The Gifted (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

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1 LAUREN: You wouldn't recognize Andy.
He's different.
CAITLIN: I just can't let go of the idea that we can get through to him.
LAUREN: You still don't get it.
Andy doesn't want to be saved.
People are getting busted because of what we did.
All right, if we don't hit the Inner Circle right now, the Underground, it's over.
Why don't you go enjoy your lonely crusade while I fix the mess that you made? - Just give her to me.
- How are you gonna keep her safe? I'll figure it out.
That's what parents do.
Look, I didn't come here to fight.
I came to let you say goodbye.
TWIST: Reeva already tracked me down once.
We have to take care of her.
Rebecca, don't! - [BONES CRACK] - [GRUNTS] THUNDERBIRD: It's the Purifiers.
I'll hold them off.
Go! Go, now! [GRUNTING] [SCREAMING] Got you.
Four, corner pocket.
[WHISTLES] It's all over but the crying.
Working while they're sleeping Now you know I'm ready to fly [SCOFFS] Nice.
Except, uh, it turns out that the cue ball in pay tables is magnetic.
That's how the table knows to give it back to you when you scratch.
Magnetic ball [LAUGHS] means I always win.
ECLIPSE: What did I tell you, man? Never ever play pool with Lorna.
[CHUCKLES]: You two been playing a lot? Uh, I don't know.
- Some.
- Yeah? Got anything you want to tell me? - About what? - What do you what do you mean? THUNDERBIRD: You know I can hear your heartbeats get faster when you're around each other, right? [CHUCKLES] - Well, maybe we find each other annoying.
- I also heard what you guys whispered to each other when I was at the bar - buying the beers.
- Oh, wow.
- Wow.
- All right, uh It's your fault, John.
- [ECLIPSE LAUGHS] - Okay? I was against recruiting him for the Underground.
You insisted.
- I felt sorry for him.
- Oh, wow.
- You felt sorry for me? I had money back then.
- [LAUGHS] - And I had clean clothes, hot showers.
- Mmm.
It was it was awful.
- All right.
- I am sorry.
- We should've told you, man.
- It's fine.
Even if I wanted to, I don't think I'm strong enough to keep the two of you apart.
But I want you to remember something here.
What we're doing right now with the Underground is dangerous.
The day will come when our lives are on the line.
And on that day we can't afford secrets.
We need to be able to depend on each other 100%.
Yeah, it's all right To us.
- On the open road.
- Yeah.
What are you doing here? - Is this where you live? - Yeah.
What's going on? I I just came to talk.
You attacked me.
Hey, can we not go there now? This place, whatever it is, the, the dreams Can we just talk like we used to? Nothing's like it used to be.
- I know, but - You made a choice.
Yeah, and I believe in what we're doing.
It's just it's hard sometimes.
You know, I-I've I've lost a lot.
You want me to make you feel better about joining the Inner Circle? No, you you don't understand.
We're actually building something special, a-and they've made me so much stronger than I used to be.
The things I can do If it's so great, why do you seem so sad? - I'm not - Yes, you are.
I can feel it.
Why do you have to be like this, huh? Why can't we just talk? You want your family back? Come home.
You know I can't do that.
Well, then, I guess there's nothing to talk about.
Just listen to me! [PANTING] Another dream? - Yeah.
- What was this one? It was Andy.
He came to the apartment, wanted to talk.
He seems really hurt.
Sad inside.
If he's really that unhappy, maybe he's having second thoughts.
I don't know, Mom.
I-I don't think so.
Well, at least he's reaching out.
He mostly just seems lost.
He's wanting to drag me into the darkness with him.
If what Madeline said is true, if your connection with Andy builds when you use your powers together, these dreams could be his path out of that darkness.
You have to be stronger than him, Lauren.
I'm trying.
We know.
[PHONE BUZZING] It's-it's Marcos.
I thought he said to wait to call him till we got back.
He did.
What? When? [SIGHS] All right.
We're on our way back.
It's the Purifiers.
They've captured John.
ECLIPSE: Here's the situation.
We've called everyone in the Underground who's still picking up and asked if they can find John.
I even reached out to the Morlocks, and no one knows anything.
So that's it? There's no one? ECLIPSE: Well, not quite.
We have him.
Maybe we can use him to reach out to Lorna - for help.
- Are you joking? You're gonna ask the Inner Circle for help? What else can we do, Lauren? How about anything else? They sent an assassin to the clinic.
They're the reason we're in this disaster.
I hate this more than anyone, but they have resources.
Maybe we can trade him for information.
I I know we're desperate, but they can't be trusted.
- Not even for a second.
- Look, none of us trust them, but under the circumstance, they're our only hope of getting John back.
Look, Lorna cared for John once, and I have to believe that part of her still does.
What do you think, Clarice? Your call.
The idea of depending on Lorna makes my skin crawl.
But this might be John's only chance.
And over 6,000 criminal mutants have escaped.
People are asking: what's the endgame here? There is no endgame other than senseless slaughter.
- How can they lie like that? - RYAN: This is a nightmare.
Most of those people were innocent.
You expect balanced reporting from that guy? His entire career is built on stirring up mutant haters.
Yeah, but people are gonna be watching that and believing it.
I mean, we're-we're fighting for innocent mutants.
Andy, we know.
Isn't that what's important? These mutants are convicted murderers and rapists, and they're on the loose in our neighborhoods.
After everything we sacrificed.
RYAN: That's the time when regular citizens step up.
We should make them tell the truth.
- [PHONE BUZZING] - RYAN: That's the American way.
It's the only way.
What is it? I, uh, I think it's Fade.
Why's he calling me? Hello.
- Lorna, I need your help.
- Uh-uh-uh-uh.
- Fade? - ECLIPSE: It's me.
We need to talk.
What? Marcos? What's going on? ECLIPSE: Oh, nobody told you? Fade was sent to kill someone we were talking to.
Didn't quite pull off the getaway.
You want him back? Meet me at the old mall parking lot.
Off 17th.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] - Comfortable? - Mm.
- I'm coming with you.
- What? W hey.
What-what? No, no, no.
No, no.
I told Lorna it'd just be - me and her.
- What am I supposed to do? Just sit back and wait? Come on, part of the reason why - John's in this mess is because of me.
- That isn't true.
Yeah, it is.
I'm the one that yelled at him and bailed.
You know, I should have been there - when the Purifiers showed up.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey.
Hey, look, Clarice, this is not your fault.
The question is whether we can trust Lorna.
And if we can, I have to be the one that looks her in the eye and convinces her to help us.
- And if we can't? - Then I'm walking into a trap, and you're John's only chance.
Don't screw this up.
Looking for your lost assassin? Ah, don't worry.
- He's in here.
- [FADE GROANS] Marcos, I swear I had no idea.
I need to talk to you about something.
Look, if this is about Dawn, I can't, okay? It's - it's too painful.
- It's not that, no.
Then what is it? It's John.
He's been kidnapped.
What? What? Who-who The Purifiers took him.
We don't know where.
And we thought your friends might be able to help us find him.
Come on, Marcos, what makes you think that they can find him? They tracked me down in a diner.
Okay, yeah, but this is different.
- I can't just - I'm just asking you to try.
Look, we're running out of time here.
John'll never crack.
He's gonna make the Purifiers kill him.
[SIGHS] Years ago we made a promise, Lorna, that we'd be there for him when the day came.
You have to remember that.
Watch him now.
Get up.
[MUFFLED YELLING] John Proudstar aka Thunderbird.
It's nice to finally meet you, man.
We got a lot to talk about.
How you feeling? Like I got hit by a truck.
[STRAINING] [HEAVY EXHALE] All right, so what now? Kill me? Torture me? You know, I have been hunting you a better part of three years now.
At Sentinel Services, I read your file so many times, the damn thing is burned into my brain.
Two tours in Afghanistan with the Marine Mutant Corps.
Five Medals of Bravery.
You bled for this country.
Thing is, there's a new war going on and you ended up on the wrong side of it.
So I am here to offer you a chance to save your soul.
My soul is doing fine, thanks.
JACE: Is it? The last time I checked, we got people dying in the streets.
- We got mutant terrorists - Terrorists? We're fighting for our freedom.
What you're doing is ripping this country apart, and that won't end until the Mutant Underground is destroyed.
I will never tell you anything about the Mutant Underground.
WILSON: Looks like we have a difference of opinion.
'Cause I think you will.
After three years, don't you think maybe it's time you stop and you ask yourself what you're doing? Huh? Running around with a hate group? Maybe I'm not the one whose soul needs saving.
I'm not the one that killed 37 people in Creed Financial, people whose children will grow We didn't kill those people.
- We had nothing to do with that.
- JACE: All right.
You're not ready to tell the truth.
I'll give you a chance to think it over.
As I recall, you have some sort of super hearing, right? - [DIAL CLICKS] - Here's a little thinking music.
[HEAVY METAL PLAYING OVER HEADPHONES] [MUSIC BLASTING] [GROANS] Black out the light, just another fix Into another life with a single prick You give everything It's like mutants didn't get the truth gene.
Uh, he'll open up.
It's early days.
Just got to break him down.
With all due respect, I think it's time we stop babying him.
Sure, he's super strong, but everybody bleeds.
Let's use the power tools.
[EXHALES] We want him cooperating, - not screaming his head off.
- Well, it seems - to me he could do both.
- No.
It might take a little bit, but but we'll get what we're looking for.
Is this, uh roof taken, or should I find some other place to be anxious and miserable? There's room for two.
I know you hate Marcos going to the Inner Circle.
It's one of my least favorite ideas ever.
But if anyone can find John, it's them.
You know, they've got their own Death Star.
That's what I'm worried about.
You're worried about that? I mean, don't you think that we can just? Yes, we do.
Where does it stop? Their money, their power It's the answer to everything.
That's how they got Andy.
That's why I'm never gonna get him back.
I hate everything that they stand for, but do you really think that your principles are worth - more than John's life? - No of course not.
- I'm just - I know.
We will go back to battling the Inner Circle later, but first we just need to get John home.
Anything on John? Yes.
- [SIGHS] - I asked Sage to look into recent Purifier activity, anything unusual.
- She found this.
- What is it? It's a compound in Virginia.
No activity until about an hour after John's capture, and then this convoy shows up.
He's in that building, but I've studied the satellite photos.
The place is a fortress.
There's no way they'll make it in.
So what are we waiting for? We got to help him.
Andy, we can't.
We're not part of the Underground.
So what? You said yourself that they can't do it alone.
How many times have we tried to tell them that we're doing something good here? Now we can show them.
- Reeva won't like it.
- Won't like what? Stopping mutant-haters from killing mutants? That doesn't make any sense.
That's why we're here.
When Sentinel Services was after my family, John got us away.
When you were in prison, he got you out.
He was there for us.
You all right there? Yeah, just, uh I-I had a dream about this place.
It's weird being here.
Before we go up there, you have to remember that today is about saving John.
That's all.
Yeah, but I want to show them what we're doing, - make them understand.
- Uh I'm just trying to keep you from getting hurt, Andy.
When Marcos came to see Dawn, do you have any idea how much I wanted to see eye to eye with him? We love each other.
We always will.
But we will never agree on what we believe.
Just don't expect too much.
BLINK: This was supposed to be about finding John, and now you're just letting her come over? It's not like I printed up an invitation.
- I just got a message.
- CAITLIN: Uh, okay.
Sh-She'll be here soon.
We all just need to be on the s [KNOCKING] [SIGHS] [CAITLIN SIGHING] - Oh, my Andy.
- [LAUGHS] Oh, it's you.
Oh, my gosh, look at you.
- [ANDY LAUGHS] - Come on.
Let him in.
Let him in.
How much you've grown.
You look so different.
Come here.
- [CAITLIN LAUGHS] - It's been a while.
- Your hair.
- Oh, come in.
Come on.
I can't believe you're here in real life.
Yeah, uh, it seemed crazy to let you guys go after John alone, so - So you found him? - Yeah, we found him.
If you think that I'm gonna let the triplets or your lovely boss anywhere near Don't worry.
Just us today.
So, all of a sudden, we're just a team again, just like that? ANDY: The Purifiers are keeping John a few hours away.
We can just give you the address if you want.
I mean, if you want us to leave.
- No.
- Don't be ridiculous.
[SIGHS] Clarice, we've seen what John's up against.
You're gonna need all the help you can get.
ANDY: Fully customized, armored, top-of-the-line.
They have four doors, and they drive.
They're cars, Andy.
Not just cars.
We've got guns and equipment, too.
POLARIS: And we brought everyone flak jackets.
I remember when you used to buy me ties for Christmas.
- [LAUGHS] - We're so glad you're here.
Thank you.
JACE: Where's the Underground hitting next? We're not hitting anywhere.
WILSON: I'm telling you, Turner, we're being too delicate with this guy.
I've seen your little videos, John.
The Mutant Uprising.
If you don't give me something I'm telling you the truth.
We had nothing to do with those attacks.
We've been trying to stop 'em.
Oh, right.
Mutants fighting each other to save humans.
Seriously, Turner, this is comedy gold.
We smuggle mutants across the border! We don't make hostage videos and slaughter innocent people! Well, maybe you're getting desperate.
Maybe after the Atlanta disaster, you realized the walls were closing in.
Wouldn't be the first time a terrorist group took it up a notch when things got bad.
You stopped saving mutant lives, started ending human ones.
[SIGHS] [CHAINS JINGLE] It's the Inner Circle.
What? The group attacking those places is called the Inner Circle.
The Inner Circle? I've never heard of it.
Yeah, no one has.
Anyone who looks into them They wind up dead.
- Really? - Yeah.
You know, 'cause I've been studying the attack, and word is, there was a kid there, mutant kid with kinetic powers.
There was also a woman that could control metal.
That sound like anybody you know? Maybe Lorna Dane and Andrew Strucker? Yeah.
So the attack that you say has nothing to do with the Mutant Underground somehow involves two major members of the Mutant Underground.
If you're gonna try to lie your way through this, you're gonna have to do a much better job.
I'm not lying.
All right.
Guess the only other question I have for you is: are you ready to rock? I'm telling you the truth! [MUSIC BLASTING OVER HEADPHONES] - Fall to disgrace - [GRUNTS] Now you're dead and gone! You caught me with my eyes closed Baby, I was dreaming of you I was dreaming of you Oh, oh, you caught me with my eyes closed Baby, I was thinking of you - What are you doing? - You like that song? No, but it's better than silence.
[SIGHS] [EXHALES] Did you get the picture of Dawn? Yeah.
If you didn't want me to come You're already here, okay, so can we just? Stop.
Both of you.
We're about to take on a compound full of mutant-hating hicks, and you two can't even ride in a freakin' car together.
- Clarice - Sorry.
John's all alone right now and he needs us.
I think you could set aside your issues for a few hours.
Yeah, I guess we can fake it.
Till we're done.
Then you can go right back to hating me.
[SIGHS] Thank you.
[CHUCKLES]: I can't believe you're driving.
You really missed out on me teaching you in our old minivan.
We got a bunch of cars.
Took a couple crushed bumpers, but I got the hang of it.
You know, a lot of things have changed since we all left Atlanta.
We've changed.
Yeah? How so? REED: I never really understood how it felt for you to have powers, what that was like.
But when you left my X-Gene started to manifest.
Wait, what? You have powers? Lauren, why didn't you tell me this? You mean in our dreams? Sorry, didn't come up.
[SIGHS] Well, that's crazy, Dad, but it's cool.
Welcome to the club.
Yeah, I wish it was like that.
What do you mean? What are your powers? REED: I was, um I was destroying things.
My abilities had been suppressed for so long that when they came out - they were out of control.
- But we found some medication.
It seems to be working for now.
- For now? - REED: Anyway, the point is, I know what you've been going through.
Look Andy, we've all grown.
We should be together as a family.
- If you would just come back - Mom, please don't ask me that.
[MUSIC BLASTING OVER HEADPHONES] [DOOR OPENS] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] [THUNDERBIRD PANTS] Aw where's your friend? The truth is, he's outside thinking of interesting things to do with power tools.
Which is why you need to believe me when I say this is your last chance.
You got to give me something.
All right.
You know, I'll-I'll give you this: you were right about me.
These last few years have been pretty rough.
I lost my kid, I lost my wife, I lost my job Everything.
I lost everything that I had.
[SIGHS]: All for the cause.
A lot like you, I guess.
I didn't trade everything for hate.
Well, you can call it what you want, but you believe in what you believe in.
So do I.
And we're both paying for it.
I mean, look at you Your network's falling apart, your friends are beginning to doubt you.
It's lonely trying to save the world, huh? Trying to protect it from people that don't want to be protected.
Why won't you help me stop people from dying out there? I told you, you're after the wrong people.
You should be after the Inner Circle.
And I told you that I know that you're lying.
Andy Strucker and Lorna Dane were at that bank.
How do you explain that? What, they left the Mutant Underground? Is that it? Okay, wait a minute.
Did Lorna Dane and Andy Strucker make some new friends? [SIGHS]: Look they made their choice.
They joined the Inner Circle.
We're trying to stop 'em.
So they just they turned their back on the dream of the X-Men, huh? [SIGHS] How the hell did that happen? Because I couldn't make 'em believe.
'Cause I failed.
ECLIPSE: I hate to say this, but this looks even worse than in the satellite photos.
BLINK: Well, we didn't even know where John was this morning.
Let's just hurry up and get over there.
I used to deal with places like this as a prosecutor.
They can't afford mutant protection systems, so they just plan for any range of mutant attacks.
Besides the armed guards and the fence being electrified, it looks like there's a minefield on the other side of the lake.
Well, lucky I can bend space-time.
I can just portal us past the minefield.
Yeah, and pop out and get shot.
There's an army over there.
Lorna can handle the bullets, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, there's a lot of bullets coming from a lot of different places.
There's a couple dozen Purifiers in there.
Then keep them busy someplace else.
We can't just give up on this.
No one's saying that, all right? [SIGHS] Lorna, you think we could attack the other side of the compound - as a distraction? - We could do that.
Andy, Lauren, come with me, help find John? Yep.
Lauren? Yeah.
CAITLIN: We'll drive the cars around, keep them out of sight.
We'll meet back here.
Guys, you be careful, okay? JACE: Inner Circle thing I think it could be something big.
Could be.
Or-or it could be he's just trying to make us chase our tails.
All I know is, if Lorna Dane and Andrew Strucker left the Mutant Underground a lot of things start to line up.
[RUNNING STEPS] There's the back door.
It's crawling with Purifiers.
Hope Clarice can find something better.
Hey, you've been quiet.
It's weird.
Having you here in person.
You're not happy about it? I just don't believe it.
You're talking to Mom and Dad like everything's so great at the Inner Circle.
But, Andy I know.
You're the one that wanted to talk to me in that dream last night.
Yeah, I was a little lonely.
The Inner Circle's still doing important stuff Important stuff? How about that girl you broke out of the mental hospital? She killed those people at the bank, didn't she? It was a mistake.
She lost control.
You don't do something that evil by accident.
You don't know anything about Rebecca.
Her own parents turned her in to Sentinel Services.
They tortured her for years.
And they broke her.
We're fighting the people who made her that way.
So no more Rebeccas have to die.
She died? How? No, I don't want to talk about it.
This spot's as good as it gets.
Seriously? There are a dozen guys guarding that door.
Well, let's just hope that Lorna and Marcos do their job.
You guys ready? Let's start the fireworks.
[INDISTINCT TALKING] Where did you get that? - I made it.
- What? Remember the medallion I got from my birth father? - Yeah, of course.
- Turned it into this.
- Oh.
- You always said I should make peace with my past, and I did.
I like it.
It looks badass.
Keeps the hair out of my eyes.
- You ready? - Oh, electric fences, plastic explosives What's not to like? Let's make an entrance.
Over there! Well, that got their attention.
Nothing we can't handle.
They're drawing the guards away.
[GUNFIRE] Little help? There's more coming! [GRUNTS] PURIFIER: Watch out! [STRAINING] [YELLING] What's going on? Couple muties going straight through the minefield.
- What? - One ripped the fence open.
The other's got some kind of lasers.
Let me see.
Where? [EXPLOSION] Son of a bitch.
[EXPLOSIONS, GUNFIRE, SHOUTING IN DISTANCE] Son of a bitch! [PANTING] You think this is a game? I'm out there telling 'em not to cut you to pieces - What are you talking about? - You said Lorna Dane - left the Mutant Underground.
- She did.
Then why the hell is she attacking our compound right now with Marcos Diaz?! You thought you could play me.
You thought you could play me.
All right, hey.
Never again.
Come on.
[SHOUTS] [GROANING] You people took everything from me! You took everything from me! You people took my daughter.
The mutants are through the perimeter.
Turner! [SHOUTS] What are you doing? You said you wanted to keep him alive.
[SNIFFS] [GASPING, GROANING] I changed my mind.
[SHOUTS] [GROANING] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] Hey! [YELLS] WOMAN: They're inside! [SHOUTING] They're inside! [SHOUTING] Clarice! [GROANING] What the? [GRUNTS] How'd that? It's complicated.
I'll explain later.
[INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - [GROANS, PANTING] - Jace, I know you're angry, but the mutants are on their way.
We got to get out through the back now.
I want you to know something.
I'm gonna hunt down every single one of your friends, and they're all gonna die.
[CLICK] Okay, we got to go.
No, no, no! We got to go! Now! [SHOUTS] [PANTING] Hey, handsome.
You ready to go home? [STRAINED]: Yeah.
[GRUNTS] [CHAINS JANGLING] They're coming.
They've got John.
John, hang in there.
- We're almost there.
- [GROANS] [GASPS] [THUNDERBIRD GROANS] [SHOUTING] You trying to kill my sister?! Shoot her in the back?! You coward! [GRUNTING] What's he doing? LAUREN: Andy, it's okay.
Let it go.
- [GRUNTS, PANTS] - Where do you think you're going, man? LAUREN: Andy, stop.
- [CRACKING] - [SCREAMING] No! [PANTING] No, please.
You're not so tough now, are you? LAUREN: Stop! Let him go! I'm okay.
- [CRACKING] - [SCREAMS] [GROANING] - No, no, no.
No, don't kill me, man.
- LAUREN: Andy.
Stop it! Andy.
Andy! Andy, come on! Let's go! [PANTING] [THUNDERBIRD GROANING] - All right.
- [GROANING] - Come on.
- We did it.
We made it out.
Did you see that? That's what he gets for messing with ECLIPSE: Let's go! [ENGINE STARTS] [WILSON GROANING] Hey.
[GRUNTING] Oh, my God.
No, no.
Don't try to move.
What happened out there? They got away.
How bad is it? Couple dead.
Probably two dozen hurt.
You don't even want to know what they did to Kyle.
It's nothing compared to what we're gonna do to them.
This looks awful.
One more shot could've killed you.
[PANTING] [STRAINED]: Andy and Lorna how? [PANTING] It's a long story.
John, I'm s I'm so sorry I wasn't there when you got captured.
- I should've - Clarice, hey.
You saved me.
[STRAINED PANTING] [SNIFFLES] - Hey, Andy, can we talk to you? - [SIGHS] ANDY: There's nothing to talk about.
I saw how you looked at me.
CAITLIN: I know you're upset, but we love you.
All of this time, we have been trying to find you, fighting to bring you home.
You really think that I'm just gonna abandon everything I believe in, everything I worked for? I-I know you think you're-you're doing the right thing, that you're working for some greater cause Yeah.
I'm not leaving the Inner Circle.
Andy we're just worried about you.
That Purifier was trying to murder Lauren.
Do you know what him and his friends want to do to mutants like us? They're monsters.
Can you hear yourself? - I know that - No! Y-You don't know anything, okay? You don't get it.
There's only one thing to do to people like that, and it's wipe them out! End them! We can't afford to have them running around, having more kids, spreading their poison.
LAUREN: Andy, you don't believe that.
You think you're better than me.
I'm just doing what has to be done.
So I don't want to hear anything from any of you.
Andy! The only way we're getting him back is if we destroy the Inner Circle.
I know.
I should go.
Yeah, okay, then.
Now we can, uh We can stop faking it.
Back to hating each other.
This doesn't change a thing.
Unholy war My demons are coming Boy, you better run Go take your freedom - Freedom - Oh, no Wade in the water Ooh Be gone by morning Ooh Don't you let them find you here Oh, no Let love lead you home Oh, no Let redemption keep you warm So, you better run You better run I know it's killing you Well, well, well, well You got to leave You got to leave me there - I know it's killing you - Now - Oh, no, no - You got to leave Oh, no I know it's killing you - I know it's killing you - You got to leave - Oh, you got to leave me here - I know - It's killing you - Now Yeah You got to leave So you better run Oh, run Yeah You better run Oh, save yourself, please You better run.