The Gifted (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

eXit Strategy

1 Wow.
I think it's the aurora borealis.
They say it's the most beautiful thing on earth.
Not even close.
[weapon firing] - [grunts] - Marcos! OFFICER: Freeze! - [Taser crackles, Polaris groans] - Lorna! THUNDERBIRD: Clarissa's power has always been fueled by fear.
She needs to find something she cares about enough - to get past it.
- Let me help.
I need you to make a portal, get a car - off the road.
- A car? Are you insane? DREAMER: She needed something to connect to, so I gave her a memory of us.
Do you realize what you've done? What that could lead to? We are gonna do a deal today.
And my wife and children stay out of prison.
One condition: I get the Mutant Underground.
This is Reed.
We leave for the Underground tonight.
- Stop the van.
- What? Sentinel Services put a tracker on me.
No! You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
We had a deal.
Reed's alive.
- Oh, my - Sentinel Services are taking him to a facility along with some woman from the Underground.
You have to face the fact that you're not gonna - see him again.
- You're wrong.
- [insects buzzing] - [hand slapping] - [sighs] - You all right there? You know, back in the Corps, I used to think the cold was the worst part, but I got to say, these bugs might change my mind.
You know what we need? We need a mutant who keeps bugs away.
- Or a can of bug spray.
- [chuckles] You should have sent me in first.
I could have knocked out the power, everything.
And then they would have known we were here immediately.
Look, we stick to the plan.
We'll wait for them to get to that second fence, they send us the signal, then we get in there.
[sighs] It just pisses me off, you know? They call it a mutant relocation facility, like it's just some nice place to pass the time? Hey, we got you out of there.
We're gonna get them out, too, all right? Oorah.
Oorah is right.
- [gunfire] - Was that? - [alarm sounding] - MAN: Get down! They found us! Get down! [gunfire] [panting] Randall's dead.
Elsa, too.
- [bullets whizzing] - [groans] - What happened? - They have a whole system of automated guns, infrared trackers.
With that kind of hardware, there's no way - we're making it out of here.
- [Eclipse groans, Sage gasps] Look, if I can get closer, I can shut down their system and the automated weapons.
I can buy you some time.
- Yeah, what about you? - Look, I'll be fine.
I'll be right behind you, okay? Just go! [alarm sounding] [distant shouting] [dogs barking] [distant shouting] Pulse! Gus? Gus? No! No! [alarm chirps] Nice digs you got here.
Yeah, don't get too comfy.
You're only gonna enjoy our hospitality for a couple days.
Then what? Oh, let me guess.
Another transfer.
Maybe one of your secret prisons? You know, you had your chance to cooperate, Ms.
Little favor? Call me Polaris.
You're sending me to Hell, I think it's the least you can do.
[buzzing] [door opens] [door closes] That's interesting.
You want to tell me what my prosecutor's doing in a cell? JACE: Mr.
Strucker's got legal problems of his own.
He's heading to the same place you are.
The same son of a bitch who tried to use my unborn child to get me to turn against my friends is going to prison with me? What is it, my birthday? I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, Ms.
It's Polaris.
[lock clicks, buzzer sounds] [door closes] Code Lang 5-0-1-niner.
Security check-in.
- Affirmative.
- [whispering]: Listen to me.
Both prisoners have been secured.
A whole lot of things have happened that you don't know about.
We need to stick together.
Are you asking me for help? You do remember our last meeting, right? I know Marcos.
I was working with him.
That's why I'm here.
Okay, then tell me about that.
He was helping my family.
- We got caught by Sentinel Services - Oh, so, not only did you try to put me in prison forever, but you also almost got Marcos killed? If we're gonna have a chance at getting out of here, we Please, Ms.
Guard, this man is bothering me.
Shut up both of you! THUNDERBIRD: We know that Lorna is being held in a cell at the Sentinel Services Regional Headquarters.
We believe that Reed Strucker is there with her.
They're being moved soon to an ultrasecure facility.
And we don't know much about it, except that the people who go don't come back.
That's why we got to move now.
And I'm not gonna sugarcoat this.
We're talking about attacking the Sentinel Services.
[indistinct chatter] We lost six people the last time we went up against them directly.
THUNDERBIRD: I know that better than anyone.
- It won't be like last time.
- SAGE: You're right.
Last time, we just hit a relocation center with a fence and some guard towers.
This time it's a prison.
Their systems have improved.
Extrapolating from other attacks, we've got an 86.
5% chance of failure.
ECLIPSE: And if we do nothing, then there's a 100% chance we never see them again.
I know we're new here, but please.
Lorna's risked her life for everyone in this room.
Harry, your parents would be dead without her.
Sage, she pulled you out of a gutter, and she got you clean.
I mean, she's She needs us.
Doesn't change the math, Marcos.
I don't care about the math.
I care about Lorna.
Who's with me? I'm in.
Yeah, I'm in.
Dad is so screwed.
We'll figure something out.
Did you see how many people bailed? I-I mean, did you hear computer girl? Basically, what she said is, Dad is screwed.
- Andy, please, don't talk like that.
- You know it's true.
We can't afford to think that way right now.
So, are we just gonna live in fantasyland? - Nobody's on our side.
- It's not just that, Mom.
I mean, this is all such a huge risk.
Well, sometimes you just got to take a risk and hope for the best.
ECLIPSE: Five people? Unbelievable.
Marcos, don't be so hard on 'em.
A lot of 'em lost friends the last time.
[sighs] Five of us to break into a prison.
Um, six, technically.
I'm sorry, Caitlin, but BLINK: So how are we gonna do this? If there's a window, I can portal us in, but there's gonna be guards and cameras.
Harry, could you? I can make the guards see this, but not the cameras.
Well, if we go in like that, we're never coming out again.
- Exactly.
- What if we don't go in? Look, I know I can't shoot lasers from my hands, but I do have an idea.
Daniel said the place they're taking them is far away.
To put them on a plane, they'd have to move them.
Let's get them while they're moving.
That's not a bad idea.
It could work, but we don't know the route.
- Without that - I think I might know how to get it.
How? We don't have anyone with that kind of intel.
The network doesn't, but I might.
The cartel? They have people everywhere, man.
THUNDERBIRD: The last time the cartel got their hooks in you, you barely got out.
Marcos you sure you want to go back to that? No but I'm out of better ideas.
Would you like some? No, no, I'm fine.
Um So, did you ever talk to Clarice about what happened? [sighs] No.
- We should.
- You know, she seems fine.
- I really don't think it's necessary - Sonya, it's wrong.
You gave her a memory it isn't hers without her permission.
- A memory of me.
- It's not like that.
It's like a dream, okay, or, - or an impression.
- Oh.
- It will fade.
- And what if it doesn't? You should tell her.
If you don't, I will.
You don't know how she's gonna react.
Okay, say you tell her.
Maybe she's cool with it, or maybe she leaves.
And if she does, then you can forget about saving anyone.
Look, I know that you're not happy with what I did, but I had no choice, okay? I had to save you.
All of you.
And if I'd had the time, then, yes, I would have asked her.
And what if she said no? I wasn't gonna let you die.
This is a war, Johnny.
In case you forgot.
[Spanish-language music playing] Go on in, enjoy.
Oye, Francisco.
Been too long.
Looking good, man.
What are you doing here? - Wait, tha-that's far enough.
- Whoa.
Don't-don't point those things at me.
Close your hands into fists.
Get 'em behind your head.
I just came to talk, okay? [Spanish-language music playing] [crowd chatter] Well, if it isn't Marcos Diaz, back where - he said he'd never be again.
- Carmen, hey.
Uh, look, I don't want any trouble.
Why would I cause trouble? You, uh, weren't too happy with me for a while there.
How did you think I'd react after you snuck out of bed and disappeared? Uh Marcos, relax.
I'm messing with you.
- It was a long time ago.
- Yeah.
So, what can I do for you? Uh, I'm just here to see your father.
See, this is what happens when you don't keep up with old friends.
Papá retired.
So, who's in charge? You want to talk business, you talk with me.
So, what do you think of my club? Well, you made some changes.
- It's nice.
- Hmm.
You don't need to lie to me, Marcos.
You don't like this kind of music.
Yeah, well, you don't like it either.
What I like is having an operation that can run $3 million cash through and deposit it in an American bank.
I liked the old place, but Papá's bar couldn't clean that much.
So We need to have a drink, yes, to celebrate your return? Thanks, but I'm not here to socialize.
Look, I need information.
Sentinel Services is moving a couple of people.
I need to know where and when.
Hitting Sentinel Services? That's a suicide mission.
Who are these prisoners? Ah, one's a former prosecutor, the other is, um - She's - Wait, is this about the girl you left me for? - The magnet girl? - [quietly]: Yeah.
Tell me, how do you think she'd feel if she knew you were here groveling to me? Are you gonna help me, or not? Help it's an interesting word.
Remember when you came here with Papá to help him with business in Atlanta? Do you know how many shipments we lost when you left? Carmen, I was muscle.
I wasn't that important.
My father loved you.
He thought of you as a son.
He thought you'd marry me, take care of this family, - repay him for everything he did for you.
- It was hard for me, too.
I'm sorry.
I don't have a lot of time here.
Look, Carmen, please.
Can you get the information I need, or not? Of course I can, but I only do favors for my friends.
So after all this time, do you want to be my friend again? [heart beating] [moans] [gasps] [sighs] I don't like it, brother.
Whatever you think this is gonna cost, it's gonna be more.
ECLIPSE: Yeah, I'll deal with that later.
Listen, they made some calls to some contacts they have in Sentinel Services.
They're moving Lorna and Reed by truck.
It's a convoy.
- I'll send you the route.
- When? I don't know the time frame yet.
I'm working on that.
She's playing with me.
She? Carmen? Marcos, you're dealing with Carmen? Are you insane? This is Lorna's only chance.
I can handle it.
I just have to - Give it back.
- Come and get it.
What are you, 12? - I need the information.
- We were good together.
You and me.
Why didn't we work out? We cared about different things.
I cared about taking care of my family.
A family you were a part of before you ran off to go play hero.
And I was fine with the family.
It was the business.
Is it so different from what you're doing now? Moving drugs from Mexico, moving mutants to Mexico.
These days, which one is more illegal? - You can't - MAN: Excuse me.
[man whispering] Look, I need a time for the convoy.
- What do you want from me? - What do I want? These hands.
These talented hands.
Eclipse found out that a convoy of military vehicles is taking Lorna and Reed to a military airport.
Now, based on the route, the best place to hit it is gonna be an old warehouse district off Peachtree.
Can you open a portal, get us inside the transport bus? Well, if the driver can see out, then I can see in, but if the bus is moving, then it can get messy real fast.
- Stop the bus not gonna be easy.
- Maybe Marcos can, like, - melt the tires.
- DREAMER: When is he getting us the time frame for the convoy? He's been gone a while, Johnny.
And he will be back.
He's working on it now.
Okay, regardless, melting their tires with lasers is hardly subtle.
What do you think happens after that? A pitched battle.
People die.
Our goal isn't just to get Reed and Lorna.
- It's to get them alive.
- THUNDERBIRD: She's right.
Our job is to get in and out without dropping bodies.
We need another way to stop that bus.
[music playing over headphones] Hey.
- I need to talk to you.
- About what? We need to figure out a safe way to stop a prison truck.
Can you break a truck wheel? You did that thing with the parking meter.
You mean meters.
I meant to break one.
Look, it's not exactly precise, okay? I could tear the whole truck apart with Dad in it.
Get up.
I want to try something.
Maybe we could use what I do to, like, focus what you do.
I don't follow.
Forget it.
Just Okay.
Do the lamppost.
ANDY: Okay.
You're the one getting in trouble if I tear everything apart, okay? [rattling and rumbling] [grunting] [Lauren grunts] [both exhaling] [creaking] - [collar buzzes] - [winces] I know I'm probably not someone you want to talk to.
You're right about that.
I always told myself that anyone that was facing me in my courtroom was guilty.
Told myself that I was the prosecutor, and that the laws were clear, and if you broke 'em, it was on you.
Told myself that I was doing my job.
Then I found out that my kids are mutants.
They didn't mean to hurt anyone.
They didn't mean to do anything.
They were just defending themselves.
But they broke the law.
And with mandatory minimums, they'll get at least ten years.
Maybe more.
And a few days ago, I would have been the one making that argument.
Before all of this, I didn't understand.
But I do now.
And I'm sorry.
Congratulations on figuring out you're one of the bad guys.
But so what? If you would have thought about it a little longer, you wouldn't have destroyed so many lives? Huh? Do you want forgiveness? Ask the little boy who I strapped into a bus while he screamed, begging to join his mommy in prison where you sent her.
You know what? Ask the hundreds of families whose lives you and your friends ruined.
Don't ask me.
[sighs] - Wow.
- Right? THUNDERBIRD: That was pretty cool.
Yeah, more like incredible.
You guys think you can do that at a longer range? Yeah, definitely.
Anything you need.
LAUREN: The best part is no one will see - where it came from, so - No.
Kids are-are not attacking a convoy.
We don't have a good alternative here, Caitlin.
We're running out of time.
What, so you're gonna use child soldiers now? - We're not kids like that anymore, Mom.
- I said no.
- [Andy sighs] - Mom, please.
I know you're scared.
I'm scared, too.
But think about what you said last night.
About how sometimes we have to take risks.
Really? You're gonna use my own words against me? Look, this isn't going to visit your Uncle Daniel.
This is about trained men with guns.
We want to fight for this.
You always said that there are things worth fighting for.
Was that all just talk? You said it yourself There are risks worth taking.
If I say okay, I can't have them in harm's way.
We just need them to stop the bus.
They get out of there as soon as that's done.
ECLIPSE: We've been out all night.
Where are we going? CARMEN: I just want your help with a little project.
Carmen, what the hell? Oh, please.
Don't act like you haven't seen this before.
You used to hate this kind of thing.
You begged your father I was a child.
I protect my people.
You think you're better than all this, I know.
But you're not so different from me Eclipse.
This maldito stole two kilos from our distro centers.
He needs to tell us where they are.
Fortunately, you and your hands are very persuasive.
Carmen, this isn't me anymore.
I've changed, okay? You've got people who do - this sort of thing for you.
- Yes, but I'm asking you.
Do you want to save the girl's life or not? - Yes, but this - I'm not a child anymore, Marcos.
I'm a businesswoman.
And I don't pull strings for men just because I used to be stupid in love with them.
You think the price is flirting with me in my own club while you drink my tequila? The price is you.
So from now on, I call, you come, and you do exactly what I ask you to do.
He can't talk with that thing in his mouth.
Just tell her what she wants, man.
We don't have to do this.
No, we don't.
Why don't you just let me go? 'Cause I don't know nothing.
I want you to think about your eyes.
This here? This is bright enough to blind you forever.
Eyes open, closed doesn't matter.
So, do you want to spend the rest of your life in the dark? Or do you want to tell the lady what she wants? [grunting] Stop, stop! It's in my cousin's garage, man.
I swear.
You changed, huh? Juan will give you what you want.
I'll be in touch.
I hope the whore is worth it.
[grunts] THUNDERBIRD: There you are.
I was about to go looking for you.
Prison convoy leaves at 10:00 a.
They sweep the route at 9:30.
- We have a half hour window to set up.
- Hey.
How did it go? With Carmen.
Uh, it was fine.
She was happy to help.
Look, you can talk to me, man.
All right? I don't want you to get caught back up I did what I had to do.
Okay? So, back off.
We leave first thing in the morning.
[Eclipse speaking Spanish] I was filled You made My bones still Your eyes well With tears We're alive My dear My Since we found out That we're invincible We've been living In a dream world Please.
Since we decided To be infinite There's no ending And there's no fear No fear No fear, no fear No fear No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no No fear, no fear No fear No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no No fear, no fear No fear No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no No fear No fear, no fear.
[engine running] THUNDERBIRD: Convoy's gonna be coming down this road.
We should be able to see inside the transport bus from right here.
Is this all right? It's great.
Are you all right? I'm also great.
Just, uh, haven't been sleeping really well.
Yeah, well, living at the headquarters, people coming and going, that could be an adjustment.
[scoffs] Yeah, well, anything's better than jail, right? What about you? Was it hard for you at first? It was almost impossible.
- Really? - Yeah.
You seem so I don't know soldier-y.
Wouldn't think that anything was hard for you.
At first it was just me and Polaris and this impossible task, you know? You ever think about walking away? All the time.
What's stopping you? What we're doing here.
This is important to me.
But everybody finds their own reason to stay.
I just have to ask.
The night that we first met did we go outside together or something? No.
Uh, we-we did not.
That's what I thought.
You know, I'd remember if we went outside and then came back in.
[breathing heavily] Here, let me help.
[exhales] Thanks.
Getting some medical supplies ready, just in case.
It's weird how quiet everything is.
LAUREN: Not really.
It's Sunday.
It's Sunday.
You okay, honey? Yeah.
The football team's fund-raiser breakfast was this morning.
[chuckles] I was supposed to make corn muffins.
This isn't corn muffins.
ECLIPSE: Before this goes down, there's something we got to talk about.
Listen, guys, if things go wrong We got it.
We take off, regroup at the rendezvous No.
Listen, if things go wrong, I'm not leaving.
Wait, what? We discussed this.
I know what we discussed.
But Sage was right.
I have no right dragging you into a suicide mission.
If things go sideways, you guys go.
- What about you? - [sighs] I'm not leaving here without Lorna.
They're coming.
This is it.
LAUREN: Andy, go! Okay, I can't do it.
What do you mean, you can't do it? - You have to.
- I-It's I don't know.
It's moving.
It's just different.
ECLIPSE: Why hasn't the bus stopped? It's not stopping.
CAITLIN: You can do this.
We believe in you.
- It's not what we practiced.
- Okay, just-just calm down.
I'm trying.
- Mom, stop babying him.
- Lauren? Hey, you're the reason we're in this mess, and now you can't even help us get out.
- What are you doing? - Back off! Maybe those bullies were right.
Maybe you are nothing.
If they're wrong, then prove it.
You're better when you're angry.
Look, we can argue later.
We need to move.
TRADER: Was that the bus? ECLIPSE: It sounded like it.
I think so.
It's in the wrong place.
This is bad.
Listen to me just this once.
I know you hate me, and that's fine, but there's obviously something wrong with the bus.
OFFICER: Officer requesting backup.
And if we're gonna get a chance, it's gonna come along soon.
Look, think about it.
Is your hate for me worth more than giving your child a real life? [sighs] OFFICER: Can I get a 20 on backup? Look, all I ask is this: if we get the chance, help me take it.
[officer speaking indistinctly in distance] - Why didn't the bus stop in the right place? - I don't know.
It doesn't matter now.
Let's find it.
[screams] Damn.
DRIVER: The axle snapped.
I don't know how that could have happened.
Damn it.
It's mutants.
Could be.
Could be it's just mechanical.
It's mutants.
Lock it down right now.
All right.
Lock it down.
Lock it down.
- DREAMER: What's happening? - ECLIPSE: I don't know.
They're moving into defensive positions.
You guys have to go now.
Sentinel Services are gonna sweep the area.
They're gonna find these cars, and if they do, we have no way to get out.
All the more reason for us to stay.
I'll see what's happening at the bus.
Now, look, there's a lot of people out there.
Are you sure you can fool them all? I used to sneak into mutant detention camps.
If they didn't see me then, they won't see me now.
Be careful.
Up here.
[Blink grunts] Whoa.
THUNDERBIRD: Can you portal us into that bus from here? BLINK: Yeah.
You okay? Yeah, I just felt something weird there.
Yeah, I felt it, too.
It's not working.
Something's interfering with the portal.
Let me see what's going on.
You're clear? All right, here.
[sighs] I can't track.
What's happening? - No, it's impossible.
- What's impossible? Come on.
MAN: All right, just keep searching.
They're pretty sure there's something going on here.
Contact! You, on the ground! I said on the ground.
Now! Fall back and regroup.
No! No! What are you doing? The only thing I've ever known that can disrupt mutant abilities like that is Is what? Not what.
[sighs] You're saying that guy out there is what's messing us up? His name is Pulse.
He has the power - to disrupt systems, shut down electronics.
- What does - that have to do with us? - He can also disrupt mutants.
He can suppress abilities for at least two blocks.
And he's working with them? Not when I knew him.
He was my best friend.
I thought I saw him die on an attack at a Sentinel Services Relocation Center.
Looks like you're wrong about that.
I got to get to him.
I got to stop him.
Go check on the others.
I got to get out there.
[panting] DREAMER: What the hell?! We talked about this.
- We're not here to drop bodies.
- Yeah, well, it looks like they didn't get the memo.
I'll draw the fire, you try to save him.
- Go, go, go.
- Take cover! [gunfire continues] [gunfire] - [gasps] - LAUREN: Mom, they're shooting.
If Dad's out there We're getting out of here, you understand? ANDY: That's our car.
- That's our car.
- CAITLIN [whispers]: Stop.
Maybe I can - Mom, it's not working.
- It's okay.
What? What-what do you mean? What are we gonna do? Yeah, we got some kind of vehicle here.
Gray SUV with nobody in it.
We got [grunts] Here are the keys.
Take the car and go.
- What about you? - I'm going after your father.
- We're not gonna leave you.
- We can't go by ourselves.
I am not losing the two of you.
I will find him, and we will meet you at the headquarters, but I need you to go now.
I love you.
I love you so much.
- Lauren, what if she? - No.
Don't say it.
[engine starts] WEEKS: You were right.
- Shots fired up the street.
- How many hostiles? Not sure yet.
At least three.
- [gunfire] - All teams maintain positions.
Look for more hostiles.
We got to move these prisoners.
We're out of here in five minutes.
[gunfire] WEEKS [over radio]: Move the prisoners to a secure location.
Copy that.
We're moving 'em.
[distant gunfire] Is there a problem, Officer? You sure they're safe to? - It's fine.
- Just get it off.
She can't do anything anyway, all right? All the muties in the area are shut down.
We'll get a portable on her when we get 'em [grunting] Aah! [gunfire continues] [grunting] [grunting] Leave her alone! - [groaning] - You like that? You got any other ideas? [gunfire continues] [grunts] [gunfire] No, no, no.
Come on.
Come on.
[yelling] [panting] Come on! Come on, please! [grunting] [both grunt] Pulse, it's me.
It's John.
[groans] [yelling] GUARD: Where's my backup? We got prisoners resisting in here.
- JACE [on radio]: Are they secure? - Yes, my partner is out.
- What? What is it? - JACE: We're containing the area.
Stand by.
I can feel my powers.
They're back.
Could you get us loose? No, there's nothing in here I can use.
It's-it's all plastic.
Everything metal is outside.
Requesting backup on the bus.
Repeat, officer requesting backup.
[panting] Prisoners are no longer secure, - and I've got a man down.
- My leg.
The metal screw in my leg.
- What? - Take it.
Take it.
GUARD: I need backup now! [screaming] - [grunts] - The area's no longer secure.
I repeat, - the area's no longer secure.
- [grunts] Dios te salve, Maria.
[grunting] - Come on, come on.
- [groaning] Hurry! - You okay? - Yeah.
Better now.
- You're bleeding? - I'll explain later.
- Look, we got to get out of here.
- No, no, I'm not leaving.
Sentinel Services is gonna have reinforcements coming in.
John, I'm not leaving without Lorna.
The mutants have their powers back! All teams shoot to kill now.
Now! All teams shoot to kill.
Come on.
[metallic creaking] [shouting indistinctly] Looks like she's doing just fine without you.
Fall back.
Fall back.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
How did you find us? It really doesn't matter now.
Come on, get in! - Come on.
- Come on.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- Get in.
Oh, my God.
- Let's go.
- Go.
Go, come on.
Come on, go.
[tires screeching] Go! - Damn it! Go after 'em.
- They're out in the open now.
- We'll get 'em.
- I don't just want them! Shut down every safe house, every sympathizer, anyone who's ever helped 'em.
I want them all.