The Gifted (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

the dreaM

1 ESME: It's not just a bank.
Creed Financial is built on mutant suffering.
I know it's a risk, Lorna.
Some risks are worth taking.
OTTO: Our family's abilities set us apart, even from other mutants.
I made a serum that worked on one mutant.
REED: I don't know what's happening.
When I touch things, they begin crumbling.
I can't make it stop.
CAITLIN: Most of Otto's later research was overseen by his lab assistant, Professor Madeline Garber.
She may be the only person alive who knows your condition.
[SCREAMING] ESME: We drained over $100 million in account balances.
You people are monsters.
All of you deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth.
We're just gonna let that go? The plan is, we walk out of here.
Screw the plan.
No, no What did you do? [POLARIS LAUGHING] - That tickles.
- Yeah.
You know, they say that babies can respond to bright light, even in the womb? Someone's been on the Internet.
Soy tu papá.
See, the kid's not even born yet, and you're already a better dad than either of ours ever was.
There's not much competition on my end.
You never talk about your dad.
I mean, there's nothing to talk about.
He died in a plane crash when I was one, and You know who I mean.
[POLARIS SIGHS] I don't want to talk about him.
[ECLIPSE SIGHS] I'm sorry.
Just promise me we'll never be like our parents, okay? I promise.
[TIRES SQUEALING] - What the hell was that? - What? We were just going to let a bunch of mutant-haters walk away? Massacring 30 people - does not help our cause.
- I thought our cause was to build a place where mutants could use their powers whenever they wanted to.
ANDY: The cops are coming; can we not do this now? POLARIS: I don't think this can wait, okay? I got news for you, you little psycho, you can't go around slaughtering everyone who pisses you off.
If I killed everyone who pissed me off, it'd be a lot more than 30 people.
ANDY: Everybody just chill, okay? She made a mistake, all right? She lost control.
She doesn't belong here.
Andy, she's right.
I was just a tool to them anyway.
It's been awesome.
What the hell? - We have to go get her.
- We can't.
- She made her choice.
- [TIRES SCREECHING] Lauren, we're almost there, We-we need to figure out what we're doing.
Dad, hey.
- It's time to wake up.
- [GASPS] Don't.
[PANTING] - Are you okay? - I'm fine.
Come on.
- I think I should go into this place alone.
- No.
You're sick.
If anything happens, we can get you out of there.
[CHUCKLES] You're hard to say no to, you know that? Trust me, I've known that since I was six.
NEWS BROADCASTER: Commentator Benedict Ryan called for mandatory mutant curfews, and urged anti-mutant protestors to stand their ground.
THUNDERBIRD: I can try to track the Inner Circle from the bank, - get ahead of them.
- BLINK: You're crazy.
That place is like a hornet's nest right now.
Well, if the world's a tinderbox and the Inner Circle's out there lighting matches, we have to do something.
Just because we have no other option doesn't mean that we need to go on some kind of suicide mission.
This isn't a suicide mission.
Dude, for a guy with the eyes of an eagle, you are stone-cold blind.
There are three of us, - and they killed, like, 20 people.
- 37, actually.
- 37.
- I'm just talking about finding out what they're doing.
Okay? If we don't respond to this, Clarice, we're done.
The other Mutant Underground stations, they're already losing faith; you know it.
Marcos, I need you to reach out to the other stations and let them know we are on this.
All right, I'm going to get out there before the trail - goes cold.
- [SCOFFS] Thought you said this was a bad idea.
Yeah, well, the only thing worse than doing something stupid and dangerous is doing it alone.
Let's go.
NEWS BROADCASTER: in Alexandria this afternoon, when anti-mutant protestors attacked a foster care facility - for mutant children.
I, um, need to talk to Dr.
Madeline Garber.
The director.
And, uh, what is this regarding? - It's a private matter.
- Mm.
Yeah, I'm going to need a little bit more than that.
It's complicated.
I just need to talk Yeah, well, we get a lot of folks in here that want to talk to the director.
I appreciate that, but we have come a very long way.
She used to work for my father, and, um I just need to get her a message.
- Are you Reed Strucker? - Yes.
I thought I'd never see you again.
What are you doing here? I need your help.
REED: Thank you so much for meeting with us.
The work your father and I did with you, that was the foundation of my research, all of this.
It started with you.
I thought you might be able to give us some advice.
Well, honestly, I'm perplexed as to what went wrong after all these years.
But from what you say, you need treatment, not advice.
So you think you can do something for Reed here? - Yes.
I do.
- [SIGHS] But it will be easier for me to explain in the lab.
MADELINE: People talk about the manifestations of X-Genes as "powers," but for many people who have the X-Gene, they have serious problems that can better be described as disabilities.
Those are the people we help here.
REED: We tried lots of different medications, and nothing worked.
Well, I'm talking about something that goes much deeper.
We genetically tailor treatments for each patient.
Her body absorbs energy and releases it uncontrollably.
We're currently working on a drug to help her metabolize the energy.
So then her powers will be gone? No, it's like giving a diabetic insulin.
In fact, the device we use is much like an insulin pump.
Her X-Gene will be active, but she'll finally be able to be in control of her own body.
LAUREN: What about her? Shawna has Down syndrome and an X-Gene.
Her abilities promote plant growth.
Her parents wanted me to "cure" her.
But I told them there's nothing to cure.
And I gave her a job.
Our plants have never been happier.
For some, the X-Gene is a blessing.
It's a curse we find the answers.
Uh, but Reed's treatments already failed.
But now we have Lauren.
She's inherited his X-Gene.
We'll stabilize Reed, and then use her genes to figure out what went wrong.
- If she's willing, of course.
- Yes, whatever it takes.
Just want him to get better.
SAGE: It's getting tense out there.
Since word broke out about the bank, people have taken to the streets.
Mutants are getting attacked.
Are Reeva and my sisters gonna be okay out there? I don't know.
But after what happened, Reeva's not gonna give up until she finds Rebecca.
If we don't find her, she could ruin everything.
ESME: Anything on the city security cameras? Her powers make her really difficult to find.
I had a fix on her a couple of times, but then she - twists something, and - I'm going to send Fade and Bulk out, too.
We need to wrap this up before anyone else gets hurt.
What happens when they find her? That's up to Reeva.
[PROTESTORS CLAMORING] PROTESTOR: Yeah, I'll be right there.
Hey, hey! There's a group over by the mutie rights center on 10th.
- PROTESTOR 2: Let's get down there.
- Let's go.
Come on.
Pretty sure the Inner Circle's cars came this way after the bank.
Well, thank God you're pretty sure, otherwise we'll get our heads bashed in for nothing.
- [SIGHS] - [CAR ALARMS WAILING] What is it? Something strange happened here.
Come on, John, let's face it.
The Inner Circle's long gone by now.
Maybe not all of them.
Come on.
Any progress? [SIGHS] Not yet.
We're working on it.
We'll get her back.
Okay, that's what I'm worried about.
I cannot have Dawn here if she's around.
Look, I know things didn't go as smoothly as we hoped I've been in plane crashes smoother than that.
[SCOFFS] Are you seeing this? It's anarchy out there.
People are setting cars on fire, mutants are being attacked.
The humans are being a bit reactive.
What did you expect? That freak killed a roomful of people before we could lift a finger.
Lorna, believe me.
We will keep Dawn safe here.
Look at what is happening out there.
I know you care about my daughter.
Can you really look me in the eyes and make that promise? That's what I thought.
[EXHALES] [ENGINE APPROACHES] I've been looking for you all over.
Congratulations, you found me.
Lorna, Lorna.
You can't do that.
We've talked about this.
- If people find out - Don't worry, Aunt Dane.
Everyone already hates me.
Come on.
Nobody hates you.
Those cupcakes you sent to school for my birthday? Nobody even ate them.
I'm already the bipolar girl with the green hair and dead parents.
So what if they know I'm a mutant? Sweetheart.
I know it's hard.
It's for your safety.
I've got groceries in the car.
Let's go home.
We can have some melted birthday ice cream.
What's wrong? Nothing.
[DOOR OPENS] [SIGHS] ECLIPSE: Did you ever meet your real dad? My biological father.
I mean, I'm not even sure.
Sure, you want to see my relationship with the guy they say is my dad? Yeah.
One present on my 13th birthday.
A, uh, red metal disk.
Every little girl's dream.
It's, uh, it's it's something.
- Hey.
- No.
It's nothing.
It's worse than nothing.
You know what it was like, growing up in that crappy little town knowing he was out there? I remember watching the news.
And they'd talk about the Brotherhood, and how he was a monster.
You know, and all I could think was, "The world hates him, but I hate him more.
" [DAWN FUSSES] See that? It's all in the wrist.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Starting her training a little early, aren't you? I'm not leaving her alone.
Not with Little Miss Psycho and all those humans with pitchforks out there.
I think you're right, about Dawn not being safe here.
Oh, really? What made you change your tune? You know the smoke we saw outside? It was coming from a mutant foster care facility in Georgetown.
Humans, they, um set it on fire.
[PANTING] The kids.
They're still looking for survivors.
Look, Lorna, I I may have found a place for Dawn.
A school for mutant children.
It's safe, hidden, tucked away in the Swiss Alps.
- Totally off the grid.
- I'm sorry, Switzerland? I wouldn't even be able to see her.
Until we have a mutant homeland, there's nowhere close to here that she'll be safe.
Look, Lorna, I don't want this, either.
I-I I've become very attached to Dawn.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Please just think about it.
[MONITOR BEEPING STEADILY] I was able to synthesize a new batch of the original medication to stop the attacks while we work on something more permanent.
Is it gonna hurt like it did when I was a kid? The burning? It shouldn't be as severe.
But it won't be comfortable.
You think it'll stop this? It should.
Are you ready? [GRUNTS, GROANS] - [INHALES RAPIDLY, SHOUTS] - Hey Just breathe.
[PANTING] NOAH: Hey, I'm Noah.
M's medical assistant.
I'm gonna be helping with your genetic rundown.
Which, unfortunately, means you get to be a human pincushion.
[CHUCKLES] Go for it.
You think she'll be able to help my dad? No question.
She's the best.
She saved my life.
What do you mean? My X-Gene causes me to make harmonic vibrations.
They tear apart anything around me.
When I was a kid, I nearly brought my house down.
Almost killed my little brother.
M hooked me up with this.
Helps keep me under control.
I call it "Norm.
" [LAUGHS] You named it? Hey, little guy deserves a name.
He gave me a normal life.
"Normal life.
" You're okay with that? Hey, I went from worrying about destroying my house to worrying about my organic chem midterm.
So, where do you go to school? Hmm.
School kind of got put on hold last year.
Well, if you want, I can show you around campus later while Dr.
M works with your dad.
Hold that.
I'd like that.
- [CHUCKLES] - What color do you want? - Purple.
- Nice.
[BOTH LAUGH] [PROTESTORS SHOUTING, SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] [GLASS SHATTERS] So, any reason why we're searching alleys for someone from the Inner Circle? I mean, why would someone just randomly take off in the middle of their getaway? I don't know.
This trail doesn't make sense.
What is it? I don't know.
Whoa, the energy I use to portal, it's, like, off.
Like, twisted.
John, I think something happened here.
Something bad.
THUNDERBIRD: That girl from the psych ward, Rebecca.
I think she used her powers here.
Why here? Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
You're Lorna, right? If I say no, will you go away? I heard of you.
They say your dad's that mutant from the news.
Sorry, you've got the wrong girl.
But you got powers like him, right? So what? So it's cool.
Show me a trick.
I'll buy you a drink.
[LAUGHS]: Well, how can I pass that up? Um - Which one is your car? - Right there.
That one.
[CHUCKLES] [WOMAN GASPS] MAN: Whoa, whoa, run, run! [CAR ALARMS WAILING] My car You crazy bitch! [POLICE SIREN CHIRPS] What is going on with you, Lorna? This is the fourth time you've been arrested this year.
And it's not just the police, you've stopped taking your meds, you're fighting with the psychiatrists Okay, maybe the creep at the bar was right.
I'm a crazy bitch.
You have so much potential.
Your parents would have wanted Yeah, let's talk about my parents.
How did I get out of that cell tonight? I made a call.
The police captain came to my cell to apologize because he got a call from a substitute teacher? Like You have no idea how dangerous these questions are.
Come on, just tell me.
Who who is my father? [SIGHS] My brother.
A wonderful man who married your mother and loved you until the day he died.
Now get in the car.
ECLIPSE: No, Brad, come on.
But we need Chicago's support.
We can't just give up on - [KNOCKING] - Go away.
No, not you.
We're onto something.
We're onto something big.
Now, if you guys can just come out here, you can help Brad, I'm gonna have to call you back.
Can we come in? ANCHOR: More trouble as activists marched against the mutant curfew tonight.
Some politicians have expressed sympathy with the protestors' goals, but most have strongly condemned the acts of violence and vandalism that have flared up in respon [SIGHS] Unbelievable.
They oppress mutants for years and then act shocked when they stand up for themselves.
We don't really get involved.
You don't need to worry.
I know a little bit about your situation.
I know you've been running.
I'm not concerned with politics.
I'm a doctor.
I just want to help.
Thank you, Madeline.
I was so sorry to hear about your father.
He cared deeply about these issues, you know.
I thought he cared mostly about not having a mutant for a son.
You have no idea how sad it makes me to hear you say that.
REED: He experimented on me.
He never told me who I really was, about my family.
Reed, how could a father tell his 12-year-old son that he had been brought up by two of the deadliest terrorists in Europe? You have to understand, the X-Gene in your family is highly unusual.
The Fenris twins had a connection we still don't understand.
Their power fed off each other.
It was said they even shared their dreams.
It was like they each had half of the same mind.
He was trying to protect you.
Maybe he meant well.
But I still think I would've been better off knowing about my family.
This belonged to Andrea von Strucker.
[MUSIC PLAYS] Your father didn't want to destroy the one thing that he got from his family, but he couldn't bear to be near it because it reminded him of them, so so he gave it to me.
I think you should have it.
So beautiful.
Your father loved you very much, Reed.
I hope I believe We can succeed where he failed.
[MUSIC STOPS] Lorna, I won't let you do this.
So, please, just-just give her to me.
I found a school.
In Europe.
It's all been arranged.
This is the safest place for her.
Look, I will keep her safe.
She's my daughter.
- I'll do anything.
- How? How are you gonna keep her safe, Marcos? I'll figure it out.
That's what parents do.
- [DAWN FUSSES] - They don't give up.
- I'm not giving up.
- Oh, come on.
I'm not giving up.
I'm being realistic.
I mean, what are you gonna do? You gonna shoot lasers at the whole world? News flash: it's already on fire.
Yeah, because of you! [DAWN CRYING] You and Reeva and all of your new friends You set the world on fire and now you're worried that your daughter might get burned.
You're a real piece of work, you know that? Look, I didn't come here to fight.
I came here to let you say goodbye.
Lorna, you made me promise we wouldn't be like our fathers.
Look what you're doing.
You hated your dad for leaving.
You know what that hurt did.
Do you really want that for Dawn, for our daughter? You don't get it, do you? I'd rather have her grow up hating me than not grow up at all.
[POLARIS SNIFFLES] Do you want to say goodbye to your daughter or not? But I don't even know her.
How am I supposed to say goodbye? - ECLIPSE: You think it's a boy or girl? - Right now it's a walnut.
I hope it's a girl.
- You do? - Yeah.
I always figured you'd want a boy.
Someone to be all, like, - broody and macho.
- No.
[CHUCKLES] Um No, when I, uh when my father kicked me out and I was living on the streets, I I'd hang around this church in town.
One of the priests used to leave me leftover food from the events.
And I remember, one time, it was a a first communion.
I'm waiting across the street and I see this little girl, and she's seven years old.
And she's dancing with her father, and I remember the way that she was looking at him, and I thought, "I want that someday.
Who's gonna hold her and-and tell her she's special? Who's gonna love her, Lorna? Look, I'm sorry, Marcos, we have to go.
I love you, Dawn.
Te amo, mi Aurora.
Lorna, she deserves to be with her family.
You get that, right? [CRYING] [ECLIPSE YELLS, CRIES] Thank you, Shawna.
So, Reed, how are you feeling this morning? Better.
And I have some good news about the work we're doing with Lauren, as well.
Really? What did you find? Well, her X-Gene is very similar to Reed's.
By comparing the two, we should be able to come up with a new version of the treatment that will cause the attacks to stop permanently.
But it'll be a long road.
You'll have to stay here under observation.
The old serum seems to be working.
Can't we just use that? The original medication was like a dam.
But I suspect, with all the stress you've been under this past year, it broke.
We've patched up the cracks for now, but eventually, the dam will break.
- And then? - If we don't treat him, Reed will die.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] So, what do you think? - Does CSU make your list? - It's pretty great.
I just don't think I could ever do this.
Ah, don't say that.
If I can have a normal life, so can you.
- It's not that simple.
- Look around.
Right? You belong at a place like this.
Give you a backpack and a few very heavy books - and you'll fit right in.
- That still doesn't change the fact I'm here 'cause my dad's mutant powers are out of control.
You're more than your X-Gene, Lauren.
You know that, don't you? I just feel like it hangs over everything I do.
How do I just lay on the grass reading a book? Play Frisbee with a friend? Easy.
What are you doing? Now you've got a Frisbee and a friend.
Let's play.
I cannot believe you just did that.
Ooh! You know, we've been at this all night.
The Inner Circle could be lurking around any corner.
I think it's time to call it.
Oh, God, this is wrong.
She's here.
Rebecca! Rebecca! - [GRUNTS] - Hey, Rebecca, if that's you, look, - we're not here to hurt you.
- If you want your organs to stay inside your body, you'll stop following me.
Hey, hey.
We just need information on the Inner Circle.
We know - you ran away after the bank heist.
- Yeah, well, it turns out we have different views on the whole mutant freedom thing.
They're out there looking for you right now.
All right? Please, just tell us what they're doing.
Say I tell you.
Then what happens? We stop 'em.
We're the only ones standing between you and them right now.
Just tell us what happened at Creed Financial.
Why they were there.
I don't know much.
We got inside the vault.
They were looking for information on something called Regimen.
- Regimen what's that? - I don't know.
It's not like they told me their plan.
I was just a crowbar that they used to get into the bank.
My advice: give up now.
- I should go.
- No, wait, wait.
No, you guys have no idea what you're up against.
[KNOCKING] Lorna? Hi.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry, I don't understand, Lorna.
You want me to take your baby? Not forever.
We're building a place for mutants.
A place for her.
But until then, it's just too dangerous for her with me.
I need her to be safe, I I need her to be here.
But you hated living here.
I hated being a bipolar kid with green hair, stuck in a town that has three feed stores and no high-speed Internet.
I hated being different.
You know, I've never even said this out loud, but my entire life, I thought that we lived in this Podunk little town because you were hiding me from my birth father.
- Lorna - No, it's okay, because [SIGHS] I get it now.
You weren't hiding me from him.
You were hiding me for him.
He just wanted you to be safe.
POLARIS: That's the first time you've ever admitted that he's my father.
[SNIFFLES] I hated him for not coming for me.
I took that out on you.
I'm sorry.
And now I'm asking you to do the same thing you did for him.
Please please take her.
Please keep her safe.
Of course I will, sweetheart.
Thank you.
Her father made her this.
It always makes her smile.
Tell her that I'll come back for her someday.
And tell her she's special.
Come on.
How you feeling? BLINK: Well, we were out all night.
Excuse me for not having superhuman energy reserves.
[LAUGHS] I've got some good news.
I've been looking into that name that Rebecca gave us: Regimen.
It's a tech company.
Right here, offices in D.
That's great, John.
Yeah, it's progress.
I thought you'd be happy.
Progress, huh? John, what happened with that girl today It scared me.
You know, your whole "never say die" attitude is crap.
It's admirable, but crap.
You're picking a fight we can't win because you think you can't die.
I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, you're freakishly strong, but you are not immortal.
I never said I was.
Then stop acting like it.
What are we gonna do with him, Zing? What are we gonna do? Mm, so, bad news, Dr.
M needs me to draw some more blood.
- You game? - Yeah.
Guess so.
You know, it's really awesome what you're doing here, right? Oh, I'm just doing what anyone would for their family.
M is on the verge of something with you and your dad.
What are you talking about? If her process works with you two, it could be a solution for all mutants.
All mutants? Yes.
It could make it possible to permanently suppress the X-Gene in everyone.
Why would she want to do that? Think about what it could mean.
Anyone who doesn't want the X-Gene, or doesn't want it in their family, they'd have an answer.
It could mean an end to all the violence.
How? Her brother was Matthew Risman.
He, uh, founded the Purifiers.
She hated him, hating the mutants for something they couldn't change.
But with the work we're doing, mutants can change.
You're going to transform the world, Lauren.
[GRUNTS] Crying eyes, broken bells Back in course What the Down we go, wish me well I don't know where we fell Oh, I had a dream That you couldn't hear me screaming [GASPS, CHOKING] Your hands move, and I slit your throat.
I want to wake up where your love is 'Cause your love is always waking mine I want to break down where your heart gets So torn it's almost breaking mine I want to lay here Lost and bitter So long I feel like I could die I want to tell you what my truth is But it's buried down inside Shining light, show and tell Don't be scared, truth is hell Down we go, wish me well No one knows where we fell Oh, I had a dream Where you couldn't hear me screaming Trying to tell you everything But it wouldn't stop you leaving I want to wake up where your love is 'Cause your love is always waking mine I want to tell you what my truth is But it's buried down inside They say that secrets make you sick And I should know Just promise me that if I tell you You will go Oh, oh, oh I want to wake up where your love is 'Cause your love is always waking mine I want to break down where your heart gets So torn it's almost breaking mine I want to lay here, lost and bitter So long I feel like I could die I want to tell you what my truth is But it's buried down inside It's buried down inside.