The Flight Attendant (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Arrivals and Departures

All right.
Wow, all right, let's, uh let's catch a killer.
Catch a killer.
- Yeah.
- Who says that? I don't know.
I actually the alternative sounds worse.
But, actually, now that sounds bad too.
So maybe I regret saying that.
Just drink that.
There you go.
Okay? Who's this? Oh, whatever happened to "This is Cecilia?" Miranda? Yeah, I'm calling you on a burner because I was attacked by a hired assassin.
Hired assassin? - Oh, my God! - Spare us both.
You were the only one who could have told Victor that I was still in New York.
Now, I just want to say that I yeah, I understand.
- You do? - Yeah.
'Course I'm still gonna have to find you and kill you.
But it wasn't my fault! Listen, you know how scary Victor is.
I couldn't just stand there and Look, I I'll give you Victor.
Okay? You have nothing to bargain with and he's never gonna stop sending people after you, right? So you could stop him.
He's leaving New York tonight, but he's still there now, okay? I can text you the address and time he's meeting his driver.
Is that enough? Well, you are very clever, Cecilia, so why don't you text me and we'll see? Wow.
That sounded healthy.
It was.
Oh, I have to run an errand.
- What? - Okay? And it is an important and very quick thing.
- Right now? - Okay, so, driver, can you please pull over? Thank you.
Uh, no.
You're just gonna get out? This is the middle of the road.
What are you do where are you going, even? Well, you're just gonna have to trust me.
Well, that's not what we talked about that was not the plan! Shit.
I got shut down on a warrant for Alex Sokolov's apartment.
I understand being guarded, but these people should want to help.
Yeah, but you want normal human emotion from Janet Sokolov? Why are you even here? What happened to sitting on the lab until you got a match? Look, I know I can be aggressive at times.
And I rub people the wrong way.
And what brought this on? Okay, the tech in the print lab asked me if I had a lacrosse scholarship at Yale.
And then she told me to wait somewhere else.
Yeah, because we all talk around here.
In fact this is the lab now.
And wow.
Bowden is a match for the bloody fingerprint - inside the broken bottle.
- Yes! There it is, proof she was there after Alex Sokolov died.
That's the ball game.
Let's get a warrant and round her up.
What the fuck, Kim? This is what we've been working towards.
- I know, I'm just - Oh, my God.
I know it pains you to admit it, but this is the answer, and the rest of your little intuition about a bigger conspiracy was wrong.
First of all, I need you to get out of my space.
And the second is to understand that I've been doing this for a while, and I do not need you belittling my instincts.
So you go on and arrest Bowden and leave me here to go over this case again, because "Cassie Bowden did it" does not wrap everything up to my satisfaction.
What? They found Chavez dumped in an alley with his throat slit.
Oh, my God.
There you are.
You know we're boarding, right? What's going on with you? You know the rules.
No drinking.
Cassie Please don't make me your mom.
Please, the same rules that says you're over the baggage allowance.
What, are you moving to Italy? On this plane, I am your supervisor.
I'm not even gonna drink them, probably.
It's just like a security blanket or whatever.
I don't know why I said that.
Will you back off! Relax! You just love feeling superior to me, don't you? You know what, Cassie? I used to idolize you, so go ahead and drink all you want if it's that damn important to you.
Who the hell even cares? You two need to stop.
You're distracted, and you both have really toxic energy.
Just pull it together.
Oh, hush up, Jada.
What's going on with Megan? Why is she so tense? Like, strange tense? Who gives a shit? This is stressful, but pull yourself together, okay? I don't want to sound like a broken record about the liquor, but if this plan is actually gonna work Okay, you don't think Miranda's coming, huh? You think I screwed this up? You thinks she's ghosting me? Go ahead, say it.
Honestly, if you think about it, Miranda might not be ghosting you.
She might already be dead.
What's the bloody hold up? I hate this light! It makes my eyes Oh! Ah! All of this for a flight attendant? I actually quite like her.
I mean, I don't know what's happened to me lately.
Maybe you shouldn't be so emotional, is that it? You gonna tell me to smile more next? You know, I did so much for you, and you hired some total fuck-up to kill me in my car? Let's be fair, I didn't specify where he should do it.
Really, Victor? You had Alex killed before you got the money? Funny story.
I'd only got a secondhand report, but apparently Hello, Sleeping Beauty.
What, the blond? Yeah, you know, she stumbled out of here.
Just fell asleep on a bench.
But I kept her lip gloss so I could taste it.
Ah, ah, ah, ah! Here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna move my hand, and you're gonna tell me where you've written down the accounts and encryptions, yeah? Mm.
All right.
The account numbers are in a book.
It's it's on the couch.
It's underneath one of the pillows.
You see, that wasn't too hard now, was it? All right.
Fooled you, didn't I? No, no! Feliks should have waited until he had everything in hand, but you know how hard it is to find good help.
Okay, get on the ground.
Now! Now, Miranda, I do know about that hot temper of yours.
Between us, I've found a beta blocker and some nice lavender tea really do calm the nerves Ah! Ah! Ah Fuck it.
A word with you, please? Uh, are you talking to me? Shane, you're talking to me now? Cassie, I was never not talking to you.
It was just after the funeral thing, I needed a break.
Listen, I'm sorry, I've been trying to call you to apologize and then my life got insane again and then Okay, good.
Apology accepted.
- Really? - Yes, look I told you that no one close to me has ever died, and clearly 3C meant a lot to you, so who knows? Maybe I would have done some crazy shit like you did.
We're good.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
Also, Jada and Megan are driving me insane.
They are the least fun human beings on this airplane.
I need my friend.
That's you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Hey, is everything okay? Yeah, I'm just looking at openings for upgrades.
- No 4C yet.
- Oh, don't give it away.
She's coming.
I mean, I don't know for sure, but if she is does, I don't want to deal with a disgruntled passenger, you know? Just don't.
The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers.
Hey! You can't park there! Fuck you! Fucking asshole.
This is the final boarding call for Imperial Atlantic flight 502 to Rome.
Oh, no.
Ma'am? - Your leg is bleeding.
- Right, um We'll just get a medic to check it out.
Okay, I have a flight to catch so Ladies and gentlemen, the boarding door is now closed.
You may continue to use approved portable electronic devices, but they must be placed in airplane mode.
Pretty awful about Chavez.
It's terrible.
I can't.
Van's out there tracking down Bowden, and I'm just focusing on this so I don't punch a hole in my desk.
Yeah, here.
"And then a hotel waiter came in and he gave us very strong liquor".
- I knew it.
- So? The hotel only listed female employees on at Sokolov's floor the night that he died, so if this guy is out there, I wanna find him.
Mouradian, how did you get in here? Look, we're dealing with some serious Is that the Sokolov file? I think this'll help.
- What is this? - Financial records, client lists, forged flight manifests, receipts for the sale of weapons, a lot of incriminating evidence on Unisphere Asset Management and some company called "Lionfish", and an entire subfolder devoted to photos of people - that are dead now.
- How did you Look, I'm probably gonna be disbarred for this, which really fucking sucks because my entire life is wrapped up in being a lawyer, but here is a lot of motive that has nothing to do with Cassie.
Okay, Agent Hammond? It's Kim.
Uh, Kim, I think I know that guy.
- That's from Bangkok.
- No.
He was at my loft with Cassie.
I don't know, she met him in a bar or something.
His name's something stupid and weird.
I don't know, he was with Cassie.
They were very drunk.
Damn it.
- This guy? Buckley Ware? - Yes! Buckley.
Fucking stupid name.
Wait, I'm sorry, in Bangkok? Son of a bitch.
Alex! Alex! Hi.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God! No, no, no, no, no! Help! Oh, this man is attacking me! Anybody! Get him off of me! Somebody, help me! Yes, this man.
I don't know.
He just came up behind me and grabbed me and tried to tried to pull me back Mi scusi.
Oh, my God.
Thank you, Megan.
This guy ju Oh, my Long flights are the worst, huh? But Rome is just so beautiful.
Traveling for business or pleasure? I have to stop a woman from being killed, and I'm not sure that I fully understand my feelings about that, because I've never done anything purely selfless before.
But she grew on me, and I'm anxious about her safety and my leg is bleeding, so now might not be the time for a wee chat.
I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Well, in my family, it's not yelling, but I'm sorry too.
For a lot.
And I think I owe you the truth.
I did spend the night with 3C in Bangkok and woke up next to his dead body, and now my life is a living hell.
I thought I kept things bottled up, but you You can lay your toughest stuff on me, Megan, okay? Okay, I can handle it.
I think I've set the bar pretty high, so I'm ready.
And that's what friends do.
Friends, huh? Yeah, all these years traveling across the world together? I mean, I didn't realize it, but we are absolutely friends.
Well, um apparently I've been stealing proprietary technology from my husband's work laptop and selling it to the North Korean government.
And I kept asking about the FBI because I was worried about me.
Just it just seems so small, you know? A nice man with a business card approached me at one of Bill's work conferences and he asked me to take a few little pictures, download a file or two.
Very cloak-and-dagger.
In Oyster Bay.
It was one company or another and I just thought what could be the harm? But then it just got so much bigger.
Oh, my God, Megan, I know exactly how that feels.
- Truly.
- I just Do you ever feel like nobody sees you? Of course you don't, you're you.
But I'm a middle-aged woman who spends her day pretty invisible.
It's true, Cassie.
The passengers, my coworkers, my my son.
You know, having a secret a thing that only I could do just felt amazing.
- Megan, I had no idea that - I had everything.
But I couldn't see it.
Anyway It's my mistake, and, um I put my trust in the wrong people.
But I'm gonna fix this.
I'm gonna find the right people and I am going to fix this.
Megan, it's gonna be okay.
Not everyone gets to be okay.
But I appreciate the thought, and I hope you're right.
Okay, according to Max, Buckley Ware was on a short-term lease that he signed less than two weeks ago.
Okay, you need to never tell me who Max is or how he's finding all this stuff out.
You've been here all night? Jeez, what time is it? I couldn't find Bowden anywhere, so I checked her apartment and any of the spots Chavez noted, so I reached out to Imperial Atlantic, and she's in Rome.
I'm sorry, she went to Rome? What the fuck was she thinking? Why are you here? Why is she here? You're gonna want to sit down.
- Hi.
- Cassie, you're here? I know, I'm sorry to bother you.
- What are you doing? I'm working.
- I know, I know, I know.
Sorry oh, sorry, sorry.
Listen, listen I need to find a gun.
Cassie, what do you mean? No, I'm serious, I'm Listen, we're friends, right? I know, but this is important.
It's really, really important.
Come on, what happened to the guy - that said he's up for anything at any time? - Well, he's here.
He just wants to know why his friend needs a weapon.
Yeah, okay, um remember when I told you I met someone? - Hello, Feliks.
- Hello, darling.
Well, I guess you're gonna find me harder to kill than a sleeping man and stray cats.
We'll see about that.
Ah! I'll go in.
Can you wait out here? Do I do I have to? Let me see if I can find what you need.
You would be conspicuous to my grandmother.
She would ask questions.
Okay? Right, 'cause how would I be able to explain any of this? Sounds like an American movie.
Thank you.
Nonna? Fuck.
Yes, si, si, but no, um I'm Cassie.
I don't feel very luminous.
This morning, a man terrified me in a way that makes me realize that things are very immediate and very clear.
It also, though, makes my head hurt and, um it's all just too bright.
If that makes any sense.
Listen Okay? I think it would be much worse than sad.
You know, we can make choices and we have to live with them, but other people's choices, how Who of us has the space to carry other people's choices? Yeah, I think you're right.
Girls? Ah! Shit! Hi.
It's all my fault.
No, it's n it's not your fault.
No This is not your fault.
Okay? Listen to me.
A lot of things will be your fault.
You will make really, really bad decisions, all right? But this one? This is not your fault.
This will not define who you are.
Okay? Come here.
Come here.
Cassie? I have it.
We can go.
What in the hell is she doing? Megan! Hey, hey! Megan! Megan! Now what in the hell are you doing? You know, you didn't have to come and watch that again.
Come here.
Sure, I did.
Oh, God.
I don't wanna I will not remember you like this.
You shouldn't have to risk your life like this.
Alex, this is insane, but I feel like I really know you now.
I feel like I know me now too.
And somehow, I'm totally in love with you.
Or, I don't know, maybe the idea the idea of maybe the promise of something that could have been between us, I It's probably better than the real deal would ever be.
You made me at least two inches taller.
Honestly it wasn't me you were falling in love with.
Alex, I can't handle any more introspective bullshit.
Will you just kiss me? You okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Should we take from the minibar? - I'm sure they have vodka.
- No.
Actually, you know what? I'd love a coffee.
- Coffee? - Yeah.
Um, okay.
I'll run downstairs to the bar? Okay.
- Cassie? - Yeah? Are you going to be okay? Yeah.
Yes, here, here.
- Lock the bolt behind me.
- Okay.
Hey, knock three times when you get back, okay? Kim, there's a Buckley Ware on the manifest of Imperial Atlantic 2211.
That's the flight to Rome Cassie Bowden worked last night.
He was on her flight? He's fucking stalking her.
He's following her to Rome the same way he followed Alex Sokolov to Bangkok.
Damn it.
Fuck, no! Ahh! Ah! Oh! Oh, no.
Did you have some little plan? You thought you could fuck with me? Oh, I'd love to let you fuck with me, Cassie.
But we broke up, right? Oh, and then Miranda showed up like she was gonna save the day! I bet you wish you hadn't thrown me away now, don't you? - Feliks, listen - Ah, ah, ah, ah! It's Buckley.
It was my grandfather's name, remember? Enrico! Oh! Ah You know, I really fell for you.
In fact, I used this to track you around the world.
Recognize it? You're just so beautiful and fucked up.
It's like catnip.
I can still taste it.
Go to hell.
Oh, and the sex? Oof, the sex was fucking great.
But it's more than that, right? No, it wasn't that great.
I thought about Alex the entire time.
Is that why you need such a big knife? This a bit more intimate? - Ahh! - Oh! Do you think it's because the character I've created for you was an alcoholic mess too? You know, I had to pretend to be drunk a lot.
I've been into you since I first saw you on the way to Bangkok.
And then everywhere since then, you never even noticed.
Well, that was a quick answer.
Sabrina! Hi.
Come on in.
- on the first date.
- First date.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
You are such a fucking psychopath! - Don't call me that! - Ah, oh! A psychopath who offered to run away with you! Think of where we'd be right now.
What we'd be doing.
I wouldn't go anywhere with you.
You liked it.
And I've still got butterflies! That's love, right? - Hey! - Ah! Come on.
You're a drunk, not a killer.
Ow! Oh Oh, my Oh, my You okay? No.
What the fuck? You just rolled in with a gun of your own and I mean I had to get a gun from an Italian woman's dead husband.
How did you why do you have one? What is going on? I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I'm with the CIA.
- What? - I've been working at Imperial Atlantic to keep tabs on Megan.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
She committed treason, and now she's on the run.
Wait, shit, she told she told me that.
- She told you? - I mean Like, in a casual conversation, "Hey, I'm a spy"? Cassie.
That son of a bitch is lucky you only hit him in the leg.
I have really bad aim.
Fuck, Miranda! Oh, my God.
Where is she? Is she okay? She was in the bathroom and she came out to help me with all of this.
Did they take her somewhere? There was no one else in the room.
Wait, what? Briscoe household.
Eli? Why aren't you at school? Why are you calling a landline? It's for, like, telemarketers.
I know, I know.
I just wanted to leave a message on the answer No, no, no.
You answer me first, young man.
Dad's sick or something? I don't know.
He's, like, in your room just kind of crying.
He says it's, like, a stomach flu or I just thought it would be good to have somebody here, you know? Plus I didn't study for this math test, so it would be best to just make it up.
Listen, Eli.
I want you to tell your dad to look in the small ceramic rooster.
- The rooster? - I want you to tell him that it's gonna help him with his stomach flu, okay? It's gonna help him get out of trouble.
And, um, tell him Hang on a sec.
Tell him that he was that everything was so beautiful.
Okay? Okay, Mom.
You're being really weird.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'm just I'm just being silly, that's it.
So I love you very much, my love.
Okay? Tell Daddy I love him too.
Okay, goodbye.
Dad? Dad! Oh, my God! I told you I would come.
I can't believe you're here! I called Annie, so yep.
I'm here.
Oh, my God, I'm so happy to see you.
Well, you only get so many cryptic and emotional phone calls before I'm gonna hop on a plane.
Worried about you.
I know.
Um, I think I'm gonna be okay.
Like, for real this time, Davey.
- Okay.
- Come here.
It's gonna be different.
We're gonna make it different.
I love you so much.
I love you.
Okay, whatever.
I'm, like glad you're not dead.
I mean, I did almost die.
You didn't even bring me a Topo Chico? Okay.
So Max is gonna be okay.
He's gonna have an epic scar and I know he's gonna tell people stupid, fucking made-up stories about it, and I'm definitely probably gonna have to break up with him, but, you know.
And are you okay? Yeah.
It was a little bit of a dark ride, but we're all safe now.
God, Annie.
I never meant to get you in Oh, please, stop.
We'll get drunk and laugh about it, maybe.
Actually, about that.
I am not drinking.
I am trying not to drink.
That's closer to the truth, but yeah.
It's like a whole new lease on life.
Ew, cannot believe I just said that.
Please do not let me say that ever again.
Oh, I'm gonna put that shit on a T-shirt.
Let's not get crazy, I've been to two meetings, but you know when people quit stuff and they say it's, like, no big deal? Well, they are fucking lying.
'Cause it is really, really hard.
after everything you've You can handle this.
- Thank you.
- And I'm here for you.
I mean, emotionally I'm here for you.
Not financially 'cause I have no job and no prospects of a job.
But we can collect unemployment together, - so that'll be fun! - Ooh, no, sorry.
The FBI cleared some stuff up with Imperial Atlantic, so I'm actually working a flight tomorrow.
Oh! Cool, okay.
- Wow, I hate you.
- I know.
I mean, I love you, like, very, very much, but I also really hate you right now.
You know what, why don't I get this since you don't have a job? Yeah, that sounds good.
On second thought, let's see - What? - This isn't mi Oh, my God.
What, is she is she, like, here? I gotta go see Cassie? Cassie? Uh hi? - What are you doing here? - Working.
I'm sorry, what about the whole CIA thing? Following Megan? All of that? For now, all you need to know is that I work at Imperial Atlantic, and if I told you anything more, then I was extremely jet-lagged.
But my boss kept asking about you for our "human asset" program.
Ever heard of it? We should talk, because she will call.
Wait, wait, are are you serious? Look at your face.
They're not gonna give you a gun or anything.
Flight attendants, please prepare for takeoff.

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