The Flash (2014) s08e18 Episode Script

The Man in the Yellow Tie

To understand what
I'm about to tell you,
there is something you need to remember.

In every atom, there
is a perfect balance
of protons and electrons.

But it's those negative particles
that let an atom grow.

My name is Dr.
Meena Dhawan,
and for the next three
minutes and 52 seconds,
I'm the fastest woman alive.

Oh, my gosh.
Did you see that?
I just hit 300 meters per second.

That's your best time yet.

Now see if you can keep up.

Come on! Come on, Meena.

Ahh! Ah!
I'm so sorry.
What just happened?
You created your own
lightning bolt again.

Something I couldn't do for months
when I first got my speed.

I I didn't mean to do it,
I was just frustrated
I couldn't catch up,
and then it just happened.

I've never seen artificial
lightning interact
with organic lightning like this before.


That's disturbing.

We should we should
go over your biometrics,
make sure everything else
is within normal parameters.


I I can't, I have
to head back to the lab.

My speed is running out.

Okay, tomorrow.
10:00 a.



I just need to make a little deposit,
it's in here somewhere.

I have this new client who
decides to pay me in cash.

What year is it?
Got it.
There we go, all right.

Everybody, on the ground!
Get down! Move!
Get down!
You cash in the bag.

Don't even think about
hitting the alarm.

Hey, teacup!
You trying to be a hero?
Are you for real? Get down, lady!
What part of "Get down on the ground"
don't you understand? Let's go!
If you don't get on the
ground, I swear to God, lady.

Three, two, one.

Ah ah ah

Ah! Ah!
What am I doing here?
I should have been an engineer.

I just wanna go home.
Please, no voodoo.

CCPD! Stay where you are!
Fiery Frances Sumner.

Still, according to Gideon,
your empathic capacity
is up 1,000 percent.

Your brain just got supercharged.

Usually, when I sense a
wave of fear and panic,
it just hits me like a train.

Like when we fought Blockbuster?
Exactly, except this time
when my powers kicked in,
I barely broke a sweat.

Which is all very
badass, but is anyone else
wondering how the heck this happened?
Well, I mean, I don't know.

My powers have changed before,
like when Jenna was born.

Maybe it's just natural.

It's possible, but let's run
some more tests just to make sure.

- Barry?
- Hm?
I can feel a massive wave
of concern wash over you.

You're worried about something.

It's way more than just me.

It's the new speedster
I'm training, Meena Dhawan.

During our last training session,
I got struck by her
artificial lightning.

Now, it was an accident,
but when it hit me,
it collided with my
lightning and it set off
some kind of a biokinetic
chemical reaction.

Okay, accidental
attacks, artificial speed.

Is she about to go all Spock Flash?
No, I don't think so.

I mean, Meena did find a way to generate
her own speed source artificially,
but it's not affecting
her like it did me.

I mean, her emotions seem fine.

So it's just her powers that are funky.

Well, maybe you should throw 'em over
to Fast Track Labs, take
a peek at the generator?
See how her speed machine really works.

Barry Allen?
- Yeah.

- Sorry to keep you waiting.

No, no.

- How can I help you?
- Yeah, actually,
I am here on behalf of a mutual friend
who likes to run fast.

- Oh.

- Yes.

Our friend was hoping
I could take a look
at your your special project.

He thinks it'd be a good idea
to get a second set of eyes
on this, just to make
sure everything's safe.

I understand.

And he's right.

I could use another scientific
eye on all this right now.

- Okay.

- Follow me.


There she is, my pride and joy.


Is that an oscillation chamber?
It's a biometric lightning
oscillation chamber, technically.

We call it the B.

It's built with quantum computing
to remotely harness lightning
from the Earth's upper atmosphere
and turn it into artificial speed.

This equipment is decades
ahead of any other lab.

Including yours, I hope?
I can't take full credit
for all this innovation.

Sure, I can handle the physics,
but my colleague is more familiar
with the nuts and bolts.

Ah, there he is.

Barry Allen,
meet the man who built this machine.

Eobard Thawne.

Nice to meet you, Barry Allen.

Eobard Thawne.

Nice to meet you, Barry Allen.


I'm Chief of Engineering here
at Fast Track Laboratories.

Eobard, here, is our
only employee who knows
the truth about this project
while I'm still perfecting it.

And Barry here is a friend of The Flash.

Yeah, you know The Flash, don't you?
- No, I
- Do you two
Have you met before?
You go to hell!
You're taking both of us there!
Now who's the villain, Flash?
Now who's the villain?
I mean, I don't I don't think so.

- But my memory is a little hazy.

- Yeah, um,
Eobard suffers from a rare
form of retrograde amnesia.

- You're kidding.

- I just
I have trouble accessing memories
connected to my personal life, you know.

Anything over a year ago, all
I get are occasional flashes.

- Excuse me.

- Mm-hmm.

Hey, Avery.

I'm supposed to believe
you don't remember
who you are or where you're from?
What the hell are you doing here?
Why'd you build this thing?
Because Meena asked me to, I
Her lightning is like
nothing I've ever seen before,
I guess that's your doing, isn't it?
- I assure you the B.
is perfectly safe.

- But you aren't.

What the hell do you want from me?
I'm sorry, I have no idea why you're
- so upset with somebody you just met
- Stop, stop.

I've known you all my life.

You're the Reverse-Flash.

Look, Allen
I have no idea what you're talking about
or why you think I'm
a murderous speedster
- Because you are!
- No.

I'm not.

Now, if you don't mind.

I have work to do.

Chester, has A.

posted any security alerts?
Uh, no.

Is everything okay, boss?
No, I just saw Thawne.

What? How did he escape?
I don't know.
But he's using
his original face again,
the one he had before
he killed Harrison Wells.

Okay, how is that even possible?
And how the frack did he end
up working at Fast Track Labs?
I don't know that either,
but I'm gonna find out.

I can't hire you, Mr.

This résumé is a joke.

- Well, nobody's perfect.

You really are something.

You know, after the 11
other interviews I had today,
I'm starting to think all this is just,
like, a huge waste of time.

I mean, seriously,
you call this a resume?
Am I boring you?
When calculating quantum
static in genetic speed,
you have to account for the tachyons.

I have been working on this for months.

No one's even come close.

Well, the other candidates were idiots.

I'm not.

Which is how I can tell, you're
trying to create a speedster.

I can help.

How are you still here?
I wanna see how this ends.

Don't screw with me!
How did you get your speed back?
- I didn't?
- Stop lying!
I saw you, five minutes ago,
1,000 miles from here wearing
your original face, pretending
you didn't remember me.

So, who is he?
A version of you from your past?
Answer me!
I don't know.

And I don't care.

Don't you get it?
You took my speed.

There's no other
versions of me out there,
no other tricks up my sleeve.

You took everything from me.

So, why don't you just leave me alone?
When you were nearly
erased during Armageddon,
it erased your past didn't it?
Which means he must be
from another timeline.

Like when I created Flashpoint,
there was another Thawne.

I need you to kill my mother.

With pleasure.

The only way to fix
things was to let him go.

When you fought with the Legends,
he tried to keep himself
from getting erased,
but Black Flash caught up to him.

I guess he didn't finish
the job.
Here's a suggestion:
Why don't you go bother him?
The other Thawne built this.

Does that mean anything to you?
He didn't build that, that's mine.

That's my biometric
lightning oscillation chamber
that I built two centuries from now,
when I was a younger
man to see if I could
become a speedster like you.

- It worked.

- But not the way I intended.

Has it tapped into the
negative speed force?
That's why Meena's
powers are so erratic.

They're not artificial,
they're negative.

I've seen what that
kind of force can do.

- Who's Meena?
- Dr.
Meena Dhawan,
she's the one that's using the B.

Never heard of her.

And guess what? Neither has history.

So, I guess your new
adversary made sure that
this Dr.
Meena Dhawan
never sees the future.

Because if she keeps using that device,
the negative speed force will
start to alter her personality.

It'll destroy her.

Not if.


There's one thing you
should know about us Thawnes,
Allen, no matter when we exist,
no matter what our memories are,
we only look out for ourselves.

So whatever this new guy's endgame,
he'll sacrifice every pawn on the board
to get what he wants.

Not if I stop him
before he has a chance.


Just when I thought
this day couldn't get
any more interesting.

Oh, John?
You can come out now.

It's been a long time.

Last time I saw you, you were still
pretending you needed a wheelchair.

Last time I saw you, your friend
Oliver Queen was still alive.

So what do you want, John?
For the past two years, I've
covered every corner of this Earth
and I still can't get this
damn thing to open up again.

But I believe you can.

This cube fell out of the
sky and dropped into my lap.

Before I could see what
was inside, it shut itself.

I've had friends
examine every inch of it.

I can't get it open.

Ah, damn it.

Got that same line from A.

And all they could tell
me is that it's knowledge
that's beyond any current
human understanding
and that it can transport matter.

So, when I heard from
Lyla you were here, I
You thought some 23rd
century ingenuity might help.

Good call.

Why not just have Lyla
give it to me herself?
I see.

Trouble in paradise.

Trying to open this box
I've had to spend a lot
of time away from home,
away from my kids.

But you just can't leave
the box behind, can you?
Even when this thing is away from me,
I can still feel it in my mind
- Worlds await.

- Pulling me closer.

- Ahh!
- Worlds await.

Worlds await.
Worlds await.

And the more I fight it, the louder
I hear its call, but I
have to know what it is.

I I have to know what
these damn voices want from me.


You've come to the right place.

I've seen transmatter
technology like that before,
forged at the Orrery of Worlds
with the power to
travel across realities.

So, yeah.
I'll help you.

On one condition.

That when you open up
that box again, John
I get to see what's inside.

Chester, Allegra, I'm
headed back to Central City,
I need you to find who's
still inside Fast Track Labs.

Pretty cleared up for the night,
just two heat signatures inside.

- Meena and Thawne.

- What's the 4-1-1, boss?
I think it's the Thawne from Flashpoint,
now he's pumping Meena
with negative speed.

- If you need backup
- No, it's too dangerous.

I don't know why he's doing this,
but I won't let anyone get hurt.

Artificial speed saturation at zero.

- Ready for infusion.

- Doc.

You set the oscillation
levels at 52 million joules,
that is more speed than you
have ever absorbed before.

Are you sure The Flash
would want you to do this?
He's why I'm doing this.

I hurt him this morning when
my speed started to run out
I I need to make it last longer.

All right.

Powering the chamber.

Activating electrostatic fins.

Ready for biometric absorption.

Meena, stop!

What are you doing here?
Flash, I know what happened today,
and I know how to fix it.

No, you don't.

I know why you attacked me.

It's because your speed is connected
- to the negative speed force.

- Wha
It's an extra-dimensional power source
fueled by rage and hate.

The B.
is fueled by lightning
from the upper atmosphere.

We've run the numbers a thousand times.

Then your math's wrong.

Or you're a damn liar.

Eobard? What is he talking about?
I'm talking about who he really is.

The Eobard Thawne that I know,
no matter what body he's in
in or what timeline he comes from,
he's always the same person.

A psychotic murderer
Please don't hurt me.

Known as the Reverse-Flash.

I didn't do anything
to you or anyone else,
why can't you understand that?
I'm done listening to
Whatever you're trying
to do to her, it ends now.

You're making a huge mistake.

No, I'm taking you to Iron Heights,
which is letting you off easy.

Leave him alone!
Meena don't!
Oh, no.
Her brainwaves are altering.

It's too much power!


Time to get faster.

These cubes appear to
people at a crossroads,
at a turning point in their lives,
so when the cube first opened,
what was going through your mind?
I just buried Oliver.

We were moving the kids to Metropolis.

You were starting a new
life, you were in control
of your destiny for
the first time in years,
that is why the cube chose
you, for that sense of purpose.

Then why did it close?
Because you weren't ready
to accept its power yet.

Really, the only question John, is
are you ready now?
I am.


Then put yourself in
that headspace again.

Close your eyes.

Think of what your future could be.

All the light you could
bring into this world.

All the cosmic odysseys that await.

No one can know my secret.

Don't come between those
folks and their gold.

Sir, we are quite sure you
will bring them back to justice.

Look at them all,
all those lives you could lead.

Do it, John.
Do it.

Drink of the Bleed Mandrakk
hid within the cube.

Feel its power.
through the source wall,
for when you break through that wall,
all those worlds that
await will be yours.

This universe is far
bigger than any of us.

I will dare to imagine.

I don't want this.

I don't want any of this!
Do you hear me? The answer's no!
No! No!
What have you done? Do
you know what you've done?
I do.

I finally do.

I saw a thousand lives I could lead.

But not one of them led
me back to my family.

I was meant to see inside that cube!
To find a way out of this hell hole!
I guess it's a good thing the cube
didn't choose you, huh?
You're not special.

You're not someone important.

This was your last chance
to be someone powerful.

But I am someone special.

Now I realize.

The cube was trying to make me
someone else, something else.

And it even tricked
me into believing that
somehow I wanted it, too, but
I don't.

Because there is no
power in the universe
more powerful than the
love I have for my family.

But I suppose a man like
you wouldn't understand that.

Because if it came
down to a choice between
some cosmic destiny, or
being a father, a husband
There's really no choice at all.

Hey, Lyla.

Hey, baby.

No, no, I didn't see Barry this time,
I think he has a lot on his plate.

Yeah, you're right, we do
have a lot to talk about.

I'm coming home.


Meena's negative lightning
pulse just cancelled
out my speed again,
just like this morning.

Where is she?
She's gone.

This is what you wanted
all along, isn't it?
For the negative speed
force to corrupt her?
Why would I want that?
I didn't even know the
negative speed force
existed before today!
She protected you from
me, why would she do that?
Because she loves me.

You idiot!
And I love her.

More than anything.

When I lost my memories,
I had a singular focus in my life.

Somehow, some way, I was
going to be a speedster,
and then I met Meena.

Everything changed.

I know this sounds strange,
but I think I'm supposed to
be a speedster, I
I think that's why, despite
all the holes in my brain,
I can see the B.
crystal clear.

I think I'm meant to use it.

So you you wanna be
like Flash, be a superhero?
I wanna be bigger than a superhero,
I wanna I wanna recharge power grids,
I wanna reverse tornadoes
before they destroy
cities and towns, I
wanna end famine, end war.

I want to save the world.

But it wasn't meant to be.

I'd already fallen in love
with Meena when we discovered
her machine could only
work for one person.

This isn't right.

But that wasn't the worst part.

Meena had a heart condition,
and one night, she went
into cardiac arrest.

Meena Meena!
There was only one way to save her.

You gave up your dream.

Your chance to save the world.

You are my world.

So, please.

Even if I was this monster somehow,
or in another life, don't
hold my sins against her.

I am begging you.

Save her.

The Thawne I know has haunted
my life since I was just a kid.

He's killed people I care for.

He deserves to rot.

He could never put someone
else's needs before his.

I'm sorry.

You're not the man I thought you were.

You're someone better.

My speed's back.

Flash! Flash, are you there?
Yeah, I hear you.
What's happening?
Okay, Meena's attacking power
junctions all over the city.

Why would Meena need electricity?
Her speed is supposed to be temporary.

If Meena runs out of speed,
the negative speed force
will lose its grip on her.

It's making her absorb electricity
to make more speed and maintain control.

If that's the case,
then she's gonna look
for the largest power source possible.

The Keystone Cleveland Dam.

Time to get faster.

Unlimited speed.

Meena, I don't wanna hurt you,
but you're not in control
of yourself right now,
and if this dam breaks,
thousands of people could die.

Then let them.

- Guys, she's right behind
Are you in position?

Everyone okay back there?
I just hacked into Meena's speed gauge.

Her saturation is already
under 40%, it's working.

If Flash can keep her running
for another 119 seconds,
she'll burn off the rest of her speed.


Are you okay?

Can you hear me, Flash?
She just summoned power directly
from the negative speed force.

It cancelled out The Flash's power.

How pathetic.

Avatar of the Speed
Force dying on his back.

Meena! Stop!
I can't let you do this.

Please, please, you have to stop this.

The Meena you knew is gone.

Lost in the electrostatic
pits of your precious machine.

I know you're still there.

I can feel you, locked
away inside, please.

Meena, come back to me.

You're wasting your time.

This is who I am now.

And killing The Flash is my purpose.

No, no, it isn't!
Perhaps I should kill you first.

Go ahead.

Because I'd rather die right
here, right now than lose you.

I know the real you!
You're the genius who stumped
every lab tech in Central City.

We have to account for the tachyons.

The health-conscious partner
who never let me have a cheeseburger!
Don't tell anybody.

The hero who taught me to
put others before myself.

And that Meena, she would never be able
to do something like this.

I love you, Meena.

The chamber's ready, but
only one of us can use it.

I am begging you.

I want to save the world.

I wanna save the world, too.

You are my world.

I can't lose you.
I can't lose you.


Come back to me.
Come back to me.

You should go first.

- Eobard?
- Oh, God.

Are you okay?
Yeah, I will be.

So will they.

You saved me.


You saved me.

Okay, well.
My speed
has finally worn off.

And so are the effects the negative
speed force had on your brain.

I know that your experiment
didn't exactly go as planned,
but this is one seriously dope lab.

How do you feel now?
Well, I finally feel like myself again,
and I am so sorry I didn't
listen to you, Flash.

We built the B.

so we could help people.

But, if we can't use
it without me turning
into a super villain
Then it's not worth the risk.

Especially if we don't
even know how we tapped into
the negative speed force to begin with.


What if there was a way around it?
Whenever I start to feel
like I'm in over my head,
I think about the person I love most.

She helps guide me home,
like a lightning rod.

Just like tonight, when
the negative speed force
corrupted you Eobard brought me back.

So, you think that our bond
could help me control my powers?
It would take some
tinkering with the B.
but if Eobard's your lightning rod,
there's nothing you
can't accomplish together.

Well, should we take a look
at the instruction manual?
Oh, I thought you'd never ask.

Mm, sorry to interrupt the sniffers.

When you said that,
Flashpoint Thawne came back,
I reached out to a mutual
friend to gather some intel.

He just left a message.

Chester, hey.

Sorry it took me so long
to to get back to
The Quincy P.
Runk Institute
is having a minor infestation
of serpent creatures from
the Morlaidh dimension.

It's under control.
I think.

As for your question, I was
out having retirement drinks
with Nate, and turns out the Legends had
their own encounter with
Reverse-Flash this year.

Yeah, apparently the Time Wraiths
saved him from Black Flash.

My powers stripped, I was
re-educated and assigned
here to protect this fixed point.

As penance for your past crimes.

Believe it or not, Sarah,
I came to see their point.

That history cannot and
should not be changed.

Thawne spent years
protecting the timeline.

- Thawne!
- It's yours now.

Until he died helping the Legends.

Pretty tragic twist, huh?
Just another serpent loose, so,
I just gotta grab my sword
And it's over here.

Wait, if Thawne from
Flashpoint became a hero,
but then died, how could he be here?
Maybe when he sacrificed himself
the Time Wraiths saved his
life again, brought him here.

To Meena?
Guys, I know it sounds crazy but,
however it happened, I
think we're lucky it did.

So are they.

Plus, we could always use
another hero around here.

You think I'm playing with you, huh?
Gimme the purse!
What's happening to me?
Ahh! Ahh!
Wh what
Now that's more like it.

- Mark?
- Yes.

Are you in my apartment?
Where the hell are you?
With my mom.
I needed
to get out of there.

Clear my head.

Then do that and get your ass back here.

Okay? I was looking at
our data again last night.

It all clicked for me.

Caitlin, I know how to bring Frost back.

We can't.
Not now.
Barry took the Mirror Gun.

I'm sorry, Mark, but it's over.

We don't need the gun.
for what we're gonna do.

I just need you.

What did you do?
My speed is my life.

I wonder what face I'll be
wearing next time we meet.

Merry Christmas.

And I'm just getting started!
Everything you are is because
of me! What did you do?
I got faster.
Didn't you?
Your precious Speed
Force cannot help you now,
because in this timeline,
Iris chose me.

I've won.

There is no trace of the negative
speed force left in your body.

You took my life!
And left me in hell.

We've been looking for you, Eobard.

The man with no past.

The anomaly.

You were invisible to
us until the light from
that damn cube showed
us where to find you.

Good for me.

Now, who are you and
What do you want?
I guess you could say I'm an old friend,
and a new one, all rolled up in one.

'Cause that's how I roll.

And as for why I'm here
It's time to fulfil your destiny.

Greg, move your head.

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