The Glades s01e06 Episode Script


4 Shh.
What? - Dolphin.
- I like dolphins.
What's that? An egret taking flight.
Hey, back off! Back off or I'll kick your ass.
He's high or drunk or something.
Are-Are you all right? - Something's wrong with his head.
- Get the police.
- Police.
- Call 911.
I saw Backstop.
I saw it.
He He shot him.
- Okay, just try and stay calm.
- He shot at Backstop.
- If I die, you gotta tell the police.
- You're not gonna die.
- He killed her.
It looked just like me.
- I got it from here.
The guy just looked exactly like me.
Tell them.
Tell them.
You're never gonna believe this.
- What? - I was working the graveyard shift and a head trauma I wheeled into surgery early this morning was trying to tell me that he saw a woman being shot.
- Trying to or telling you? - I guess he was telling me.
I don't know.
I think it's the brain damage talking but he kept saying "Backstop.
Tell them Backstop.
" What else did he tell you? He said that the person who shot her looked just like him.
- Where is he now? - In surgery.
All right.
I'm coming over.
- Why? - Female gunshot victim was found in an alley just outside a sports bar called the Backstop.
I'm here now.
- Is he conscious? - No, and with surgery and recovery he won't be for another five or six hours.
All right.
I'll be here another hour.
- I'm sending F.
to the hospital.
- I don't want police here.
Callie, you may have a violent offender in your E.
I'm sending two deputies.
Please do not fight me on this.
Fine, but can they be plainclothes? All right, fair enough.
But please, promise me - I will.
- Promise me you'll be careful.
I promise.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
What do you mean, we may have a witness? We may also have the shooter.
The witness I.
'd himself as the shooter.
We'll get his real I.
off his prints.
- That's called a confession.
- Not if he's being wheeled into surgery with massive head trauma.
This bottle looks freshly broken.
Can I get this processed? Anyone hear anything in the bar like a gunshot maybe? It gets pretty loud here most nights Music, guys yelling at the games.
Daniel, didn't know you were such a sports fan.
- Oh, yeah.
- Wheezing isn't a sport.
I got a small caliber, point-blank.
Body absorbs a lot of sound.
You might not even hear a gun like that.
A gun like this? Oh, no, no, no! That's my wife! - Let me go! Let me go! - All right, I got this.
I got this.
Sir! If you mark up the crime scene, we're never gonna catch the person who did this.
Just calm down.
She, uh She didn't come home last night so I knew as soon as I heard on the radio it was her.
- Oh, my God.
- All right, sir.
Calm down.
Deep breaths, all right? - Tell me your name.
Can you tell me your name? - Lenny Nelson.
- All right, Lenny, what's your wife's name? - Lisa.
All right, Lenny, listen to me.
Lisa's going to be taken to the chief medical examiner's office, all right? Daniel here is going to take you to my office.
We're gonna talk the whole thing through, okay? She said her name was Lisa Howard, not Nelson and her driver's license said so too.
I'm not surprised.
A lot of girls lie about their names and age.
Two driver's licenses.
One is Lisa Nelson, Delray Beach, Florida.
The other is Lisa Howard, Claxton, Georgia.
Looks like Lisa tried to scratch out a date of birth using a pen on this one.
Check that before you hired her to serve alcohol? - It's dark in the bar.
- Betty A pen? That's what they wear.
- She work last night? - Till 11:00.
You notice a man, maybe late 20s, early 30s giving her a bit of unwanted attention? It's a sports bar.
Unwanted attention goes with the territory.
You hear a gunshot? I can't hear myself think when this place gets going.
I'm waiting on records and ident with his prints trying to see if he's in the system.
And, head injury or not, a confession is still a confession.
- Maybe he's delusional.
- Uh-uh.
It's called "subjective double syndrome.
" - What's that? - Basically, a brain injury causing the person to think the body of a person he knows is being occupied by somebody evil.
- You know, a doppelgänger.
- That's an actual syndrome? Apparently.
I'm not a neurologist but even for a neurologist, the brain is still a pretty big mystery.
So he thinks the killer looks just like him.
I mean unless he's got an evil twin out there somewhere.
Oh, no, he doesn't.
I checked County birth records.
Kinda lazy and stupid of me not to, right? Would be.
I knew it was her.
I knew it.
Oh, God.
I'm gonna be sick.
Let's wait for the detective.
Daniel's doing interviews now? I guess he's trying to keep the guy from falling apart.
- He's just not having much luck.
- Excuse me.
For you.
And you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- What do you got? - The gun found in the alley has been confirmed as the murder weapon but the only prints we have of it belong to the victim.
I don't know.
Yours is good as well, just, our hospital guy's got a record.
You up to talking? Yeah? Where were you last night? Uh, I worked at my dad's citrus store.
I got off around 2:00 in the morning.
- I got home around 3:00.
- Store's open a bit late.
Yeah, well, we online ship across the world.
The, uh The clothes that she was found in She would never dress like that or ever go to a bar like that.
She worked there.
- You didn't know? - No, no, no.
No, she worked at the citrus store.
She ran the day shift.
Yeah, and at night at the Backstop, under her maiden name.
You, uh You know this guy? - No.
Did he shoot Lisa? - We don't know.
He was also attacked on the night.
We don't know why.
That's a mug shot.
Is he a criminal? He was at one point.
You recognize this? - I'll take that as a yes.
- Is that what shot her? Is it? God forgive me.
I gave her that gun for her protection.
Protection from who? No, no.
No one.
I just She's a small-town girl, okay? I wanted her to feel safe when she was home alone at night.
Oh, my God.
You can't make him upset or get him excited.
He's still weak.
Promise I'll tread lightly.
You better, or broken hand or not, I will throw you out.
- How's it going? - Ugh.
It serves me right.
Agreeing to a pick-up basketball game with my 13-year-old son? Hi, Dave.
You remember that guy I was telling you about, Detective Longworth? - Do you mind talking to him for a minute? - Yeah, I'll do the best I can.
What do you remember, Dave? I remember leaving the bar.
Um, the Backstop.
At what time? Like about midnight.
I, uh, crossed the alley to get to my car, and Where's my car? Oh, we'll find it.
You went to the alley? I walk by the alley, and then that's when I see the guy in the Tampa Tech jacket, I believe.
The one with the bulldog.
He has a gun pointed at the girl.
Any available scrub nurse to the O.
That's the girl.
That's her.
Anyway, I, uh You know, I Of course I ran into the alley, and, um Screaming at the top of my lungs at this guy to stop just as he pulls the trigger and then he turns around and looks right at me, and it was me.
This guy had He looked exactly like me.
- And then I saw red.
- Red? Yeah.
Everything kind of turned to red.
You sure you don't know the victim? You kinda reacted a little when I showed you.
- Uh, no.
I No.
- No? No? Do you know the shooter? Like, do you know this guy? This guy that looked like me I did not say it was me.
I told you he looked like me.
- Like an evil twin, or - I don't - Look, I - Let me help you out.
You don't have a twin.
You got two older sisters, but no twin, evil or otherwise.
- And the violent tendencies? That's all you, Dave.
- That was eight years ago.
Yeah, where you put a guy in the hospital for bumping into you in a bar.
You did 18 months for that one, right? Okay, that's enough.
I'm so sorry.
You get out of here now.
That was you treading lightly? Initially.
Callie, the guy's a murder suspect with a violent past who says the killer looks just like him.
Okay, but he's just had brain surgery.
He can't take that kind of grilling.
And why would he come forward if he committed the crime? I don't know.
I was hoping you could tell me.
Head trauma is tricky at best.
I've known otherwise sane people come in here and claim that they were sent ahead by alien invasion to warn us all and then the next day have no recollection of it.
What does your gut tell you? My gut My gut is wondering why he seems so sad for a guy with that violent a past.
Head trauma or not, those two things don't add up to me.
We're closed.
Oh, sorry.
Come on in.
Lenny said somebody from the F.
E - showed him a picture of the man who might've - Yeah.
We're working on it.
I've been trying to call Lenny.
It keeps going through to voice mail.
Yeah, sorry.
That's my fault.
I shut off the ringer.
He's been getting condolence calls and when he tries to explain where Lisa was, well, it wears on him.
Jim Longworth, F.
Michael Nelson.
I'm Lenny's dad.
- You don't look like the F.
- I don't? You don't respect the job enough to dress properly for it? I respect it enough to do it.
- I need to see Lenny.
- I need to see your shield.
Don't lose it.
Nice grove.
You own all this land? Yeah.
It's been with my family for generations.
I intend to keep it that way.
How you holding up? Well, my wife served alcohol and showed her ass to sinners forged her license denied our marriage How do you think I'm holding up? Sorry.
Stupid question.
- Something wrong? - Nice jacket.
Is it yours? Yeah.
I did it.
I killed my wife, you jackass.
Someone with a Tampa Tech jacket was spotted over the victim.
According to a felon.
With head trauma, don't forget.
Okay, my wife was shot and killed with her own gun and you wanna know about my jacket? - Actually, I'd like to borrow it.
- Then take it.
- It's time you left.
- All right.
I'm done here.
I need to stop by your son's house, look over Lisa's things.
No, you're not gonna see his house.
Now who's not respecting my job? How long has your son owned his house? Six years.
It was my dad's.
It went to Len after he died, and he moved in after high school.
- Is this Lenny's mom? - Yes.
We lost her two weeks after that picture.
They were close.
Too close.
I think losing his mom caused him to marry too young.
A few weeks after this picture? That's a shame.
She looks kind of healthy.
She didn't die.
She ran off with some produce clerk at Winn-Dixie.
That's why my son feels abandoned.
Women usually own the bedroom.
There's almost no evidence that a woman actually lived here.
Lisa had to have stuff.
She's a woman.
Right? Women have stuff.
So what's up here? Huh.
Why would she have all this stuff and keep it hidden up here? Do you really need to ask? You saying my son's controlling? Wow.
That came out fast.
Were they trying for a child? You have to ask Len.
A checkbook? Her checkbook.
Do you recognize this guy? No.
You sure? Do you think that this guy looks like me? I don't think it looks like you.
Then why are you asking me that question? I told you.
The guy that shot the girl He looks like me.
You don't believe me.
You gotta admit, it's a hard thing to swallow, Dave.
But since you ask, I will tell you what I believe.
I believe a woman was murdered.
I believe you were there or at least, we believe you were there.
- You certainly believe you were there.
- I was there.
I believe the killer was wearing a Tampa Tech jacket.
A lot of people go to Tampa Tech or have been to Tampa Tech, Dave including you.
Registrar said you've been a part-time student there for six years.
Given that your degree was interrupted with prison and restitution to your victim but you kept trying, didn't you? So I also believe that you're trying to right your life.
Hang in there.
You can't just take him to places that upset him.
I was not confrontational, and totally within bounds.
- You were being gentle.
- Try anything once.
- Then why is he in tears? - I don't know.
Asking him to think at all puts his brain in drive.
It's still swollen.
You can only believe half of what he's saying anyway.
Yeah, but does that affect his feelings? Does the trauma affect his emotions? I can't stop thinking about what you said earlier.
He is sad, but is he sad because he can't help us or is he sad because he hurt someone? I gotta run.
Catch you later.
I'm sorry about that.
It's not him.
He's trying to find that girl's killer.
Yeah, but you need your rest.
You know, what if I did this? What if my brain is tricking me so that I don't believe, somehow, that I did this but what if I did it? You know, uh if I murdered that girl.
Heads up.
Tampa Tech jacket.
See if you can connect it to the scene.
Oh, and was the victim pregnant? Uh, no.
Show him.
I put the beer bottle together.
- Dr.
Sanchez found a print on it.
- Paramedic from MacDill.
Shipped off to Haiti two nights ago, so he's not the suspect.
But there was blood on this sliver of glass.
- It's a match for Dave Rollins.
- So this is what caused the head injury? Put that down.
That and hitting the asphalt at a dead drop.
But that puts him at the scene.
Between that and his police records I say we get inside his apartment and take a good look around.
Except he's in no condition to answer the charge which means no judge is gonna give us a warrant, not till he comes to a little.
We also found a shard of latex.
It's from a common kitchen glove, not a surgical glove.
I found solvents on it common to kitchens.
- I also found citrus particles.
- Citrus particles? You got bushels of oranges banging around microscopic particles are gonna float off - but nothing you can take to court.
- Yeah, but it points somewhere.
- The victim worked at a citrus store.
- Yeah.
I just think that she grabbed the bottles from the Dumpster and clobbered Davy Doppelgänger before he shot her.
Or maybe she didn't hit Davy over the back of the head.
Maybe the shooter with the latex glove did.
You're backing off Doppelgänger as a suspect? No, but Callie thinks he's innocent and she's been spending a lot of time with Dave.
She's married to a career criminal for years.
She knows when she's being played.
Not quite, if she's still hanging out with you.
I was gonna ask you to come and join me to do some super sleuthing - Mm-hmm.
- but you've hurt my feelings.
Where you going? Yo! Mr.
Lisa mentioned to her boss at the Backstop she's meeting a man about a second job here.
How do you like yours? - Uh, like yours.
- You sure? - I'm sure if you're sure.
- Okay.
- He says the A.
- camera can see everything.
- Come on.
- Whoo! Ha, ha! Yeah! - So what'd he say? - He says you got a pretty mouth.
- Did he? - No.
You can see everything from the A.
Freeze it.
That guy sitting by himself Is that who I think it is? - Aha.
Davy Doppelgänger.
- Let it play.
- And who's that? - That's our victim.
Oh, yeah.
He's innocent, all right.
So is there any way you can find out exactly So you did know Lisa Nelson.
Dave? - You denying it? - What the hell kind of question is that? Obviously, yes, I knew who this girl was.
It's killing me.
Look at this girl.
- This is a beautiful girl we're talking about here - Okay.
All right.
and I can't even remember her.
Apparently somebody who was in my life, I can't remember.
Why can't I remember? I don't know.
Stop giving me the third degree.
Get your - Sir, please.
- damn hands off of me.
Neurologist can't say whether or not Dave is angry or if it's all just an act.
He wants to keep him here for a few more days.
I say the guy is unstable, he has a history of violence and from the physical evidence I'm seeing Points to him as the killer.
He needs to be in county lockup.
That piece of paper Lisa gave you What'd she write on it? - I don't know.
- Where'd you put it? Well Like, a coat pocket.
My apartment, maybe.
Do I have permission to look? Refusing access to your apartment doesn't look good for you, Dave.
- Yeah.
- Good.
All right, listen.
I have physical evidence on you, and obviously I can put you with the victim.
If you're charged, this hospital will toss you as soon as it can so this is probably the best solution.
I'm sorry, Dave.
It's here or County.
Lock it up.
Just doing your job.
Got it.
I got soil and other unidentifiable particulates but nothing that specifically puts this jacket at the crime scene.
Can you get a number off that? - No.
The rest is a blur.
- 727-555-0110.
I cross-referenced Lisa and Dave's phone records.
It's the only call number they have in common.
Southeastern Mystery Shoppers.
Uh, yeah.
I got your number from, uh What is it? - Maybe our ad in the Biscayne? - No, I don't read that.
- We're in the Gabber.
- Yeah.
That's it.
- So how does this work? - Simple terms.
- We pay you to shop.
- Pay me how much? - That varies, but a minimum of 200.
- A day? - Yeah.
You interested? - Very.
- Great.
Where are you? - Palm Glade.
Palm Glade.
Lucky you.
We have a rep in your area tomorrow just for the day.
- I could squeeze you in at, oh, 2:00? - Morning's better.
Okay, let me see.
11:00 work? - Can we make it 10:00? - I can make 10:00 work.
Dellarosa Hotel.
Poolside terrace.
- I'll be there.
200 minimum, right? - Right.
I need your name.
Daniel Green.
Got it.
See you there.
- Why'd you give him my name? - It's a con.
There just happens to be a rep in this area and he's so busy, but he can fit us in at 2:00 or 11:00 or 10:00? - But - He's a grifter.
He'd never buy me as a mark.
Caribbean] Daniel.
Joe Thomas, Southeastern Mystery Shopper.
Coffee? - Can I get you something? - Yeah, coffee, couple of pastries.
You're prompt.
I like that.
I'm slammed, so let's get down to it, okay? I understand you need to make some money.
My girl left me Whoa, whoa.
Doesn't matter why.
Question is, are you ready to start today? I don't know what it is Good.
I represent a chain of major retailers.
We evaluate their sales force, provide strategies for their bottom line.
- You with me? - Yeah.
Your job is simple, fun.
It's where I started.
All you do is, you go to these stores you buy the items corresponding to the store.
How do How do I pay for all this? Oh, we pay for it.
This is my card.
It's programmed with a low line of credit so you don't go crazy and go running out the back of the store.
It's how we protect ourselves against fraudulent use.
Not saying that's you.
- You with me? - Yeah.
- Wanna give it a try? - Sure.
There's an electronics store right across the street.
I'm gonna give you a list of items to shop for and buy.
You'll bring those items back to me.
You fill out a two-page questionnaire.
Over and done.
If that goes well, you're the newest player on the Mystery Shoppers team.
What do you say? I'd say I've heard that tune before.
- Hey, who are - Stolen credit card, Joe? Stolen? Who told you that? This is not - You've gotta read me my rights.
- No.
Uh, you have to.
No, I don't.
- This is who was murdered? - Mm-hmm.
Oh, I was this close to a little something-something with her.
Oh, yeah? Before she found out your shoppers' gig was a scam? A front where the shoppers went down, you wouldn't.
When she threatened to go to the cops, you killed her.
Get real.
She was great at You know, I am not talking about my business.
I don't give a rat's ass about your fraud.
I'm homicide, and I'm lookin' at you.
Okay, she was great at what we're not talking about.
- Whatever.
- An eager beaver.
Not just shopping.
She was trying to bring people in 'cause we give a bonus for everyone you brought in.
She bring in anybody? Yeah, but the guy never showed.
His name wasn't Dave, by any chance? Maybe.
I don't remember.
Lisa was trying to bank as much cake as she could as fast as she could.
Her husband was cheating on her.
She needed cash to get out.
You should be talking to him.
You should be talking to his girlfriend.
- How do you know that? - 'Cause she told me.
She told you? She barely knew you.
Barely knowing makes it easier.
You know that, your line of work getting people to tell you things they wouldn't tell their priest.
Came this close.
- Do you have a number? - Lots.
Which one do you need? - Husband's lover.
- That one I don't have.
I may be off base here.
Isn't that your job? Yeah.
I gave you everything I had on your problem.
- What about mine? - Oh, I'll make sure you get everything we have.
Nice gloves.
Is Lenny around? Yeah, he's in in the back.
Was there a new development in the case? Yeah.
We found a motive to the murder.
Lenny was having an affair.
- Who told you that? - Detective.
- Oh, hey.
- What's goin' on? We found a motive to your wife's murder.
Is your dad around? Yeah, he's in the groves.
What is this? You're under arrest for murder.
You're under arrest for accessory to murder.
These guys will read your rights.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be held against you in a court of law.
Hello! Mr.
Nelson! Hi.
I just arrested your son and Amy for suspicion of murder.
Gonna take 'em down for questioning so there's no one watching the store.
Okay, I was comforting Lenny, but that doesn't prove anything.
He was devastated by the loss of his wife.
From what I saw Proves there was a lot more going on between you than a little garden-variety comforting.
I mean, come on, Amy.
You guys grew up across the orange grove together.
You and Lenny grew up together.
Childhood sweethearts, be my guess.
When he comes back from college with a wife you must have been pretty upset.
Trust me.
I know what it's like to feel for someone who's married to someone they'd be better off without.
He was alone up there at college.
He was susceptible.
And he comes back from college.
You're still here, still burning a candle for him.
And all those feelings start to return.
Right? But it's too late.
He's married.
But he still needs you in his life, so he hires you at the store.
Pretty selfish of him, if you ask me, keeping both of you in his life.
That had to really suck for you.
You know, the whole Lisa of it all.
- I could handle it.
- She couldn't.
Or someone wouldn't let her.
Did you kill her, Amy? - No.
- Was it Lenny? - No.
- And when the condolence calls came in and all the guilt started to overcome him, it was you You were the one there turning off the phones, keeping the pain out of his life, right? You don't have to go to prison, Amy.
You just have to help me get to the truth.
What did you do with Amy? How about we start with what you've done to Amy? Lenny, she just broke down.
That is one hell of a burden you've asked her to carry.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Kinda think you do, actually.
When you went off to school, it was the first time you'd been away from everything you knew for the first time in your life, and there was Lisa.
Sweet, innocent, untouched.
You thought it was love.
She saw you as a ticket out of Hicksville.
And that was great for a while.
Until those little feelings for Amy started to come back in.
- How long before the affair started? - There was no affair.
- Lenny.
- One time is not an affair.
Okay? It is a mistake.
One time? With a girl as hot as Amy? I didn't plan for it.
Okay? It just It happened.
My dad had a Little League coaches' meeting.
He was supposed to be doing inventory with me.
He asked Amy to stay behind and help.
- Your dad still coaches Little League? - Yes.
Like he did before your mother ran off? Oh, you You leave my mother out of this.
- Okay? - Is that what happened, Lenny? Did those cracks in your marriage start to show? Did Lisa pick up what was happening between you and Amy? - Started to take her life back like her maiden name.
- No.
Abandoning you like your mother did.
I told you to leave my mother out of this.
Did you kill Lisa because she was abandoning you, Lenny? Did you resent her the way you resented your mother? I did not resent my mother.
- Of course he snapped.
You attacked his mother.
- Who abandoned him.
And thanks to his mother, he now transfers all the resentment to every woman in his life, which is a good motive for murder.
Except you're forgetting one thing.
The suspect that all evidence points to as the murderer is taking up a bed at Palm Glade Regional, polishing up his insanity act.
What? When? Okay.
No, no, no, no.
I'm on my way over.
Not anymore.
Dave's escaped.
I'm not going to point fingers.
Administration brought him insurance forms to fill out.
- That's procedure.
- Yeah, and left him with a pen? We're health care professionals.
We're not armed guards, suspicious of everyone's motives.
Do you mind if I point the finger at my guys? Like the two former agents who used to work for the F.
? Look, it's not your fault, but where the hell was the guy at the door? He went to the bathroom.
He called to his partner.
Dave had maybe a minute to pull this whole thing off.
A minute? Really? To plan, execute and carry out his escape? Which means his swelling has gone down and his cognition and motor skills have returned.
He's starting to remember what happened.
Damn it.
He did it, didn't he? - Aw, crap.
- He killed that girl.
He's probably got an hour on us.
I'd head to the apartment, but I can't see him running there.
I'll try bus and train stations, the airport.
I've got a BOLO out on him, but he doesn't have his car.
Local P.
impounded it a few days after the murder.
Listen, Jim, this is a major screwup.
- What the hell happened? - Yeah, my screwup, Colleen.
My case, my fault.
Yeah, well, there's a protocol for a suspect receiving urgent medical care.
It's called Men's County.
Yeah, I'm taking care of it.
You have my word.
You can go ahead and release Amy and Lenny though.
I completely misread the guy.
What the hell was I thinking? He fought so hard to try and help and I thought he couldn't have anything to possibly do with it.
I should have just stayed the hell out of it.
Actually kinda glad you didn't.
You know, I'm trying to remember.
- I just needed to get back here.
- Yeah, I kinda figured that.
Maybe this will help.
You wanna show me? Do you remember what happened that night, Dave? Callie will be Lisa.
Show us.
You know, Lisa just got changed from work.
- So you met her here? - Uh, yeah.
Well, we came out the back way 'cause it was too crowded inside.
You know, she forgot her purse so I said I'll go and get the car - and I'll meet her back here.
- All right, go.
Go get the car.
I went and I wa Please! No.
- Bang.
- No! What is it, Dave? It's the red.
The red is the jacket.
No, that's not the jacket.
That's-That's the red that I saw.
Except it wasn't this jacket.
- Why are we waiting here? - He asked us to.
Did he happen to mention why? No.
He just said wait, and a van will come by for us.
- You Sanchez? - Dr.
Sanchez, yeah.
Well, pardon the hell out of me.
Get in.
Get in carefully.
You better have a damn good reason to be here after what you put them through.
I'm sorry about that.
Murder's a messy business.
So firstly, Lenny, Amy - my apologies.
- Second? Second, thought you might want to know that a man has basically confessed.
- Who? - He's in custody, but we have ample evidence.
Just like you had ample evidence against Len and Amy, right? I did or do.
Still rankles me though.
Rankles you about what? Being wrong? Well, yeah, and mostly about the gun.
I never should have given it to her.
That probably wouldn't have mattered.
- What's he doin' out there? - We were on our way to the kennels.
Dog probably just wants to pee.
That's not a problem, is it? - Why would that be a problem? - Right.
So anyhoo, someone must have actually stolen the gun from her purse or wrestled it from her in the alley.
But, funny enough, when I went to the locker purse was still there, gun's in the alley.
Someone must have taken it before she went to work, right? What the hell are they doin' out there? Listen, I want that dog off my property.
You too.
You can't go poking around my property without a warrant.
Here you go.
Now, we got a witness who saw a guy in the alley wearing what he thought was a Tampa Tech jacket.
- Get that dog outta here.
- Lenny tells me you still coach Little League.
The Red Birds, right? - Yeah, that's right.
- And that would be red.
So I contacted the Glades Little League people.
They said there was a coaches' dinner the night Lisa got shot.
Ended right about 10:00? Oh! Here we go.
Dad? There.
Yeah, the logo with the red bird standing on a ball.
I mean, it's not exactly a bulldog.
Late at night, rush of panic, gunshots, someone wearing red Oh, did I tell you? He's a cadaver dog.
Once found a body that had been buried for 10 years.
Wait, wait.
What are you saying? Well, when your dad talked about your mother it wasn't exactly from the heart.
He said that she ran off with a produce clerk from Winn-Dixie but she didn't run off, did she? I mean, she probably hooked up with a produce clerk.
I kinda totally see that, now that I've spent some time to get to know you a little.
But she didn't abandon her son.
Did she, Mr.
Nelson? Dad, what is he saying? You're pretty proud of your land, aren't you, Mr.
Nelson? Always been in your family, and that's the way you want to keep it hence the no trespassing, keep out signs.
I don't blame you one little bit.
If I killed my wife and buried her on my land I would wanna restrict access to that, absolutely.
If we dig where Hank is telling us to will we find your wife's remains, Michael? Lenny! - Drop it.
- Wait.
- Did you kill Mom? - Lenny, no, don't.
Did you? Did you kill my mother? Lenny.
She was a whore, Lenny.
They both were.
Runnin' around behind our backs.
Dressin' like that.
They deserved to die.
Good idea today.
Bad idea for the rest of your life.
Go ahead and do it.
I don't care anymore.
Kill me, please.
Come on.
It's over.
It's over.
Put it down.
All right, put your hands behind your back.
All right, got him.
- Hold it right there.
- All right, get up.
You'll be all right.
Sorry about the rough treatment in the hospital.
What choice did you have? How could you know I wasn't lying? Not only weren't you lying, you're a hero.
You risked your life to save the woman you loved.
No, I'm not a hero.
Believe me.
You ran to Lisa's defense with a gun aimed at you.
I'd say that's pretty much the definition of a hero.
The Department found your car.
Towed it to your house.
Also took care of a few parking tickets.
Figured it was the least we could do under the circumstances.
Yeah, well, thank you, guys.
Um Hey, look this A.
video of me and Lisa There any chance I could get a copy of it? It's probably like one of the last times she and I were together.
If you think you can handle it.
I don't really know whether or not I can handle it.
I just know I'd really like to have it.
We'll be sure to get a copy to you.
You take care of yourself, Dave and we'll see you in a couple of weeks for your follow-up.
- Call us if you need anything.
- Will do.
Thank you.
Well, he was damn lucky that you were here the night they rolled him in.
I would have thrown him in County.
You can't always assume the worst in people.
I don't always assume the worst.
Yeah, like when you think everybody's a bunch of dirtbags who are trying to pull fast ones.
- Okay, I do assume that.
- Or hiding something.
And that.
But you know what? In my defense, people are normally hiding something and they do pull fast ones, so Uh, seriously, thanks for your help uh, with the whole head injury thing.
Big leap-of-faith kind of thing.
I was really out of my depth on this one.
I don't know.
I think you pretend to be out of your depth so that someone like me can come and save your ass.
- Oh, you think my ass needs saving? - I know your ass needs saving.
- Is that right? - That's right.
- Go ahead.
- Yeah.
I'm goin'.
- Okay.
- All right.
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