The Glades s02e03 Episode Script

Lost and Found

Once, the roads were icy and cold.
Heather was riding her bike home from school when she slipped, hitting her head on the road.
Thunk! Thunk! [ All gasp ] Heather died that day.
Her body is here before us now, and her spirit is ready to go to heaven.
And we're here to help her to the other side.
Together: Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Light as a feather, stiff as a board.
Woman: Go to sleep, girls! It's almost midnight! Ow.
Lights out, Patty! Okay, okay! Sheesh.
I really do think I was floating.
Hey, look! Fireflies.
You in? Yeah.
Come on, Heather! Come on! I got one! Really? Can I see? Yeah, look what -- [ both scream ] No cellphone or wallet.
There's one entry wound here, under the chin.
Maybe a .
38 or a 9mm.
It's definitely not suicide.
He was dragged through the grass here.
No blood, so he was obviously killed somewhere else.
What'd you do now? Nothing, I swear.
I think.
Manus: Gentlemen.
Gentlemen? Meet your new forensic nurse.
Forensic? Nurse.
She passed her certification this past weekend.
Highest test scores since the state required them, I might add.
No surprise here.
She'll be joining us on a case-to-case basis, which will allow her to continue working at the hospital and finish her medical studies.
No flies on you, huh? Glad you could join us.
Thank you.
I think.
[ Chuckles nervously ] Dr.
Sanchez, if you will? Please.
Allow me to show you what we got.
[ Chuckles ] "Dr.
Sanchez, if you will"? "Allow me to show you what I've" -- this is not good.
Look, this is a wonderful opportunity for Callie.
She's got a real aptitude for forensics.
Plus, it helps the department fill the gap between victim and law enforcement.
There's a gap? Besides, rumor has it she was very helpful to you in the past.
She might as well get paid for it, right? Right.
But what about the whole "Let Callie and Ray work it out as a family" thing? Oh, I'm pretty sure they'll still be able to do that between the two of them.
Now, what I need to know is whether or not you can be professional about this.
Oh, professional.
I'll shoot for that.
Okay, maybe I need to be a little clearer with you.
We've got a small department with a very big job to do, Jim, and the way I get the most out of my department is by surrounding you with personnel that you can actually work with.
So, unless you want me to go to the bench and get you a partner that I'm sure you absolutely cannot work with -- Oh, no.
- I, uh, I got itNow.
- Yeah.
That's what I wanted to hear.
Carlos: When we don't have any I.
on him or her, we take the fingerprint, run it through the system.
You usually get lucky.
Thismight help.
Um, the tattoo under his thumb? Yeah, it looks like some kind of bird.
A swallow, maybe? If it is, then he's probably Navy.
They see it as a good omen.
When you see a swallow, you know you're near land.
Um, my Uncle was a shipman.
He had one.
Look at you helping us already.
Hey, Carlos.
Did you know that forensic nurses bridge the gap between victims and law enforcement? [ Clears throat ] Oh, I get it.
You're making fun.
I just didn't know there was a gap.
It's the hottest new field in law enforcement.
Half the people who walk into E.
s are the victim of a violent crime.
Who better than to advocate and help investigate the circumstances behind it? But, clearly, the gap that needs addressing is this one, and that ain't gonna be me.
You know, seriously, um, I get it if this is a problem for you, 'cause if you showed up at my work -- Weird.
It'd be weird.
Just so we're clear, um, the nurse thing? Still doing it.
And medical school? Yep, just got my schedule.
Let's go solve a murder.
Let'sgo do that.
Well, it looks like you and your little birdie, or sparrow, were right.
Our victim was in the Navy.
Had Daniel run his prints through the military archives in St.
So, who is he? Uh Master Chief Doug Preston.
naval recruiter covering offices and job fairs between Florida and Georgia.
Military is sending through his contact information, so that's always fun - notifying the family.
Uh, yeah, I'm familiar with that pleasure.
Yeah, especially when you have to investigate them for murder.
Speaking of family How's Ray? Uh, so far, he's kept his word, he's driving a tow truck, which, if you knew Ray, is a substantial fall from grace, and he's spending a lot of time with Jeff, which Jeff really needed.
How are you doing? Oh, you know me.
No complaints.
I was just leaving you a note.
Well, now you don't have to.
Um, what's up? Just some Kevin Fowler business -- I wanted to get you up to speed.
Oh, Kevin Fowler.
He was our -- He's a serial killer.
How can I forget? Callie, right? It's nice to see you.
Nice to see you, too.
Okay, well, uh, we just caught a new one, so, um, you want to bring me up to speed later? Oh, yeah, no, of course.
We can do it over dinner tomorrow night.
We're still on, right? Dinner.
I'll see you then.
Dinner? Yeah, she's just -- Bringing you up to speed.
Daniel's located the name and address of the victim's ex-wife.
Hey, you okay with Callie observing? I want her to get the feel of how an investigation is built.
Oh, is there a gap in that, too? [ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah.
I'm good.
Have fun.
It's not a date.
It's dinner.
You know what? If you want to go and have dinner with your old partner from Chicago -- it's just dinner! "Just dinner.
" Right.
I got it.
Valerie: Hello.
Is there something I can do for you? Jim: Valerie Preston? Yeah? Hi.
Uh, Detective Longworth with the FDLE.
And this isCallie.
We knocked on the front door, didn't get an answer, but we heard the music, so Yeah, it's my day off.
Is something wrong? Actually, I'm afraid there is.
We're sorry, but your ex-husband, Doug, has been murdered.
Oh, my God.
What happened? Well, that's what we're trying to find out.
When did you last see Doug? I don't know.
Three months ago, maybe.
You guys part on good terms? Yeah.
Yeah, we both realized we jumped into it a little too quickly.
We were only married for four months.
Yeah, you have to be careful jumping into things too quickly.
Where were you last night? I'm a cosmetic rep for a local wholesaler.
I was in Tampa/St.
Pete area most of the last two days.
Got home late last night.
Well, I'll check on that, of course.
But I didn't kill him.
I'm still gonna check.
As a naval officer, did he carry a service revolver? He did.
Know where he kept it? He usually kept it with him.
If it's enemies you're looking for, you might want to start with his job.
He had problems at work? Military recruiters don't have fan clubs so much as they have families who hate them.
You mean families who have lost someone to active duty.
Some letters came to the house, hate mail.
Um, guess they thought Doug still lived here.
- Well, do you still have some of them? - Yeah.
I'll go get them.
Yeah? Great.
So, that's it? That's what? That's your great investigation technique? You saw what I did with the sandal, right? Tells me a man's been here recently.
Well, she's divorced, so I don't really get the significance.
Well, might mean something.
Might mean nothing.
We'll see.
Those are the two options.
[ Footsteps approach ] Let me know if there's anything else I can do.
Jim: Oh, I will.
[ Sighs ] Yeah? Jim Longworth, FDLE.
Can I ask you a few questions about Doug Preston? What about him? He's dead.
He was murdered last night.
[ Sighs ] Those my letters? Yeah.
Then I guess I see why you came looking for me.
Yeah, I wrote a lot of crazy shit to the son of a bitch.
What son of a bitch? Oh, right, the guy that was murdered.
If I were you, I'd think I did it, too.
But I didn't.
Callie: In these letters, you pretty much blame Doug for your son's death.
In Afghanistan, a year ago.
Doug Preston didn't pull the trigger, but he dogged my son relentlessly from the day he turned 18.
Phone calls, texts.
He didn't have the balls to come by the house.
Said he died a hero.
Like losing him was -- was gonna make it more acceptable.
So that's why you started writing him letters, harassing him? I did more than that.
I stopped by the recruiting office the day he came to town.
Made sure he knew what he did.
That make you feel better? Feel better about losing a child? Right.
But killing Doug -- that would have made you feel better.
Yeah, probably.
But it wouldn't bring back my son, now, would it? No, sir, it wouldn't.
[ Sighs ] Oh, do you own a gun? And I don't mean a registered gun.
We already know the answer to that.
I don't own a gun of any kind.
And if I was gonna kill the man who was responsible for my son's death, I wouldn't dishonor him by using a gun.
I'd use my bare hands.
Thank you for your time.
I was able to pull frags out of Doug Preston's skull.
Hollow point.
Cop killers.
His ex-wife said he always carried his service weapon on him.
Maybe he was killed with his own Navy issue.
Same caliber -- 9 mill.
Not that we have his gun to test against.
Death was instantaneous.
Based on liver temp, I'm putting time of death at 11:00 p.
last night.
We ever find his cellphone? Mm, no, but according to his records, the only local phone call that Doug Preston got last night was at 9:37 p.
from a pay phone.
I'm running it down now to see if I can find out who used that pay phone to call Doug Preston.
Carlos: Then there's this -- a brownish-orange stain on his jeans.
[ Sniffs ] It's pureed carrots.
Pureed carrots? Seems odd for a grown man.
Maybe a grown man who liked pureed carrots.
Maybe they're rations.
More like for a baby, something you feed a 6- to 9-month-old infant? Why would Doug have by food on him? 'Cause they had a baby.
Valerie's definitely given birth.
"Three sheets to the wind, not a care in the world, string-bikini" Valerie.
You could tell by her bellybutton.
There's this eyelid shape that forms over the top once you've given birth.
Makes me wonder what else Valerie wasn't telling us.
Uh, I-I don't understand what the big deal is.
The big deal is when people fail to mention things like they have a 9-month-old son with my murder victim, then I start to wonder what else they might be hiding.
I'm not hiding anything.
You asked about Doug, not if I had a baby.
Your son's father is murdered, and you didn't think that was relevant? Yeah, because other than spilling your fourth -- no, fifth -- Margarita, you don't seem that upset.
Of course, another reason to drink would be to celebrate putting a bullet in your good-for-nothing ex-husband.
Doug and I were fine.
We divorced before Cody was even born.
I have full custody, and he hasn't missed a single support payment.
Where is Cody? He's at the sitter's.
I told you, I just spent the last two days traveling for work.
I needed a little time to myself.
- What's the sitter's name? - Why? Well, the better question would be, "Why don't you want to tell us?" No reason.
It's just I-I have more than one sitter.
Well, the one that has Cody right now would be great.
He's with Grace.
Grace? Ortiz.
Thank you.
She lives on the, uh off the turnpike near Valerie, is something wrong? No.
Did something happen to Cody? No, no.
I don't think so.
"No" or "You don't think so"? [ Breathlessly ] I don't know.
She's going.
Valerie Can you hear me? Valerie.
Manus: I just got off the phone with Grace Ortiz.
She sat for Valerie up until six weeks ago, then she quit when Valerie became "All-over crazy" -- Grace's words, not mine.
"Erratic" is what I'd call it.
- Cody's not with Grace? - No.
She moved down to Pensacola to live with her sister.
I had family services drive by just to make sure.
So, where's her son? It's not uncommon to hide a kid during a contentious custody battle.
Maybe Doug decided he wanted back in after all and Valerie decided over her dead body -- or his.
You see that? It's a size 10.
It's about the size of the sandal I saw in your backyard.
Hey, your ex-husband, Doug -- he's a size 10, isn't he? So, either one of his sandals has managed to avoid the lawnmower, or he's been to your house recently.
I told you -- I haven't seen Doug in three months.
Well, actually, there's a third explanation, and that's that you have a new man in your life.
You know, some guy you're dating that might have helped you out with your little custody issue with Doug.
Doug didn't want custody.
He didn't want to have anything to do with Cody or have any ties to me.
Help me out with something else.
Why aren't you hysterical that your son is missing? Oh, wait.
I know.
'Cause he's not missing, is he? You know exactly where he is.
Valerie? He's with Bradley My boyfriend.
The owner of that sandal? So, why did you tell us he was with your former sitter? I was just afraid to tell you that I left him with my 24-year-old boyfriend.
It's just sometimes I run out of options and I need somebody to watch Cody, and he's always willing to help.
Well, I don't believe you -- - All that from a sandal.
- Yeah.
Pretty annoying to admit sometimes, but he's pretty damn good at this.
It wasn't like that, detective.
Doug and I were fine for a while, but then he found out that I was pregnant -- not what he signed up for, I guess -- and that was that.
He was gone.
It's a big decision -- having a child you knew you'd be raising by yourself.
Valerie? [ Voice breaking ] I love little Cody so much, but sometimes I need a break so bad.
I'm sorry.
Oh, no.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna need to talk to Bradley, which means I'm gonna need to keep you here till I do that.
Why? So you can't speak to Bradley and get your story straight.
Bradley Anderson? Can I help you? Yeah.
What's up with that? We're looking for Cody Preston.
His mom said he was with you? Yeah.
Well, he was.
What do you mean, "he was"? Valerie had some sales calls to make on the west coast, so I watched him, but I dropped him back off at her place.
You dropped him off at Valerie's? Yeah.
Why? What's wrong? - What's wrong is he's missing.
- Okay.
Missing? What? He can't be.
Have you ever had contact with her ex-husband, Doug Preston? No, I never even met the guy.
[ Cellphone rings ] Okay.
Hold that thought.
Just got a phone call from the motel manager at the Thirsty Pelican Inn.
He saw Doug's murder on the news.
Was Doug staying there? Yeah, but not under his real name.
He used an alias, and he paid in cash.
We got a tip on her ex-husband, Doug.
Her ex? Hey, what the hell's going on? Yeah, thank you for your cooperation.
Well, hey, let me know if Cody's okay! Sorry about housekeeping.
We didn't know there was anything wrong.
There's probably too much DNA in this place to help us anyway.
He have a little boy with him, about 9 months old? Didn't see one.
Wait, wait.
Dulce! Uh, the man who was here yesterday, he didn't have a little kid with him, did he? Sí.
A little boy.
Another man brought him over and drop him off, then he pack up and take the baby.
What did this other man look like? Young.
Como 23, 24.
A baby face.
I don't know why I didn't tell you the truth.
I-I panicked when I saw your badge.
You panicked because Doug paid you to take Cody away from Valerie, didn't he? And when you realized you could get more for stealing a baby, you demanded more, and, hey, Doug's dead.
No, it wasn't like that.
Lucky for you, why you shot Doug is not as important as, where is Cody? [ Sighs ] I don't know.
I swear.
And I didn't kill Doug.
I just thought with Valerie's sitter gone, she really needed a break.
Doug was Cody's father, so I called him, thought he could take his son once in a while, you know, just when he was in town.
Say where he was going, what his plans were? No.
And it wasn't until I drove away that I realized what a mistake I'd made.
God, I even forgot to give Doug Cody's bankie.
Bankie? [ Sighs ] Yeah, it's his, uh, little blue blanket.
He can't sleep without it.
So, I-I drove back to the motel, but he had already checked out, then freaked when I saw what happened on the news.
Just not enough to contact us so we can get onto Doug's trail.
I know.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I completely messed up.
But you have to understand, Valerie's -- she's a great mom -- she is But she's totally alone, and Doug thanked me for calling him.
He said he felt terrible that he walked away and never did anything to help.
I had no idea he'd run.
I swear it.
Manus: This murder investigation has just become a priority-one missing-persons case.
I issued an Amber Alert on Cody Preston and put out a BOLO for Doug Preston's missing truck.
What did he know? He claims nothing, beyond being the last person to see Doug Preston and his son together.
He swears he doesn't know what happened after that.
Well, unfortunately, this may tell us what did.
It's Ben Morgan's military records and the real story behind his death in Afghanistan.
Turns out Frank has a pretty good reason to be mad at the Navy.
Ben didn't die a hero's death.
He died alone and scared.
No backup.
"You take my son, I'll take yours"? Better known as motive.
[ Dog barking in distance ] The RV's missing.
He took off.
Looks like it.
Excuse me! Your neighbor, Frank Morgan.
We were here earlier today.
There was an RV, a Winnebago, parked right here.
Yeah, he pulled out a couple hours ago.
- He say where he was going? - No, just up and left -- like a bat out of hell, too.
[ Cellphone rings ] Daniel.
Men and their driving -- never understood it.
Oh, and put a BOLO out on Frank Morgan's RV.
Florida fish and game just found Doug's abandoned vehicle.
Thank you! Callie: Thanks.
[ Siren wails ] Definite sign of a struggle outside driver's-side door.
This is where it all went down.
Car seat.
I found this.
Looks military issue.
Can't get a signal.
There was definitely a baby in here recently.
There's still spit-up in the safety-lock reservoir that hasn't evaporated yet.
I'll see your spit-up and raise you a receipt from Clearmont Pharmacy.
Oh! Big, fat wad of cash and Doug Preston's passport.
So, robbery wasn't a motive.
Maybe he was flying under the radar -- cleared his account, stopped using his credit cards.
But why? Yeah, I don't know, but Doug Preston definitely had a plan, and that plan didn't work out for him.
And there's still a baby missing out there somewhere.
Valerie: Did you find my baby?! Not yet, but we found Doug's car, and we think that Cody might have been with him.
No! No, Doug would have never taken Cody.
While you think that Bradley was watching Cody, he was actually meeting with Doug so that he could help you take care of your son.
Bradley would never do that.
Why would he do that? 'Cause he thought that you were overwhelmed.
He wanted to help you.
Where's Cody? Where is he?! We don't know.
But he's alive, right? He's okay? Valerie Are you saying he's dead? No.
All we know right now is that your son is missing, but we have everyone in the state looking for him.
[ Breathing heavily ] This is footage from the pharmacy where Doug was last seen alive.
According to store records, Doug bought baby supplies -- food, formula, diapers, wipes, baby aspirin, and a bottle of Pedialyte.
Paid for in cash, I'm guessing.
So, this is earlier the day of the murder, the estimated time of death? According to Dr.
Sanchez, yeah.
Oh, and I tracked down that pay phone.
It's near a box store in Palm Glades.
No ATM or traffic cams, unfortunately.
And Bradley, Valerie, and Frank Morgan all live within a few miles, so it doesn't really eliminate anyone.
According to search and rescue, based on terrain, access roads, and working back from point of attack, our estimated search area is over 400 square miles and growing by the minute.
It's the very definition of a needle in a haystack.
Jim: Or a baby.
Hello, Frank Morgan.
As in the last person to see Doug Preston alive.
Yeah, with baby Cody.
Is Callie with the mother? Apparently, the news didn't go over very well.
Valerie collapsed.
Callie had to admit her into the hospital.
[ Cellphone rings ] Daniel, go and work on that search warrant for Frank Morgan's house.
On it.
Well, we got partial good news.
The Highlands County Sheriff's Department just found Frank Morgan's RV parked outside the Highlands Hammock State Park.
Partial as in "No sign of the boy.
" Unfortunately, no.
But they're bringing Frank in as we speak.
I'd like to have a little chat with Frank.
I wasn't running.
I swear it.
So, you were questioned by police in the murder of someone you're on record as threatening, had motive to kill, and you suddenly decide to go on a joy ride? Did I really need to say "Don't leave town"? I didn't have anything to do with Doug Preston's murder, detective.
And I definitely wouldn't harm a child.
Considering you know yourself what it's like to lose one, I'd like to believe that.
Unfortunately, that's the reason I think you did.
Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth? You're saying I-I-I killed his son to make up for the loss of mine? We have you on tape fighting with Doug, with baby Cody, before he was shot dead.
Look, I-I admit I saw him in the parking lot.
Oh, you were just in the parking lot? It's a mall, for crying out loud! [ Sighs ] And, yeah, I did have a head of steam up, but before I could say a word, he started Apologizing to me.
Apologizing for what? Recruiting my son.
Said he felt like shit for pushing so hard, that he was just doing his job, but as a father, he understood my anguish.
I never even knew he was a father.
He never mentioned it.
But I could see he meant it, you know, holding his boy like that.
And what it would be like to lose that boy.
No -- he said he was taking a leave from his job, he was reassessing his life, and he was gonna settle down.
Hejust wanted to be a good dad.
So, all of that resentment, all that anger about losing Ben just went away with an apology? I'm not saying that.
Yeah, it -- it helped.
Wouldn't expect you to believe it.
That's why I didn't say anything about me and Doug.
Yeah, well, it's a damn shame that the only person that can corroborate your story is dead.
'Cause the FDLE is scouring your RV and your home, Frank, and if they find one piece of evidence that can link you forensically to Doug or to Cody, I'll make sure you go away for life.
[ Sighs ] Cody is definitely sick.
That's why Doug was buying Pedialyte and baby aspirin.
What's the lab report say? From the mucus in his spit-up, they've, uh, picked up some kind of infection.
Viral or bacterial? I'm running further tests to determine what we're dealing with.
But if it's viral, it'll run its course.
Yeah, and if it's bacterial, he could go into sepsis if it's left untreated.
How is Valerie? Is she well enough to help us yet, like, you know, maybe confess or tell us who did this? They've got her sedated, and I've ordered a psych evaluation.
Erratic behavior, gaps in memory, self-medicating with alcohol -- it could be depression brought on by postpartum, but I-I don't know.
There's something definitely going on with her.
Yeah, a little thing called guilt? Survivor's guilt.
Yeah, maybe.
Well, just in case.
Daniel! - Yeah? - Check Valerie's credit-card purchases, see if she came straight back from that business trip or stopped off at that big-box store.
Yeah, you got it.
Also, I got the walkie to work -- rewired it, charged the battery.
Still just getting static, though.
Don't those things usually come in twos? Was there another one found at the crime scene? No, just this one.
What if Doug was using the walkie-talkie as a baby monitor? Okay, it's got to be one of the channels.
Maybe if we go off-road.
[ Static ] Even healthy adults can only go 96 hours without water.
I mean, a toddler who was dehydrated, not holding down food -- maybe 12 hours.
shutting down.
Plus an infection? Jim, I don't know.
No, don't think it.
Don't even say it.
Believe me, I'm trying not to.
Please be right and not that we just couldn't find the other walkie-talkie.
I'm thinking if Doug knew he was going for a meeting and he knew that meeting could go bad, he'd put Cody in a safe place, right? Right.
[ Static ] [ Baby cooing ] Oh, my God, Jim.
II know.
It's a baby.
It's Cody.
He's alive.
Yeah, but where? [ Baby cries ] This walkie-talkie has a range of about 15 miles.
Now, each one has been paired to the same frequency as the one with baby Cody.
Now, these aren't like cellphones.
They can't be triangulated to pinpoint his exact location.
The good news is that this shrinks our search area considerably.
The bad news is that we're still looking at about 70 square miles of terrain to cover.
If your area falls into anything residential or commercial, knock on doors.
Show them pictures of Cody.
Look, listen, and be aware, and let's bring this boy home.
Okay, move out.
[ Sighs ] Come on, Cody, little buddy.
Hang in there.
[ Baby crying ] Hey, do you hear that squeaking sound? [ Squeaking ] Yeah.
Squeaky toy, maybe? That's good news, right? He still has the strength to squeeze it? You got a unit on Bradley? No need to.
He's been to the station twice, calls every half-hour looking for updates on Cody's rescue.
He's either really worried or really good.
Any word from Callie? She's checking on Valerie at the hospital.
They're going to run some tests.
If she's thinking postpartum, in extreme cases, sufferers are capable of just about anything -- suicide, homicide, infanticide.
Well, at the moment, Cody is still alive, so let's just focus on finding him, then we can worry about whether or not Valerie had anything to do with her ex-husband's murder.
Daniel found a bar down the road from the crime scene that Valerie dropped into the night Doug was murdered.
He's gonna tag along with me for the ride, then I'll check on Callie at the hospital.
Your omega 3s are extremely low, which is a good indicator for postpartum.
Have you been aware of any feelings of depression? I only knew I wasn't enjoying any of it -- a beautiful son, being a mom.
I'd bring him into bed with me to help him sleep, then have to face the wall so he wouldn't see me crying.
Where's your family? We don't have a relationship.
We haven't been in touch in years.
So, you're alone, overwhelmed, self-medicating with alcohol, drugs.
No drugs.
And the drinking -- I don't even like to drink.
But sometimes it's the only way I can deal with it all.
It's a terrible thing to say.
I know.
I'm not a cop, Valerie.
I'm a nurse, and I'm not judging you.
There's a lot of women who are suffering from postpartum who don't even know it, especially if they don't have a spouse or a family around.
The good news is [ Sighs ] We know Cody's alive.
We can hear him.
But we need your help.
He's out there somewhere, and he needs you.
I don't know where he is.
I know.
I'm just -- I'm just saying If you could think of somewhere that Doug might take Cody or someone who wants to hurt Doug -- I don't know! I swear.
Can't -- can't the police just contact his family? They have And his employer, and nobody even knew he was down here right now.
[ Sighs ] I'm asking you to think hard.
Who would want to hurt your family? Does Cody have his Fuzzy? His Fuzzy? It's Cody's blanket.
Does he have his Fuzzy? He -- he can't go to sleep without Fuzzy.
I don't know.
He can't sleep without Fuzzy! He has to -- you have to find -- [ breathing heavily ] I'm an awful mom.
Bartender: Yeah, I'm positive.
That's her.
Like I told this guy, she came in by herself.
Had just driven back from a business trip in Tampa or something.
She seem angry, agitated? Not at first.
She had a couple glasses of wine, then some guy tried to buy her a drink.
She went a little nuts on him.
For buying her a drink? Yeah, she went off on some guy named Doug, how he ruined her life, how she hated the son of a bitch.
I mean, seriously, that's, like, the first time I've ever had to throw somebody out for having a fight with somebody who wasn't even here.
And what time was this? Around 9:00, 9:30, I think.
Two hours before Doug was killed.
And we're just 30 minutes up the turnpike from where the murder happened.
You have a pay phone? Pay phone? I haven't seen one of those in years.
Try the next exit off the turnpike where all those big-box stores are.
Probably the closest one around here.
That's where the pay phone is, the one used to call Doug.
On it.
- Thanks for your time.
- You got it.
Jim, I'm telling you, you can't push her right now.
We have an eyewitness that puts Valerie drinking at a bar, raging at her son-of-a-bitch ex-husband from the crime scene and two hours before he was killed.
She's suffering from postpartum depression.
Her hormonal levels are parabolic.
It -- there's no way she could pull off a plan to lure in her ex-husband and then kill him.
I mean, she can barely account for her time.
Because, uh, a hormonal woman would never kill an ex-husband for trying to steal their son? And you don't know she can't account for her time.
She could be playing you.
That's what murderers do, Callie -- they lie.
There's still a big leap from being a liar to "She killed her ex-husband and maybe even her child.
" Yeah, and -- and postpartum psychosis is still motive for murder, suicide, and infanticide.
Look, you may feel sorry for her, even like her, but that doesn't mean she's not guilty.
[ Door opens ] Valerie? No! No, it was a mistake! It was all a huge mistake! What was a mistake? You know what I did! You know! Why are you torturing me?! Valerie? [ Sniffles ] [ Sighs ] I did it.
I killed Doug.
I'll sign whatever you want.
I'll do anything you want.
I just want my baby back.
[ Breathing heavily ] I just want this to be over.
- Then where is Cody? - I don't know.
Jim: You confessed to killing Doug, Valerie.
Your son is with him.
If you killed your ex-husband, tell us what you know so we can try and find your son.
I don't know.
I can't remember! Um, why don't we try what you do remember -- about your marriage, your time with Doug before things went bad.
[ Sighs ] I-I got caught up in the romance, I guess -- the flowers, the candy, the champagne on his friend's boat The wedding, but I-it wasn't real.
Doug wasn't real.
But you went through with it, right? The pregnancy, the baby.
I threw up.
I thought I was seasick, but I guess I was already pregnant, and We conceived Cody on -- on his friend's boat at the marina.
My escape.
Our little romantic nest.
[ Scoffs ] I can still hear the boat rubbing against the wake bumpers.
Okay, the murder, Valerie.
Bradley -- was he involved? Help me out here.
I should never have dragged him into this.
Dragged him into what, Valerie? What did you drag him into? It doesn't matter.
What matters is, is that I killed Doug and my son is [ Voice breaking ] I don't know where my baby is.
Okay, listen to me, Valerie.
Maybe the reason that you don't know where your son is, is maybe you didn't kill Doug.
Okay? You're beating yourself up.
You're punishing yourself 'cause you think you're a bad mother.
I get that.
But confessing to something you didn't do is not helping us find your son, so I'm asking you one last time -- did you kill Doug? Yes.
Callie: Valerie Did you kill Doug? No.
You got her to unconfess? Yeah.
It's the first time I've ever had to do that.
Callie didn't like me pushing her like that, but at this point, we can't afford to go down any more blind alleys.
Well, at least that lines up with the forensic report I just got.
They found several short blond hairs in Frank's RV.
Oh, and, Jim, he stopped mumbling, and we haven't heard any voices -- just that squeaky toy.
All right.
We're on our way.
Well, squeaky toy -- that's still a good sign, right? If he's in sepsis, I seriously doubt that he'll be able to have the strength or the cognitive awareness to squeeze a toy.
What about Valerie's cognitive awareness? It's all over the place.
Why? Well, she can remember some things, like where she and Doug conceived Cody, but not whether or not she killed Doug? Because she didn't kill Doug.
That's the psychosis.
Reality's much more vivid.
She said she got seasick, right, on Doug's friend's boat? Right.
What if that squeaky noise we've been hearing isn't a squeaky toy? Jim, I don't know.
Is this crazy? Yeah.
At this point, I'll take crazy.
My escape.
[ Creaking ] That's him.
It's Cody.
[ Cody fussing ] Okay.
Okay, Cody.
Hi, honey.
It's okay.
Yeah, he's burning up.
We have to get him to the hospital.
Do you see his Fuzzy anywhere? His Fuzzy? Yeah, his little blue blanket.
Okay, well, I'll try and find it.
You go, go, go.
Go, go.
All right.
[ Cellphone beeps ] Yeah.
We got him.
Is he okay? Well, he's burning up with fever.
Callie's got him now.
We're gonna take him to the E.
Great job, Jim.
[ Chuckles ] [ Sighs ] Thanks, Daniel.
No, that's kind of what I figured.
I got your message.
You got bankie? Yeah, I did.
I'm just so glad you found Cody.
How -- how is he? Well, he's on antibiotics and fluids, trying to get the fever down, you know? We got to him just in time.
[ Sighs ] Oh, God.
So, uh, well, what happened? Did you figure out who did this? We did.
We found several blond hairs in the RV of a suspect.
We're testing them to see if they match Cody.
How's, uh, how's Valerie? She must hate me.
More confused than hate.
You know, 'cause of the whole postpartum thing.
But I'm sure once the meds kick in and she can process that you killed Doug And kept your mouth shut while leaving her son alone to die, well, yeah, I'm pretty sure she's gonna be pretty pissed off at you.
Uh, wait.
I-I thought you said you found a hair.
Wasn't a match.
But I did find this note -- where Doug was keeping Cody.
"Get bankie, Sawgrass Preserve, 11:00.
" So? That doesn't mean anything.
It means that Doug was killed when he met someone to get Cody's blanket, which Valerie and Cody call "Fuzzy.
" It's only you that calls it a bankie.
When you went to the motel to give this to Doug, then realized he'd taken off with Cody, you panicked.
You needed a plan.
So, you called him from a pay phone at a big-box store at 9:37, which our paid intern just confirmed.
You told him that Cody couldn't sleep without his bankie.
So, Doug agreed to meet you, but he didn't bring Cody, so you couldn't undo your mistake.
So you fought, but he wouldn't tell you where Cody was, even when you grabbed for his gun.
He threatened me with it, t-tried to scare me off.
We scuffled -- Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah.
The gun went off.
You know what? I know you thought you were trying to help Valerie, but bottom line, you just didn't want to take care of her kid.
I was just trying to help.
But I'm -- I don't know anything about kids.
I never had to take care of one.
I was just trying to help Valerie! Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I've been sick to death worrying about Cody.
I'm losing my mind looking for him! Oh, God! [ Crying ] Oh, God.
You're gonna be okay, Cody.
[ Cody fussing ] Mommy's here.
She -- she's right here.
You know what? We should, um, let him rest.
It's okay.
He's gonna be okay.
We have him on I.
fluids and antibiotics.
He'll cycle through a few fevers in the next few days, but he's gonna be fine.
[ Sighs ] You're gonna be okay, too.
You have to realize that you've also been sick, but postpartum is treatable.
And with the right medications to balance you out and counseling, you'll be fine.
And -- and Cody? I mean, w-will he and II mean It might take some time, but if you can prove to family services and the courts that you're committed to this, you guys can be a family again.
[ Sighs ] Thank you.
I-I don't know what I would have done without you.
I thought I was going insane.
[ Sighs ] [ Chuckles ] You found Fuzzy.
Why don't you take it to him? Hey, Cody.
Hey, look what I have.
Mommy's got Fuzzy.
[ Cody laughs ] Do you want Fuzzy? You sure you want to be a doctor? 'Cause you're actually one hell of a cop.
Now you're just insulting me.
Oh, really? After all this, you still hate cops? Yes! This was terrifying And a little amazing.
Finding Cody alive.
Well, police work may have found her son, but you definitely saved Valerie from losing Cody forever.
So, I guess there is a gap between victims and law enforcement.
Oh! I'm sorry.
Is that you admitting to being a little judgmental about forensic nursing? Well, I think "judgmental" is a littlejudgmental.
You have togo shower.
I need a shower? Yeah, for your date tonight, remember? It's not a date.
Right, where she can catch you up to speed.
You know, around the same table -- yes.
You know she's totally playing you, right? How is she playing me? Acting like she's cool working with you, being here, like she's cool with me.
She is cool with you.
Yeah, she's totally cool with me.
Just Be careful, okay? Yeah.
I'm not into her anymore.
You know that, right?