The Flight Attendant (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Seeing Double

1 - Unh ♪ - Go! ♪ Woke up feeling like I just might run for president ♪ Even if there ain't no precedent ♪ Switchin' up the messaging ♪ Hi, I'm Cassie, and I'm an alcoholic.
GROUP: Hi, Cassie.
Most of you know my story by now.
Um, since I quit drinking, I've been making changes.
I moved to LA.
Find me up in Magic City ♪ Bustin' hundreds by the bands ♪ - And I throw it ♪ - Like a girl ♪ - Go and throw it ♪ - Like a girl ♪ Started dating this great guy, Marco.
Feelin' bossy in my city 'Cause I run it ♪ Picked up a part-time job.
[camera shutter clicks.]
[people clamoring.]
♪ But I'm still flying.
I'm still a flight attendant.
Run the whole damn world ♪ But I feel like I'm turning into this whole other person, like, in a really good way, you know? And I know what they say about moving too fast, you know, no big life changes in the first year, but, I'm two days away from being a year sober.
I'm really excited, and I know, one day at a time and all, but I gotta tell you, just, my life and everything, it just all feels pretty great.
- Like a girl ♪ - Thanks.
- [applause.]
- Oh, yeah ♪ Yeah, in the back.
- Hi, Ted, alcoholic.
- GROUP: Hi, Ted.
I was just sitting here thinking, I remember early in my recovery, that fucking pink cloud, where I was kind of just stupidly naive and thought everything was - "pretty great.
" - What's that there, Ted? Uh, no crosstalk, Cassie.
I know, but he just took - Okay? - Right.
MEETING LEADER: A reminder to everyone We don't interrupt people's shares.
[indistinct chatter.]
Look, I know it's "principles before personalities," but that guy was a dick.
- He was being a dick.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
And I ran out of Hot Tamales.
My body is still craving sugar every single day.
I'm not saying I'm gonna eat all these donuts but I'm definitely gonna eat all these donuts.
The curse of giving up booze.
You're my sponsor.
Say something wise.
I thought I was acing recovery once, until I burned my house down.
Jesus, Brenda, why does every one of your stories have to end in some horrific trauma? I'm your sponsor because it helps me with my own recovery.
If you want to eat the donuts, eat the donuts.
Thank you for that advi Hi.
Your share today really touched me.
I just - wanted to say hi.
- Aw! [chuckles.]
Oh, my God, my boyfriend would love your necklace.
No, I love your necklace.
I think my boyfriend I'm working on being less codependent.
It's okay.
Don't apologize.
I we're here because we're working on things, right? It's Jenny, right? I'll tell you where I got it if you want.
I'll go get my phone.
You've got a newbie crushing on you.
Ready to be a role model? Yes.
Yes, I am.
♪ Okay.
Mysterious envelope.
- Hey.
- Hello.
Putting that house key to good use, huh? - How was your meeting? - Um, it was good.
I I got called out for crosstalk.
- Uh-oh.
Well, - Yeah.
Your crosstalk is what first attracted me to you.
Really? That's so weird.
I thought it was my legs that you kept staring at.
Hi! Hi.
Uh, but it was good.
You know, I got to share, and, um, I don't know, I feel like I'm in, like, a good place.
- How was your shoot? - Long.
Some energy drink.
I mean, how many ways can you photograph a can? Turns out, 72.
Seventy-two! I was just gonna say that.
My question for you is, when do I get to photograph you again? Oh, come on.
Nothing's gonna be as good as this one.
I mean, I just I love this one.
I love the energy of it, you know? I mean, aren't you into it? Like "dinner can wait" into it, into it? [Kali Uchis's "telepatía" plays.]
♪ [Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" plays.]
♪ [music now playing in headphones.]
[elevator dings.]
CASSIE: Oh, my God, LA traffic is insane, but I am not late.
Mark that down in your little notepad.
If you're not early, you're late.
Okay, Benjamin, that is an impossible bar I will never be able to reach.
Also, why are we in a parking deck? The office picked it for your convenience.
I would've picked Hollywood Park Off Track Betting.
Oh, you're a gambling man.
I'm learning little bits and pieces about you.
Here's a photo of your mark in Berlin.
His name's Will Kotov.
Okay, we've been handler and asset for a few months now.
Shouldn't I know just a little more about you? No.
So we would like you to observe him on site at the hotel only.
- Did you catch that last part? - Yeah.
- Look at me, please.
- I'm looking at you.
On site in the hotel only.
That means do not follow, do not engage.
"Do not follow, do not engage.
" Got it.
You do good work, Bowden.
But we both know you have a habit off getting too involved with your marks.
Okay, that is quite the exaggeration, don't you think? - Tokyo? Madrid? - Okay.
No, no, that What about that absolutely insane stand-off you got in a Moscow restaurant you had to flee? That was not my fault, okay? That was an impulse thing.
No, scratch that.
That sounded bad.
No, it wasn't.
I just I don't get a lot on these people.
I get a photo and a name, and I'm very curious.
- Isn't that part of my job? - Bowden, if you have an operational issue - with the way the CIA assigns - I don't.
No, no, I don't.
I just I like to go above and beyond, and sometimes in the moment, I get a little - I'll stop you there.
- Yeah, you should.
You're not a CIA officer.
You are a civilian asset, emphasis on the word "civilian.
" Please remember that for your safety.
Benjamin, I hear you, and I get it, I promise.
Commit that photo to memory.
I know that you carry them on you and that's a really bad idea.
Consider it memorized.
Wait, hold on.
[clears throat.]
Now consider it memorized.
Just tell me one more thing about you.
It'll really help my process.
Do you have a dog? Do you have a cat? Where do you live? Are you married? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Come on.
♪ [gasps.]
Well, well, well.
Hello, gorgeous.
Hello, beauty.
You know, I have been seeing you a lot at LAX lately.
Are you stalking me? I took a trans-Pacific route.
I am seeing all of the sights.
I'm eating all of the fish.
- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm, and doing the secret work that's a secret job that we can't talk about 'cause I'm doing it, too, and it's so much fun! If I knew what you were talking about I would tell you that what you do and what I do - are two very different things.
- Right.
- And were not - BOTH: Gonna talk about it.
- You seem very put together.
- Do I? - Yeah, the bangs are a ten.
- Do you love them? - I do.
How's the man? - He's great.
Marco's wonderful.
How about your man, even though I'm convinced he's imaginary 'cause you refuse to introduce me.
I think I told you that his name is - BOTH: Justin.
- And I think I told you - he's a - Ginger! - There you go.
- Love you.
- Dinner? Soon? - Yes.
- Justin, Marco, bring 'em? - Yes.
- No.
- Okay, great.
[sighs, clears throat.]
- Hey, Jada.
- Hi, Cassie.
I'm just filling in for someone on this flight.
So you're you're on this flight, too.
It would appear as though I am on the flight.
- I'm Seattle-based now.
- Mm.
Taking care of some family things.
- Oh.
- Look, I'm the lead on this flight.
I'm not Megan.
I know you know that, but, let's agree to no shenanigans.
Listen, Jada, I quit drinking, so there'll be no problem.
In fact, I'm striving to be infraction-less.
Good for you, Cassie.
We'll be good as gold, then.
- Hey, it's Cassie, right? - Hey, yeah.
That seemed weirdly intense with Jada.
Is everything okay? Oh.
I'm doing this whole "trying to be a good person" thing.
- It's hard.
- Wow.
Good for you.
Yeah, good luck with that.
I'm Grace, I'm not a good person, but I really respect your journey.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Actually, I'm doing a bar night in Berlin.
You should definitely come.
Um, thank you for the invite, but I actually have to work when I get there.
Wait, you have work in Germany? Uh, yeah.
It's like, uh, this computer thing.
A little side gig, you know.
Every penny counts.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
[Automatic's "Highway" plays.]
♪ I drive all night ♪ I drive ♪ ♪ [elevator bell dings.]
[elevator bell dings.]
[Cassie's phone rings.]
I need I need you ♪ - Hey, did you guys land? - Yeah, uh, we're here.
LAX is a fucking disaster area.
Yeah, it's been under construction for years.
No one can understand it.
All right, well, whatever.
I told Max if we get buried under debris for forever, then he gets out of introducing me to his parents which he's stoked about, because he's terrified and wishes that we didn't come.
And Cassie, Annie's nervous about her job interview - and won't admit it.
- Uh, that's not true.
We're headed to your place.
Are you ready to pitch me on California? Because I am very on the fence - and already super jittery.
- All right, come on.
You're gonna crush your interview.
It's gonna be fine.
It's just, you know, Max thinks that a year of suspension from, you know, actually practicing law has made me rusty.
- Max does not think that.
- Okay, listen, honey, if I can pull my multi-car pileup of a life back together then getting yours back on track is gonna be cake.
All right, fine.
That's a fair point.
All right, listen, there's a key above the doorframe.
Just grab it, go inside.
I'll see you when I get home.
Cassie, you have to stop with the key thing.
I know, shut up, blech.
I gotta go.
♪ Oh! Oh, my gosh.
I'm sorry! It was my fault.
I'm not paying attention.
- No, no, no.
- I need to get over You were on the flight.
Imperial Atlantic.
- Leave her alone.
She's obv - Yes, thank you.
Yes, yes, yes.
But you were on our flight from Los Angeles earlier.
Listen, we just want to tell you thank you.
People don't say "thank you" enough.
Thank you - for a great flight.
- You're welcome.
I'm Gabrielle.
This is my husband Esteban.
Oh, my God, your hair is perfect.
- Is this a honey blonde? - CASSIE: Um GABRIELLE: Because I'm thinking about going blonde, but I just it's a big commitment.
Thank you.
I really have to go.
It was nice to meet you and thank you for flying Imperial Atlantic! BOTH: Thank you! [clears throat.]
Uh, can I have a soda water with lime, please? Thanks.
Going with an unleaded drink today? Uh, yeah, I don't drink anymore.
- So - Me neither.
- Oh.
- Yeah, this is a Coke.
- It's healthier for me.
- Oh.
So you're a "friend of Bill's"? Yes.
Yes, it's almost been, um, a year, actually.
Six years for me.
I don't know why I do this.
Sit in bars after I gave up drinking.
It's it's a little masochistic.
Yeah, I'm definitely breaking rules right now.
Or actually I'm breaking a lot of rules, to be honest, but, I don't know, for me, I I'm Ali.
Um, I don't know, I guess I just don't want to miss out on any excitement.
I'm Will.
Nice to meet you, Ali.
So, what do you think we're missing out on? Oh, man, I don't know.
The feeling of not knowing what's gonna happen, you know? That that thrill.
Yeah, I can't even tell you.
I was such a mess.
More spills than thrills.
Not great for the work life.
What, uh what do you do? I'm actually a courier.
It's a glorified messenger, really.
Don't always love it, but drinking used to help me with that.
Well, I used to be the life of every party.
You know, I guess eventually you gotta just, like, grow up and be an adult, right? You think? [phone chimes.]
Okay, I should go, squeeze in some sights before my meeting.
Oh, okay.
Uh, thanks for the chat.
Enjoy Berlin.
♪ ♪ [phone chimes.]
Uh, da, taxi? Da.
Schnell, schnell.
[camera shutter clicking.]
♪ - [piano music plays.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
Guten Tag.
Wie kann ich helfen? - Englisch? - Yes, of course, ma'am.
- How can I help? - Danke.
Um, I'm Alessandra Ricci.
I just met a lovely man in the bar.
His name is Will.
He asked me up to his room to get together but I I don't know, I got nervous and I turned him down.
But, um [whimpers.]
I changed my mind.
I actually saw he was He was checking in with you.
Um, he told me his room number.
It was it was three-something, but I can't remember.
I feel so stupid.
Do you think you could, like, help me out? I just, blah.
The gentleman has a type.
Hello, I'm in 301.
Could I check out a room in one of the corners? Um, I don't know if I want to move, but I'd love to just, like, make sure.
♪ The gentleman has a type.
Um [inhales.]
[camera shutter clicking.]
CASSIE: Who are you? [Cassie breathing heavily.]
♪ God.
What are you doing? What is going on? Okay, fine, fine.
[phone rings.]
I I I I need ♪ I need you ♪ - Hello? - Cassie.
Megan? Uh, hi.
Listen, I can't really have one of our weird, off-the-record chats, if you don't mind, so just tell me you're good, okay? 'Cause I really gotta go.
No, listen, did you get a key in the mail? - [gasps.]
- Megan? Are you there? [exclaims.]
[people clamoring.]
[muffled, garbled sound.]
TEEN GIRL: First off, the plane is on fire, and it was going down right above our house, so I ran after it.
I went through the forest, and and it saw it land right in front of us.
And and shh.
TEEN GIRL: She's here.
She's here right now.
[high-pitched ringing.]
[ringing continues.]
[sound rushes in.]
[ambulance wailing.]
[theme music plays.]
♪ ♪ Ah heh.
Oh, my God.
[error chirp.]
- [error chirp repeating.]
- No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
No, no.
Oh, Entschuldigung, hi.
This my room.
The key doesn't work.
I'm gonna I'm gonna get another one, but could you please open it? Please? I'm so tired.
Thank you.
- [opening beep.]
- [door opens.]
[door closes.]
[phone rings.]
♪ I I I I need ♪ I need you ♪ I I I I need I need you ♪ Two of hearts ♪ WOMAN: Wow.
That explosion really rattled you.
Really blew some stuff apart.
What the fuck? What What is this? Oh, I think you know.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not doing this again.
Um, are you are you me? Oh, God.
Don't answer that.
Fuck! What the fuck What, did you think you were gonna find some hot dead guy in here again? I am not "in here" again and that was a very fucked-up thing to say.
Okay, you know, you keep telling everyone you don't want to be me anymore, that you're making better choices, that life is just so great.
I'm just not buying it.
Well, I don't give a shit if you buy it or not.
I am making better choices, okay? My life is really good.
I'm making I'm making strides and doing really well and I do I do not need this shit right now.
Then why follow that guy from the bar? Wha I mean, he's dead, so, aah! And you almost got yourself killed here in Berlin.
I mean, if you're still making so many self-destructive choices, why don't you just have a fucking cocktail? Uh, my boss calling me from the CIA is probably not the best timing, so I'm just gonna I'm not gonna answer it.
That's my plan.
That's the plan right now.
Good plan.
He'll probably think you're dead anyway or you know, got "over-involved" again, or thinks "Did you really see what you think that you saw?" Well, I don't I don't know what I saw.
Doesn't mean you won't get blamed for it.
Hey, you know what? Cheers to making better choices, baby! Whoo! Two of hearts ♪ Two hearts that beat as one ♪ Two of ♪ Benjamin, hi.
Hi, how are you? Bowden, are you okay? We got intelligence about an explosion.
Uh, a what? An explosion? Oh.
No, when my mark left earlier, I just came up to the room and went to sleep, so.
Well, we still have intel coming in, - but did you see anything? - No.
No, like I said, you know, I was in my hotel.
"Emphasis on the civilian," that's what you told me, so [chuckles.]
that's that's what I did.
Well, the CCTV footage should have more information.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, thank you.
Uh, it's it's late.
I actually gotta get to the airport.
I I gotta go.
♪ [clears throat.]
Wie kann ich helfen? Hi.
Hi, this is Cassandra Bowden.
I'm in room 301.
Um, how can I tell if someone else has possibly been in my room when I wasn't here? Because I seem to be missing some stuff.
Can you help me with that, please? It says Cassandra Bowden checked out.
Thank you.
What the fuck?! ♪ Ah, Ms.
Back again? I'm sorry? [stammers.]
We haven't met.
No, we spoke when you checked out.
In the confusion, after the explosion.
Your sunglasses were very chic at night.
You asked before.
They are saying it was a gas line.
Uh oh.
A gas line.
Okay, great, but I didn't I didn't check out.
But funny enough, my key stopped working.
Here you go.
And, uh, my bag was not in my room.
But didn't check out.
Here I am.
But you were here in this uniform earlier.
Okay, so, um, wasn't me.
I did not check out because I am me, and I am standing here in front of you, so that I know I did not check out.
I am here.
Right here.
Your mistake.
That was not me.
Wasn't me.
Snap out of it.
You okay? Yeah, sorry.
I'm just, um, still thrown - from that explosion.
- Mm-hmm.
God, my ears are still, like, ringing.
So, listen, I saw you last night at the bar.
Thank you.
This way.
Having a great time with that guy, so I don't think you're hungover from the whole explosion thing.
It was a lime and soda, trust me.
Oh, I remember the speech you gave yesterday about change.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles.]
So fun.
If you don't want to greet, go seat first class.
- Fine.
- Bye.
Oh, thank you.
I mean, I was in my hotel room when it happened, but, I heard it was a gas main.
But, I know I'm gonna sound crazy, but, I'm starting to think maybe it was like a hey.
[mouths words.]
I don't know, like, in a briefcase or something? "In a briefcase"? That's so specific.
I know, well, I watch a lot of Dateline.
Okay, so, I used to date this couple Well, I used to fuck this couple, and they were really into those true crime docuseries, and we watched one that was about bombs, and the media attention that they get.
And I'm seriously not an expert, but, [distant, echoing.]
I think if it was that, then we would've heard about it already, right? We didn't go to any biergartens.
How fun are biergartens? What would happen if, like, I didn't engage with you? Uh, you'd keep staring holes into the cocktails Grace is making? - I wasn't doing that.
- Well, your nerves are frayed, and you're having bouts of tinnitus.
- Bouts of what? - That ringing in your ears? Tinnitus.
Also this drink will really take the edge off.
Okay, well, I can't have a drink, 'cause if I have one drink then I just want all the fucking drinks.
You should know that.
Oh, I think we both know that.
By the way, your new friend Grace seems cool.
Kinda like how you used to be cool? And that little, like, scarf on her neck.
Like, "Who am I? I'm so effortless.
" Fun new party friend.
Yeah, well, I'm more the designated driver these days.
Yeah, well, no one wants to hang out with the designated driver.
You wanna know why? 'Cause it's boring.
By the way, your hands are shaking.
Um, hey, your scarf is, like, from two years ago.
- It looks really cute on you.
- Yeah.
I know it's kitsch, but I feel like it keeps people guessing.
Um, give me your phone.
- I want to text myself.
- Oh, yeah.
And then I'll send you my details, and then we can hang out in LA.
- Yeah.
- Uh, excuse me? Is there another lavatory? - It's right over there.
- It's over there.
[both chuckle.]
You owe me a drink.
- Oh, really? - Yeah.
And speaking of drinks, - can you take that to 4A? - Yeah.
[Cassie sighs.]
Here you go, sir.
Can I get you anything else? - Thanks a lot, I'm okay.
- Okay.
Is there something else? No.
Uh, just let us know if you need something.
Jim Jones.
Oh, my God.
Hide the Kool-Aid.
- Okay, can I confess something? - Yeah.
That guy's milky eye is really creeping me out.
- I know.
- But I'm gonna own it.
- I'm owning it.
- Uh-huh.
Do you think it affects his vision? - Excuse me.
- Hmm? Oh, I didn't mean to startle you.
You just look, uh, have we met before? No, I'm sorry.
I'm in a rush.
[mouths words.]
Don't follow me.
♪ [panel beeps.]
- You okay? - Aah! Oh.
I didn't mean to scream.
Just gonna I'm just gonna stand right here, so Okay.
- Oh, hi! - Hey! Oh, my goodness, you're in my house! [overlapping greetings.]
I want to know who waters all of these plants - that are alive.
- Shut up.
Because it's not you.
And you have throw pillows? There are so many, it's like someone lives here.
It's lovely.
Hey, Cass, how was the trip? My trip was horrible.
I'm so glad you guys are here.
We are too.
Thank you so much for having us.
- What? - We could've stayed in a hotel.
- Or at my folks' place.
- Definitely not with his folks.
- That was not an option.
- Come here.
- I missed having you - Give me a big hug, the hugs that you love so much.
Oh, my God.
You know, it doesn't it really I did miss you, though.
I miss your pretty blonde hair.
Get out of my house, or tell me what is on your hand.
What is on your hand?! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, stop.
Okay, if you stop Stop screaming.
It is a ring that Max gave to me that I wear because it is beautiful and that is it.
- Fuck off, you're engaged! - I am not! You're engaged! You're engaged! - I'm gonna leave.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Tell me more.
Tell me more.
- Okay.
Okay, look.
- Look, I wear it on this finger - Okay.
because it only fits on that finger, and Max and I are in continuous discussions about the future and what this ring means in technical terms.
Yeah, see, she gets into lawyer mode and I immediately surrender.
You are such a lucky man.
Will you unzip me? I gotta get out of this thing.
Max, you promised to call me - when she said yes.
- She didn't say yes yet.
Go fuck yourself.
You knew about this? Oh, my God, are you insane? Of course I knew about this.
He called me and we went over the pros and cons of marrying you which, by the way, there are a lot of cons.
He didn't even let me see the ring.
Well, look, there is a ring.
She's actually wearing it.
Baby steps.
Baby steps.
Just, enough with the ring, okay? I want to talk about Yamashiro.
I want to talk about Santa Monica Pier and Malibu but only to go to that really chic Fred Segal place.
- Tourist.
- Where else should we go? History of tacos Whoa, really? Okay, keep going.
Where do you want to go? Also, when do we get to meet the "very grounded and handsome" photographer Marco? Is that how I described him to you? - Yes.
- I don't recall that, but you are gonna meet him.
We're gonna have dinner tomorrow night, and please don't scare him away.
Okay? 'Cause I really like him.
- I make no promises.
- [pounding on door.]
Okay, whoever that is, they cannot have the guest room, because I claim squatter's rights and I've been volunteering at the Brooklyn Legal Aid Society for the past year, so I'm well-versed in this shit.
- Cassie Bowden? - Mm-hmm? We need you to come down to the field office with us.
Oh, sorry, right now? My friends are here.
We were gonna go eat, and this right now? This is not an optional invitation.
We're gonna get taco stand? I'm I'm not trying a taco You think I'm gonna eat street food? - You're gonna like a taco.
- I'm not eating street food.
[clears throat.]
Um, I don't know what face you're attempting to make, but if it's a happy one, you are not succeeding.
No, it is.
No, I'm so happy.
I'm so happy.
I'm also sad, though, 'cause I have to leave you for just a hot second, but it's, um, not a big deal.
I'm so sorry.
I have to help out a friend.
It's actually an AA thing, so I can't I can't talk about it.
So listen, you guys just chill, and I will be back.
We'll have dinner.
It's gonna be great.
I'm so happy you're Just I'm just so happy.
I'll be back, though, okay? I'm gonna just I'm gonna let that one go.
♪ So it much be pretty important for Benjamin to send you guys to pick me up, huh? CIA OFFICER: Mr.
Berry didn't send us.
That makes me even more nervous.
So who did send you? Oh.
I still need to write up my notes from Berlin.
- I'll get 'em to you soon.
- Great.
I was gonna do it on the plane, but it turns out this kind of friend of mine from New York was our team leader and she was watching me like a hawk.
It was so annoying.
You didn't tell me you were on site when the guy got blown up.
'Cause we know you were there.
You lied.
Cassie, you could've died.
Do you understand that? I'm about to have to explain you to my boss, and Dot Karlson is someone I try to not have to explain things to ever.
How scary can a woman be named Dot? This is probably gonna be your last day as an asset.
What? Why? Look, I know I messed up a little bit.
Please, don't do Acts of service are a really big deal in AA, okay? Alcoholics Anonymous is anonymous.
So stop talking about it.
Sorry, I just listen, this is my act of service, helping the CIA.
It's the only exciting thing I have in my life right now, and I don't know why I just said that to you.
I don't either.
Because it's not exciting if you're dead.
- [phone intercom beeps.]
- WOMAN: Yes? Yes, they're here.
Yes, he is.
Karlson will see you now, Mr.
Bowden, would you please wait here? Hi.
Benjamin's kinda sexy, huh? Holy fuck.
You should eavesdrop.
Scoot over.
See if you can hear them.
He's hot, but he might be in there trying to steal the one thrilling thing you have going.
Super subtle.
BENJAMIN: She's a liability.
- What kind of person would - DOT: The kind of person that wants to do this work.
How many people do you know who could wake up next to a dead body in a foreign country and get back to the US without incident? How many people do I know that would even end up in that situation at all? [sighs.]
First off, don't be nervous.
Very technically, you haven't done anything wrong here.
Right, Mr.
Berry? Very technically.
Look, I have work I need to get back to.
Excuse me.
What passes for boldness in men here is often seen as reckless in women.
It's happened to me more times than I can count, Cassie.
Trust me.
Cassie, you probably don't know this, but Mr.
Berry fought to be your handler.
So we're just gonna give him some time to cool off.
I definitely did not know he fought to be my handler.
I didn't even think he liked me.
Cassie, how are you holding up? After your assignment in Germany, I mean.
Oh, I'm fi actually, I I do want to show you something.
- Okay.
- Um, so, there was this woman in Berlin Wait, um, how do you have your phone? They're supposed to take visitors' phones - when they enter the office.
- I don't know.
Anyway, there was a woman that looked exactly like me in Berlin, and um So she gave the mark Will, the guy that died a briefcase, and I just didn't want you to think I wasn't, like, on top of it.
What exactly am I looking at here? So, I took pictures from the hotel across the street, but there was also a group of men that was in the room above them, and I swear they were listening.
All right.
The man you were observing was an informant for the CIA.
But a faulty gas main is responsible for the explosion, so, bad luck for him.
Next time, please surrender your phone when you come in.
Sorry, uh, but, um what about the woman? I mean, she literally looked exactly like me.
She had the same tattoo on her back that I have.
We can refer you to a trauma specialist if you're feeling in any way overwhelmed.
- No, I'm - Because, between us, I really couldn't make out much there.
Your adrenaline was really going and that can affect the way you see things or remember things.
And while I'm sure your tattoo is lovely, a lot of other women made similar interesting choices in their 20s.
Uh, thank you, but I'm I really feel fine and I know exactly what I saw.
Cassie, I need you to be thoughtful about how you talk about this, because if people think you're involved in any way, it would be bad.
So why don't you send me the photos of what you saw, and if I see anything actionable, I'll look into it.
Okay? Uh, um all right.
Oh, and do me a favor.
We're gonna have Imperial Atlantic temporarily ground you.
Take a few days and rest up.
Wait, wait, I'm not gonna be flying? Don't think of it like that.
We'll be in touch soon.
- Uh, thanks so much.
- Okay.
Wow, no more flights for you, huh? Fuck off.
Not you.
You seem great.
[elevator dings.]
♪ You only have to push it once.
- [still pushing button.]
- Oh, is that how it works? [continues pushing button.]
- Hi.
Guys, sorry.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's everything with your friend? Oh, it was fine.
Just had to help her move something.
In, uh, leopard-print boots? Uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't know there was official footwear for helping someone move a ginormous lamp.
Hey, what's with this weird letter? It's plastered in European postage, but it's addressed to you and from you.
Uh, I was testing out the postal system.
Yeah, I saw this crazy special on Dateline, - and I had to try it.
- Cool.
- We're still watching Dateline.
- Oh, yeah.
- Live by it.
Every night.
- Great.
Only been here a couple hours and already all these mysteries.
Babe, the postal service has been in slow decline for years.
If people want to test its efficacy, - Oh, no.
- then they should test - its efficacy.
- Nope.
What do you want for dinner? And don't say In-N-Out Burger, but also please say In-N-Out Burger.
Uh, yes, I gotta go make a quick call, one second, but obviously In-N-Out Burger.
Okay, good, 'cause I'm really hungry! "Oh, hi, Megan.
"So last time you called me "I was involved in a huge explosion, "and I fell over, can't remember, "and my ears are, um, fucking ringing and it's the biggest fucking nightmare of my life," but no, I'm not gonna Not gonna tell you that part, so okay.
- [sighs heavily.]
- [phone buzzing.]
Say that you love me ♪ Fool me fool me ♪ - Go on and fool me ♪ - [line beeps.]
Megan? Hi.
Hey, it's me.
Um, are you okay? Seriously, I'm so sorry.
Last time you called there was a lot of shit going on.
Um, but I I I got a the key.
The key.
Is there anything more I should know? This is very vague and very creepy, and I'm very worried about you.
So please call me.
Call me! Seriously, call me.
Okay, bye.
- I'm slaying those.
- Okay.
- Crushing it.
- Who's ready for some amazing drive-thru food, animal style? - Hm.
- Yeah.
[phone dings.]
Uh, hold on.
Cassie? No, food, right now, or Max loses a limb.
I'm not kidding.
It's nothing.
It's just an automated text from Imperial.
They said they found my luggage at LAX.
It'll be delivered here within an hour.
Wow, that is so weird.
Okay, but that's good news, right? - Yeah.
- It's not registering as good news.
Okay, you You've been making excuses all day and I'm over it.
You need to talk to us.
Max, agree with me.
Fully agree.
What's going on, Cass? Um [sighs.]
Don't freak out.
There was a huge explosion in Berlin in the street and I was, like, right there.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
But it it shook me up, and then when I went back to my room my luggage was gone.
That's fun, and my ears are ringing, um, and, uh, yeah.
So it's been crazy and creepy, and I did not want to start your trip off on a weird note.
Can we just leave it at that for now? I'm I'm I'm taking care of it.
I'd be upset, too.
It sounds like a lot.
Yeah, it it was not a little, so.
Look, babe, uh, we're just happy that you're okay and that you weren't hurt.
- Yes.
- And look, we'll wait with you - until you get your luggage.
- No, no, no.
- You're starving.
No, let's - No, look, it's fine.
I'll just eat one of Max's arms.
He has two! He has two arms.
- So you can snack, too.
- Yeah.
That's definitely my bag.
Sign here.
Uh, thanks for driving it out here.
I'm sure traffic was horrible as usual.
Hey, quick question: Do you know what flight this came off? I just deliver the bags.
- I did my part, you know? - Oh.
You don't know where your bag was? No, I do.
No, actually, not I don't.
I I did, but I'm a little not sure.
Yeah, I'mma let you figure it out.
Have a nice day.
[clears throat, chuckles.]
He was fun.
Who says customer service is dead, right? - Yeah, well - [bag thumps.]
- I'm not a customer.
- Oh, so [clears throat.]
Hey, you okay? Okay, so, um [clears throat.]
that is my blue ribbon that I always have but it's always on that zipper.
So, um Okay, you're acting like a weirdo.
You probably just fucking moved it.
I didn't move it.
Okay, why don't you just open it up and see if everything's inside, - and we can go get some food.
- Yes, please.
Okay, ew, that's not mine.
What what do you mean, that's not yours? - That's not mine.
- Oh, okay.
Well, it looks like your uniform.
Trust me, the one I was wearing, you unzipped it, and that was that one is That's not mine.
Hey, you got a View-Master.
They're awesome.
I don't know what that is.
That is I didn't put that in this This is obviously not my I Okay, okay, the View-Master is not yours.
Oh, my God, what is that? Someone tell me what that is.
- What is that? - That that uh, fuck.
That is, uh, I believe that is a wig with blood on it.
Why is there a wig with blood on it in your suitcase? Holy shit, I touched it.
I touched all the things! - I touched it! - Uh, yes, you did touch all the things.
Um, okay, here's the thing [clears throat.]
There are a lot of weird things going on around me, more than you know, and, um, I'm starting to think that maybe someone is pretending to be me.
♪ - Hello?! - [both talking at once.]
- No, it's bad.
Very bad.
- Shut the fuck up, Max! - Okay, sorry.
- That is actually very bad and, uh, kind of terrifying, but yeah
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