The Gifted (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

gaMe changer

1 I can't make it stop.
Most of Otto's later research was overseen by his lab assistant, Professor Madeline Garber.
I thought I'd never see you again.
- What are you doing here? - I need your help.
The original medication was like a dam.
But eventually, the dam will break.
- And then? - If we don't treat him, Reed will die.
M is on the verge of something.
It could be a solution for all mutants.
Anyone who doesn't want the X-Gene, or doesn't want it in their family, they'd have an answer.
You're going to transform the world, Lauren.
- Just give her to me.
- How are you gonna keep her safe? I'll figure it out.
That's what parents do.
You gonna shoot lasers at the whole world? News flash: it's already on fire.
Yeah, because of you! You people are monsters.
All of you deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth.
- What did you do? - It's been awesome.
After what happened, Reeva's not gonna give up until she finds Rebecca.
I'm gonna send Fade and Bulk out, too.
What happens when they find her? That's up to Reeva.
See your hands move, and I slit your throat.
Rebecca? Breakfast.
Oh, wow.
What is the occasion? No-no occasion, honey.
I just thought I'd make pancakes.
Actually, it was your dad's idea.
Hey, what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be on your way to work by now? Oh, I have a late meeting.
This side of town.
So I thought it would be nice to have breakfast as a family.
Okay, whatever.
You guys are acting weird.
I thought I might've gotten kicked out of school again.
Oh, good.
Someone here? I didn't hear anything.
I think that might be the gardener.
Let me just check.
Did you want a glass of milk, maybe? Um, yeah, sure, uh Orange juice is okay, too.
Sentinel Services.
Keep your hands where we can see them, Miss Hoover.
Dad, what are they doing here? - Mom? - Just stay calm, Miss Hoover.
You called them.
You called them, didn't you? - Back away from the door.
- No Freeze.
Stay right there.
- No! No! Mom! - On the ground.
What choice did you give us, Rebecca? I'm sorry we had to do this, but you nearly killed your teacher.
Help! Help, somebody, please.
Please help.
What are you doing to her? We're doing what we have to to keep her restrained.
She's just upset.
Upset? You're keeping her in a windowless box.
She's strapped in that spinning thing.
She has to be in darkness, in constant motion, so she can't just twist her way out.
She helped us, you know.
She doesn't deserve this at all.
- And she's not crazy, she's - Andy, I'm sorry.
Help! Reeva said we can't risk having her escape again.
I know you've been preoccupied with Rebecca, but we need to figure out what we're gonna do.
The information we got at the bank? If we don't move on it soon, it'll be too late.
I am well aware.
The plan has not changed.
But the plan depends on Andrew.
We need his help to get us into the target.
He's not in a helping mood.
Keep moving forward with the preparations.
I will talk to Andrew.
- You all set to go? - Yeah.
I know it's been a long day.
It'll be worth it, I promise.
Course it will.
I'm just gonna lock up, and then we'll head out.
Ready? - I need to talk to you guys.
- What's up? It's about Madeline's research.
Noah told me that she's not just trying to find a cure to suppress the X-Gene in you.
She's trying to find one that'll suppress it in everyone, whether they like it or not.
Well, that's that's not possible.
If Madeline had a problem with mutants, she would have called the police on us already.
- You must have misunderstood.
- I didn't misunderstand.
We have to stop her.
Tomorrow I'm gonna talk to Noah, figure out where they're taking our blood samples.
Wait, wait, you heard Madeline talk about wanting peace, h-how upset she was about what's going on between the mutants and the Purifiers.
Her brother helped found the Purifiers.
Madeline's whole life is helping people.
That's not what this brother is doing.
She disagrees with him, only because she's trying to eliminate hate by eliminating mutants.
Your father, he, he needs this cure.
I know.
But if she finds it, how long before parents use it on their kids? Before the government uses it on everyone, just in case? We'll make her keep the research confidential.
She thinks she's saving the world.
She already has our DNA.
We can't let her use it.
Lauren is right.
We have to find a way to destroy the research and go.
No, wait, without the cure? We can't risk the lives of every mutant on Earth - just for my sake.
- Everybody ready? Great.
Here we go.
How you holding up? I've, uh, I have been better.
Brother, I know you're having a hard time right now, but we need to move.
Ah, John, I just, uh, I just said goodbye to my daughter Just listen to me, okay? When the Inner Circle hit that bank, they were after a company called Regimen Technologies.
Now, if we can figure out why, then we can fight them.
You know, Lorna, she sent our baby away for the Inner Circle.
Our child, John.
How do you fight that? What choice do we have? I mean, every move they make, the country gets more divided.
Our human allies, they're afraid to help us.
Mutants are deciding the only option is war.
If we don't turn this thing around now, it's gonna be too late.
I don't ask a lot of you, but I need you with me.
It's for Dawn.
For the world she's gonna live in.
But you have to promise me one thing.
If this leads us to Reeva Payge, I get to take the first shot.
Now, I know you're all here to see your favorite commentator from The Ryan Hour, but I want to make something clear.
This man is taking our message to the nation.
People around this world are finally starting to wake up.
That's why we're here! That's why he's here, Jace Turner.
I want to talk about this so-called Mutant Uprising.
We need to start calling it exactly what it is.
It's straight-up terrorism.
37 humans slaughtered at that bank.
It's up to us to do something about it.
And I'm not talking about some day.
I'm talking about now.
I'm talking about today.
Yeah, that's right, right now.
Now, the first thing we're asking you to do is simple: watch and report.
We got a hotline number.
Put it in your phones.
Leaders have schedules and assignments for roving street patrols.
And while you're out there, if you see any evidence of a mutant threat And I'm talking about anything Call it in, call it in right away because it is time to take our safety into our own hands.
'Cause guess what.
The cops, the Sentinel Services, they're not getting it done.
So this is what we're gonna do.
We are gonna start a citizen militia.
We're gonna put eyes and ears in every single neighborhood, and we are gonna stop mutant violence before it spreads.
This Mutant Uprising, they picked the wrong species to tangle with.
They don't know it yet.
But I swear to God, they're about to find out.
Yes? We've been monitoring Rebecca.
She's not tolerating confinement well.
Just keep her alive.
- She - Help! - Help, help, please! - She won't stop screaming.
And? Please help.
Let her scream.
Help, somebody, please.
It's a shame.
With her power, she could have done so much more.
Make it stop, please! Don't worry.
She still has a part to play.
Stop! Please, I didn't do anything! I just Hey.
Uh, you all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Just putting some things away.
Um, do you have a second? Yeah.
What's up? Hey, do you think it was worth it? Worth what? I don't know.
All the stuff that happened with Rebecca.
I've just been thinking.
You sent Dawn to live somewhere else.
I mean, I mean, that's-that's your daughter.
Do you really think that all, all this Everything we're doing Was worth that? Don't you miss her? So hard it hurts.
What I'm doing is for her.
Okay? Everything that's happening now is necessary for the world to be what it could be.
When it's done, I will be with Dawn.
But what if the mutant homeland never happens? Andy, it's going to happen.
Because we are going to make it happen.
I'll see you out there.
Did some research on Regimen Technologies.
There's almost nothing out there, but I found this one guy in the D.
area Some executive and he spoke at a security conference a few years back.
He lives across the street.
Laurence Hayes.
So, uh, you want to wait for him by his car? See if he'll talk to us all about his secret job.
We're gonna grab him in the lobby when he leaves for work.
We'll get him out quietly.
Take him somewhere.
Get some answers.
"Get some answers.
" Said no good guy ever.
We're not seriously gonna kidnap a systems analyst on his way to work.
We are really living the dream of the X-Men.
- Clarice - This is crazy.
This guy isn't a saint.
He's with a company that does mutant-related security research for the government.
And we can't just take him because of that.
Look, guys, we're here.
Let's just get it done.
Thank you.
That looks delicious.
I was thinking Lauren might want to have another look around the campus today, uh, while we're working on your treatments.
There's lots to see.
Actually, I'd rather go to the lab.
Noah says you need more samples.
Yes, but no rush.
We can work with the first batch.
No, I-I want to.
It's important.
Yeah, I-I-I think we're all just anxious to get started.
It feels like we might be on to something significant.
I'm sure of it.
I have to believe that it's no accident that I crossed paths with your family again.
We can finally finish the work your father started.
We're gonna change the world.
Yeah, but you're missing the point.
The point is, this guy's gonna come in and change the whole passing scheme Well, it doesn't matter.
They weren't playing as a team anyway.
On tonight's Ryan Hour, - featuring crisis responders - Where are they? who have organized their own citizen mili - Now - Ugh.
Clarice, what's going on? I've been Things went sideways! - No time to explain.
- Are those gunshots? - What the hell's going on? - Just open the trunk.
- Open the damn trunk! - All right.
All right.
You got to be kidding me.
Don't look at me, man.
I don't know any more than you.
No! What happened to pulling him out quietly?! - We had to improvise.
- And that's why we got shot at.
There were security guards, and you still wanted to go - through with it.
- We got to go, come on.
- Get me out! - Hold that thought.
Come on, get me out of here! I managed to get some of the medication.
You think it's gonna be enough? I hope so.
It was all I could get without anyone noticing.
Here she comes.
I've adjusted the dose a little, now that we have a better sense of how your system's - responding to it.
- So, what you said yesterday, about this being a temporary fix - how long should it last? - It's hard to say.
But if the treatment is blocking what my X-Gene does, why won't it last forever? - Maybe it's easier if I show you.
- Oh.
I feel horrible.
She's trying to save my life, and here we are planning We're doing what we have to do.
Reed, this is our last chance to learn what we can about your condition.
Reed's X-Gene manufactures complex proteins that release energy.
The medicine that Otto and I made blocks the proteins, interrupting the system.
But when it ceases to be effective, the result is a massive release of power and terrible damage.
That's why the work we're doing with Lauren is so important.
By comparing your X-Gene and hers, we can learn to not just block the gene but turn it off entirely.
I know it's hard, Reed.
I remember how I felt, sitting at your bedside.
You were a sick little boy who just wanted to get better.
I let you down all those years ago.
I won't let you down again.
Hey, uh, sorry if I freaked you out yesterday, talking about your blood saving millions of people.
Don't worry about it.
It's just a lot to wrap my head around.
I just get excited.
You know, we've been working so hard.
I really think this could be the breakthrough we've been waiting for.
So you must have, like, a gallon of my blood by now, right? Where do you keep it all? Keep it? Just, uh, cold storage.
Can I see it? Uh, it's just a bunch of refrigerators.
Seriously, it's nothing to look at.
Come on.
I really want to see the whole process.
It's important to me.
They really, uh, can't have visitors.
Samples could get contaminated.
Don't I get special privileges? For, you know, helping millions of people? I guess that's fair if I get the privilege of taking you to lunch.
- Lunch? - Yeah.
Or a second breakfast if you prefer.
You just gave blood.
Now you need a meal to regain your strength.
Let's do it.
John, can I talk to you? What's going on? Checked the police scanner.
Cops are searching for two mutants suspected of kidnapping with orders to shoot on sight.
- They have our description? - Yes, they do.
Hooded male, five-ten to six feet.
Petite female with the power to "create purple hoops.
" You know, I always thought they were a bit more lavender.
You got some serious balls cracking wise right now.
What's the problem here? They don't know anything.
We're in the clear.
The problem is, because of us, we set off this huge mutant hunt.
The Sentinel Services, the cops, they're kicking in doors, they're No.
Hey, hey, hey.
All anyone knows, right now, is some guy in a head bag was taken by some mutants.
Okay, once they figure out that guy is from Regimen, everything changes.
I got to get answers from him before then.
John, what is wrong with you? Oh, my God.
You know, you give Marcos a few hours to deal with the loss of his kid before dragging him into all of this.
And then you're springing the kidnapping on us.
- I told you the plan.
- Yeah, but the plan didn't include a head bag and flying bullets.
Look, I I get that you hate the Inner Circle right now.
No, this has nothing to do with my feelings.
All right? Or Marcos or you.
This fight is bigger than all of us.
It's happening now.
Look, you guys are making a big mistake, okay? W-We're just a boring tech company.
We-we-we manufacture components to help, uh, household appliances become more efficient.
- Smart refrigerators, copy machines.
- No.
That's a lot of security for a "boring tech company.
" Come on, man.
You know the Mutant Uprising? They're that group that hit the mental hospital and they killed all those people at Creed Financial? Their next target isn't a warehouse full of coffee makers.
It's your company.
- Wait, what? - Hey.
We're just trying to make sure no one gets hurt.
All right? But we need you to tell us why Regimen is being targeted.
I don't, I don't know.
Okay? Since when do a bunch of angry mutants need a reason to attack something? I have no idea.
No more lies! Or I'll show you what an angry mutant looks like.
Look, th-there might be something.
We don't publicize it for security reasons, but Regimen runs the control systems for the for the mutant restraint collars.
You control the collars in the prisons? Which prisons? All of them.
I know the citizen militia movement has been accused of bigotry.
People use words like "hate group," claim you exclude mutants.
We're about patriotism.
We're about law and order.
I mean, are we proud of our species? Yes.
But if there are mutants who want to do the right thing and support the laws of this country, then they're more than welcome to join us.
Talk about failing upward.
You should've killed Agent Turner when you had the chance.
Wouldn't have been that hard.
Oh, I'm sorry, I was a little busy saving the two of you.
Don't bicker, girls.
This "citizen militia movement" just means we're doing our job.
People need to know where the battle lines are and this is exactly the kind of thing that makes 'em nice and clear.
Reeva, you need to see this.
Ten minutes ago, someone used a remote log-on to review the security protocols at Regimen.
I thought you said you could penetrate the system without being detected.
I did, but someone's looking.
And if they look hard enough, they'll find out what we're up to.
They're in D.
I'm trying to pinpoint a I need you to do more than try.
Get the location, send Fade to handle it.
Whoever this is knows too much already.
I want them gone.
I don't like this.
We should've heard from Lauren by now.
She's getting into the lab with Noah.
We-we have to give her time.
Reed, Caitlin.
Uh, something's come up we need to discuss.
And let me start by saying, I know you haven't been entirely honest with me.
I don't know what you mean.
I've just been looking at Lauren's samples.
We need to talk about her brother Andrew.
Look, I know a bit about what happened in Atlanta, and I've respected your privacy, but now I think he's too important to ignore.
Lauren's DNA carries two versions of the X-Gene.
Two? H-How is that possible? I'm not sure.
Otto theorized that your grandfather Andreas and his sister shared two X-Genes.
They reinforced each other, got stronger when they used their power together.
They were drawn to each other somehow.
Is this something you've noticed? - Uh - Andy, um he hasn't been living with us.
Oh, that's too bad.
If he could be part of the study, it would be such a major help.
That won't be possible.
We haven't seen our son in months.
Oh I'm so sorry.
All right.
Prepare to be disappointed.
I don't know, looks pretty cool to me.
So all of this is Madeline's research? Pretty much.
This is years of work in here.
Everything leading up to, uh Well, I guess, to finding you.
So many locks.
What, are you afraid of vampires? You were so freaked out about taking me down here.
You have to understand, this place means a lot to me.
Before I came here, my own family was afraid of me.
Madeline was the first person to make me feel like like I belonged.
She changed my life, and, uh, now we're gonna change the world.
This research, though do you really want to create something that could eliminate the X-Gene forever? I wear this every day of my life so I don't hurt people with my so-called ability.
I just want to be normal.
What's wrong with that? Nothing.
What about that lunch? Yeah.
Better hurry.
Got to get that table.
Come on! What are you doing here? We know there's gonna be an attack, we just need to know where.
There are literally dozens of facilities that use mutant restraint collars.
I don't want any more excuses from you.
Hurry up.
Okay, brother, you need to check yourself before you blow a gasket.
You of all people are gonna lecture me on keeping my cool? Yeah.
I know.
Shouldn't that tell you something? Flying off the handle, dragging Clarice into a firefight that you didn't tell her? This might be our last chance to stop the Inner Circle, okay? I'm not gonna let this slip through our fingers.
- We're right in the middle of this.
- Tough.
You know that manhunt that you blew off earlier? Now the cops are looking in a six-block radius for us, arresting mutants.
- Arresting them for what? - For having the X-Gene.
People are getting busted because of what we did.
- And we're supposed to be saving them? - That's what I'm trying to do.
All right, if we don't hit the Inner Circle right now, - the Underground it's over.
- Yeah, I get it, but there are people who need its help right now.
Since when are you so concerned about the mission of the Underground anyway? And what's that supposed to mean? Oh, is this about the Morlocks and Erg? Well, you admitted you went behind my back, you gave him information.
And whatever else happened down there.
Come on, you really think I'm cheating on you? I don't know what I think anymore.
Why don't you go enjoy your lonely noble crusade, while I fix the mess that you made? Andrew.
Can I come in? I know you're upset about Rebecca, but for our next operation we need your help.
So I'm just supposed to do all this fighting while she's trapped in that thing downstairs? What happened at the bank was It was her first mission.
- It was a mistake.
- A mistake that put all of us in danger.
Everyone she ever loved turned on her.
She spent the last year in a dark room getting drugged and tortured.
I don't know what you expected.
You're right.
Rebecca is a victim.
What she did was not her fault.
It was theirs.
The humans who took her freedom and turned her into what she is.
So why are we keeping her in a cage? We're doing the same thing that they did.
Because it'd be better to what? Turn her loose? With what she knows? I'm sorry, Andrew.
Look, I know that this is difficult for you.
I forget just how young you really are.
I'm old enough, Reeva.
Then you understand.
We are trying to make a world where she can get the care that she needs, and our next mission is a very important step towards that world.
Someday you will see that this was the only way to help her.
I know you'll do the right thing.
Rebecca! Give me your hand.
You okay? - You came for me.
- Yeah.
Of course I did.
Want to get out of here? - Where are we going? - We don't have much time.
They're having a meeting about the mission upstairs.
We have to run before they finish.
Do we? I got a better idea.
- What are you doing? - Going up.
I already told you, everyone's up there.
They'll all be in one place.
No, y-you don't understand.
Reeva hates you for what you did at the bank.
I tried to tell her that you lost control - and you didn't mean to - Didn't mean to? Of course I meant to.
And as for Reeva, she made it pretty clear she hated me when she changed my address to hellhole.
We will be approaching from this direction.
Once everyone is in position, then we move in.
Please, Rebecca, we-we can just run.
- We can run away.
- Andy.
Reeva already tracked me down once.
She'll just do it again.
We have to take care of her before we go.
We have to take care of all of them.
Like I did at the bank.
- No, Rebecca, w-wait.
- Andy.
Stay back, or I'll make you stay back.
- You can't do this.
- I have to, for both of us.
No! Rebecca! Don't! Hey, hey.
She's not breathing! Somebody help! We need to get a doctor.
Rebecca! - Andrew, Andrew.
- Rebecca.
- She's gone.
- No.
Rebecca! No, she-she can't be.
I She can't be.
I-I didn't, I didn't mean to.
I-I know.
Andy, you saved us.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What do you mean Clarice left? You're the one that said you weren't sure she was with us.
- You were right.
- I told you that so that you could keep her here, not-not drive her away.
Marcos, what do you want me to do? All right, if she doesn't want to be a part of this fight Who do you think we're fighting for, John, you ever think about that? Um If you bring up the X-Men right now, so help me God, I will punch you in the mouth.
Look, John, the point of all of this is-is not to be able to fight in some big mutant war.
This is for the people we love.
Oh, I-I-I got something.
- What? - Strange, I've been, uh, checking the log-ins at the prisons and the detention centers Nothing there - But on the technical - Quiet.
Someone's here.
Who? Fade! Where'd he go? Where the hell is he? - He's got to still be here.
- Quiet, quiet.
I was just here for him.
We have no beef with you.
Yeah, the hell you don't.
Cops are coming; we got to move.
No, I want more eyes on the Red Line metro.
Find out who we have in the northwest part of the city.
We got something.
Some kind of mutant fight near 11th Street.
Someone heard gunshots, saw laser beams.
That's where that clinic is.
The one that we hit.
Tell our people in the area to stay sharp.
Let's get over there.
You want to talk? Not really.
Why did she make me do that? Andy, I've spent time in places like the mental hospital where they kept Rebecca.
Uh, you got to understand, if, if you're not broken going in, you definitely are coming out.
And they made her who she was.
And now she's gone.
Yeah, but this mission is a way to I don't care about the mission, okay? Look, I didn't want to go either until I found out about the target.
You know the mutant restraint collars? Yeah, I wore one in prison, they-they tortured you and Lauren with them.
- Yeah, I remember.
- That's who we're going after.
The company behind them.
Like a factory? Won't they just make more? Not a factory.
The D.
facility where they control the collars.
Control which collars? All of them.
Okay? Every mutant in this country that's being tortured and abused.
Every mutant like Rebecca.
Andy, this mission This is your chance to get justice for what they did to her.
When do we leave? Using the information we got from the bank, Sage pinpointed the location of the Regimen server farm and penetrated its security.
Their anti-mutant defense arrays will be down by the time we arrive.
We're in.
- No problems? - None at all.
That's new.
Just a little something I made to remind me where I come from, and I brought my steel-toed boots, too.
This is for her, Andrew.
Our blood's in there.
And Madeline's research, it's all of it.
We need to destroy everything, to be safe.
- There's no other way.
- We have to move quickly.
As soon as the alarm goes off, we're gonna have a short time to get out of here.
Lauren, don't.
Hands down.
Now! Stay where you are.
You heard him.
Hands down.
I was trying to save your life.
Why would you do this? I knew that something was wrong when I found out that Noah had let Lauren come in here, but this? Destroying my work? Madeline, what you're doing is wrong.
You're talking about ending an entire race.
I'm rescuing the human race.
With scientific genocide? Reed's grandparents were monsters.
They murdered thousands.
Do you want that potential in your family? In anyone's? You have no right to do this.
God made them this way.
God? What kind of god would curse their family with a son like Noah? Or Andrew? The X-Gene is not a curse.
You have seen who my daughter is and what she can do.
The world is a better place with her in it.
We both know what your children did in Atlanta.
I'm sorry, but your daughter should have never been born.
We can succeed where Otto failed.
We can save future generations from this curse.
It's my DNA.
It belongs to the world now, Lauren.
- Take them into custody.
- No.
Let me handle this.
You said I was a curse on my family.
You want to see a curse? Go! Lauren, go! Go.
Noah, please.
Think of it, every collar at every prison, every mental hospital, so much power unleashed.
Today, the uprising truly begins.
Uh, it almost ended today in our elevator, thanks to that psychopath.
I'd say it worked out perfectly.
Rebecca forced Andrew to decide who he loved.
He chose us.
He sacrificed for us.
Hands on your head.
Now! Got to get back to the scrapyard before the cops set up a perimeter.
Yeah, then we'll figure out what to do with this traitor son of a bitch.
- You can start by kissing my - Quiet.
What is it, cops? - No, it's - There they are! Purifiers! Go, go.
- Reload! - Reload! Hey! Take him, go.
I'll hold them off.
You can't.
You'll never get away.
It's like you said, brother, we're doing this for the people we love.
Go now! - John! - Go, get out of here! Got you.