The Gifted (2017) s01e10 Episode Script


1 OTTO: My father and his sister Andrea were known as Fenris.
The wolf.
They had the same abilities as your children.
ESME: Her mind was hard to read, but I got enough.
Mutants in that lab, I could feel the agony.
My family is in there.
They're running out of time.
There is a power substation a few miles away.
If we took it out, we could get into the lab before their systems came back online.
There is a Sentinel robot and armed teams in the building! Get out of there now! DREAMER: Clarice! Go! - DREAMER: Hurry! - Freeze! - Run! No! - No, no! We can get out if we do what we did before.
What are you doing? If we do it, everyone's gonna die.
Stay where you are! - No! - Cait, wait! There's nothing we can do.
- Those are our children, Reed! - It's over.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] America has always been a beacon to the world.
Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness Sacred rights granted to us by our founding fathers.
But today, sadly, there are those who would like to take those rights from us.
- [CROWD CHEERS IN AGREEMENT] - Yeah! Yeah! - MAN: That's right.
- MONTEZ: That's right! Yes, too many in the mutant population abuse their so-called abilities to intimidate hardworking citizens of our great state.
To steal, destroy, murder.
Mutant crime is at an all-time high, and it's getting worse.
- [CROWD CHEERS IN AGREEMENT] - Yeah! - We agree! - That's right! As your senator, I've worked hard to create laws to punish those who willingly use powers to do harm.
- Yeah! - But our fight is just beginning.
Now, if you reelect me as your senator, I promise you this: it is a fight we will win together! [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] Thank you.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Nice job.
You crushed it out there.
Who the hell put this event together? Did you see the crowd? - We should've had double that.
- That's your base.
Yeah, well, we need to reach beyond the base.
We need a more muscular strategy, something with Some balls? Precisely.
I'm supposed to let you know that your car is here to take you to your next meeting.
You've got a 4:00 with some of the people from Trask Industries.
Thanks, Stephanie.
- Stacy.
- Oh.
Oh, it's okay.
[CHUCKLES] I'm still new here.
I, uh, I was wondering Is there any way I could sit in on the meeting? I've heard all the stories about how you work a room, Senator.
Want to learn from the master, huh? - Matt, donors can get prickly about - It's all right.
- Just remember, hon, silence is golden.
- [PHONE RINGS] Montez.
Yeah, listen, I'm about to head in.
[WOMAN SCREAMING] WOMAN [ECHOING]: Get out, now! They know! Go.
They know.
They're after you.
Sentinel Services.
They know! Go! Get out, now! They know! Go! Wait, say that again.
- How many? - WOMAN: Go, now! MONTEZ: Of course.
Thank you.
What was that? Sentinel Services.
Something about mutants infiltrating the campaign.
They just made some arrests.
[SIRENS APPROACHING] Where's Stephanie? [TIRES SCREECHING] - Slow down.
- Hey! [PANTING] Police went inside.
- WOMAN: Help! Help! - [SCREAMS] Find Sentinel Services.
They came for us, now they're coming for you.
- Help.
- [MAN GRUNTS] Please, please.
Find us.
Find us.
Find us! - - Okay, well, I say we go now, since everyone's still in holding.
I mean, Reed and I were locked up in there together.
- We know the whole layout.
- You want to hit Sentinel Services Are you crazy? - Don't call me crazy.
- Okay, everyone take it easy.
REED: She wants to launch an attack on the heels of what we just went through, with no way in.
Which part of that doesn't sound crazy to you? - Hey.
- Okay, do I have to remind you that it's not just our people that are in there? - They have your kids, too.
- We saw men with guns cart away our kids while they cried for our help, so, no, you sure as hell don't.
I'm not agreeing on a plan - that puts them in more danger.
- [ALL SHOUTING AT ONCE] That's enough! There is no more "yours" or "ours.
" Andy and Lauren Sonya and Clarice.
They're all our people now.
Turning their jail cells into a shooting gallery hurts everyone.
But it's just a matter of time before Campbell gets his hands on them and turns them into Hounds.
If that happens, this place is finished.
- It might already be finished.
- There are people we can talk to.
What, we write our congressman and hope for the best? If we have to shed blood sooner or later, I vote for sooner.
That's our blood you're talking about.
Some of us almost died the last time we tried something like this.
I know people in the courts, the government, - even Sentinel Services.
- Last time you tried that, - we almost got killed.
- Okay, it was your "low risk" assault that got us into - this situation.
- Look, guys! The enemy is not in this room.
We're all in this together.
And we should set up some scouts at Sentinel Services and Trask.
Maybe they can get eyes on our people.
Marcos is right We can send out Sage and Shatter.
And also check in with our police contacts.
We are gonna fight to get everyone home.
But we need to remember, we're on the same side.
This thing itches.
Hopefully, that's all it does.
Stop messing with it.
Look, we can't just sit around, okay? We've been locked up in here for hours.
We want a lawyer, or whatever! - Can any of you creeps hear me? - Don't do that.
- Andy, please.
- I said we want a - [COLLAR BUZZING] - Andy! [GRUNTING] [PANTING] Ow You okay? What's gonna happen now? They have to charge us at some point.
Probably with some terrorist thing.
I don't know.
I'm scared.
Me, too.
Do you think Do you think we could have used our power together to escape? I know I said we couldn't.
But now, I feel like we're trapped in here, - and it's my fault.
- No.
You were right.
There were innocent people in that building who would've died.
You saved them.
Who's gonna save us? So you and three accomplices wandered into a power station because You got lost? A power station that just so happens to be connected to a top secret research facility.
We were looking for the aquarium.
It's all in there.
Simonson, do you remember the last time we met? Of course, it's a little hazy for me because you scrambled my brain to cover your tracks.
But It turns out that you took my memories of the last few days of my daughter's life.
I went home that night to read her a bedtime story, and my wife had to stop me and remind me that she was dead.
And that she had been for four years.
So, thanks to you, over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to lose my only child All over again.
That that was an accident.
I'm so sorry.
You're sorry? - [POUNDS TABLE] - [GASPS] You think I want an apology from you? No.
I want you to pay.
And I want you to know that this is extremely personal for me.
You take care.
That's it? No more questions? No, no, no.
What we want from you, we're not gonna get it from a Q and A.
What are you talking about? You're familiar with the Hound Program? Oh, that's right, no.
It's run out of that lab that you know nothing about.
Don't worry, you will.
[DOOR BEEPS, UNLOCKS] WEEKS [OVER INTERCOM]: You expect us to believe you were looking for a bathroom? BLINK: Hey, when you got to go, you got to go.
You think you're going to escape, like last time? You got lucky once, won't happen again.
Actually, luck had nothing to do with it.
I made you guys look like idiots.
It's a pretty good skill.
I'm glad to see your self-esteem is still healthy after all this.
Look, you want to make a deal, now is the moment.
You won't like the next stop on this train.
BLINK: As long as it's not here with you, it's starting to sound pretty damn good.
WEEKS: I can promise you it won't be here with me.
We know why you were at the power station.
- We know why you were going to the lab.
- [PHONE BEEPS, RINGS] We just want to know what you were looking for.
Campbell, it's Agent Turner.
I understand you've been discharged from the hospital.
CAMPBELL: I had assistance in my recovery from one of the mutant assets.
It was a painful process, but there's work to be done.
I understand you caught some of our friends - from the Mutant Underground.
- Yeah.
Um, we're not really getting anywhere with them.
I think it might be time to send them on over to you.
I think that's an excellent idea.
I can send an armored transport right over.
The prisoners are Clarice Fong and Sonya Simonson.
And the Strucker children, yes? Andrew and Lauren Strucker haven't been processed yet.
The other two are adults, they're convicted criminals.
We had a deal, Agent Turner.
A deal I expect you to honor.
Don't forget, I can get you information on the Mutant Underground that you're so desperate to dismantle.
But first, I'm gonna need your prisoners.
All of them.
All right.
They're yours.
We could try your friend from law school, the-the judge.
He's a federal appeals court judge in New England Even if we got him on our side, he has no jurisdiction over anything.
What about the people who worked at the Trask facility? You said you knew them.
Maybe there's someone there - we could talk to.
- I checked.
I know a few of them, but they're not gonna be able to get Andy and Lauren out of a classified government program.
JACE: We are gonna make a deal today.
Your job was to stay in the van.
I'm Agent Turner, with the Sentinel Services.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Can I? Uh, come in.
I was thinking About what you said at the meeting earlier.
I think you're right.
Another attack is just gonna get people killed.
We both have family in there, and we cannot have that happen.
This is a human problem.
It needs a human solution.
And you two are really the only ones here who understand that world.
We're not having much luck finding anyone who can help.
Well, I was actually thinking What about Agent Turner? [CAITLIN EXHALES] - Agent Turner? - Yeah.
You've talked to him before, right? When he interrogated me.
Okay, look, I'm I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, but He may be the only one who can actually do something.
If you could just convince him to take the mutants out of the lab, to do the right thing So they can sit in prison? [EXHALES] It's better than being injected with drugs and turning into one of Campbell's pets.
If there is even a chance Just think about it.
Your kids, what they can do In the wrong hands, that much power could change everything.
You all right? How do you think I am? Sentinel Services has my best friend.
- We're working on it.
- Working on it.
How? By talking to the Struckers about lawyers? [SIGHS] - Don't be too hard on them.
- [SCOFFS] They came from that world.
You know, part of them still believes in it.
Still trusts it.
What, so they get a pass forever? They're allowed to cozy up to the people that hate us? Lorna, their kids are in there.
I know.
But I think about our own kid.
And the world we're bringing that baby into.
It's not fair.
I know.
[DOOR BUZZES IN DISTANCE] What do you think they did to Lauren and Andy? I don't know, I just I just hope they're okay.
A long time ago, before Anyone knew I was a mutant, I used to volunteer at this place, a shelter for battered women.
They'd been through such Terrible things.
Sometimes I'd secretly use my powers on them.
Pull their worst memories from their minds.
I wish I could make all of us forget this.
You can't think like that.
Do you know how scared I was when I was in the mutant detention center? I was shaking so hard that when I had a chance to escape, I almost portaled myself into the middle of a ten-lane freeway.
But I got out.
[QUIETLY]: But this feels Impossible.
It's not.
It's not impossible.
It's only impossible if you give up.
John [WHISPERS]: He loves you.
He's gonna figure something out.
We just need to hang on until then.
Okay? REED [QUIETLY]: This is a risk.
And even if we succeed, they're gonna be in jail.
Reed, in jail, they have a chance.
I-In that lab - I know.
I know.
- If we're gonna do this, we need to do it now.
Leave without telling anybody.
Are you sure? I mean, sneaking away They don't want us talking to anyone, much less a Sentinel Service agent.
How do we even do that without getting arrested or Or worse? We could try approaching him at home.
The files we got from the courthouse had the addresses of all the agents working on the program.
All right.
Get the address.
I'll get some supplies and keys to one of the cars.
Is there anything else we need? Yeah.
A damn good argument.
[SIGHS] Lauren and Andrew.
I've been looking forward to this moment.
What did you do with our friends? They're fine.
My concern is the two of you.
I am very excited to get to know you.
What do you want from us? Why are we wearing these things? They're to measure your biometrics.
It'll help give us an accurate reading on the full extent of your abilities.
You're the great-grandchildren of Andreas Von Strucker.
He and his sister Andrea shared a trait that I believe the two of you have inherited The ability to combine your powers.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I bet you do.
Your father, I know, has recently been exploring his past, which led to this unpleasantness.
Which includes your grandfather's Trask research.
I hope to find it first, but today we'll see if you do share your ancestors' special gift.
Take them to testing.
GUARD: Let's go.
[DOOR CLOSES, ECHOES] What's happening? I don't know.
CAMPBELL [OVER SPEAKER]: Welcome to the testing room.
Are you curious about the walls? They're lined with adamantium, an extremely rare metallic alloy.
Took a while to acquire.
We had found some in a defunct military installation in British Columbia.
It's indestructible, so it's perfect for Exploring powers.
What do you want from us? You'll face those sensors, there.
Join hands to combine abilities, and demonstrate.
- The collars are now off.
- [COLLARS BEEP] Whenever you're ready, children.
Forget it.
We're not doing anything for you.
- [COLLAR BUZZING] - [GRUNTS, YELLS] - Hey! Hey! Stop it! Leave her alone! - [GAGS, COUGHS] I will leave her alone as soon as you do as you're told.
- Hey.
- [GASPS, COUGHS] We can't give him what he wants.
You can drop me, too.
Go ahead.
We still won't do it.
I was hoping we could do this the easy way.
Ah, well.
CAITLIN: Reminds you of our old neighborhood, doesn't it? Lawns, the flags I wonder how patriotic they'd feel if they knew their fellow Americans were being used as science experiments 15 miles away.
Honestly, I I think a lot of them would be fine with it.
You think people couldn't water the lawn or put up holiday decorations knowing that people were suffering, but [SIGHS] I did.
We all did.
Is this crazy? I mean, you think you could do this? I'm gonna try.
I mean, Turner, on some level, I think, is a good man.
He's just angry.
I think it's just up here.
[SIGHS] Cait, are you sure? My dad put a gun in my hand when I was four years old.
It's just like riding a bike, right? - Just go over the layout again.
- I've been over it 100 times.
- Well, make it 101, for me.
- Okay, fine.
The security was tight before; it's gonna be - worse now.
- There has to be something, - something we missed - Yeah, it's locked down.
Shatter's out there scouting, but I don't think - it's looking good.
- ESME: Hey.
Can I talk to you guys? What is it? The Struckers.
I, um Okay, well, you know how before, they were talking about wanting to talk to someone, like a judge or a lawyer? And I made it clear that was a bad idea.
Well, I don't think they were convinced.
I try not to read people's minds without their permission.
I know people get nervous around telepaths, but sometimes when people's feelings are so strong Did you feel something from them? Okay, I I think they may have gone to talk to Agent Turner.
What?! They went to a Sentinel Service officer? I know.
I-I mean, I wasn't sure, but then I saw that they were gone, - and I thought I should tell someone.
- [GROANS] [ICE CUBES CLINKING] Day was that bad, huh? Hmm? Nah, I'm-I'm good.
Don't lie to me, babe.
Radio's on.
Three fingers in the glass.
I know what that math adds up to.
It's just work stuff.
It's no big deal.
[CHUCKLES]: It's I'm just a little exhausted, that's all.
Can you talk about it? You know that I cannot.
I just hate that you're carrying all of this on your shoulders.
I am so proud of you.
You need to take time off.
No, I'm-I'm right in the middle of something big.
I can't What, you want to end up like your father? Leave me widowed at 40? No, of course not.
Make a pretty hot widow, though.
[CHUCKLES] [DOORBELL RINGS] I will get that.
And you Can get me a drink, please.
- Yes, ma'am.
- [CHUCKLES] [DOOR OPENS] PAULA: Can I help Jace, baby? Yeah? Agent Turner.
We need to talk.
The Struckers didn't say anything.
They just left? Yeah, we checked the whole building.
They took one of the cars.
They're gone.
They had some idea about convincing Agent Turner to get everyone out of the lab, as if a lifetime spent behind bars is somehow better.
They just don't get it.
They're humans.
Even if they succeed, and he moves them to a mutant detention center tonight, they're gone.
If we really think that there's a chance, even a small one, that Agent Turner will move the prisoners tonight We might be able to rescue them.
That's still a big risk.
I mean, the last time we hit them, they came back at us hard.
All the more reason to hit back.
Do you really think the Struckers can pull this off? It's possible.
Reed was a lawyer.
I mean, he was one of them.
We need a plan, though.
Shatter's still scouting at Trask.
He needs to know what might be coming.
JACE: You think kidnapping us is gonna help your cause? Sentinel Services does not negotiate with terrorists.
This is not a kidnapping and we are not terrorists.
At the end of this, we're gonna walk away.
What happens after is up to you.
We are here to talk about our children, our children and the other mutants, the other people who are being tortured.
- Every single mutant in that facil - Why don't we just Hear them out? We are here because I've seen your record, Agent Turner.
And I believe that you're a good man.
But I'm also here 'cause you're a father and you have dealt with the pain of seeing your child get caught up in a war she did not start, a war that began before she was even born.
What is it that you want from us? The program that Dr.
Campbell is running, it is not right.
You people are out of your minds.
You think I'm gonna let an entire facility full of prisoners, full of criminals, go free because what? 'Cause you bust in my house, point a gun at me and my wife, and ask politely? No.
All I ask is that you do what you swore you were gonna do when you put the badge on.
Uphold the Constitution.
Everything going on in that lab has been authorized by Congress.
If you have a problem with that, there's a thing in this country called a ballot box.
Marcos, I'm just saying, if we get the chance, - we have to take it.
- I want them out, too, but we're gonna be dealing with a group of armed Sentinel Service agents on high alert, along with Trask security.
- It could be a bloodbath, Lorna.
- What do you suggest, huh? We beg for mercy like the Struckers? - Bank on human decency? - They're trying to save the people they love.
I know how that feels.
No, you came to get me Us To freedom.
Reed and Caitlin are trying to get their kids out of some lab, so what? So hey can sit in prison for the rest of their lives? Marcos, would you be able to accept that? No, I would not.
But I have seen a lot of killing.
I know where this goes.
That was the cartel, Marcos.
This is so different.
Is it? Is it, Lorna? I have lost more friends to stupid wars of vengeance than I can count.
I don't want that for us.
So what? We just accept living in fear? Marcos I will never accept that.
Not for me, not for you, and definitely not for our kid.
How long are they gonna keep us in here? I don't know.
But they can't make us do anything.
They can still shock the hell out of us.
I know it hurts.
But did you see the way he was looking at us? I don't know why he wants us to combine our powers, but it's not good.
If we hold out long enough, someone will come for us.
Let's try this again, shall we? Are you willing to cooperate? Why don't you just give up, huh? We'll never give you what you want.
I think you will.
You just need additional motivation.
What are you doing? They're not part of this! Oh, you made them part of this.
ANDY: Leave 'em alone.
Whatever happens to them is entirely in your hands.
Can I have your sidearm, please? No.
[CLEARS THROAT] It doesn't have to be difficult.
Just show me what you can do.
Don't do anything for him.
[SIGHS] Children, clasp hands.
Don't do what he [SHOUTING INAUDIBLY] BLINK: Sonya! Sonya! No, no! Is there a need for more bloodshed? [PANTING] Is there? - Hey! I'm losing patience! - [GUN COCKS] Lauren, Andrew, face the sensors.
Lauren Lauren, hey.
Lauren, what do we do? Come on.
[COMPUTER BEEPING] REED: When they combined them together ANDY: There weren't two of us anymore.
LAUREN: It's like We were seeing out of the same eyes.
[COMPUTER BEEPING RAPIDLY] TECH: Sir, we're approaching the limits of our sensors.
TECH: We have to stop them.
The room is indestructible.
Keep monitoring.
It'll be fine.
Take the Struckers back to their cells.
Oh, and give them something nice to eat.
They've made a great contribution to science today.
[PANTING] They are in there now.
Please, you know this is wrong.
No, I know this is legal.
I know this is authorized Just because it's legal, it makes it right? I'm not gonna debate this with you! I don't know what you two expected to come out of this.
I'm not in the habit of helping people who threaten my family.
I'm trying to save my children.
JACE: Yeah, your children, who were apprehended attacking a key infrastructure facility.
Which makes them terrorists.
Terrorists? They are high school students.
You want to talk about how bad off your kids are? Our child is gone! Whatever their circumstances, your kids are alive.
But for how long? That's your justification for experimenting on them? Torturing them? - A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old - Reed, please.
I know how upsetting this must be.
When you came into my house with a gun, I was terrified.
Believe me, this is the last place I want to be right now.
So I'm gonna say this, and then we're gonna go.
The program our children are in, I've seen what it does, firsthand.
They pump the mutants full of drugs until they are hopelessly addicted.
They're given mental conditioning, so they have to do what they're told, and And then, they are sent to kill everyone they love.
They may be alive, but that That's worse than death.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] We're gonna be okay, baby.
Don't worry.
I'll have a team on them in less than five minutes.
- Wait, wait.
- Babe.
Is it true, what she said? Paula, we're talking about criminals here.
- They're teenagers.
- No, no.
- This is way more complicated than - Jace.
Baby, what are you doing in our little girl's name? [INSECTS CHIRPING] [GRUNTS] [CRYING] It's our fault.
- She told us not to do it.
- And we did it anyway.
She died for nothing.
He just blew her away.
Like she wasn't even a real person.
Isn't it like you said? It's gonna be okay, right? We just have to be strong.
It doesn't matter anymore, Andy.
Don't you get that? Whatever he wanted we just gave it to him.
Have you recovered biometrics? - We did, Doctor.
- Let me see.
We were able to isolate the bonding agent that contains the same amino acids as the other siblings.
- Fascinating.
- Do you think we've done it? Yes, we've done it.
[LAUGHS]: We've done it.
We now have a weapon that provides a solution to our mutant problem.
- A permanent one.
- [PHONE RINGS] Write up a report for my review.
- What is it? - WOMAN: Dr.
Campbell, Sentinel Services has just arrived.
I'll be right there.
Agent Turner.
This is a surprise.
What happened here? Nothing to worry about.
What can I do for you? I've been reviewing the status of the detainees here.
I'm not satisfied - that any of this is legal.
- Uh, we had a deal, - I believe.
- Yeah, we did.
I'm revisiting that deal, and I'm taking the mutants.
Where's the redhead? Sonya Simonson? There was an incident during one of our experiments, and she didn't make it, I'm afraid.
"An incident"? We're gonna talk about that incident right after I take all the detainees back to Sentinel Services.
Let's go.
Hey! I just got word from Shatter.
Sentinel Services is at Trask with a large transport vehicle.
The Struckers did it.
- I'll be damned.
- All right.
We don't have a lot of time.
When they're moving, we're gonna be ready here - and here.
- Yeah, we surround them on the road, free the prisoners, and hightail it south to the interstate.
And we're gonna have one or two minutes, tops.
The guards coming from that lab are gonna be coming at us fast.
They might have hounds.
Send me in.
If someone can get me close enough, I can scout security, read one of the guards.
See what I can find out.
Let's do it.
Hey, what do you see? Two Sentinel Services SUVs, two sedans, and a transport vehicle.
And they all rolled in pretty hot.
- They just left the building.
- They're gonna be at the gate soon.
- Are they all there? - It's hard to be sure.
- It's a group.
- All right, we go in now, find out what we can from the guard at the booth.
- Come on.
- Stay close.
TRADER: You got a lot of nerve coming back here after what you did.
Wait, w-wait, Esme told you what we were doing? Not just me.
She told everyone here - what you two were up to.
- What? This doesn't make any sense.
Maybe she didn't think it was right, you making a deal to let all those folks go to jail.
But it was her idea.
What? She came to us.
She was the one who suggested we go to Agent Turner.
That isn't what she said.
CAITLIN: She lied to us.
Where are the others? Trask.
- What? - But we said we wouldn't attack.
We can't just leave our people there.
Esme said she had a plan.
Authorization for a transfer.
- You're taking out prisoners? - Yeah.
That's right.
Which ones? All of 'em.
Oh, this is gonna be tough.
They brought more guys than I thought.
ESME: Oh, I think it'll be all right.
All right? Listen, the plan is to [GRUNTS] I've got my own plan.
[GRUNTS SOFTLY] Thanks for the help, Marcos.
- Who authorized this? - What do you mean? Sentinel Services.
I'm gonna have to call this in.
[SIGHS] Knock yourself out, man.
They're gonna tell you the exact same thing I'm telling you right now.
These are our prisoners.
They're on loan to this facility; we have the legal authority to take them back whenever we please.
It's time to turn off the collars.
[ECHOING]: It's time to turn off the collars.
It's time to turn off the collars.
You got to hold on.
This is gonna take a minute.
If it takes any longer, I'm driving through this gate myself.
[GUNSHOTS] - [SCREAMS]: No! - Man, what are you doing? Shots fired in the transport vehicle.
JACE [OVER RADIO]: Anyone have eyes? Does anybody have eyes? Fire.
- [ECHOING]: Fire.
- LAUREN: Wait, wait! Damn it.
Call it in.
Call in in right now.
- No.
No, no! - [GUNSHOT RINGING] [MUFFLED SHOUTING] [GRUNTS] Take the grenade off your belt.
[ECHOING]: Pull the pin, and get in the car.
Take the grenade off your belt, pull the pin Take the grenade and get in the car.
Don't! Don't! No! We need to get these collars off.
Someone help me find the key.
Come on! - Advance.
- Alpha moving up.
On the ground! Fire.
- Fire.
- Fire.
[ECHOING]: Fire.
[DISTANT GUNSHOTS] [GUNSHOT] ECLIPSE: They're killing them! They're killing them.
[PANTING] - They're killing everyone.
- Who is "they"? FROST TRIPLETS [IN UNISON]: Time to go, boys and girls.
The fun's just starting.