The Ghost Squad (2005) s01e07 Episode Script

Colour Blind

Fuckin' hell! Terry was one of the officers who made the allegations about Gus, and now he's dead.
Killed on the very estate that Gus trawls so dutifully.
They amount of times they've tried to do me over.
Should be able to recognise me from the holes in my jacket, I've been stabbed in the back so much.
She likes him.
Too much? I I don't know.
He's innocent.
Or he's onto you.
And he's playing you.
Even if you had done something wrong, I I wouldn't care.
So it might well just be vicious rumours.
He's not helping fence stolen goods.
He's not using that estate as his personal kingdom.
All of it, it's shit! He could still be bent! Amy.
So what's he doing looking for Mickey Borne'? I will fucking slice you open.
Finding the truth or controlling the evidence? Alright, I'll tell you what happened! Just don't kill me! Please! I'm fucking begging you! Oh, bad man.
Naughty man.
No, I was No'? There are things I want to tell you, about me, what we've just done.
What about the informant - Geeta Patel? Someone claimed he was screwing her.
When was this? Last night.
He just showed up in the middle of the night.
He's guilty.
Well, now we know.
Good work, Pete.
There was always too much smoke for him to be innocent.
I've had complaints from the top to bottom of that station about him.
You in there? Yeah, of course.
It's just well, he's a good liar.
Well, let's just see where this takes us.
If he's in with Geeta, the other allegations might be true as well.
We'll talk soon.
No, hang on, I want to see them again.
hoping one of them will be innocent, can't ya'? The other stuff - the dealers, the tarts, Terry's murder - that all could just be Nah, if this is right if this is right, then I'm gonna cut his fucking dick off.
Listen, uh, I've heard that Mickey Berne's been giving Murder Squad the run-around and I think I can make him talk.
Hang on a minute.
No, listen, it's just a chat.
You can log it if you want.
But I know how these boys think.
You know me.
Look, mate, I'm doing this for Terry.
It's not allowed.
Alright, look.
Is that better? Come on, then.
Cheers, mate.
Now, then, Mickey You hear me, Pedro? You hear me'? Pedro.
I will cut you up.
Cut you a permanent smile, you fucking grass.
You hearing me, Pedro? Fuck it, I'll cut up your girl and all.
I will take that Lisa and I will shove a knife up her.
Take that bitch hours to bleed to death.
You hearing me, Pedro? You hear me'? I've had a long think.
And I've changed my mind.
You told a police officer that you saw Mickey Listen to me! I'm telling you, I don't know nothing! Nothing, man.
Got it? Pedro, a police officer is dead.
Yeah, and that's serious shit, but I ain't talking to you lot no more! So like I said I've done some thinking and I would like a brief after all, yeah? And a nice cup of tea too.
Two sugars, thank you very much.
And then we can start filling out a complaints form about that nutter that tried threatening me on the roof! You know where I'm coming from? What do you think you're doing?! Jesus! Your face! Yeah, yeah, OK.
You got me.
Yeah, well, you're in the shit.
What'? Mr Drake wants to see you.
Right now.
What have you done? Amy.
Come here.
Take a seat next to the DI.
Thank you.
Right, I'm DCI Martin.
This is DS Mitchell.
Answer my questions simply and honestly and everything'll be fine.
Yes, sir.
You try fucking around Yes, sir.
Why did you arrest Mickey Borne'? Well, um he threatened me with a knife.
I believed he intended to Why were you there in the first place? Why? Just so you understand the point of my question.
Why were you looking for the prime suspect of a Murder Squad investigation which you're not allowed to touch in any way whatsoever? We'd learnt from a source where Mickey Borne might be hiding, so we So why not call us with this information'? Well, I remember discussing it at the time.
And the source wasn't certain about the information and and we felt it best to make sure that the lead was concrete rather than waste your time.
No, no, no, they've cooked this up together.
Oh, now, come on, Philip.
You stop fucking with me and give me the name and address of your source! No.
That is not a request.
You crossed the line when you went into Mickey Berne's cell last night.
Look, I have a relationship with that source and with that community as a whole.
And what a relationship it is.
What the hell does that mean?! Right, that's enough! Amy's confirmed his story and I'm happy to trust his intentions.
So should you.
Gus, take Amy, go back to your source and see if you can find out anything else.
I want a full report for me and the Murder Squad at end of play today.
Yes, sir.
Of course, sir.
Oh, fuck off.
So, what were you doing in Mickey's cell last night, then? What a waste of time that turned out to be.
I thought I could crack him.
Must be losing my touch.
If you'd just like to sign there, please.
Alright, you're clear about your bail conditions? Back here, twice a day.
10:00am, 8:00pm, signing in, yeah? Go on, piss off.
I'll remember your face.
We'll catch him, Gary.
I promise.
No way is he getting away with this.
All done.
Gave him a nice cheery wave goodbye, did we'? Sorry? How many arrests you made this week? I've been on jailer duty.
That's not an answer.
Well, none, but None! You've patted Mickey Borne ta-ta on the back and you haven't managed one arrest this week.
I've been here, like you told me.
So it's my fault? No, Sarge, but Start behaving like a copper, Shereen, not a Paki.
What? What? Jesus.
Can't we speak our own minds anymore'? You heard? Yeah.
Little fucks.
Made a formal complaint about me.
Well, at least we know he did it.
It's a start, yeah? Where were you? He needed you.
I tried, Gary.
Jesus, I was running.
It was chaos.
Look, I've got to go, yeah? Alright.
Well, where is he? He's parking the car.
I'm not saying nothing to you.
Fuck off, Geeta.
He'll be here in a minute.
Not playing the little girl today, then? I thought he liked that.
What do you have to be jealous about? What do you think? He'll get bored of you.
Happens to us all.
Oh, so you weren't screwing him last night, then? What? Alright.
I am having a complete bollocks of a day.
So now, we're all gonna get some nice coffees, and you, Geeta, are gonna tell me everything you know about Mickey Borne and Pedro Collins.
Is that clear? What did it look like, when he kissed her? You've seen the photos.
No, you tell me what you saw.
'Cause Geeta seemed to be saying that nothing happened.
But you're certain? Come on, talk to me! About what?! I don't know.
Why is McKay so eager to find him guilty? Or why didn't we spot this before, or something.
Do you want another one? No.
I just keep trying to link it up - Geeta to Gus, to Terry, to Mickey Borne, and it just I just can't make it fit.
I'll get you another one.
I'm sorry.
Take your clothes off.
What'? Take your fucking clothes off! Everything.
I'm not wearing a bug.
Everything! Jesus, I broke! Fuck.
You happy now'? Fucking bitch! Fucking bitch! We were in bed together.
Was that all part of this? No.
Yeah, yeah, I bet it was.
Gus What were you after anyway? What they saying about me'? You're a pimp, a drug dealer, you force sexual favours off informants and tarts.
You abuse your position.
Is that all? Shit! It's 'cause I do the fucking job properly.
I go and talk to a prostitute - that makes me a pimp! Yeah, fuckin' nice.
You're also responsible for the murder of Terry Dewhurst.
What?! Terry was one of the officers who made the accusations.
And I killed him? Had him killed.
So you're standing in a room with a murderer? No, I don't believe it.
Jesus, Gus, that's why I'm here! I don't believe a word of it.
You think I'd risk all this if I did? Now, can I have my fucking clothes back?! Alright, you don't believe a word of it.
Why don't you write a report saying I'm innocent? Because there are photos.
Oh? Showing you and Geeta Patel.
Compromising photos.
Faked photos.
They show you and Geeta on Tuesday night.
Tuesday night? I was with you on Tuesday night! I went straight home to my I went straight home to my wife after that.
Jesus, what am I? A dog on heat? I know.
The people I work for are faking evidence to put you away.
I can't write up a report, Gus, because I've got no-one to report to any more! Why should I believe you now'? You've been lying to me all this time.
Yeah, I let you strip me for fun.
I'm supposed to forget all the other stuff? Why do you think I've told you all this? I don't know! Come on! I don't know, Amy, I don't know who the fuck you are! I thought I knew you, and you just Fuck! I've spent months trying to get to know you.
Studying everything about you.
Your favourite band, the two different aftershaves you use, the sister you don't talk to any more.
I feel like your biggest fucking fan.
And that's the thing, because everything I've learnt about you, it all says, “Good man, good cop, innocent.
" I admire you so much.
So much.
Which is why I'm here.
Because I've got to trust someone.
Why have they gone after me'? I don't know.
Not yet.
I just I need you to be honest with me.
Oh, fuck.
That's rich.
Is there anything in the allegations? Anything at all? No, of course not.
So the dealers? It's shit.
It's all shit.
The tarts? Bollocks.
Of course it's bollocks.
And Geeta Patel's the same, yeah? Gus? There's, um Look, I'm being honest with you now, right? Shit.
Look, I'm, uh with some things, I'm weak.
Just like everyone else.
The thing about Geeta is that your relationship with an informant is so close that it can never be just professional, alright - they need you.
You're the only one they can trust, and and so Fuck, I'll be telling you my wife doesn't understand me next.
Look, it happened, Amy.
It happened, it's over months ago.
You've got your evidence.
You can get a black man knocked back down to sergeant on that.
Who said this was about race? Everything is about race, Amy.
Come on.
Faked photos.
Should I start worrying that coke's gonna end up in my gym locker'? No, we're not like that.
No'? Hiya.
Thought we weren't due to meet until tomorrow.
Well, I found stuff.
And I wanted to make sure we met somewhere nice and public.
Somewhere which would stop me from taking a glass and smashing it in your face.
You fuckin' wanker.
I did it because I did it For fuck's sake, Amy, you're screwing him.
Camped outside all night, were you? Cheers, mate.
He's the bloody suspect! So now we're faking evidence against our targets, huh? Is that how far this has gone? That's not evidence, you stupid cow.
That's not gonna be used in court.
It's just for you.
Get your bloody head straight! Look, you've gone native.
You can't fall for the bloody suspect! I'm still objective.
Really? Is he guilty? The answer is we don't know.
What the hell's happened to you'?! Did McKay force you to do it'? No.
This was my idea.
Your mate.
Trying to stop you from pissing your career away.
Oh, that's good, yeah.
Is he screwing Geeta? Do you know'? He was.
Then he could still be guilty of all the other stuff.
Amy, he could, couldn't he? Come on, apart from Terry, who else is behind it'? We're not told that.
All I know is that it was an Alright, Laura? Hello.
All I know is that it was a number of officers.
But it's gotta come from someone.
They can't all come up with the same stuff by accident, can they? Hiya.
What is it'? My boss.
She said that the complaint had to come from the top of the station.
Not just constables.
Yeah, and? Barry.
I don't get it.
I think she was referring to the chief super.
Tom Drake.
Tom? No, no way.
Nice try, but He was the one who got rid of Arthur Hallows.
I'd said it to my boss the night before You sure? Hey, mate.
Amy, I know Tom.
Why would he? 'Cause he's a racist.
No, he's not.
Well, not to your face.
Not to his wife's face either.
She's Nigerian.
But it's got to be him! No, Amy, Tom is a mate.
He got me promoted to DI in the first place, and he's not a racist.
But then what else have you got to hide? Nothing, fuck! Gus! I've put my neck on the line for you.
I've gone too far.
Is there anything else that I should know'? No.
I promise.
I'm sorry to have to come unannounced, especially since we should be maintaining our distance.
I don't understand.
Of course.
I should thank you for your help with Arthur Hallows.
Getting closer to the DI has been very useful to us.
We will get him, sir.
It may take time, but we'll get him.
Always do.
We're having trouble linking him to the prostitutes.
Drug dealers possibly, and there's definitely something improper with the snout.
I wondered if you had anything else that might help us there.
Jesus, look, um I'm very uncomfortable with all of this.
I just reported on some rumours that I'd heard, that's all.
You know, Gus Gus is a good man.
He's a good policeman.
And he's a friend.
So, there's something with the informant? Yes, sir.
Oh shit.
I really had hoped that you guys would draw a blank on that.
You see, the thing is when it comes to black officers, you've just gotta be twice as careful.
It's hard enough getting black recruits into the force without these high-profile cases showing them being unfairly targeted, you know'? But if they're bent, then I don't know.
We can't protect them, can we'? Oh It's a bloody tragedy, this is.
I'm wittering.
Uh what I'll do is I will have a look at this link to these tarts and I'll get back to you.
I've got a meeting.
Yes, sir.
Of course.
just please be very careful with this, will you? Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Alright? You? Mmm.
Drink'? No, I'll get 'em.
No, I don't let ladies pay.
So, what's up? The usual.
Pay death Paperwork.
Oh, I'm fine.
Just been a bit of a twat.
My boss is taking advantage.
Who's that'? Gus Philips.
Thought you two were chummy.
Not any more.
Guess I should shut up.
No, you shouldn't.
Amy you sure ain't alone.
I can tell you some stuff about him.
Yeah? Mmm.
You on your own'? Yeah.
Just wanted a quiet drink.
Not feeling loved? Oh, God, I'd forgotten what a miserable twat you are.
Wouldn't want to bore you.
I know you don't like to hear anything bad about your lovely liberal police service.
This is all just 'cause I'm a DI and you're a PC, isn't it'? No.
It's 'cause you're not getting shit posted through your letterbox.
They still doing that'? What, you thought it would just go away? God, when was the last time someone was openly racist to you? I'm sorry.
I heard a rumour going around about you today.
Mmm? You've been a naughty boy, so they say.
I'm being investigated, mate.
Got an undercover cop working right next to me.
It's time you found out the truth about your precious police service.
It hates you 'cause you're black.
You know Terry was a racist, don't you? The most racist, disgusting man I've ever met.
Yeah, so'? Terry went for Mickey all the time.
Beat him up just for fun.
Alright, shut up for a minute.
He destroyed all the work you were doing on that estate.
He made them hate you.
So, what - he deserved it'? Do you know what? The world is a little bit better without Terry around.
Is that such a shocking thing to say'? No, mate.
No, it isn't.
They just see niggers.
That's all they see.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm sure Terry was screaming, “I told you so," when they cut his ears off.
His exact words were, “Please, I'm begging you.
“I'm begging you, please.
" Wait, what '? Paul? I got there too late.
And then I just My legs froze.
And when they'd done it, they looked up and saw me.
I felt like one of the gang.
Who was it'? Mickey Borne, of course.
Pedro and the others.
I should've come forward.
I I should've said something.
I should've admitted that I fucked up.
But now'? Now it's too late.
They'll just kick me out for holding back.
I don't know what to do, Gus.
You do nothing.
You don't tell anyone about this.
You do not go forward, alright? You do not do a thing.
And just just let me handle it.
I mean it, Paul.
Let's keep this between us.
I'll I'll fix it, OK? Everything alright? Drink'? Oh go on, then.
Just like old times, eh? How many you had? Uh too many.
What's up, Gus'? Everyone knows about Gus Philips.
He's knobbing that tart on the estate, pocketing a bit of drugs money to suit himself.
Fuck! Typical spade, eh? Yeah? The guy's a liability.
How'd you know? Who told you? I heard it from Tom Drake.
Tom? Well, they're mates, so it's gotta be true.
Drake's heating up about him.
He doesn't know what to do.
Who is that'? Why did you do it'? Is that Gary Lockhart? How does he come up with shit like that'? Don't.
Don't lie.
I'm not lying.
There's more on the tape.
I don't care, it's bollocks.
I kept thinking it was about race.
Or someone with a grudge.
But we're mates.
Aren't we'? Of course.
That's why I've been sitting in this office trying to think of one thing, one poxy little thing, that I might have done to you.
And then of course it's all this, isn't it? My face, my face in the papers, my face on the telly.
My stupid smug grin all over the fucking place, stealing the limelight.
Must've driven you mad.
Look You've been such a mate.
You have, you've given me so much.
But using all those stupid little racist oiks, getting them to do your dirty work for you You're drunk.
I'm drunk and fucked, mate.
Guess no-one makes it to the top just by being a good cop.
Oh, please, alright.
I'll see you.
Look I know I'm gone.
I'm not stupid and I know how it works.
They'll find something on me eventually, whether I've done it or not.
But at least just be honest with me.
It was you wasn't it'? You'll make it back to DI eventually.
See you, mate.
It doesn't matter what Drake says.
I found other cops.
Got them on tape as well.
He's been stirring it up for six months now.
With all this, I can clear you of everything, Gus.
Oh, hi, Amy.
We weren't expecting you.
No, I just came to drop this off.
Amy, hello.
How nice to see you.
What's that'? It's the report on DI Philips.
Really? Great.
Uh well, I better be getting back.
No, no.
Hang about a bit, will you? Have a coffee.
I'll have a quick flick through.
Well done.
Thank you.
Just move! What you sneakin' up on me for'? Move! Just jog on, yeah? What? What? “Jog on!" Yes, you blah-dee-blah! In you go.
Hello, Amy.
Sit down.
Are you OK'? I think so.
Not too sore? I'm sorry? From shagging Gus's brains out'? This report, I've got a problem.
What, that he's innocent? It's hardly in my interest to kick out the few successful black policemen we've got, whatever conspiracy theories you've got flying around in your ditzy little head.
So, what was all that about a positive result, then? What I'd like to know is what made you think you could tell Gus about your work for me'? And what is it that makes you think I shouldn't kick you out of the force right now'? Tell me, how exactly did Tom Drake persuade all these constables to make allegations against Gus'? Because they're racists.
All of them? How convenient.
We've been used by Mr Drake to attack an innocent black officer through malicious whispering and racist innuendo.
Thank you - that message sponsored by the Black Police Association.
I object to that.
I don't give a flying fuck.
Jesus, Amy.
Gus helped Mickey Borne avoid a GBH charge two years ago.
We know about that.
It was a trumped-up charge.
And I've just got off the phone to Pete.
He told me he's just heard Gus concealing vital evidence about Terry's murder.
The same Pete who doctored photos of Gus and Geeta? Oh, stop it.
Stop destroying your life, for God's sake! Was it Pete that said I was involved with Gus'? He was just doing what he's told.
Thank God.
If he hadn't been watching you, listening in Listening in'? What exact '? then this would now be out of control! Now, Pete has a recording linking Gus to that murder in some way.
You've let him turn you, and if he's guilty He's not.
then you're finished.
God, what am I saying? Losing your job is the least of your worries.
Go and see Pete, right now.
Listen to that tape.
Listen to what it's telling you.
This is Gus Philips.
I'm not around at the moment, so please leave a message.
I don't see that.
I look at you and I'm seeing a bit of Minogue a bit of Aniston, yeah? And two bits of Jordan.
Arggh! Pick up.
Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
Come on.
This is Gus Philips Fucking pick up! Is he here? What are you doing? Geeta, is he? No, and even if he was You wouldn't tell me.
Yeah, sure, fine, whatever.
That's a great routine.
Look, I've got to find Gus.
I dunno where he is.
What's the deal with him and Mickey Borne'? Sod off.
You think I'm telling you? What does Gus know about Mickey? Everything.
He practically raised the kid.
Done a fine job, eh? What the fuck are you talking about'? Oh, look, she don't know it all after all.
What does he know, Geeta? It's not what he knows about Mickey, it's what Mickey knows about Gus.
Amy, don't hurt him.
He's protecting all of us and we need him.
I need him! Amy, I love him! Fucking hell, Amy, don't hurt him! You don't understand.
I can't help you any more.
You'll have to spend the rest of your life in this fucking dump.
Oh, we're fucked! Oh, I can't spend my whole life in here, can I? Can you get me out of here? Get me away Shit! Shit! Shit! You shouldn't have.
You fucking shouldn't have! What we gonna do now, eh? What we gonna do? Shut up! Oh, this is fucked! I'm gonna have to do her.
Yeah? Come on, then, Gus.
Get rid of her, Gus, yeah? Tell him, Gus.
Shut up! Ugh! Gus! Gus, stop now! I'd had a conversation with PC Paul Bullen.
He didn't see the murder, as you know, but both of us were convinced, like you, that Mickey Borne was responsible.
I thought that if I could confront Mickey, on that estate, as someone who knew him, I could get a result.
I do know Mickey.
I know him well.
And well, to be honest, I felt a little bit responsible.
When I found him, he was in a much worse state than I'd imagined.
He was drunk, he was stoned, he was completely paranoid.
I was trying to talk him down when DC Harris arrived and that nearly compromised the entire situation.
Fortunately, I was able to save her.
Thank God, eh? Fuck off! I want Gus! He said he was gonna look after me, protect me, understand? He said he was gonna get me out! He said, “Don't worry about that fucking dead copper, “'cause he's white!" Are you still tripping, Mickey? Where the fuck is he? I got some stuff on him.
I got some serious stuff on him.
Some fucked-up serious messy shit.
I'm sure you do.
Get his fuckin' arse down here now! You OK? How's your head? It's gonna make a great scar.
Gonna tell all the girls that it's a kickboxing injury.
Or I did it saving a kid's life.
Nice one, eh? Is that it? He's tried to destroy an innocent man's career and all Drake gets is a sideways move to Cardiff? Well, it is Wales.
Poor twat.
What would you expect? Instant sacking, no pension and a big blaze of publicity'? No.
No, I know how it goes.
What about Gus'? He's going to be protected.
He knows about us, thanks to you, but he's agreed to keep quiet after a a little negotiation.
So I want you to back up his version of events.
Discredit Mickey.
Make sure he goes down for life for Terry's murder.
Happy? I should be.
But I keep going back to that flat and what I saw.
What they said, and And it could be so many different things.
I've been screaming he's innocent, but now I just can't see any of it clearly enough.
Like you.
Like the way you've hidden the fact that you and Drake have been friends for years and didn't tell me.
Why is that'? Or like Pete.
I can't tell if you were really trying to help or if you've been fucking with me ever since we first met.
I thought this job would help me see things more clearly.
I thought however unpopular it is and all that shit, I thought it I thought it was right.
When you push all the shit aside, it's the right thing to do, but But now Amy, we all get compromised.
I listened to Tom Drake a little more eagerly than I should have.
I'm sorry for that.
I'm sure that's true.
But now, I just I don't know where the lies start and where they end.
Amy! Amy, you can think all you want about her! Amy, come on! It's me.
Amy! Excuse me.
Ta, mate.
Oi, Shereen, cheer up, for fuck's sake! Oi, oi, lads, lads! Lads! Listen up for one minute.
Listen up, listen up.
Alright, as you all know, we arrested six men yesterday morning in connection with Terry's murder.
Well, we have now got six confessions! Yay! We got them! We got them! We fucking got them all! Yes! So so, the next thing is to get back out on that estate and show those people that we are back on top.
That we are a well-funded proactive piece of community policing.
Right! Yeah.
We're gonna clear out the drugs.
We're gonna make a difference.
To us, yeah? To us!