The Gifted (2017) s02e15 Episode Script


1 - [SCREAMS] - ANDY: You think I'm a monster for trying to kill him? You think you're better than me.
I'm just doing what has to be done.
You've been sharing dreams with Andy for months and now you're afraid to sleep.
It's like he's probing my mind, searching for my weaknesses.
I'm never joining the Inner Circle.
ANDY: Something's changed.
I can't feel her anymore.
People need help.
I can't just sit here and watch them suffer.
I know it's dangerous, but I can't use the serum as a crutch.
All we asked for was your loyalty, and you betrayed us.
Reeva, I didn't do this.
[SINGING HIGH TONE] [GROANING, SCREAMING] I have a job for your Purifiers.
This is an essential part of the plan.
Get it done.
The Purifiers are hitting the Morlocks.
Clarice needs our help evacuating.
Over here, let's go! Let's go, let's go! - I'm not leaving without Clarice! - Caitlin, take John's car, he's staying.
CAITLIN: Lauren, try to use your powers.
I can't reach them.
Get out of the way! Clarice, come on.
No! THUNDERBIRD: Okay, what's wrong? Nothing.
Clarice, come on.
It's just my whole life, I've been running From myself, from everything, really.
And now I'm here with you, and I just feel I don't know, I just feel Happy.
But sometimes I feel like I don't deserve to be.
Why wouldn't you deserve to be happy? I've made a lot of really bad decisions in my life.
Never mind.
I don't want to talk about it.
No, come on.
Tell me.
Well, you know, years ago, when I got mixed up with the, um, with the Brotherhood you know, I really hated myself.
God, I felt so trapped.
I would lie there at night and open a portal to the stars and just wish that I was somewhere, anywhere else.
Show me.
[THUNDERBIRD CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You know, when things got really bad, I used to think about portaling to nowhere, and just going.
Being everywhere.
In the spaces between everything.
Clarice, believe me, nobody in the Underground is perfect.
I mean, most of us came here because we needed redemption.
That's why, even now, I think there is still hope for Lorna, and Andy.
For all of us.
Are you saying that I should stay here? With the rest of the broken toys? Always.
[SIRENS WAILING] We need to get off the road.
[TIRES SCREECHING] Everybody out, quickly.
We need to get us somewhere safer.
I'm afraid this is the end of the line.
We have to split up.
What? But where do we go? As far as you can from the city.
Stay off the main roads.
Avoid traffic cameras, and - don't trust humans.
- LAUREN: Are you crazy? They can't.
We can't stay on the road in this car any longer.
Look, we have to scatter or we're all gonna get caught.
Okay? Run! Go! Lauren! [GRUNTS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] We'll take them! You go that way! This is all your fault.
This is your fault.
- You left her down there.
- Tried.
I tried to bring She shouldn't have been down there in the first place! She chose to join us.
I gave her a place where she belonged.
Blink was Stop calling her Blink! It's the name she chose! Now, I made mistakes, but I didn't lure her down into the tunnels.
You drove her to us.
[SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] Oh, you gonna hit me? Hit me.
It's not gonna change anything.
[YELLS] The moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived.
Our actions in the next 24 hours will determine the course of mutant history.
Our uprising has been every bit as successful as we'd hoped.
And now it is perfectly clear to mutants and humans alike that there is only one solution.
Two nations, divided.
Ours and theirs.
We have worked hard.
And one last push will take us to our goal.
We must destroy the institutions of a nation that hates us.
POLARIS: Hang on.
We're just gonna destroy government buildings? Have you seen the security out there? Don't worry.
We have our ways.
REEVA: Tonight, you'll be receiving your assignments.
Until then, prepare yourselves.
This is crazy.
It's actually happening.
- Hard to believe.
- Yeah.
Stay back here with the others.
Stay away from the windows.
This place is safe, but we can't take any chances.
- [PHONE VIBRATING] - ECLIPSE: Let's get them settled back there and head back out.
I'm worried about John.
Reed? It's Lorna.
Hey, I'm here with Reed.
Are you okay? [QUIETLY]: Yeah, for now.
I can't talk long.
Oh, I was so worried you got caught.
Yeah, I almost was.
The Frosts found out that somebody was in the computers.
They think it was Sage.
Reeva killed her.
What? Well, things are spiraling out of control.
The Purifiers just hit the Morlock tunnels.
It was a massacre.
You've got to get out of there.
I know, but Reeva's plan is happening tomorrow.
I'm gonna try to find out what I can before I go.
All right, just-just come.
We'll be ready.
Lorna, what about Andy? I-I'm not sure.
This is our last chance.
- If he stays with her, then - I know, but he believes in what Reeva's doing.
And if I can't convince him, then then it's over for all of us.
You have to try.
Lorna, tell him the truth.
Please, Lorna bring my son home.
[INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER] Most of the force is out chasing down the muties who escaped from the tunnels.
I showed 'em my badge, told 'em what we knew, said we wanted to help out.
I figure we, uh, search the streets around here for stragglers.
Yeah, I don't, uh I don't know about that.
What do you mean? Those sons of bitches killed three good men.
We got to finish what we started.
Yeah, I just Guys, will you give us a minute? Hey, buddy.
You all right? When we busted into that Morlock tunnel, I was expecting to see a terrorist camp.
That's what Ryan told me was there.
I think there were kids down there, man.
Jace, listen, uh this may sound harsh, but if there were kids down there, they're gonna grow up to be the same monsters that killed our friends.
How could How can you say that? You don't know that.
You don't know that.
All right, you know, um you have done more than enough for the day.
Why don't you head back to your hotel and clear your head? All right? We got this.
Let's head out.
- [KNOCKING] - Hey.
Heard you were coming on the scout tonight.
I don't know.
I'm just curious.
Why? You think I need babysitting or something? No, not at all.
All right, 'cause I can handle myself.
Yeah, I know.
I I just want to see what we're doing.
Like you said, it's been a long time coming.
All right, just making sure.
Andy? Um you know when we do this, it's not gonna be like a video game, right? When everything goes down, we're gonna be dropping real buildings with real people inside.
Yeah, I mean, we have to make sacrifices sometimes.
You taught me that.
- I did? - Yeah.
When you ripped that plane out of the sky and saved us all.
That's the whole reason I joined the Inner Circle.
Andy, look, uh you know that wasn't easy, right? You do something like that those scars stay with you.
I guess I'll have a few scars, then.
[SIGHS] ECLIPSE: Yeah, he was right here.
[SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] What the hell is he doing? I got to go talk to him.
I hope you fare better than that wall.
Keep an eye on the street, all right? - It's a miracle the cops haven't found him yet.
- Yeah.
[GRUNTING LOUDLY] John uh what are you doing? I can't leave her.
Who? Clarice? What happened? Where is She got shot.
- Oh, my God.
She, uh - I don't know.
She fell.
She fell through a portal and she vanished.
I saw it happen.
I saw I saw her fall.
[GRUNTING] Look, I'm sorry, um, John, but you just said she's, uh, she's not here.
You don't understand.
I can still feel her.
What do you think? Let's see.
PURIFIER: Might have gotten further than we thought.
All clear here.
Let's check further down.
Make sure you look up, too.
[VOICE FADES] Sir? I'm gonna need you to turn around, real slow.
You seem awful worried about my pals over there.
You want to tell me why? I saw men with assault rifles outside, and I was concerned.
Is that right? So you're out here walking around, checking out dumpsters? It's not a crime, is it? I work in the area, all right? There were sirens.
Heard there was a possible mutant incident, and I came outside to make sure it was safe.
All right.
[CHUCKLES] - [EXHALES] - All right, sir, yeah, it just, uh just looked a little odd.
Thank you.
[LOW CRACKLING] [STRAINING] Don't move! Don't you make a sound.
You looking for your mutie friends? Huh? We're not gonna stop till we wipe you all out! Shut up! Shut up! [WILSON GRUNTING] [CRACKLING] [GASPING BREATHS] [BREATH TREMBLING] This is crazy.
Look, you think she's in that wall? [GRUNTS] I'm not leaving her! REED: Guys! We need to go! Now! There's Purifiers out on the street! - [PANTING] - You heard him.
[SHOUTS] John! - Hey - Hey! - [GROANS] - [GASPS] The Purifiers are here, the cops aren't far behind.
Listen to me.
What would Clarice want you to do? Now, you know the answer.
Now, come on.
Go, go, go.
Come on.
Looks like it's empty.
Maybe we can find a phone inside.
- [GUNSHOTS IN DISTANCE] - The police are hunting down the Morlocks.
We need to go back for them.
We are past that point.
We just need to be thankful that we got out of there.
Did you know? Know what? That if we split up, they'd slow the cops down, help us escape.
I knew that if we stayed on the road, we were all gonna get caught.
Cars with that many bullet holes are pretty easy to find.
There was no way we were all gonna escape.
They're dying out there.
There's a good chance they're gonna track us down, too.
[PANTING]: Look I hate all of this.
It breaks my heart.
But people are depending on us.
We have to get through this.
Now, please, just get inside.
[SIGHS] [DOOR OPENS] Checked the whole building No sign of Lauren or Caitlin.
They're not answering their phones.
Something is wrong.
We've got to get out there and find them.
[DISTORTED, ECHOING]: Good girl! [DISTORTED, ECHOING BARKING] REED: John? John? We have some idea of the route that Lauren and Caitlin took.
- If you could track them - I can't.
I can't imagine what you're going through, but if there is any way I-I can't track.
I want to help you find your family, all right? But every time I try, I just see Clarice.
We have got to find them.
We've got to do something.
Hey, take it take it easy.
So, where exactly are we going? The sewage tunnel system underneath D.
There's an entrance at the train yard near here.
Train yard.
I used to have a thing for trains.
You know if you lined up every railroad track in America, it would wrap around the world five times? What are you, Wiki-Andy? There was this kid in my physics class, freshman year.
He didn't have a lot of friends.
He was kind of weird.
And he was super into trains.
I used to sit with him at lunch, and he'd teach me all about them.
We're here.
Told you we should've worn flats.
As if.
This tunnel system will give us access to the city.
So these tunnels were always here.
Why haven't we been down here before? Everything in its time.
[BULK STRAINING] [PANTING] Have fun down there.
POLARIS: So, what exactly are we doing here besides catching typhoid? One of the tunnels shares a wall with the D.
Sentinel Services headquarters.
Andrew's gonna get us through the wall with a strike team.
Once the Sentinel Services is neutralized, we will be unstoppable.
Neutralized? You mean I'm going in there, too? To, like kill them? Is that a problem? - No, of course not.
- Excellent.
[SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE] All this equipment and not a single landline.
Even if we found something, I highly doubt this place has paid their phone bill in a while.
If we can find something, we might be able to splice into an open wire.
COP: That dog's getting a pretty good hit! [GASPS] It's just a matter of time.
- Maybe we can run.
- No, we're not gonna outrun dogs and a helicopter.
- COP: Let's move in! - Your powers, is there anything? I can't feel them.
I'm sorry.
That's okay.
We'll figure something else out.
Let's see if we can find anything else to use as weapons.
What are we gonna do, throw pipes at them? If we surrender, everything we fought for, everything we've lost will be for nothing.
[PANTING] We've come too far to give up now.
Can I get a hit of that? Thanks.
So, your powers They're back.
I stopped taking the medicine.
Got to learn to control this thing.
It's always come and gone with stress.
When you first got your abilities did you know what they were for? I mean, why you had them? I wasn't really having a lot of philosophical discussions, 'cause I was busy finding a place to sleep.
But you must have thought about it.
My father told me that the Devil gave me my powers.
[SCOFFS SOFTLY] As much as I hated the man, on some level I think I agreed.
And I was in a dark place.
Reed, what's going on? Did something happen? - THUNDERBIRD: Hey, listen up.
- DISPATCHER: two suspects hiding out in a water treatment facility.
I repeat: All units be advised, 10-80M in progress.
Canine unit picked up two suspects hiding out That's close to where we rescued the Morlocks.
- Do you think - I think we should assume the worst.
- ECLIPSE: You good? - Yeah.
Reed and I will go.
Keep an eye on the scanner.
Let me know if anything changes.
- I should come.
- John, you know you're in no position to do anything right now.
We got this, brother.
The others will be back once Reeva gives them their assignments.
You two should get some rest before tomorrow's festivities.
Yeah, uh, festivities.
Good night.
Hey, Esme.
What about you? - What about me? - I'm taking out the communications grid.
Andy's hitting Sentinel Services.
What are you doing? - Uh, we're really not supposed to get into that.
- Come on.
Secret's out tomorrow, anyway.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] Let me put it this way.
Once the situation gets bad enough, it's our job to help people understand that a mutant homeland is the answer.
You mean force people to understand.
[SIGHS] You really okay with that? - We're willing to do what's necessary.
- We? No, I'm not talking about your sisters.
I'm talking about you.
Look, I'm just asking you, seriously, do you really think that we can mind-control our way to a mutant homeland? Don't we want people to believe? Maybe someday.
We won you over.
There might be hope for the world.
Good night, Lorna.
- No, they're not.
Get down.
Take cover! Pull back! Open fire! Hold your fire! - Hold your fire! - CAITLIN: They're gonna call for reinforcements.
And I've only got three bullets left.
Ah, come on.
We need a plan.
- [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] - [GASPS] We're trapped.
There's no way.
Yes, there is.
When they come back, if I can create a big enough distraction to draw them to the front, then you can get out the loading door - and run off before they can catch you.
- No.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
- We don't have a choice.
I-I can't hold them off.
If you can run - No, I'm not running, Mom.
- Hey.
You have powers.
Maybe you can't control them right now, but they will come back.
- [CRYING]: No, please don't leave me.
- Hey, Lauren.
- Just listen to me.
- No, please, please.
You are gonna fight for all the mutants.
For Andy.
You can change the destiny of the whole von Strucker family.
You're part of that family.
I'm not leaving you! Yeah.
[GASPS] Your powers.
They're back.
I guess so.
We can do this.
- Yeah.
- Together.
I've done the research, okay? Stores near sewer entry points report twice as many robberies.
And they're taking food, supplies.
The point is, people say there's no such thing as Morlocks, but that's because they're not looking.
They refuse to see.
The truth is there.
Just take a look at this security footage from right here in D.
under our very noses.
[DOGS BARKING] Well, it looks like we found them.
How the hell do we get in there, though? [HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING] Can you do that thing where you hide us by absorbing the light? Well, I can probably get us past the cops.
But they're gonna notice a black shadow climbing through the window.
- I might be able to get us in there.
- How, Reed? They've got all the entrances covered.
I'll make a new one.
Get me to the building, and I'll break through the wall.
And what if you can't? We have no choice.
COP: Get ready! Get ready! All right.
I'll turn out the lights.
The rest is up to you.
[EXHALES] [EXHALES] Andy? Oh, hey.
I'm just, uh, psyching myself up for tomorrow.
What's wrong? - [SIGHS] - ANDY: That's crazy.
Reeva would never work with the Purifiers.
I saw her myself.
- She was meeting with Benedict Ryan.
- Benedict Ry Sh-She hates him.
She hates them all.
- Why would she - Because they both want the same thing, Andy.
Mutants and humans living apart.
She needs people angry.
She needs the Purifiers.
They want us dead.
Why would they help her? She's using them to take out her competition so her mutant uprising is all that's left.
That's insane.
I don't believe that.
Remember earlier when she wouldn't tell us why we've never been in those tunnels before? There were mutants living there, Andy.
The Purifiers wiped them out for her.
So you're telling me that everything Reeva said was a lie.
Everything we did.
Rebecca died for a lie? Look, I didn't want to believe it, either.
But it's true.
I know how you feel, okay? I want a mutant homeland, too, but not like this.
Andy, we we can stop her.
If you come with me.
Andy, we have to get out of here now.
No, I-I'm sorry.
- I can't leave.
- Wait.
What? What do you mean? Don't you want to go back to your family? Yeah, but how can I? After everything that happened.
You can't stay here, can you? - Knowing what you know? - I don't know.
After all the things I've done Maybe I belong here.
Andy, that story you told me about the boy who loved trains, the one you sat with at school when no one else would.
Andy Strucke that is who you are.
Yeah, maybe a long time ago, Lorna.
But I'm not that person anymore.
Come out with your hands up.
I try.
Listen to me, Reed.
We don't have a plan B.
[GRUNTS] And your wife and your daughter, they're in there, and they need your help.
I know what you're trying to do, and it is not helping.
- You're letting them down.
- I wish I could turn my powers on and off like everyone else, but I can't.
Reed? [EXHALES] Better late than never.
Yeah, I'll say.
[EXHALES] The building's surrounded.
We have to hold them off.
[RUMBLING] Where's that coming from? The wall.
LAUREN: Dad, you did it.
You two okay? - We are now.
- ECLIPSE: Guys, it's really good to see you, but the cops are gonna know something's up soon.
Just stay close - and stay quiet, all right? - Come on.
That's pretty cool.
Yeah, we got lucky.
Helicopter still thinks you're in that building.
I guess that's one thing that went right.
I can't believe Clarice is gone.
What happened? She stayed back in the tunnels to rescue the last of the Morlocks.
How's John? - He must be - He's a wreck.
- Hello? POLARIS: Reed, it's Lorna.
I'm with Andy.
He needs to talk to you.
Yeah, of course.
Put him on.
Andy, come on.
REED: Andy, are you there? He's on the phone? I think so.
Are you there, son? Dad? Andy, I know the things that Lorna is saying to you are hard to hear, but they are true.
You need to come home.
I'm sorry.
- I don't think I can do that.
- REED: What? Course you can.
We love you so much.
We're your family.
You belong with us.
ANDY: Do I? When we saved John, when I attacked that Purifier for trying to shoot Lauren I saw you, Dad.
- You were afraid of me.
- REED: No.
Andy, th-that's - that's not - ANDY: You know it's true, Dad.
And you were right.
I wanted to kill that man.
[SNIFFLES] I belong here.
I am a monster.
Hey, what is he saying? ANDY: You don't have to say anything else.
I just I just wanted you to understand why I can't come.
Wait, Andy, please.
Listen to me.
I do understand.
More than you know.
Today, I [SIGHS] I killed a man.
[EXHALES] He was threatening us, and [EXHALES] He, um he was I-I got so angry, and and I lost control.
- And - Hey and I killed him.
Not because I had to but because I wanted to.
So, if you're a monster, son, then so am I.
I-I have to go.
[SIGHS] What'd he say? Is he coming home? I don't know.
[EXHALES] I thought we had more canned goods than this.
I guess we haven't been to the store in a while.
I don't think the Morlocks are gonna be picky about creamed versus canned corn.
- [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] - At least they're safe.
Reed, if you hadn't stopped that man, he would have shot you.
You didn't have a choice.
I'd already destroyed his gun, Cait.
And if you walked away, he would have called his friends or-or the police.
None of you would've made it out of there.
You are a good man.
I know that.
I don't think he's coming home.
We don't know what's gonna happen.
The important thing is you told him the truth.
Is it me? And, I mean, my family history, my What I did to that man today, what if it's all just [SHUDDERS] What if it's all just darkness? Maybe you had to join Andy in that darkness in order to help him.
All you can do is show him the path.
You can't make him take it.
Everybody make it? Yeah.
I'm sorry I couldn't be there.
[SIGHS] How are you? I'm not good.
Um It-it hurts.
I just I-I miss her.
[CRYING] Everyone that I love dies.
Look, you can't You can't blame yourself.
She didn't die in vain.
Every Morlock who's standing is alive because of her.
Doesn't stop me from hating myself for not saving her.
I'm useless.
You're not useless, John.
So what if you can't track? So what? The storm that's coming our way isn't gonna be hard to find.
And the real question here, brother, is can you still fight.
Ryan? Thank you, Claire.
Turner, you're up late.
I need to talk to you about what happened in the tunnels.
What about it? I went down there.
I did exactly what you said to do.
And what I saw didn't look like a terrorist camp.
There were children down there, there were families, just defending their homes.
I have larger concerns right now.
- Do you? - And so should you.
I have reason to believe there will be a mutant attack on our soil soon, one that will rival in magnitude that of 7/15.
So do you want to continue crying about a bunch of mutants in the sewers, or do you want to help make America safe? Those men that were killed down there, those men had families, too.
And after what happened to our friend, Officer Wilson, - I how can you even - Wait, what-what are you What are you talking about? What happened to Wilson? You don't know.
- What happened? - I'm sorry.
He's dead.
They found his body behind a dumpster.
And what they did to him was savage, inhuman.
I was with him.
Right before.
I mean What's important now is that we honor his memory by carrying on his fight.
They're coming for us, Mr.
We need you, now more than ever.
["NEVER LET ME GO" BY FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE PLAYING] Looking up from underneath Fractured moonlight on the sea Reflections still look the same to me - [KNOCKING] - As before I went under And it's peaceful in the deep Cathedral where you cannot breathe No need to pray, no need to speak Now I am under all And it's breaking over me A thousand miles down to the seabed Found the place to rest my head Never let me go, never let me go Never let me go, never let me go And the arms of the ocean Are carrying me And all this devotion Was rushing out of me - [LOCK CLICKS] - And the crashes are heaven For a sinner like me But the arms of the ocean Delivered me Though the pressure's hard to take It's the only way I can escape It seems a heavy choice to make And now I am under, oh And it's breaking over me A thousand miles down to the seabed Found the place to rest my head Never let me go, never let me go Never let me go, never let me go And the arms of the ocean Are carrying me And all this devotion Was rushing out of me And the crashes are heaven For a sinner like me BLINK: John.
Clarice? [WHISPERS]: Blink.
And it's peaceful in the deep Cathedral where you cannot breathe No need to pray No need to speak Now I am under all And it's breaking over me A thousand miles down to the seabed Found the place to rest my head Never let me go, never let me go Never let me go - Never let me go - And the arms Of the ocean Are carrying me And all this devotion Was rushing out of me.
PHOEBE: We did a full sweep.
They're gone.
Why do I have telepaths if they can't tell if my people are gonna betray me? FROST SISTERS: Sorry, Reeva.
PHOEBE: Andrew was solid.
Nervous, but he was with us until today.
We could sense Lorna's uncertainty, but we felt it before and she never strayed.
Someone thought they had a special bond.
I was the one that kept her with us this long.
We need to decide what to do now.
[STAMMERS] Should we put - the plan - Their real value to us was symbolic.
The chance to build a mutant homeland on the foundation of two legendary mutant families.
[EXHALES] It would have been glorious.
[SIGHS] Such a shame we have to kill them.