The Gifted (2017) s01e03 Episode Script


1 - Hey, look who's here.
- Help! [screaming] - I was just so angry.
- You couldn't feel anything.
Mom, accept it, Andy is a mutant.
This is the Sentinel Services.
We will use deadly force.
THUNDERBIRD: Clarice, you got to get us out of here.
[gunshot] - [grunts] - Dad! - Dad! - No! - Where is my dad? - We need to go back.
THUNDERBIRD: Right now, we need to take care of Clarice.
CAITLIN: She may be in shock.
It may be affecting her abilities.
THUNDERBIRD: What does she need? Hypercortisone-D to stabilize her powers.
ECLIPSE: Clarice is still inside.
Give me the medication.
I'll go in there, I'll try to give it to her.
No, you don't know the dosage.
Too much could make this worse.
[gasps] It's gonna be okay.
We are gonna do a deal today.
I will cooperate with you, but I go down for this alone.
And my wife and children stay out of prison.
One condition.
I get the Mutant Underground.
[insects chirping] It is always this quiet out here? - You get used to it.
- How did you guys get your hands on this place? It's huge.
Yeah, it was condemned after the Oakwood Riots.
National Guard stormed a mutant orphanage up the road.
Some poor kid lost control, destroyed the whole area.
They didn't know what he did exactly, so folks stayed away.
We needed a place, so Well, I love what you've done with it.
[chuckles] Look, we're hiding fugitives, not hosting garden parties.
What matters is we're together.
We fight for each other.
We take care of each other.
Ever wonder what you did in a past life to deserve this? Having a gene that forces us to live this way? Is that really what you think? I wouldn't change who I am or or what I can do for anything.
Tell me this.
When you discovered your ability, what was the first thing you did just for the joy of it? [laughs softly] Joy? I was living on the streets of Bogotá sleeping in a cardboard box.
Come on.
Okay, fine.
[grunts] [footsteps clanking] Know why I started wearing steel-toed boots and metal bracelets? Misguided fashion sense? No.
Because when I was 16, I discovered I could do this.
[electricity discharging] Wow.
Your turn.
Seriously, I don't know It's dumb.
Come on.
[laughs softly] [grunts] Well, look at that.
[glass clinks] What is that? I I, uh I think it's the Aurora Borealis.
It happens in the Arctic, when the solar energy hits the magnetosphere.
They say it's the most beautiful thing on Earth.
Not even close.
[lock buzzes in distance] [keys jingling] [lock clicks, door opens] JACE: Ms.
How you doing? I'm Jace Turner.
Sentinel Services.
Listen, I'd love to chat, but I'm sort of busy here.
Yeah, I can see that.
I think you're gonna want to make time for this, though.
I'm about to take down all your friends - in the Mutant Underground.
- Good luck with that.
Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna need luck.
I'm gonna start with Marcos Diaz.
Street name Eclipse? Does that ring a bell? Course it does, that's that's your baby daddy, right? So here's what I'm thinking: I'm want to give you one more chance to cooperate with us.
If you do, when the little one's born, I'll arrange visitations for you and Diaz.
You guys can still have some sort of family.
In prison.
No, I was thinking the Bahamas.
Yeah, prison.
Dane prison's where you want to end up right now.
If you don't cooperate, you're going someplace much worse.
So you can give me what I want here, or you will give me what I want there, because, believe me, everybody gives me what I want there.
[slaps knee] Think about it.
And think really hard, okay? Because if we do this bust without you, you got no cards left.
[door closes] [exhales] ECLIPSE: So, what, we just forget about Lorna - 'cause she's behind bars? - You know that's not what I'm saying.
Well, God knows what she's going through in there.
You're talking about breaking into a jail.
20-foot walls.
With guards.
- With guns.
- We have a way past all of it: Clarice.
You saw what she can do.
I saw her tearing through the fabric of space.
She almost destroyed half the building.
She almost died.
She's fine now.
In your expert medical opinion.
Yeah, well, she's better than she was.
Even if she is, she's nowhere near ready to take on what you're proposing.
Then train her.
Just like you trained most of the people in this room.
You train her.
DREAMER: Johnny, Clarice did get herself out of jail.
I mean, maybe she can do this.
So you're on his side.
I'm on Lorna's side.
She's my friend.
All right.
We still live in a country of laws.
H-Have we tried calling a lawyer? Some members of Congress are sympathetic to mutants.
- You're really overestimating - Why not try? We can assault a building, but we can't talk to a person? - You said you wanted to fight.
- I do.
But there are ways to fight that don't involve battles.
- I have connections.
I can reach out.
- We can't have contact with the outside world while you're staying here.
Sentinel Services will be looking for you.
We can't risk - the exposure.
- Even if it could help? Much better odds they turn on us.
I'm sorry, Caitlin.
No, it's too dangerous.
This is the jankiest board ever.
I'm pretty sure that money has mold on it.
Okay, that's not It's mold.
- It's mold.
- [chuckles] So, uh, I guess since the tens are all stuck together, I figure we use the ones as tens and then the little paper nubs - will be the ones.
- Doesn't matter to me.
I'm gonna win it all anyway.
Remember last time.
Oh, when I let you win? It's not your birthday anymore.
ANDY: Just pick your piece.
LAUREN: I'll be nickel.
I think I'm gonna be the shoe.
You can't be the shoe.
- Be the bottle cap.
- What do you mean? I just called the shoe.
- I don't care.
Put it back.
- What's your problem, psycho? Dad's always the shoe.
Okay? Yeah.
This Lorna chick went to jail saving my ass.
I owe her.
But it won't work.
I can't do anything.
See? Nothing.
And you want me to help you get into a jail? You'd be better off with a couple glow sticks and a hacksaw.
- [chuckles] - Something changed after I got sick.
I woke up with this new beauty mark here.
And my powers I don't know they're they're broken.
Abilities don't break.
Most mutants first access their abilities from strong emotions.
Fear, anger, pain.
But those are all unreliable.
The challenge is to tap into something positive.
- Positive.
- Mm-hmm.
Like, what, we do some hot yoga and find my spirit animal? Um no, thanks.
I'm pretty sure your spirit animal would bite me.
It'd rip your head off.
No, it's impossible.
My head can't be ripped off.
We're gonna work on it.
See you in the morning.
[quietly]: How'd it go with Clarice? Um it's-it's gonna be a process.
Her power has always been fueled by fear.
She needs to find something she cares about enough to get past it.
Johnny, Lorna doesn't have time for us to make mistakes.
Let me help.
- No.
- I can give Clarice memories, make her think Lorna's her best friend.
You're talking about planting stuff in people's heads.
That goes bad, all right? Remember Walker? Eve? Yeah.
I don't want to take shortcuts on this.
All right, Johnny.
She's all yours.
[crickets chirping] [whispering]: Andy.
Kids, wake up.
Mom? - What's going on? - What's wrong? Nothing's wrong.
I have to go somewhere.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Tomorrow? We're not supposed to leave.
Where are you going? Your Uncle Danny's house.
I'm hoping he can help - with your dad.
- LAUREN: Uncle Danny? Mom, we haven't seen him since Grandma's funeral.
No, screw that if you're going, I'm going with you.
No way.
It could be dangerous out there.
Mom, remember when those government guys attacked us? If that happens again, we can protect you.
We already lost Dad.
We can't lose you, too.
Not taking no for an answer.
Let's go.
All right, so you met Diaz at the bar to broker a deal to move your family to Mexico tell me tell me about the bar.
Who was there? Who did he speak to? [low, indistinct chatter] He seemed to know the bartender.
Bartender's the target to make contact with the Underground.
Get a recon team out there, - find anything out about him - You got it.
So what, you just want me to walk in and say that I escaped from Sentinel Services? No.
We're gonna put out an APB saying that you managed to evade capture.
If the bar is connected to the Underground, then they'll hear about it.
What if I can make contact? Then you get them to take you to your family, and we get Diaz and roll up their whole operation.
What happens after? To all of them? What do you mean? They're a terrorist organization.
They'll be dealt with accordingly.
THUNDERBIRD: Did you think about what I said last night? Yeah, I did.
But what I can do, I mean Literally, I have the power to bail out of bad situations.
So being scared is just a big part of it.
It's not all of it.
In the marines when you want to give up, they train you to focus on what you care about most.
To hold onto it like your life depended on it.
Because at some point, it will.
Okay, so what did you care about? Back then I had a lot to prove.
About being Apache, a mutant.
But what if I don't have anything? Think about what you love now.
I don't know, can it be a warm jelly donut? Sure.
For today, sure.
Look that way.
Maybe put the coffee down.
Just relax.
- All right? - Okay.
[Thunderbird inhales] Breathe.
Picture that thing.
That thing you care about.
Warm jelly donut.
Picture it.
- And go to it.
- [crackling] Look at that.
[Thunderbird chuckles] [frustrated groan] See, this is exactly why I shouldn't be doing this.
Last time I tried, I nearly took down your entire No, no, don't focus on the fear.
You focus Are you having a stroke? Oh, this is your thing.
What's going on? We have a problem.
They left last night and didn't take much with them.
Why the hell would Caitlin do this? - She believes she can help.
- [sighs] That whatever connections she has can make a difference.
She spent her whole life believing in the system.
How could she be so naive? No, I talked to her about this, I thought she understood.
Ah, some people have to learn the hard way.
We need to go after them.
Aw, John, we don't have time for this.
Lorna could disappear into a federal hellhole any day now.
If they get arrested before they come back here, they know where this place is.
They get caught, we get caught, - and we don't get Lorna back.
- Yeah.
It's clear.
Come on.
We can't just hike the whole way.
Uncle Danny lives, like, all the way across town.
Mom, we're gonna get noticed on the street.
- We have to get a cab.
- To Buckhead? I I have about enough cash to get us to that tree over there.
And with our bank accounts frozen Well, why don't I just unfreeze them? Wait.
Are you seriously suggesting we rob a bank? Yeah.
I I'm not hearing this.
Mom, why should we have to hold back when nobody else does? Because people could get hurt, and because we don't rob banks.
Andy, if we're ever gonna have a chance at a normal life again Normal? Lauren, you got to be kidding me.
Normal is gone! Normal doesn't exist anymore.
Okay? [rumbling] [car alarm blaring] Andy! ANDY: There.
Cab fare.
The bank is safe.
Happy? [crackling] [frustrated groan] [groans softly] I keep getting close, and then I just I lose it.
I know it's hard, but Lorna's counting on us.
That's what everyone keeps telling me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
[sighs]: It's just she's my best friend.
- What did Johnny say? - Some Mr.
Miyagi stuff about focusing on something that's meaningful to me.
Well, there's there's got to be somebody.
An old boyfriend, maybe, or girlfriend? Sorry.
There's nobody.
So you can tell your boyfriend that this plan isn't gonna work.
- What makes you think he's my boyfriend? - Oh, I don't know, the way you look when you talk about him.
The fact that you're the only one here that calls him Johnny.
I came here as a refugee.
When I decided to stay on and help, we agreed that if we were gonna work together, we shouldn't be together.
Look, about your portals [exhales] Johnny usually knows what he's talking about, so just keep at it.
Awesome pep talk.
LAUREN: I forgot how big this place is.
ANDY: What if they're not home? There's only one way to find out.
- I think he's still counting coins.
- Yeah, he was not happy about the coins.
- Danny.
- Thank God you're okay.
I'm sorry we didn't call.
- Can we come in? - The police were here.
Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in? Yes, I do.
Please, Danny.
Here you go.
Where's Mary? Uh, she's, uh, out of town.
Sales conference.
I'm sorry we don't have more pizza.
We weren't expecting company.
No, it's-it's fine.
Thank you.
I don't know if this is inappropriate or whatever, but did you guys have to fight off the cops? - Yeah, that's real inappropriate, son.
- LAUREN: It wasn't like that.
We just ran.
Tore up some robots, though.
So have you guys been, like, - hiding out on the streets, or? - No.
There's this group They help mutants in trouble.
SCOTT: Cool.
Like the Underground Railroad.
DANIEL: Scott.
Please? You know what? Why don't you guys go play some video games? Okay? Go on.
It's good to see you, Cait.
[sniffs] But you shouldn't have come.
Where else could I go? Jenny's in Arizona.
Mom's gone.
I need to find Reed.
Danny, you know people at the firm.
Judges, the-the mayor members of Congress.
You spent half of Mom's last Christmas telling us how they all go to your golf club.
Yeah, I was at the club the other day, and people won't even look at me because of all this.
But you worked on Senator Montez's campaign.
Yeah, and he ran the campaign on a "security first" platform.
I can't just call him up and ask him to pull some strings for some outlaws.
I don't even know - if Reed's alive.
- I could go to jail.
For even letting you through the door.
When Mom was sick, I left you alone.
I-I I knew you didn't like seeing her like that, and I never asked for help.
But now I am asking.
Caitie I got to consider my family.
My children my husband, - they are your family, too.
- You can stay the night.
Okay? I've got cash in the safe, you can have it.
You can have all of it, okay? But in the morning, you got to go.
JACE: Hey, look who's famous.
Headquarters just sent out the notice.
As of an hour ago, you're the subject of a multi-agency manhunt.
- I'm flattered.
- With any luck, our target will have heard all about it by now.
You just need to convince them to take you to the Mutant Underground.
We're gonna track you with this.
Put your left leg out, please.
It's thin enough that it won't register if they pat you down.
[beeps] There we go.
It also doesn't come off unless I unlock it.
So Unless you're planning on losing a foot.
I always say that 'cause there was a guy Got some activity here.
Out back.
JACE: That the bartender? - Yeah.
- All righty, kids, it's game time.
Go get 'em, tiger.
Strucker? Try to remember that your family's depending on you? - What are you doing here? - I was here a few days ago.
I met up with Marcos Diaz to talk about moving my family.
- I remember who you are.
- We ran into Sentinel Services.
We got separated.
I just want - to talk to Marcos.
- Do you got any idea how much heat you got on you? Cops are looking for you - everywhere.
- Easy.
- Shouldn't we go in there? - No.
He'll sell it.
I just want to find my family.
- Get out of here.
- Why do you think Marcos was talking to me? I have information.
I was a prosecutor.
I know about the investigation into your network, I know the police, I know the federal agencies.
I can help you.
- I just want to find my family first.
- Hey, man, I don't make - the goddamn rules, man.
- I have nowhere else to go, all right? I have nowhere else to go.
If you're not gonna help me, then you may as well just pull the trigger.
[gun clicks] You'd be doing me a favor.
All right.
Come on.
So how the hell did you get away from Sentinel Services? We were in an old warehouse, and I found a crawlspace, and hid in there until they gave up the search.
Gave up? They don't give up easy.
My kids are the ones with the abilities.
I guess they were less concerned with me.
Lucky you.
In here.
That's Sheila.
Little one's Dominique.
This is Reed.
He'll be going out with us tonight.
We'll meet my family then? Don't work like that.
I take you to the drop point.
Someone from HQ picks you up, drives you the rest of the way.
Have some supper.
I'll be back after last call.
Get some shut-eye.
You hungry? [sighs] No thank you.
I couldn't keep anything down.
I'm too nervous.
You two alone? Yeah.
They took my husband.
Daddy's different, too.
Where'd they take him? Sentinel Services detention center.
- They tried to take us, but - Both of you? To them, she's just a future threat who carries the X-Gene.
Some world, huh? [sighs]: Oh.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Sentinel Services shot me with an immobilization round.
It's been a few days, but it hurts, you know? - [whooshing] - [Reed gasps, Sheila sighs] [whooshing] What did you just do? I took away your pain.
I can't heal, but that I can do.
We have to stick together, right? Right.
SCOTT: Always knew you were a beast at Medal of Honor, but now you're, like, the beast of real life, too.
You know what I'm gonna call you now? De-Struckto.
- Get it? It's like Strucker - Yeah, I get it.
Please don't.
Could you, like, destroy a skyscraper? Uh, I don't know.
Probably not.
- Here, cover my flank.
I'm going in.
- I got you, De-Struckto.
- Dude, really? - What about, like, a jumbo jet? Man, I'm trying to play.
Why would I even want to destroy a plane? I don't know.
Like, if it was attacking you or something.
Attacking me with what? Luggage? Jumbo jets don't have guns.
- MALE VOICE: Game over.
- Great.
First game in weeks, and it's a total slaughter.
This is gonna kill our ranking.
Dude, who cares? I need to see what you can do.
Come on, just do something to this.
Please? No.
I don't I can't just do it out of nowhere.
You can't do it at all.
Don't encourage him.
Go back to Insta-stalking Jack.
Oh, my God.
What? What's wrong? - It's nothing, okay? - Hey, what is it?! ANDY: It's our house.
That's Lucas.
We've been going to school with him - since second grade.
- Hey, Andy, they're just stupid kids.
It doesn't matter.
[metallic rattling, whirring] - Andy! - [clanks] No way.
CAITLIN: Guys? - Is everybody okay? - Yeah.
These dorks are just going all WWE on each other.
It's nothing.
[laughs] You guys should try to get some sleep, all right? Mom? Is Uncle Danny gonna help? We're working on it.
[phone chimes] [phone whooshes] - [phone chirps] - Looks like they're heading out.
- His tracker transmitting? - Loud and clear.
Bravo Team, Charlie Team.
Look alive.
Target's heading west on Sycamore.
Pick 'em up on Ninth.
Alpha Team's rolling out now.
[steady beeping] [engine starting] All right, let's do this.
It's okay.
Mommy said we're going to the safe place.
We don't have to be scared anymore.
That's right, honey.
Worst part is over.
We're with friends now.
Stop the van.
- What? - I said stop the van.
I have to get out! There's a vehicle behind us.
- Calm down.
I can hide the van.
- You don't get it.
- They're following us.
- Wait.
What? Sentinel Services put a tracker on me.
- You son of a bitch! - Oh, my God.
What did you do? I was just trying to protect my family.
Wanted to see them.
I didn't I would never SHEILA: It's okay.
- Just stop the van, and I'll get out.
- We stop, and we're dead! You set us up! [Sheila gasps] I'm sorry.
Damn it! [gasps] [tires squeal] Was I unclear? Your job was to stay in the van.
- You were clear enough.
- [laughs] You just made the biggest - mistake of your life.
- No.
- But I got pretty damn close.
- We had a deal, Mr.
And you can shove that deal up your ass.
[soft, electrical buzzing] You can do this.
[sighs] [electrical hissing] [sighs] - [gasping] - [rapid beeping] [gasping and beeping continue] [creaking] Come on! Please! Please! [yelling] [screaming] - [beeps, electrical buzz] - [gasps, cries] [gasping] [crying] [coughing] [coughing, gasping] [wheezing] [lock buzzes, latch clicks] That's just sad.
[birds singing] - [gasps] - Shh.
Caitlin, listen to me.
I don't have time to explain right now.
You are in danger here.
Where are Andy and Lauren? - What are you doing here? - Shh.
- You can't just break in.
- You don't understand Yes, I do.
I understand that I am trying to help my husband.
What, with favors and phone calls? We discussed this.
I distinctly remember.
There was, in fact, no discussion.
Guys, we need to go.
If we can find you, - others can, too.
- DANIEL: Cait? - What's going on? - What - Danny.
- Relax.
Danny, please.
Everything's okay.
- No, it doesn't look okay to me.
- No.
These are the people who are trying - to help us.
- [tires squeaking] What the hell? Caitlin, what You bring mutants into my home? Mutants? - [indistinct chatter] - Seriously, Danny? The only mutants I brought into your home are - your niece and nephew.
- Save your family spat for later.
Right now we got bigger problems.
Get the kids.
We know you're in there.
Danny, come on out.
We need to talk.
Who did you tell that you were coming? - No one.
- Well, obviously one of your friends here did, 'cause - Dad, I think - Scottie, not now.
I texted a pic of a trophy Andy tore apart to one friend.
- What? - Oh, Scott.
He swore he wouldn't - show anyone.
He swore.
- They're seven deep out front.
- Anything around back? - Yeah, there's four of 'em, and then more outside the kitchen door.
We're surrounded.
Look, I can get us through a wall, but if they start shooting while we run, - there's gonna be a fight.
- Run? - Why should we have to run? - Didn't you hear them? - There's an army out there.
- ANDY: Yeah, so what? - We can take those guys.
- Yeah, of course we can take them.
But we do that, people are gonna die.
Well, maybe it's time these people learned.
Andy, you don't mean that.
Yes, I do.
Listen to them, Mom.
They hate us.
Just send 'em out and we'll go away.
I'll go.
It's Chuck Sanders.
Chuck? I was on swim team with him.
- We went to church.
I - I know, I know.
I don't think you're quite understanding how people how they feel about all this.
You guys should move.
Come on.
Morning, Dan.
The hell you doing? Who are all these people? Just a few concerned folks from the community.
- What do you want? - Come on.
You know why we're here.
- Caitlin and her kids They inside? - I don't know - what you're talking about.
- Cut the crap, Dan.
Rick saw a photo on his son's phone when they - got up for swim practice.
- Oh, for God's sake, Chuck, - come on.
- Your son sent it.
Now, we know they're inside, so just send 'em out so we don't have to search the house.
Dan, I know they're family, but these kids destroyed half a school.
- We're just trying to keep everyone safe.
- Yeah, and the $300,000 bounty's got nothing to do with it, right, Chuck? Come on, the only person in that house is my son, Scott.
Who plays Minecraft with your son, Jacob, who's lived down the street from you since he was six years old.
Chuck, come on, please ju just go.
He's lying, man.
Just go in.
- We didn't come here for nothing.
- Come on, no.
- Sorry, Dan.
- No, Chuck.
Don't! Wi Go home! [grunts] Aah! [panting] Come on, let's go.
Open this door or we're coming in! Leave us alone! Leave us alone.
[rifle cocks] Hey! - [sizzles] - Aah! Leave it! Stay behind me.
Get into the car.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Back off.
Back off.
- Go.
- Danny.
- Go! - Come on! Go! Now let's go! Go! Come on! It's bad.
We're heading your way.
Hold on, Johnny.
I-I thought you were - getting the Struckers.
- Yeah, we did.
Things went sideways.
We got the local mutant welcoming group - on our heels.
- How many? Eight, maybe ten.
Either way, we can't afford a fight.
- What do you need? - A way out of this doesn't leave any corpses.
[gasps] DREAMER: Get back here.
I will figure something out.
Clarice, Clarice.
I need to talk to you.
Johnny Thunderbird He's in trouble.
They're all in trouble.
- What? - Look, I There's no time to explain.
I need you to make a portal.
Get a car off the road.
A car.
Are you insane? - You have to.
- I told you, I can't.
You can if you have someone to care about.
[thunder rumbling] - What happened? - Clarice, look at me.
Johnny's in trouble out there, and I need you to make a portal.
Can you do it? Yeah.
Of course.
Where are they? Are you coming or what? - [grunts] - Lauren, can't you shield them? I can't shield what I can't see, okay? Just stay down.
They'll be here any second.
Get ready.
Well, I I have to be able to see where I'm portalling to.
- If I can't - There.
Just get 'em there.
Remember who you're doing this for.
It's for Johnny.
[grunting] Where the hell are our people? You heard Dreamer.
They're working on it.
Not fast enough.
We're getting way too close to headquarters.
We're gonna have to fight.
[grunting] [yells] Look! Look, there! Go.
Go, go, go, go, go.
What the - Kidding me - What? They're gone man.
- Everybody in one piece? - Oh, yeah.
Kids, you okay? - Fine.
- Okay.
Get everybody inside.
I'll be there in a minute.
CAITLIN: [sniffles] You were right.
- I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
You did something stupid for someone you love.
Can't say I haven't done the same.
Are you all right? Yeah.
I'm fine.
We all are.
I can't believe it worked.
I mean, a freaking SUV? I'm so glad it did.
Go on inside and I'll see you there in a second.
What did you do? You needed help.
She needed something to connect to, so I gave her a memory.
Of us.
Do you realize what you've done? What that could lead to? Believe me, Johnny, I do.
All right, we need to get the transfer request over to the deputy director.
[phone rings] [clears throat] Turner.
Hello, this is Doctor Roderick Campbell.
Head of research - over at - Yeah, I'm-I'm familiar with your work.
Of course.
I understand you had a bit of a setback - last night.
- It happens.
We're moving two prisoners to a detainment facility.
- We'll get what we need.
- Look, Agent Turner, I'm calling because I'm quite interested in this case, in particular the Strucker children.
I know your team already uses some of our resources.
I would like to propose a partnership of sorts.
You provide me with access to your suspects, - and I'll provide you - Yeah, we don't hand our suspects over to contractors.
I know this is unorthodox, but I think I could be very helpful in this investigation.
Listen, I appreciate the offer.
I'm afraid it's out of the question.
Thank you.
CAITLIN: Thanks for meeting me.
Especially after yesterday.
Any time you call, I'll be there.
But I thought you'd come alone.
It's okay.
The mutants can't bite you from here.
How's your head? It's fine.
Few stitches.
I'll be all right.
Danny, I'm so sorry.
No, no, no.
I'm the one who's sorry.
Look, I was wrong.
Okay? And I I want to help.
Mary and I bought a cabin up in the Smokies.
We never use it.
- Just go.
- And leave my husband? No.
I made some calls.
What? - Reed's alive.
- Oh, my Sentinel Services are taking him to a facility, along with some woman from the Underground.
- What kind of facility? - No one'll say.
Some top-secret mutant detention center But Reed's not a mutant.
Why would-why would would they - be taking him there? - I don't-I don't know.
I don't know, and the truth is, we probably never will.
You have to face the fact that you're not gonna see him again.
I love you, Danny.
But you're wrong.