The Ghost Squad (2005) s01e06 Episode Script

Necessary Means

Come on, then.
Kiss that, you dirty bugger, yeah? FUCKIN' HELL! Oh, yeah! Fucking come on! Fuckers! Hotel yankee 352.
Urgent assistance required on Bromworth Estate.
3 IC3 males.
Whatever fucking else I can think of! They trashed the area car! Bull! Come on! Fuckin' hurry up, man! Bull, where are you? Terry, where are you, mate? Heading north along Block C.
Quick, down here, man! You stupid little kids.
No way out, bro! What's this? Took a wrong turn, bro, yeah? Hotel yankee 352.
How's that backup coming on? Hear that'? Come on, lads, put the tools down.
Let's not do anything silly, yeah? Just having a bit of fun! Listen.
All we've got is a damaged car.
That's all.
Lads Bull, where are you? Listen, let's just stop and think for a moment, yeah? Alright'? Just take a moment and think.
Yo, cut his fucking ear off! ♫ Lord, I need thy presence ♫ Every passing hour ♫ Earth's joys grow dim ♫ Its glories pass away ♫ Change and decay ♫ In all around I see ♫ O, thou who changest not, ♫ Abide with me.
♫ Terry Dewhurst was one of the best.
A proper cop.
A man's man.
You knew where you were with Terry.
He called a spade a spade.
He was a good good man.
Tomorrow tomorrow, we are gonna get out there and catch the scum that did this Hear, hear.
that did this to all of us.
All of us.
But tonight - tonight's for him.
Cheers! Terry, this this disgusting cheap fucking whisky that he insisted on drinking for some fucking reason, this one's for you, mate.
Ladies and gentlemen, Police Constable Terry Dewhurst.
Terry Dewhurst.
It's a sad day, eh? A sad day.
She likes him? Too much'? No.
I I don't know.
She likes him.
Even though he might be a pimp or a dealer, whatever else he gets up to on that estate.
What do you think of him? He's talented, successful, highly commended, handsome and charming.
I hate him.
Maybe his charms are getting in the way of her investigations.
Do you think he's guilty? We've found nothing to support the allegations so far.
So far.
And now this.
Now he's linked to a murder.
Bloody hell.
Bloody hell, Pete.
Can it not wait until the morning'? I'm so pissed I might crap myself.
Pete? Can I have another chair, please? And a black coffee for this one.
I just don't believe he could be involved in a murder.
No, he's not.
Let's go back to the original allegations.
But we found nothing.
Amy! Mickey Borne, a known dealer.
What was he doing with him? Nothing.
He logged the meeting.
He was chasing some dodgy smack.
And this? Hanging around with prostitutes at 2:00 am? More information gathering? Laura's asleep during normal working hours.
You've spoken to her? I did.
She fancies Gus, but all the girls do.
I didn't get anything more than that.
So it might all just be vicious rumours? Gus Philips isn't dealing, isn't pimping, isn't fucking? He's not helping fence stolen goods? He's not using that estate as his personal kingdom? Not as far as we can see.
Maybe he's innocent.
Maybe the allegations are racially motivated.
Pete, you know there's no racism in the Met any longer.
What about the informant - Geeta Patel.
Someone claimed he was screwing her.
We can't get near her.
Gus always sees her with his co-handler and always officially.
Like everything else.
I can see where the rumours stem from.
Most Dls are tied to their desk, but Gus, he's always out in that estate, talking to people, connecting.
It's good no, it's great policing.
What was the name of the co-handler'? Hallows.
DC Arthur Hallows.
Well, it could be great policing or it could be a wonderful front.
Amy, Terry was one of the officers who made the allegations about Gus and now he's dead, killed on the very estate that Gus trawls so dutifully, connecting.
On the same estate where Geeta Patel lives, where his wife grew up.
Do you want some more coffee? Look, if this If he is involved, then Gus knows about Amy.
And if he's killed Terry If he knows about Amy, then he'll know we're watching her.
You're perfectly safe.
But I want you to wear a bug from now on at all times.
Pete will be listening in day and night.
I also want bugs on his phone, office, home, car - the lot.
I know you like Gus, but from now on, assume the worst.
That he's a murderer? That you might have been exposed.
Just be careful.
He just went completely bonkers smashing glasses.
Where were you? Oh.
I passed out in the ladies.
Woke up about half three, knickers round my ankles.
I had to climb out through this tiny fucking window.
Anyway, so what happened with Gary? Well, 14 pints later Hi, Shereen.
How are you? Hi, Amy.
Hi, Sarge, Darren.
Hello, Charan.
Are you alright? Yeah, I'm great.
Listen, has anyone seen a case file? Neil Mason, ABH.
Not here.
Where'd you last see it'? I thought it was in my locker.
Fuckin' state of him, standing there in the middle of the pub, cock in hand, pissing all over the carpet.
Oh, f Inspector Morris is gonna do his nut.
Still, bound to turn up, eh? Yeah, course it is.
See you later, yeah? See you later.
See you, Darren, Sarge.
So what's up with the DI? Oh, I'd steer clear.
Murder Squad are doing internal interviews and he's got the royal summons.
What's Terry's death got to do with him? Good question.
Oh, shit.
What? Oh, I've got my monthly assessment with him today.
Ooh! You'll be alright.
Just hitch your skirt up a bit.
Or just get under the desk and suck his knob till your jaw aches.
Darren, really, if it makes your jaw ache, you're obviously not doing it right.
I bet she'd love some black cock.
Filthy Paddy bitch.
What? Yeah? Mornin'.
You alright? I heard you were sulking.
No, I just cannot bear that office gossip.
“Gary did this, Gary did that.
" Mmm.
“Pissed on this, pissed on that.
" Exactly.
Bloody children.
Oh, not like you and I have ever got drunk.
Not once.
What's that? It's the post-mortem on Terry.
Jesus, Amy.
They stabbed him 34 times.
Cut off an ear.
Stabbed him in both eyes.
I mean, what, were they scared he was gonna ID them later? I thought we weren't allowed to get involved.
I thought that was all Murder Squad's turf.
Fuck that.
Where's that Murder Squad DCI from? Nottingham? He's gonna do well round here, isn't he? No, I know these people.
We're meant to be doing your assessment today.
I know, but I need to go and see someone, see if I can get some gen.
Can I come'? No, it's an informant.
Don't worry, you'll get a glowing report.
Glad to hear it.
Anyone in'? Hey.
Hi, sir.
Please come in.
Take a seat, make yourself at home, sir.
Oh, thank you very much, I will.
Sit down, Amy.
You make me feel old.
Still on for Saturday? Can you afford it'? I'll win it back.
You're not that good.
No, I'm not, but you're really shit.
Piss off.
I hear Murder Squad want to see you.
What's that all about'? Er, information share, I'd guess.
I doubt there'll be much sharing.
Don't half take themselves seriously.
Who are they after? A kid.
Mickey Borne.
You heard of him? Yeah.
Doesn't seem right to me somehow.
Anyway, we'll see.
What else is new'? Well Oh, I've got a lead on those car-jackings.
Gerry's nearly cleared up the arson cases and Andy's made great headway Alright, alright, Superman.
I'll book a day off to hear the rest of it.
You heard about Arthur Hallows, right? No.
His mum's taken ill.
He's had to shoot back up to Darlington to take care of her.
Sounds terminal by all accounts.
Poor bugger.
I didn't hear anything about this.
Amy can fill the gap.
Can't you? Right.
Well, I'll keep you up to speed with the Murder Squad thing, yeah? See you later.
See ya.
Well looks like you get to come with me after all.
You know, it's odd that, about Arthur.
Yeah? Yeah.
See, I thought his mum died a few years back but, hey, what do I know'? You're late.
Who's this? Hi, Geeta.
This is Amy.
Amy, Geeta.
Where's Arthur? His mum's sick.
You'll be talking to Amy now.
I like Arthur.
Well, you'll like Amy.
She's pretty.
So I'll write a complaint to the Home Secretary.
Come on, what have you got for me'? Geeta? Why do you all think Mickey Borne done it'? Because he lives on the estate, he's got form, he's got a grudge and he hasn't been seen since Terry was murdered.
That enough for you? He says he weren't there.
You talked to him? No.
No-one's talking.
We're all scared shitless of you lot at the moment.
Yeah, alright.
Where is he? Hiding.
Come on.
Look, you arrest him, he'll get the shit beaten out of him.
Jesus Christ, Geeta, this is the 21st century.
We don't beat confessions out of suspects any more.
No, no.
We use electric cattle prods instead.
Look, can't you deal with this? You know, the way you You know'? On your own.
No, Geeta.
A cop is dead.
No-one's getting any favours.
Now, come on, where is he? Hey, where's Mickey? He's hiding out by those derelict flats.
By Balmore House, you know'? They're all boarded up since the arson.
Thank you.
Anything else? No, I'll talk to you another time.
What is it'? It's nothing.
You sure? Alright.
Sign that.
Take care now.
So, what was all that about? No idea.
She's as mad as a biscuit at the best of times.
But you know what? Deep down, I think she really liked you.
It was a brilliant meeting.
Shall we call in about Mickey Borne'? No.
Er No, let's see if her information checks out first.
This guy stabbed Terry in the eyes.
Says who? Well, the post-mortem.
No, no.
I mean, who says Mickey Berne's guilty? I know him, Amy.
He's not gonna do anything to us.
Oh, not to you.
What, are you scared? Oh, fuck off.
I think we should call for backup.
Just in case.
It's a waste of manpower.
Look, I'll go in on my own.
I'll check things out.
You wait here.
I'll come.
If you say a word I will fuckin' slice you open.
What's your name? Detective Constable Harris.
And he's a copper and all, the other one? Hand yourself in, Mickey.
You've got balls.
But I've got the knife.
Mickey, don't.
Shut up.
Just think for a minute.
Mickey, please.
Arggh! Amy.
Are you alright? Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
That was so fucking stupid.
Come on, yeah? Yeah.
OK? I was attacked.
I want to make a complaint.
Complain away.
Listen, you don't have to be here.
Wee Shereen can take Mr Borne down to his cell.
Yeah? Yeah.
She's my little Sherpa.
Ta, Geoff.
Mickey, behave yourself.
Date of birth? Right.
I want you to go home.
Oh, I'm alright.
No, he had a knife to your throat.
I'm alright.
You don't have to play tough to impress me.
I'm already impressed.
Thank you for saving my life.
Right then.
Write your name down there.
That's if you know how to spell it.
So what about my complaint? Shut the fuck up! Now, then, why don't we get you to your cell? Can't keep our customers hanging about, can we'? Are you alright? Yeah.
So, what do you think of him now'? I've thought it all through.
And? And he saved my life, Pete.
Really? Bloody, yeah.
Maybe he put you in that room on purpose.
What? You only got the information off Geeta.
If she's in bed with him, this all could've been planned.
Pete Just think about it.
So why did he come back for me'? It's a trust game.
He saves your life - oh, he can't be bent, can he? He knows Mickey Borne.
Maybe he planned on letting Mickey kill you, but then he changed his mind and thought it was too risky.
Amy! Amy, for fuck's sake! You weren't there! Well, at least I'm keeping an open mind.
All of the stuff they've thrown at him - dealing, pimping, all of it - it's shit.
You really think he had Terry killed? If Mickey Berne's involved, I don't really know.
I mean, what about the GBH case that Gus helped him get off? No, no.
We checked that out.
There was no case.
It was all shit.
Well, maybe He's not gonna kill another cop.
Jesus, six years ago he saves a mate's life by standing in front of a man who was holding an eight-inch blade.
He could still be bent.
He was stabbed seven times, lost four pints of blood.
That was then! Two months, nothing.
Not a sniff.
I don't know what all of that shit from McKay was about.
Well, she can shove it up her bony arse.
He's innocent.
Or he's onto you and he's playing you.
So what's he doing looking for Mickey, then? Finding the truth or controlling the evidence? He shouldn't be near this.
It's Murder Squad's turf.
Fuck off, Pete! Amy Harris.
Knows it all.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
Fuckin' hell! Why are you being like this about him? I like him, Pete.
Maybe you should use that.
Show him.
What are you saying? You want me to flash my tits at him? I'm saying the closer you are to him, the closer you are to the truth.
And anyway, you're only allowed to fancy me.
Well, I don't fancy him.
I don't.
Fair enough.
There you are.
Paul, you got a minute? Sure.
Terry Dewhurst.
Oh, come on.
I've been through this 100 times.
I've been going through the cab reports.
These are the transcripts of your radio calls and Terry's.
Isn't this Murder Squad business? And there's a gap.
After the last call from Terry, there's a long gap where you don't reply.
Why are you interested in this? Where'd you vanish to, man? Why do you want to know'? Paul.
I'll do this officially, if you don't mind.
Fuck it.
Haven't I got a restraining order out on you? I thought I told you to rest.
Oh, I'm not at work now, buster.
Drink'? Yeah, why not'? Hmm? Sorry' Fridge.
Why are you here? You mean, what does my wife think of me being here? Amy, I really, really fucked up today.
No, I mean, you could've been Let's have a look.
Is it sore? No.
No, it's fine.
I don't even notice it.
You've got worse.
Yeah, I suppose I have.
Do you want to see 'em? I show you mine, you show me yours.
Oh, something like that.
Oh, bad man.
Naughty man.
No, I was No'? Uh No, I just I admire you.
It's true.
No, you just see good things in everyone.
That's a very bad habit for a copper.
So there's a lot of bad in you, then, is there? Well, there's more than You know, Amy, sometimes I look at you and I think you're just too good to be true.
Is it all an act'? I watch you and I see your brain ticking.
I see you rutting around with the lads, giving as good as you get, then the next minute you're hobnobbing with the top brass, and I think, “Which one's the real you?" I just Being a girl, you have to you have to play the system.
You know'? No, 'cause us black guys get it handed to us on a silver platter.
Alright, so what do you give me, then? What is it I want you to be'? Liar.
I just want you to be you with me.
I have to go.
Take care, yeah? 'Bye.
Is that all you've got'? Nothing else? Eh.
So, uh last night got a bit Sorry.
I don't want to fuck things up between us.
Yeah? Yeah, of course.
And listen What's up? So you got him, then? Yeah, we got him.
Thank you.
There must've been others involved, though.
I was thinking maybe Pedro Collins was there or Leigh Wade.
What can you tell us'? Us? Are you a couple now'? What are you sulking about'? There's stuff for you.
Not her.
Look, I love the fact you're a bolshie cow.
I do.
I love it.
It's part of your unique charm.
But right now, do you fancy just telling me what you know'? Not with her there.
No, no.
Look, come on.
I'm a cop.
She's a cop.
This is how it works.
We trust each other.
Now, what have you got for me'? Geeta.
You're being followed.
What'? There's a man.
A white man.
Drives a silver car.
Shit! A Golf, I think.
He's taking photos of you.
What?! Yeah, he's got flash gear and all.
Like he's a pro.
Shit, shit, shit! Told you.
I'm so sorry I got spotted.
I've changed the car.
I'll be doubly careful.
I can't believe it.
It happens.
Amy, Pete will still be there at all times.
You want us to carry on? Why wouldn't you? What, apart from the fact that the investigation's been exposed'? Well, if Gus now knows he's being investigated, he might remember that undercover officers have been used in police stations before.
Apart from that tiny fact, there's also the matter that Geeta might work out that Pete's been on the case for the past two months, in which case it doesn't take a brain surgeon to put two and two together with the date of my arrival.
I feel very, very uncomfortable working on a case when we're this exposed.
Of course, I understand, but I don't think you should worry.
You don't? Fuck, that makes it all alright.
How will I get near him now'? He's gonna be completely paranoid.
I'm sure you can find a way.
I'm glad you are, because This investigation has cost a lot.
It needs a positive result.
What exactly is a positive result? I've got to go.
Good luck.
But I'm sure you won't need it.
Oh, fucking bitch.
Up for it'? What'? To go and kick the shit out of a bunch of black kids? Highlight of my day, Shereen.
You what? Alright, alright.
Listen up.
Whose side are you on? Are we all here? Right, magistrate's court has given us a 12-hour extension on Mickey Berne's stay here.
I'd like to make it a little more permanent that that.
There are people on that estate who know what happened to our friend.
There are people responsible for these disgusting things.
And since it happened, there have been no fewer than 14- 14 separate incidents on the estate.
It's like they've beaten us.
So get out on their estate, pull in Mickey Berne's gang and get me a result.
Up the stairs.
Get moving, man.
Let's go.
Don't push me, man.
Long way down.
Leave us alone, rat.
Just fuck off! Resisting arrest.
The suspect slipped and fell.
Fuck off.
You know, that's all I ever hear.
Just leave us alone.
What's the matter with you people? We do a service, you know'? A public service.
So why do all you hate us so much'? All the drunks and the addicts and the pews? Yeah, OK, man, OK! Every day someone else gets bashed up, something else gets broken! You just think you can do what you like, yeah? And then you do that to Terry? Don't! You fucking animal! Don't, man! That was my friend! He was my friend! Don't! I can't fucking stand it any longer! Alright, I'll tell you what happened! Just don't kill me.
Please, I'm begging you! I'm fucking begging you! Please.
What'd you say'? No, fuck off, Amy.
I'm not in the mood.
Why don't we drive round? See if he follows us'? We drive round as normal, play dumb, wait for the twat to turn up in a silver Golf, then trap him.
I'll rough him up if you'd like.
I know you don't like to get your hands dirty.
Come on.
What do you say'? At the very least we could get blind drunk.
It's half three.
And your point is '? I've tried this before, you know.
What'? Oh, yeah.
It started when I joined the CID as young DC.
What happened? They stole the file I'd been working on.
I had it in my locker and it just disappeared.
It happens all the time, though.
File goes missing, someone gets bollocked for it.
And that chance of promotion just slips for another year.
The thing is, though, I sensed it coming, so I made a copy.
Yeah, I just handed it in like nothing had happened and that's when I found out my sergeant had done it.
The man went purple with rage.
The amount of times they've tried to do me over.
Should be able to recognise me from the holes in my jacket, I've been stabbed in the back so much.
But this this feels different.
This feels like someone upstairs doesn't like me.
What'll you do? Scan for bugs, you know, at home, at work.
Change my phone.
The usual.
The usual? But you've done nothing wrong.
You don't know that.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't, Amy.
Besides, it doesn't matter.
They'll get me in the end whether I've done something or not.
By the sounds of things, they'd have spent a lot of money on this.
They wouldn't want to come up empty-handed.
But if this is official, not just some bent gits trying to do you over, then won't they need to find something'? I mean, the DPS or the IPCC won't just make it up, will they? Well, it depends.
It depends on who they've got working for them.
Know what I mean? I mean, if it was you No, but, if it was you, then Oh, God.
If it was you, I would be fucked.
Piss off.
I would.
I wouldn't find anything, would I? Oh, there are things you can tell.
You get a feeling about someone.
You know, when you spend time with them.
Like you and me.
Even if you had done something wrong, I wouldn't care.
I still whatever it was.
Come on.
Let's go, eh? Amy, I Shh.
Yeah, alright.
I won't be long.
My wife.
There are things I want to tell you about me about this, what we've just done.
And 'Q- Hiya.
Oh, there's something for you.
A package on your desk.
What do you think? When was this? Last night.
He just showed up in the middle of the night.
Nice work.
So you think he's her pimp as well? Could be.
Are you still there? He's guilty.
I think so.
You think he's behind Terry's death as well? Maybe.
You think he staged that meeting with Mickey Borne'? Are you alright? I just want to know what you think.
I think if it was just about him screwing Geeta or some other tart, then we'd have caught him a while back.
But to hide it for this long, to be so methodical about it all.
Makes me think Yeah.
there could be more.
Yeah, you're right.
I've got to go.