The Ghost Squad (2005) s01e05 Episode Script


What'? What if we die here? We could.
I need water.
And I can't feel my feet.
If I go and I don't make it back, I want a medal.
And name your first child after me.
What if it's a boy'? Yeah.
Oh, blasted tequila slammers.
That was your idea.
No, it was the slippery nipples.
Your idea.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Here we go.
Oh, thank you.
The sides of my gullet are stuck together.
That's a nice bag.
Must have cost a bomb.
To think I used to be a goth.
No way.
This is my ugly duckling face.
Do you want to grab the first shower? No, you go ahead.
I'm just gonna sit here and rehydrate for a bit.
How much was in there? About three grand in fives and tens.
Which corresponds with the report I received into her bank account from the Financial Crimes Unit.
So she's getting lots of cash in small notes on a regular basis.
Anyone else? No.
They checked everyone at the station and Sarah is the only one whose account shows any irregularities.
It sounds like street money.
Drugs'? Or protection money from dealers.
But it doesn't match her profile, not with everything we've got on her.
School records, hospital files, shopping habits, police personal files.
Oh, and a dating questionnaire she filled out on the Internet before she joined up.
What did I say'? Did I say a thing? How did you and Sarah bond? Bond? Your profile suggests that you might hit it off.
I wasn't aware of being profiled.
Well, now you are.
I wouldn't want you to think you're being kept in the dark.
Oh, that's very kind of you.
Have I been profiled too'? Yes.
Well, can I read it'? No.
Is it a problem if I like her? Of course not.
Why? Should it be? You ready? Sure.
So what's your secret then? Sorry? The magic recovery.
We were the walking dead this morning.
Can I have some'? I only had a bit left.
Jenny, would you like to come through? OK, take a seat.
This is Amy.
She's just started with us.
So you want to get that pimp off your back? Have I got a place on the program? I've got you a place but we need to sort the rest of your shit out.
What do you mean? We know that Terry Gill is also your dealer, so six weeks detox is not gonna solve your problem.
You need to get off the game and drugs before you go on the course.
How will I do for money if I'm not working'? You won't need money to feed your habit if you kick the habit.
But what will I live on? What about the sodding dole like everyone else? Come on, Jenny, we're cops, not charity workers.
But we can get you a place on a training course.
Training for what? Anything.
You can train to be anything you want.
Yeah? A whole new start for you.
When I was a kid I wanted to be a nurse.
So be a nurse.
Just learn to stay away from the medicine cabinet.
I'll just be a moment, OK'? I'll be back in a sec.
He's just come out.
What are you doing? It were lying around.
Low-life! Excuse me, that's not the sort of thing we expect from Community Safety.
This is confidential.
Don't start on me, Bob.
And what do you want, new girl'? Last time I saw you, you were sliding under the table.
Hey, I was drinking on an empty stomach.
Still drank you under the table, though.
Sorry about that.
I left your file on my other desk.
Where were we'? I'm gonna be a nurse.
Sure you are.
OK, well, the next step is we take your statement and then we have a judge issue a restraining order against Terry Gill.
What happens when Terry comes after me'? Well, if he breaks the restraining order, he goes to prison.
No, before that - the bit where he's breaking into my flat and none of you are around.
What do you want us to say'? It's just risky, that's all.
You've got to stand up to this guy, Jenny.
But you're not on your own any more now.
You stand up to him, we put him away - I promise.
If you say so.
I say so.
You want to proceed? You're not gonna nick him, though, for dealing and that? Not unless We are not CID, Jenny.
We worry about you.
Anything you say - everything that you say - stays with us.
Whether they like it or not, it's all strictly confidential.
Jenny, fancy seeing you here.
Vinny? I need to talk to you.
Five minutes.
I'm counting.
Sam, could you take Jenny's statement for me, please? Are you sure? 'Cause No, don't.
Don't worry.
You're doing the right thing.
'Bye, Jenny.
Jesus, I'll kill that fat bastard.
What was all that with the file? Oh, just CID thinking that they can frisk me for intelligence.
Well, now you know what they're like through there.
I'll get you a key for this.
Right, better go and see what this idiot Vinny wants.
What's his story? Oh, just another waste of space, but he's also the sergeant in charge of the Special Crime Unit, so Got it.
No! Do you want me to hit you? No! You want me to hit you? Get off me.
Say it.
Get Say it! Are you gonna hit me'? Say it.
Get off me! Say it.
Sarah What'? Are you coming in or going out'? OW! Hey, Amy.
OK, so I am a filthy slag.
What can I say'? Vinny? Yeah.
Really? Yeah.
Well he's got that That That PC Sarah Houghton? Yes? IPCC.
I'd like a word.
Oh, sorry, I'm just about Now.
Can you vacate this office'? No, I don't think so.
Get out, please.
Tell Vinny, will you? Right.
The Financial Crimes Unit has been monitoring police officers' bank accounts.
Yours gives us cause for concern.
I see.
This money - cash - going in and out of your account.
For the charity.
Charity? Yes.
I'm the treasurer of the station fundraising team.
And do you keep records of how you collect the money? No, it's a lot more informal than that.
Everyone in the station does their bit whatever way they can.
So you're telling me everybody trusts you with their money.
Am I being accused of something illegal? Not yet.
I am entitled by law to raise funds on behalf of the charity.
I'm also entitled to use my bank account to hold funds in transition.
And do your personal expenses run into buying a designer watch? Beg your pardon? What's going on here? Can you leave the room, please? What's this? Cowboy court? Vinny? Where's her brief? Where's the recorder? You come here getting one on one with a female alone in a room? What's your game, mate? I won't tell you again.
You won't have to.
Is she under arrest'? No.
Right, out.
Out! You want to come after anyone in my station, you bring a warrant, mate.
Your station? Yeah.
I'll be in touch.
Stupid cow.
Hey! You should have come to me first.
Didn't have the time.
You weren't thinking.
It was for some shit about the charity account.
Not now.
What's going on here? I'm looking after it.
Well, can you look after it a little more discreetly? Yeah, whatever, sir.
Why didn't you bring in the federation rep? Bob? You're kidding me, right? You don't talk to them without proper procedure.
You stay out of this.
Right, everyone back to work.
Come and talk to me in a bit, OK'? Bob! Fuck! How'd the interview go? Oh, they think I'm up to something with the charity money.
What money'? Oh, um, fundraising for the local rape crisis centre, asking me where it all comes from.
And where does it all come from? Everywhere.
I mean, we do events, you know'? It's all kosher.
So what was Vinny's problem then? Just being territorial.
Yeah, he seems a bit primal.
Ha! A bit? Should have had someone in here with me.
That guy obviously had an agenda.
Well, you've got to admit, that's a lot of watch for a cop.
Yeah, if it was real.
Vinny probably got it off the market.
Anyway don't need to bore you about all this.
Hey, I'm here if you need to talk.
Just I'll be back in a bit, OK'? Sure.
Well, she's clearly not the Little Miss Perfect her file suggested, is she? Pete.
She was getting rattled in the interview.
That doesn't mean anything.
What are you saying? I'm not.
But, you know, she's a good cop.
And she's funny.
You know, she does the job because she cares about people instead of lying to them for a living.
Excuse me'? I should shut up.
Look, she sat in there without a fed rep, so why do that if you've got something to hide? Well, maybe she thinks she has nothing to hide.
How about Vinny? Well, yeah, he overreacted.
But everything he said was good advice so Yeah.
And his bank account is clear.
He's in debt, like all cops.
And then there's this.
His scorecard is top of the league.
The Serious team has reduced organised crime to a standstill in the borough.
Looks like a very good cop.
Too good? Maybe Sarah's feeding him Community Unit intelligence.
No way.
They're all gagging for the name of Jenny's dealer but Sarah's quite happy to make herself unpopular by not giving it up.
Unless it's a front by the two of them.
Go after him.
Split them up, see what happens.
Is she OK'? Why shouldn't she be'? Well, the IPCC don't just roll in for no reason, do they? Look, um, I just want you to know that if you guys need anything, um, you know, anything at all What's this got to do with me'? Well, she seems to do everything you say so Hardly.
Sarah does what Sarah wants.
That must be annoying.
I'm alright.
It's the rest of CID she should worry about.
Look, I'm all for Sarah's pink sofa confidentiality bollocks.
I'm sure she's making some tarts feel really special.
Oi! Alright, alright, bit harsh.
But those girls know stuff, stuff that could really help the lads in here, and she's just being pig-headed.
Yeah, but if she starts leaking things, well, then the girls will never trust her again.
Only if we're stupid with how we treat the information.
It's about teamwork.
Sarah has a habit of forgetting that.
You're a team player, aren't you, Amy? I'm also Sarah's friend.
Course you are.
So am I.
What do you want? Jenny.
Girl that came in yesterday.
She has a dealer I want to take out.
That's gonna help Jenny more than any hand-holding.
Or it might end up with him kicking her to bits.
Not the way I do it.
His name's Terry Gill.
But I think you knew that already.
Got an address? What about Sarah? This can be our little secret.
Did I mention if this goes right you're my favourite girl'? Oooh, I'm swooning.
Who is it? Police, Terry.
Just some routine questions.
Open up, mate.
You got a warrant? Yeah, right here in my hand, mate.
You wanna tell me where your stash is, then, Terry? I'm clean, man.
I don't deal.
Course you don't.
You think you can come in here, start getting heavy with the girls and dealing? I'm clean, man.
I told you.
Where's your warrant? Who needs a warrant? I'm gonna sue you.
Yeah, yeah.
Now, you stay away from Jenny and you get off my estate or I'll come back.
Arggh! Did you hear me'? Yeah.
Hey? Yeah! Let's go.
Fuck! Nice work.
And totally by the book.
Yeah, well, I can get a bit Is there a problem? No.
I know when to keep my mouth shut.
Jenny's a dim tart but she doesn't deserve someone like Terry smashing her about.
Sorry if that offends.
Well, Sarah wouldn't approve, I bet.
I'd never hear the sodding end of it.
And you're not gonna tell her.
Course not.
Alright, then.
Alright, then.
To Terry Gill.
OK, what's the difference between a fridge and a woman? I don't know.
A fridge doesn't fart when you take the meat out.
I thought you got lost.
No, just chatting with the other girls.
Amy, are you a football fan'? Got some spare tickets.
How come I've never been invited? You're invited if you want.
Course you're invited, you numby.
Oh, not for me, thanks - you boys won't stop banging on about how we don't understand the offside rule.
Hey, how's Tenny and the IVF? We've got another implantation on Friday.
Tenny's a bit tense to say the least, but it's what she wants.
Oh, lads, give it a rest.
We'll be talking knitting patterns next.
May I use the table? Here.
When did you get so houseproud? Ever since I found out that fucking table's worth five grand.
So what we got, then? Top shelf.
Here we go.
Whoo-hey! You OK'? Yeah.
You're making quite an impact on the lads, aren't you? Me'? Nah.
Oooh, Sarah, you do know that excessive consumption can lead to infertility'? Well, I'm not planning on getting knocked up any time soon, Bob.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Good stuff.
Sure is.
Yeah, I'll be right out.
Um, does anyone know where the Just out in the hall.
10 K's worth of coke.
Did you check out the biker? Yeah, he's a dealer.
So what did Vinny buy? He didn't.
What? He didn't buy.
He sold.
He's a bloody supplier, Pete.
Where do you think the drugs are coming from? I don't know.
He could have dealers working for him.
Well, maybe they're nicking stuff from the station that's due to be destroyed.
Yeah, could be.
Who else is in on it'? Sarah? No.
Jesus, why is it so bad to like the target'? Is there some rule book I haven't seen? You know she's not involved.
Vinny's using that charity account to launder the money and she obviously doesn't have a clue.
Yeah, probably, but she's too close to him not to get hurt in all this.
Look, you can't worry about her.
She's a grown-up.
You need to position yourself in CID next to the boys right next to Vinny.
They really don't like Sarah.
So'? Well, so the closer I get to them, the more I have to push Sarah away.
And I've already screwed her over by stealing that information on Jenny's dealer.
So'? She's not she's not a charity case.
Come on, Amy, toughen up.
Look, if she finds out about Vinny, she could bugger it all up.
She could blow the whistle and we'll only get half a result.
So she needs to be treated with a bit of care.
That's why you're worried about her.
Yeah, it is.
It is.
Look at me.
Look at me! Jenny Look at me.
Sit down.
Look what you did.
I'm sorry.
I come home from my mum's and he's there, off his face, showing me his broken nose and saying I put the cops onto him.
What did you do? Come on, Jenny, let's get you to a hospital.
No, you said you said you wouldn't.
I didn't.
You must have! One of you must have.
Let me take you to hospital.
You did, didn't you? Sarah! No.
Fucking bitch! OK, fine, I'm a bitch, but please come to hospital with me.
No, I can't.
Jenny, come with me.
Come on.
Come on, darling, come on.
It's OK.
It's alright, come on.
Oi, Amy, been thinking of doing some fight club with High Street, you know, fundraising.
You on for a girl fight? Calm down, Bob.
There'd be no mud.
How's Jenny? Oh, as good as you could expect.
I wonder how Terry Gill got to hear of her? Hmm, Bob? No idea what you're talking about, love.
He's put her in hospital.
Left my pager.
You want to dump her.
Why'? How can I put it'? She's not one of us.
Bob You all OK'? Yeah, yeah, we're just talking about some girly boxing.
For charity, mind.
Yeah, yeah.
Put your cocks back in your trousers, lads.
It wasn't that funny.
You know Jenny? Terry Gill's girl ex-girl.
Well, now she looks like she's been hit by a car.
What happened? It's bloody obvious what happened.
You got carried away and poor Jenny paid for what you did to him.
What we did to him.
Come on, Amy, you knew what you were doing.
You want to take it out on Terry Gill'? What? You think he's gonna be sitting there waiting for you? He'll have gone to ground.
Not far.
He has a safe house.
Where? Word is it's a squat where one of his girls lived.
Of course, we don't know who she was because It's confidential Community Safety information.
She joined the program about a month ago.
No, I've done too much already.
You want Terry Gill, you go get that address.
I see, she's all cool and tough in here with me but she ain't got the bottle to do anything about it.
I've got the bottle.
Because if you don't get that address, I'm gonna walk in there and rip it out of the cabinet myself.
You got it'? Arggh! Arggh! OK, lads.
Bag of E's.
And H.
Whole shopping list then, Gill? I've nothing to say.
No-one's asking you to speak.
You should have taken my advice, mate, but I'm glad you didn't 'cause now you're looking at 10 bills.
Bob, get that all logged in.
I'm with Bob, yeah? No, with Vinny.
What, do I smell or something'? That's cool.
Eric, you're with me.
Good work.
Great work.
Nice piece of action this, then.
Bring your scoresheet way up.
Hey, too right.
Amy a new team member, then? Yeah.
Thought you were Community Safety'? I am.
It's a whole new ball game now.
Vinny got the arrest, yeah? I'll bring the paperwork to you later.
Here's to us.
And to Amy.
And Amy.
Hear, hear.
You OK'? What are we celebrating? Jenny's broken cheekbones? We got Terry Gill, on possession.
We? Well, he can't hurt her any more.
Well done, CID.
So how did they get to him, Amy? What do you mean? You know what I mean.
Is this how you get on so well with all the boys? Sarah Hi, baby.
Why the long face? I'm gonna go.
I better Let her go.
No, I should Let her go.
Eh, top-ups'? We shouldn't have let her go off alone.
She'll be fine.
Here we go.
This'll sort us out.
The last of my Colombian.
I've been saving it.
What for'? No fucking idea.
Ladies first.
Where'd you get this, then? I've got a guy.
Try it.
Oh, I'm not really in the mood now.
Do you mind? No.
You don't mind if I Work away.
Dog's bollocks.
Vinny? Amy? What are you doing? I've got a thing for you.
Yeah? Well, you've got a girlfriend too.
It's an open kind of thing.
Well, I'm not an open kind of thing.
And besides, you need a shower big-time.
Shower? OK.
OK, I'll just be right through there.
Don't go away.
I won't.
What are you doing? Vinny.
I was just, er Snooping OK.
I was looking for drugs, and I found them.
Why'? I want in on it.
You what? You must think I'm stupid.
As soon as I saw Frank in the lock-up, I put it all together.
That's a nice little scam you've got, Vinny.
This is Terry Gill's stash.
And I'm the one that got you to him.
I want my cut.
You're a piece of work.
Why, 'cause I'm not some stupid tart who'll open her legs for you and not ask any questions? You've already got one of those.
I don't think you need another.
I can get you a whole load of names and addresses.
Come on, Vinny.
What do you say'? Fuck's sake.
Am I too early or too late? Don't believe this.
It just gets better and better.
Ruin the plans, did I? Sarah, it's not Oh, my God.
Take it easy.
What is this? What's it look like'? It looks like drugs in evidence bags.
What the fuck are you doing here? I have got Compliance on my back about money in my bank account.
You tell me everything right now.
Jesus, Sarah! Everyone just calm down.
So, OK, I let some stuff back on the street through a guy I trust.
Just E, coke, hash - soft stuff.
Never heroin, never crack.
Stuff that should be bloody legal anyhow, and in return we get some cash.
Goes through the charity then to the people who need it.
What people? Fat Bob's wife needs something done to her eggs in order to get pregnant.
Joe's kid needs corrective surgery.
We all need a decent holiday now and then.
Stuff that a cop's wage doesn't run to.
Like my handbag? Yeah.
And the watch? You wanted it.
You like it, right? Call it performance-related pay.
And how about you call it 10 years inside? What are you doing here? I don't take what's not mine.
Really? Really! Jesus, Sarah, I could do without the possessive psycho routine.
I want to know what's going on.
Well, now you know.
Me and Amy? Come on! So what are you gonna do? Turn me in'? You could be part of all this if you want.
Why not'? Well it's just safer for you if you're not.
Oh, yeah, I bet it is.
Get rid of her.
I want to talk to you alone about all of this without her hanging around.
Amy? OK.
See you in the morning, yeah? Yeah.
There's no need to get her involved.
Don't worry.
It won't affect your cut.
Anyway, it's better all round if she is involved.
Yeah, yeah.
I guess.
You're stupid keeping that there.
Are you kidding? Where's safer than a cop's house? Anyway, I'm seeing my guy tomorrow, so it's gone then.
And I didn't bring you on board to bend my ear, so goodnight.
What about the stuff where he claims he's not selling heroin or crack'? Well, it's shit.
It's all shit, everything about him.
Well, he's still in there.
If he's moving his drugs like he told you, he'd better get a move on.
I'll go have a look, see what he's up to.
That's a shame.
It would have been nice to see his face when you guys swooped in.
It'll drop off.
It's under control.
Now, get that down you and go and play with your wall chart.
What was his problem? Oh, nothing.
Just another fast-track idiot wants to keep his arse clean.
Hey, um, how is Sarah? Oh, she's fine, you know.
She's a good girl.
It's all cool.
Where is she now'? She's gone on a little errand.
What sort of errand? She's doing a try-out.
Got to know I can trust her.
What's she doing? Don't worry.
She's just delivering that stuff for me.
Nothing heavy.
Nothing to worry about, then.
Catch you later.
Sarah, look, I know what you're doing.
Why? Jealous, are we'? No, for God's sake.
Sarah! Piss off, Amy.
Please! Look, stop! What is your problem? Are you mad? Delivering? And how do you know what I'm doing? Vinny told me.
Oh, I bet he did.
So do you want to do it, then? Yeah, OK.
Give it to me.
I'll do it.
I bet you would.
Keep in with all the boys.
And I thought he wasn't your type.
I need a cell and an interview room.
Sarah? What's this? Oi.
Interview room.
Number three's available.
It's just down the corridor.
Come on.
Sarah, it's completely bloody obvious that someone else is using the charity's bank account.
And I think you're paying the price for trusting them.
Him - Vinny Thomas.
Come on, Sarah, please don't tell me you're gonna claim it was just you.
I already know the truth.
What's he got? Vinny? What's so special about him, then? We don't know what's happened yet.
You've got to do something.
What's going on? I just saw Sarah being dragged into a Get down there, Bob.
See what you can find out.
Weird timing, huh? Night after I tell you how it goes, they get onto it.
Oh, shut up! I mean, they were interviewing her only a few days ago.
And if it wasn't for you using her account to launder your dirty money, they wouldn't be onto her.
They've probably had her under surveillance.
Who knows what they've got already? Yep.
Yeah, she's here.
They want to see you next.
What do I say'? Fuck should I know'? You got me into this.
Come on.
We've got to start thinking.
DC Amy Harris, sit down please.
You OK'? I'm sorry about Sarah.
Stupid girl.
No, she was doing fine till we came along.
No, he was using her and she was turning a blind eye.
No, no, she was straight.
And I've been so keen to get to Vinny that I've pushed her and hurt her.
She wasn't ever a part of this, until I made her my friend.
Have you got a cigarette? Yeah.
McKay must have chosen me for this one because she knew Sarah would like me and she must have known that I'd like her back.
What's Sarah said about Vinny? She's gonna take the fall, claim she was acting alone.
I can see her doing that.
She loves him.
Well, God knows why.
We have to make sure he goes down, Amy.
We need Sarah's evidence.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Can't stop now, can I? I've done so much to her.
But I can't stop now.
So'? He says she's talking.
Could be bullshit.
Oh, come on! You really think she's gonna stand by after she caught us together last night? Sarah's not like that.
Well, what if you're wrong'? What if she's in there right now making a statement? Then we're screwed.
Game over.
No, we're not.
Look, I like Sarah, and I know you do, but if she's been caught in possession, well, then she's done.
And the only way she can save herself is by giving you and the gang up.
Yeah, I worked that bit out.
So we've got to pull together here.
We've got to get everyone to say that she was our supplier.
Sarah? We'll just get a reprimand for recreational use.
She'll go down but we'll survive.
Slap on the wrist.
Fucking hell, you're a nice girl, aren't you? I'm just trying to save my arse.
And yours.
But I can't save Sarah.
Come on, what do you say? Vinny? Look, I've already said Sarah, I'm about to play a recorded conversation between DS Vinny Thomas and a detective constable called Amy Harris.
You know them? Come on, Vinny, what do you say? Look, I'm not going down for her.
We have one shot at this, one card to play.
What card? She's in love with you.
You just play like you love her too and the stupid cow will go down for you.
She's not a fool.
Oh, come on.
You know how besotted she is with you.
Everyone's always laughing about it.
Can't understand why you tolerate her, especially after you and me.
You and me? Last night.
Remember? Get her to take the fall for you.
Tell her you love her, tell her you'll stand by her, just make sure she takes the fall.
And then it's you and me.
Don't go to prison for him, Sarah.
You know when you meet someone and you just I wake up and I'm smiling because of him.
He touches me even passing me in the corridor and I Is that so bad? To feel like that'? Is it so wrong to fall? OK, what do you want me to say'? Come on, now.
Let's do what we have to do.
You know the drill, Sarah.
Personal possessions.
One pair of earrings, gold coloured.
Three rings, gold coloured.
One watch.
Warrant card.
One warrant card.
Come on, there.
Chin up, love.
Take her down.
Fuck off! I said easy! Fuck off! Easy! Calm down! Calm down, Bob.
Easy! Ah, the three wise monkeys.
Right, one at a time.
Personal possessions.
So what do you think it says in my profile? Amy Harris - dim-witted fat bird who relies too much on her talented, handsome, brilliant partner.
Come on.
It's done.
It's another one done.
Time to be normal again.
I can finally get pissed and not pretend.
Nothing to hide from.
No-one to lie to.
Nothing to worry about.
Not a thing.
Nothing to stop us from getting off our faces.
Oh, come on! Jesus.
Here's to the next one.
Amy! The next one.