The Forest (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Are you crazy? What are you doing here? Dr.
You can't be here.
We're securing the area.
Nor you, Ms.
I'm sorry.
Yes? Are you OK, Dad? You look like you've seen a ghost.
Come on.
Let's go.
At least two sizes too small for Manoa.
And Manoa is left-handed, and this is a right-hander's bow.
This stuff isn't his.
There's someone else.
I don't think so.
They're not Jennifer's.
Are you sure? Look I do the laundry in our house.
But I don't know.
She could have bought them just before SEALED DO NOT OPEN They're not Maya's.
Isn't Jacques with you? No, he's always with his cattle now.
He's stopped talking.
Or maybe I've just stopped listening.
You'll let me know if you find anything? Send everything to the lab.
Ask them to do DNA comparisons for Jennifer, Océane and the first two missing girls.
I'll question Manoa alone.
You sent him to prison.
We found your cabin.
This was under your bed.
Whose underwear is it? Jennifer's? One of them? Whose, then? What have you done to Océane and Maya? Are they in the forest too? We found this too.
Whose clothes are these? They're not your size.
And this bow? It's not yours.
And this doll Whose is it? Joe's.
It's for you.
I think you should take this.
A guy from Rethel.
Hello? I've seen the missing black girl.
Was it you who called? - Your papers, please.
- Oh, yes.
I live on the Belgian side of the border.
I only saw the missing poster this morning.
- You're sure it was her? - Yeah.
- You gave her a ride? - Yes, two days ago.
At about four p.
Yeah, that fits.
Just before we realized she wasn't in her room.
Did you talk to her at all? Did she say where she was going, what she planned to do? Did she talk about another girl, a friend of hers? The other missing girl? We talked a bit, she said she was going to college.
But she wasn't very talkative, so I didn't press her.
She got out and went in the internet café.
Here? Can you wait by the car? Just here.
This girl She came in here two days ago.
- Do you remember? - Yeah, she comes a lot.
And her? Yes, she comes too.
And her.
What? Two or three times a week.
All three together, usually.
- On the computer at the back.
- Doing what? I don't know.
But when I walked past they hid the page.
They all have computers at home.
Why come on the bus here? Who were they communicating with? I sold a subscription to the brunette.
Océane? She told me her name was Zoé.
They all used it.
I could access their history from their login number.
But I'm not supposed to.
Do it, anyway.
Got them.
- That's strange.
- What? Always the same IP address.
Can you find out the owner? He's using a VPN client.
I can't get to the IP address.
Not with this computer.
This girl, when she left, two days ago Did you see where she went? Was someone waiting for her? Sorry, I was fixing a computer, I didn't see her leave.
Can you go back, please? There, what's that? The times they logged in.
Wednesday, at 4:32 p.
, just after Maya left your house.
And one at about noon, just after Océane ran off.
And someone logged on the night Jennifer went missing, just before eight p.
Was she here on Monday evening? I think so.
All communicating with the same person.
Before they disappeared.
And now nothing for two days.
I'll get the IT guys at Charleville to come and pick up this computer.
We have to know who's behind the IP address.
Manoa doesn't have the equipment or the profile of a web surfer.
It has to be someone else.
- Shall we try these streets? - Yes.
Maybe someone saw them.
- Virginie? - I'm good.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Yes, Captain Decker here.
EVE / MARCH 7, 1994 POLICE STATION No one saw them.
The guy who gave Maya a ride? I've checked him out, he's clean.
There are no cameras in the internet café's street.
How can two girls just disappear in broad daylight? I got the lab results.
The sperm found on Jennifer wasn't Manoa's.
Open the door, please.
Tell me who Joe is.
This number Have you ever called it? Henry? Do you know who Henry is? Does Joe use that name too? Someone communicates with the girls by Internet.
I don't think it's you.
Is he your buddy? Is he the one who rapes them? How does it work? He finds them on the web and you bring them to him in the forest? Do you get rid of the bodies? All we've got is you! You'll take the rap for them all if you don't tell me who he is! Shit! We'll get the DNA of all local guys who've been in trouble with girls or had relationships with minors.
Then all the men of Montfaucon, Rethel and within a 50 km radius.
- Still not found them? - No.
What is it? Hey, buddy.
You'll be late for soccer.
I don't feel like going.
Where's Maya? Why doesn't she come home? Is she dead? Like Jennifer? No, she's not dead.
She'll come home.
What are you doing here, Dad? I tried to call you.
Is it about Maya and Océane? Eve, 1994.
That's the year you found me.
What's this? Your sessions with the shrink in the center where they treated you.
When did you get these? When the center closed down.
They asked me if I wanted them.
Why didn't you tell me? I didn't want you to see them.
I wanted you to forget.
So why now? Because of the doll they found in Manoa's cabin.
It looks like the same one.
The braid.
The freckles on the face, in the same spots.
What does it mean? Do you think it's mine? How did it get there? How would he have got it? I don't know.
All the sessions are on tape.
I've watched them all but found nothing.
Maybe you'll see something.
Open your mouth.
Thank you, Mr.
Your signature here.
Does this mean you suspect us? Otherwise you wouldn't do this.
You've known me since before you were toilet trained! - Anyway, he was with me - It's not up to me! Where's Virginie? I want a word.
- They're just doing their job.
- I want to see Virginie.
- Just do it, please.
- I don't want to.
Do it! I'm from the press.
They've been missing two days now.
- Do you have any leads? - Is this linked to Jennifer's murder? This is a police station! If you're unhappy, file a complaint on the Gendarmerie Nationale website.
As civil servants, they won't respond.
But these tests are compulsory.
As for the journalists, you must know we have a press office.
Out! I know.
They'll get around to you.
Calm down.
What's this? You think I raped and killed my own daughter? Come with me.
How could you do this to me, in front of everyone? I'm really sorry.
It's It's a mistake.
Someone should have come to you.
It's the procedure.
Do you think I could have hurt my own daughter? No, never.
I've never thought that.
And I'll find who did it, I promise you.
On my own daughter's life.
Shit! Are you hiding? I didn't see you at the police station.
I've just been to Ackermann's house to get his DNA sample.
His leg's in plaster.
I can do yours while I'm here, it'll save you the trip.
One of your guys came earlier.
Really? From Charleville.
You're not on the list.
- Well, yeah - I'll do it, anyway.
I don't want to get bawled out by the captain.
Open wide.
Dad, why is he doing that? It's nothing.
See you.
See you.
Are you hungry? Tristan, what's wrong? I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.
I took it from Maya and I filmed my soccer game last week.
- I'd forgotten.
- What are you talking about? She'd left her memory card in it.
Someone was filming her.
She didn't film herself.
Who was it? Virginie.
Are you sure you want to keep working this case? You can pull out.
We'll do all we can to find Maya.
Of course I want to.
What is it? Hi.
I'm Zoé.
I'm Nina.
And I'm Lou.
We're sixteen.
What the hell did they think they were doing? How did you get it? The IT guys at Charleville traced the IP address.
It's a website.
- The video was on it.
- A website? What sort of website? An auction site.
The girls put their virginity up for sale.
What? Apparently, it's a trend that started in the States.
It's as simple as that: a video, a starting price, anonymous bidders All they need is a doctor's certificate proving their virginity.
Mendel thinks Océane stole some prescriptions last week.
They're just fooling around.
They couldn't have gone through with it.
What? The case of the first two girls has been reopened.
Both had been chatting on dating sites before they disappeared.
The man we're looking for probably spotted them there.
Maybe now he's found a more effective way of attracting them, by offering them money.
Océane wanted to leave Montfaucon, and Jennifer had applied for a grant to a fashion school, but didn't get it, and her parents couldn't afford it.
Maya has whatever she wants.
She's been difficult lately, but she's always been happy at home.
She had no reason to run away or do that.
Is it a customer of that website who killed Jennifer? We don't know yet.
We need more information.
Did you hear anything? Did one of the girls ever mention this Joe? A password, an address, which which you thought was odd? This was your daughter's idea.
Jennifer would never have done something like this.
- It'd never have happened.
- Mr.
Please stay calm and think.
That's the way to help us.
- To find his daughter! - And Jennifer's killer.
And to find Maya.
He's right.
It must have been Océane's idea.
It's my fault she whored herself and maybe got herself killed.
She preferred that to staying with me.
How are you today? I've brought you something.
Shall we read it together? "The grandfather stands up.
But 'What am I supposed to do with this little girl?' There she is.
'Work it out!' She replies, suddenly losing her temper.
" You wanted to see me? Maya.
You know where she is? Tell me.
Tell me where she is.
Where's my daughter? Please! "She's angry.
You're her grandfather, after all.
I've been looking after her for four years.
" What's that drawing? Let me know as soon as you can.
Do you know where Virginie is? Talking to Manoa.
He asked to see her.
On her own? Lieutenant.
Lieutenant, are you OK? He hit me.
- Can you get up? - He grabbed me and banged my head.
I thought he knew where Maya is.
- He got out the back way.
- He can't be far.
You have to see a doctor.
How fucking stupid of me! If he tells his accomplice that we know about the website, he'll cover his tracks.
And if the girls are alive - He'll get rid of them.
- Come on! I'll get back-up.
He's gone in the forest.
We'll take the cars.
Is Captain Captain! - I must see the man you arrested.
- He's just escaped.
If you see him, call us immediately.
He's dangerous.
The prefect called.
He's launched the emergency plan.
- Back-up and dogs are on their way.
- Good.
We have the back-up.
Call me when you're in place.
These are knives for butchering game.
We can't carry on.
It's dark and the dogs are tired.
We must find them! It's too dangerous, and you know it.
We'll start again at dawn.
Have you found the girls? Not yet.
I just wanted to check you're OK.
You live alone here, too close to the forest.
You haven't found Manoa either? Why did you want to talk to him? I thought he might know No, I was probably wrong.
It's nothing.
Well, I have to go.
How did you find Manoa's cabin? You said something about a wolf? I followed a white wolf.
Why? There are no wolves around here.
Lock the door, OK? You're not enjoying this case.
I'm not.
Do you like Ms.
Mendel? It's time to live as a man again.
"Live as a man"? One day I'll go away to college.
I don't want you to be alone.
Don't be in too much of a hurry.
You can grow up slow.
Goodnight, sweetie.
They're not all like Mom.
- Goodnight, sweetheart.
- Goodnight.
The police has issued a wanted notice for a certain Manoa Willem, suspected of rape and murder.
The search went on all day, but he wasn't found.
It will start again tomorrow at dawn.
The gendarmes warn that if you see this man, who is unkempt but well-built, you must not approach him, but immediately call the free number.
The suspect has serious psychological issues and is considered violent and dangerous.
Fifteen years ago, he was convicted INVESTIGATION FILE Maya! Have you called off the search? Can't see a thing.
You can't stop, you have to find her.
I have to find her? What are you doing? All day long? What am I doing? I do what you let me do.
You won't let me join in the search.
Don't you think it drives me mad, staying at home cooking? That's all I do, I cook! And we have another child, remember.
What happened? You're hurt.
It's nothing.
I'm sorry.
What is she mixed up in? Why did she put herself on that site? Why did she run away? I have to tell you something.
How could anyone sleep with a kid? What's going on in their heads? The pigs! Screwing girls the same age as their daughters! Sorry.
You wanted to tell me something.
I'll make you some herbal tea.
You need to sleep.
What are you doing in here? I'm going to get dressed, OK? What do you want? Is that what you were drawing? What is it? They found a doll in your cabin.
Where did you get it? Joe.
Who's Joe? Joe's the little girl? Me? Jennifer? What happened? Do you know where Océane and Maya are? Forest.
This is where Jennifer was attacked.
Where are we going? Vincent.
What are you doing here? I had to go to the bathroom.
Call me.
That seal's broken.
Sloppy handling? Not us.
What do we do? Seal it again.
It'll be OK.
Take it, anyway.
Manoa just tried to kill me.
He tried to tell me something about Jennifer.
I thought he might tell me where the girls were.
He kept repeating "Joe".
- He lured you into the forest.
- Why didn't he kill me at home? We think he has an accomplice.
He takes the girls to him somewhere in the forest.
There was a car.
Manoa attacked me the moment he heard it.
- Did you see this car? - No, it was too far away.
Do you know the spot where he took you? It's a couple kilometers into the woods.
There's a Celtic cross.
I know where that is.
Come on! Why did you go with him? I told you he's dangerous.
You could have run when he got out of the car.
Why didn't you? Abraham isn't my real father.
He found me when I was six years old.
No one ever knew where I'd come from.
- And I don't remember.
- Yes, I heard.
Before Abraham adopted me, I was put in a special center.
I was seen by a psychiatrist, who filmed our sessions.
On one of the tapes, I've done the same drawing as that.
And I customized a doll to look the same as the one in Manoa's cabin.
So I thought maybe he knew where I'd come from.
You can't stay at home.
He could come back and finish what he started.
You can take some things and stay with Dr.
Mendel, until we find Manoa.
I need to see those tapes.
The tapes! Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor