The Glades s02e04 Episode Script


Oh, yeah.
FHP, 148, priority.
I got a yellow Camaro, headed southbound.
Have the boys set up a roadblock.
Copy that, 148.
This guy ain't stopping.
He is not stopping.
Stand by.
Driver, exit the vehicle with your hands up! Do it now! Let me see your hands -- nice and slow.
Driver, exit the car! I am the driver.
You've got to be kidding me.
You let her outrun you, Mayhew? Sweetheart, come -- come over here.
Little kid.
Watch her, guys.
Let me check the car.
What have we got? Call FDLE.
Just past the exit.
Got it, Colleen.
I'll be there in 20.
See you there.
Jeff, hey.
Jim, they jumped my dad! Uh, what -- what -- what's the matter? They beat him bad.
Hang tight.
I'll be right there.
Jim Longworth.
You must be Ray.
Wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
Woman called in.
Said her car conked out on her, she needed a tow.
So you brought Jeff? He wanted to see his old man at work.
If I'd even caught a whiff of something being off, obviously I wouldn't have brought him.
So you pulled up here? I go to hook up the car.
And then, bam, somebody ambushed me from behind.
Did you see anything, anyone? No, I didn't see anything.
And I don't remember anything after that.
I just know I got whaled on pretty good.
There were two of them.
I was in the front seat.
They had their lights on, so I couldn't get a good look.
All right, that's good.
Jeff, that's helpful.
I messed up.
You didn't mess up.
- No, I should have stopped them.
- Listen to me.
You have nothing to be sorry about.
This is not your fault.
You hear me? Nice of you to join us.
Well, the dead guy's still dead, isn't he? Yeah, but the witness is gone.
You'll have to interview her back at the substation.
She's a witness, not a suspect? She's 12.
I doubt she had the upper-body strength to bash in the skull of a grown man.
You'd be surprised.
can be murder.
Not surprisingly, trunk man has a lot of speeding tickets.
His name's Cole Hunter, and he was this close to getting his license revoked.
Any signs of splatter or signs of struggle in the car? Hunter was bludgeoned someplace else, dumped in the trunk.
He was also robbed -- his wallet has I.
, credit cards, and ATM receipts, but no cash.
You should see the engine on this thing.
You talk about a sweet ride.
Who owns the vehicle? It's, uh, registered to Hunter.
Patrolman clocked it in at 130 miles an hour.
- Is that it? - That's pretty fast if you ask me.
No, is that it about Cole? Oh, um, no, he has a tattoo on his inside right forearm.
Your choices are tribal symbol, lethal -- It's a pierced heart.
You okay? - You seem -- - Yeah, no.
Um, um, tired.
Um Let me just check out the rest of this, uh, sweet ride.
The killer likes lollipops? The kid was eating them.
But the killer left something else.
They found this in Cole's pocket -- diamond necklace.
The killer takes cash, but not this? Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Where -- where are you going? Yeah, I just got to make a quick stop.
I'll get to the witness before her bedtime.
So, does this sound like some random jumping or could it be something else? Ray was released from prison because he gave information on someone to the district attorney.
Now, he's saying he didn't know any of the attackers.
So, should I be worried? - Depends how much you trust him.
- I do.
I think, for once, he's actually doing the right thing.
Well, great.
Then, uh, nothing to worry about.
Then, I won't.
Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's good.
Grand theft auto, eluding an officer, driving without a license? When can I get my video? You know, from the dashboard camera? Sit.
Now, aren't you worried about what your parents are gonna say? My daddy's on the road.
Well, I'm sure your mom is not gonna like this.
She's gone.
My sister's the one that takes care of me now, but she's been poorly lately, so she's not gonna care, either.
How is it that you left before me and I'm the one stuck with your witness? Uh, yeah -- Yeah, uh, Detective Longworth is going to take your fingerprints.
I am? I am.
Uh, right hand, please.
You serious? 'Cause Cole wouldn't care if I took his Camaro.
Right hand.
The keys were left in the ignition.
I took that as a sign.
Are you really gonna fingerprint me? Yeah.
The Camaro is evidence.
And you were in the Camaro.
Just need to eliminate you as a murder suspect.
- Sure that was Cole in the trunk? - Yeah.
Damn, he's the one who taught me how to drive in the first place.
How do you know Cole? Other hand.
Friends with my sister -- works with my daddy on the number-74 cup car.
That's Trey Lancer's racecar.
Even though he was a big NASCAR mechanic, he always helped me with my go-kart.
You want to be a racecar driver? Like, uh, Danica Patrick? Danica's nationwide.
I'm going right for the Sprint Cup.
First girl Jimmie Johnson, although my style's more Carl Edwards -- I like to lead the pack.
Yeah, I heard.
Gave the highway patrol a run for their money.
I need a copy of my chase.
Good luck with that.
Last thing highway patrol wants is a video floating around of them being outrun by a 12-year-old girl.
Uh, you gonna be okay here? Oh, um, don't touch anything.
Pink fibers from Shaz's jacket.
Found them in the driver's seat.
As for our friend in the trunk, cause of death -- subdural hematoma.
Suffered crescent-shaped lacerations to the head, caused by multiple perpendicular blows with a relatively broad object.
- Why don't you just say "wrench"? - Because it might be a hammer.
Well, it sounds like a wrench, which would make sense.
Cole was a mechanic.
Explains the particles on his jacket.
They're from chemicals you find in brake pads.
Maybe he was working before he got murdered.
Which would be Wednesday between 1:00 and 4:00 p.
, judging by the development of the necrophagous larvae in his orifices.
You use insects on the body to determine the cause of death? I got all kinds of tricks in my toolbox, baby -- hammers, maggots.
What do you know about NASCAR? I go to the Daytona 500 every year.
Once, I woke up in my underpants, chained to a tiki bar in the infield with no eyebrows.
- What do you want to know about NASCAR? - Not that.
Were you able to find the jeweler's laser inscription on the diamonds, trace it back to a store? No, but Carlos found a silk pouch with the store's name in Cole's other pocket.
What? Cole didn't steal the diamonds? He paid 10 grand, cash.
He also laid down another $1,000 for a name bracelet.
He told the saleslady it was for his girlfriend, Charlene.
How does a mechanic, even a NASCAR mechanic, have that kind of money? Moonlighting.
Daniel, get Cole's bank accounts and W-2.
If we follow the money, we might find the killer.
Are you done with Shaz? Her sister Charlene is here to take her home.
I just -- I don't understand.
Who would do something like this? E-everybody loved Cole.
But I do appreciate you not booking my baby sister.
Hey, Charlene, look at -- You could have killed yourself! Whoa.
Daddy told you he didn't want you driving no more.
Oh, don't you give me the stink eye.
All right, I'm taking you home right now.
Come on.
Can I talk to you for a second, alone? - I'll wait in the lobby.
- Thank you.
What the hell was that? I have to.
Okay? Mama's not here.
Daddy's gone half the time.
Children need parameters.
It's what makes them feel loved and cared for.
Were you dating Cole? What? No.
Did Shaz tell you that? No, a saleslady at Seybold Jewelry in Miami said he bought a bracelet for his girlfriend, Charlene.
Oh, My Lord.
He did? Yeah.
Yeah, well, I don't know why he would have done something like that.
No, I'm not his girl.
Everybody knows that I'm going with Trey.
Trey Lancer? The driver of number 74? That's right, and I would appreciate it if you didn't go around spreading rumors about me and Cole.
Hey, my mistake.
Well, if you don't want your station burned down to the ground, it's best not to leave Shaz out there alone for too long.
Shaz, stop it.
Let's go.
"Pregnancy pop"? What's that? Oh, it's, uh, Joey Logano's number.
I've been given strict instructions by my 14-year-old to get this hat signed or don't bother coming home ever.
Hot pass? Oh.
Hottest pass around.
Hot pass? Well, it's an FDLE badge, so that's even hotter.
Hot pass.
You got a murder to solve, and I got to get this hat signed.
Show him your hot pass.
Excuse me.
You got to play by their rules.
She's with me.
Oh, well, now I don't even know what those rules are.
Hot pass.
That's our boy Trey.
Sorry, guys, just let me -- l-let me do another one.
Action! Hi.
I'm Trey Lancer.
And when I'm at home, I always know where I'mgoing.
Cut! Dang it.
Carlos, try to get that lollipop from Charlene while I create a distraction.
Let's get it.
Go again.
Action! Oh.
I'm Georgia Lancer.
- Hi.
Jim Longworth.
- I'm the owner of Lancer Autosports, and I'm also Trey's mama.
Cut! Don't worry.
Trey knows his lines.
He's gonna get it.
Oh, no, I'm not worried.
I'm a detective with the FDLE.
Here about Cole, your mechanic.
Well, we are all still just so torn up about that.
Well, you seem to have recovered.
Well, that is the cruel reality of this sport -- you don't get a lot of time to mourn before you just got to get right back out there on the track.
Or the next commercial, huh? Yeah, we got to keep our sponsors happy.
Yeah, I bet.
It's an expensive sport.
They say you can make a small fortune in racing.
As long as you start with a large fortune, right, huh? That's very good, detective.
But, you know, we've been lucky.
We've had the same sponsors at Lancer Autosports since my late husband, Zane, was driving.
Yeah, and now your son's taking over the tradition.
Yeah, racing's in our blood.
And Trey's got your father's genes and a good woman behind him, like Charlene.
Charlene is a good woman.
At least she's not one of those waffle bellies.
"Waffle belly"? They make a play for the pit crew, and they try to flirt their way up to a driver, maybe get wifed.
Wifed, huh? Mm-hmm.
And Charlene's different? Charlene's family.
Her daddy, Sandy -- he drives our transporter.
- Trey's finally finishing up, so - Oh, good.
Let's go.
Well, Trey needs to concentrate on practicing for the race.
Yeah, and I need to know where he was this past Wednesday, so Well, I can help you with that.
We were back at our home shop in North Carolina, getting the car ready for the race this Sunday.
One more.
One more, all right? Does that answer your question? That answers one.
I have another.
When I'm at Miami, Daytona, or Talladega, I always know where I'm going.
But off-track, I could use a little help.
That's why I let getawaythere.
com help plan my vacations.
Cut and print! Great.
That's great.
Good stuff.
Trey, Trey, Trey.
Man, that was great.
Man, I hate to do this, but I got to know -- did you know Charlene's pregnant? - What? -Trey, I -- - Yeah, she's pregnant.
I mean, I don't know if it's yours or maybe Cole's, but she's been sucking on these like crazy -- you know, pregnancy pops.
Charlene, what's he talking about? Baby, I-I would never do anything to hurt you.
Helps with the morning sickness.
Are you sleeping with Cole?! Hey.
No, tell me! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Settle down, now! Cole, you don't have -- Daddy! Dad, stop it! No! No, no! You back off! Well, it's gonna be interesting at their dinner table tonight.
Spreading sunshine wherever you go.
Yeah? Well, keep your hands off her! Oh.
Sticky keeps coming off.
Okay, you have got to stop messing with this.
I know, but every time I mess with it, you come back in here and fix it.
And you're sure you don't know who did this to you? Sweetie, I told you, it's the oldest scam in the book -- you know, a hot girl calls in a tow, and her thug buddies beat the crap out of the driver.
Right, but, usually, they take your money, and they didn't take yours.
I didn't have any money.
I wish I did.
It would have saved me some stitches.
It's not a big deal.
It happens all the time, babe.
Not to you.
And stop with the and the beeping.
Thank you.
You texted me 911? I told you.
Addy wants me to get this signed by Joey Logano.
And by "me," I mean "you.
" You "911" texted me over a hat? I "911" texted you about a jacket, Cole's jacket.
You said there was chemical residue from working on brakes.
According to the preliminary analysis.
But the final report shows the same chemicals -- lead, antimony, and barium -- but with a different particulate.
Which means? The chemicals were scattered under higher pressure and temperature.
Higher pressure than car brakes? Much higher, like from a gun.
Did the crime techs find a gun at his house? No.
But for GSR to still be on the jacket, he must have fired a gun at some point before he was killed.
Maybe he was protecting himself against the killer.
A hat? Really? I've traveled to 38 races this season, worked 18-hour days and I come home to this! Yeah, well, your daughters were a little busy You know, raising themselves.
If I left the transporter like this, I'd be fired.
I knew Charlene wasn't feeling well, and now I know why.
Yeah, well, you didn't know she was pregnant with Cole's baby.
The baby belongs to Trey.
You didn't like Cole much, huh? You got it all wrong about Cole.
I liked Cole a lot.
Everybody did.
You couldn't help but like him.
Cole lived life, if you know what I mean.
He'd bust you up with a joke.
And he was one hell of a mechanic.
Whether it was engines or people, he lived life to push, wasn't afraid of taking risks.
Risks like sleeping with Charlene? With all due respect, detective, watch your mouth.
Oh, right.
We don't know if it's Cole's baby or Trey's baby.
Long as it's my daughter's, I know it's none of your damn business.
It is my damn business if that's your motive for murdering Cole.
You got nothing.
I got motive.
I got alibi.
You said Cole was killed between I was at the shop in North Carolina.
Had to load up the transporter, get it ready for the ride down here.
By yourself? My crew was around.
And then I was with Trey.
He said he needed to talk.
He said he was gonna ask Charlene to marry him.
I guess you're barking up the wrong tree, detective.
Not if Trey is your alibi.
You either killed him together, or one of you is lying.
You're wrong.
It's a balmy 80 degrees out, Shaz.
- You sure you're warm enough? - I'm acclimating.
It's gonna be 130 degrees inside a racecar.
You think my daddy killed Cole, but he didn't.
Then, who did? I don't know.
But daddy would never do anything like that.
Okay, well, uh, I'll take that into consideration.
Trey doesn't know it, but I heard my daddy saying it's been really tough this year.
Lancer doesn't have as much money as they used to.
- Why's that? - I guess 'cause Trey keeps crashing.
At practice on Wednesday, Trey cracked his ride all to hell.
They took all night to fix it.
So, Trey couldn't practice and he wasn't in the garage while his car was getting fixed? Except for getting in and out of the car, Trey hardly ever sets foot in the garage.
Thank you, Shaz.
Cole Hunter was pulling down 50 grand a year, but he barely had two nickels to rub together.
Was Lancer Autosports his only source of income? On paper, but he made way more money three years ago when he was a mechanic for Tony Stewart.
Yeah, Sandy said Georgia stole Cole away.
My guess is he was fired.
You want me to find out? I can ask Manus to get a warrant to subpoena their employee records.
Or I could just ask Tony.
Shut up! You're gonna meet "The Rushville Rocket"? Yeah.
Kind of got to get this cap signed, anyway.
Come on.
Yeah? Hey, Tony.
Uh, I got to ask -- what's with the monkey? Uh, he's a rescue with some help from the Tony Stewart Foundation.
Oh, Mojo, right? Nah, different monkey.
But, uh, after last week's race, I think I'm gonna call him "Junior.
" But you didn't come here to talk about monkeys, and I got to get ready to qualify.
Why did Cole stop working for you three years ago? - Well, he didn't have a choice.
- You fired him? I had to.
Cole was getting out of control.
It was affecting his work? I didn't let it get that far because it was only a matter of time before somebody else really got hurt by Cole.
Who? Zane Lancer, two years ago.
After you fired him and he worked for Lancer Autosports? Yeah, Zane had just won Daytona, and Cole took the old man down to the beach like it was the '50s.
Car got out of control, got upside down, pinned him inside, he drowned.
Sounds like a stupid accident.
Yeah, maybe, but Trey still blames Cole for Zane's death.
What's this? Oh.
Um You know this isn't my number.
Oh, yeah, I mean, the coroner's daughter, Addy -- she's a -- she's a big fan.
That -- that's real nice.
For Joey Logano.
I can't believe you came to see me with Joey Logano's hat.
And the coroner's a dead man.
See you tomorrow, Janice.
I'm on 8:00 to 4:00.
Jeff? What's going on? What are you doing with my son? U.
Marshals, ma'am.
You need to come with us.
It's okay.
It's all right.
It's fine.
Callie's not at work.
Jeff's not at school.
And a nurse from the hospital said two guys with dark suits and earpieces and guns picked them up last night.
Okay, okay.
You need to take it down a notch.
I know you know where they are.
You knew about Ray's parole.
You knew about his deal with the D.
Okay, you know, you're still on thin ice after getting in the middle of this attack on Ray.
I warned you to put some distance between you and -- Jeff called me to go out there.
Well, that's not an excuse to break the rules! I'll break more than rules if you don't tell me where they are right now! Where are they? Jim, they're fine.
Look The FBI is in on this.
They've already got a BOLO out on the two guys that attacked Ray and on the woman who set them up.
Who are these people? Well, that is just not your concern.
I just -- I -- I just want to know where they are.
And that's none of your business, either.
You're not part of their family, Jim.
You going in? Can you get me in with your hot pass? What, you don't have one? I never been in the garage or the transporter.
Your dad won't let you, huh? If I'm gonna start racing stock cars, I got to build me a good engine.
What I need is to get ahold of a setup book.
What's that? It's that black binder all the crew chiefs and owners carry around -- tells you what parts they're using, how much it costs.
And it also explains exactly how a team builds their engine.
Yeah, I'd like a look at that, too.
But you, with your pink jacket -- you're probably gonna be a little recognizable.
It's gonna be hard to sneak you in Unless, of course, everyone gets so distracted when I start asking questions.
Is Trey around? Uh, I'm afraid not.
He's with a sponsor, an invited guest, doing a courtesy ride around the track.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
How do you keep track of everything? Nothing's labeled.
Oh, we know where everything is.
And it keeps others from knowing what we've got, and that's really why the transporter is only for team members.
Oh, okay, well, if that's the case What's in here? Equipment and tools.
Yeah? And there's room for two cars at the top.
This is just our garage away from home.
So, why don't we just go on outside, and we can talk there? Oh-ho-ho.
Is that you? Yep, with my late husband, Zane, at victory lane in Darlington.
Va-va-voom! I should have known you were a Winston Cup girl.
When Zane put that picture up, he went on to win five races that season.
Just like that lucky penny that Earnhardt taped to his dashboard the year that he won Daytona.
What about this one? Trey put that up the first year he started racing, and then he won Pocono.
Trey wants to be like his father.
Trey is like his father.
You know, it seems like Cole was closer to Zane than Trey.
I mean, the -- the night he died, Zane took Cole out to celebrate.
Racing is a team effort, detective.
Cole helped Zane to win.
Well, some people think Cole was responsible for your husband's death, too, including Trey.
Trey knows that nobody could keep Zane from doing something he wanted to do.
If he wanted to race on the beach, then He was gonna race on the beach.
He always said that if he died driving he'd die smiling.
Yeah, but you got to wonder You know, if only Cole hadn't taken Zane out.
I've learned never to put a question mark where God has put a period.
Hey, hey.
What are you doing? Ah, don't worry.
I am an excellent driver.
That is $250,000 worth of car right there.
Do not mess around.
How hard could it be, huh? You just flip a switch And turn left! And since your mom won't come clean about the night your daddy died Get out! I got a better idea.
You get in.
Hurry up.
Oh, yeah.
All right.
Inside, inside.
Hug it.
Hug it.
Now go wide.
Wide, wide.
Just hold the line.
Must have been hard to lose your dad like that.
It was an accident.
Yeah, it could have been prevented.
All those years without him that you can't get back.
Oh, even when he was here, he was never around.
Yeah, but he never got to see you race Sprint Cup.
You could have been on the track together, racing side by side, father and son.
Instead, he's on the beach with Cole.
We were all supposed to leave that night, right after the race.
What happened? Went to his trailer.
Daddy was gone.
Didn't have time for me, but he had time to act all stupid with Cole.
Yeah, he wanted to celebrate.
Oh, daddy never celebrated! He was too busy looking ahead to the next race.
Cole was the one talking about racing the old beach road course.
He wanted to be like Lee Petty or Fireball Roberts back in the day.
Daddy would have never been out there if it wasn't for Cole.
You were mad at Cole for that.
He got my father killed.
Now, Cole is the reason daddy's dead.
Cole took your father away.
He took your girl.
You'd had it with Cole, and you lied to me about Wednesday.
I was doing test runs.
Yeah, but you wrecked.
The car was in the garage.
You followed Cole.
And you killed him.
You killed Cole.
Oh, hey, guys.
Want to give me a hand? Whoa.
That's a hand.
It's got everything -- their shock package, what size springs they use, tire pressure.
Of course, I can't afford any of it.
Can I see that? You can have it.
I made two copies.
Oh! Good girl.
See? This picture's from our family album.
Daddy and Cole were good friends from way back.
Like Brutus and Caesar.
Uh, Troy and Chad from "High School Musical.
" Thank you.
Hey, Carlos, listen, uh, about Addy's, uh, NASCAR cap, I swear I -- No? All right.
I'll be right there.
So the red ink came off the tattoo? Some of it.
Must have happened when I washed the body.
So it's not a real tattoo? It's not real red ink.
I tested it.
It's red dye, from a dye pack.
Like banks use to mark stolen money.
Means we have to look at recent bank robberies.
You can see the robber has a gun, and gunshots were fired during this robbery.
How did you get this footage so fast? The FBI turned over most bank-robbery investigations to local police.
FDLE was already looking into this heist in Daytona.
You know, with the mask on, you can't tell if the robber is Cole or not.
All right, bring up that other footage.
This is video from a red-light camera near the bank.
Hold it there.
That's Cole's Camaro.
Painted black? Wrapped black, like a racecar.
Okay, so, we have a love triangle, an accidental pregnancy, an accidental death.
And another motive -- bank robbery.
The FDLE bank robbery task force has identified three other bank robberies that Cole could have been involved in.
Daytona, Darlington, and Talladega.
Those are all tracks where NASCAR races.
That's no accident.
All three of these robberies happened on the Monday after the Sunday of the Sprint Cup, and all three of these banks held account with the racetrack and the concessions business.
Well, that makes sense.
On a Sunday after a race, there would be big cash deposits to make.
And all the robberies happened between 9:10 and 9:30 a.
While the money was still being counted, before it was processed and locked up, but not at Darlington.
And when he counted the cash later, that must have been when the dye pack exploded and marked his skin.
And he got a tattoo to conceal it.
Could have been worse.
A dye-pack explosion can generate up to 400 degrees of heat.
That would leave a serious burn.
And that would also have destroyed the money he just stole.
Which is why he did the last heist in Talladega.
All up, Cole walked away with half a million dollars.
Well, you mean drove away.
The surveillance videos at all three locations show that the Camaro was wrapped in a different color for each heist.
Now, the one thing that all the witnesses and the cops agreed on was that the car seemed to disappear into thin air.
Like the half a million.
Remember, Cole bought $11,000 worth of jewelry for Charlene.
Where's the rest of the money? In the car.
In the racecar.
Number 74.
That's the setup book.
There's over a half million dollars in there in engines alone.
Uh, yeah, but Cole was just an employee.
Ah, in racing, everyone's family.
Still, why would he rob from a bank and put all the money in number 74? Well, maybe all the money came from someone else's cut.
We know Cole had a partner.
His partner in crime probably killed him.
Maybe his partner in love knows who that is.
I don't believe you.
I don't know anything about Cole robbing banks! I'm not trying to upset you, Charlene.
I just need to know who Cole was spending his time with.
The team, the crew.
All he did is work.
All any of them do is work -- Cole, Trey, daddy.
So, who was it -- Trey or Sandy? I don't feel very well.
I need to sit down.
How far along are you? Eight weeks.
Congratulations? I think Cole loved you.
I think you loved Cole.
But whoever he was robbing banks with probably killed him.
Don't you want to know who that is? It wasn't supposed to be like this.
Things were getting better.
You're right -- I did love Cole.
But I love Trey, too.
And I love my daddy.
Please don't take my family away from me.
Who did you give up, Ray? No one you know.
Yeah, well I want to know who it is we're running from.
We're not running, Cal.
It's Witness Protection.
This is the only way I know how to protect you and Jeff.
You know, this may sound crazy, but this could be the best thing for us, baby.
What, is that what the marshals told you? And I believe them.
Come on, it's a new start.
It's a clean slate.
I had a clean slate, Ray! Having you back has been really good for Jeff.
We can be a good family again, Cal.
I made some huge mistakes.
But all that's over.
I would die before I'd let anyone or anything hurt you or keep you from the life that you deserve.
This isn't the end.
It's a fresh start.
The other thing we want to make sure to check is this -- these fire bottles.
Make sure you check the chip in both of them.
NASCAR's gonna have a look at them.
Excuse me.
Hey, hi.
Could you sign this? Um, you -- you want number 19.
No, I definitely want number 20.
Um, but I-I'm number 99.
Uh, no, you're in 20.
Well, okay, my car is in number 20, yeah.
Yeah, that's what I want -- number 20.
All right, what I'm trying to tell you is that the -- the number 20 is in number 19, and -- and, I mean, even though I drive the 99, it's in number 20 this week.
It's -- it's the garage stall.
You're number 99.
You got it.
Would you like me to take you to number 20? Please.
He Joey.
Yeah, what's up? You got a minute? Sure.
Joey Logano? Number 20? Yes, sir.
Looks like it.
Can you please sign this? Sure, sure.
Okay, man.
Thank you.
Thanks, Joey.
Here you go.
Yeah, no problem, man.
So, listen, I know one fan that's really rooting for you.
Good luck tomorrow.
Thank you.
Appreciate it.
All the best.
Oh, to both of you, obviously.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, thanks.
All right.
Have a good one.
I just have one more question.
Hell, you always have just one more question.
Yeah, well, after this, I'll either leave you alone or arrest you.
I bet you didn't know that, when a dye pack explodes, it generates up to 400 degrees of heat? I'm just saying.
Show me your arms.
I burned myself working on an engine.
I heard you barely set foot in the garage.
Well, it's probably how come I burnt myself.
No, I think you burnt yourself doing this.
You were robbing banks with Cole.
All right, that's it.
No more questions.
It's not a question, Trey.
It's a statement.
You were using Cole's car to get away from the cops.
You were using the transporter to make Cole's car disappear.
And my guess In the transporter is where Cole was killed.
Close those doors, it's the perfect place for a murder.
Or to cover one up.
This place has been wiped clean.
More pink fibers.
Shaz was here yesterday.
Ah, these fibers weren't left yesterday.
Looks like there's some dried blood on them -- probably Cole's.
Or the fibers could have been transferred from someone who was close to her, someone who killed Cole.
Killed him right about here.
I think I know where they counted the money after the robbery.
Part of the counter has been replaced.
A new piece has been glued on top.
To hide the red stain from where the dye pack exploded.
Well, they missed some up there.
There's dye in the corner.
All we need now is a murder weapon, like a hammer.
Or a wrench.
Could be any of these.
Easy way to find out.
It's a torque wrench.
I was right.
I was right.
Uh, only one person packs the transporter, cleans it, and moves it from track to track.
But everyone on the team has access to it, too.
And only one on the team isn't a Lancer -- Sandy.
I need to make a phone call.
Yeah? I need you to look into something for me.
Uh Hey.
Hey, you know, I understand that you've got to keep Sandy, but I have to have that transporter back.
We have a race tomorrow.
Yeah, I know.
I'm really sorry to do this to Trey, but it's a crime scene.
I cannot believe that Sandy and Cole were robbing banks.
It's like that old NASCAR saying -- "Win on Sunday, sell on Monday.
" Only they weren't selling.
They were stealing a half-million dollars.
Well, I guess that Sandy killed Cole because he wanted all that money.
Oh, no, no, no.
Cole wasn't killed because of the money.
Cole was killed to protect Trey.
Hey, you know, I contacted your sponsors.
This season, they're giving Lancer Autosports only half the money they used to.
Teams loses sponsors all the time.
It has nothing to do with Trey.
Yeah, but Trey hasn't been racing well and probably because, you know, he just lost his dad and he was about to lose his fiancée to Cole.
You knew that would have sent him into a tailspin.
You couldn't have that.
So you killed Cole.
That's ridiculous.
I want that transporter back! Listen, I need to go.
We -- we found pink fibers from your scarf in the transporter.
Zane gave me that scarf.
I wear it all the time.
Yeah, I know.
Jack Roush has his straw hat.
You have the pink scarf.
Which I knew was pink 'cause Shaz gave me this color original.
Only you hadn't worn it since last Wednesday, so I got a search warrant and searched your place.
Found it stuffed in the back of a closet.
Still covered in Cole's blood.
You didn't want Trey to find out about Cole and Charlene.
So you called Cole into the transporter, you beat him over the head with a torque wrench, and then you stuffed him into the trunk of his own car.
Then, when the transporter got to Homestead, you parked Cole's Camaro out the front of his place, and -- and you just walked away.
You can't tell Trey about this.
And he has nothing to do with robbing the banks, either.
Homestead is the last race of the season, and he's got to get his points, so you've got to let him finish this race.
That's what we need.
Just let him get back in that car and drive.
He's got to finish this season.
No, it's like I said -- I hate to do this to Trey.
You know, you think a murder's gonna stop this family from racing? No.
Let me tell you something about the Lancers -- there is no giving up with us.
We were born to drive racecars.
That is the talent that God gave us, and nothing's gonna stop us, period! That may be.
But I've stopped you.
Zane was a close friend.
But, good God, what have I done? You did the right thing telling us about Georgia's involvement with the robberies.
The D.
will definitely take that into consideration.
Yeah, you should be out in time to see Charlene's baby's 6th birthday.
Just have to sign one more thing.
A confession? Okay, two more things -- a confession for bank robbery and this -- a consent.
NASCAR's drive for diversity? Mm-hmm, it's one of NASCAR's incentives to get more girls and minorities into the sport as drivers.
I know what it is.
You know Shaz should be doing this.
Kid's got oil in her veins.
Daddy really signed it for me? Mm-hmm.
Go on, take it.
And you might want to put this with your application.
It's a copy of your chase from the dashboard Cam.
Thank you, detective.
Come on, Shaz.
Let's go.
Trey, your mama's here.
I know.
I need you.
You, too, Shaz.
All that other stuff -- the baby -- we're a family now.
We got a race tomorrow.
We got the "all clear.
" Feds rounded up everyone.
So we're safe? Yeah, we're safe.
Told you I'd take care of it.
So we're going home? We're going home! I got to tie up a few loose ends with the suits outside, but, uh, yeah.
Come here.
I love you.
I love you, too, dad.
All right.
Why don't you take this, and, uh, I'll be right out? Okay.
Everything okay? Yeah.
The Cargill family has been given permission to return home.
The guy Ray testified against is in custody.
Made Ray's life worse, but the family's safe.
You're sure? Positive.
Thank you.
Dad's home.
Can I see your mom? Mom.
They're back.
Sweetie, get away from the door.
What is it now? Callie, I just heard.
Are you guys home? We didn't go into Witness Protection.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm home with Jeff.
Ray's in the program.
What? Ray's not coming back.