The Forest (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Out of the way! Shit! Where's my daughter? Tell me where she is! Calm down.
Come on.
Come on.
We found the spot where Manoa took Eve.
We can't get anything from those tapes.
Recordings of the sessions with Eve Mendel after she was found as a little girl.
In the videos she did the same drawing as Manoa did when we arrested him.
Why would he have destroyed them? Maybe he didn't.
Captain Decker? Death by asphyxiation.
No trace of violence on the body.
It looks like suicide.
Maybe he'd had enough of running.
Why escape, then immediately commit suicide? Do a full toxicology analysis.
- For what sort of things? - Soporifics, GHB, oxycodone - You think he was drugged? - This suicide is too handy.
Manoa knew too much.
Was he becoming a burden for his accomplice? I found this in my bedroom.
There were more like this in Manoa's cabin.
He slipped it in the drawer while I was asleep.
Does this tree mean anything to you? Why did it leave it for me? Excuse me.
Yes, Julien? Are you sure? Don't tell anyone, OK? I think you know why I'm here.
Who is it, Dad? Go on, Audrey's waiting for you.
Go on! I have to get to work.
I'll pick you up later.
POLICE STATION Where were you when Jennifer disappeared? - At home, with the kids.
- Were they asleep? Yes.
And this morning, after dropping Virginie off? Why? Answer the question, please.
I was at home.
Did you know Manoa? No.
Well, just what Virginie told me.
Why? We've just found him.
And you don't know anyone named Joe? Hang on Are you asking me if I'm a serial killer? No, I've told you.
I had unprotected sex with Jennifer the morning she went missing.
But I didn't rape or kill her.
But you had good reason to want to get rid of her.
She was going to tell your wife.
That's why she sent her underwear to her.
She knew Virginie would work it out in the end.
You know about the previous missing girls? What about my daughter? Did I abduct her too? Captain.
- Keep me posted.
- Of course.
Talk to you later.
Nothing yet from forensics.
Virginie I've just taken Vincent into custody.
We've had the DNA results.
The sperm on Jennifer's underwear and body was Vincent's.
That's ridiculous.
A mistake.
He's admitted to having a relationship with her.
Lopez - I saw him.
- Who? Vincent leaving your house the night Jennifer went missing.
I thought it was just a coincidence.
I know Vincent.
But when I saw you there earlier I'll take your statement.
Tell me in detail.
Where's Tristan? I sent him to Audrey's.
They have the new Xbox.
Full name.
Brigitte Yvonne Marie Lopez.
No, Muller.
I went back to my maiden name.
Date of birth? Must I? I used to watch my friends' husbands, looking at young girls in the street.
I knew the ones who were no longer having sex with their wives, who'd stopped noticing them, who only went home to eat and sleep, who'd already said all they had to say.
But I I'd married an exception.
A husband who still loved me, who took care of the kids, who listened when I told him about my day But who slept with a girl he'd known since she was a baby! When was the first time she made you hard? When she was in her pajamas at our house? At the school's outdoor center? How old was she? Answer me.
Answer me.
How old was she? How could you do that? You're just a piece of shit! Is that it? Are you sick? Is that it? You piece of shit! Mrs.
Lopez! - Did you see Vincent's face? - Yes.
But it was night.
And the streetlight is three houses further down.
No, I didn't exactly see his face, but I knew it was him.
- How? - By his silhouette.
Leaving the house? Shortly before midnight.
Where were you? Me? In my bedroom.
Why? You can't see their door because of the trees.
Or can you? Maybe I'd gone downstairs to make an herbal tea.
I forget.
If you can't see their door from upstairs, then you won't be able to from the ground floor.
The trees are still there.
Are you sure you saw him leaving the house? Maybe he was already in the street.
It lasted for a few weeks, that's all.
I have no excuse.
But I broke it off.
When? The morning she went missing.
That's why she sent you her clothes.
She wanted to land me in the shit.
Lopez says she saw you leave the house that night.
Is that true? Don't lie to me.
Because I swear, on the lives of our children We arranged to meet in the morning, before school.
In a barn by the escarpment pathway.
I wanted to break it off.
But you slept with her again.
It was for the last time, I swear.
I told her it was over.
Forgive me, Virginie.
- Tell me what I have to do and - Don't touch me! Why did you go out that night, Vincent? That evening, I realized I'd lost my watch.
The kids were asleep, so I went back to the barn to look for it.
I was afraid that Jennifer I don't know.
It was evidence.
I know.
It was stupid.
But I swear I didn't hurt her.
If they know I went out that night, I'm fucked.
Vincent has to be transferred to the courts.
The examining judge wants to question him.
And Mrs.
Lopez? Sticking to her story, but with the inconsistencies and her waiting a week to speak up, unless there's another witness or more tangible evidence, I don't think it'll hold up.
Vincent swears he didn't go out that night.
I believe him.
He wouldn't have left the kids alone.
You knew he was screwing my daughter! You piece of shit! What did you do to her? I didn't hurt her, Laurence, I swear.
Have the guts to admit what you did, you bastard! You don't have the balls to do that! I hope you never find Maya.
And she ends up in some hole.
Like my girl did.
Yes? We're on our way.
They've got the guy who contacted Océane before she went missing.
He's at the Charleville station.
Let's go.
REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS You're not going to get away with this! You, your children or your children's children! I don't have any children.
Make him talk.
What did she say there? What was that? You don't know who you're dealing with.
You scumbag! Don't, Captain! It's not you I want.
Nobody move! Don't move, don't move.
You! You know how we used to deal with scum like you? Thierry.
You'll get 15 years for that.
I don't give a fuck! How old will Océane be? Thirty.
Keep out of this! Do you think she'll come and see you, if she's fostered 500 km away? - If he hasn't already killed her! - What? If you shoot him we may never find our girls.
Put it down, please.
- Put him in a cell.
- Come on.
Let's talk seriously.
- This is police brutality! - No, it's far from that.
Zoé, the girl you bought online.
Not me! Someone stole my identity.
Shut up and listen! She called herself Zoé but her real name is Océane.
She went missing just after being in contact with you.
Her friend was found dead.
Raped and strangled.
She was on the site too.
I haven't raped or killed anyone.
I've never seen her.
But Zoé You know her.
Yes, I do.
But I didn't rape her.
I made the highest bid and I slept with her.
- When? - Three days ago.
She was alive three days ago? I even talked to her yesterday.
And her? Never seen her.
I know Zoé's with a black girl from her school.
Maya's alive.
- Are you sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
Zoé Océane asked me if I had any friends interested in a party with her and her friend.
It seems she's on the game too.
Did she give you an address or phone number? We communicate via the website.
Or she calls from a masked number.
There's a two-dayer from tomorrow noon.
A two-dayer? A weekend party between friends.
With girls available for two whole days.
And they'll be there? Her black friend too? Do you know if anyone called Joe will be there? Is there a Joe on the site? No.
Do you have an address for this two-dayer? If I tell you, I won't go to prison? Yes, you will.
But we won't tell your cellmates you're a pedophile! Eve? I'm here, Dad.
What's going on? A child once lived here, long ago.
Manoa? Maybe.
But I found this too.
And come and see this.
These are a boy's clothes.
Maybe he came here to play, or to hide from his father.
Yes, but look.
If the little boy was Manoa, who was the little girl? It must have been me.
The doll I customized, the spiral They were memories.
I lived here.
But how did I get here? When you turned up at my house, your clothes were too big for you.
Manoa must have found clothes and food for me.
And he must have left me at your place because I was hurt.
If he saved my life 20 years ago, why did he try to kill me yesterday? I don't know.
You didn't have to come.
I'd have dropped off Tristan.
That's why I'm here.
Max has caught something, I have to take him to the doctor's.
I can't look after Tristan.
Have you talked to the Lenoirs? Everyone knows.
I'm sorry, it's Christian.
He'd rather Tristan didn't come around.
Things are a bit tense between us at the moment.
I can't oppose him.
In case my son's contagious? Virginie.
I heard the news that Maya's OK.
I'm relieved.
You'll be better off at Aunt Cathy's, eh? I want to stay with you.
You can't, sweetheart.
I have to work.
It'll be like during the holidays.
You can go horseback riding.
You like that.
I'll come for you soon, I promise.
Take your bag.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
They're coming your way.
Come on, smile! We'll earn a lot.
I want to buy that snakeskin bag.
It was awesome.
Cops! Get them! Maya! Let me go! - Let me go! - Stop! She's not my daughter.
She's not.
Where's Maya? Maya? No idea.
She left for the village two days ago.
Left how? - I don't know, we fell out.
- What happened? I was in the hotel when she got in touch.
How? She had a burner phone.
She was in a bad way at home.
- She'd had enough of - What? Had enough of what? Océane.
What was it? It was your husband.
He was sleeping with Jennifer.
And Maya knew? That's why she tagged Jennifer's locker with: "You're gonna die, bitch.
" What happened after she joined you? A guy contacted her on the site, offering her loads of money.
I told her she should do it.
That it wasn't that bad.
Did she? She met him by the hotel.
He picked her up in his car and they went for a coffee.
But she came straight back.
She said she wanted to go home.
I was pissed off.
They wanted us in a pair, and she let me down.
I met another black girl the next day, and Was the guy who contacted her the one who contacted you? No.
Do you know his name? His user name? Did you see him? See him get in his car? Nothing? I was angry.
She left and that was that.
Shit I'm sorry.
My dad Does he know? "Watch out for Maya.
" She knew about you and Jennifer.
That's why she'd been strange lately.
That's why she wouldn't talk about the text message to Decker.
Don't even try! What else am I going to find out? Tomorrow? In three days' time? What? What did you do? The evening Jennifer went missing, Maya heard me go out.
She thought I'd done something to Jennifer.
I tried to talk to her.
- But she - That's why she ran away.
We found Océane.
Maya left her two days ago.
She was supposedly coming home.
If anything's happened to her, it'll be your fault.
Thierry's seen a judge.
He got two years, suspended.
His gun wasn't loaded.
Henry V.
What? Henry Valentine Miller.
Vincent's favorite writer.
My sixteen-year-old daughter found out about her father's affair.
And I didn't notice a thing, for three months.
I try convincing myself that it's all his fault.
But if I'd seen what was happening, Maya would be home now.
We have to question all the users of that website.
Someone might know the one who was in contact with Maya.
I tried calling you, but all I get is voicemail.
Come in.
Julien told me you were in Charleville.
Did you find Océane and Maya? It's all anyone's talking about.
Were they really prostituting themselves? Océane was.
We found her.
Five minutes away from an orgy.
It didn't even seem to bother her.
Maya too? No, Maya wasn't with her.
She left to go home two days ago.
We're still looking for her.
How's Virginie? Not too good.
Was there something else? I don't think Manoa was trying to kill me.
I went back to where he attacked me, and I found a cave nearby.
I think I once lived there.
What? In the forest? Alone? I think so.
I think that's what Manoa was trying to show me.
But I don't know how long I lived there, or who left me there.
So why did he attack you? Maybe he didn't.
I keep going over what happened.
Maybe the car startled him and he just tried to keep me quiet.
It makes no sense that he tried to kill me.
He even made toys for me.
I found this in the cave.
Manoa did this? We found the same sort of braid near Jennifer's body.
And there were pine needles in her hair.
Pine trees only grow higher up.
I thought you found Jennifer lower down.
We did.
I have to go.
Yes, of course.
Will you call me if you find Maya? The pathologist found an injection at the base of Manoa's skull.
His hair hid it at first.
There were also anomalies in the muscle density, like he was paralyzed before being hanged.
So no resistance.
It was murder, then.
I also got the report from forensics.
They found nothing in Manoa's cabin.
No blood or fibers belonging to Jennifer, or to the two girls from ten years ago.
- And on the underwear? - No DNA.
Just traces of detergent.
He probably stole them off clothing lines.
They also analyzed the DNA on the boots and oilskin hidden there.
It's a 50% match to Manoa's DNA.
- So it's a relative? - Yes.
I think they were his dad's and he kept them.
What if we're wrong? If there was just one man? If Manoa wasn't an accomplice, but a witness to the murder? We know that Jennifer's body was moved, but we've never understand why the killer took her higher up, before burying her lower down, where we'd be more likely to find her.
It wasn't her killer who buried her.
It was Manoa.
Manoa did that braid.
The funeral wreath we found near Jennifer was braided in exactly the same way.
Manoa saw the murder, he brought the body down from somewhere we'd never have looked.
And he gave her a decent burial.
Arms crossed, the wreath, the flowers It all makes sense.
Then why did he run off? Why didn't he explain? He was scared of going back to prison.
We've never found who drew the map on Eve Mendel's windshield.
Maybe it wasn't someone at the school.
Maybe it was him.
The killer suspected he'd been seen, so he shut Manoa up.
ARDENNES TREE OUTGROWTH We've found the person who talked to Maya on the website.
Bertrand Blanc.
The one who arranged to meet Jennifer the night she disappeared.
I saw him, the day we took the samples.
He was with the journalists.
Let's go.
Police! Open the door! I've called you ten times about my husband disappearing, and you've finally reacted! Has something happened to him? - When exactly did he go missing? - Two days ago.
When Maya left Océane.
He said he had a business trip, but I haven't seen him since.
His cell's switched off.
What's going on? Does he do a lot of business trips? Is he often away? Yes.
For his job and when he goes hunting.
Hunting? Two or three days in the forest.
But he always calls when there's a signal.
He's never Tell me what's going on.
We're not here about your husband's disappearance, but because he communicates with teenage girls on a website.
A website? A website where underage girls put their virginity up for sale.
Your husband was in contact with a girl who was found dead, and another who's gone missing.
Blanc's been spotted.
He got away, but we have the whole area cordoned off.
He can't go far.
I'm coming with you.
Stay there! Put your hands in the air! - On your knees! - Get on your knees! Get down! Get down! Where's my daughter! - Where is she? - It wasn't me! Whose blood is that? Mine.
Two guys who saw my photo on the news attacked me.
Virginie, let him go.
Let him go! Get him.
Do you want me to throw you off the case? You shouldn't even be on it anyway.
It's OK, I'm fine.
I've calmed down.
- Sorry.
- Once more, you're out! It won't happen again.
Your last warning! I'm fine.
I need a doctor.
- What have you done to my daughter? - Nothing.
I swear.
And her? Shit! I didn't do anything to her, I didn't even touch her.
You were on that auctioning website.
You were in contact with these two girls.
You arranged to meet Jennifer the night she went missing, and you saw Maya.
Her friend saw you come for her at the hotel.
And these two? Remember them? Did you "not even touch" them too? Was that your "hunting"? I never saw those girls.
I've never set foot in the forest, I don't know how to fire a gun.
I told my wife that I was hunting and that there was no signal, so I'd be left alone.
I'd get a room at the Manhattan, a hotel on the main road.
You can check that.
Is that where you met the girls? All I did was chat with them, nothing else.
Why were you in Montfaucon the day we took the samples? I saw you.
When I saw the TV news about Jennifer being killed, I got scared, so I came to the village to find out more.
When you turned up, I freaked out.
I sell leather three-piece suites, I can't spend my life in hiding.
I contacted these two on the site.
I liked both of them.
Last Monday, Jennifer made a date with me at a hotel in Rethel.
I withdrew all the money I could.
It wasn't enough, but I thought I'd be able to negotiate.
But she didn't come.
I waited all night.
I supposed she'd changed her mind.
So I got back in touch with Maya.
She said she was in Charleville, so we met for a coffee.
Then she said she couldn't, that she wasn't that sort of girl We left it at that.
She said she wanted to go home, so I said I'd take her.
I dropped her at the bus stop, at the roundabout before the village.
That was the last time I saw of her, I swear.
I've called the Manhattan.
They confirm what he told us.
Julien, it's me.
Go to the bus station.
Get the video footage of the Trois Fourches bus stop, and ask all the drivers if they saw Maya two days ago.
- There's nothing.
- Nothing.
It's Maya's bag! Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor