.
I know that splitting up can be hard.
Trust me.
So when we bumped into each other this morning, I know that you were about to ask me something.
But I'm not ready, and I'm not gonna be not for a while.
Of course.
I understand.
However, when I am ready whoever sent lilacs to my office tonight oof.
He'll be the first one to know.
Okay, so we stopped the shooting, we fixed the timeline, and we fixed the mistake we made fixing the timeline.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
- Kay.
- Time to head back home.
Interns, you getting in on this? All right.
Everybody, line up.
Happy New Year.
Okay, just one photo.
Smile, everyone.
I'm really glad you came back.
Me too.
Seriously, you haven't just changed my research.
You changed my life.
Well, I always keep my promises.
You know, I had to.
You you helped save the day with all your science badassery.
I mean which is why I Um, look.
Avery, um, before I go back to my time I know we just met, um, but it's New Year's Eve, right? And I just think that you Bart.
Bart, it's been two minutes.
Come on, we really have to go.
See you again sometime, McFly? I promise.
All right, here we go.
Wait, so I was dead, killed by Godspeed? Uncle Jay, I'm so sorry for screwing up the timeline.
And if that means I can't ever be The Flash I understand.
Well, I'm sorry.
Are you kidding me? If screwing up the timeline was a dealbreaker, your dad couldn't be The Flash.
Heck, when I first started to time travel, I ended up fighting Nazis in World War II, and then lived on and off in the past for 16 years.
But that was another lifetime.
So you you're not mad? I'm alive.
Right? My Joan is back.
Why would I be mad? Bart, you're on a journey Both of you.
You're gonna make mistakes, and sometimes they can't be undone.
But you can always try to make things better.
Right? And that's what you did today.
Now, I gotta get out of here.
I got an important meeting with President Luthor.
President Luthor? Gotcha.
Iris! Come on! This brunch reservation ain't gonna get any later.
Joe, don't worry.
I'll make sure we're on time.
After surviving Armageddon, we all deserve this.
You guys got any resolutions for 2022? I decided to forgive Mark for all of his crime things.
What? He's turned over a new leaf, and I made him swear to stay on the straight and narrow.
Anybody know anything about Katie's new boyfriend, Marcus? Anybody met him? No, I hear he's really cute though.
I have a resolution, actually.
Party less.
I know mine: more family time.
That sounds like a perfect year.
All right people, let's hurry it up.
Look at the face.
Joe's getting hangry.
Okay, everybody.
Hold hands.
Bundle up.
It's chilly in Paris.

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