The Glades s01e02 Episode Script

Bird in the Hand

2 This place is amazing.
I mean, there have to be like a million bugs here that I've never even seen before.
Just don't tell your teacher we snuck onto state-protected land to get 'em.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait a minute.
You told my mom that this was legal 'cause you're a cop.
Yeah? We still snuck.
Don't see that every day.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Get back.
- That could be a two-striped walking stick.
- A walking what? Well, if it is, it'll spray mucus in your eyes, and you'll be blind for two days.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Blind for two days, "A" in biology.
How'd you say your grades were? They're okay, I guess.
- Okay.
They suck.
- Right.
I'll get it if it runs this way or, you know, walks.
- All right.
- Ready? - Ready.
- One - Where'd it go? - What, does it fly? - I don't know.
- Where'd it go? - I can't see him.
- I thought you said this thing walked.
You're gonna kill him.
- Anywhere? - I don't see him.
Check over there.
How'd that get way out here? Under the radar would be my guess.
- Mr.
- Just, uh, stay put.
Behind that tree or something.
I think you might want to see this.
- Think someone shot him? - Looks that way.
- Well, what do you think happened? - I don't know.
You know he has some really cool bugs on him.
I'm just sayin'.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
You'll find my prints on the right-side door.
A dead guy? Seriously? - Thanks for driving out.
- This is how you help my son with his homework? - What were you thinking? - Well, I wasn't thinking I'd find a dead guy.
I mean, bugs, yes.
A lot of bugs.
Did you know there's this bug, if it spits mucus in your eye You're blind for two days.
I know.
- Where's Jeff? Is he okay? - Yeah.
He seems fine.
I gave him something to do to keep him busy.
You might want to monitor him for a delayed reaction.
Don't tell me how to take care of my son.
Thank you.
Callie, sorry.
- I don't have enough to deal with? - I know.
I'm sorry.
I Yeah.
It was probably a bad idea.
I was just trying to help.
So, what happened? Well, uh abandoned aircraft, normally a sign of smuggling.
In a state reserve? That's ballsy.
- Drugs? - Drugs, arms.
Please tell me you're thinking inside job.
I try not to think - Of anything too specific this early on in the case.
- Specific.
I'll loop you in if it gets interesting.
But maybe.
You know - if it starts to get really interesting.
- All right.
I'll check on Jeff later.
- What the hell are you thinking? - Colleen.
You didn't have to drive all the way out here.
Badging your way onto protected state land? I was helping a young student, uh acquire certain species for a biology assignment.
Thought out here he'd have access to bugs that his classmates wouldn't.
- Cheating, I believe it's called.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Would that be the, uh, young student? - Jeff.
Great kid.
- Hmm.
Which would make that striking young woman his mother? Oh.
You find her striking? Huh.
Listen to me.
Before I brought you on, I vetted your ass, but good.
And do you know what I heard? Damaged goods.
- Yeah.
I've heard that about me.
- But with my arrest rate down over 30% pain in the ass or not, I needed someone who could close cases.
- See? - But obviously, I need to keep a much closer eye on you.
That's not what I had in mind.
I think we pretty much know what you had in mind.
- What are we looking at? - Cause of death: gunshot wound.
Courtesy of a single bullet.
Medium caliber, from close range.
Have we officially linked the victim to the aircraft? - Uh, not officially.
- My, uh intern is collecting hair and fiber samples now for testing.
- Not that I asked for one.
- Oh, come on.
Daniel was great in helping us solve our last case.
You mean arresting your partner for murder.
That guy.
No wallet, a ring.
There was skin tissue under his nails, like he struggled.
Uh, he's been nibbled on pretty good, so I doubt I can get a clean print.
's gonna take a while.
Not that we have a name to check it against, so You run the plane's tail numbers? It's registered to a pair of Seattle snowbirds.
They're both up north at the moment.
So, whoever jacked the plane knew that it wasn't gonna be reported for a while.
I gotta take this.
Uh, keep an eye on him.
Uh, me? Why me? Hey.
You don't want to partner up? Considering what you did to your last partner? Hey.
Looked like someone tried to wipe down the inside of the plane but look what I found in the flight bag.
Pilot must have packed himself a little snack.
Pickled pigs' feet from the bar up the street.
- That thing is disgusting.
- Even the bugs wouldn't touch it.
See? Intern comes through again.
- I did? - He did? Hey, hey.
Where you goin'? To get a drink from the bar up the street.
- Hey there.
- Hey.
Looking for a middle-aged guy, wears a black hat, big red gun on the front.
- Anyone like that ever come in here? - Sounds just like Ollie.
Anyone ever eat those? Yep.
Ollie lives on them.
- Ollie have a last name? - Probably.
You can ask that guy Curt.
They're drinking buddies.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
Curt? Jim Longworth.
I'm with the F.
- State police? - I understand you're friends with a man named Ollie.
- Yeah.
He in some kind of trouble? - Yeah.
Might have been.
He's dead.
What? Someone shot him, just up the road.
Uh, Ollie's full name? Um, Hendricks.
Oliver Hendricks.
- What happened? Somebody try and rob him? - Where do you know Ollie from? We're old friends.
We were in the air force together.
Then he went off and did special ops in Colombia.
Was he still in the military? No.
He got out a couple years ago.
I don't know why.
He didn't want to talk about it.
- What's he been doing lately? - Drinkin' and a little flight instruction.
I tried to get him a job with me part-time with the Coast Guard reserve, but didn't work out.
Did he mention running drugs or guns, using those Colombian connections? He didn't have any connections.
He was just trying to get by.
- Oh, yeah? What about you? - What about me? - You still fly? - Yeah.
For fun.
I'll go buzz those gators in that ultralight from time to time.
Was Ollie married? Special ops no life for a family.
Where'd he live? He didn't invite me to his place.
I think he was embarrassed.
The guy gives 30 years of his life to his country and this is how he ends up? Hey.
Any luck in digging up a last known for Oliver Hendricks? - Still working on it.
- Ah, no hurry.
Guy's dead.
- Uh, which one is your office? - That one.
All right.
Right there's okay.
- The office across from mine.
- Do you have a problem with that? With you keeping an eye on my every move? Not at all.
We have a lot of work to do, son and your last captain uh, Captain Hickey - Oh, Jack? The guy who shot me.
- Yeah.
He says the only thing that you really respect is hard work and bluntness.
The light in the offices upstairs is much better.
I noticed you had plants.
Don't need an office.
Just a desk.
I'm not moving in.
- Who's movin' in? - Colleen.
So far, the air force won't even confirm Ollie's existence.
For them to expunge his military record means he must have been pretty hard-core.
Maybe we should reach out to the bureau.
Or we can go to an organization more powerful than the F.
- The C.
- Cable company.
I wasn't sucking up.
I've been saying for years the division could run a little more efficiently.
You sure? 'Cause it really looked like you were sucking up.
I'm glad she's here.
Get us out of our comfort zone, whip our asses into shape.
I'm just glad to get the hell out of the office for a while.
Oh! You can take the boy out of special ops but you can't take special ops out of the boy.
That ain't no popgun.
HK P7, German made.
So what's with you and the kid's mom? I'm just trying to help her out with her kid.
- Yeah.
I saw what you were helping out.
- Besides, she's married.
- Yeah.
And you've already been shot for that once, right? - But her husband's in prison.
- What's that? - Trip wire.
It's been tripped.
Ollie obviously didn't want anyone sneaking up on him.
Why? Was he afraid somebody might break in and clean the place? Slash his throat in his sleep.
The place doesn't look tossed to me though.
They're the ones you gotta worry about.
- Well, someone's been here.
- Hmm.
Sounds like they might be back.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dude! Easy.
Sorry about that.
Thought you were someone else.
The mailbox was stuffed full.
I was just trying to slide this under your door.
- Sorry for the scare.
- Yeah.
Back at you.
- You almost shot a mail carrier.
- That's still a crime here in Florida? - What do you got? - Cell phone bill.
Ollie called this number a dozen times last week.
- Get Manus to expedite a warrant, get an address to go with it.
- Just call the number.
Never want to spook a spook.
That's a good way to get shot.
You know what's another good way? Hanging out with the wife of a guy in prison.
- You're not Callie.
- No.
Well, you must be her mother? In-law.
Very next thing I was gonna say.
Uh, I came to see Jeff.
Is he here? He's doing his homework.
Well, he had a pretty rough morning.
Thought I'd come by - Yeah.
I know.
Well, he's fine.
- Okay.
- Is Callie here? - No.
- She at work? - Uh-uh.
- School? - No.
When will she be back? None of your damn business.
- How's the new office? - I got a name and address to go with that number you found at Ollie's apartment.
- Oh.
You do have connections.
- David Coulter.
But listen to me.
I don't want you going in there without backup.
I had our Records & Identity Unit drill into this guy still waiting to hear back on a few things, but so far, this guy is a blank slate.
- Nothing.
- Another black ops guy.
No doubt.
I'll wait for backup.
- Backup? What backup? - We got another door to knock on.
- No.
I don't do backup.
- Come on.
It'll take you out of your comfort zone.
- Last chance.
- I'm good here.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
I've had enough fun for one day.
I got a hot Latina wife and three girls.
That's three quinceañeras and three weddings.
I can't afford to die.
You sure about that? Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Nice and easy.
David Coulter? Junior, by any chance? No.
Drug smuggling? Drugs, guns.
Ollie wasn't into anything like that.
Why'd he call you so much? I I don't know.
Uh, he he was my friend.
My brother may be a little skid-mark but he had nothing to do with that guy getting popped.
Where are your parents? Our dad hauls lumber.
He's on the road three weeks a month.
Our mom bartends a couple places.
Where'd you meet him? Flight school? I used to go there after class to watch the planes do touch-and-goes.
Ollie used to fly right over me.
One day we just started talking.
And maybe he was helping you get your pilot's license.
You know, under the table.
Pilot's license? I I don't even have a driver's license.
I mean My brother has to drive me everywhere.
Oh, that's gotta suck.
Can you, uh, grab us a couple of sodas? This one's broken.
You can go to the one out the front.
- Thanks.
Appreciate it.
- Yeah.
Okay, David.
Your brother's gone.
You stole the plane, didn't ya? - What? - That's how you know Ollie.
You knew that plane sat idle six months of the year, so you decide to steal it.
Or borrow it.
Saw you playing X-Plane.
Level nine? Even I can't do level nine.
Ollie caught me trying to steal it, but he didn't turn me in.
Why not? I don't know.
He said I reminded him of when he was a kid.
Why'd he call you so much in the past week? I was having trouble at school.
What kind of trouble? Some wanker in P.
was making fun of me.
Ollie told me to stand up to the guy.
Did you? I did.
Got suspended for clocking his lame ass.
But it was totally worth it.
Hello, you.
What are you doing in here? How the hell should I know what kind of bird it is? - It's Florida.
It's a bird.
- Looks a little exotic, don't you think? Well, let that thing shit on my tox report, and I'll show you exotic.
Got those blood samples he asked for.
Hyacinth macaw.
Daniel knows what kind of bird this is.
- Yeah.
We studied them in zoology.
Where'd you find it? - Trapped in an abandoned plane.
They're the largest parrot in the world.
Well, tell me, Daniel, is it native to Florida? No.
Costa Rica.
The Amazon.
I'm gonna take a stab and say they're endangered.
Nearly poached out of existence.
There's a huge black market.
Poachers go in the jungles with fishing nets swoop 'em out by the dozens, sell 'em to bird brokers.
- How much are they worth? - Forty, 50 grand.
- For a bird? - Plane that size could hold what? Forty, 50 birds? That's like two million dollars.
Sounds like someone's using his black op connections to score contraband birds.
Unlike Carlos, do you know any experts on birds? Ornithologists they're called.
- Whatever.
- And yeah, I've got the perfect person.
Bailey Saunders? Yeah? Jim Longworth.
You looked pretty good out there.
Do you surf? Never even attempted.
Kind of figured.
That's glass.
Nobody looks good out there.
So, what can I do for you? I understand you're an expert in birds.
I am.
Anything in particular you want to know? I was just wondering if you had any ideas how this little guy - - ended up in the back of an abandoned plane.
It's a hyacinth.
A chick.
Maybe two weeks old.
Smuggled would be my guess, which I assume makes you Fish & Game? Wow.
That is, uh, really embarrassing.
Uh, and wrong.
See, there was this dead guy involved in all this too.
What's with the machete and fishnet? Fishnet's to capture birds legally.
If I have to tell you what the machete's for, you're obviously not from around here.
The victim's name is Oliver Hendricks.
Name ring a bell? No.
Am I to assume from that question that I'm a suspect? I just figured a person with your level of expertise not to mention the access to the state preserve where the murder occurred would know how a rare and lucrative market like that works.
I don't know how much money is in ornithology but I do know two million dollars is enough to kill for.
Maybe you should be giving me a reason to look somewhere else.
That can put a girl in all sorts of danger.
You look like you can handle yourself.
- Not from this guy.
- I can keep your name out of it.
You're gonna have to, 'cause if you don't, you're gonna be pulling my body out of there.
Eduardo Garcia.
Coke dealer? That's a bad guy.
Former coke dealer.
I palled around with him for a few years before I knew who he was.
He was rich and not bad-looking.
He picked my brain about exotic species.
I may have accidentally given him a few names of collectors that I met in my travels.
He started throwing my name around trafficking in all sorts of exotic pets, first for fun, then for profit.
So I stopped seeing him.
Good call.
Listen to me.
He will kill me if he finds out that I gave you his name.
So I assume I can count on you to protect me, day and night, from that possibility? If I can assume you know that if I find out you're involved, I'll be back.
You can interrogate me anytime you want.
You might want to hold on to that.
I've got plenty.
That's hilarious.
That's funny.
So, where'd you say you're from? Chicago.
Pine Grove and Waveland.
The Cubbies.
- Right.
- Ah.
I hate the Cubbies.
White Sox fan all the way.
Lou Malnati's.
The Berghoff.
They closed the Berghoff.
You're shitting me.
Those bastards.
You want another one? Sure.
Oh, you know I'm a cop, right? Anyone with the balls to come to my favorite bar and chat me up Oh, and all these guys are, what? Friends? Every once in a while, some hero tries to take a shot at me.
Oh, like a former associate who knows you've diversified, trying to rip you off? No, those guys are all dead.
I don't know what initials apply here D.
, F.
E but you're wasting your time.
I beat those raps years ago.
I'm just another retiree living out his years in Florida.
I hear you're selling yourself a little short there.
Really? Where'd you hear that? Little birdie told me.
- Really? - Time's up.
Let's go.
You're gonna go with that.
You know this makes you look guilty, right? Talk to my lawyer.
- Your lawyer got a name? - I'm guessing he does.
Can I at least finish my Cuban? Smoke-free restaurant.
You're laughing.
Why is he laughing? Huh? Hey.
What's your name? You got a name? Yeah.
I'm guessing I do.
That must have been some bullet you took in the ass.
Either that, or you're completely on the take.
If I had known how much it paid, I would have got him to shoot me twice.
Fresh air, gentle breeze - Are you rich? - Oh, yeah.
- I got this in a short sale.
- Uh-huh.
Took most of the settlement.
What little portfolio I have is completely sunk into this place.
In fact, could you loan me a few bucks? I actually just came to return this and to apologize for my mother-in-law.
- Why? I thought she was great.
- Yeah.
I think I just caught her off guard.
- Hey.
You want a beer? - No.
And don't get me wrong.
Having family around to help with Jeff is great but under the circumstances, it really isn't making things any easier.
Ray's in prison, and I have a big decision to make.
But his mom is such a big part of our lives.
I can't just cut her out of the equation and then keeping everybody on the same page gets a little overwhelming.
How's the case? Did that ever get interesting? Well, uh I have a retired former black ops agent that was shot and killed over parrots.
Suspects? A few.
Eduardo Garcia.
- The coke dealer.
- I really don't want to know how you know that.
And the surfing ornithologist that looks like she just stepped off the cover of S.
's Swimsuit Issue.
And a 15-year-old who likes to steal or, rather, borrow airplanes.
I give.
It's interesting.
- Who's in the lead? - The ornithologist - Swimsuit model.
- knows the world and every person in it.
She was pretty quick to point the finger at Garcia.
I'm sure she was.
Were they ever lovers? Why would you ask that? Uh, I don't know, because she's hot, and he's rich and that's what hot and rich people do.
I can totally see them together.
I can also totally see them stabbing each other in the back once things go bad.
- 'Cause that's what hot rich people do.
- Exactly.
Thank you for taking Jeff to go and collect bugs.
I know you were just trying to help and I shouldn't have gotten so mad.
Uh, it's my warrant.
You should take that.
I should go.
Right behind the pool house.
It's locked.
If you don't mind me asking, who put you up to this? Oh, the warrant? It was my idea.
Fifteen years, and your boss Manus still grasping at straws, huh? - She must really want me bad.
- She kind of hinted at that.
Also that I needed this arrest to rehabilitate my career.
I know.
Right? But I do want to hang on to that pension.
Still, you need cause to get a warrant, some kind of cooperation.
So I'm thinking blonde, 5'6", 125 pounds soaking wet.
No idea what you're talking about.
You're probably not the kind of guy who needs to be told this, but a woman scorned can be awfully vindictive.
You're right.
I don't need to be told.
I made some calls.
You're a pretty big hotshot cop back in Chicago.
A pain in the ass, but very effective.
Would you look at that? A blue hyacinth.
Illegal if you don't have a permit, which I do.
This witch hunt bird thing must seem like a pretty big fall from grace for a guy like you, huh? Oh, I don't know.
A murder investigation like this Never know what you're gonna step in.
Um, how is she? Think I got ice in my veins? How's she doing? I'm really sorry, but he has permits for all of them.
They're all legal.
- You like plants? - Actually, I don't.
Go check out that terrarium.
Uh, you want to tell your friend here that our warrant covers that? Thank you.
That's a great crested newt.
It was a gift.
I have a permit for that too.
If you do, it's fake.
There are only 300 great crested newts left in this entire world.
Having one in your private residence is a flagrant violation of the Endangered Species Act and about 17 international treaties.
I was gonna take a drift around the house see if I could see anything in plain sight that could link you to any of the crimes you've slithered out from in the last 14 years but now I have cause to get a judge to open up the warrant to your entire property.
You're gonna perp-walk me out of my own house for a newt? Absolutely not.
Daniel is.
My client is very sorry that he mistakenly imported a great crested newt.
He didn't realize it was endangered.
But he'd be happy to donate money to any environmental concern of the F.
's choosing.
Well, that takes care of your client's restitution.
Anyone else think this is a good time to negotiate his jail time? For a permit violation? There's not a single judge in Florida who'll give you jail time for this.
At least one you haven't bribed.
Oh, I love the energy you bring to the room, Colleen.
I only wish I had more to offer.
Well, you could tell us why you had a lowly middleman killed.
What, was he skimming off the top, threatened to go to the authorities if you didn't cut him in on a bigger piece of the pie? My client didn't come here to discuss your murder case.
- He was in possession of hyacinth macaws.
- All of which were permitted.
- Is there any chance we can get back to the matter at hand? - You know how this works.
We've got you on violation of the Endangered Species Act which sounds soft, but if prosecuted to the full extent of the law could see you spending as much as five years in prison.
For a newt.
Gotta love the energy they bring to a room.
Oh, I'm done with this.
Sit, sit, sit.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I know what they want.
I'm just sick that I was even a gentleman about this, okay? Okay.
I want full immunity from any association with with the smuggling of exotic animals.
I never agreed to that.
Immunity for the newt.
Yes to the association, no to the newt.
Colleen, that's backwards.
Not with only 300 of them left in the world.
You already have her name.
Pretty sure you're wrong about that.
How about Bailey Saunders? Hmm? Did Bailey tell you about the land she bought in Costa Rica? Huh? She bought a hundred acres of rain forest.
From the profit she made from the bird trade.
My guess is she's trying to set up her own business.
She goes down there on little surfing safaris she flirts with the little island boys and she lets them net macaws off her land.
But at 5'6" and 125 pounds soaking wet I'm just not seeing cold-blooded killer in her.
You ever seen her with a machete? Trust me.
She got it in her.
You want to give him a lot of protein.
A little peanut butter mixed with some warm milk should work.
I read your piece on psittacine phylogeny in the Taxonomy Journal.
It was awesome.
Did you Did you scratch your cornea? - I don't think so.
- Have you been washing your hands after handling this little guy? - I may have forgotten.
- Yeah.
It looks like you have exotic Newcastle disease.
You can get it from handling wild parrots.
It's pinkeye basically.
Don't worry.
I'm gonna get you some drops for it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
If we don't do something, he's gonna explode.
Really? Oh.
Exotic Newcastle disease.
Bailey diagnosed me.
- That's contagious? - Oh, yeah.
Go home.
Pretty damn cute.
And the bird's not half bad either.
You know, as beautiful as these creatures are, they're actually quite mean and disgusting.
So, the whole breaking the law to collect them thing That's what? Ego? You know, I hear the breaks off the coast of Costa Rica are amazing.
You surf 'em much? So I wasn't brought in here just to take care of this little guy.
A man is dead.
I gotta take that a little seriously, right? Yeah.
And I could be next, if he finds out that I'm talking to you.
I'm thinking that you must have meant something to him at some point or he would have moved on you by now.
Obviously not enough to keep him from pinning this on me which surprises me, actually.
Eduardo's not one to talk.
I don't think he wants to trade in his early retirement for a stint in prison especially for something he didn't do.
Do you really think I'm behind this? You own land down there.
Exotic birds are your area of expertise.
Eduardo knows full well that I donated my property to the Costa Rican government for a nature preserve.
But I didn't want to keep anything that I bought with dirty money.
Well, some people might construe your gift as a bribe to the government - in exchange for easier access.
- I didn't need it.
I was a landowner.
That hundred acres allowed me to hold dual citizenship.
It was flying the shipments back in the U.
under the radar that was the hard part.
So, unless you had someone over here with that kind of access - You were screwed.
- Huh.
How's it going, Curt? Hey.
So, did you catch the bastard that killed Ollie? Ah, we're making some progress.
Could I get a beer? Yeah.
Found out some interesting things about a bird smuggling ring.
Bird smuggling ring.
Like, you know, for instance, who gave them information about the radar.
You need to get that? Yeah.
- Be right back.
- Take your time.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we're gonna go What's the range on that thing? Seventy miles.
How about if someone drained the gas tank? Gonna go Tell me something I don't know I didn't kill anybody.
I swear.
Ollie paid me a thousand dollars a flight for coordinates so he could come in undetected.
It's not like he's smuggling drugs.
It's just a bunch of damn birds.
Still cost your friend his life.
I had nothin' to do with that.
I swear it.
Hmm, maybe.
Or maybe you thought a thousand bucks wasn't enough considering the birds are worth millions.
How the hell would I know that? I don't even know what happens to them once they get here.
Ollie's my only connection.
Sure about that? That call you got when I first got here A dozen more earlier in the day? We know who it was that was calling you.
It's what's known in the drug world as plausible deniability.
The less people that Garcia knows or that know about him, the safer it is for everyone unless someone steals the merchandise.
Then he gets pissed, starts making calls and, best friend or not, someone's gotta pay.
Garcia can't touch you.
He needs the coordinates.
So, he gets you to kill Ollie and steal back the merchandise.
Ha! Two birds with one stone so to speak.
The birds were gone when I got there, and Ollie was dead.
I swear.
Garcia told me if I don't find those birds and bring 'em back to him, he's gonna kill me.
I couldn't find 'em anywhere.
Why shouldn't I believe you just flew off with them? I haven't flown anything over 125 horsepower in years.
I'm not even certified.
And Ollie shouldn't have been either, and I told him that.
Why is that? The Cessna Skyhawk is rudder-controlled.
A trip that length it would have taken his old bum knee and blown it up the size of a basketball.
His right knee had an avulsion fracture on the tibial spine.
So, there was no way he could have flown the plane that far? Guy couldn't have done three deep knee bends before reaching for the ice.
- And the other thing? - Dusted the plane's steering column.
The kid's prints were the only ones clean enough for a match.
So Daniel, I thought I told you to take that pinkeye and go home.
- His eye's still not better? - He's wearing it like a badge of honor.
You lied to me.
It was you who flew the plane that day.
Now, I really don't want to think you had anything to do with Ollie's death, son but you're gonna have to help me with that.
I I didn't.
I swear it.
Well, come on, David.
What happened? Ollie couldn't fly long distances anymore because of his knee.
I sat "co" from Costa Rica, took the wheel after refueling in Montego Bay then brought it into the state reserve.
Ollie didn't want me around for the deal part of it so, as soon as we landed, he had me take my bike and go home.
Why didn't your brother just pick you up? Kyle didn't know what I was doing.
Maybe he did.
Kyle! Come here.
What he didn't know is that it wasn't drugs Ollie was smuggling.
No, drugs he could steal and sell.
It was birds.
Blue hyacinth, to be exact which gives people who forget to wash their hands after handling them pinkeye.
You've been following me? - You can't prove any of that.
- See, Ollie, the kind of guy he is black ops someone tries to steal from him, gun or no gun, he's gonna fight back.
Now, evidence of that struggle appears under the victim's fingernails the skin tissue and the killer the proof is on the arms and the neck as defense wounds.
- I got those doing yard work.
- Were you doing yard work the day you brought him in to talk to me, or do you always wear long sleeves in July? - You killed him? - Yeah.
He did.
I thought you were helping him mule drugs.
I wanted in on it.
Ollie was my friend.
He cared about me.
- You son of a bitch! - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
I didn't mean to kill him.
I just wanted to steal the drugs.
You killed Ollie! You killed him! It was an accident, man.
I swear.
- I didn't mean to kill him.
The gun just went off.
- He was letting me fly the plane! That is your brother, man.
And where the hell are the birds? Now, that I'd tap.
Really? It's the surfing.
Really works the core.
Plus, she ain't married.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks for your help.
- Yeah.
Thank God they're hardy little creatures.
At least the kid had the sense to feed and water them.
I think he still had ideas of selling them.
Are you sure you're up for this? Sure.
Try anything once.
Sebastian Inlet.
5:00 a.
- Don't forget.
- You think we can convince the tides to sleep in? Ah Ah.
Unless it's the only tee time that I got I'm really not a morning person.
I hate you.
Leaving so soon? Grand jury affidavit first thing in the morning and I do not want to miss Eduardo Garcia stammering like an idiot as he tries to squirm out of this.
It may not be for drugs, but with Bailey Saunders's full cooperation - and Curt Powell's testimony - Don't forget the newt.
we finally have enough against Garcia to put him behind bars for trafficking.
- Nice work.
- Thanks.
Have a safe trip.
Oh, and don't worry about the plants.
I'll see they get watered.
Oh, that's sweet, but I'll be back long before that.
Now I really hate you.
- There! - - Whoa.
- Mom, you scared him.
- I scared him? He jumped right at me.
- What kind of bug is that? - It's a green-striped praying mantis.
It's, like, super-rare.
I can't believe you found it in your living room.
- I know.
Weird, right? - Yeah.
It's weird.
There it is! Shh.
How's the eye? Much better, thanks.
How'd that striped-green mantis work out? Perfect.
- You know I don't like bugs.
- Yeah, yeah.
You do.
You are going to be grounded for a year! - Get her.
Get her.
- A year! It is not funny! You like that? No.
I got him.
- Okay.
He got him.
- Good work.
- Thank you.
- Oh, man, I am so nailing an "A" with this guy.
Well, you deserve it.
You worked up a bit of a sweat.
- You guys want to stay for a swim? - Awesome.
Uh, maybe not.
It's a school night, and we're both slammed with homework.
Maybe next time? Go on.
Go and get your things together.
See ya.
Thanks for the bug.
Thanks for getting that creepy thing out of my house.
- Must have flew in when the door was open or something.
- Yeah.
Or something.
Always wanted to try surfing.
Heard it's, uh, really good for the core.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm sure it's exciting.
Just probably not as easy as it looks.
Doesn't actually look that easy.
It's just that sometimes what seems like a beautiful, new challenge can often end up more trouble than it's worth.
More trouble than it's worth, huh? Yeah.
- I mean, we are talking about surfing, right? - Mmm.
- See ya.
- Okay.
See ya.
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