The Forest (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES FAYS FORES Is it today your new boss starts? I hope he's cool.
Maya! That's good! Where's your sister? She's a sixteen-year-old girl, so in the bathroom.
I've put on weight, I've got a spare tire.
My breasts seem firmer, though.
I like it, it's natural.
Maya! Maya, come on down! - Want to hear a bad joke? - Go get your sister.
By the way, can you take the kids to school? I have to talk to a client who's just had a tax audit.
But you'll have to cook dinner.
I'm on duty until two a.
I'm always cooking dinner! Maya, are you coming? I'll be back here on a job next month.
Want my number? Close the door when you leave.
Louis, wait for your brother.
Please! Do you think that's him? Yes, the new gendarme captain.
He was an army investigator in Djibouti.
He won't get much excitement around here.
A pity I'm already married! Look who's here.
POLICE - Hi, how are you? - Good.
Hi, Maya.
No better, huh? I don't know what's wrong.
So is he your new captain? A divorcee or what? There's the French teacher.
She'll get him.
All the men fall for her.
I don't know what they see in her.
Get home at a sensible time tonight.
As if you're in any state to notice! What are you doing? Thierry, you could start fires with your breath! Go home, you shouldn't be driving.
I've got a job to get to.
Go on.
Captain Decker? Lieutenant Virginie Musso.
- But around here we're less formal.
- I prefer formality.
- Run out of breathalyzers? - No.
That's just Thierry.
He's a good guy.
So what? Answer the phone! Are you OK? Max! Max has been wanting to ask you out for two years.
- Don't you want a boyfriend? - Or you, a husband? I'm not a good example.
Is something wrong? What is it, Jennifer? I'm OK, thanks.
Maya, you ever been told you look like Beyoncé? - No.
- I'm not surprised! Is that the best you can do? - I'm trying! - Not too hard, you'll have a stroke.
Océane, we're not at the Oscars.
Little jerks! I've called you ten times.
Call me back or I'll tell! Jennifer.
Jennifer! Hello, sir.
You gave Océane Rouget a B for her latest essay.
She needs vocational training.
Next year, she'll be going to a trade school.
Next year, she'll be here, a year higher.
If they'd listened to you about me, I'd be in a padded cell now! Shit! FAYS FORES Hello.
Jennifer? - Have you tried her home number? - Yes, but there's no answer.
- Have you tried her cell? - Yes.
I'm Captain Decker.
Lieutenant Musso let me know.
Tell me exactly what happened.
Jennifer called me 20 minutes ago.
She was crying.
- You're sure it was her? - Yes, then she screamed in terror.
It cut off, I tried to call her back, but I just got voicemail.
- Something's happened to her.
- Did you hear anything else? The sound of water.
Excuse me, can I Can I have a word? Just a second.
You asked me to call you if anything at all happened.
But this is probably just a prank.
The water is probably the lock gate, where the youngsters meet.
They've fooled around like this before.
She thinks it's real.
She's a bit special.
That doesn't change what I heard.
She was in the forest, not by the lock.
I heard the forest.
Look, go home now.
We'll call you if there's any news.
Here are some of her friends' phone numbers.
I have a good memory.
What's your deputy's name? Julien.
Does he live back there? Wake him up.
Are you OK? Eve left us a message.
What's going on? Jennifer's parents.
- Capt.
- Good evening.
Do you know where Jennifer is? Isn't she at your place? Like every night just lately.
No, Laurence.
I haven't seen her for over a week.
Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing.
We'll soon find her.
When did you last see Jennifer? This morning.
Before we went out to the fields.
A cow was calving, there were complications.
We only just got home.
What was she wearing? She was wearing her pink blouse, blue jeans, and ballerina pumps, I think.
Why are you asking that? It must be serious.
No, they're just the usual questions.
I have a list of them.
Don't panic, it's just routine.
Does she have a boyfriend? She's only just sixteen.
How are things at home? No No fights? No.
No, I can't come home yet.
I don't know.
Well, he's I can't decide between pain in the ass and jerk.
I gotta go.
Well, Jennifer isn't at the lock.
I've checked her things at home.
Nothing's missing.
Except for her handbag.
And I've brought her laptop, as you requested.
Still only getting voicemail.
I've called all her friends.
Woke up half the village! Nothing.
I called the DA's office.
They issued a warrant.
We have access to her phone line.
We'll be able to locate her phone.
No, it can't be located.
Broken or the chip's been removed.
Check her email and social media.
We may get an idea of what her plans were.
Yeah, I was going to.
I was going to POLICE STATION - There must be something.
- No, nothing about her plans.
I'm scrolling through her call log.
There's a regular number over the last three months.
But only calls, no text messages.
Jennifer called it eight times.
It's in her contacts under the name Henry V.
Henry with a Y.
- I don't know anyone, do you? - No.
- The number's in what name? - No subscriber.
The number you have dialed is no longer in service.
It's been disconnected.
We put out a report.
Are you sure? I wouldn't say so otherwise! I've looked everywhere in the forest.
We need access to that phone line too.
With Henry V's contacts, we can find out who he is.
You don't like doing as you're told, huh? Why do you think she called you? She always has when she's had a problem.
- She wasn't doing too well.
- Do you know why? I didn't have time to talk to her.
Has she mentioned a Henry V? - Henry with a Y.
- No.
For believing me.
Not everyone around here does.
I got the DA's assistant.
He won't give us access to the line without evidence of a crime.
- The right to privacy.
- Their damn right to privacy! Get Julien to call Charleville to ask the techs to restore Jennifer's erased texts.
We're going to the school.
Now? Preferably, yes! Excuse me.
No one knows where she was last night.
But she's been absent a lot over the last few weeks.
She always has a parents' note.
But they knew nothing about it.
She uses her friends the same way.
Stop doing that! She said she was with a friend, who said she was with another - Where was she then? - I don't know.
Does she have a locker? I don't believe it! She's done it! Why didn't she wait for us? - Which one? - That one there.
YOU'RE GONNA DIE BITCH Isn't that her bike? Yes, it's hers.
What was she doing here? The tire's flat.
Maybe she left it and continued on foot.
It's easy to get lost, especially with a broken phone.
And threw her bike in a peat bog? Hello.
Yeah? Tell me.
That was Julien.
He's at the school.
No one knows who wrote that in her locker.
It seems she got along well with everyone.
But I knew that.
- He's waiting for the techs.
- We need them too.
Take the bike for tests.
And we'll need more people, to search the area.
Did you see anything? He was here last night.
- Who? - Thierry.
I saw his electrician van.
It's the only one around here.
You saw him on the road leading here last night? - Yeah.
- You gotta be kidding! No.
And what were you doing here, at night? Me and the guys were up there late.
We had equipment problems.
Can I have a word? Three months ago he hired Thierry to rewire the sawmill.
It burnt out a week later, but Thierry wouldn't pay him back.
Now he bears a grudge.
He reported him three times last month.
He's overdoing it this time.
Maya, I want a word.
- Did you do Jennifer's locker? - No.
I saw you near the lockers after school yesterday.
No, I swear I didn't.
- I was getting some books.
- Something's going on with Jennifer.
You haven't been talking for a week.
What happened? She said something about me being adopted.
We had a fight over nothing last week, and she said no one wanted me, not even my own parents.
She asked how much Mom and Dad paid for me.
So I was sulking, yeah.
But I'd never do that to her locker.
You know me.
I gotta go.
Jennifer never said anything about you being adopted.
- You were listening? - Yeah, well? Why did you lie? No! Was it really you who did her locker? What the hell? You're sick! I didn't do anything.
OK? Captain.
I'm Philippe.
Do you sleep with Thierry Rouget? What? You let him drive around drunk, you discredit a possible witness, and you forget to mention that he has a police record.
What are you playing at? I've known Thierry since kindergarten.
He wouldn't hurt Jennifer.
He paid for what he did.
I won't harass him over gossip! Shit! Mr.
Rouget? Capt.
Can I come in? Virginie isn't here.
You don't mind? Thank you.
Where were you last night at about midnight? I was here.
Someone saw you in the forest.
Near the Virgin's Trail? Is that what it's called? Yeah.
Yeah, that's what it's called, but I was here, with my daughter.
Right, sweetie? We watched TV.
A movie.
What movie? The Hallow.
The Hallow.
From 11 p.
to 1:10? I don't know why, but I'm sure he's lying.
His daughter too.
Get the guys asking questions in the area around the Virgin's Trail.
Check security cameras and speed traps on all surrounding roads.
Find something.
Thanks, Julien.
You're sure it's Jennifer's? And there's the stream over there.
That's what I heard.
She called from here.
Is that blood? The DA wanted evidence of a crime.
I think we've got it.
What was she doing here? This isn't her way home.
And her bike was at the other end of the woods, ten kilometers away.
Someone got rid of it over there.
Anyone suspicious in the school parking lot? No.
Then who drew that map? That's it, good boy! I'm going to the school.
Can I give you a ride? We have to check your motorbike for prints.
- Has it started again? - Don't talk crap! What's started again? The disappearances.
Two girls went missing here ten years ago.
Louise Martin, then Mélanie Krootz, a schoolgirl from Kerkart, which is 15 km away.
Disappeared on her way home one night.
Louise Martin disappeared while camping with friends.
People are afraid of these woods.
- Something is alive in them.
- Yes, deer and wild boar.
Lieutenant, supervise the search.
And you, get me the files on those missing girls.
Happy now? Everyone's going to freak out.
We won't keep your motorcycle long.
Can you manage? Don't worry, I've got my old car.
Have you dealt with many missing persons? Quite a lot, yes.
Do you think we'll find Jennifer alive? I don't know.
I may have something, about 500 meters from the blood.
A camp fire.
It could be our witness.
There's nothing but ash, though.
No cigarettes or anything? No, nothing else.
- And you? - Nothing yet.
Looks like the Holy Ghost drew that map.
And no security camera in the parking lot.
Appeal for witnesses about the fire.
Don't tell anyone yet what we found earlier, OK? Tough first day at work? ABRAHAM MENDEL GENERAL PRACTITIONER Still nothing? Come in, sweetheart.
Blessed are you, Lord, who sanctifies the Shabbat.
WHEN? Good morning.
Any news about the girl? I just got this in the mail.
The clothes Jennifer was wearing.
What does it mean? Is it a message? It was sent from the village.
It's someone local.
Are you sure they're her clothes? I was with her and Maya when she bought this.
We found signs of a struggle and blood in the forest.
These clothes are impeccable.
No blood, no dirt They're not torn.
It doesn't make sense.
I'll talk to her parents.
ID the clothes, then send them to the lab.
I'll check at the post office.
- Can I come in? - Yes.
It's been 36 hours, Virginie.
Sit down.
I want you to identify these.
We just got them in the mail.
Are they her clothes? No one saw anything.
But there's an ATM by the mailbox.
If the parcel was posted there The ATM camera will have caught them.
But we need a warrant to see the footage.
I've made the request.
And you? Managed to restore her phone's erased text messages? Not yet, but we have the results on the paint used in her locker.
Nothing special.
It's paint you find everywhere.
There are lots of prints on the door, some smudged, but the DA won't let us take the fingerprints of minors.
Nothing on Jennifer's bike, and nothing in the forest.
I'm waiting to hear about the motorcycle's windshield.
The appeal for witnesses regarding the camp fire? Just some guy who said he saw a light in the sky.
Any more good news? Henry V's call log.
The DA's office accepted the request.
The line's only been active for about three months.
I've saved the best for last.
Next time, start with the best.
Yeah, OK.
He only used it to call Jennifer.
He takes precautions.
Thank you.
We still don't have the erased text messages? I just talked to Charleville.
Won't be long.
Tell me Eve Mendel, the French teacher.
What's her story? Has no one told you yet? You obviously haven't been in Mrs.
Lopez's pharmacy yet.
The Lopez grapevine! I was 17 when Eve came to the school.
She's not Dr.
Mendel's biological daughter.
He adopted her.
He found her, aged six, by his door.
Dirty, half-dead, covered in blood as if an animal had attacked her.
He saved her life.
But she spent two years in the nut house.
She didn't speak, she couldn't remember anything.
The doctors thought she was retarded.
No one ever found out what had happened to her.
Or where she'd come from.
She lives alone now, at the edge of the forest.
Why did you ask me to get here so early? We don't have class until nine o'clock.
What you been putting in your cereal? Jennifer's still missing.
Have you heard anything? What if something has really happened to her? I heard my mom talking on the phone about something in the forest.
When she saw me, she went quiet.
You know Jen, also playing the star.
Actors Studio! But she'll be in big trouble when she gets home.
She's overdoing it.
And you? - What about me? - Are you still going? Yeah.
You're not going to chicken out? - I don't like it.
- Are you serious? I fucking knew it! Do what you like, but keep your mouth shut! You don't say anything to your mom or the cops.
Do you want everyone to know what you did? Compared to that, the paint in the locker was nothing.
Imagine your parents' reaction.
Yes? I've got the text messages.
Henry V and Jennifer were getting it on, that's for sure.
Hot stuff, these texts! OK.
They would arrange to meet early in the morning, or during class time.
That's why she lied to everyone about what she was up to.
What's this? "Watch out for Maya.
" How is Maya involved? Isn't Virginie back yet? She's at the Lenoirs'.
Shall I call her? No.
Say nothing to her until I get back.
I'll ask the questions, OK? I need you to reassure her, make her feel comfortable.
Maya, can you come in? Isn't Mussolini here? No, there was something he had to do.
We've got the bank's camera footage.
Who is Henry V? Maya? You asked me that before.
I don't know.
What's this? - I don't know.
- Give me a break! You know this boy, and he knows you.
She told him to watch out for you.
Why? Did you fight about him? - I told you about - Being adopted, I know.
But that's no reason to write, "You're gonna die, bitch.
" And Jennifer wouldn't say stuff like that.
I know you did it, Maya.
You lied before and you're still lying.
- Did you draw that map too? - I didn't do anything! What happened between you and Jennifer? Who is Henry V? You know.
ANSWER WE NEED TO TALK Hang on, slow that bit down.
I think that's it! Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor