The Glades s01e07 Episode Script


I see a good-looking man entering your life.
Who? I see Chicago, but I don't know why.
I'm getting that in your work you can be skeptical but in your personal life you're an open and curious soul.
Cassadaga plays a large part in your life.
I see you've been here many times.
I see - What's wrong? - The reading is over.
Wh-Why? Patrick! Hey.
Universal Wi-Fi adapter.
Jeff wanted one so we can play each other online.
Oh, goody.
Another reason for him not to do his homework.
Homework comes first.
Think of this as a motivational tool.
Hey, Callie.
Is Dr.
McCourt in? Actually, he's gone all week.
Uh, Jim Longworth, this is Heather Heather Thompson.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, yeah.
Well, she said Oh, excuse me.
Yeah? Can I leave these samples here for McCourt? Do you mind signing for them? No problem.
Hey, I gotta go.
I got a a thing to, uh, attend to.
- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you.
- Uh, Heather, right? - Right.
- Okay, who was that? - A friend.
Really? Just a friend? Really.
Just a friend.
Just a friend.
If you say so.
Welcome to Cassadaga.
This town gives me the creeps.
- Why? - It was founded by psychics and mediums over 100 years ago.
So cops don't like setting foot in this town.
- You really believe in that stuff? - No.
Yeah, the department's used a medium from here a couple of times.
Woman named Renee LeFleur.
She helped us find the body of a 16-year-old girl.
- Lucky guess? - Hmm.
While working on the case, this LeFleur woman tells me an estranged relative is gonna get very sick and that I should make peace with him.
Six weeks later, my uncle gets diagnosed with cancer.
- Make peace? - Nah.
He was a mean son of a bitch.
But my point is, who wants to know their future? Not me and not any cops I know.
- Why'd you stop? - Gotta obey the local traffic laws.
Do you hear that? Even the dogs don't bark in this town.
Boo! Funny.
Real funny.
Some say I don't play well with others.
I was a damn good detective in Chicago until a disagreement with my boss encouraged me to pack it up and make a change.
So I put the Windy City in my rearview and headed to the Sunshine State.
Kick back.
Play some golf.
Work on my tan.
Maybe write the occasional speeding ticket.
Well, that didn't work out.
- Uh, first on scene? - Yes, it is, sir.
Welcome back, Mr.
This is Detective Longworth.
This is Caitlin Zelman, the victim's wife.
I'm sorry for your loss, Mrs.
I wish to offer my services to help find whoever did this to Patrick.
- Your relation to him? - He was a friend.
- Same line of business? - Similar.
He was a psychic, I'm a medium.
And the difference is A psychic can tell you your past, present and future by reading your energy field.
A medium can communicate with the spirits of the dead.
Good to know.
Well, we'll call you if we need you.
You'll call.
Either he has really slow reflexes or I see a fatal flaw in his psychic ability.
These people have walk-in business so they keep their front doors open.
So we don't know if the killer was invited in.
Doesn't feel like a robbery.
Have I mentioned how this place gives me the creeps? - Can you give us a minute? - Of course.
- Your husband have any enemies? - No.
- How long you been married? - Ten months.
Oh, newlyweds.
- Yeah? First time? - I'm divorced.
- How long? - Eleven months.
Quick turnaround.
- How'd your ex feel about this marriage? - Not great.
- His name? - Evan Gratton.
He, uh, is a Merchant Mariner.
- Shipped out? - No, he just returned from eight months out to sea.
An ex-husband with hard feelings, huh? My ex would never have done this sort of thing.
Well, that in there looks pretty personal.
Nothing more personal than an ugly divorce, don't you think? All right.
Well, look, Mrs.
Zelman I'm gonna ask you to walk inside, maybe take a look around? See if you can see anything that's missing.
Think you can do that? - Okay.
- Yeah? Okay.
Can you take her in? Take Mrs.
Zelman in.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you.
Sara Weston? - You found the body? - Uh, yes.
- Says here you had a psychic sense that Patrick was dead.
- That's right.
- How's that work? - I can't explain my gift.
I've just always had it.
Uh Well, I'm not psychic, so I'm gonna need some details as to the circumstances.
I was giving a reading across the street in my house.
- Who to? - A woman.
Britney Newhall.
She called me from D.
, said she was going to be in town.
She had been to Patrick and wanted to try someone different.
I think the fact that this woman had been to Patrick triggered my feeling him which led me to sense his death.
- Any sense of the killer? - No.
Well, maybe I should speak to a medium to get Patrick to say who killed him.
- Are you making fun, Detective? - A little.
You'll see.
- Where do I find this Britney Newhall? - She's at the hotel.
- There's only one.
- Oh, so I don't need my palm read to find it then.
- Tamarack.
- Sorry, what? - Your wife.
- Nope, not married.
Your wife will be from Tamarack.
So, how long have you been getting readings from Patrick Zelman, Dr.
Newhall? About three years.
My mother lived nearby before she passed away five months ago.
I would come see Patrick whenever I came to town.
So, two, three times a year? We also had some phone readings.
So, after all this time, why change psychics? I've seen others, off and on.
Yeah, but why were you looking to change now? When I first started with Patrick, I thought that he was adding insight to my life.
Lately, I just I didn't get that.
- You're a medical doctor, right? - Yes.
Do many people in your profession use psychics? Professionals of all types see psychics.
Yeah, but I get a lump on my head, I want a doctor to go to a book, not a tarot card.
I can separate out the two and I'm not looking to channel dead relatives.
I just think that science doesn't always have the answers.
Did you have to drag me all the way down to Homestead? I don't like to go into a suspect's apartment alone.
You do realize I don't carry a gun, right? Yeah, but the bad guys don't know that.
Evan Gratton? Gonna ask you a few questions.
Can I come in? - What's goin' on? - Your ex-wife's husband was killed this morning.
- What? - Yeah, stabbed in Cassadaga.
- You haven't been to Cassadaga recently, have you? - Never set foot.
- Huh.
- I've been at sea for the last eight months.
Yeah, heard.
When you came back to a little surprise.
Yeah, you could say that.
Instead of being greeted with a hug, I was greeted with divorce papers.
So I'm guessing you're not a Patrick Zelman fan, are you? I never met the man.
But what kind of man steals another man's wife when he's gone? Oh, nice.
What is that? Zulu warrior shield from South Africa.
- I just brought it back.
- Nine months is a long time to stew about being two-timed.
Believe me, man, I'm over Caitlin.
Got myself a new lady.
Caitlin was always into that psychic crap.
Wasn't surprised she ended up with one of those whack jobs.
Whack jobs, huh? - Got an alibi for yesterday? - I do, yeah.
I was with Tammy all day.
Just ask her.
Hey, Tams! Did the wife find anything of her husband's missing in the house? Just one thing.
- His reading glasses.
- His reading glasses? - Bought at your friendly neighborhood drugstore.
- Huh.
Detective Longworth.
- What can we do for you? - It's more what I can do for you.
- I had a vibration today.
- A vibration.
Someone near you is going to die very soon.
Near him? Be very careful.
See? Nothing good ever comes from me being near you.
Oh, man.
- Oh, hey.
Here, let me help you with that.
- Oh, thanks.
- Jim, right? - Uh, yeah.
- Heather, yeah? - That's it.
- What have you got in here? - Drugs.
- I'm a professional pusher.
- Oh.
Good to know.
- What do you do? - I am a cop.
- I put away professional pushers.
- Well, you're holding my bag.
- Doesn't that make you my mule or something? - Wow.
Been called a jackass a few times.
Never a mule.
Yeah, well, giddyup, mule.
What's the street value on this thing? Most of it's more likely to give you a nasty discharge than any kind of an actual high.
Oh, well, kinda takes a man down.
- There you go.
- Thanks again.
No problem.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- Any problems getting Jeff to do his homework? - None.
- Oh, he must be motivated.
- Yeah, that must be it.
- Got somethin' for me? - Forza Motorsport.
Really? - Hit max r.
's last week.
- Mmm.
You look busy.
Yeah, I'm trying to catch up so I can go to this white-coat ceremony.
What's that? It's where the dean hands us our first white physician coat.
It's mostly symbolic.
- Sounds kinda special.
- Well, it is kinda special.
And there's this after-party that's supposed to be fun.
Need a date? I mean if that's something you think we could do.
Or not.
I'm concerned about Jeff.
- I thought he liked me.
- Jeff loves you.
I just think it might freak him out if we went on an actual date.
Oh, I I didn't realize.
- I didn't - Okay.
- Where are you from? - Where am I from? Been meaning to ask you for a while.
Where are you from? - Coral Springs.
- Coral Springs.
Why? No reason.
No reason.
Hey, Jim! You know what? If life has taught me anything, it is to grab the bull by the horns.
So to speak.
I need a date to the white-coat party.
- Interested? - A date? Yeah, it'll be fun.
Open bar, lots of food.
Cheesy deejay.
- Um.
- She's right.
Sounds like fun.
- O-Okay.
- Great! It's a date.
Here's my card.
We can work out the details later.
Just give me a call.
- Okay.
Hey, see you.
- Bye.
- She always that aggressive? - Guess you'll soon find out.
- You wanted to see me? - Uh, Patrick Zelman.
Want you to do a background check.
Criminal, personal, financial.
Jim, one sec.
This is Adam Quinn, president of the Cassadaga Town Council.
This murder has shaken our community.
Something like this hasn't happened in Cassadaga - since that young couple five years ago.
- Right, right.
- The young couple? - Oh, yeah.
Paul and Linda Gilbert.
They left Cassadaga and haven't been seen or heard from since.
We never found their bodies, but we presumed foul play.
- I want to offer the assistance of my town.
- Your town? Oh.
That's nice.
Did your town help five years ago with the young couple? Yes, but for some reason they were unable to make contact.
What, do the dead have low or high frequencies? How does that work? - That part is a mystery.
- That's one word for it.
- Call you if we need you.
- Uh, would you excuse me? Jim.
So, is it your goal in life to offend everyone or just the people I have to tread lightly around? Why do you have to tread lightly around Mr.
Magoo? Because, despite your skepticism, they have helped the F.
in the past.
Uh, yeah.
That is scary.
What is Renee LeFleur's history with the F.
? Actually, she's who I'm talking about.
She's helped in a number of cases.
I know, it's politically tricky to involve a psychic or a medium in a criminal investigation.
- Why? What is she saying? - No, it's what she's not saying.
You think she's hiding something? I think they're all hiding something.
I was under the impression you weren't planning on using the town's psychics or mediums.
- I wasn't.
- Then why are we gonna go see Ms.
LeFleur? If her abilities are good enough for the F.
, they're good enough for me.
Besides, I think she's hiding something.
Maybe a reading will tell me what it is.
In 50 yards, make a legal U-turn.
- You're lost, aren't you? - I didn't say that.
- We were just here yesterday.
- I'm taking another route.
I'm taking in the countryside.
In 30 yards, make a legal U-turn.
You're lost.
This thing's going in and out.
Turn left.
You know, some people say the psychic energy in Cassadaga impacts these G.
Or maybe we're just in a dead zone.
Every time I'm near you I'm in a dead zone apparently.
You do know psychics just say very general things, and we fill in the blanks, right? What is general about "someone near you is gonna die very soon"? That sounds pretty specific to me.
Approaching right turn.
Turn left.
- Turn left.
- Oh, lady, you are not helping.
Stay left.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going? Watch out! Whoa! Is that blank general enough for you? Well, I brought Patrick Zelman's wedding ring, like you asked.
Place it on the table.
- Where is Dr.
Sanchez? - Uh, out guarding the car.
- Does your car need guarding? - He thought it did.
- Why Zelman's wedding ring? - Any metal object of his would do.
It's called psychometry.
Metal objects belonging to a person, dead or alive contain energy that helps transfer information from that person.
Just not that couple that went missing five years ago, huh? Sadly, I could not connect to their spirits.
As a medium, most of my work involves death.
I just wish I could prevent a tragedy some time.
- Do you - Always.
In case you'd like to refer to the session later.
I'm getting that Patrick knew the person who killed him and that the person who killed him has been in his house.
To kill him, yeah.
You won't find answers there.
This person returned to the house after you removed his body.
This person is afraid and returned to the house after killing Patrick.
The answer is in his house.
Someone has been here.
Carlos? Carlos! Carlos! Carlos.
How's he doin'? Got a few scratches, little ringing in the ears, but seems okay.
Look at you.
Not a scratch, huh? - Next time, you're opening the front door, my friend.
- He seems like his normal self.
All the same, you should get a C.
scan, make sure there's no swelling or brain bruises.
- Yeah.
Go, go.
Be good.
- Thanks.
All right.
The gas is turned on in the house.
That in combination with some form of combustible caused the explosion.
- What was combustible? - We haven't determined that yet.
Still under investigation.
It's not a brand I'm familiar with, but I'm not a smoker.
- Get a country of origin for me.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- Oh, and I checked out the victim, Patrick Zelman.
When he was 18, he had an assault with a deadly weapon charge that was pled down to a misdemeanor battery.
And his financials? Three times in the last two years, he took out big chunks of money only to have even bigger deposits shortly thereafter.
Six weeks ago, he withdrew almost all his money.
This last time, it wasn't followed by a big deposit.
- He died sort of broke.
- Where'd his money go? All four withdrawals were checks written to investment firms.
Follow the money.
Oh, and can you look into the couple that went missing in Cassadaga about five years ago.
Paul and Linda Gilbert.
Find out where they were staying, who they saw - make and model of the car they were driving.
- On it.
So, um, I'm curious.
Do you really think Renee LeFleur sent you to that house to kill you? - She sent us there for some reason.
- Well, what was the reason? She said the killer had gone back there after the murder and she said that the answer was in the house.
And you just ran right over to look? - I guess you're not such a skeptic after all.
- Oh, no.
I'm a skeptic.
But I am gonna get her in for questioning.
- Oh, so he's gonna live? - No thanks to you.
His M.
, C.
and chest X-rays all came back normal.
Yeah, but do you know how much radiation was zapped into my body to get those results? He gets good news, he still complains.
Hey, when do I leave? Guys! Hey, so listen.
About this white-coat thing.
- White-coat ceremony.
- The ceremony.
Yeah, sorry.
- I don't have to go.
- Why wouldn't you go? Well, you know.
It might be a little awkward for you.
Because of Heather? Oh, please, don't flatter yourself.
I mean, listen, Heather is a sweet girl once you get past the salesman bluster and she's carefree and fun, and you guys'll have a blast.
So, for you it's okay.
I mean, it's just a party.
Yeah, but, you know, technically, you'll be there alone.
Who said I'll be there alone? Oh.
W-Well, no one said I just Yeah? Blue Tail, that cigarette butt, is only sold in South Africa.
- Does that mean anything to you? - Yeah.
It means Evan Gratton lied about never being in Cassadaga.
- This guy's been around.
- Last place he was in was South Africa.
- Carlos.
- Hmm? Admiring isn't searching.
- Fine.
But what the hell are we searching for? - We'll know when we find it.
Uh, just so you know, any suspicious boxes you're opening.
I've made my quota of things that go "boom.
" - What d'ya got? - Taped sessions with LeFleur.
Why the hell would he have those? - Hey, Dr.
- Hey, Callie.
- How's that boy of yours? - He's good, thank you.
Uh, I have this thing tonight the white-coat after-party and I totally understand if you have much more important things to do.
The white-coat after-party? - Sounds like fun.
- Okay.
Well, I mean, if you can't, I understand.
Say no more.
I'd love to go.
You'd love to.
But you know I'm married, right? So this is just - You know.
- Know what? Oh.
Of course! - Say no more.
- Say no more.
- Pick you up at 8:00? - 8:00 is good.
You have something on your nose.
Yeah, you got it.
That box I found in your apartment was your ex-wife Caitlin's, wasn't it? Must have got mixed up in your stuff during the divorce.
Recorded sessions between Caitlin and Renee LeFleur and with her future husband, Patrick Zelman.
Dated 13 months ago.
That's before Caitlin filed for divorce, wasn't it? - I don't know what to do.
- I'm I'm getting a strong feeling you and Evan have tried but you just aren't connecting anymore.
Even when he is home, it's like he's a million miles away.
I would always go to my dad for answers, but he's dead.
- If I thought my father would approve- - Then ask him.
- What? - A sk your father.
Speak with Renee LeFleur.
The dead reach out to her.
You must have felt like shit listening to this joker convince Caitlin to dump you and run off with him.
- Yeah, she was duped.
- Yeah, with the help of Renee LeFleur.
And that just ate at you, didn't it? Stuck away in some cargo ship for months on end with only your magazines for company while your wife shtups some guy back home.
You left a cigarette at the scene.
Got your D.
all over it.
- Okay, fine.
I went there.
- Hell, yeah.
But not to kill.
I just wanted to tell him I knew what he did.
I wanted to call him a home-wrecker to his face.
- Then things got out of hand.
- I didn't lay a hand on him.
- Where was Caitlin during all this? - This wasn't about her, man.
This was about that son of a bitch disrespecting me by going after what was mine.
And now he's dead, you can go and reclaim what's yours, right? I didn't kill Patrick Zelman.
Detective, can I see you? We found Renee LeFleur.
You know, her vibration came true.
- What do you mean? - She said someone near me was gonna die.
It just happened to be her.
Evan Gratton had it in for both Patrick Zelman and Renee LeFleur.
So what was LeFleur hiding? Coercion, fraud.
Zelman must have convinced LeFleur to give a false reading tell Caitlin that her deceased father said it was okay for her to leave her husband Evan for Zelman.
I guess that's fraud in the spirit world.
Yeah, and a good motive for murder in ours.
Car could have easily pulled up here undetected.
Evan's a big guy.
He wouldn't have had a problem with LeFleur's body.
Only that's not what happened.
- Why do you say that? - Well, two things.
Evan was a skeptic, like me.
I mean, it's one thing killing a guy for boning your wife.
Any nonbeliever would do that.
- And the other thing? - Time of death.
Which, according to her liver temp While Evan Gratton was in custody.
Well, at least we know one thing we didn't know before.
- Whoever killed these people is a true believer.
- Meaning what? Meaning LeFleur is dead because Patrick Zelman's killer was worried she'd contact Zelman's spirit.
Dead mediums tell no tales.
Anthony Battista.
Chris Beckler.
Lewis Cohen.
- You came to see your friend.
That is so sweet.
- Yeah, you too.
Oh, no.
I'm afraid my motives are slightly more self-serving.
These students are gonna be doctors someday.
- Bailey Cimino.
- Oh, future customers.
Well, if not actual customers, I mean some of them could end up working for the pharmaceutical companies I represent or sitting on the F.
board that approves the drugs I sell.
Callie Cargill.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
What was that you were just saying, about them not being your customers? - Jonathan Carlson.
- Oh, not all doctors go into practice.
You know, some end up working for pharmaceutical companies.
Some end up going into research.
- Some sit on F.
approval boards.
- Huh.
Oh, thank you.
See you tonight, right? - Right.
- Jeremy Carvallo.
Got that information that you needed.
I got something else I want you to do.
See if you can find out where a Dr.
Britney Newhall works in D.
Got it.
And I followed the money like you asked me.
Patrick Zelman made four investments in the biotech industry.
On the first three, he made a bunch of money.
On the last one, he lost it all.
And the other thing? Uh, well, as best as I can make out psychics and mediums believe the burning of sage is a cleansing tool.
Like cleaning the palette of negative energy after each vibration.
Burns like what? Like an accelerant? No, it burns too slow for an accelerant.
It's more of a smolder than a quick burn.
- Kinda like a timer.
- Been to your house lately? - Just to check the mail.
- And maybe burn it down? - No, I had nothing to do with that.
Well, the gas was left on, so something set it off.
I'm thinking it was probably the clump of sage found in your house.
It's slow-burning.
That would allow you to get away before the gas went off.
I left the sage in the fireplace, and I didn't turn on the gas.
Well, someone did.
Look, some evil person killed Patrick.
I I wanted to cleanse my house of that presence.
How did Patrick make his investment choices? What are you talking about? - Well, he was heavily in the market, right? - He was a psychic.
He would get a feeling or a vibration about certain stocks.
Just not very good ones.
I mean, come on.
You're broke, right? Apart from the life insurance policy you're gonna get for Patrick's death.
But that was from poor investment decisions.
You think I killed my husband.
Over money.
We were just married.
That doesn't clear you.
If that's where you were going with that.
Yeah? Got it.
But that phone call does, so have a nice day.
So I didn't mention I was on an F.
approval board.
- That doesn't prove that I - Oh, no, it does actually.
The three biotech stocks that Zelman made his money on and the one he lost all his money on just happen to be in companies that were waiting on F.
approval for drugs.
And in all these cases, you, in your capacity as a doctor sat on the committee making those decisions.
I mean, what, did you have a deal where you shared the windfall? Did he renege on the deal? So you fed him bad intel? Patrick got information from me, but not how you think.
Well, how'd he get it? The first time I think it was a true psychic event while he was giving me a reading.
It's true.
After that, I don't think he could get a read so he would steer my sessions towards my work and then try to prompt me to give him information.
And you know this because I was suspicious, so I went back and listened to his readings.
The tapes were all conveniently blank.
But the only way I could know for sure was to give him false information and then see if he took it.
So I sorta let it slip that a drug was getting approval when I knew that we were going to deny it.
You know the S.
tracks these big stock windfalls that Patrick had.
You could lose your job, end up in jail for insider trading.
It's a pretty good reason to kill someone.
But I didn't.
Sara warned me to stay in D.
, not to come to Cassadaga.
Wait, she warned you? Like specifically warned you? I sent her my bracelet, and she gave me a phone reading.
I didn't tell her any other details, but she's really good.
Well, God, finally.
I was beginning to wonder about you people.
Someone with real psychic ability.
Well, Sara was right.
You do have big trouble in your life.
By warning you not to come to Cassadaga, she was trying to keep you from that trouble but you didn't listen, did ya? I didn't kill Patrick Zelman.
I didn't kill anybody.
Well, I'm no psychic but it seems to me that if you trust someone as much as you trust Sara and they warn you you should probably heed their advice.
Keep going.
Keep going.
Some people say psychics just use a little bit of intuition mixed in with a generous dose of bullshit.
Then you missed your calling, 'cause you would have made one hell of a psychic.
I already am one.
Figured out what happened to Paul and Linda Gilbert, didn't I? Now, easy.
Up, up, up, up, up.
We assumed these two were the victims of foul play.
Turns out it was just an accident.
Once I figured out the make and model of the car and where they were staying the vibrations just came to me.
They were following their Mercury's first-generation G.
to get out of town.
Which doesn't work very well in this area which we nearly found out the hard way.
The people of my community couldn't make contact with them because they were submerged under 15 feet of water, Detective.
Oh, that's it.
I don't know anyone in Cassadaga, who's a true believer who wouldn't act on a vibration if they thought it would save a life.
You know what? I actually believe you.
- Where are you going? - To finish our job here.
Detective Longworth.
I opened the mail today and found a letter from Patrick.
To me.
- Can I come in? - Of course.
Thank you.
Wow, it's nice.
- I I heard about Britney Newhall.
- Yeah, we had to take her in.
Is she okay? Ohh.
- I wanted to talk to you about her state of mind.
- Okay.
You performed a reading for her on the phone? Yes, while she was in D.
Yeah, and she sent you a bracelet? - I use that for - Psychometry.
Yeah, I know.
Wow, that's a lot of crystals.
Did she tell you that Patrick Zelman was using information that he got from her for illegal stock transactions? - Ms.
Weston? - Yes? Uh, no.
- Well, did she mention anything about her job at the F.
? - No.
I'm gonna need a statement as to exactly what she told you.
A statement.
Yes, of course.
Are you all right? - Would you excuse me for one moment? - Sure.
Bought these at your local drugstore.
It's over, Sara.
In my phone readings with Dr.
Newhall I got the sense that she was in danger from someone here in Cassadaga.
She mentioned that Patrick was her only connection here so I stole the glasses.
I saw it clear as day.
Patrick lost a lot of money because of Dr.
- He was gonna kill her.
- But you couldn't know that for sure.
Five years ago, I did a reading for that young couple who disappeared.
They were just passing through on their way to a wedding.
I had the same undeniable sense that they were going to die.
For five years, I've lived with the guilt that I should have done more.
I couldn't live with that guilt again.
You tried to warn Dr.
Newhall not to come here, didn't you? I did, but it didn't matter.
Even if Dr.
Newhall hadn't come here, Patrick would have gone there and killed her.
And I knew the police wouldn't listen.
So you had to take matters into your own hands.
I did what I had to do.
Including trying to burn down Patrick's house.
And then you had to kill Renee LeFleur because you're a true believer.
You truly believe that Patrick Zelman is talking to her from the grave telling her that it was you that killed him.
She came to me, threatened to go to the police.
You had to silence her.
- What's that? - It's a letter that Patrick sent to his wife.
In it he says, "If you are reading this, it means that I'm dead killed by my own hand for taking a person's life.
" Then he goes on to say why he had killed Dr.
Newhall for losing all his money in the stock deal but he didn't get a chance to kill Dr.
Newhall or himself, did he? But, you see, I was right.
I saved a life.
By taking one? Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
Two? I mean, it is just two, right? There's not someone else's body out there we don't know about? You know the difference between a psychic that sees the future and a psychic that tries to change it? Life in prison? Wow.
You are good.
Okay, I have some advice for you.
After 10:00 p.
, avoid the dean at all costs because by then he will be completely hammered and trust me, you do not wanna hear his war stories about working in the geriatric wing of Miami-Dade.
- Good to know.
- Thanks for coming tonight.
I know when you're at a party where you don't know anyone and you have nothing in common with anyone, it can be a drag.
That's no problem.
I kind of feel like this at most parties anyways.
Well, if you let me, I could make it up to you.
- My dad has a yacht.
- No.
A really big yacht.
- Do you sail? - I don't, no, but I drink beer.
- And I can hang my feet off the edge of the yacht.
- Sounds perfect.
Oh, God, there's Dr.
Garnell, head of Cardiology.
- I have to go grind him for a second.
Do you mind? - No.
Go grind.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
What's up? - Hi.
How are you? - Sir? - Thank you.
You're welcome.
Don't you clean up nicely.
I was gonna say the same thing about you.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
- So where's your date? - Oh, she's over there grinding the head of Cardiology.
- Uh, you? - He's over there wishing he were the head of Cardiology.
Think you're gonna fit in with this crowd? Oh, once you get past the power plays and the egos, they're relatively harmless.
You know I really did wanna ask you to this, right? Well, I kinda hoped but, you know, I get that with Jeff and everything It's just sometimes when you're a mom you have to put your kid's needs before your own.
So when I asked you whether it was all right to come with Heather - Wow.
I really don't get you.
- No, you really don't.
You looked good up there, by the way.
You know, white coat and all.
Makes me feel like I wanna come down with something so I can get a checkup.
I don't think I really should be doling out medical advice just yet, but Thank you for coming.
It meant a lot to me.
- You wanna dance? - You dance? I dance.
Not well, but I dance.
- Sure.
- Love everlasting That's all I'm asking Near to each other Whoo, it's getting hot in here.
All right, guys.
It's time to slow things way down so go ahead and grab ahold of that special someone and bring 'em in real close.
- Hey.
- Seems like a devil Found a friend in me So, baby, let's take it slow Enjoy the heat 'Cause if I'm goin' down You're comin' with me Sorry.
Um, it just Uh, it's Jeff.
He doesn't call unless there's something wrong.
Jeff? What's wrong? Oh, no.
I'm sorry you're not feeling well, and it's You were looking forward to this party all week.
No, it's fine.
It's not a problem.
I'll, uh I'll be there in 20 minutes.
I love you too.
His first boy-girl party.
- Oh, that sucks.
- His first crush, his first dance.
First kiss if he plays his cards right.
Hey, you want me to come with you? No, you came with Heather.
You should probably leave with her.
Not that I'm looking forward to the drive home with Dr.
Well, doctor and doctor-student.
You guys got so much to talk about.
Actually the only thing we have in common is the city we were born in.
- Coral Springs, right? - Tamarack.
Tamarack? I thought you said you're from Coral Springs.
I grew up in Coral Springs.
I was born in Tamarack.
Carl, we need to go because my son called and he's sick.
If I'm goin' down You're comin' with me English - US - SDH