The Gifted (2017) s02e14 Episode Script


That was the entire national adership of the Mutant Underground.
You're just gonna stand around while the Inner Circle murders people? This is not our fight.
Running into a battle you know you're gonna lose isn't noble It's selfish.
What are you saying? I'm saying goodbye.
This is your community now.
Welcome home, Blink.
Lauren's changing.
She's becoming more violent.
Your sister is in danger.
Let us help you reach out to her.
We're the only ones who really understand each other.
Think of what we could do.
I can't resist.
I think I can help you.
You said she was coming.
I can't feel her anymore.
Someone was in my room.
No one here is gonna mess with your stuff.
- Maybe.
Maybe not.
- He suspects something.
Is there any way that you can find out when he might be alone? Okay.
"Kilroy's Liquor Store.
" Gotcha.
Move real slow.
Bottom line: if some mutie is at my kid's school, that's like a loaded gun in the classroom.
It's just common sense.
But until we stand up, acknowledge that there is a mutant problem in this country, nothing is gonna happen.
All right, that's our time.
Until tomorrow.
Stay safe.
Stay vigilant.
And we're out.
You're listening to WROG When are you gonna talk to management about this damn leak? You're gonna get me electrocuted.
I'll leave another message.
Also, your appointment is here.
Oh, right.
Uh yeah, send her in.
I don't understand.
When you called, I thought this was about some kind of job.
What I'm offering is much more than a job.
Think of it as a partnership.
A partnership? I don't even know who you are.
Oh, but I know plenty about you.
The businesses that you sold to investors and then ran into the ground.
That "run" for Congress.
Sixth place, was it? And now this.
For your information, this is a top talk radio program.
In Maryland? Let's not mince words.
Ryan, you are a failed two-bit opportunist.
You saw the wave of anti-mutant hate after 7/15, and you have been trying to ride it to fame and fortune ever since.
Well, I've got great news.
I'm here to help you.
Ryan, I have been looking for someone like you.
Someone with your need.
Someone with your raw ambition.
And, not to mention, your face is wasted on the radio.
How would you like to be the most important man in America? I can make it happen.
How exactly would you do that? Well, let's just say that I have abilities.
I'm not working with a mutant.
I am a patriot.
No, Mr.
Ryan, you are a salesman.
And I've got something for you to sell.
You took your time.
Yeah, well, I don't have a bunch of freaks to teleport me through traffic.
I took the Beltway, actually.
We had to meet here? Oh, I thought that you might appreciate the symbolism.
A nation divided, a civil war for our time.
I have a job for your Purifiers.
- This is crazy.
- It's necessary.
And it needs to happen quickly and very, very quietly.
That's a tall order.
Anyone I send out on this little errand, there's a good chance they're not coming home.
I'm supposed to convince men to die for this? You might want to leave out the dying part.
Why don't you ask your new puppet? Turner, is it? He's ambitious.
Promise him something.
Promise him what? He's a broken-down ex-Sentinel Services guy.
I will leave the details to you.
But this is an essential part of the plan.
Our plan.
Get it done.
She's getting worse.
I knew she would, but I had no other choice.
You do realize what we're up against? Clarice is gone, Marcos got shot trying to protect Lorna, and you are taking away our daughter's powers.
She ran away, Cait.
They were pulling her - toward the Inner Circle.
- I-I get that it's a serious situation.
I just think it's crazy that you're suppressing her powers, after what your father did to you.
She hadn't slept in days.
I was afraid we were gonna lose her forever.
- The medicine was all we had.
- For how long? We don't even have enough serum for you.
What the hell was that? It's German.
Reed, I am pretty sure speaking German is not a normal drug reaction.
What is going on? Lauren found a letter that my grandfather had hidden in a secret compartment in the music box.
- It was in German.
- Our daughter found a secret message from your mass murderer grandfather, a-and you didn't think to mention it to me? - Things were happening so fast.
- These are the kind of things you tell your wife! We waited for Lauren for hours.
We had her.
I don't know.
Something went wrong.
More like everything went wrong.
Things are coming together.
We're about to change the world.
I don't need excuses.
Understood? Of course.
Your efforts with the Strucker girl will have to wait.
We need to put our own house in order.
Thank you all for coming.
A situation has come up that is concerning.
Max went out last night.
He hasn't come back.
So, he's missing? Like he-he disappeared? We're not sure.
We're searching for him now.
We don't know if it's serious.
Of course it's serious.
If you people let something happen to him Hey, it's not our fault if he left the building.
Our security system is at least 98% impenetrable.
Okay, well, someone penetrated it.
He's not just gonna run off.
And if someone hit him out there, it means they knew where he was going.
Okay, let's just calm down.
Chances are he's sleeping off a bender.
Let's hope that's all it is.
We've increased security.
For now.
If you know something, you know how to find us.
Trying to make that ring with your mind? Yeah, kinda.
How you doing, man? Well, I got shot.
You're lucky it wasn't serious.
I still haven't heard from Lorna.
Could be a lot of reasons for that.
And about 50 of them involve her getting killed.
You know, she doesn't even know that things went sideways when I tried to grab Max.
She's out there alone.
Lorna is gonna be fine.
Okay, she could always handle herself.
I remember how angry you were when Lorna left.
I thought to myself, there's nothing Clarice could ever do to make me that mad.
I was wrong.
Hey, John.
She still cares about you.
I could see it.
Then why did she leave? Lorna left for the dream of a mutant homeland, and Clarice runs off with a bunch of strangers who don't believe in anything but hiding in the dark.
Well, at least she's safe.
Believe it or not, she's there because she wants to help people.
- Hey, Blink.
- Hey.
I know you guys have strict rules about who gets to come down here.
But, at this point, we are sitting in the safest place in the city.
If we can bring more mutants down, even just temporarily You're talking about going against everything we stand for.
No, I'm talking about saving lives.
I know the Morlocks did this kind - of thing in the past - That was a long time ago.
And you aren't seeing what's going on now.
- That supply run.
The cops - We've dealt with cops before.
They didn't even try to arrest us before they shot Glow.
Thanks to you and your friend, she's fine.
She's with the Morlocks in Pittsburgh, where a healing mutant This isn't just about Glow.
Everyone on the surface is in danger.
If we don't open our doors This is a community, not a refugee camp.
People come here because - it's a place where they belong.
- Besides, we don't have the resources.
Then let's get more resources.
There are people up there who hate mutants.
They want to wipe us out.
If we're only gonna protect ourselves, what kind of community is that? So they're really living in the sewers? Afraid so.
Mutant separatists living right under our feet.
I mean, I heard about the Morlocks when I was in Sentinel Services, but nobody could ever find 'em.
Where'd you get this intel from? A well-placed source.
I want you to put together a team to go down there and clear them out.
Clear 'em out? What are you talking about? Nobody's ever even put a Morlock in custody.
Which is why they're laughing at us from their sewers.
Okay, but sending in a hit team, that's crossing a line.
I mean, last time I checked, it's still against the law to shoot people.
We're not talking about upstanding citizens here.
The Morlocks are the worst of the worst.
I know it's a lot to ask.
You remember when we first met at that barbershop? I was looking for a face for our movement.
You wanted to deal with the mutant problem, to do what Sentinel Services couldn't.
And to get justice for your little girl.
There aren't enough good men out there, Mr.
But you are one of the best I've ever met.
When this is done, I promise you, you won't just have a job at Sentinel Services You can transform it into what it always should have been.
Because you'll be running it.
What do you mean, the elevator's not working? It's for security purposes.
I'm sorry.
Until we get this Max situation resolved, Reeva doesn't want anyone going anywhere.
Or calling anyone.
- I noticed the phones are down, too.
- Nothing in or out.
Yeah, but why? I mean, it's not like Reeva suspects - somebody here, does she? - She's just being careful.
She should've been careful when recruiting that psychopath drunk.
I'm sorry, okay? This wasn't my decision.
All right, listen up.
This is the moment we've been waiting for.
Nobody has ever taken on these Morlocks before.
Not the cops.
Not Sentinel Services.
We're gonna be breaking into two groups.
Most of you are gonna be on the teams that block all the exits of the tunnels around the city.
Now, I'm gonna need volunteers for the group that's going down there with me, and I'm not gonna lie to you, it's gonna be dangerous.
We're gonna be hunting monsters down there.
But that's why this job fell to us, right? Look, I'm scared.
I'm I'm dreading every second we're gonna be down there.
But I'm doing this for a reason.
I'm doing this for my daughter Grace, who died on 7/15.
I'm doing it for my grandson.
He's about to be born.
I'm in.
I'm doing it for my country.
For my species.
- For my family.
- For our future.
Thank you for your service.
I want to go down there with you.
I got more combat experience in Iraq than any of these guys.
No, Ted, I need you running the teams blocking the tunnel exits.
Yeah, Mike and Don got that covered.
A cockroach won't be able to get out.
After what happened at the youth center That's why I have to do this.
Jace, I screwed up down there.
Only reason I'm not in jail is you.
I just want a chance to have your back like you had mine.
All right, let's move out.
Drink slowly.
How are you feeling? A little bit better.
Your father told me about the dreams with Andy.
- How you almost - Went to the Inner Circle? Yeah.
Thank goodness they found you.
- I never should've left.
- Mm, it's not your fault.
And now I'm hearing about this letter and the music box.
I mean, apparently, you're bilingual now because you were speaking German in your sleep.
I was? Look on the bright side.
Remember all of those Spanish tests I bombed at school? I read one letter and boom Speak German.
Look, if that's the problem, then let's get rid of the damn thing.
I don't think it is.
The letter, the music box, researching our family's history made me feel stronger.
And I liked it.
I saw that you liked it.
We talked about needing to be strong for Andy, and I didn't have a choice.
I'm so sorry, Lauren.
The dose is wearing off.
We're gonna have to figure out what to do about her situation soon and yours.
Cait, the music box and the letter, it didn't only affect Lauren.
Did your powers manifest again? Yeah.
But it's not just that.
It brought something out of me, something that I thought I'd buried a long time ago.
It is so powerful, so overwhelming.
That was why I gave Lauren the serum.
We all have a darkness inside.
No serum is gonna control that.
Look, I-I've done things I'm not proud of.
- What do you mean? - When we went to Atlanta to talk to my brother, we had to fight off Sentinel Services.
I encouraged Lauren to be more aggressive, I pushed her.
I wanted her to fight.
Well, I've been watching you training.
You've been pushing yourself, too.
Maybe I have.
You don't know what it's like to be the only non-mutant here.
I shouldn't have blamed you for what happened to her.
I-I'm just worried.
If we're gonna give her more medicine, it's gonna have to be soon.
Reed, there's not enough.
Cait Make this about Lauren.
I don't know.
If we give it to her, it could put out the light inside of her.
But if we don't, we might lose her forever.
- Just a moment.
- Oh, sorry.
I, um I didn't mean to barge in.
It's fine.
Come in.
Uh I just wanted to apologize for earlier.
I spent the last year watching the Mutant Underground get destroyed.
All the people we used to help have nowhere to go.
I know how much you care about our mutant brothers and sisters, and I do, too, but if we change our entire way of life, what do we stand for? I'm not saying that we should all get jobs at Starbucks and buy condos.
Blink, if there's any way that we can help without compromising who we are and what we believe, I'm willing to listen.
Thank you.
That's all I wanted.
What is it? What's going on? Someone's in the tunnels.
All right, everyone.
This is not the first time we've had intruders.
Membrain, what's the status? Where are they now? In the south tunnel.
That's Jace Turner.
Former Sentinel Services.
Recently joined the Purifiers.
He's the one that tortured John.
This is exactly what we planned for.
Iris, can you hold them off? I'm putting up false walls, trying to turn them around.
He took down the Mutant Underground in Atlanta.
- We had to evacuate.
- That won't happen here.
The tunnels are still connected to the city's water system.
If it comes to it, we seal the south tunnel and we flood it.
Mason, take a team.
Hit them hard.
Make sure they don't come back.
We need to get the ones who can't fight out of here The children, the sick, the elderly.
Can you? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
Let's move out.
Hold up, hold up.
This doesn't match the intel that I got.
We've been in this tunnel before.
Seems like we keep turning the same direction.
They moving the walls somehow? Moving that much concrete would be one hell of an ability, even for a mutant; it's gotta be something else.
- Like what? - I don't know.
When it comes to mutants, I never trust what I see.
Lead on.
- Who is this? - It's Blink.
I mean, Clarice.
Look, I need your help.
Okay, I-I would have called John, but Look, it's fine.
What's going on? Purifiers are in the tunnels.
- Jace Turner is leading them.
- How? I thought no one could get to them down there.
I know, I thought so, too.
There are people down here who can't fight.
I-I can take them to the alley by the old utility plant, but Uh, okay, okay, we'll-we'll get there as soon as we can.
That was Clarice.
- She called you? - Yeah.
The Purifiers are hitting the Morlocks.
She needs our help.
I have some bad news.
Max is dead.
What the hell do you mean, Max is dead? Look, I know you're upset.
Yeah, we're a lot more than upset.
We all want answers and we will get answers.
All we know for sure is that he died in a car fire at a nearby liquor store.
- Yeah, but did somebody kill him, or? - We don't know.
It may have been an accident, but the girls - are looking for witnesses.
- Yeah, no way.
- This was a hit.
- You sure? I mean, the guy liked to blow stuff up.
- He makes a mistake boom.
- He didn't make mistakes.
Stop it.
I said to stop! We are too close to our goal to fight amongst ourselves.
We will get to the bottom of this.
No matter what it takes.
Anything from the liquor store? - Phoebe and Sophie are looking.
- They need to push hard.
They ransacked the cashier's brain for hours, okay? The guy won't stop screaming.
He didn't see anything.
- Esme - We're trying.
Try harder! Someone knew where Max was gonna be.
I want to know who, I want to know how, and I want them brought to me.
Okay, well, how many do you need? All right.
We'll figure it out.
- What's happening? - Another Purifier attack.
They're hitting the Morlocks this time.
What? How did they get caught up in this? John and Marcos are on their way to help evacuate, and they need us, too.
There's a whole city down there.
I Where are we gonna put them all? I don't know, the-the scrapyard for a few days? After that? Uh, God knows.
All right.
Uh, one of us should stay with Lauren.
- All right.
- No.
- I'm coming.
- Lauren, you can't go anywhere.
You're still sick.
- I'm feeling better.
- That's because the medication is wearing off.
Your X-Gene is gonna start expressing itself again.
And if it does, it's gonna make you vulnerable.
The pull you felt toward the Inner Circle, toward your brother, it could come back, and - without another dose - No.
I don't want another dose.
You sure about that? Yes.
I think you're right.
Situations like this, where people need help, I can't just sit here and watch them suffer.
I know it's dangerous.
But I can't use the serum as a crutch.
I need to face this.
All right, then.
Let's get moving.
Everybody stay sharp.
On me.
Let's go.
What was that? Come on.
- Where are they? - Jace, I don't see anything! - What the hell, man? - Calm down! Calm down! They're just trying to scare us off.
First it was false walls, now it's noises in the dark.
I've seen this before.
All we got to do is stay strong.
Everybody down! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! What the hell was that? Jace! Behind us! Hold your fire! They got Chip, too.
What are we doing down here? We're up against monsters.
Hey, James, Faith.
Oh, you need to pack light.
Okay? Just bring what you can carry in your backpacks.
Hey, Gabby, Mara, you guys are in the first group.
Let's go.
- I know.
She's just scared.
- Well, there's nothing - to be scared of.
- All the exits are blocked.
- If the Purifiers - I have a way around that.
- Elizabeth? - But it's just that Mara hasn't been on the surface in years.
Mara, this is my home, too.
Okay? This is the first place that I've ever truly belonged.
You're gonna have to trust me.
We'll be back.
Okay? Okay, we have to go now.
Let's go.
- Where's Clarice? - I don't know.
She said they'd be here.
Hey! Cars are up here! Let's go! Let's go! We got to keep it tight! Let's move! You gonna be all right, man? Yeah, it's okay.
I don't have an exact number, but there are more down there.
The Struckers are on their way.
We'll get everyone out.
Thank you.
I wa I wasn't sure you'd come.
Clarice, look, the things that I said and I did, maybe someday when this is over For now, let's focus on today.
- I have to go.
- Next time you call me.
I will always come.
We found them in the next tunnel.
Are they? Dead.
We still got those canisters of Halothane-X gas, right? - That'll knock 'em out.
- We only have a few canisters.
We don't have enough to fill a tunnel.
We don't even know where the hell they are.
Maybe there's something we can do.
I learned a few tricks in Fallujah.
- What are you talking about? - Shh.
If we stay down here, we're dead.
He's right.
We can still go back.
What, do you want to let these men die for nothing? Go back to their families and tell them what? Tell 'em we ran? Tell 'em we left these things down here under their feet? No, but you saw what happened.
We're on their turf.
They're just picking us off.
All right, we need to decide, and we need to decide together.
Do we move forward or do we retreat? So, how long is this gonna last? Excuse me? Whole place is shut down.
People are asking questions, checking computers.
We said that there would be security checks.
Yeah, but you didn't say you suspected one of us.
How are we supposed to fight a war for you if you don't trust us? I think you'd want to know if someone stabbed us in the back.
Would you excuse us? We need to speak with Reeva.
You have news? I'm afraid so.
We checked the computer's security log.
And what did you find? We found the spy.
When you came to us, you made a commitment.
In exchange for the opportunity to build a nation, all we asked for was your loyalty.
And you betrayed us.
Reeva I don't know what you're talking about.
- I would nev - Sage, we know.
Two hours before Max was killed, you accessed security footage of him from this terminal.
Uh, there must be some mistake.
- No mistake.
- Your password.
- Your terminal.
- No one else had access.
Interesting that you were the one insisting that our security was 98% impenetrable, that it was almost impossible that Max could have been killed.
Trying to protect yourself? - Reeva, I swear.
- It was a risk bringing you into the Inner Circle.
The girls objected, because the more technical aspects of your brain made it difficult, impossible even, for them to penetrate.
Just ones and zeros.
I insisted that we needed your skills.
I vouched for you.
I was wrong.
Reeva, I didn't do this.
How can I prove myself to you? That's just it.
You can't.
Lorna, open the door.
- What is it? - It's Sage.
Wha What are you talking about? She was a spy.
Th-That's impossible.
Well, there's proof.
The Frosts figured it out.
Sage checked her terminal at the training room to see exactly when Max was leaving the building.
What's, uh what's Reeva doing? What? It's already done.
Sage is dead.
I mean, they had to.
She betrayed us.
Max is dead because of her.
Hey, guys, before we get there, I want to talk about something.
What is it? It's about the serum.
I know you're worried, but I've made up my mind I'm not running from this.
It's not that.
In fact, I realized you're right.
And I'm gonna stop taking the serum, too.
- What? - When you think about everything that's happened it all comes down to this: one way or another, I have spent my entire life fighting the X-Gene.
And I'm beginning to realize how much it cost me, how much it's cost all of us.
The lies and-and the denial and the-the constant battle with myself.
And listening to you today, Lauren, I realized that it's a part of who I am for better or worse.
Reed if you stop taking the serum, you could die.
It's gonna run out eventually.
He's right.
This is who we are.
I've been given these powers for a reason and it's time for me to work out what that reason is.
You're sure about this? I'm sure.
All right.
Powers it is.
What's the status? Are they coming closer? No.
No, no.
From what I can see, it looks like they're retreating.
Are you sure? Jace isn't the retreating type.
- Something's going on.
- Nah, we've got this.
Hit 'em hard, Mason.
On it.
We'll make sure they don't change their minds.
Search the bodies.
Any IDs or walkies, any intelligence, we get it to Erg right away.
Run! What's going on? Mason? They booby-trapped the bodies.
Halothane-X gas grenades.
W-Who's left? The gas got the others.
They're killing them.
Get to the pump room.
We have to flood the tunnels! I'm I barely got away from the gas.
Well, how close are you? They're coming.
Mason! Mason, are you in yet? Erg.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My God.
We might still be able to flood the tunnels, I might - be able to get to the pump room.
- Erg, that's impossible.
We have to evacuate.
They're closing in.
I'm sorry.
I know you don't want to lose this place.
Neither do I.
But we have to keep all of these people alive.
Okay, we have to barricade the entrance to the city.
We'll hold them off as long as we can.
- We dropped the first group off at the scrapyard.
- How many more? We don't know, but it doesn't sound good.
Clarice said - they're evacuating everyone.
- Do you know - how many people that is? - John, we don't have enough space.
- One problem at a time.
- All right.
Over here! Let's go! - Let's go! Let's go! - I'll get the back.
- Find your space.
Let's move.
- Come on.
Cops are already on their way.
We got to get you out of here.
I have to bring up the others.
- I'm their only way out.
- Let me come with you.
John, you have to make sure these people get to safety.
What about you, right? You're the one that said there's nothing noble about fighting for a lost cause.
I was wrong.
I'm sorry.
Clarice, wait! Hurry! Seal off the entrance! Fall back! Take up positions! How much longer? They're at the junction.
We need to get you guys out of here.
Get the others.
We'll buy you time.
Everybody, this way.
Blink, over here! Sorry.
Excuse me.
Okay, stand back.
Okay, go! Hurry! Closer.
Almost here! Stay down! Everyone, stay down.
Go! Go! Go! Reload! Reload! Jace, look out! - We got him! - Chris! Everybody down! Go! Run down to the end of the alley.
All right, if you can run fast, head south.
The police aren't there yet.
There's some abandoned buildings where you can hide.
Get in here! Okay, squeeze in tight.
- You're gonna be okay.
- We're gonna get you safe.
The cars are full! We need to move! - Cops are almost here.
- I'm not leaving without her! - What? You can't just - I'm not leaving without Clarice! Caitlin, take John's car.
Come on, ride with me! Come on.
- Come on, damn it.
- Mom, what are we gonna do? We can still get out of here.
Can anyone here fight? All the fighters are in the tunnels.
Lauren, try to use your powers.
I can't reach them.
Everyone, out of the car! Hands on your head, right now! - We can negotiate.
- This is your last warning.
Leave your vehicle now.
They're not gonna negotiate.
And neither are we.
- Get down, all of you.
- What are you gonna do? - Just do it! - Mom! Get down! Take cover! They're coming! Hold your fire! Stop shooting the one with the eye patch! Focus on the others.
What do you mean? That son of a bitch killed Chris! He's redirecting the energy of the bullets somehow.
Shoot the other ones! You want to shoot someone, shoot me! No! Cowards! Erg! We have to go.
It's over! You first.
I have to be the last one out.
What is she doing here? Faith! Stay there! Stay right there.
Don't move.
They're retreating! Move forward! Let's go.
Clarice, come on.