The Flight Attendant (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Mushrooms, Tasers, and Bears, Oh My!

1 I actually had one just like this as a kid and I fucking loved it but what even are these photos? I had one too.
Mine had pictures of the Grand Canyon, but there's a terrifying stalker photo of me in there and then some abstract images.
I don't I don't know what they are.
Definitely feels like something a serial killer leaves behind.
Quick question about Berlin Uh, the briefcase, the bloody wig, the weird bombing.
Or a gas main leak.
That just is easier to accept than a bombing.
Okay, fine.
Uh Then you just disappeared on us for a number of hours.
Cass, it literally feels like you're living - in a John le Carré spy novel.
- What? Just, what the fuck are you involved in, Cassie? - Nothing.
- Say "nothing" again.
- Nothing.
- I don't believe - a word you're saying.
- Nothing.
Nothing! It's like some Animal Planet shit.
Fuck it.
Um I have a little side job.
I'm an asset for the CIA.
I know we said no more secrets, but it's the CIA, and they're very secretive.
I had to, and I was dying to tell you plus you were just about to guess it anyway.
- What does it matter? - Cassie, I was, like, literally nowhere close to figuring that out.
Okay, well, um, there's a little more.
Oh, I have this handler, his name is Benjamin.
- He hates me.
- What? So I get these marks and I have to go find them and I spy on them.
Yeah, and I was in Berlin and there was this woman and she looked exactly like me.
She even had my same tattoo.
Then there was this huge explosion, I literally fell down, and then my ears were absolutely ringing.
- C-I-A? - Yes.
Those letters.
Yes, those yes, babe.
The CIA.
It sounds like someone's maybe trying to frame you.
Oh, good, perfect.
Go to the most terrifying thing.
- Great.
- If this double lady was wearing that wig, is the blood from the dead guy on your suitcase? We don't even know how this got to LAX, okay? Whoever was stalking me in Berlin could've is obviously probably stalking me here.
I I don't think you go to all this trouble then just show up at your place, right, Annie? Santal 33.
Fucking Santal 33? That is some seriously expensive perfume.
Okay, did you tell your CIA handler guy, uh, Benjamin, the one who hates you, about this? Annie, he doesn't hate me.
He just doesn't like me.
Keep up! You literally just said that he hated you.
I need I need you ♪ Oh, my God, he's calling me right Literally right now.
What Okay, I'm sorry, that is suspicious as fuck.
I need I need you ♪ Oh, my God, he's calling again.
It's not that suspicious.
The NSA can listen even when the phone's turned off.
I don't need to hear that.
Just Hey, Benjamin, how are you? I'm calling about your debrief on Berlin.
Tomorrow noon work? We have a lot to discuss, Bowden.
Okay, yeah, it's It's kinda late, so do you mean, like, today tomorrow? Or actually tomorrow tomorrow that Hel Okay, this is not good.
They've already grounded me, which is weird, and it was already weird before we opened the weird suitcase.
How am I gonna explain any of this? Honestly, I don't think that you should.
The wig, definitely the View-Master, it could all be inculpatory evidence.
- Words that I know! What? - It means you were involved.
Shit, us too, 'cause our DNA's now all over the place.
Look, I had this client once.
He found a severed head in the trunk of his Mercedes.
Did he put it there? Definitely not.
Did the jury care? Definitely not.
Is there anyone at the CIA that you can trust? I do have a good friend at the CIA, but I I I just I can hear him now telling me to just stay out of it and let them deal with it.
- Marco! Hi! - Hey, hey, hey! - Marco's here! - Yes.
Hi! I forgot you were coming.
Come meet them.
Annie and Max, my best friends.
The legendary Annie and Max.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Legendary? Wow.
- Hi.
- Sorry I'm late.
I've been working overtime on a pitch deck for this new Wally Birch album.
But, uh, no rest for the weary, right? I didn't know people said that in real life.
So they are very jet-lagged and you look very tired, too.
You look exhausted.
You should go take a shower.
I'll meet you back there, though, 'kay? - That's it? Okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You know what I mean.
We're gonna have dinner tomorrow.
We can catch up then.
I'll see you at dinner tomorrow.
- Yes! Good night! - Nice to meet you.
Night night.
I already really like him.
He's like that cool professor in college who still smoked weed.
Yeah, well, he's sober, so that's not what he does.
He's shockingly chill given the fact that you were almost blown up in Berlin.
- Yeah.
- Oh, fuck me.
You didn't tell him, did you? 'Course I didn't tell him.
What am I gonna tell him? I don't want him to worry about me.
It's a bummer you're cutting out Marco.
He could definitely handle it.
Okay, you need to calm down.
You met him for five seconds and you are coming in very hot.
- Times a thousand.
- Guys, reel it in.
Come on.
Here's the deal tomorrow, Max will work to identify those slides.
- Yes, 'cause he does bad things.
- Totally.
Which will hopefully lead us closer to whoever the fuck is doing this to you.
- Oh, God.
- But for now, can you please try and go get some sleep? Okay? My ears are still, like, ringing.
My ears are still ringing.
Your scarf is, like, from two years ago.
Scarf, scarf, scarf Like, two years ago.
I'm Grace.
I'm not a good person.
I'm not a good person.
My ears are still ringing.
- Oh, my God, what happened? - I think I know who it is.
Okay, I'm awake now.
Tell me your theory.
Okay, so, on my flight back from Berlin, there was a new flight attendant.
Her name was Grace, all right? She was super cool, but I don't know, there's something unh.
I just feel like she could be the double.
Good morning.
You need actual hard facts.
All right, here's the thing.
She has short hair.
She'd need a wig.
She is a flight attendant.
She'd have access to my luggage, to our uniforms.
Um, she said her ears were ringing, yet she also said she was in her room when the explosion went off.
Plus she was wearing a scarf on the flight back.
Remember I was telling you about the rough sex that I saw, Yeah, the sex you described should definitely leave some kind of mark.
No, totally, but aren't the scarves part of the uniform? No, the airline has changed uniforms twice since then.
I mean, we're totally updated.
No one even wears them anymore, but she had it on.
It was very cute, but I mentioned it, and she had like a very quick, way-too-cool of an answer.
- Max, what are you making? - Spanish tortilla.
- Hey, you think Marco wants one? - Oh, he already left.
- He leaves early on shoot days.
- Oh.
Can we discuss the boner that he has for Marco? - Seriously.
- Also, what is wrong with him, because if you don't tell me - I'll just dig it up myself.
- Marco? Nothing's wrong with him.
He's perfect.
- He checks every box.
- Where's salt? - I need salt.
- What's the problem? It's right here.
Listen, Annie, can we please get back to this list that I have made, okay? I mean, it kind of says that Grace is the double, right? I will give you that it is a compelling argument that would - never hold up in court.
- Okay, here's one other thing.
She gave me her address.
Now we're kind of becoming friendly.
I feel like maybe I could stop by, look around, see if anything looks off.
- Okay, alternate plan.
- Yeah? I go to the moon and I build a house, except there's no oxygen on the moon, so I fucking die.
Cass, what if she's actually dangerous? Listen, I have worked so hard to build this perfect new life, and I am holding onto it with everything that I have.
You're telling me to go against my gut instinct? Yes.
If you want to hold on to this perfect, like, I-have-vegetables-in-the-fridge life, yes, I am telling you to ignore your white-knuckle instincts.
Also, she has an interview to get ready for.
No, that's I don't That's a dog and pony show.
God, I've been so involved with my shit, I totally forgot about your big interview today! You're gonna be great, and even if it is a dog and pony show, you're gonna be the most adorable pony in there.
I am the best fucking pony that ever there was.
- That is a fact.
- You know what? You're right.
I am not gonna go to Grace's.
It's a really stupid idea.
It's absolutely insane and you're right, I'm not gonna do it.
- I'm not gonna do it.
- Wow.
- Yes.
- That is growth, and I am impressed by it.
I have a bunch of errands to run before a meeting later, and I'm also the donut girl this week, so, that's big, so I have to stop and get all the donuts.
Hey, um Yeah, I just wanted to say I'm I'm You know, I'm happy it timed out that I could We could be here for this big milestone that you're - Me, too.
- Okay, you don't That's a lot.
There's always so much touching.
Cassie, hey.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Um, I was just heading to Abbot Kinney to to find a gift for my boyfriend.
You're near there, right? Would you want to, like Do you want to come with me, or Oh, um, I would actually love that, yeah, but, um, I'm kind of in the middle of a serious sourdough emergency.
I'm a I'm a terrible baker.
Wow, you you bake.
Yes, I bake.
But it's cooler than it sounds.
I do it in, like, a leather dominatrix outfit.
Okay, wow.
Uh, listen, some other time I'd really love to, okay? Yeah, for sure.
Good luck with the With the baking.
- All right.
Okay, bye.
- Bye.
Oh, okay, yeah.
Sourdough, my ass.
Fuckin' liar.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm gonna digitize these slides and do a reverse image search online - Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
And that involves? Go to your interview.
I have time.
You okay? I thought you were really excited, right? I am no, I'm totally excited.
- I'm super excited.
- Okay, cool.
Yeah? I'm super excited to, you know, potentially not have to have you pay my mortgage anymore.
I told you, it's not a big deal.
And I appreciate that, but this whole me-turning-over-a-new-leaf thing is built on slightly shaky ground, because, you basically steal money to support us, and I love you.
That is not a judgment.
- Yeah.
- But it's true.
- Come on, what's going on? - I just mostly miss being self-sufficient and, you know, like, feeling valuable.
All last year when you were doing that legal aid stuff, that was helping people.
That shit's value.
Yeah, except I wasn't doing it to, you know, help those people.
I just did it to make myself feel better, because I literally used to help people - wash blood off their hands, - Okay.
So I just feel like moving to LA - to become this shiny new - Okay.
- Legal crusader just feels - Mm-hmm.
- Sort of like it's a - Okay.
Like, empty - Okay.
- And and I just, you know, I'm so happy for Cassie and she's doing so well and she's so together here and all of these appliances match, but I just I don't know, I'm supposed to be the together one.
Babe, she had a menacing toy and a bloody wig in that suitcase and almost got blown up for the CIA.
Okay, that's fair, but you get my point.
You think you've lost your shine? I'm sorry, you You haven't.
You haven't.
You got all the shine.
Well, you were right, totally right, about the Comté.
What happened? I thought you were headed home.
I decided to stay in town a little longer, support my sister.
She's having a big day today so I can't believe it's been a month already.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you.
So maybe I'll see you next week? - I'll be here.
- I will as well.
- Okay.
- So, I'll see you later.
Hi! Hello.
I was looking for the restaurant.
Does that say "restaurant"? Yeah.
I didn't even see that.
No, it doesn't.
You want to head up the stairs.
I'm actually late for a reservation.
Thank you, sir.
Those are some cool binoculars.
- They're mine.
- Yes, of course.
Listen, my name is Alessandra.
I'm an, uh, efficiency consultant for this airport, and would you believe it? I forgot my binoculars.
Do you think I could borrow yours just for a second? I'm so sorry.
She's an only child.
- Yeah, I get it.
So am I.
- Sweetie, remember? We talked about when you share your toys with friends, everyone gets to have fun? - Uh-huh.
- Thank you! I'll bring 'em right back.
- Don't break them.
- I won't break them.
Excuse me.
Are you gonna order? Oh, yeah.
Can I see a menu? So hungry.
Mouradian? They're ready now.
Thanks for making the trip out to Los Angeles, Annie.
Thank you for considering me.
I I really hope that this is a fit.
We do, too.
As I'm sure you noted in your preliminary interview, we do things here a bit unconventionally.
Yes! We, you know, did things unconventionally at Davis & Carlisle, too.
We just, you know, paid people a lot of money to look the other way while we were doing it.
I mean, not, um That sounded like bribery.
Not bribery, obviously.
Um I was kidding.
- Though, it's - Of course.
He gets it.
Oh, I see you're engaged.
Lovely ring.
When's the big date? Oh, um, no.
Um yeah, no.
This is just a ring.
That's not, um Also, it's illegal for you to ask me that question.
So I was ki um kidding again.
Let's just skip the formalities - and jump to the fun part.
- Great.
Um, we thought doing some hypotheticals might be an exciting way to gauge your best practices.
Super, yeah.
Um, yeah, no, I don't make it to trial much.
I normally find a way to shut it down pretty early.
Just put the kibosh on it, you know what I mean? I'd say in that scenario, one call from a burner phone to his house after midnight would probably do the trick.
I'm not advocating arson.
Arson's illegal.
Um You say blackmail I say misunderstanding.
Obviously I'm not saying I hate a dolphin.
I don't hate dolphins.
I'm just trying to state the obvious.
Um Hi.
Sorry I'm late, but there was a line.
- It was a whole thing.
- Oh, you're not late.
In fact, you're early.
- That's a lot of donuts.
- Well, we ran out last time I wanted to make sure we had enough, so That's so generous of you.
I've also brought you a one-year anniversary cake.
Because secretly, I care a lot about you.
- Oh.
- So there will be no shortage of sugar.
Also, my my brother's coming and my boyfriend and It's an open meeting.
Everyone's welcome.
It's good you have a family who are invested.
- Yeah.
- My family only ever gave me a restraining order.
- What? - Oh, that's a lot of donuts.
Speaking of.
Hi, I'm Brenda, and I'm taking these donuts away from her.
I'm Davey.
I'm Cassie's brother.
Oh, nice to meet you.
You two grab seats.
I'll take care of this complete donut onslaught.
Thank you.
Hey, did I see you today at the farmers market? What? No.
Why would I go to a farmers market? That's what I thought.
There was someone - who looked exactly like you.
- Oh, only it wasn't me.
Listen, thank you for being here for me - and what is this? Why? - Just a little gift.
You really shouldn't have gotten me anything.
What, are you looking for someone better to sit with? - Come on! - No.
Okay, you don't really do gifts here.
That's not really, like, what we do.
I know, but no one here has a brother as nice as me.
- I set the bar pretty high.
- Okay, fine.
Okay, there's a surprise to it.
- Mm-hmm.
- You have to press the paw.
- That paw.
- Okay.
Easy does it! Oh, my God, is that your voice? Oh, Davey.
I love it.
It's so weird.
But I love it.
And I love you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So are you gonna, like, fly back later - or what is your plan? - Whoa.
- You trying to get rid of me? - No! No, I just think that Rick and the girls probably really miss you.
I FaceTime with them every night.
Oh, my God, is this your brother? Uh, yeah, hey.
Hey, I'm Jenny.
We met last week.
- Yeah, we did.
- I'm a hugger.
Oh, hi.
I think the meeting's gonna start, so let's just Oh, wait, Cassie.
I bought the necklace.
- You did.
- Ladybug twins.
Oh, it's nice.
And my boyfriend does totally love it.
Oh, that's good.
It looks cute on you.
- Thanks.
- So.
- Yeah.
- That's fun.
- Okay.
- Welcome, everyone.
Thank you for joining today's open meeting.
How about we start with some introductions? I'm Meryl, and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Meryl.
Hi, my name is Romero, and I'm an alcoholic.
- Hi, Romero.
- Hi, I'm Donna, and I'm an alcoholic.
- Hi, Donna.
- Hi, everyone.
I'm Brenda, and I'm an alcoholic.
Hi, Brenda.
And I'm also your friendly neighborhood chip person.
I'm just gonna take a couple of photos.
It's anonymous.
Put your phone away.
Anyone have 24 hours? One week? One month? Three months? Nine months? Do I hear one year? Cassie, alcoholic.
Hi, Cassie.
Um Can't believe it's been a year.
Wow, I did not think that would happen.
I just want to thank a couple people that helped me this past year.
Um My brother, who's the one crying.
Uh, no, seriously, thank you.
You're the best brother in the world, so thanks for being here for me.
My sponsor Brenda.
You're the best ever.
Thank you for everything.
And lastly, when I first started trying to get sober I was, like, trying to prove, it was like this new me, and I met this, like, amazing Marco.
And I'm just so glad that I took that chance with you, so thank you.
Mm, well.
That was fucking beautiful.
No, no, no, no.
I don't want to be here.
This is an important moment for me, okay? - I earned that chip.
- Uch, the self-indulgent blah blah "thanks for your support" crap again? - It's such a farce.
- No it's not.
Okay, 365 consecutive days of sobriety.
I'm just so grateful for these donuts.
Yeah, well, I'm grateful to be alive and to not be you anymore, so there's that.
Real nice.
Kid, we always knew you were a liar, but did you know you were gonna grow up and be this boring? I mean, not really.
Keep it up.
- One day at a time.
- Yeah, thank you.
Whoo! You should be proud.
I've got a drawer full of those, and it's still special, but one year? That meant the most to me, until the next one.
And the next one.
Yeah, you're right.
I am proud.
How is the letter to your dad coming along? Do you have to ask me that right now? - Isn't your trip home coming up? - Yes, and the trip is coming up soon, so I need to finish it soon.
I think visiting my dad's grave's gonna be hard enough.
Plus Davey, like, has a schedule.
He planned every second of this trip.
He's really doing a lot for you.
Is that from him? - Yes.
- Oh, so cute! Easy does it! Your sister was just saying how grateful she is for all you're doing for her.
Just so glad she's finally knocking this out.
We can do this, right? My kids were very involved with my sobriety.
Al-Anon was a big help.
Have you looked into it? - No.
- Congratulations, Cassie.
One whole year? Wow, that's so awesome.
- You must be super proud.
- Definitely proud.
Excuse me, I gotta take this.
Hey, sorry.
This was my friend from work.
I totally forgot we're studying for this recertification thing.
- Oh, okay.
- So, I'm gonna have to go, but will you meet us for dinner tonight? Oh, I don't I don't want to be a fifth wheel I gotta FaceTime with the girls, and Jenny offered to take me to her favorite restaurant.
He said he was new in town, and I was like, "Oh, my God! I have recs.
" Oh, my God, I was gone for two seconds.
- You move fast.
- And we talked about us all going whale watching, which would be so much fun.
You can totally come if you want.
- It's super fun, you - Okay, great.
Have fun.
- See you later.
- Bye.
Just go inside.
How else are you gonna know if she's the one? Just give me a minute.
Just go inside.
You know we're going to anyway.
Everything we do ends up a fucking disaster.
Are you serious? What the fuck? Who the hell is that? That is a black hole of joy.
I'm the only one you want to talk to.
She's fucking depressing.
You could at least whisper if you're gonna talk shit.
No! I want you to hear me.
You make me sad, plus you need to wipe off that eye makeup, girl.
Okay, hey, enough of this bullshit.
Before it starts, okay, stop.
I don't need you trying to push me off a cliff and I don't need you me you! This I don't need this attitude.
No, uh-uh.
No, I'm leaving.
- Hi.
Hey, come on in.
- Hi! - Cool.
- Sorry.
I'm, like, a total mess.
I just got into a workout.
- Oh, no.
- Come on in.
Thank you.
Um, did you settle your bread emergency? I did, yes.
Thank you for asking.
Yes, of course.
Hey, question.
Um, how are your ears? Mine are still ringing like crazy - ever since that explosion.
- Uh, mine have been fine.
Yeah, they bothered me a bit the next day but I wasn't standing very close to whatever happened.
- So - Oh.
Your bread looks perfect.
It looks fake.
It's a fucking pain in the ass.
- Thank you.
- Prost.
Yeah, prost, thanks.
Do you not like rosé? I didn't even ask you what you wanted, I'm sorry.
I'm the worst.
Oh, my God, no, no, no.
I I I like rosé.
- Okay, good.
- So, yeah.
- This is my - Wow, cool place.
Oh, my God.
What hi! Nice sword.
That's actually not a sword.
That's a ceremonial shamshir.
- Obviously.
- Yeah, I got that in my time in Fallujah.
I was in the army, like, very briefly.
- Oh.
- Yeah, before I realized that mu version of saving the world and the army's version didn't really line up.
So did you just, like, take it or someone gave it to you? We were destroying an entire civilization, so I didn't think anybody would miss it.
- Right.
- And I was I was young.
- I was stupid, but - Whoa.
That's a that's wow.
You've got some really cool stuff in here.
- Oh, there's - Yes.
This is me.
I keep that to remind myself that people come and go and the only person you can really trust is yourself.
How's that for upbeat? No, it's it's good.
- It's good.
- Um, look, I'm disgusting.
You don't mind if I, like, take a really quick shower, do you? No.
Of course, go.
- Are you sure? Okay.
- Yeah.
I'll just I'll just, um yeah.
By the way, I'm really glad that you called.
You'd be amazed how many times people say they want to chill and then they just, like, never call.
- Yeah, no, me, too.
Me, too.
- Yeah.
Drink up.
It's fine.
Unless you're a soccer mom at brunch, rosé won't affect you at all.
Come on, it's just you, me, and 365 days of sobriety.
Who's even gonna know? Stop saying it like that.
Oh, my God, you're so not fun.
Do I smell Santal 33? Hmm.
Okay, you gotta You gotta go.
You gotta go away.
Right here.
Just gonna I should win a medal for that.
So now you're just creepy.
Yeah, okay.
Lollypops? What the fuck? What flavor are these? - Hi.
- Aah! - Hey! - Hey, you found my side hustle.
I mean, are you Are you selling candy door-to-door? That's good, but, no, they're medical grade fentanyl lollypops.
Oh! Oh, so you're a You're a a drug dealer.
Um yeah, kind of.
Hey, look, Cassie, the world's a fucked up place.
There's people that really need drugs and they have no access to them, and they wake up in the morning and they just feel, like, stuck and they're in pain.
They don't want to get out of bed.
So I guess, the way I see it I play, like, they fentanyl fairy godperson to deserving cancer patients.
Fuck the pharmaceutical industry.
Honestly, sometimes you have to, like, break the system, you know what I mean? Yeah.
Um, that's that's amazing.
You're you're amazing.
That's so nice.
Um, so sor I just realized I forgot I'm volunteering at the animal shelter, right now! - You do that? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah, the bunny rescue? They don't have a lot of help, so I try to get in there Yeah, I know.
I get it.
I get it.
I was gonna make dinner, but, another time.
And thank you for the rosé.
It was so good.
I'll I'll I'll see you at work.
I mean, I'm so glad we're doing this.
Me, too.
I've been working so hard on my new podcast, it's just been really isolating.
I love podcasts.
What's it about? God, I kind of don't want to tell you.
Why? No, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
It's a murder podcast.
It's a true crime podcast about ordinary people who find themselves in deadly situations and I was just thinking you'd be such a perfect guest.
Me? Why wait, what? Well, I just find Cassie's whole situation so fascinating.
I mean, waking up next to a dead body in a foreign country.
If you're just having lunch with me to get some gossip about my sister, that makes me just really uncomfortable.
Oh, my God, no! No, no, no, no.
No, Davey, I just thought you were so fun at the meeting, and then sitting here just now, I was thinking, you know What? Cassie may have woken up next to a dead body, but I can't imagine what it must've been like for you.
I've just been really stressed.
My husband and I have been going through some stuff, and, uh You know, what Cassie's been going through, that's you know, that's the priority, you know.
Well, if you ever need someone to talk to.
I mean if it feels okay with you.
Thank you.
Be careful! Those could be Steinkrympill.
They could be deadly.
Sorry, didn't mean to startle you.
My advice? Buy what you need at the market.
It's not worth the risk.
Thank you for warning me.
I had no idea.
Thanks again.
Are you ready? Oh, wait, wait.
Megan, come dance with me.
Why does the sun go on shining? ♪ Please? Just one.
Why does the sea rush to shore? ♪ - Don't they know ♪ - Hmm.
You look really pretty tonight.
Thank you.
'Cause you don't love me anymore ♪ Why do the birds go on singing? ♪ Hey.
How was your interview? Uh, imagine the worst date ever, and then set it on fire.
- What? - Did you, um, find anything out about these super-abstract-yet-somehow- ultra-generic slides? Wait, hold up.
Back it up.
It couldn't have been that bad.
It was cringe-inducingly abhorrent and I don't really want to talk about it.
I'm gonna say generally, you're amazing, and that generally they'd be stupid not to hire you even if you set the entire building on fire.
Okay, generally, thank you.
I might have some news to cheer you up.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
So, this is the second slide from the View-Master.
It's an extreme close-up of a plaque at the base of the Lady of the Lake statue at Echo Park Lake.
Which is in LA? Yeah, babe, Echo Park is in LA.
Okay, don't act like everyone knows that Echo Park is in LA.
Right, yep.
Okay, I'm texting Cassie right now and telling her to meet us there.
Yes! Hell yes.
Bam, see? I told you.
This slide is the plaque at the base of the Lady of the Lake statue right there.
For whatever reason, the View-Master singled out this location.
Yeah, but you're the first person we've seen that looks even remotely like you, for whatever that means.
So what are we supposed to do? Just stand here and wait for something to happen? I mean, there's normal people doing normal things all over the plac - Ow! - Oh, my God! Ah! Hey! Yo, you might want to stay away from those fucking kids after you just had your eardrums blown out.
I did not see the kids until it was too late.
And you know what? I'm done taking advice from you.
Okay? You sent me on a dead end with Grace so fuck off! I didn't make Grace not the culprit.
It's not my fault you went on a wild goose chase.
Plus, you have your own legs that you control.
You took 'em all over Santa Monica.
Well, you've been shouting at me all day, "Follow Grace, follow Grace," and guess what? I did, and it's not her, so now it could be anyone, and I'm really scared.
I'm really fucking scared! Wow.
We're really gonna fuck this whole thing up, aren't we? - Yo, Cass, are you okay? - Yeah.
Sorry, tinnitus from that fucking explosion - is still messing me up.
- Okay, well, do you want me to go murder those kids with the air horns? 'Cause I could totally take them.
And she can run really fast when the cops come.
- She'll just be out of there.
- Thank you.
Let's save that for later and focus on this, this weird slide.
Well, I guess that's the trick.
Even if we crack all the slides, we still have no idea what they mean.
It's the truth.
- Yeah.
- God damn it.
See that, babe? - I see.
I know.
- See that? - You did a very good job.
- Thank you.
Ooh, la la! Cali pasta tonight.
- Hmm? What? - Cali pasta! First off, "ooh, la, la" is gonna be my new catchphrase.
Please don't copy things he does.
- Thank you.
Ooh, la, la.
- No.
Oh, my God.
Second, I'd like to make a toast.
It's only a "nojito," but, um, what can I do? To Annie and Max, congrats on your engagement.
- It's a beautiful ring.
- Aww.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
That's very sweet, but, uh, just because I'm wearing the ring does not mean that we are officially engaged yet.
Oh, my goodness, calm down.
That's a real hot take on engagements right there.
I mean, what can I say? I'm an original.
You are an original.
I will give you that.
Thank you.
Um, and I would also like to make a toast to Cassie and Marco, the longest relationship you have ever been in since I've known you.
I think that this is a six-month record breaker.
- Has it really been six months? - I think so.
Can you believe it? Oh, my God! I forgot to ask about your interview! - How did it go? - It's not really fun, dinner table conversation.
- It's more like obituary fodder.
- What? It was fine.
They're just not sure if they can afford her.
- That's all.
- Yeah, no, I bombed.
But how was your day? 'Cause you did the The chip thing.
Right? Or can can I Am I allowed to ask that? Oh, you should have seen her.
A real pro.
I did the chip thing, yes.
Um, I was also on donut duty, which is a very big deal.
Yeah, um, and, um, then I just kind of walked around Santa Monica and Then I went and hung out with my new friend Grace, who is a very interesting new friend.
So Um, Cass, I need to see you in the bathroom right now.
Right now.
All right, well, first of all, you were right.
- Marco is literal perfection.
- Yes.
Yes, on paper, he is the perfect guy, isn't he? Wow.
"On paper"? That's, um, not exactly - the height of enthusiasm.
- Okay, you know what? You think Max is amazing and you have yet to admit you're wearing an engagement ring.
- That is different.
- Sorry.
I just I'm having a hard time focusing on anything other than this crazy mystery, creepy person.
Okay, okay, look.
Love shit aside, you want to tell me why the fuck you went to Grace's after you fully admitted you thought she was potentially a murderer? Annie, it's me.
Did you really think I wasn't gonna go? Everyone knew I was gonna go to Grace's! Everyone did not know you were gonna to go Grace's.
- Well, I went! - Okay, fuck! Fine.
You went.
Did you at least find anything good out? No.
I saw her in the shower.
Not like that, no.
I was looking, no tattoo, no bruises.
I could not find the matching perfume.
I smelled all of them.
She doesn't have the crazy vibe! She's, like, super cool and she's, like, helping people and she bakes bread.
- Like, from scratch? - Yes.
It was perfect-looking.
- That's so LA.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, look, it sounds like we're barking up the wrong tree.
And I don't know, this whole thing from the beginning - has just been like - Annie, look, I know today was, like, such a long shot but I desperately needed it to be Grace so I could just look her in the eye and say "Why me? Isn't there anyone else in this world" you could fuck with?" But now, it could be anyone.
- Literally anyone! - You need to simmer down.
I know that this is freaky as fuck, but we have options.
We still have the View-Master.
Even if we figure out the rest of the pictures on that thing, we have to figure out what they actually mean.
I feel like I am just standing here waiting for something terrible to happen.
I have to do something! I can't Shh! You are not gonna do anything.
That is always a bad move on your part and sadly, this is kind of where we're at, at the moment, but look.
We are here, okay? You have Max, you have me.
We are not going anywhere, and I don't know, we're gonna figure it out.
Look, we don't we don't always have to hug.
We can just I don't want to make this weird, but you're, like, really cool.
Aw, thank you, man.
Thank you, that means a lot, man.
- You got it.
- I was a fucking train wreck.
Lost a wife.
Get a few visits a year with my daughter, so, it's cool that you think I'm cool, but, uh it was a lot of work to just be.
I mean, just wow.
Anyway, tell me about Annie, because the the engagement thing? Yeah, Annie's she's tricky.
She's the most amazing person I know, and I'm really excited for her to meet my folks tomorrow, but don't tell her I said that.
I'm downplaying it.
But Annie, she's she's like an octopus.
She's skittish.
Always has an escape plan.
- That's good.
- Yeah.
Hey, I've been downplaying the whole six-month thing with Cassie, too, but, after hearing her talk tonight, I'm thinking you know, maybe I don't need to tiptoe around anything.
- You know? - Yeah.
Go for it.
So, um, I've been thinking about us and the whole - six month thing and - Yeah? It's kind of a big deal.
- You know? - Mm-hmm.
I mean, I know this might seem a little fast, but I I I was thinking that maybe you know, maybe we should move in together.
Not not not like tomorrow or anything, but Um, yeah.
Um, uh What about when your daughter visits and that whole thing? Well, yeah, you'd be there, too, and, you know, you'd get to know each other.
You're an important part of my life.
Uh, yes.
That's we should keep talking about that and really, it's a good thing - I I I need you ♪ - to think about, and, um, This is a weird number and I feel like I should take it, - so sorry, babe, just one sec.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hello? - Hey.
It's, uh, Eli Briscoe.
Megan's son? Eli.
Oh, my God, is everything okay? Um, look, I I I haven't heard from my mom in like a year.
And, uh, tonight she Snapchatted me this insane message.
I'm gonna send it to you now, 'cause she said to send it to you.
Megan Briscoe used Snapchat? Okay, that really can't be good.
Um Okay, this is weird.
I mean, I tried to Snap her back but the account was disabled.
- If she's - Okay, listen, Eli, your mom loves you more than anything in the world.
I will do everything I can to make sure this is okay.
I will take care of it, I promise, okay? I hope so.
Okay, I gotta go.
- Sorry, just - We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
Please hang up - and try your call again.
- Fuck.
But that's where it is.
- The minutiae is all the details.
- I don't but I don't But I don't want to know about that.
- Takes away the magic.
- Hey.
Can I help you? Oh, shit.
Ha! This isn't my place, is it? Yeah, that's why the door is locked.
No, no, of course.
I just All these places, they look the same.
- Yeah.
- I can't believe I did it again.
I'm sorry, I'm Esteban Diaz.
Me and my wife Gabrielle are Airbnbing the place across the way Uh-huh.
- Wrong apartment again, babe? - I did it again! Can you believe it? Sorry.
Waffles! Come here.
I'm Annie, this is Max.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, I'm Esteban.
That's Gabrielle.
And that's Mr.
We'll do our best - to keep him under control.
- Mr.
Waffles! Bad boy.
As you can see, he's a bit of a handful.
Uh, I can see that.
Are you guys doing the Airbnb thing, too? Oh, no, our friend lives here.
- We're staying with her.
- Very nice.
We usually do hotels, but this is such a nice neighborhood.
Yeah, the older couple who owns this bungalow decided to go on a last-minute trip, I guess, and we grabbed the place off of Airbnb.
So, really lucky for us they skipped town.
Yeah, really lucky.
Really lucky.

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