The Forest (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Manoa left you this before he died? - Why you? - I don't know.
OK, thanks.
Jennifer's mother recognized the description of the bra.
We'll get it to the lab right away.
This is probably where Jennifer was killed.
Manoa found her, then buried her lower down.
We wouldn't have found her otherwise.
Or this.
- Philippe.
- Yes? Gather round, everyone.
We'll get searching again.
Everyone! We'll start a search from where we found Maya's things.
- Are you OK? - Yes.
Split up into the same two groups as before.
Go! I identified her by the pin she had in her leg.
It's Mélanie Krootz, who disappeared ten years ago.
And this one? The girl who was camping? No, the DNA and age aren't right.
That skeleton's been there for over 20 years.
You see the pelvis? She bore a child.
Are you sure? Have you found Maya? No, not yet.
What is it? One of the skeletons you found is that of a young woman that had been there for well over 20 years.
She'd had a child.
I'd like to take a sample of your DNA.
I think she may have been your mother.
Is that why Manoa left that bit of tree, to tell me where she was? Does that mean he knew she was my mother? That he saw what happened to her? We have to start with the DNA test, if you agree.
There's no good answer.
If she was my mother, it's too late.
And if not, I still have nothing.
The first skeleton is that of Mélanie Krootz, the schoolgirl, who went missing in 2006 on her way back from a party.
But we still haven't found Louise Martin, the camper, who disappeared in 2005.
All we know of the other skeleton is that it had been there over 20 years.
So the strangler started even earlier? The strangler? The press are calling him "the Ardennes strangler".
Most of the guys are out searching.
We know what to expect.
If we find her.
Don't you think we should Any footage of the bus stop? Yes.
Go on.
Someone picked her up.
The way she reacts The way she waves It's someone she knows.
Did Bertrand Blanc come back for her? He says he went to Charleville after dropping her off.
That's borne out by a photo at the toll booth.
Taken half an hour after he dropped Maya off.
The boot? No, the lab checked it.
No trace of Maya.
No DNA, no hair Only in the front.
And the car hadn't been cleaned, so Unless he wrapped her in plastic, it wasn't him.
It was someone she knew.
Océane said she only met Blanc in Charleville.
If it wasn't him It was someone from the village.
- From the village? - Yes.
Someone we know, someone we've had a drink with.
It's a man, at least 45 years old, who's lived in the area for at least 20 years.
Someone Maya probably knew.
Question women and children too.
He may have an accomplice.
Or maybe his family saw something without realizing.
Check where everyone was at the time Manoa died and Jennifer and Maya disappeared.
Where were they, with whom, what routes did they take? Go over the old statements.
Cross-check them with the new data.
Look for inconsistencies, for changes in stories The best way to find Maya is to find this man.
Go! A macabre discovery this morning: two more bodies.
One was that of Mélanie Krootz, but the Ardennes strangler's other victim is still unidentified.
He's also suspected of raping and killing Jennifer Lenoir, and of kidnapping another teenager whose identity hasn't been revealed.
The search goes on throughout I have to go shopping.
I won't do anything silly.
I'm glad you're home.
They're all here.
All the parents have come to pick up their children.
He usually gets picked up by Clémence's mother.
Caville over there changed his hours at the sawmill so he can come for his daughters.
They used to go home with the Benzemas.
It's crazy.
Everyone suspects everyone else.
That's not our village.
Going somewhere? Océane.
Let's go for a walk.
How did you find me? There was no one at your house.
I guessed you'd be there.
Are you angry with me? I thought you were dead.
We all thought you were dead.
I'm sorry.
For you, I mean.
I know it wasn't nice.
Your dad was scared to death.
I know he's not a great dad, but he does love you.
If you were trying to teach him a lesson, I think it worked.
How long will it go on? Is leaving the solution? Then what is? Failing my exams and working in the supermarket? Playing bingo on Saturday nights? - Did you like being with those men? - No.
But I don't like being here and I don't like my dad.
It's the same thing.
I think of other things, and wait for it to be over.
At least with those men I get paid.
I can't stay here.
Because of Jennifer and Maya? I dragged them into it.
Do you think they'll find Maya alive? I'm just like my dad, really.
All we do is cause trouble.
Maybe I'll end up like him.
If you run away, you might.
It's your decision.
Think about it.
I know it won't be easy, but I hope to see you at school tomorrow.
Nothing in those areas.
Tomorrow we'll try these.
We can access them via the other flank.
How many more men to question? Forty or so from Montfaucon.
Not counting the women and children.
Door-to-door tomorrow, from six a.
We've found the girl who was with Mélanie Krootz.
They parted by the forest after the party and she remembers hearing a car engine in the distance.
- Did she see the car? - No.
Go home, have a nice hot bath, relax a bit.
That's not an order.
It's advice from a friend.
You can't keep this up.
I shouldn't have said that.
I hope you find Maya.
I've been praying for her all afternoon.
What are you doing here? They let me go three hours ago.
I got the bus.
You're not staying.
Where do you want me to go? I can't tell you to go to your lover.
I don't know.
I was calling you all afternoon.
She's my daughter too.
I have a right to be kept informed.
Do you think you're the only one in pain? That I'm not worried too? That you're the only one in a panic since last week? Still no news? No, sorry.
Isn't Dr.
Mendel in? He had to go to an emergency.
Do you have the results? The older skeleton is your mother's.
The most tiring thing is scrutinizing people's faces.
Whenever I meet someone new, I look at their eyes, their hair looking for some resemblance, however tiny it may be, wondering if they might be my mother, my father, a cousin even I still don't have a face.
An expression.
A smile.
Just bones! What can bones tell me? What happened? He attacked her and I managed to get away? What was she doing in the forest with a child? I've got my men on it.
They're looking at all cases of a missing woman with a child, from 1988 to 1994.
They haven't found anything yet.
How could she disappear with a child without it being reported? It shouldn't be possible.
I don't get it either.
You must be the only person who's seen the killer and lived.
I'll get a patrol to watch the house.
I want to know.
I want to know how it began with Jennifer.
How many times you slept with her.
What it was like.
How it made you feel.
Virginie I need this.
I need pain that's different from thinking about my daughter.
Even for a short while.
It's all my fault.
I'm the one who dragged Jennifer and Maya into it.
I hope that one day you'll be able to forgive me.
Everyone to your classes.
To your classes! Everyone to your classes, I said! Must I keep repeating it? Let's get a move on, please.
Of course you're here.
What did I just say? Decker here.
Manoa was injected with gallamine, a synthetic curare.
A large dose can cause temporary paralysis.
- Where can you get it? - Online.
It's also found in Xaredil, a muscle relaxant stocked by pharmacies.
Thank you, Doctor.
- Goodbye, Captain.
- Goodbye.
This is a horrible business! I can't stop thinking about it.
I've always had my doubts about Have you sold any Xaredil to anyone recently? I don't know.
Why do you ask? Manoa was paralyzed with Xaredil before he was killed.
That's awful! The poor soul.
Are you sure? Xaredil is only available by prescription, right? Can you check? That's bad timing.
My computer has just crashed.
Bad timing indeed.
- When it's fixed, will you call me? - Of course.
No problem.
I have to see you.
- What's the fuss? - I could lose my license! Calm down.
He knows I'm lying.
He knew I was lying about Vincent.
Not in the cafeteria? I'm not hungry.
You have to eat, though.
Someone did that this morning.
It's subtle! Illogical.
Why go to the trouble here when there are white walls all over? They've smashed the glass, there are photos missing And? It's weird.
How do you mean? I don't know.
What's missing? Old class photos.
I have to go.
I did an inventory three days ago, and I realized three boxes of Xaredil had gone from the drawer where I keep "sensitive" medicines.
The key to that drawer is always on me.
And it's always locked.
Another key? It was hidden on top of the shelves in the shed.
But it's no longer there.
Why did you lie about Vincent? I didn't.
I saw him leaving his house.
I swear.
You just said you lied.
Brigitte, if you don't tell him, I will.
Brigitte and I are in love.
We saw Vincent leaving his house from the window of mybedroom.
I didn't want Gilles Mr.
Lopez to find out.
Not yet.
The divorce hit him hard.
If he knew I left him for a woman, he'd never get over it.
Come in.
Do you know what it'll cost us? 420 euros! Yes, to repaint and get everything fixed.
Yes, that's where our education money goes! I'll do that.
Do you have copies of the photos that were ruined? - What - Please.
Why are you interested in them? I don't understand, they were here.
Maël, can I have a word? You were taking photos in school last week, right? - Did you take any in the halls? - Yeah.
Do you still have them? On my computer.
Can you send them to me when you get home? Race you to the lock! Decker here.
Manoa didn't draw that map on my windshield.
I know who saw Jennifer that evening.
The day that map was drawn, I didn't notice anyone suspicious but I heard something.
I couldn't place it, and I doubt I'd have remembered if I hadn't heard it again today.
It was the sound of Maxime Rinkert's bike.
He drew that map, I'm sure of it.
Lola, what are you doing here? - Math class was cancelled.
- What did I tell you? - Don't leave the school alone! - I'm not alone.
I'm taking you home, come on! You're hurting me! Dad, you're an embarrassment! You drew that map on Eve Mendel's windshield.
And you saw Jennifer shortly before she went missing.
- He was with me.
- Then maybe you both saw her.
Or was it just you who saw her? Were you with her? - We didn't do anything.
- Shut up! But you saw something.
Max If you saw something, please tell me.
We don't know anything.
They know something, why won't they talk? Virginie Vincent did go out the night Jennifer went missing.
You knew.
He told me.
- I have to report it.
- I know.
Where are they? It's OK.
Have you got my boys? Yes, they know something about Jennifer's disappearance.
They're my sons, you know them, they're not involved! Yes, I thought I knew lots of people.
Until I find my daughter, they're staying here.
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I shouldn't have said that to you.
I was scared.
Since your mother left, I've felt like like there's only me between you and the rest of the world.
And I don't feel it's enough.
I can't live like you, always imagining the worst.
You know, Louis isn't the right age for you.
You can't go out with him.
I know.
But I liked being with him.
Dad, do you think they were friendly just because I'm your daughter? Help! Fuck! Help! What happened? The road was blocked, I stopped, someone knocked me out.
I woke up inside.
It was Georges' cabin.
It's been abandoned since he died two years ago.
If you hadn't driven by Are you all right? Cordon off the area.
I don't want anyone in the perimeter.
Did you see anything? No.
Just a shadow before the fire started.
And you? Did you cross anyone on the road? No one.
Where had you been? Shit, Thierry! It was you? We've had a series of burglaries of holiday homes.
Is that why you were out the night Jennifer went missing? There was a burglary reported the next day.
POLICE STATION It all happened so fast.
- Eve! - It's OK, Dad, I'm fine.
I'll just be coughing for a few days.
The medics already did that.
Take her home.
There'll be a patrol watching you.
And you, don't set foot outside until we've found him, OK? He had a suspended sentence.
With what we found in his van, he'll do those two years.
- Take care.
- Thanks, Captain.
I knew it.
You don't know any other way.
Come on.
I'll deal with her.
We found traces of blood in the forest.
They have to talk! Give me another ten minutes with them.
You have five minutes to tell me what happened.
Otherwise, I'll arrest you both for withholding evidence.
And I'll let you stew for the next six months.
Louis, you're old enough to go to prison.
And you If I don't find Maya, wherever you go, at whatever school you apply to, I'll be right there behind you, and I'll explain what you did.
He didn't do anything.
You think people only believe what's true? I'll fabricate evidence, I'll get statements You get great results at school, eh? You want to be an engineer, right? You'll be lucky to get a job digging holes by the roadside! I'll do the same to your dad! To your mom! I'll never leave you alone! You've got five minutes.
What did you see? We saw Jennifer the night she went missing.
We went to the forest to make a fire.
And we saw her on the way, on her bike.
I offered her a beer.
We drank a bit.
She didn't seem her normal self.
She was in a bad mood.
She annoyed me and we argued.
I decided to go home with Max, but before going, I punctured the tire on her bike.
I thought it'd teach her a lesson.
Why didn't you tell me? We were scared of getting in trouble.
We thought we could go to prison.
But you drew that map on Eve's windshield to help us.
It wasn't Louis.
- It was me.
- Max! I punctured her tire.
She was making fun of me.
I'm sick of being made fun of because I'm two years younger.
He didn't want Dad to find out.
It's my fault she died.
If I hadn't punctured her tire She died because of the bastard who killed her.
I need your help to find him.
What time was it when you left Jennifer? I don't know.
Eleven thirty, maybe.
Just before midnight.
Did you see anything when you left? Anyone? No, but I saw I saw a light.
What sort of light? I don't know.
It was like it was floating there.
A car's headlights? No, there was only one.
Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor