The Gifted (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

3 X 1

1 There is a Sentinel robot and armed teams in the building! - It's over.
- No! - Cait, no! CAITLIN: Those are our children, Reed! CAMPBELL [OVER SPEAKER]: Welcome to the testing room.
We're not doing anything for you.
Doesn't have to be difficult.
Just show me what you can do.
- Don't do what he - [GUNSHOT] CAMPBELL [OVER SPEAKER]: Lauren, Andrew, face the sensors.
CAMPBELL: We now have a weapon that provides a solution to our mutant problem.
A permanent one.
PAULA: Jace, baby? Agent Turner, we need to talk.
The program our children are in, they pump the mutants full of drugs.
They're given mental conditioning, so they have to do what they're told, and then they are sent to kill everyone they love.
Baby, what are you doing in our little girl's name? Sentinel Services is at Trask with a large transport vehicle.
The Struckers did it.
ECLIPSE: They brought more guys than I thought.
ESME: Oh, I think it'll be all right.
[ECLIPSE GRUNTS] I've got my own plan.
It's time to turn off the collars.
[ECHOING]: Time to turn off the collars.
[GUNSHOTS] - No! - Man, what are you doing?! - Call it in right now.
- [GUNSHOTS] - No, no! - [GUNSHOT] - They're killing everyone.
- Who is "they"? FROST SISTERS: Time to go, boys and girls.
The fun's just starting.
So, basically, I'm gonna buy a horse.
[LAUGHS] I think you'd look great on a horse.
- You think so? - Yeah.
[LAUGHS] So, admit it, coming into town wasn't all that bad.
- It wasn't so bad coming into town.
- Mm.
But next time, I'm gonna pick the movie.
Okay, one with less brooding and whining about one's feelings.
[LAUGHS] I do have Die Hard on Blu-ray back at my place.
- Oh.
- You could come over.
I have to work tomorrow morning.
Those dishes aren't gonna bus themselves.
So bring a toothbrush and some clothes.
And turn it into a regular thing? - No.
I know exactly what you're doing.
- What? You're trying to make me pay half your ridiculous rent.
- That's not true.
- I'm not gonna fall for it.
NATE: Oh, my God.
Are those? Purifiers.
We should go.
Hey, what the hell are you doing to my car?! [QUIETLY]: Stop it.
One of us saw you walk into the movies a couple hours ago.
You got no business being out among innocent humans.
Screw you! - Let's go, now.
- Are you one, too? Speak up, boy! No.
No, I'm-I'm human.
You're not gonna do anything? How can you be okay with this? How can any of you be okay with this?! [QUIETLY]: Just go, okay? Please.
PURIFIER: Your kind isn't welcome here.
Hey, girl, better run! WILLIAM: Why don't you tell me exactly what happened.
SOPHIE: The alarms were going off.
- People were coming.
- We went one way.
The Mutant Underground went the other.
They took the Struckers without so much as a thank you.
WILLIAM: And in the two days since then, you've had no contact of any kind? They felt a little used.
We wanted to give them some space.
Our parting moments were heated.
WILLIAM: To say the least.
This business at the Trask lab messy.
Didn't see you put your ass on the line.
We barely got out of there with our lives.
Think about that the next time you pat yourself on the back for taking down a hedge fund from behind your desk.
I was recruited to rebuild the Hellfire Club with you.
Activities like mine make that possible, while indiscretions like yours make that difficult.
You killed a dozen Sentinel Services agents.
It was unfortunate.
It would've been more, but we didn't have time.
- To finish off the rest.
- A lot of noise, and the Hound program is still running, stronger than ever, from what our sources say.
[CHUCKLES] You don't need to tell us there's a problem.
We were there.
- Most of us, anyway.
- Ugh.
WILLIAM: Our associates have made it clear to me that we need to act quickly, but they're concerned we don't have the firepower to take this program on not now.
We can get help from the same place we got it before.
The Mutant Underground? Some of them will be grateful we saved mutant lives.
And as for the rest we can be very convincing.
A little something for expenses.
Don't let us down.
JACE: Edward Weeks was a good man.
He was a good agent and he was my friend.
He lived a life of service, and he gave the ultimate sacrifice.
POLARIS: Everything Dreamer did, she did for everyone here, up until the very end.
She could've disguised herself as a human forever, but she chose to live here with us, her true family.
JACE: I grew up in my granddad's church.
There's a story that I learned there that I think is relevant today.
In the beginning, the Lord loved one angel above all the others.
To him, he gave special gifts.
He made that angel beautiful and powerful.
But one day, that angel decided that he wanted to rule over Heaven.
That angel disobeyed God.
And for that, he was cast down out of Heaven.
That angel was Lucifer.
We have, living among us, some who have been given special gifts.
Some who, like Lucifer, have followed their pride into darkness.
They ask for understanding.
They ask for tolerance, but I am done tolerating evil.
ECLIPSE: It's days like today that remind us we're up against people that don't think of us as human.
And they will point to our differences.
But the simple fact is this: We love like they do.
We die like they do.
We grieve like they do.
We share that today.
Sonya will not be forgotten.
And I promise we will find justice for her.
I promise you, we're gonna find the mutants responsible for this and bring them to justice.
And we will never, ever forget our friend.
Well, I've lost it all, I'm just a silhouette I'm a lifeless face that you'll soon forget My eyes are damp From the words you left Ringing in my head When you broke my chest Ringing in my head When you broke my chest And if you're in love Then you are the lucky one 'Cause most of us are bitter Over someone Setting fire to our insides For fun To distract our hearts from ever missing them But I'm forever missing him.
[SNIFFLES] [SNIFFLES] - Are you okay? - I'm-I'm all right.
I know she meant a lot to you.
She really loved you.
If there's anything you need, I, uh Just say the word.
I want to help.
[SIGHS] Things are so confused in there.
This whole business with Esme and her sisters, nobody can agree whether what they did was a disaster or a miracle.
So what do we do? Stay focused.
We take down the Hound program.
- Do we have a game plan? - Not yet.
All I know is I can't lose any more friends.
- You want to talk about it? - No.
No, I-I really don't.
Talking about it only makes me feel worse.
We understand this place is full of difficult memories now.
That's one of the reasons that we've been thinking that maybe we should move on.
- What? - Move on? - You mean give up? - CAITLIN: No one's giving up.
We're gonna be part of this fight no matter where we go.
It's just, with everything we've been through The worst of it is already over.
All right, that-that psycho doctor's already done with all his tests and Guys, we almost lost you a few days ago.
CAITLIN: There is so much tension between everyone right now.
We can't get caught in the middle.
And maybe that means that we go to Mexico, like we talked about.
LAUREN: So that's it? You've made up your mind, right? We're just gonna run away? Going to Mexico isn't running away.
There are refugees that need help there, too.
Maybe more than here.
But here is where we can make a difference.
LAUREN: He's right.
I want to do something.
REED: Right now, I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this.
SHATTER: Everybody! Everybody, listen up! We got incoming.
Marcos, they're coming.
- They got past the perimeter guards.
- Who did? What are they doing here? What the hell do you want? - Calm down.
- There's no need to get excited.
We're just here to talk.
Talk about what? We need your help.
We'll get right to the point.
We're here about the Hound program.
It's still going on.
It's looking to expand, in fact.
- We want your help to stop it.
- ECLIPSE: What? No, you came in here and lied to us.
[SCOFFS] What, now you want our help? You used us so you could slaughter those agents at the lab.
We did what we had to do.
I saved your children.
Did I mislead you? Yes, so you would do what had to be done.
And as for your plan to ask the Sentinel Services to give up nicely, that would have ended with as many corpses.
- But they would've been yours.
- Why do you need us? BLINK: Yeah, I saw you three controlling people's minds.
You can handle this on your own.
They know what we look like.
And we can't take on Sentinel Services by ourselves.
But we have to act now.
Make no mistake, the humans will come for us all.
We have information about Campbell's plans, resources to share.
- Meanwhile, you have - Muscle.
Are we seriously considering this? No, we're not.
We're not gonna listen to this anymore.
We're not debating this, not here, not now.
We heard what you had to say.
Now you need to leave.
- Think it over.
- Don't take too long.
We'll be back.
[CHURCH BELL TOLLING] That was a moving speech you gave for Agent Weeks.
I'm sorry for your loss.
What do you want? I admire what you did at the lab.
Taking those mutants out of my cells, trying to spare them the trials of the Hound program.
It was good of you, decent.
Yes, I'm not a monster, Agent Turner.
[CHUCKLES] I'm aware that our program, while it is many things, is not humane.
Then why the hell did you start it? Think of the men who dropped the atom bombs in World War Two.
They carried a great burden to end a terrible conflict that threatened all humanity.
This, unfortunately, is a similar task.
My point is I understand.
You were simply trying to be merciful.
My friend got killed because it.
Well, the time for mercy is over.
The fact is this is a crucial moment for us.
What's that supposed to mean? The research at Trask has entered an exciting new phase, but we want your support.
Just hear me out on this.
[SIGHS] There you are.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
Yep, well, here I am.
Come on.
Supposed to be in school.
You're serious? Now? I-I mean, everybody's freaking out about those triplets, and we have to go do algebra? I don't even know why Mom made this stupid school if she's just gonna bail on it.
Look, I've been thinking.
I don't want to leave either, but with everything going on, maybe it's best.
- What are you talking about? - [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Don't pretend like you didn't notice.
Clarice didn't tell anyone exactly what we did in that lab, but people know something happened.
- Yeah, so what? - Andy.
All we have to do is hold hands, and we can bring down an entire building.
With Esme and her sisters around, it's a bad time to be here.
Maybe it's the best time.
SAGE: I did some digging.
Couldn't find much out there, but there are three of them, that we know of: - Esme, Sophie and Phoebe.
- Spunky.
- Do they have a last name? - Frost.
But they use new aliases every week.
When Sophie and Phoebe were arrested, they gave their last name as "Cuckoo.
" Probably just to piss off the cops.
When you were in the lab, they talk about themselves? It's not like we had a chat.
We were in a military transport.
And then they got real busy turning the place into a shooting gallery.
Their police file says they're some kind of hive mind.
They're capable of limited psychic control if they're close and the target doesn't see it coming.
They're politically connected, wealthy.
One of them even infiltrated Senator Montez's campaign last year.
BLINK: Montez? That jackass is a straight-up Purifier.
They've got the right enemies, that's for damn sure.
THUNDERBIRD: Doesn't mean we can trust them.
If we actually form an alliance with these people, it's gonna tear this place apart.
This place is already coming apart.
There's no other options.
We have to fight.
Those guys have been arguing since this morning.
[ARGUING CONTINUES] I'll deal with it.
MAN: What I do know is those triplets are on our side Now, half these people hate the Frosts.
And the other half think they're the only ones that can save us.
How about you? Honestly? I don't know.
What I do know is that I'm not gonna run and hide anymore.
I'm not going to worry about why I feel what I feel.
Doesn't really matter now, does it? No.
Not now.
Hey, John.
Could you come over here? Okay, Lorna, you can't be serious.
Is that right? 'Cause I feel pretty serious.
They turned us against each other.
I mean, we're nothing to them.
Okay, you're just upset Esme tased you.
And I'm sorry, but I'm not crying for the Sentinel Service agents.
The point is is we're suppose to be a team, babe.
We're not chess pieces to be moved on a board.
I know I'm not.
You all right? - Hey.
- Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'm just thinking.
My bottom line is that they got the job done.
- Is that all that matters? - Maybe.
If it's a question of our survival, maybe it has to be.
Hey, come on.
ANDY: I don't even know why you're asking what I want to bring.
You're just gonna make the decision for me.
What's going on? We're leaving.
John said that you asked about trying to get to Mexico, but I thought You're really doing this now? Yeah.
We reached out to the Fairburn station.
We need you guys here.
The help you've been giving us, with the-the school and the kids It was a hard decision, but with Esme and her sisters back I don't want them here, either.
That's why we have to stick together.
It's too late for that, Marcos.
The last time she was here, Esme played us all against each other.
- If she does that again - She won't.
We'll be on our guard next time.
I-I wish that was enough, but she's already turned some of the mutants here against us.
Just because we talked to a Sentinel Service agent.
Well, for what it is worth, this mutant wants you here.
REED: I appreciate that.
I do.
Sorry, man.
You'll want these when you get to the Fairburn station.
I'm warning you, there's not a lot to it.
- Less than here? - Less and a lot worse.
It's basically just a meeting point for people headed south, nothing more.
For everything.
All right.
Look, stay on the back roads.
And stick to the speed limit.
That's my superpower.
[CHUCKLES] We trained you well.
Hey, where's your sister? Inside, I guess.
Didn't you tell her we were ready? Yeah.
She said she needed a minute.
Maybe she didn't want to leave.
I hear your family's leaving.
We're going down to Fairburn, then I don't know, Mexico.
My parents are freaked out because Esme and her sisters came back.
We're gonna have a real problem here with or without them.
Just leaving isn't gonna solve anything.
It wasn't my idea.
They didn't give me much of a choice.
Listen, I get that you need to go with your family.
But take it from someone who did lots of running.
It's not gonna solve anything.
At some point, you're gonna have to take a stand.
I tried that.
You saw what happened.
It got Sonya killed.
That was not your fault.
Okay? Look, I've learned the hard way that hate feeds on fear.
And if you run, hate wins.
I got to go.
CAMPBELL: Our test subjects have been somewhat limited.
You took most of them with you, after all.
We worked with what we have.
Yeah, I've seen Hounds before, Doctor.
This isn't about the individuals.
We've learned how to combine their abilities.
Combine their abilities? And this is legal? It's well within the mandate of Trask Laboratories.
No, no, I'm not talking about your company memos.
I'm talking about I'm talking about dealing with the Department of Justice.
As far as they're concerned, we're already hanging by a thread.
Well, I'm confident our political allies can handle the bureaucrats once they see the program's potential.
They know we have to take bold steps to end this war.
- And this program can do that? - I believe it will.
The mutant siblings we've studied The Struckers, the Frosts All have the ability to harness exponentially more power together than apart.
Take this one, for example.
She has the ability to manipulate intermittent bursts of inertia, while this one influences gravity in minor ways.
Separately, the powers are of limited use, but together - that's another matter.
- Okay.
If you say so.
CAMPBELL: My description won't do it justice, but I was hoping we could demonstrate the program in the field.
Whatever our differences in the past, I know you still want to take down the Mutant Underground.
And I want my program to expand.
We can help each other here.
Okay, yeah, I think I I think I have a couple leads - we can follow up on.
- Good.
Watch this.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] I thought there were supposed to be people here to meet us.
WES: Just had to make sure you were friendlies.
Wes! Hey, is this your new job? Yeah.
I've been helping out security.
I make sure no one sees who's here unless we want them to.
So, um, are you guys? LAUREN: We're leaving.
We're heading to Mexico.
We've got about 20 mutants.
We're still arranging a ride.
Let's get you all some dinner.
It's good to see you, man.
Look who's the cool dad all of a sudden.
It's just nice to see Lauren smile again.
[CRICKETS CHIRPING] [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] Can't sleep? What are you doing here? Are you Esme? Or which one? Oh.
What's it matter? We're sort of three in one.
Heard about you and your family running off here from Atlanta.
What's that about? Uh, ask them.
Guess they wanted to protect us or something.
- They really don't get it, do they? - Get what? You're hardly someone who needs protecting.
You need to talk to your parents.
I tried.
They didn't listen.
You have to speak to them as Andrew von Strucker if you want to be taken seriously.
Surprised I know your real name? Um I know all sorts of things About what your family was, about what you're meant to be.
I got to go.
You're not a child anymore.
We need you.
Maybe we need you most of all.
Sorry to wake you.
I wondered why I suddenly had the urge to get some fresh air.
Where's the rest of you? Off on other errands.
You know how it is.
Divide and conquer.
Look, time is running out here.
We need to know if this is gonna happen.
Why would I tell you that? Because deep down, you like the idea of teaming up.
Telepath, remember? [CHUCKLES] You pissed a lot of people off.
People don't like being puppets.
You mean you and your boyfriend? Oh, he'll get over it.
They all will.
I'm not so sure about that.
There's a rumor about some terrorist group you're a part of.
The Hellfire Club? - [LAUGHS] - Oh, I'm sorry, something funny? You you have no idea, do you? - About your father.
- My father is a pilot who died in a plane crash when No, your real father Not the poor sap - who married your mother.
- Oh, geez.
- You must have heard stories.
- I don't want to talk about But you should know that your father was a member of the Hellfire Club.
More than a member, a king.
That makes you royalty.
What, because he got my mother pregnant? That has nothing to do with me.
What about your pregnancy? It's changing you.
You know it is.
Want to protect the child? Join us.
You think I can just make them change their minds? A lot of people in there hate you.
This isn't a popularity contest.
It's a war.
You have to ask yourself: What matters most? [LAUREN SIGHS] You, uh, don't have to help.
- If you want more sleep, I'm good here.
- No.
I want to.
Besides, it's hard to sleep these days.
Feels better when I'm doing something.
I heard what happened.
In the lab, with Sonya.
Don't do what he - [GUNSHOT] - No! LAUREN: It was horrible.
I kept thinking, what if I had done something different? - Maybe Sonya would still - Hey, hey, hey.
You can't take back what happened.
But you can let it make you stronger.
How do I do that? I like to think a lot of bad stuff happened to me, but it had to happen, because it led me here.
To this.
Stacking boxes? - Hell yeah.
- [LAUGHS] If I didn't have this job stacking boxes, I would've never been here when you showed up.
Yeah, my family is supposed to be going to Mexico.
We might not be here much longer.
That's okay.
'Cause even if it was just a day, five minutes I would've wanted to be here.
I couldn't not see you again.
What was that about? I was just thinking.
Well, those were some some strong thoughts.
That much metal, this distance, not even trying I could never do that before.
- I think it's 'cause of the baby.
- Yeah? - Well, is it okay? - It's fine.
I feel amazing.
Well, babe, the last time you felt amazing you know, you had one of your Look, I know what a bipolar episode feels like, - but this is different.
- Okay.
- And you're sure? - Never been more sure.
I'm changing.
Everything's changing.
I know.
Johnny's downstairs.
THUNDERBIRD: The Frost sisters will be here soon.
We need to decide what to do.
Far as I'm concerned, the psychics are a nonstarter.
- Because their tactics make you uncomfortable? - Uncomfortable? They murdered a dozen people without even blinking.
We don't know the first thing about them.
We do know one thing about them.
They saved our asses.
They saved themselves, and pulled us right into an all-out war with Sentinel Services.
Congress could declare martial law.
So? They didn't need martial law - when they killed my foster parents.
- Exactly.
Why should we fight with one hand tied behind our backs? We need all the allies we can get.
Do you want to cling to your ideals or do you want to survive? We can't just chuck our principles because it's convenient.
No, the X-Men chose us for a reason, and it's not 'cause we can kill.
If we wanted to kill people, we would've done it a thousand times already, but we didn't.
We have to be better than that.
Now, we need to take out the Hound program, and we will, Lorna.
But we have to do it our way.
Listen up.
I just got word over the police radio.
- Something big is about to go down.
- Where? Hey.
I just checked in with the transport people.
- And? Any luck? - There's a trucking company - that might be able to help us.
- "Might"? - So there's a chance we could stay longer? - Maybe.
I don't want you to get your hopes up.
Yeah, but if we do have some time off, I could go back to Atlanta, right? The reason we came here was to get away from Atlanta.
- But I can help people there.
- CAITLIN: Okay, Andy.
We've already talked about this.
- I don't understand - No, you don't understand REED: Get down! - Oh, my God.
- [CHUCKLES] - That kind of power, I've never seen - CAMPBELL: Exactly.
This is a whole new level, Agent Turner.
We can flush the mutants out safely without risking your men.
And that's just the beginning.
WES: I've got us covered.
Get out now! - ANDY: No, let's fight.
- Andy, no! Lauren, come on! Andy! Andy.
Andy! Andy! CAITLIN: How are they doing this? What's going on? Oh, my God.
We're on our way, less than five minutes out.
What's going on? We're hiding out at the south end of the building, but we can't get to an exit.
- How many people are with you? - Uh, just us and Wes.
Uh, most of the refugees have already surrendered.
- Uh, Andy's hurt.
- How bad? He's unconscious, but Cait is afraid to move him.
Wes has put up a mirage to hide us.
I don't think he can hold on forever.
All right, we're almost there.
Just hold on.
We'll portal in, get you out of there.
CAMPBELL: I must say, Agent Turner, it's an excellent choice in target.
- Excellent choice, indeed.
- Well, we caught a break.
Got a tip-off on a truck driver that ships mutants south from here.
[HOUNDS HOWLING] We're still working on the process, but you see the manacle around their wrists there? That unit actually mingles their bloodstreams, conjoining them and their powers.
With the right mutants, possibilities are endless.
[CHUCKLES] That kind of overwhelming force, ultimately, it's a kindness.
Mutants might disagree.
As long as they think resistance works, the violence will continue.
- [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] - All units, prepare to move in, surround the building.
AGENT: We're surrounding the building.
AGENT 2: Take the left side.
AGENT 3: Moving into position.
AGENT 4: Move to the right side of the building.
Sentinel Services is setting up around the building.
- Can you get us in? - Yeah, I think so.
[EXPLOSION] What the hell was that? I'm pretty sure we're gonna find out.
[STRAINING] REED: Andy, wake up.
- Andy, can you hear me? - [WES GRUNTING] Andy, talk to us, son.
- Come on.
- My head it hurts.
[SHOUTING] - They're gonna tear the building apart.
- Yes.
POLARIS: John, where are they? THUNDERBIRD: Go! Down the hall! [GRUNTS] - I'm sorry.
- AGENT: Target spotted.
- Open fire! - They're coming! This way, come on! Come on! Hey, come on, we got to go.
- Come on.
- We'll cover you! Lorna! I'm okay.
- Lorna! - I'm okay.
THUNDERBIRD: They're too powerful! Get us out of here now! AGENT [OVER RADIO]: Sir.
- We've lost visual contact with the mutants.
- Damn.
Whatever holdouts are still in that building, I want them.
Move out right now.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] - We have to get out of here.
- Yeah.
We can't take on those Hounds.
We'll never make it if they see us.
[GRUNTS] AGENT: Found a vehicle, sir.
Engine's still warm.
We'll search the area.
Ugh, they're all through the woods.
The car's blown.
They'll be on us soon.
- Andy, what is it? - We go that way.
The woods are full of agents.
- They said it was safe.
- Who said it was safe? I know how to get out of here, okay? Just follow me.
- Andy, wait! - Andy! This way.
This way.
Ugh! Help! Let's go.
What are you doing to them? We're just giving them something to think about.
I know you're squeamish about killing.
More agents coming this way.
Too many for us to handle.
Well, then, I guess you better get in.
Come on! Sir, I've seen this program at full force.
It's it's more effective than anything we've ever put in the field.
- More effective than the Sentinels? - Absolutely.
I mean, the robots are getting stronger, but in terms of raw power, there's just, there's no comparison.
CAMPBELL: Director, this has unlimited potential.
We're building on what we got from the Strucker children, as well as their grandfather's research.
You're still talking significant resources to get it off the ground.
And not only that, there's a reason we've kept - this kind of thing quiet.
- JACE: Sir, respectfully, we have lost too many people to be politically correct about this.
We're gonna get support from Washington, but at the end of the day, people want results, they want action.
All right.
Put together a demonstration.
Benchmarks, timeline, resources needed.
We'll bring it to Washington this week.
Could we take this national? With the right support, we can make this an international effort.
With our friends around the world, for the common good.
That sounds like a goal worth pursuing.
Is he gonna be okay? He was using his powers for a long time.
His body's exhausted.
Once he rehydrates, he'll recover.
BLINK: Wes is a tough kid.
So are you, by the way.
Holding out like that? I don't know how you lasted as long as you did.
LAUREN: I had to.
Like you said, hatred feeds on fear.
Well, I'm glad you're here.
We need all the help we can get.
Hey, hey.
You need to rest.
Mom says you have a concussion.
- I'm fine.
- No.
You deserve to rest.
- You saved us today, son.
- No, I didn't.
They did.
POLARIS: We might've not made it out of there without you guys.
- You're welcome.
- Don't mention it.
We can't leave with those Hounds out there.
- You know that.
- For now, you may be right.
Come on.
Lie down for me.
How did you even find us? We told you.
We have sources.
THUNDERBIRD: So the mutants that were attacking us, that's what you were warning us about? That's what Campbell's been working on at Trask? - That was just the start.
- It's going to get worse.
Much worse.
That's why we need your help.
And you can get us to Campbell? We can end this? We wouldn't be here if we couldn't.
- So? - What's it going to be? [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] What the hell were you thinking? Hello to you, too.
I've been taking calls for hours.
The Inner Circle is very unhappy with your little stunt.
Did those fossils have a better plan? If so, they could've shared it.
Instead of hiding behind their screens and their chess boards.
You risked a lot of important lives today.
Tipping off Sentinel Services? Well, if you want to win, you have to sacrifice a few pawns.
They needed to understand what we're up against.
We're all fighting for our survival.
Nothing like a brush with death to drive that home.
We almost lost the Struckers.
Oh, they're hardly lost.
As you finance guys always say - No risk? - No reward.
Did you talk to the Mutant Underground? Did you get the help that we need? They're in.