The Gifted (2017) s01e02 Episode Script


1 TED: You have some concerns about your son Andy? We believe he's being bullied.
Help! Help me! [shouting] - Lauren! Come on! - I need to find my brother! Andy! I couldn't stop it.
Mom, Andy's a mutant.
I know, because CAITLIN: You, too? - THUNDERBIRD: Cops! - [siren wailing] - [gunshot] - [shouts] POLARIS: Marcos! - Freeze! - [Taser crackling] Lorna! OFFICER: Put your hands behind your back! - Marcos! - Lorna! BLINK: This group you guys run it? The network was founded after the anti-mutant laws.
We help all mutants here.
BLINK: I know you lost your girlfriend helping me.
Who's this? My name is Reed Strucker.
My family needs help getting across the border.
Your associate, Lorna Dane goes by Polaris.
She's pregnant.
She's in a detainment center.
Any information is yours, only if my family is safe.
- This is the Sentinel Services.
- [siren wailing] Go, now! Go! Go! Go! WEEKS: Deploy the weapon, sir? THUNDERBIRD: Clarice, you got to get us out of here.
[shouting] - Andy.
- Come on! - [gunshot] - [grunts] Dad! No! - Dad! - No! No.
["Shake It Up" by The Cars playing] ALL: Oh! You may want to reconsider your professional bowling career.
I told you, the ball is broken.
[chuckles] You sure you don't want to play? Hell no, I'm not going out there.
REED: Come on, Mom.
Didn't you and Dad used to hit the lanes? Oh, please.
Love of bowling was one of the many things your father and I did not have in common.
Observe the master.
- Boo.
- [laughs] Boo.
- [laughs]: Hey! - [whooping] Yes! - All right! - Ow! I am off the hook.
Girls are up.
ANDY: Yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Go, girl! [beatboxing] Seriously? I'm just giving you theme music.
[continues beatboxing] - Nice! Nice.
- Yay! Not as good as me.
ELLEN: It went down! Whoa! All right! [groans] MAN: What's that mutie's deal? Why don't you just leave us alone? MAN: Why is she shaking? Her face looks like a washing machine.
It's fine, okay? It's okay.
- [laughing] - DAUGHTER: Dad, don't, please.
WOMAN: That is so weird.
Do you see this? Lauren, it's none of our business.
Come on, Andy.
FATHER: Hey! That's enough! Leave her alone! Dad, don't, please.
FATHER: She is a little girl.
What is wrong with you?! Dad, stop! [people murmuring] Shh.
REED: Sir.
Did you see what they were doing? I saw.
And they were wrong.
But you have to listen to me right now.
I'm a federal prosecutor.
And what your daughter just did, damaging property with a mutant ability, e-even accidentally, that's a serious crime.
- FATHER: Wha? - REED: Ju-Just walk away, before the situation gets any worse.
Do it for her.
Come on, sweetie.
Everything's all right.
Is it? Why do they have to leave? REED: Come on, guys, let's bowl.
Who's up? - LAUREN: Dad! - ANDY: No, no, no! THUNDERBIRD [echoing]: Is everyone all right? ANDY: Where are we? W-What was that? What just happened? CAITLIN: Andy, calm down.
You okay? You all right? Where's my dad? ANDY: What the hell was that? - Hey! Where's my dad? - We know as much as you do.
You have to explain this.
What just happened? Where are we? - This is our headquarters.
- ANDY: Where is my dad? We need to go back.
- Please.
- Just hang on.
Hang on! Hang on? My husband is in that warehouse.
We can't just leave him there.
ANDY: W-We have to go back for him.
He was shot.
We need to go back.
- Please! - THUNDERBIRD: Even if we could get back, it is a very bad idea.
I know you want to help your dad, but that is suicide.
It's not gonna help him if we all get killed.
Right now, we need to take care of Clarice.
[gasping] - Where are you taking her? - Please.
You got to help us.
Can you get us back to my dad? It hurts.
I've never gone that far before.
Ugh, she's in no Okay, here.
[grunting] No, no, no, no.
Give her some space.
ANDY: You've got to wake her up.
Hey! - Can you wake her up, please? - Look, kid! Look, your dad was gonna help me get my girlfriend out of jail.
I want him here just as much as you do, but we cannot do this right now.
All right? [sirens wailing, helicopter blades whirring] JACE: All right, everybody, listen up.
In addition to the Struckers, we're seeking three mutant suspects.
Two unidentified males, one female prison escapee.
All are to be considered extremely dangerous.
We believe these suspects are working with a national network helping fugitive mutants escape.
It's our job to make sure that they don't.
So we're gonna search every square inch of this area, all of it Behind doors, walls, underwater.
Just because something doesn't seem possible doesn't mean it didn't happen.
You know what you're up against, go do it.
I'm Agent Turner with the Sentinel Services.
I can't feel my arms or my legs.
Yeah, you were hit with an immobilization round.
Life's gonna suck for the next few hours.
So rest up, 'cause when that round wears off, you and I are gonna have a little chat about your family.
[indistinct police radio transmission] [door buzzes] [prisoners whooping and chattering] [lock clicks] WOMAN: Ha, we got a new mutie.
Look at her.
Check her out.
[electricity crackling] [collar beeping] [laughter] [distorted laughter] [panting] AMBER: Hey.
You all right? What-what, uh what is this thing? Flea collar.
They build them special for each mutie, so you can't do nothing dangerous.
They didn't tell you? No.
Fair warning, girl.
They ain't the only ones gonna be gunning for you in here.
Yeah, well, I'm not planning on being here long.
[laughs] Well, good luck with that.
Only way I ever seen a mutie leave here is in a box.
You with a crew? Anyone you roll with? No, I'm on my own.
That so? Well, you ain't gonna last if you don't got backup.
I got backup.
Just not in here.
THUNDERBIRD: I know, I know, Sonia.
But Clarice is in bad shape.
We need to do something for her.
DREAMER: I've been trying to reach a doctor in Gainesville.
- I can't get anybody at this hour.
- Just keep trying.
And we need to try to find a place for the family.
[chuckles] This family Who are these people? You almost got killed, Johnny.
We didn't discuss this.
No, we didn't.
It's about time we talked about this freelance job of yours.
You just run off and pull this without telling anyone? We help mutants in danger, John.
Those kids are mutants, and you sure as hell saw the danger.
Come on, don't give me that.
This was about Lorna.
So what if it was? We can't just leave her out there.
You don't think I want her back, too? We're not gonna help her by destroying - the whole organization.
- LAUREN: Guys.
You got to come.
Something's wrong.
CAITLIN: She's in respiratory distress, and her temperature's spiking.
I'm a nurse.
She needs help.
She portalled for miles.
The energy that must take.
I can't, I can't breathe.
She needs medical attention.
We can't get a doctor right now.
Are you telling me you have this whole network, - and you don't have a - A what? A Blue Cross? Yeah, we're on the mutant plan.
No, we've got some first aid and some painkillers.
- Can you do anything? - I-I took a one-week course on human variant medicine in school.
She saved us.
You can help her.
[panting]: Yeah.
Her heart rate's through the roof.
Without running tests, I can't [gasps] [electricity crackling] What, what's she doing? What's going on? She may be in shock.
If her system's crashing, if it's unstable, it may be affecting her abilities.
What does she need? Hypercortisone-D to stabilize her powers.
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate for potassium.
S-Something to restore her blood calcium.
She needs a hospital.
Whoa, a hospital? She's wanted.
She'll go straight back to jail.
I don't think you understand me.
She could die here.
[electricity crackling] What is that? Move! [horn honks, tires screeching] [screams] [grunts] [gasps] [panting] All right.
You all right? Come on, go.
Come on.
- Go.
- Mom.
Oh, God.
No, it's okay.
- You're cut.
- It's okay.
Is anyone hurt? All right, all right, we got to move her.
Clear the table, now.
[grunts] I thought you said she was overextending her powers.
How is she doing this? I think I was pretty clear, I'm not an expert.
[grunting] [electricity crackling] Look! It's happening again! LAUREN: That's the same road as before.
This is a problem.
They can see us.
MAN: What the hell is that? We're not getting into a pitched battle with innocent bystanders.
Yeah? What about him? ANDY: Lauren, what are you doing?! [whooshing] CAITLIN: Lauren, watch out! [exhales] Dude, what did you just do? I don't know.
I just I used shields to close it.
I didn't think it'd work, but I guess it did.
Yeah, it worked.
For now.
Clarice is in bad shape, that could happen again.
Yeah, again? If people start coming through, we're toast.
If we get you that medicine, can you help her from here? [laughs] You can't just buy hypercortisone-D at Walgreens.
You have to get to the hospital, get in the Pyxis machine.
ECLIPSE: Well, then we'll take you.
If this happens again, can you do whatever it is you just did? Yeah.
I think so.
- Good.
I am not leaving my daughter here to close space holes.
It's okay.
I can do this.
JACE: Look, I know you're still recovering from your arrest.
I just want to make sure you understand your rights.
I've been a prosecutor for 20 years, I know my rights.
And my children's rights.
It's not illegal to be a mutant.
I never said it was.
I'm just focused on crimes committed by them.
You know, you've put your family in a pretty bad situation.
Now, I would argue that the decisions you make today are the most important of your life.
- If you cooperate - Cooperate? With you? You sent sentinels after my children.
I seem to remember giving you the opportunity to surrender peacefully.
This would be the time that you get me my lawyer.
No, yeah, we can do that.
You ask for a lawyer, we're obligated to provide one for you.
Now, as you know, once that happens, - the charges against - What do you think you have on me? Obstruction of justice? Accessory after the fact? Mr.
Strucker, come on, man.
I think you know we're willing to push it a lot further than that.
There's not gonna be any deals made here today.
I'm doing you a favor even discussing this No, what you are doing is denying my rights by holding me without counsel.
Unless you want your case thrown out before it even reaches a courtroom, you may want to fix that.
You know, technically, you're only being detained at the moment, you haven't been charged yet.
So, yeah let's get you some charges.
Then we can talk about lawyers.
CAITLIN: How long is this drive going to take? My children are back there alone.
ECLIPSE: They're not alone.
John's a tracker, but he's also damn near bulletproof.
He's strong as a I don't know.
He's very strong.
You and my husband had a deal to help our family.
We did.
I expect you to honor that deal.
We need to get Reed back, and we need to get out of the country.
You know your husband was trying to send my girlfriend to prison, right? He was following the law.
Has he prosecuted mutants? Yes, but But some of his best friends are mutants? Try his children.
That's exactly my point.
Tell me this if it wasn't your kids in that gym, would you be standing up for them? Would your husband? [door buzzes] GUARD: All right, let's go.
Keep it moving.
[woman whoops, speaks Spanish] WOMAN: Ven aquí, perra.
[laughs] Keep moving.
That's what the shower's for.
I said, move.
[women murmuring] So, who is she, anyways? [groans softly] She's a refugee, escaped from jail.
Jail? - We found her.
- What did she do? THUNDERBIRD: She used a portal to steal food from the back of a supermarket.
Happens a lot with mutants who can't pass for human, they can't get jobs, one thing leads to another [grunts, gasps] [electricity crackling, Blink panting] Hey.
It's happening.
Get everyone safe.
Everyone, move! Let's go! [siren wailing] Lauren? You got this? [grunting] OFFICER: We need more officers out here, now.
Lauren, hurry! [grunting] [distorted police radio chatter] OFFICER 2: Listen, I need all the help I can get out here.
OFFICER 3: Copy that.
They're on their way.
Yeah, I need a SWAT team out here ASAP.
We could have an alpha-level threat here.
[gasps] [panting] That was way too close.
I'll be back in a minute.
Anything happens, you yell.
What you're doing it's insane.
[sighs heavily] Do you think, um Do you think mutants drink soda? I'm kind of thirsty.
[chuckles softly] We are mutants.
Remember? Right.
Still sinking in.
It's not much like the hospitals you're used to, is it? And they're talking about closing even this place to mutant patients.
Turns out one of our best superpowers is bankrupting hospitals.
We're born with the ultimate preexisting condition.
I guess so.
This is gonna be tough.
The E.
's secured, and the drugs are inside.
We're not getting into the treatment area without an emergency, not for hours.
You said a cop shot you.
Where? Wait, what? Look, Clarice is dying.
Show me your wound.
All right.
Just watch out for the blood.
I've seen blood.
[chuckles] Not mine.
[groans] Yeah.
That's cool, right? [both panting] My boyfriend's hurt! You need to sign these.
- [groans] - Oh! He needs a doctor now! - [groans] - All right, one more, we're all done.
- DOCTOR: Okay.
- [groans] So, uh, how exactly did this happen? Uh, it was an accident.
I was, uh, fixing stuff on the roof, and you know the little sticker on the ladder that says, "Don't step above this step"? I stepped above the step.
Well, I guess we learned a lesson today.
ECLIPSE: We did.
The nurse will give you some instructions on wound care.
Thanks, Doc.
Ma'am, can I talk to you a moment? I Of course.
So, you come here often? I wanted to talk to you about your situation with your boyfriend.
My situation? What do you mean? Oh.
Some people think it's exciting to date a mutant, but it's no secret there can be incidents of violence.
Wait, what does having the X-Gene have to do with that? I'm just saying, I have an obligation as a physician if this is a domestic violence situation.
There are resources that No, it It isn't, Doctor.
I assure you.
Then take care of yourself.
I don't know.
They just keep opening.
She's able to close them for now, but I don't know how much longer she can keep that up.
Look, the cops are gearing up.
I heard them call in the SWAT team.
Next time the portal opens, we may have a serious problem.
Johnny, if they come through I know, I know.
We need to be ready to evacuate if necessary.
We have to get her away from here.
We can't evacuate everyone.
Moving her is too dangerous.
It just made it worse.
So, what are we gonna do? We're gonna hope Marcos gets back in time with the medicine.
REED: Terrorism? Is this a joke? Oh, it's anything but.
This mutant here, Lorna Dane, aka Polaris From what we've been able to put together, you used her police file to make contact with the Mutant Underground.
- That's ridiculous.
- Is it? Because we we talked to the coworker that gave you the file, she was very helpful.
Now, you should know that there's been talk for quite some time about classifying this organization as a mutant terrorist group, like the Brotherhood or the Mutant Liberation Front.
Our lawyers want to make you and Miss Dane our test cases.
This is insane.
Those groups are nothing like - the Mutant Underground.
- Mr.
Strucker, you were prosecuting this woman three days ago.
Now, what, she's a brave freedom fighter? I lost my daughter in the July 15th incident.
She was seven years old.
Her name was Grace.
People talk about the X-Men, they talk about the Brotherhood.
Here's the thing: I'm never gonna know if the blast of energy that killed my kid came from a good mutant or a bad mutant.
And guess what.
I don't care.
These charges will never stick.
Oh, I disagree.
But I guess that's what trials are for, right? [door opens, closes] [indistinct chatter] Can I sit here? I'm, um I'm Polaris.
What do you want? I'm-I'm hoping we can help each other.
What do you know about the collars? Listen, if I can get my collar off, I can You think you're the first person to think of that? It's not gonna happen.
What's your problem? Things are hard enough in here without people like you making it worse.
Now, stay the hell away from me.
WOMAN [over P.
]: Dr.
Wiseman, we need you in the waiting room.
Wiseman, we need you in the waiting room.
NURSE: It's a little different than that.
It's a medication specifically for mutants.
I'll be right back.
WOMAN [over P.
]: Nurse Julia, you have a call waiting.
Nurse Julia.
- Stacy? - Yeah? Uh, Radiology needs Mr.
Embry down for X-rays.
Seriously? [chuckles] I know.
He's still in triage.
We got to get out of here.
- Did you get what you needed? - I think so.
You think? We can't do this twice.
Listen to me, the doctor's talking to the police right now.
Come on.
Come on! You sure he was talking to the cops about us? I don't know.
I didn't think we should take any chances.
- Stop! Police! - Run.
[screams] That's enough! Come on! [door buzzes] [indistinct chatter] Hey, mutie, mutie, mutie.
You have a problem? We'll see.
Muties in here, they work for me.
From now on, you're gonna do what you're told.
Ah, and, uh, what if I decline this exciting opportunity? [scoffs] Oh, believe me, you don't want to do that.
You see, out there, you got powers.
But in here, I got powers.
Well, then I bet you're pretty glad you met me in here.
Let me guess.
You get those, uh, beauty marks from one of us? Right.
Nice talk, ladies.
Let's do it again sometime.
[coughing] You're pretty tough.
I heard you're knocked up.
Let's see how tough that little mutie baby is.
[laughs] [collar buzzing] [grunting] [clamoring] GUARD: Move! [distorted shouting] [door buzzes] Cool down.
Got yourself some hole time.
[groaning]: Can't do this.
No, no, no, no! [panting] She's burning up.
This is getting worse.
BLINK: It hurts.
It hurts.
I have to get away.
We need to start getting everyone out of here.
We are not gonna abandon this place.
THUNDERBIRD: I don't see what choice we have.
All right? She's opening portals every few minutes now, and Lauren can't keep this up.
I can keep trying, but Mom has to be back soon, right? Maybe.
We need to consider the possibility [gasping, groaning] This could be it.
We might have to evacuate.
Clarice! [indistinct police radio chatter] [grunting] I can't hold it! [Blink screams, Lauren grunts] Lauren! Look out! On the ground! On the ground now! [grunting] [groans] [yells] [officers groaning] [clamoring in distance] Hey, hey.
Clarice, wake up.
[electricity rumbling] What's going on?! Get out! MAN: Move! Get everyone out now.
- MAN: Get out of here now! - Get out! Go! Lauren, come on.
Come on! REED: You finally taking me to my lawyer? Now, I-I really need you to understand the stakes.
I think you're making the mistake of believing that you and your wife and your kids are the only ones in jeopardy here.
What's that supposed to mean? [door closes] WEEKS: We're interviewing everyone who's involved ELLEN: You think this was intentional? You brought my mother? Oh, we're bringing in every potential coconspirator.
My family would never attack anyone.
You really expect me to believe you had no involvement? We have phone records.
He's my son! I saw the news, I tried to call him.
WEEKS: What about your husband? I have no idea.
He lives alone in Chattanooga.
WEEKS: Are you a political person, Mrs.
Strucker? Do you consider yourself an activist? This is harassment.
She had nothing to do with any of this.
Just tell me who's involved, man, she goes home.
You've supported the mutant rights movement.
You protested the South African government.
I marched against apartheid in 1984.
They were oppressing all kinds of people.
Not just the mutants.
WEEKS: So you admit you're involved.
You can stop this at any time, Mr.
Tell me how to find your family.
ELLEN: my family is okay.
WEEKS: That may be up to you, ma'am.
CAITLIN: What happened at the hospital Is it always that bad for mutants? You thought that was bad? That doc actually stitched me up before he called the cops.
That's top flight mutant health care right there.
I mean, there are protections, though the Civil Rights Act.
Yeah, yeah, mutant rights Oh, they're a nice idea.
But there's always an exception for public safety.
All they have to do is call you dangerous, and you know what happens to those so-called rights? [snaps fingers] Poof, they're gone.
How did your family deal with it? They didn't.
When I first lit up, I was 13.
They kicked me out the same day.
Uh, to survive, I had to do a lot of things that I'm not proud of, but it was Lorna who saved me from all that.
She's my family.
My parents not so much.
I can't believe they would reject their own child.
You haven't.
That's something.
Well, it's Something - CAITLIN: Something's wrong.
- ECLIPSE: It's okay.
- Turn around.
Turn around! - It's a security measure.
It's what? How Look, one of our mutants can project fear.
It keeps people away from the HQ.
It's not usually this strong.
Something's wrong.
¿Que pasa aquí? Estamos evacuando.
¿Evacuando? - CAITLIN: What's happening? - ECLIPSE: It's not good.
What did he say? They're evacuating.
What? Where are my kids? [electricity crackling, mutants clamoring] Grab only what you can carry! You all right, you good? Okay, let's go.
- [child screams] - You're okay.
You're okay.
Mom! Mom! Thank God you're okay! Andy! Give me the medication.
- What? - Clarice is still inside.
- I'll go in there.
I'll try to give it to her.
- No.
You don't know the dosage.
Too much can make this worse.
Caitlin Marcos, keep everyone safe.
Stay here! Mom! Mom! - Stay here and be careful.
- No! Mom! - No! - Come on.
She's all right.
We got to go.
Come on.
[electricity crackling, rumbling] Come on! Caitlin! I got the medication.
[weakly]: Have to go No, Clarice, you're staying here with us.
I need you to listen to me, and I need you to be strong.
I have to stabilize her potassium levels.
- We're running out of time.
- Hold this.
Okay, Clarice, deep breath.
And be strong for me.
Now! [gasps] [rumbling fades] [Blink panting] You're gonna be okay.
[whispers]: You're okay.
You're gonna be okay.
[indistinct chatter] BLINK: Hey.
All this damage was it me? Is everyone okay? You were a little hard on the trees and some furniture, but people survived.
[sighs] This place needed a remodeling anyway.
I need to ask you something.
You kept opening a portal to the same road.
Do you know why? I don't I don't know.
I don't remember.
I'm sorry.
[whispers]: What? You should rest.
We can talk about it later.
I'm sorry.
It's all right.
Look at me, both of you.
I'm proud of you.
Mom? What's gonna happen with Dad? We're gonna find him.
But how can you say that? You don't know that.
Andy, trust me.
We will find him.
A lot of people have been fighting this fight for a long time.
And now it's our turn.
We will fight to bring your father home.
We'll fight to bring everyone home.
[sighs] Are we ready to talk? You just gonna sit there? Mr.
Strucker, you are in a world of hurt.
Y-You know I've been thinking about it, and I'm not sure that I am the one who's in a world of hurt.
I've sat on that side of the table.
And, you see, the thing is I think if you really were gonna throw me in the hole, you would have done that by now.
You're coming in here with all these charges.
You're dragging my mother in for questioning.
I think you've overplayed your hand.
I don't know what you think you know here You had a bad day.
You lost millions of dollars of equipment.
You let six fugitives slip through your fingers.
I've been in your shoes enough to know you're desperate.
So, here's what's gonna happen.
We are gonna make a deal today, but we are gonna do it on my terms.
I will cooperate with you, but I go down for this alone.
My mother goes home, along with anyone else that you may be thinking of dragging in here.
But most importantly, my wife and children stay out of prison.
Your wife assaulted a Sentinel Services team.
Your kids are wanted on several accounts.
- There's no way in hell - If you want me, they go free.
And all of this is gonna be worked out by the lawyer that you bring here right now.
You get your deal.
You get your lawyer.
One condition.
I get the Mutant Underground.
Are we clear about that? Joshua, I need you to look up whatever files we might have on mutant siblings.
Of course, Dr.
There was an incident in Rio, I believe, in the '60s.
- Yes.
- There you go.
The Strucker children, the ones who destroyed the gymnasium, have they been found yet? Sentinel Services are still looking.
Get me the name of the head agent on that case.
He and I should talk.