The Glades s01e01 Episode Script


8 Shit.
Justin! Justin! Justin! I gotta go! Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
Damn it, Jim.
Pick up.
You've reached Jim Longworth.
I'm either out seeking justice or trying to break 80.
Leave me a message.
- Now he's calling me.
- Don't answer it.
- Carlos, he with you? - I'm not here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
He's right here.
Ah, you must've heard.
I'm four over at the turn.
Birdied three, seven and 10, with a lip-out at 11.
- Yeah, that's great, but we got a situation.
Yeah, we do.
I'm four holes away from breaking 80 for the first time in my life.
A woman's body was found in Fisheating Creek.
Well, she's not gonna be any deader an hour from now.
Hey! Come on! And there's this tag or message whatever popping up all over town.
I think it might be related.
Who found the body? Underage kid and her boyfriend fell asleep in the swamp last night.
- How underage are we talking? - I don't know- 16, 17.
What was she doing out there? She doing the guy? - I didn't ask her that.
- What the hell did you ask? Nothing.
I'm still trying to find her parents.
Listen, stick her in a room, don't let her talk to anyone.
I want a clean shot at her before her parents shut her up.
Jim Call your wife, open your office.
It's Sunday.
My office is closed.
I just opened it.
Uh, excuse me.
Yeah, uh See this ball? This ball is part of a murder investigation.
Anybody messes with this ball, you go to jail.
What's wrong with you? No scar tissue, no water in her lungs.
Nothing in her stomach.
Her identity and cause of death inconclusive without the head.
- You might wanna give that a minute.
- Damn it.
You wanna see the body? No.
She's dead.
I wanna talk to the girl.
Any word from the parents? Her mom's M.
A apparently not unusual for the weekend especially with her husband on a poker run in the Keys.
- Any of these geniuses got a record? - Law-abiding, far as we know.
- Where's the boy? - Local kid.
Justin Brussard, 22.
- I sent him home.
- Why? He vomited all over my keyboard giving his statement.
I got a call in to the girl's folks.
She's 16.
You can't talk to her without a parent or guardian.
Jim Longworth.
You're a cop? Lieutenant.
Oh! You need anything? You want something to eat? Something to drink? Would you feel more comfortable if we waited till we located one of your parents? My parents? Good luck with that.
So you're okay talking to me then? Oh, we sent your, uh whatever he is boyfriend or whatever home.
- Puked all over my partner's keyboard.
- Mmm.
He drinks too much.
Did he have sex with you? No.
And what's this got to do with the woman without the head? I don't know yet.
He said you guys got out there a little after 10:00 and stayed out there all night.
Did you hear or see anything? You mean related to the woman? Yeah.
Did you hear or see anything that might help us identify who she was? Like the person or persons who might have dumped her there.
- Maybe she died there.
- Oh, maybe.
We don't think so.
Well, what do you think happened? I think she was killed somewhere else and then dumped there so an alligator could destroy the evidence.
I didn't hear anything.
What about the spot? Anything special about the spot for you two? No.
No special meaning? No.
Just a place to go.
A place for other people maybe like young people? To party, get drunk, try sex.
It's kind of a dumb place to dump a body, right, if someone knew that.
How do you know she didn't, like float there from upriver or something? Doesn't figure that way forensically.
Are you like a forensics expert? I'm an expert on all things homicidal, Erin.
There isn't much about murder I don't know or can't figure out if I just keep asking the right questions.
Holy shit! Son of a bitch! Is this absolutely necessary? You wanna die of infection? - Looked pretty hygienic to me.
- Everyone looks hygienic till the blood work comes back.
Either that's an exit wound, or all the surgeons in Chicago are drunks.
- My captain shot me.
- On purpose? He thought I slept with his wife.
I didn't.
But I was the only one in the department that didn't.
Good boy.
Feels like it's gonna hurt like hell later on.
I can give you something for the pain but a six-pack of beer will do the same trick.
And then if I give you something for the pain and later on you want that six-pack, it's not good.
Callie is it? Oh.
How long am I gonna have to wear this thing? Why? Are you in some kind of hurry? I have a Titleist with a perfect lie sitting on the 14th fairway at Belleair waiting for me to break 80 for the first time in my life.
With that swing, I'm not surprised.
- Sign, date and initial where indicated.
- What am I signing? You're releasing the medical center from liability should you lose your hand or die from infection due to my incompetence.
I'm not signing this.
You will if you want your pants back.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
That thing working? No.
You lose your uniform again? I'm just saying.
Hit the gym once in a while, every little thing won't throw your back out.
Yeah, we could be workout partners spend even more time together.
I got Missing Persons files from Orlando, Ocala, Tampa, Miami.
Nothing promising so far.
Still waiting on Jacksonville, Naples.
Naples? That's, like, old people.
She wasn't that old.
Maybe she was visiting relatives.
Dressed like that? I don't think so.
What's wrong with the way she was dressed? Someone she was visiting would've called it in if she was missing, don't you think? We may not have her head, compadre, but we still have ours.
The club manager called.
He's getting complaints that you cordoned off an area around your ball on the 14th fairway.
- I want to finish the round.
- It's gonna be weeks before you can swing a club, man.
- Go pick up your ball.
- I'm getting medical treatment.
I'll be fine by the end of the week.
"Esophageal abrasions.
" What's that, like heartburn? - What causes that? - Acid reflux, spicy foods, you.
- How spicy? - Spicy.
Habanero spicy.
- What's that test called again? - What test? The "barnuclear" something.
- Barnacles? - Yeah, that's what I said.
- Skin graft to determine race? - Yeah, that one.
- She's white.
- And tan.
Any way to determine if the tan is natural or or the result of a tanning booth? No.
Both are caused from exposure to U.
Exposed evenly, like from a tanning bed or mottled like a native? Fine.
I'll do a "barnucleous.
" - Did you find out if she had any kids? - Pelvic density suggests not.
But you'll do a test to determine anyway? Hey, if she's anything like my mom She and my sister talk five times a day, and they hate each other.
Whatever the hell that means.
It means I need a female perspective.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
I was hoping I'd catch you.
Already not sure how I feel about that.
I just wanted to run something by you.
I just came by to get my check, and then I'm gonna go.
See, I have this theory well, two theories actually.
Now I need someone like yourself to just walk it through with me.
Don't you have coworkers for things like that? I do, yeah.
Lots of coworkers.
And a partner, I guess.
Technically speaking.
Heads up the local highway patrol.
Actually really like this song, which is kind of weird.
Anyway, yeah, he's a nice guy.
Great wife.
- They have me over for dinner every Sunday.
- Wow.
But he's not a very good cop.
He's also not a health care professional or a woman.
I need a woman's perspective.
- Who's a health care professional.
- Right.
Yeah, look, I really can't do this right now.
Is that for you? Hey, is that your car? That looks like a what, a Sorento? Looks nice.
Nice and shiny.
- Who's that waiting for you in the car? - That's my husband.
- Your husband is 12? - All right, he's my son.
- He looks annoyed.
- Well, he's 12.
- So there's a husband somewhere.
- Somewhere.
Maybe a drink later? Which sounds a lot like a date, but it's not.
Later I have to feed my son and get on him about his homework.
- After that.
- After that, I go to bed.
Breakfast? My treat.
Anywhere you want.
I'll feed my son and at least get him pretending to be doing his homework.
You can come by around 8:00.
I'll give you 30 minutes.
Pretending to do his homework.
I know what it takes to make this party jump, so follow me I've seen some stormy skies but rainy days don't bother me You got a minute for some questions? Can't.
Gotta set up.
Actually, uh, now is what I meant.
I already gave the other guy my statement.
Mixed in with chunks of whatever you had for dinner last night.
Thought I'd do a little follow-up, now that you're presumably less hammered.
- I didn't have anything to do with that lady getting killed.
- Well, I don't know that.
Why would I tell you she was out there if I had something to do with it? I don't know.
You're a moron? I already know you're not very bright.
It's not murder, but rape will still get you eight years in prison.
And you brought that to our attention.
Rape? I didn't rape anybody.
The presumption is a 16-year-old isn't emotionally capable of consenting to a sexual encounter.
So legally, the presumption is a clear "no" across the board.
And having sex with someone who says no is rape.
Legal age is 16.
She looked it up.
Went online or something.
She lied to you about that which I'm assuming you believed because it synced up better with your immediate needs.
Any reason you can think of why she lied to you about that? Like maybe it was her first time.
First time? That's hilarious.
She indicated to me that it was.
Maybe she indicated that to you to mess with you.
What does any of this have to do with the woman without the head? What is it with everyone and that question? It's how a police investigation works.
It's what we do.
We ask questions sometimes direct, sometimes indirect.
It doesn't matter if they make sense to you.
Half the time, they don't make sense to me.
Well, I know she's lying about that 'cause I know for a fact a guy she did before me.
How do you know he's not lying? - 'Cause he was my brother.
- "Was.
" - What's your brother, dead? - Yeah, he is dead.
Got clipped on his motorcycle by a tourist State Road 301.
Interlake and 301 they put that light up.
Put the light up right after it happened.
Like some friggin' reminder to me.
'Cause every time I drive by I get to remember how he got mangled by some Previa-driving ass wipe from friggin' Maine.
Well, at least you worked through it.
I'm gonna need to ask you a few more questions so, uh, don't leave town without checking with me first.
- Why? - Pretty sure we just covered that.
Went knock-knock-knockin' on every door Till I found you Now that I found you I ain'tgonna let my eyes off of you - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- What are you drinking? - Bourbon.
- You don't drink bourbon.
- Sometimes I do.
- Have a seat.
- I'm looking for Carlos.
His wife says he likes to come here for the old-school pinball.
- Haven't seen him.
- He's right there.
Oh, I didn't even see him.
- Hey, what was the name of that kid's brother? - What kid? Uh, Justin.
Was it Lane? Lane? Yeah, maybe.
Why? There's a shrine for him at the State Road 301 and Interlake.
- When was that accident that killed him? - Year ago maybe.
- To the day? - Maybe, about that.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm just I'm fighting with my wife is all.
- You guys don't fight.
- Not very often.
She ran off to her sister's.
Big drama queen.
Right? Hey, have a drink.
Let me take care of this first.
- Sure, sure.
- All right? I'll be here.
Why didn't you tell me there was a tooth? What are you talking about? It says you pulled a tooth from the vic.
A cuspid from the alligator.
- Why didn't you tell me? - What difference does it make? Carlos, a tooth can tell us all kinds of things.
About the alligator.
- Size, sex, migration - Of the alligator.
Digestive system is it fast, slow? One day? Two days? - Okay.
- It's been three days.
Maybe the head's still intact.
Are you out of your mind? How are you gonna find the one alligator in a swamp of alligators who fed on our Jane Doe? With the tooth.
No wonder your partner hates you.
- When's the tox screen scheduled? - Tomorrow.
I wanna come with you.
- I'm not taking you to the lab with me.
- Why not? The last time I did that, you told them they had their head up their ass.
They do, or they did.
I have no idea if it's a recurring problem or not.
- I'll keep an open mind.
- Look Hey, baby.
No, no.
I'm not playing pinball.
Hey, uh, excuse me.
Where's the guy that was sitting here? Uh, he said he was tired, but the beer's for you.
Melanosuchus would be my guess.
Genus, even phylum I can't be certain without more research.
But all members of the Chordata family are territorial.
And digestion is what? Long? Short? Oh, very slow.
Like, 10 days.
Let me hang on to this.
I'll do some blood work.
Probably give you size, sex, coloring.
Will that help? Call me.
- Real cop.
- Yeah.
Pretty cool.
We're working together.
A real case.
Landers? Never heard of it.
It's a regional clothing chain operating out of the Southwest.
I'm not big on the fashion habits of women but would you order this thing online? Uh, depends.
Was I exceedingly drunk? Not the online shopping girl, huh? Just trying to keep an eye on the budget.
I was under the impression nurses make good money.
We do.
It's medical school that's killing me.
The victim also had high levels of capsicum in their stomach from eating spicy foods.
Southwest spicy.
And traces of tricresyl phosphate.
It's a neurotoxin found in motor oil.
People get it from breathing recycled air like on most commercial airline flights.
- You're thinking she's a tourist.
- Tourist.
In town on business.
Although I'm trying not to think anything too specific just yet.
That would explain why she hasn't been reported missing.
She's traveling alone on business, family back in Phoenix.
Not to suggest anything too specific.
But is she a mom? Because if she is I'm sure one of her kids is trying to get ahold of her.
See? Thank you.
I said that to my guy.
He told me I was nuts.
You have a guy.
He's not my own personal guy.
I have to share him with the rest of the county.
So, your captain shot you for not sleeping with his wife and you ended up here.
More or less.
Got a little money for it.
Not a fortune, as it turns out.
But thanks to a rash of short sales enough to set myself up in a decent place and not have to look over my shoulder.
But trust me, if it ever gets too busy or too dangerous, I'm out of here.
Is that more or less? That was less the parts I'm leaving out till I get to know you better.
You were fired.
You have a beer or something? I always have beer, but, frankly I don't want my son to think that there's something going on here.
Can't we just tell him there's nothing going on while I sip my beer? Technically, I'm still married and Jeff likes to dialogue with his father about my activities.
Where is he? He's supposed to be in his bedroom not doing his homework but my guess is he's spying on us.
I meant his father the guy you're technically still married to.
Jeff! - Jeff.
- What? Homework.
- Yeah, I know.
I finished.
- All of it? What part of "finished" is confusing to you? So, uh, what you guys talking about? Like you haven't been listening.
Is that the dead woman you guys found? No.
That's another woman.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, that's the woman we found.
Whoa, cool! What happened to her head? Okay, this goes bye-bye.
- She offer you a beer? - No, and I even asked nicely.
- I'll get it.
- No, you won't.
Because he won't be here long enough.
He was just about to get to the reason why he came and then leave.
- You, go upstairs and do your homework.
- Oh, my gosh! I just told you.
- For real this time.
- Sorry about the beer.
- Armed robbery my husband.
- I wasn't gonna ask.
Now, is there really something you want to run by me? Or can we just say good night? When did you lose your virginity? - Okay.
Look at the time.
- No, I'm serious.
One of my suspects may have used her virginity to manipulate a guy.
Now, I've heard rumors about you people.
Is it possible for a girl to lose her virginity to more than one guy? Sure.
I've lost mine three, four times.
- Really? And we just fall for that? - Every time.
- Really? And we just fall for that? - Every time.
What would you say about a girl who lost her virginity to a couple of brothers? As in same-parents brothers? Oh, that chick was good or desperate.
See? I knew talking to you was a good idea.
Caiman, female.
About four years old.
Between nine and 10 feet.
Not bad from just one tooth.
Got you one better.
Caiman aren't indigenous.
Probably someone's pet who let it loose when she got too big.
Won't be the only gator in the area but she will definitely be the only caiman.
There we go.
Broad snout.
Boney ridge over the eyes.
Definitely caiman.
Female coloring.
Easy 10-footer.
That's the one, right? Animal's protected.
Well, then how come I had such a clear shot? Unorthodox? Try "nuts.
" I'm not autopsying an alligator.
- Get that thing off my table.
- Caiman.
- Then let the kid do it.
- Right, and the chain of evidence goes out the window.
- See? You think I'm right.
- I think you're nuts.
But we've been over that already.
Hey, guys.
Tubal absorption runs along the length of the thorax.
So anything this guy's eaten over the last 10 days will be right along here.
Look at that all marked up for you and everything.
Thanks for letting me observe, Dr.
Really appreciate it.
No problem.
Uh, Caiman latirostris is pretty efficient as a predator.
It eats fish, turtles small land creatures like raccoon, possum pretty much anything that ventures into its waters especially when it's nesting or just gave birth.
Their enzyme production is really low 'cause they have, like, no immune system.
And basically, they never get sick so it gets pretty bagged up in there.
Uh, catfish.
I'd say bream or perch maybe.
Oh, box turtle.
- Okay, that's it.
- No, no, no.
There's more.
I can feel it.
Oh, man.
A jawbone.
Anything popping with that? It keeps asking me to update the software.
Ignore it.
Most departments work off Adobe "3.
9 years ago" anyway.
Tourists, transients, illegals.
This is Florida.
Thousands of visitors from all over the world pass through here this time of year.
Just focus on the ones that have been reported missing.
What if they haven't? Family, coworkers, friends someone eventually calls it in.
- Then there's the HIPAA rules.
- Whoa.
We got a lot of legwork to do before we start asking for dental records.
Pace yourself.
It'll come together.
You-You could help.
I found the jawbone.
I saved you a trip to the high school.
Lane Brussard, class of '02.
And I quote: "Okeechobee Southerner's Are Sub-Human.
" A quote that's been popping up all over the high school this past week.
We still don't know what it means.
It means the one-year anniversary of his brother being killed by a tourist had not gone forgotten.
So I figured out who's been painting on the sides of buildings around here.
- Your brother.
- That's not funny.
Well, I don't mean your brother per se.
I mean someone who loved your brother someone who thought he was a hero worth remembering.
We got a lot of people like that.
Here's what I think is going on and you tell me if I've got it wrong.
You hate tourists.
I mean, who doesn't, right? But unlike us, you have a really good reason.
And knowing that, I'd be kind of an idiot not to pursue the possibility that you lured one of those annoying ass wipes into a situation killed her, dumped her body in the swamp then dragged poor Erin into it after the fact so she could witness you finding her headless body.
How's that? Only that's not what happened.
I mean, you might have done it.
I've been wrong before.
But I just don't see it.
See, the thing about murder is you really have to be able to keep it together to get away with it.
And, I don't know, something about the way a kid like you is able to sit here sawing away at Robbie's chicken-fried steak just doesn't say to me that, three days ago you killed a woman and fed her to an alligator.
Now, what I do see you doing is spray-painting "Okeechobee whatever the hell" on the side of buildings so no one would forget your brother.
Will you give me that? - Okay.
- Good.
Was it your idea or your girlfriend's to plaster it all over your high school? - She's not my girlfriend.
- Not your girlfriend.
- We're just hanging out.
- Hanging out with a 16-year-old? I mean, it's just We were both thinking about him.
I was drunk.
I passed out.
I just wanted to remember him.
Sorry, kid.
Yeah, well, he was drunk.
That's not exactly news.
Kid doesn't even remember trying before passing out completely in the car.
Sure as hell can't account for Erin's whereabouts.
Yet he can remember tagging half the damn county.
I got calls in to all the major airlines checking passenger lists on flights from Flagstaff, Phoenix, Albuquerque.
- I could've done that.
- I said I'd handle it.
The entire school was tagged, so we should check and see if any female teachers or employees have failed to show up for work.
- Eliminate by profile.
- Oh, we do profiles now? Approximate height, age, weight.
No children.
This is not my first picnic, Jim.
I still say she'll turn out to be a tourist.
Uh, bad cop work sticking to one theory, mi amigo.
- Did you bring your dog to work? - Had to swing by the house.
Promised the wife I'd look after it.
The last thing I need is to come home with the neighbors banging on the door that the damn thing barked all day.
I'll check with the school, and then I'll get back to you.
Would you just go? So, a Blow Pop, two Red Bulls, corn nuts and lotto ticket.
She buy anything else beer, whiskey? - Offer to have sex with you? - What? Did she buy anything else? Maybe came in with someone? Our A.
was down.
She asked where the nearest one was.
I told her it was across town.
Was her behavior odd or suspicious in any way? She seemed pissed off about something a little wired for 2:00 in the morning really.
- You can keep that if you want.
- Really? A'ight, go.
- Son, I told you.
- What? I told you already.
She always stay by my side because she care for me Will you be there for me? Girl bought a lotto ticket? Blow Pop, two Red Bulls, bag of corn nuts and lottery tickets.
He was drunk and passed out.
She had to do something.
- Jeff doesn't drink those, does he? - Yeah, lives on 'em.
- You know what's in that stuff? - No.
Do you? Oh! Make you pee like a racehorse.
Two of those, she'd be up all night.
Well, I haven't noticed Jeff doing an inordinate amount of peeing.
- Am I bothering you? - Yes.
I'm busy.
Don't take it personally.
I have a test on Monday.
I don't know 16-year-old female killer? Statistical long shot.
But she did lie about leaving.
Maybe even lied to Justin.
I still don't understand why you guys do that.
Because we can.
It's special, or at least you guys think it is.
- You don't think it's special? - I did at the time.
I saw Jeff hanging with some older boys.
I know his friends.
They're okay.
- Or maybe Was he smoking? - Nope.
You wouldn't tell me if he was.
You can't talk Jeff into doing something he doesn't wanna do.
If he's into something wrong, he got there by himself.
It's the best you can hope for.
- You have to read that whole book? - Eventually.
Maybe I'll take Jeff to a movie.
You barely have enough time for yourself.
I'm sure he's bored.
Look, don't police my son.
Neither one of us are huge fans of your line of work.
Yes, I understand that.
The high school hasn't reported any of their regular female teachers missing, however She doesn't have to be a regular employee.
Damn it, Jim! Would you just for once let me finish my thought? Sorry.
There was a substitute teacher who was scheduled to teach last week who never showed up and hasn't been heard from since.
Did the substitute teacher have a name? Yes.
Gina Salazar.
Jim? Jim? I hate you, too, you little shit.
Sucks letting someone go.
Just not in the car.
The night he was killed, he was coming to see me.
He'd just gotten off work at Pizza Hut and I told him to meet me here.
I told him to wear his Calvin Klein 'cause I didn't want him smelling like Pizza Hut my first time.
I was so nervous.
Maybe he was too.
I don't know.
Maybe his mind was just elsewhere.
I never told Justin this, but he and Lane look really alike.
I mean, not in the face or anything.
But like, you know, their hands their voice.
It's so weird on the phone.
I thought that with Calvin Klein and everything it might seem like it was him.
Like if Lane hadn't been killed on his motorcycle that night and we finally got to do it.
I really wanted it to be him.
He was a surrogate.
You used Justin in place of his brother.
He didn't like that subbing for his brother? Threw a brand-new bottle of C.
in the creek.
- Is that why you left? - Partly.
He was too drunk by then anyway.
Tried for, like, 15 minutes.
You'd think he'd stop drinking.
But I think trying made him drink more.
So after he passed out, I just left.
Tried to stay gone a long time.
Went and got my daddy his lotto scratchers.
I was mad, I guess.
I don't know.
Wanted Justin to worry about me.
How long were you gone? - I don't know, hour maybe.
- So you left twice.
And you were gone a lot longer than an hour.
You got here just after then used an A.
at the bank in the strip mall at the other side of town.
I went twice.
I told you I was trying to make Justin worry about me.
You remember a Gina Salazar? She sometimes substitute-teaches at your school.
She served you with detention for writing "Okeechobee Southerners are sub-human" on your assignment.
She's missing.
I guess that's better than Pizza Hut.
- Hey! I think I got one! - I'm impressed.
I was told there weren't any fish in this creek.
Got lucky, I guess.
- What kind of fish is that? - Looks like a shiner.
I thought you said fishing was gay.
Hey, aren't I contaminating a crime scene? You're helping me interview witnesses.
Doesn't look like he saw much.
Thank him for his time, send him on his way.
So the teacher's not missing? She ran off with some guy.
Husband was pissed I even called.
Told me to shove his wife's dental records up my ass.
- Girl still lied.
- Yeah.
Sometimes they do that.
Hey, I appreciate your keeping our streak alive.
Just burgers.
Under the circumstances, I would've understood.
I know I've been treating you like my secretary.
Well, we got the jawbone.
I'll stay on it.
You know, you might feel a bit better if you get out whatever it is that's bothering you.
I mean, look, I never intended on playing this card, but We're partners, but technically, with seniority I'm your supervisor, your boss.
I guess I know that.
I've given you a lot of latitude, too much maybe.
But how else was I supposed to evaluate your worthiness? I mean, hell, you won't even wear the uniform.
I wear the badge, you know, in spirit.
I've been doing a good job here for a long time.
- I'm just trying to work in.
- Well, I'm having trouble with that.
You being here, I mean it's not really fair to either one of us.
Why should I feel like I'm not up to the job? - What are you doing? - I'm trying to tell you that this isn't working out.
No, I mean the meat.
You're smashing the burgers.
Dries 'em out.
Look, I appreciate you telling me how you feel.
I know you and Janice are fighting.
I know that's hard for you.
You can't really expect me to be sloppy just so you feel better about yourself.
The burgers are done.
- When's Janice coming home? - She didn't say.
She didn't say? She must really be mad at you.
I need to chop an onion.
Better get to these quick.
Do you even carry your service revolver? I checked your vehicle.
It wasn't there.
It's Sunday, Mike.
What do I need a gun for? You pulled my wife's dental records without telling me.
What kind of cop looks into his partner without telling him? Your wife was missing.
- Well, that and your shoes.
- My shoes? Which were all over the crime scene.
To say nothing of the M.
's report which confirmed the victim's natural Florida tan and the fact she'd never had children.
Probably settling for a dog, which you hate but cared for so the neighbors wouldn't get suspicious.
- Jim - Then, of course, there's the capsicum in her stomach - evidence that she'd recently eaten Southwestern spicy food.
And the fact that just hours before she was killed she was on a commercial flight wearing a blouse she bought while visiting her sister.
- Okay, Jim.
- To be perfectly honest, amigo, when you really think about it - you were so incredibly bad at this.
- I said okay! I feel kind of stupid that it took me so long.
Your wife didn't go to her sister's because you had a fight, Mike.
She was flying back to tell you she was gonna leave you.
And you had a fight.
So, what are we gonna do? I killed my wife mutilated the woman I slept next to for 16 years.
- You think I won't shoot you? - Kind of hoping you won't.
I mean, look at you.
You act like a clown.
- You treat the job like an inconvenience.
- It is kind of a pain in the ass.
Why should I take shit from you? 'Cause I'm a better cop than you.
I tried.
Jim, I really tried.
I mean, things didn't always suck between us.
That wasn't my intention.
I'm talking about me and Janice.
Um, what happened? Everything happened.
I lost my confidence, the I lost the one good thing I had here at home.
Sick and tired of hearing me bitch about you all the time.
I don't know.
If we'd had kids, maybe But it just got so bad.
I didn't know where I wanted to be.
I didn't want to be at home.
I didn't want to be at work.
Did you ever not want to be anywhere? Here.
I hate it here.
But the golf is great.
And I might have met someone.
She has a kid and is married to a guy in prison, but we'll see how it goes.
Can you give me an hour? How's that again? So I don't have to shoot you.
You wouldn't get very far.
Hands up.
Give me the gun.
Got it.
Let's go.
Did he say why? Not really.
He blamed me.
I can see that.
I'm so hard to work with, a man killed his wife.
You are.
See that? Over your rudeness, and I still punch it up there.
Damn it! There you go.
If I make this and break 80 you're not gonna kill your wife, are you? And give you the satisfaction of arresting me? No way.
Yeah, baby! You're kidding me.
I miss, you're happy.
- You're an asshole.
- Why am I an asshole? Well, I wouldn't be, like, "Yeah, baby! Conka-chunka!" if you blew your chance to break 80.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing? - You're not gonna give me that? - That's four feet.
You're not gonna give me that for 80? Not four feet.
Are you an asshole now? Okay.
An 81.
You three-putted the last hole.
Burned the edge on the outside.
Went five feet past.
He gave me that one.
A gimme 81.
Hey, I feel good about it.
My game's in good shape.
I left a couple of shots out there, but that's golf.
Oh, you watch way too much Golf Channel.
- I do.
I really do.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for taking Jeff fishing.
- Sure.
His dad never did anything like that.
Well, he was trying to put a roof over his family's head you know, by stealing things that didn't belong to him.
I'm not making excuses.
I knew what he was doing.
I didn't like it and I told him so but I knew what he was doing.
- Should've left him.
- I could've.
But I didn't.
And then I didn't have to.
Well, you wouldn't be the first woman in history to divorce a man in prison.
Yeah, but then I'd be the woman who divorced her husband in prison.
What? - What? - You're staring, and I don't Oh.
No, no.
Uh, just admiring the view.
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