The Forest (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Maya? - Why do you have my daughter? - For questioning.
Wait in there, Maya.
Why? Maya was mentioned in a text sent to Jennifer by her lover.
- She won't say who Henry V is.
- This is crazy! Eve thinks she tagged Jennifer's locker too.
And you believe her? What was so convincing? Her hot body? Lieutenant! Did you know? How long do you want to stay here? I don't know this Henry V.
I don't know why he mentioned me.
Jennifer sent her clothes to your mom.
Do you know why? No.
Now listen to me.
We found your friend's bloodied shoe in the forest.
Something's happened to her, something serious.
I don't care about your childish fights, unless it's related to this case.
- You tagged - I didn't.
You tagged a death threat.
That's enough for me to hold you for 48 hours.
Maybe the DA will think that you had something to do with her disappearance.
Even that you weren't at home the night Jennifer was attacked.
So I'm asking you, one last time Who is Henry V? You didn't tell me the time.
When you take someone into custody, you state the time.
Otherwise, it's not valid.
You didn't because you have no reason to hold me here.
You're just trying to scare me.
I'd like to go back to school.
What did you expect me to do? - To tell me! - Virginie.
- What's going on? - I don't know.
If you change your mind, you know where I am.
You can take her.
- OK, sweetie? - What was that text message? - What have you done? - Nothing! I'm sick of your questions! I've got a physics test.
What is the matter with her? Everyone's going crazy! Any developments? Sperm on Jennifer's clothes, but not from anyone on file.
The captain may opt for DNA samples from every man in the village.
Well, I've got to see a client.
- I'll drop her at school.
- Try and talk to her.
She's always been more open with you.
Not recently.
I had no choice.
You couldn't ask me first? No.
Shut up! I KNOW We don't know who Henry V is.
But he kept his relationship with Jennifer secret.
But what we don't know is why Jennifer sent her clothes just before she went missing.
Maybe trying to tell us something, point the finger at someone.
She sent her panties and we found sperm on them.
You think she was raped.
That'd explain why she was upset the day she disappeared, and why she called Eve Mendel.
We know that before she went missing, Jennifer posted her package at 8:30 p.
But she didn't need to go through the woods to get home.
What was she doing in the forest at night? What was she doing between 8:30 and midnight, when she called Eve Mendel for help? Where was she? With whom? And then what happened to her? How's the search progressing? This is all we've covered so far.
The dogs followed a trail to here.
Then nothing.
- She carried on in the water.
- Or in a vehicle.
Any tire tracks? - No.
- Extend the perimeter.
And the DNA tests? The DA's office won't hear of it until we get more evidence.
We'll go to the school.
Check the students' phones and talk to the teachers.
Check who wasn't in class that afternoon: teachers, students, and other staff.
Call the parents, check their movements up until she went missing.
We have to find that witness.
THIERRY ROUGE ELECTRICIAN Not at school? No class.
- I got no money for groceries.
- Me neither.
Haven't been paid.
You got enough to buy booze.
I KNOW The person you are trying to reach is unavailable.
I just got this.
The van's registered to Thierry Rouget's father.
He left it to his son when he died.
Traffic cams photographed it 15 km from where the blood was, at 12:40 a.
, the night she disappeared.
He said he was home at that time.
Good work! Thanks.
Can I come in? - Been cleaning up? - No.
Does it look familiar? That's your father's van, right? Yeah, maybe.
Looks like it.
It is.
We've checked the license plate.
You see the time and date? Strange, huh? Didn't you say you were at home? It was stolen last week.
- Why didn't you tell me? - You didn't ask.
Didn't you report it? It was worth nothing.
Saved me paying to get it scrapped.
- Isn't Océane here? - In her room.
- I want a word with her.
- Why? To check she got the right movie.
Océane! Her headphones.
Océane! Can't you answer when I I don't believe it.
I don't believe it! She was here five minutes ago.
- Can you call her, please? - Yeah.
Yeah, she's split.
- Why? - I don't know.
All she does is screw up.
Mendel? Gaspard Decker here.
No, still nothing.
I'm looking for Océane.
If you see her, can you tell her to come see me? Alone.
She skipped the physics test.
She told me she's gonna fail.
- You didn't tell me.
- I'm not your snitch! I had to tell them about the locker.
Jennifer's missing.
- Do what you want.
- Stop it! What's going on? Talk to me.
About what? I've nothing to say to you, my mom or the cops! Mind your own business, will you? Call me when she gets home.
What's that smell? Bleach, isn't it? I dunno.
You don't know much, do you? Maybe Océane was doing some cleaning.
A very selective type of cleaning.
I gotta get to work.
What's this? DOG-ROSE PARK Maya? What are you doing here? I know you sleep with Jennifer.
What What are you talking about? You're here, right? - I have to see a client.
- Stop it.
Stop lying and treating me like an idiot.
I know.
You met her in class time, while Mom was on duty.
You pretended to go out for a morning jog.
Maya, please, stop it! Stop this right now.
Do you want me to tell everyone? It's not what you think.
How could you do that to Mom? To me? Why have you ruined everything? - Don't you love Mom anymore? - Of course I do.
I love all three of you more than life.
I screwed up, Maya, OK? But it meant nothing.
I'd stopped seeing her, I swear.
I saw you, Dad.
The night she disappeared, you got home at one in the morning.
Where had you been? - What did you do to her? - I didn't do anything.
- How can you - Where did you go? Maya! POLICE STATION Open your mouth.
Where's your daughter? What did you do to her? I've told you.
Didn't do anything.
The blood in the kitchen? I went hunting.
Last week.
And you only cleaned up this morning? With bleach? We'll soon know whose blood it is.
So there's no point lying.
Why were you in the forest the night Jennifer disappeared? Don't give me that bullshit about watching a movie.
And about your van being stolen.
You were lying, and your daughter backed you up.
Were you with Jennifer? What was going on between you? Were you secretly seeing her? But I don't think you're her type.
So you watched her, but she didn't even notice you.
You bumped into her on the way to school.
You couldn't resist.
You think I raped her, is that it? Is that what you're saying? You think I'd hurt Jennifer? Or my daughter? Yes.
Marie Mendel.
Twenty-six years old.
Nathan Mendel.
Eleven months and four days.
April 3, 1988.
You were just starting high school, and getting into trouble.
You broke into Dr.
Mendel's office to steal some pills.
He caught you and reported you, to teach you a lesson.
That night you burnt the place down.
Shall I go on? Look.
Look, I said! It was an accident.
I didn't know his wife and kid would be at home.
How do I know you haven't had another accident? I thought you'd be different from the people here.
When they look at me, all they see is the past.
What did you do to Jennifer? Where's your daughter? - What have you done to her? - Nothing! She'll be back.
Has he arrested Thierry? What's going on? Captain.
Can I have a word? What the hell! How can you do that to him? Did you spend too long in the desert? I need answers and I'm going to get them.
I don't let my personal feelings influence my work.
Are you sure about that? I hit her.
What do you mean? What happened? At lunchtime.
She looked at me in that way she does, like I'm a piece of shit.
I just lashed out.
You've never done that before, right? It was the first time? I don't know.
When I've been drinking, I don't remember.
With all that blood, you must have gone wild.
No, I swear.
It was just a slap.
OK, a big slap, but It bled like crazy.
- Yeah, of course.
- Yes.
Océane gets nosebleeds.
Really? Since when? She always has.
Can you give us five minutes? Yes? We're on our way.
We found that.
We haven't touched it.
It was on Jennifer's phone.
She's been dead several days.
Probably since the night she went missing.
The bruise there.
She was strangled.
Do you think she was raped? It looks likely, but I'll tell you after the autopsy.
There's meaning behind this.
The position of the body, the grave, the wreath Like the killer felt remorse.
Or he knew her.
How can I tell her parents? You can take the body now.
Decker? Nora Bessis.
We talked on the phone.
- Your Honor.
- Hello.
- You have a suspect in custody? - Yes.
Get him to talk quickly.
Once this gets out, there'll be panic in the village.
It wasn't me! You weren't at home when Jennifer was attacked.
OK, I wasn't at home.
I was in my dad's van.
On the Wolf Peak Road.
It's 40 km from the forest.
The traffic cam got me driving home.
That's handy! So I just have to take your word? No, someone saw me there.
Who? You wanted to talk to me? Please.
Rouget claims that at the time Jennifer got attacked, you saw him on the Wolf Peak Road.
Is that true? Yes.
He was in his father's van.
It was midnight.
I'd been to see a patient who thought she'd had a stroke.
Sure about the time? Yes.
What were you doing there? Poaching.
So why did you lie? You'd already decided I was the culprit.
Still no word from Océane? No.
It may be nothing, but she came to see me.
She said she had a fever.
I went to wash my hands before examining her, came back, but she'd already left.
I'm pretty sure some prescriptions had gone.
You think she stole some prescriptions? - What could she do with them? - I don't know.
I saw her the next day, she swore she hadn't taken them.
I've checked.
They haven't been used in any local pharmacy.
- When was this? - Three days ago.
OK, thanks.
I've questioned the kids at school, their parents.
No one's talking.
No one drew that map on Eve's windshield.
Call the tech guys, they're still up there.
Tell them to put Jennifer's grave back just the way it was.
When they've done that, you stake the place out.
If the killer took so much trouble, he might be tempted to go back.
By the time it's ready, it'll be night.
And I have to go alone? - Have you told her? - No, I was waiting for you.
She's in her room.
Sweetheart? Maya.
She's not here.
Did you see her when she got back? Yes, she got back an hour ago.
She came straight upstairs.
Did she seem different? No.
No answer.
What's gotten into her? This is no time for teenage tantrums.
Shit! I have to talk to Thierry.
I knew it wasn't you.
OK, let's go.
Thierry, Maya's run off too.
I've called her friends and neighbors.
No one's seen her.
You have no idea where Océane could have gone to hide? - You think they're together? - Yes.
Look, if she comes home, if she gets in touch, call me, OK? Thierry You can't go on like that with your daughter.
Yeah, I know.
I still want him watched.
What? What is it? Maya's the one who tagged Jennifer's locker.
But we still don't know who drew the map on Eve Mendel's windshield.
I don't know if she did, but she's been lying from the start.
And now she's disappeared.
Get warrants for locating Maya's and Océane's phones.
You don't suspect my daughter? I don't know, but I have to talk to her, to Océane too.
We've just heard from the IT guys.
Océane cleared her email inbox.
- Have they checked the server? - Yes.
She cleared it there too.
Last night.
I have We have some bad news for you.
The gendarmes have found Jennifer's body.
She was killed in the forest.
We don't yet know who it was, so be careful.
Girls, don't go out alone at night and stay away from the forest.
I know I've asked this before, and the gendarmes have questioned you, but if any of you have seen anything in the forest, you must tell us.
You must help We have to do all we can to find who it was who It's a hard time for us all.
For us teachers, we watched her grow up.
And for you, you were her friends.
The hurt feels unbearable right now.
It will take time to heal.
But we will not forget her.
We will celebrate what Jennifer meant to each one of us.
Your parents have been told.
Talk to them.
And talk to us.
Yes, talk to us.
Talk to us too.
And talk to Jennifer.
Tell her what you never had the time to say.
Life is precious and short.
So give meaning to Jennifer's life.
Never let her be forgotten.
MISSING Is Maya back? Is Vincent at home with Tristan? Yes, he didn't want him to come.
Sorry you've had to spend your evening here.
You have to check if anyone's acting weird, right? Maya.
Maya, it's Mom.
Call me, please.
I don't know what's going on, but just come home.
Come home, Maya.
MURDERER Jennifer must have run, her legs are scratched.
Her hands too.
She was knocked out, then she was raped and strangled.
Someone strong.
He fractured a vertebra in her neck.
Did you find any DNA? Fibers? Nothing under her nails, but sperm on her body.
The same as we found on her underwear.
Meaning? That he raped her, she got dressed, she sent her clothes to Virginie, then he followed her or lured her into the forest to to kill her? I don't know.
But the body was moved.
I found this.
Fir tree needles.
- No firs where the body was.
- No.
The nearest conifers are at least 15 km from there.
She was killed there, then moved to that clearing to be buried.
Where we were more likely to find her.
It doesn't make sense.
By the school.
Or by the house.
About four p.
Thanks, Lucette.
Why isn't Maya here? She'll be back later.
- I'm going.
- You haven't eaten.
What is it? Maya's inhaler.
She never goes anywhere without it.
Don't tell me to calm down! There are two of you in here, and your cars are parked outside.
Do your job, get out there and look for her! It's the anniversary of Océane's mother's death today.
We always go to the cemetery, even if we've had a fight.
I got the phone warrants.
I called the operator, but Maya's phone is off, and so is Océane's.
Like Jennifer's was.
It may be unrelated.
Launch the emergency procedure.
Alert all police stations, the borders Get their descriptions on radio and TV.
- We have to wait for the captain.
- We're not waiting! This is my daughter! Captain, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop Lt.
Fuck! What? Do you know him? Who is he? A ghost.
Sit down.
His name is Manoa Willem.
He lived in the forest with his dad, a back-to-nature nut, who'd shoot at anyone who came near his territory.
Women who camped near there reported him for watching them.
One even said he'd tried to rape her.
The following year, Manoa killed his dad with a hammer.
He was only 17.
Virginie arrested him as he was trying to bury the body.
And now her daughter's missing.
He did seven years in a specialized center.
He didn't talk, couldn't bear anyone touching him.
They diagnosed a form of autism.
His dad had probably abused him.
When he got out, he vanished back into the forest.
No one had seen him since.
We all thought he was dead.
When was he released? A while ago.
Shit! Shit! He got out three weeks before Louise Martin went missing.
The first missing person case.
What were you doing at Jennifer's grave? Were you the one who buried her there? I know you understand me.
You attacked one of my men.
I could lock you up in a small cell.
For months.
Staring at the same four walls can drive you mad.
You know what it's like.
Joe? Who's Joe? What's that? What is it? Who's Joe? Where's my daughter? Where's Maya? Tell me! What have you done to her? Where's my daughter? Where is she? - Are you OK? - Yeah, I'm fine.
We'll compare his DNA to what we found on Jennifer.
We have to find his lair.
That's where there'll be evidence.
He mentioned a Joe.
Does that mean anything to you? - No.
- You don't know any Joe? No.
We're getting tons of calls about Maya and Océane.
Next time, you check with me before you launch an abduction alert.
Where is that fucker? Jacques.
Let him go! Let him go! Move away! OK? Get out, please.
Shit! Can you explain what just happened? We're not investigating a missing cat.
We have a murder and two missing girls.
I know you're friends with everyone, but this is a police station.
Do you realize what could have happened? - He could have broken his neck! - It's my fault.
Don't blame them, it's my fault.
I let the Lenoirs know.
They've been calling me all the time, so I told them we had a lead.
I shouldn't have, I know.
But I had to give them something.
I know how it feels to get no answers.
You're upset about Maya, I understand that, but I can't accept such mistakes.
You didn't sleep last night.
- Go home and rest.
- No.
If not, I'll suspend you.
That's an order.
Can I help you? - I have to see Capt.
- It's OK.
I saw the abduction alert.
Do you have any news? No.
Did he kill Jennifer? - What are those drawings? - Do they mean something to you? We'll launch a manhunt tomorrow.
Go home, I'll keep you informed.
Group one, that way.
We'll be going up there.
I want to come.
Let me help.
I know the forest.
Please, I have to do something.
Come on.
Captain? How did you find this place? I followed a wolf.
Look what I've found.
Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor