The Forest (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- What? Joe is Mr.
The letters on his jacket in an old photo.
- It's him! - Virginie.
The guy who saw a light in the forest said it could have been a headlight.
A single headlight? Mr.
Lopez had a broken headlight the morning Jennifer went missing.
Let's go.
He's not here.
Do what he asks you, please.
He won't do anything to me if you do exactly what he says.
No media.
No abduction alert in stations or airports.
No roadblocks or spot-checks on the roads.
If you try something, he'll know.
And he'll kill me.
Like he did the others.
Once he's safe, he'll let me go.
He's promised.
He'll let me come home.
Do what he tells you.
I love you, Mom.
I'm sorry.
She's your daughter.
I can't make the decision for you.
What do we do? They can't be far.
The main road or the motorway.
Call the border police.
Give them the descriptions of Maya and Lopez.
But they mustn't intervene without us.
If he's trapped, he'll kill her.
But, Virginie, he'll It's OK, at least we have a few hours.
The hurricane which struck the Caribbean yesterday is still heading north.
Now let's have a look at the markets in China The search goes on for the teenager snatched by the man thought to be the Ardennes strangler.
The search continues on the high ground, but any chance of finding the girl seems Check everything.
We have to find where he intends to go.
THE BATTLE OF THE ARDENNES He was a history teacher before he became the head.
The books were self-published.
He made the whole class buy them.
- Is it him? - Yes.
- And Maya? - He must have left with her.
Any idea where he could take her? Where he'd go to hide? Do you remember anything else? I spent half my life near him, and it never came back to me.
How is that possible? I could have prevented all this.
There's something behind.
What's that? A jacket? There's something in the pocket.
She's alive.
You'll find her.
I know you will.
We're busy.
Can I do anything? No.
I'll call you.
OK? I'm not here for a prescription or to question you.
Can you lock the door, please? I have to talk to you.
What's going on? It's your ex-husband.
Gilles? Has something happened to him? Mrs.
Muller It was he who stole the Xaredil off you.
Jennifer, the other girls, Manoa He killed them.
I'm sorry.
Does he have a house somewhere abroad? Some contacts? We've found nothing.
Why didn't I see? He always acted so nice.
Do you have any idea where he could have run to? No.
He didn't like travelling.
He'd put a flower on my pillow every evening.
Reverse the image.
Hang on, what's that? "Air"? "547.
" It's a plane ticket.
He's got tickets on Transair, which only flies from Lille and Brussels.
He's going to one or the other.
We're getting a list of passengers.
I think I've got them.
I have seats for Paul Trudeau and his daughter Chloé.
No such people live in this region.
- What flight? - Lille to Casablanca, in three hours.
- I'll call the airport.
- I'm on my way.
NATURE RESERVE The border police in Lille have men in plain clothes.
Captain, are you OK? That film.
Lopez knew we wouldn't obey him.
So what was the point? Well, we spotted the ticket.
Isn't there something odd about a man on the run leaving his plane ticket in the shot? He's avoided being caught for 30 years, and now he slips up? He wanted us to go to Lille? Because he's not there.
By the time we realize, he'll be long gone.
Then where has he gone? Where we wouldn't think of looking.
Those books he wrote.
Do you have them? Show me.
I'm thirsty.
There's a bottle of water in the bag.
Don't try anything silly.
Sit back down! Will you let me go once we've crossed the border? I promised I would.
He's going to Belgium via the Givet reserve.
What? These are the routes taken by people-smugglers during WWII.
They got past the Germans.
He'll take one of them.
Not this one, it's no longer passable.
Too dangerous.
So one of these two.
Watch out! Shit! Maya, wait! Maya! Stop! Maya! Stop, Maya! Stop! Stop! Let me in! Let me in! Quick! Drive off! Quick! - Where are you? - I'll be there in 20 minutes.
- And you? - We're almost there.
We've got back-up on the way.
Captain, I'll call you back.
- Hello? - Mom, it's me! Maya! Mom Where are you? Maya! Are you OK? A helicopter's spotted him.
Where? There.
What's that? He can't get through there.
It's high up and our guys are all around.
He's trapped.
We've got him.
- Where are you going? - I'll meet up with you.
Come on.
Lopez! Put the gun down.
Put the fucking gun down! I don't want to shoot you, put the gun down.
Lopez! Put the gun down! Now.
There, on the ground.
That's it.
Now get down.
On the ground.
Get down on the ground! No, Lopez, stop.
Stop, Lopez! Get on the ground! Don't be fucking stupid! It's OK.
Pierre, can you turn it up, please? Welcome to this news flash.
An unexpected turnaround in the Ardennes strangler case.
It was this man, Gilles Lopez, 57, the principal at the school where Jennifer and Maya went.
The suspect has been taken to Charleville, where he'll be questioned by the gendarmes.
A few hours ago, Maya Musso, the girl snatched from Montfaucon, was found unharmed.
She was held for several days in Lopez's basement.
The neighbors Mrs.
Lopez! Maya.
I went and fetched him.
What happened with Jennifer? How could you rape and kill those young girls whom you'd known since they were little? What did you do to Maya while you held her prisoner? What did you do to Maya? Have you told my wife? I ask the questions, you answer them.
No, I've got nothing to lose.
But you need answers.
Have you told my wife? Where are you going? Have you told my wife? You see, my answer is more important to you than yours is to me.
I didn't do anything to Maya.
I didn't touch her.
She had food and water.
And Louise Martin? What did you do to her? Where is she? And this woman? Who was she? Did you know her name? I want to see my wife first.
We've let your ex-wife know.
She doesn't want to see you or even hear about you.
Did you kill those two girls? How could you do that? They trusted you.
I never considered that.
But anyway Who is the real butcher? He who slits a cow's throat? He who fattens it up first? He who decides she'll produce steaks rather than milk? He who brings her into the world? I'm not the only guilty one.
If Vincent hadn't slept with Jennifer, she wouldn't have left that night.
The butcher the cow Forgotten something? I won't be back until after eight tonight.
I know, you told me earlier.
Before eight o'clock, I want you to pack your bags and be gone.
Go to a hotel, get a rented place, whatever you want, but when I get back tonight, you won't be here.
You can see the children, I'll never stop you.
But I don't want to see you again.
You can't do this, give us time.
We just need time.
I can never forgive you.
I was stupid, I know that.
I just didn't care.
I'm not even talking about Jennifer.
Honestly, I I loved you so much that I'd have tried to forgive you.
But the fact that you didn't tell me when Maya ran off, that you left me wondering what it was I'd done wrong I can't.
I've tried, but I can't.
Eight o'clock.
I have to go, he's here.
You can come and see me on Saturdays.
The social worker will pop by tomorrow.
For all the rest.
When I got arrested with all that gear, I was taking it to my fence.
I told him it was the last time.
That I was stopping.
I knew I'd end up in prison, but Well, it serves me right.
I know I can never undo all I've done to you.
But I can't I can't leave, thinking that you hate me.
I really wanted to try.
Can we stop somewhere on the way? I need to do one last thing.
He's in the greenhouse.
I've been rehearsing this for 30 years.
They should have sent me to prison.
I was only 15, but I knew what I was doing.
I simply didn't know they'd be in the house.
Your wife and son.
But that doesn't change what I became that day.
And it's time I paid for it.
It's right that I pay for it.
I'm truly sorry.
Not a morning goes by that I don't wake and think of them.
Thank you.
For what you did for Eve.
I don't want Océane going into care.
Spending two years on her own, with total strangers.
I can appoint a guardian.
Man or woman.
You want her to live with me? No one could take better care of her than you and Abraham.
Of course.
I can go now, then.
Are you sure? Yes.
I expected you before now.
I always knew you'd be the one to bring me down.
To bring it full circle.
You killed Manoa.
Poking his nose in where it wasn't wanted.
And you killed my mother.
She was hitchhiking with you.
I still didn't know what I'd do when I stopped to pick you up.
That was the first time.
You fell asleep in the back.
I drove into the forest, stopped I said I had a flat tire.
She got out of the car too.
Maybe if she hadn't gotten out If she hadn't been wearing a miniskirt And me? Why didn't you kill me? I know it sounds strange, but I couldn't kill a child.
When I got back to the car you were still asleep.
You hadn't noticed a thing.
I drove to the most isolated part of the forest.
And you left me there.
You shouldn't have survived.
But Manoa found me.
When you first came to the school, I knew you immediately, but you didn't know me.
I looked into your eyes.
And I saw nothing.
I've been waiting for twenty years.
Twenty years.
Every day I wondered: "Will it be today? Will it be today that she remembers? Today that she puts an end to my life?" Why didn't you try to kill me before the fire in the cabin? I don't know.
Maybe because we shared the same secret.
Even though you didn't know.
And every time I looked at you I saw your mother.
My mother.
You spoke to her.
Do you know her name? Where she was from? You think I'll tell you? Why do you think I'm here? To say goodbye? Who was my mother? You owe me at least that! Who was she? I didn't ask her name.
I didn't look at her papers.
I didn't expect to know her for long.
She must have told you.
I think that's enough.
He knows something, I'm sure.
Why did he say that in Italian? He wants to go to the restroom.
Was she Italian? Is that why I've never found a trace in France? Will you be OK? Yeah, why? I've been trying to call you.
I wanted to thank you for not mentioning what the boys did.
Can we talk? We know who she was.
Your mother.
And we know who you are.
I searched through all the European missing notices for a mother and her young daughter.
Your mother wasn't anywhere.
We were looking in the wrong place.
She was in another file.
For child abduction.
You were right, your mother was Italian.
Her name was Paola d'Annunzio.
She lived near Turin.
When she was 20 she had a daughter, with her boyfriend Luca.
They weren't married.
And they split up three years after the birth.
In June 1992, Paola left Turin for Rome, where she'd been offered a job.
Before she left, they had an argument.
Luca didn't want her to take the child.
He started the proceedings to obtain custody.
But Paola left anyway.
And they never heard from her again.
Luca contacted the authorities when he didn't get the child during the holidays.
The Italian police looked for her, but gave up after a while.
They probably just dismissed it as a family squabble.
Paola had no other relatives.
The case was closed.
In 1992? Abraham found me in 1994.
I was in the forest for two years? Yes.
I don't know what your mother was doing here.
Maybe she'd met people or found a job.
Are you sure it was her? After you'd disappeared, Luca gave the police a photo.
I asked Interpol for a copy.
Manoa's drawing.
What was my name? Gabriela.
And my father? He kept looking.
He put pressure on the police.
Fifteen years ago, he married a French woman and moved to Belgium, near Ostend.
They have a son.
Do you have his address? Yes.
I'll call you when I get there.
Will you be OK with Océane? I've looked after a teenager before.
Yes? Subtitle translation by Howard Bonsor