The Flash (2014) s08e17 Episode Script

Keep It Dark

What do we got, Chester?
Multiple fire alarms at Ivo Labs.

You know, hopefully it's not
an overcooked chicken tenders
in the microwave situation.

I said I was sorry for that.

Roger that, yeah, yeah.

It's just, you know, man,
that smell took us forever
to get out of the lounge
Hold on, hold on, hold on.

The fire's already been put out.

Flash, you're back!
- I just got here.

- No, you didn't.

You sped us out of the way,
and then put out the
fire with a wind tunnel,
- like you did with the Hotness!
- I did?
If it wasn't for your super speed,
seven years of research
would have gone up in smoke
- literally.

- You're welcome.

Wait, Flash, what's what's going on?
- What are they talking about?
- I don't know.

I think there may be a
new speedster in town.

A new speedster? You sure?
Those Ivo employees said
someone ran them to safety
and then used a wind
funnel to put the fire out
just like I would.

That sure sounds like a speedster.

You have any leads
on to who it might be?
Not yet.

August Heart's still
locked up at Iron Heights.

Thawne doesn't have his speed.

He's under heavy guard at A.
and all the Velocity-X vials
are secure at S.
and I still can't reach Speed Force Nora
or any of the other Forces.

Is there more?
I just Caitlin still
hasn't returned my calls
since I stopped her
experiment to resurrect Frost.

You did more than stop it.

I'm not saying it was wrong,
but Caitlin lost the most important
person in the world to her,
and she could lose
something just as important,

We are gonna be late!
- Oh, hey.

- Hey.

We've got kindergarten interviews
for Jenna at every school all day.

The competition is crazy fierce.

Um, oh, great! You've
got Jenna's backpack.

I have the paperwork.
have the interview questions.

You and I, we are gonna
go over that in the car.

- What am I missing?
- Jenna?
Hey, I need your notes
on the profile feature
for Judge Hankerson's retirement.

Already in your inbox.

And here's the briefing I wrote up
for your next field piece.

They're closing Fort Delany?
That's right up my alley.

Allegra, did you sign off on my
Expense reports? Yep,
they're with accounting.

- Okay, then.

- Allegra!
I want to run an
expose on the light meta
who works with The Flash.

Okay, I'll leave you to it.

I've been pulling pictures.

Whoever this is, her face
is always hidden by light,
but I think I could ID
her with enough resources.

Maybe she doesn't want to be ID'd.

Well, we don't know that.

And a new hero in town is big news.

- That's why we should run this.

- No.

I I mean, it's not
right for CCC Media.

Says the temporary editor-in-chief.

I already ran this story
by Iris before she left.

What did she say?
That it was an interesting angle
and she would strongly consider it.

Well, maybe we hold off
on moving forward with
it until she's back.

I don't get it.

I thought you left the Arañas
after you were paroled
from Iron Heights?
I did, but our old gang's
trying to pull me back in.

The Arañas are expanding.

They've taken over every
square inch of Keystone,
and now they want Central City.

The gang's been dropping bodies.

The Arañas aren't killers.

We used to just steal cars.

Not anymore.

Thanks to new leadership,
there's no line they won't cross.

Who are these people?
The kind you don't wanna mess with.

you did me a huge favor
when you wrote that article about me,
and because of you, I was able to make
a new, better life in this city,
and I don't want to give that up,
but I have to leave.

Because the same reason
they want me to run things
is the reason I won't
survive if I turn them down.

Lydia, if what you're saying is true,
we have to stop them before
anyone else gets killed.

We can't.

What if you help CCC
Media break this story?
Like you said, you know
everything about them.

Where they keep their money,
their contacts, their stash houses.


You're the only one that
can help me take them down.

No way.

You know what they'd
do to me for snitching?
CCC Media will treat you
as an anonymous source.

- We'll protect you.

- How?
I know someone who can
run you out of town quick
if something goes south.

Look, I know you're scared,
but the Arañas, they
operate in the shadows.

The only way to take away their power
is bring them into the light.

Thank about all the
other girls in the gangs,
the ones who are trying
to get out, but they can't.

Telling your story
could help them get
their lives back too.


But not here.

And after our interview,
I'm on the first bus out of here.

We'll keep you safe.
I promise.

I found Lydia.

Looks like she's skipping town.

That's not all she's doing.

Rawlins, Lydia's talking to
Esperanza's cousin, the reporter.

We can't let them expose us.

They won't.

No one defies the Arañas and survives.

So I've been checking S.

Labs' satellite readings all day.

Not a stray tachyon to be found.

Our new speedster isn't
using the Speed Force.

And now they're in the wind.

What's wrong?
The fire's origin is here,
but the only thing that
could've started it is this acetone.

Even with an incredibly low flash point,
it would still need an ignition source.

Chester, what if the speedster
was the combustion force?
Oh, snap yeah, no, the friction
from their super-speed would totally be
enough to kick start a reaction
and it would explain how they
arrived on scene before you.

Because they started it.

But why?
Look at this biometric lock.

It's broken.

And whatever was inside is MIA,
just like our speedster,
but, man, the only reason you would need
a temperature-controlled
polymer case like this would be
to hold a very strong
electrochemical cell.

Like Ivo Labs' Newton Battery.

It's experimental, but
it's incredibly powerful.

What if the fire was a distraction
- so they could steal this?
- Damn.

Yeah, okay, I guess
we can scratch them off
the nice speedster
What do we do now?
We get answers from
the one person who knows
villainous speedsters better than I do,
which means I'm gonna be off the grid,
so Team Flash is on its own for a while.

You're going to go see him?
You sure that's a good idea?
I have to know if it's him.

Okay, yeah, you do you.

We'll be fine here.

This is the Arañas gang.

For years, their MO was stealing cars.

It was founded by a
teenager in Keystone,
who later became known as
the meta-human Ultraviolet.

Now, more recently,
UV has worked alongside
Millie Rawlins and Dr.
Kimiyo Hoshi,
AKA Sunshine and Dr.

Collectively known as
the Assassins Three,
they've worked for Black
Hole and Eva McCulloch.

Only according to rumors,
Ultraviolet died last year.

And why should we care?
Because I just found out
Sunshine and Dr.
are now running the Arañas.

We're talking extortion,
million dollar thefts
that should be impossible,
and they're leaving a trail of bodies
made from everyone
who gets in their way.

And you got all this from one source?
Is there anyone else who
can corroborate her story?
She is all we need.

Which is why we're doing a live
interview with her tonight.

I mean, you can't be serious.

We'd have no time to
fact check her story.

And this "source," how do you even know
- if she's reliable?
- I just do.

I don't get it.

Why are you so passionate
about this story?
Look, I know this all sounds crazy,
but I am telling you,
it's the right move.

You just have to trust
I know what I'm doing.

I'll I'll go call my babysitter.

I'll DVR the Sharks game.

Okay, let's do this.

- Chester, meet Lydia.

- Hi.

We've got a skeletal staff tonight
to protect her identity,
and Lydia, don't worry,
- I trust Chuck with my life.

- What do you do around here?
Tonight, I'll be running
an AI-generated filter
to conceal your voice and
face during the interview.

So no worries.

Not even your mom will recognize you.

I need some water.

- Is she gonna be okay?
- Yeah.

- What about you?
- Yeah.

'Cause reporting on the Arañas,
I know that's a big deal for you.

How'd your staff react
when you told them
about your connection?
I I didn't tell them.

Like, are you sure
that's the right move?
I need them to trust me,
and if I tell them I was in the Arañas,
it no, I I can't risk
them losing faith in me.

This story is too important.

I'm gonna go check on Lydia.

My stomach is doing flip-flops.

You're scared.
I get it.

But the risk we're
taking, it's worth it.

Think about your life before
you joined the Arañas.

It was rough.

I was on my own, struggling to get by,
always wishing to be
a part of something,
a family, and what I didn't know
is that it could get even worse.

Yeah, but somehow, you got out
without getting killed.

I might not get so lucky.

- What's happening?
- Get down!
The Arañas.
I knew they'd find me.

Okay, we have to get out of here now.

Hello, Lydia.

Come on!
Sorry, ladies.

It's the end of the road.

Quick, in here!
You can't keep me out forever.

Who the hell was that?
The Arañas are here.

We're all under attack!
She's hurt!
I'm on it.

Oh, this can't be happening!
We need to get to a secure location.

We're in one.

I just activated a
photo-kinetic energy shield
around the whole building.

It's it's bulletproof,
teleport-proof, basically

How'd you know to do that?
You're just an IT guy.

Well, I
I back when we were "The Citizen,"
Light attacked us.

That's why Sue Dearbon hired
him to secure the building.

Why isn't my phone working?
They must be using a signal jammer
to block communications.

- Frick.

- What is it?
My force field was only meant to be
a temporary shield until
we could call for help.

- And now we can't.

- Guys, she's back!
I've been in combat.

Knowing where your
enemy is is a good thing.

Now we need a plan.

Chuck, can you MacGyver
something together
to bust through their cell
jammers and call for help?
I can build an oscillating
transmitter to bypass their signals.

Sunshine just flipping disappeared!
Yeah, okay, we need to just remain calm.

Until this force field goes critical,
Hoshi can't fire her photon bullets,
and Sunshine can't teleport in.

How do you know so much about them?
Yeah, Allegra, how do you?
Oh, my God.

We need to talk, Thawne.

You took my speed.

What more do you want?
My body is broken.

I can barely think.
I can't sleep.

I used to be able to run around
the world in five seconds.

Now it takes me at least that long
to cross this stupid cell because
You took my speed.

You did this to yourself, Thawne.

Armageddon was your plan.

And it should've worked.

But it didn't, and now
I'm gonna have to find
a new way to kill you.

Oh, you can try.
gotten what I need.

Wait, you're out?
Wait, you're leaving me just like that?
No parting gift?
No 411 on your precious
Team Flash?
And by the way
It's just too bad what
happened to Frost, isn't it?
Then again
She was in over her head from
the beginning, wasn't she?
Yeah, this was a waste of time.

Wait, Allen, don't go.

Come on.

That's no way to treat an old friend.

What do you want? Huh?
To see if you were responsible
for something impossible,
and now I know.

You couldn't be.

Responsible for what?
What is it?
What scared you so
bad that you had to run
all this way just to be
sure I was still here?
I found a new speedster.


They can't have Lydia,
so we stick to the plan.

Chuck's working on the transmitter.

And what if they get in
here before he's done?
- They threatened to kill us!
- She's right.

They're an invading
We need a Plan B.

What, you're already
working on page one?
I'm writing a letter to my kids
in case I die in here, okay?
I give up!
You hear me? I surrender!
Lydia, stop! You can't give yourself up.


- Open the doors.

- What? No.

- Lydia, they'll kill you.

- They're gonna anyways!
Now open the door so
no one else has to die!
Good call.

Lydia, look,
I get what you're trying to
do, and it is damn selfless,
but there's got to be another way.

Don't forget why you came here.

You came here to stop them.

I came here so no one
else would get killed.

Now let me out!
Hey, if she wants to go, let her.

No way!
We can't send someone
out to die, Taylor.

So what, we're just
gonna sit here instead
- and wait for them to fry us or shoot us
- I don't
Or whatever the hell it is they do?
Open the damn doors.

Lydia, I am the only one
with the code to that shield,
and there's no way in
hell I'm giving it to you,
which means we're gonna
help you survive this, okay?
And you ain't never getting in.

Now I'm mad.

Let me take this.

You people are just as crazy as Arañas.

- We promised to keep her safe.

- You did.

- I didn't!
- Okay.

we all just need to take a step back
and figure out a new way out of this
'cause that woman's life
depends on our next move.

And what about our lives? The
Arañas want Lydia, not us.

We turn her over, they'll let us go.

I like that plan!
No, it doesn't matter what we do.

They will not let us go.
Not now.

You don't know that.

Look, I saw the code
Chester typed in earlier.

And this is what Lydia wants.

Hey, Lydia is our source.

It is our duty as journalists
to protect her no matter what
even from herself.

An ethics lesson from you, really?
Your whole past is unethical.

What's she talking about?
The reason Allegra knows
so much about the Arañas.

They need to know what
you've been hiding.

Taylor, don't.
This is
my life, my decision.

Too late!
Right before we were
attacked, I had a contact
take a look at some of
Allegra's sealed juvie records.

And guess what they found?
Our ex-con co-worker was in a gang
with her cousin, Ultraviolet,
the same gang that's been
killing people in Keystone.

Allegra used to be one of them,
- one of the Arañas.

- Is this for real?
I am so sorry that I
didn't tell you the truth,
but we have to stick together.

We have to protect Lydia!
Stick together? You lied to us!
And now it's gonna get us killed!
She's right.
We can't trust you.

Okay, once I finish this transmitter,
we can get out of here, okay?
Why couldn't you just
let me go out there?
Because you came here to
do something important.

You and Allegra are trying
to drag a bunch of killers
out of the darkness and expose
everything they're doing,
and you still can.

Why do you think Hoshi and
Rawlins are still out there?
Because they're scared of you, Lydia.

We need to get that emergency
signal out now, Chuck.

Yeah, look, I just I
just need a little more time.

Well, we don't have it!
Taylor just told everyone
that I was in the Arañas
and now no one trusts me.

Plus she memorized your shield code.

They are this close
to opening those doors.

I I never should've
taken over after Iris left.

No, no, this isn't your fault.

Yes, it is!
I I am not a leader.

I never have been.

You know how Esperanza
and I ended up in juvie?
I had an idea for a job.

We were gonna hit a bunch
of semis at a rest stop.

It was my idea, so
Esperanza put me in charge
of the whole thing, and
I checked the trucks,
and when it came time, I
told the girls it was clear,
but I I missed a driver,
and he had a shotgun,
and one of my girls
got hit with a round.

You know what was in that truck?
Lawn furniture.

Chuck, a girl almost died because of me.

I'm not cut out to lead anyone.

All I'll do is is
get people hurt or worse.

That's not true.

Look, I was lost when you found me.

I wanted out of the Arañas so bad,
but I couldn't actually do it,
and then you wrote
that article about me.

And seeing how you saw me
as someone with a future,
it helped me reclaim my life.

And today, I was terrified,
but you inspired me to come here
because when you said we
could take down the Arañas,
I believed you.
I still do.

She's right.

You are a leader.

And not in spite of your
past, but because of it.

You're Allegra freakin' Garcia.

You always know who you
are, what you wanna do,
but you can't lead if you're
trying to stay in the dark.

So, Allegra, what do you want to do?
They didn't leave behind
any tachyons after the fire.

Could you tell if they were tapping into
- the Negative Speed Force?
- How could I tell?
You severed my connection, remember?
But you time travelled
before that a lot.

Did you ever sense
another speedster in 2022,
someone trying to hide their abilities?
Can you really not see
how obvious this answer is?
Are you stupid?
So enlighten me.



I get it.

You don't want to help me
because even after all this
You're still jealous.

I'm not jealous of you.
I pity you.

I meant jealous of them.

- Who?
- This new speedster
out there living a life you lost
while you can barely move.

Their journey is just beginning.

Yours is already over.

What's it like knowing
you've been replaced?
I won't be replaced.

I will never be replaced
because no speedster is ever
gonna feel for you what I do!

Hate! Hate!
Pure and infinite hate.

I hid in plain sight for
years to be next to you,
to be close to you so I could hurt you.

I devoted my life so
I could destroy yours!
No speedster will ever replace me!
No speedster would
ever feel what I felt,
and because they don't,
this new speedster
Doesn't care about you at all,
and so there's another reason
they don't want to be found.

So what is it?
You really don't see it?
I guess I am faster than you after all.

Think about it, Allen.

A new speedster running
through the city streets
With frightening new speed
just like you eight years ago.

They're hiding because they
can't control their abilities.

The fire was an accident.

Look, I I wish there was another way,
but if we want to survive, we
have to give Lydia over now.


Lydia's not going anywhere
because I have a plan to get us all out,
but for it to work, I
need you to trust me.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Okay, we don't want to turn Lydia over,
- but Taylor's right.

- I know.

And the truth is, I was
ashamed of being in the Arañas,
and I was afraid if I told
you the truth about my past
that you would stop trusting me.

I thought there was too much at stake
for me to be honest
about who I really am.

But it was lying about my past
and keeping you in the
dark that lost your trust.

So I'm done hiding.

I am the light meta in those photos,
and I've never really
told anyone that before.

You were the one who's
always helping the Flash?
The one saving people?
And right now, I'm going to save us.

All you have to do is trust me.

Look, Allegra's the real deal.

If she says she has a plan, then I'm in.

All in.

Me too.

who's with me?
This is a photo-kinetic energy shield.

It'll take time to split the bonds.

Not if we have the right weapon.

Give me your ammo.

And now we do.

This is gonna be fun.

Where are they?
Easy, ladies.

We can all still walk out
of here without a sunburn.

We made you a real nice offer, Garcia.

Give up the girl and live.

Yeah, and then when you
slink back into the shadows,
every other body you drop
makes CCC Media responsible.

Not happening.

Hurry, she's buying us time!
Camera and sound are up.

How's the transmitter coming?
I just need to reset the encoder.

Well, reset faster!
If this crazy plan of
hers doesn't work
It will.
We just need to trust Allegra.

Nice trick,
but I can feel how hard it is for you
to maintain so much power.

Because you can't beat me, Garcia.

I'm not trying to.

This is a Central City
Citizen Media Special Report.

We're here today with
a very brave young woman
who's ready to come
forward and talk about
the gang activity in Keystone City.

Lydia Sanchez,
can you tell us about a
group called the Arañas?
I've been living in fear
of the Arañas for a long time,
and even when I agreed
to do this interview,
I I didn't want to
show my face at first,
but now I realize,
they're the ones who should be afraid
because we're the ones
dragging them into the light,
so to all the girls out there struggling
to break free of their control,
look at me.

I did it.

So can you.

And who's running this gang?
Their names are Millie
Rawlins and Kimiyo Hoshi.

That interview is going out live
to millions of people across the city.

If either of you try
to go after Lydia again
or anyone on my staff,
the whole world will know it was you.

You can go now.

- This isn't over.

- Bring it on, bitch.

A Mr.
Runk showed me the damage outside,
and it looks like you
two had a rough night.

How are the both of you still alive?
I guess we're just lucky.

Well, Hoshi and Rawlins'
luck is about to run out.

I've got APBs out for both of
them across the whole state,
and the information
you provided helped us
freeze their accounts
and seize their assets,
which means the Arañas
are out of business.

Do you mind if I ask you a few
more questions at the station?
Lydia, I think, was
trying to catch a bus.

Not anymore.

20 million views and counting.

This is our biggest story yet.


thank you.

I owe you,
which is why look,
if you need to expose
the truth about me, I get it.

Allegra, you reminded us today
of the oldest rule in the book.

Always protect your
sources and each other.

We're gonna keep your secret, too,
- for as long as you want us to.

- Thank you.

Hey, did you put a call in
to the Keystone PD commissioner
to get a comment on the Arañas?
Already did.

Let's hit our old
contacts at McCulloch Tech.

Guys, it's, like, 4:00 A.

Yeah, that's what the coffee's for.

Plus, we need to get a follow-up out.

Right after I call my babysitter.

Probably gonna charge
me a fortune for this.

- You're not gonna join them?
- Seriously?
You're not firing me
for, you know, everything?
You were trying to save the
lives of your co-workers,
so no.

Plus, you're a great
investigative reporter.

Thanks for keeping us safe today, boss.

Hey, those photos of me and Flash,
where did you find them?
It's not that hard, really.

Allegra, I know you're
not hiding from us anymore,
but how long can you hide
from the rest of the world?
Man, you should've seen her last night.

She totally crushed the leadership game.

I'm talking I'm talking
Janeway meets meets AOC
meets meets Angela
Davis-type leadership, like.

Well, I don't know about Janeway, but
no, it was really
nice to just be myself,
feel like I didn't have to hide.

Nice work.

You really stepped up, both of you.

And if Hoshi or Rawlins
make any more moves,
- obviously, I've got your back.

- Thanks.

So how'd it go on Lian Yu?
Did you find any
answers on the speedster?
Not exactly.

I I did find some perspective.

Incoming video message.

Hey, guys.

I wish I could've come
back to S.
to tell you all this in person,
but I can't go back there.
Not yet.

Barry, when you left my apartment,
I wasn't sure how to feel,
and the truth is, I'm still not.

I just know it hurts.

So I'm gonna go away for a little while.

I'm gonna stay with
Carla for real this time.

I just need some space to think,
and I don't know when
I'll be ready to come back,
so, until then,
just know that I love you all.

Is she gonna be okay?
Yeah, I think she is.

That's something you
don't see every day,
someone returning the tech they stole.

Listen, hey, I just want to talk to you.

Listen, I
I just have some questions.

I can run at the speed
of sound, but you
Can run a lot faster than that.

Look, the point is, you can't outrun me.

So why don't you just
tell me who you are
and what's really going on?
Look, I'm not a super villain.

- That fire was an accident.

- I know.

But you risked people's
lives to steal a battery.

And I'm so sorry about that.

I'm not a natural speedster like you.

That's why you've been so hard to trace.

- Your speed's temporary.

- Exactly.

You see, my
associate and I found a way to generate
my own speed source.

I'm still trying to work out the kinks,
so the effects only last a few minutes.

I thought maybe the battery
could help extend the window,
and I figured why
spend another four years
calibrating sodium nitrate cells
when I could just borrow
the one I'd already made?
I designed the original Newton Battery
when I was a young engineer
working here at IVO.

The Newton Battery was
invented by Meena Dhawan.

It's Dr.
Meena Dhawan, actually.

You you're the CEO
of Fast Track Labs.

Your book, "Quantum
Gravity and the Universe,"
I've I've read it three times.

You're a genius.

That's surprising and very flattering.

Unfortunately, this genius intellect
hasn't been any help in
mastering these new abilities.

That's why I've been trying
to take a low profile,
running trials with my team.

The truth is
I just want to use my
gifts to help people.

Well, I'm glad to hear that.

I when I first got my speed, I
I had a mentor,
someone to coach me on
how to use my powers,
so if you're interested.

You'd really do that for me?
Thank you.

I promise you won't regret this.

Greg, move your head.

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