The Glades s01e03 Episode Script

A Perfect Storm

The headline at this hour from the National Hurricane Center - is that Iris is nearing Category 2 strength.
It is 625 miles east of Nassau and about 800 miles to the east-southeast of Miami right now.
Again, it appears from the satellite that we have a strengthening hurricane and the new advisory should be in in about 10 minutes or so.
This is the visual satellite picture and as the sun comes up you get a very, very nice look at the eye.
You can see how bright these white clouds are around the center.
This is the latest advisory.
Iris is an extremely dangerous hurricane with current maximum sustained winds of 100 miles per hour.
- Preparation to protect life and property- - Hey! The kid is stealing duct tape! Hey, kid! Hey, kid, stop! Hey, kid, get back here! In my experience, hurricanes bring out the crazies.
In my experience, crazies don't need an excuse to come out.
I'm just glad my family's out of town.
Well, her name is Valerie Raines.
Any cash she had was gone.
Credit cards are still here though.
Wallet was open, no cash.
Looks like the motive was robbery.
I don't know.
Her license is gone and by the imprint in this wallet, so is one of her cards.
- Maybe the killer just took one credit card.
- Yeah.
An ungreedy thief.
Whatever it is, we gotta put this investigation on ice and get indoors.
- I gotta get to the hospital.
- Oh, you're not feeling well? I'm a doctor.
I've been assigned there.
It's all hands on deck because of this hurricane.
Well, I hope you feel better.
Did you even hear half of what I said? What are you lookin' at? Never seen a hurricane before.
You don't see hurricanes.
You hang on to dear life and hope your house is still there in the morning.
- It's just a little wind and rain, right? - A Category 2? Just a little wind and rain? Yeah, right.
- Two doesn't sound so bad.
- Let me put it this way.
A Category 1 can rip that tree out of the ground and drive it through the window of a house three miles away.
So between that and this you could be in for the ride of your life.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
Yeah, that's what Carlos said, but I have my doubts.
Driver's license was missing, but a whole bunch of credit cards are still in her wallet.
Hey, don't worry about it.
I'm on it.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey.
Lauren, I want 'em lined up all down the hallway.
- Okay? - Okay.
- What's up? - I just parked a body in your morgue.
Woman with the last name Raines was shot outside a convenience store.
"Raines dies during hurricane"? Yeah.
Speaking of a hurricane, I was just wondering - Can you hold on a sec? - how you're doing.
Something wrong? The hurricane's been upped to a Category 4.
Four? That's like two twos.
I told Jeff I'd go and get him an hour ago and bring him here but - I can get him.
- You're on a case.
Yeah, just barely.
And with the hurricane, you're up to it so Seriously, not a problem.
Thank you.
I would really appreciate it.
So helpful.
Not a problem.
Mayor, I asked for a mandatory evacuation of that sector and you made it voluntary.
All due respect are you out of your mind? Hey! No, no.
The holding cells are full.
Take them to the conference room.
All overflow goes to the conference room.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, Daniel.
I didn't think you'd make it in on that scooter of yours.
Thanks for calling me in, Director Manus.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, well, you're welcome.
But you might want to hang on to that appreciation.
We've got a long, very challenging 48 hours ahead of us.
Believe me.
I'd much rather be here than my place.
I live in a one-room apartment over a garage that I'm not sure can stand up to these winds.
- Well, in that case, you're welcome.
- What do you need me to do? There's no shortage of phones to answer so pick a fire and put it out.
There she is.
Iggy? Really? Someone thought it was appropriate to bring an iguana into a hospital? Look.
I wasn't about to leave Iggy during a hurricane, okay? Which made a lot more sense before we saw that look on your face.
Yeah, well, it's fine.
Just make sure he doesn't get out.
How bad is it outside? It's not bad.
A little wind and rain.
Yeah, right.
He white-knuckled it the whole way here.
Well, I thought it tore out trees by the roots tore down buildings.
It hasn't hit landfall yet.
You'll know when it does.
Trust me.
Come on.
I'm gonna show you and Iggy where you can get out of the way.
I already know where to go.
Hey, remember that, um, woman you were telling me about with the last name Raines? - Was her first name Valerie? - Yeah.
Why? Well, a homeless woman came in trying to use her insurance card today.
- That her? - Yeah.
And that is our hospital insurance administrator.
Good luck with her.
She's a peach.
- Detective Longworth? - Yeah.
Carol Watkins, hospital insurance administrator.
Now I believe that this woman is a person of interest.
- Is that how you say it? - That's what we call it.
Well, then here is the insurance card and the driver's license that she tried to use.
People are always trying to pull a fast one in this hospital but they have to get through me first because I make sure everyone's insurance is in order.
I've never been part of a murder investigation.
You think she killed the real Valerie Raines? Excuse me.
Did you steal this card? Yeah.
A dead lady.
I'm sorry.
I'm I'm just so sick.
Did you see anything involved in the attack? - Anyone hanging around? - No.
She was dead.
That's all I saw.
Having that driver's license and insurance card makes her guilty of something, right? Yeah, of trying to treat a cough.
You know what? Treat her.
Send me the bill.
That is what County Hospital is for.
Yes, I understand you have people pounding on your door, but there's no way in hell I can dispatch a unit to the high school gym because you can't handle the overflow.
You know what? Here's a concept.
Put on a damn raincoat, go outside and tell them yourself there's no more cots.
What? Oh.
I know this probably isn't a-a good time.
Speak! Apparently, another body was found shot.
Where's the crime scene? The limo.
The body's in the limo.
Go, go, go! Great! It's not exactly crime scene protocol.
Yeah, it's not exactly protocol weather out there.
I know this guy.
He's Dennis Peterson.
- Okay.
- You don't know Dennis Peterson? I know he's dead.
Tweezers? Motivational speaker, self-help author.
- You're into that kind of thing? - Who, me? No.
- I don't need motivation.
- I didn't say you did.
He's all into that positive thinking, visualization thing.
Oh, yeah? Well, positive thinking and visualization didn't stop the bullet from going through his head.
But this headrest did.
What was the caliber of the bullet that you pulled out of Valerie Raines? - Nine-millimeter hollow point.
- Nine-millimeter hollow point.
That's weird.
Two killings so close together on exactly the same day with the same weapon? I may be a Chicago boy but do hurricanes normally trigger spree killings? If this is a spree killing, we need to connect the victims, and we need to connect them now.
Peterson lists his address as New York.
Valerie Raines is a local, so that ain't happenin'.
This guy had a speaking engagement in town in two hours.
That's not gonna happen either.
I'm gonna go talk to the limo driver.
I could use some room in here.
How soon can you get me the ballistics report on those two bullets? - Tuesday maybe, after the storm's blown through.
- I need 'em today.
You do realize Iris is about to make landfall, right? If those two bullets match, we got a spree killing.
If we got a spree killing, that storm's not gonna stop the killer.
My lab is in the evacuation route.
There's no way I can get back there right now.
On the positive side, if they don't match, we grab a six-pack ride out the storm in the hospital.
How do you expect me to do that without my equipment? Through positive thinking and visualization.
Excuse me, buddy.
Whoa! Are you crazy? - Whew! - Am I in custody? Well, I don't know.
- Should you be? - No.
What happened? I picked up Mr.
Peterson from the Grand Hotel and I was taking him to the airport.
What about his speaking engagement? I guess the hurricane changed his mind about that.
- So you stopped here? - Yeah.
He wanted coffee.
I went in.
I grabbed him a half-caf cappuccino.
I came out, and I found him like that.
I spilled piping hot coffee all over myself.
I think I need medical attention.
I just came from the hospital.
I'd think twice about that if I were you.
Peterson was my favorite customer.
Good tipper, I'm guessing.
He always used our service, and he always requested me.
High praise from the high priest of pulling wool over people's eyes, huh? How often did he come into town? Oh, maybe three times last month.
I'm sorry.
I'm closing in five minutes.
- Can I get a small black, please? - A what? A small coffee, black, to go.
Hey, did a guy in a black suit come in here about an hour and a half ago, ordered a half-caf cappuccino? Yeah, sounds about right.
- Did he seem nervous? - Not really, no.
- Oh.
- Here you go.
Uh, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
Ah! Whew! - It's really coming down out there.
- Yeah.
This your first hurricane? - Does it get much worse? - Man, you have no idea.
- Okay, Karen, you got it? - Yeah.
- What's going on? - We have to evacuate this wing.
Everyone has to be on the lower two floors.
- Were you assigned here? - Yeah.
But I need to know Do you have a spectrometer in the hospital? I gotta do a bullet analysis, and I can't make it back to the substation.
- Watch your back.
Coming through.
- Maybe like a really old one.
- But can't it wait? - Unfortunately, no.
Uh Okay, on the first floor storage by - Can you grab a gurney? We're shorthanded.
- Yeah, yeah.
Just grab a bed.
Everyone's gotta go.
- All right.
- Let's go.
Oh! What a commotion, huh? How are they going to squeeze everyone into two floors? The key word is squeeze.
Evelyn, is it? I-I haven't seen you here before.
Yeah, I'm just here because of the hurricane.
I'm the county medical examiner.
You mean like a coroner? Yeah.
Where are you taking me? Just downstairs.
- Am I going to die? - What? Did someone tell you I'm dying? No.
I want somebody else to push me! - Hi.
Excuse me.
- Can I help you? I'm investigating the murder of Dennis Peterson.
- Murder? - Yeah, he was shot in the back of his limo.
My God! He just checked out a few hours ago.
- Did he seem concerned? - No.
He was positive and friendly, like always.
- Why was he in town three times last month? - Speaking engagements.
Yeah, well, see.
I have his calendar.
He didn't have any speaking engagements last month.
So, you want to have a go answering that one again? This hotel endeavors to protect its guests' privacy.
For the live ones anyway.
Peterson's dead.
So I'm sure there's not a premium on his privacy now especially if it helps me catch the murderer.
You don't want to stand in the way of that, do ya? All I know is that each of those three times last month, a doctor came to see him.
- What, a house call? - Yes.
- Why did Peterson need a doctor? - I don't know.
Well, do you know the doctor's name? Don't know that either.
All I know is that Peterson scheduled spa treatments after each of those doctor visits.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- I can't take your call.
Leave a message.
Hey, Callie? Call me as soon as you get this message.
Callie? - Who's Callie? - Any more information on Valerie Raines? Yeah.
She worked as a human resource director at a local medical instrument manufacturing company.
All right.
I'm gonna need a list of employees and former employees.
Yeah, well, the company's closed because of the hurricane and we're having trouble tracking down that list.
Oh, and another thing.
I just spoke to Carlos, and he confirmed that the same gun killed both Valerie Raines and Dennis Peterson.
- Uh-uh! - Sorry.
What? You need to get your ass inside.
I'm doing just that.
At the place Peterson had his last speaking engagement.
I need to find a link between Valerie Raines and Dennis Peterson.
And at least I know where Peterson was gonna be in a few hours.
Detective? Jim? Bill Taylor? Is that you? No.
Really? Wow.
Um, the resemblance is uncanny.
You're here for the reunion? Yeah.
I dropped in to say hi to as many people as possible.
It's probably hard to believe now, but I was the homecoming queen of our class.
- So - It's not hard to believe at all.
Well, no wonder I was confused.
Bill was also a gigantic flirt.
I should be going before the storm gets worse.
- Have fun.
- Bye.
Eddie? - Hey, man.
- Hey, man.
Put this in coat check for me.
Am I your valet now? Gee, I can't believe it.
- Hey, I'll see you inside.
- All right.
I'll see you in there.
- I'm just goin' to the bar.
- Whoa.
- You need to get the name tag on.
- Seriously? You're telling me I need to get one of those badges? Go ahead.
Go right on in.
- It's okay for us to get in? - Yeah, go right on in.
Thank you.
Bill? Go ahead.
- Becky? - How you doin'? Long time no see.
I am so glad you could make it, Bill.
Yay! Hey! Yeah.
I wouldn't have missed it for the world.
The ballroom's through that door.
Only the out-of-towners and true partyers are stickin' it out.
- We're gonna have a blast.
- Hey.
Is Dennis Peterson gonna make an appearance? Yeah, right.
In this weather, not likely.
Eddie, you came back.
Roads are bad.
Traffic was for shit.
- How long were you gone? - What's it to you? Oh! Always in fight mode.
- At least wear your name tag.
- I'm not puttin' that thing on.
Then you can wait out the storm in the lobby, mister.
No name tag, no party.
- Guess what our featured drink is.
- Hurricanes? Bingo! Hey, why are you so certain that Peterson won't show? - Why are you so interested? - Oh.
- I'll do all the things that you want me to But I'll never treat the cool like you Hi! Girl, I fear You think you're so cool That's cool for me You'll be true this time You like to lead them along and keep turning them on I'll be dragged in deep further back we go By now I should know - Yeah.
- You called earlier? Oh.
We had another guy who was murdered today.
Guy by the name of Dennis Peterson.
What, the self-help guy? Yeah.
He had a doctor come to his hotel three times last month.
I need to know if that doctor came from your hospital, and if he did what went on during those visits.
You know, if he's a patient, that's privileged information.
Yeah, I know.
I'd get a warrant.
But I'm kind of in the middle - of a spree killing - Hi.
How are you? that's kind of in the middle of a hurricane.
A spree killing? That's why Carlos was so distracted today.
Believe me.
I wouldn't ask if there was any other way.
How about this? If it looks like something you should tell me, then tell me.
If not, this privileged information stays privileged.
Let me think about that, and I have to get this.
Reverse charge call from Raiford Prison.
Yes, I'll accept the charges.
- Hey, baby.
- Ray.
I heard you guys are havin' some weather out there.
- Yeah, well, it's not that bad yet.
- You guys at the hospital? - Yeah.
- Jeff with you? Yeah, he is.
We, um We boarded up the house and battened down the hatches.
I'm not worried about the house.
I just want to make sure my baby and my boy are safe.
- Oh! What's going on? - We're fine.
It's good to hear your voice.
You know what, Ray? I'm sorry.
I'm just really busy here.
That's all right.
Can I talk to the little man? Yeah, he's right here.
- It's your dad.
- Hey, Dad.
Hey, buddy.
How you doin'? Yeah, everything's all right so far.
Bill Taylor.
Nicole Gelber.
How you doin'? You don't have to pretend that you remember me.
- I remember you.
- Oh, yeah? I had an eensy-weensy little crush on you.
You wanna dance? Oh, hell yeah.
But, you know, just gonna say hello to a friend first.
Okay, then before the night is out.
You pick a song, girl.
- You got it.
- Mmm.
Ah Jason? Bill.
Bill Taylor.
Uh, we had social studies in senior year, remember? - Yeah, what was the name of that, uh, teacher? - Mr.
- Mr.
- I'm sorry.
I-I'm usually pretty good at puttin' names to faces.
- You're a doctor? - Oh, yeah, yeah, doctor.
I always had you pegged for a doctor or physicist.
You were always the smartest guy in the class.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You used to sit in the back of the class.
So Miller wouldn't call on me.
Yeah, that's right.
Hey, you were in the chess club, right? With, uh, Dennis Uh, Dennis Peterson.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You guys still keep in touch? Uh, we drifted apart after high school.
Yeah, I wonder why he didn't show up, huh? - I'm sure he would've wanted to, huh? - Why? See how all his conquests look after 20 years.
Conquests? He nailed every hottie in high school.
He had a silver tongue even back then, you know? No wonder he's made millions as a motivational speaker.
Hell yeah.
- Oh.
Gotta take this.
- Oh.
- Good talkin' to you.
- Yeah, you too.
A third body was found earlier today in St.
And given the hurricane, they were a little slow with getting me the information.
Who was the vic? A bank loan officer by the name of Charles Kendrick.
Ballistics say he was shot with the same gun that killed the other two victims earlier today.
Time of death puts him as first kill.
Where are you? Palm Glade, class of 1990 reunion.
The other two victims were supposed to be here today.
Well, Kendrick was 52 and from Georgia so he doesn't appear to have any ties to your reunion.
Yeah, not yet anyway.
Like you said, the first victim was killed 70 miles away.
The other two, Raines and Peterson, are supposed to be here at this reunion.
This guy is killing in a friggin' hurricane.
I need to find out how those two were targeted by the same killer and why if we got any chance of stopping this spree.
Well, how are you gonna get these people to open up to you? - I'm not.
Bill is.
- Who the hell is Bill? I have no idea.
I gotta go.
- Can I help you with something? - Smelled smoke.
- Can I help you with something? - Smelled smoke.
Lookin' for the fire.
What are you, some kind of fire marshal? When did you take up smoking? What's it to you? You were on the football team, right? - I was the football team.
- That's funny.
No, that's what confuses me.
You know, a lot of former athletes don't take up smoking.
I mean, alcohol maybe.
A little wife-beating on the side.
No? Smoking? Unless, of course, for some reason their lives have turned to shit, and they've lost their reason to live that one really throws me.
So what are you doin' now? Why is it reunions are all about what you do? What do you drive? How big's your house? How much do you make? Well, 'cause if you'd made something of yourself you want to rub it in the face of people you used to care about.
People like Dennis Peterson and Valerie Raines.
I deliver bottled water to rich, lazy ass-wipes too good to drink from the tap.
- And I don't care who knows it.
- Wow.
That is noble.
You know the party's upstairs, right? I mean, we didn't really know each other well back then, but Why'd you come if you didn't intend to have fun with us? Maybe I just wanted to see what gigantic jackasses everybody turned out to be.
How you doin', Evelyn? Oh.
Embarrassed beyond belief.
When I fell and cracked my hip my mind must have cracked too.
Your mind is fine.
At my age I should be throwing caution to the wind.
Instead, I get delusional about doctors pulling the plug on me for bed space.
That's the death panel, and it hasn't been commissioned yet.
And no one is pulling the plug on you on my watch.
- You missed your calling.
- What do you mean? - Medical examiner? - Mm-hmm.
It's noble, and someone's got to do it.
But with your bedside manner the living could really use a guy like you.
You know, maybe if all my patients were like you I might have taken a different career path.
You remind me of my husband.
He had a gruff exterior too.
But inside he was a very kind man.
Why, he'd do anything for me.
I was a very lucky woman.
You know what, Evelyn? He was a very lucky man.
Evelyn? Evelyn.
Evelyn? Uh, code! Code! Co-Co Coding! Patient here! - I need a bag-mask, tube and a ventilator.
- Got it.
Come on.
You remember this.
Evelyn, I'm doing my best.
Now you do yours.
Come on.
All right.
That's in.
- In? Okay.
- Got it.
All right.
Got it? Okay.
She's back.
Give me the ventilator.
All right.
Good work, Doctor.
You're kidding me.
When does the backup generator kick in? - That was the backup generator.
- Great.
- Okay, you got this? - Yeah.
- Do you got this? - Yeah.
- I'll be right back.
- Wait, Carlos.
Where are you going? - Just keep going.
Keep going.
- Carlos! Don't worry about it! Just-Just keep going! Keep going! It's gonna be okay.
Go, go, go! Come on! I need that ready to roll! - Excuse me.
- Un-freakin'-believable! All right.
I need those evacuation routes posted.
I need the purification systems loaded and ready to go in 10.
What the hell are you waiting for? What? - Hi.
- No! I'm Carlos Sanchez, chief medical examiner with the F.
Someone die? A lot of people will unless I can get a generator.
- Excuse me? - Palm Glade Hospital's backup generators went out.
I understand you have four.
I'm here to requisition one.
I haven't got one to spare.
You have four.
Those generators are already loaded on trucks and are designated for spots in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.
Those trucks are gonna roll as soon as the winds die down.
- Are you kidding me? - Listen.
I'll call around and see if I can find you one.
But I'm not making any promises.
Time to earn your intern stripes.
Don't you have a hurricane to worry about? I have two state of the emergencies and you're smack dab in the middle of one of them.
Is-Is that Bobby McFerrin? Yeah.
Irony because of the hurricane? No, no, no, no, no.
You have a very dangerous armed man on the loose.
Don't be happy.
After you've been shot in the ass, you never let your guard down.
I'm all over it.
Yeah, it turns out Peterson was quite the silver-tongued devil.
Reunions make people reflect.
Maybe someone reflected on the girl that got away.
Maybe that someone blamed Peterson.
Just listen to me.
The shooter already killed three.
- Don't become number four.
- Are you ordering me not to get shot? Look, this guy will not hesitate to shoot you.
I'm ordering you not to get shot.
- Sir? - I'm still trying to track down another generator.
I know you're doing your best and I know what it feels like to be pulled in a lot of directions.
People making outrageous demands.
You have no idea.
No, actually I do, more than you know.
You see, I work with this guy in Homicide.
He acts like the world revolves around him.
Drove his last partner to cut off his wife's head.
- Seriously? - Yeah.
Actually, I pulled the wife's jawbone out of the gator's stomach.
- Get out.
- Yeah, partially digested.
They have a very slow metabolism.
Then what happened? We caught the guy.
He's in jail.
Gotta go.
Move, move! This is so cool! I've never stolen anything before.
It's not stealing.
It's requisitioning.
- Who authorized us to do this? - A Category 4 hurricane.
Bill? - Hey, Stephanie.
- Hang on.
Oh! - Thank you.
- Geez, man, come on.
- Oh, hey.
You know, women.
- Bill.
You're not Billy.
This guy thinks he's Billy.
What the hell's goin' on? I know Bill.
He's my friend.
He e-mailed me.
He couldn't make it.
You are not Billy.
- Who the hell are you? - Well, yeah.
I'm not Bill Taylor.
- No.
- But you know what? Look down.
I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
- Lead on.
In here.
What's your problem? Dennis Peterson was killed today, along with Valerie Raines - and a loan officer from St.
- What? Star quarterback and cheerleader.
You and Becky made a lovely couple, that is until Peterson moved in.
- Yeah, and I dumped Becky.
- Yeah.
Regrets? I was the star quarterback.
I could've had any girl I wanted.
Yeah, that was then.
This is now.
Come on.
Becky the one that got away? No.
Peterson had sex with your girlfriend and then went on to achieve a great many things like being one of those rich, lazy ass-wipes that gets their water delivered by losers.
- I'm no loser, pal.
- After you came back from the hotel all three victims were already dead.
- You had time to kill them all.
- But I didn't.
I was goin' home.
The roads were jammed.
Or you were trying to establish an alibi.
- I didn't kill anybody.
- This is the guy.
Once the weather breaks, an F.
unit will be here to pick you up.
- Don't let him smoke.
- You're arresting me? Well, we're not escorting you home.
Oh, man.
- What did you do? - I got us a generator.
- FEMA called.
They said you stole it.
- Requisitioned it.
- I did not authorize this.
- Who cares? Plugging this generator in puts this hospital at risk for criminal penalties and fines.
I could be an accessory after the fact.
If I don't plug it in, people are gonna die.
I will not let you put this hospital at risk.
And the people inside? Huh? You okay putting them at risk? Get out of my way now.
- That was awesome.
- Yeah, it was.
Yeah! You owe me a dance.
Uh, yes, I do.
I knew you weren't Bill.
- Then why'd you keep my secret? - Because you were cute and I wanted to dance.
And high school wasn't all that fun, so I thought I'd spice it up a bit.
- Hey.
Can I ask you a question? - Yeah.
Did Dennis Peterson and Valerie Raines have anything to do with each other in high school? - No.
- You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Valerie was not pretty and Dennis was always out chasing hot chicks.
Is that fact or fiction? That is a fact.
He could have any girl he wanted in high school.
Even the homecoming queen? Actually, no, not the homecoming queen.
- Any girl but Tanya Owens.
- Come with me.
You see, Tommy and Tanya were together since sophomore year in high school.
Yeah, but Dennis didn't worry about relationships.
Look at Eddie and Becky.
Yeah, but Eddie and Becky weren't that serious.
Tommy and Tanya, they were a thing.
And, you know, Dennis, he was not the marrying type.
- And Tommy was? - They were married right out of high school.
- They had a baby.
- How are they goin'? I heard they hit some hard times.
Tommy had some medical issues.
He lost his job.
And I think they're headed for divorce.
What I'm about to tell you is confidential doctor-patient information.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- And only because you're dealing with a spree killing which qualifies as an imminent threat, am I disclosing this information.
Dennis Peterson was donating bone marrow to a 20-year-old boy.
- And his connection to the boy? - It's his illegitimate son.
The boy's last name wasn't Owens, was it? How'd you know that? 'Cause his father Tommy's the shooter.
My patients don't usually open their eyes after I've done my work.
They don't know what they're missing.
You feeling all right? I'm fine.
But you deprived the hospital of an empty bed.
I told you.
Not on my watch.
It's okay.
Your confidential hospital informant played a crucial role.
Come on.
Let's go.
One, two, three.
Go, go, go! Thank that person for me.
Tommy Owens was recently laid off where Valerie Raines works.
Let's go.
Come on.
He also was turned down for a loan - at the bank where the loan officer was killed.
- Any medical issues? Yeah, he suffered from bipolar disorder.
He was getting electroconvulsive therapy treatment and medication.
But his insurance ran out when he lost his job.
Finding out his son wasn't his biological son, losing his job getting a divorce, being turned down for a loan Yeah.
It was too much to handle all at once.
Perfect storm of emotional blows.
And now, we've got to stop him.
Well, in a killing spree, usually the last victim is the person the shooter perceives is letting them down the most.
Yeah, well, learning 20 years later that Tanya Owens gave birth to another man's son I think that would probably qualify her for that honor.
- Yeah.
You call her already? - We're putting together SWA Tteams to send both to Tanya's house and Tommy Owens's apartment.
I'm heading there now.
Tommy Owens's medical files.
Thank you.
Thinking the ex is the last victim.
I'm gonna head over there and try and stop it.
You really think she's the last? You're so not listening to me.
What? Sorry? Uh, thank you.
- Be careful.
- Yeah.
What's that noise? Remember me? - What are you doing here? - I asked you a question.
You're Mr.
What do you want? There.
What do you want? What do you want? Nothing.
I just came here to kill you.
That's all.
No, no, no.
Oh, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait.
Please, please.
I'll do anything.
- Too late.
- Please, please! I'm begging you.
It's not too late.
Please! - Say again? - Please! I'm begging you.
I'll do anything.
- No, please! - Oh, now you're begging me? - No, please, don't kill me! No, no, please! - It's too late! Please don't kill me! Hey.
She really let you down, huh? I'm unarmed.
I got nothin'.
See? Unarmed.
I mean, they all let you down, didn't they? Valerie Raines fired you.
Charles Kendrick wouldn't give you a loan.
Worst of all, Dennis Peterson had sex with your childhood sweetheart.
You've been raising the child as your own, not knowing the truth.
But you were dealing with it, or trying to until Carol cut off your lifeline the meds to help you keeping it all in perspective.
You were right, by the way.
The storm got a lot worse.
- And that's gonna end today! - Hey, hey, hey! I understand.
I understand you want to kill Carol.
My own partner just about did it two hours ago.
She is the worst of the worst.
Typical bureaucrat from the party of no.
She lives to say no.
You need help? "No.
" You need medication to keep you sane, keep the demons from your door? "No.
" What she doesn't understand is that saying no doesn't make her important.
- It just makes her a pain in the ass.
- Yeah.
In fact, you know what? Seriously, shoot her.
- I don't care.
- Yeah.
One for every no.
Hope you got a full magazine.
- Yeah.
- Or, Tommy? You can have this.
It's your medication, right? Medication you couldn't get anymore 'cause your insurance ran out.
I want you to have 'em.
That's it, Tommy.
It's over.
Oh - You gave me a damn heart attack.
- What? I was just following orders.
- I didn't get shot, did I? - Yeah, this time.
Excuse me, Detective.
- I just wanted to say thank you.
- Well, you're welcome.
My goodness, you were convincing.
I actually thought you wanted that man to shoot me.
I mean, you weren't really going to let him shoot me? You know what? You should think about how you treat people.
Is there a Hernandez family on this block? No.
They're a couple of blocks over.
There's mail in here.
I'll take it to 'em.
I'm gonna check up on Kyle and Rick see how they made it through the hurricane.
- Okay, but come right back.
- I will.
I thought this was just Carlos being Carlos.
Things actually do fly in from all over the place, huh? Yep.
Things could travel from miles away just to end up in my front yard.
Know how that feels.
Ray called.
He wanted to see how we were doing during the storm.
Oh, that was nice of him.
You, uh You guys talk about much on the phone? I just got off really quickly.
He only has a few minutes, and I wanted him to talk to Jeff, so Right.
This looks like a two-person job.
I'll take the heavy end.
You take the light end.
Uh, which one's the lighter end? - That one.
- This one? No, that's the lighter end.
- You think? - Oh.
You're trying to get out of hauling the heavier end.
Hey, you know what? Be my guest.
- Great.
I will.
- Please.
- The lighter end.
- Right.
I'll go to the heavy end.
- You ready? - Uh-huh.
- One.
- Two.
- Okay.
- Oh! Wow.
- I was wrong.
- That must be embarrassing.
- It's a little embarrassing.
- You wanna - I'll Could we - We should - Thank you.
- Why don't you take the heavy end? Okay.
You ready? Watch your back.
I'm watching my back.
You just watch your back.
I'm always watching my back.
Oh! Use your legs.
You have a lot of advice for someone who's never picked up after a hurricane.
Yeah, I know.
Can you imagine how obnoxious I'm gonna be after I've lived through a few of these? English - US - SDH